Exciting news for Pandora Disney fans today, as we have a little sneak peek at the Pandora Disney Autumn/Winter collection for 2015! These new stock images give us a hint at what’s next for the Disney Princesses line, and include an appearance from a fan-favourite character from Frozen. :D

pandora disney castle

The charms pictured here will be released in both Pandora concept stores and Disney Parks locations; to see a sneak peek at the Disney Park exclusive set for AW15, please read my article hereWe don’t have a release date for these pieces yet. Olaf is set to debut with the Pandora Autumn 2015 collection on the 27th of August, while Jasmine is due out on the 29th of October.

These pictures are published with the very kind permission of the Pandora’s Angels Facebook page, so please don’t reproduce these images without proper credit. :)

Pandora Disney Autumn/Winter 2015 Sneak Peek

First up, we have a new addition to the Pandora Disney princess line: Jasmine from Aladdin. Her signature colour is green as well, with a new dress pendant, signature murano and slipper dangle. I can’t quite tell if her dress charm has white enamel in the middle, or if that’s a gap in the charm.

The colours do look a little vibrant here, and I’m wondering if that is perhaps a quirk of these pre-release images – Pandora describes the dress as ‘shades of sea green and mint’.
pandora disney autumn 2015 sneak peek

Prices for the US are as follows:-

Jasmine’s Dress – $65

Jasmine’s Signature Colour – $50

Jasmine’s Slipper – $70

Secondly and finally, we have a much-requested Pandora Disney charm – Olaf from Frozen!  Pandora have opted for a rather abstract design, featuring Olaf’s face and his signature line, ‘I like warm hugs’. He is priced at $65 USD. 

pandora disney autumn 2015 sneak peek

My Comment

I am very glad to see Jasmine join the Pandora line of Disney Princesses, but I’ll confess myself a little disappointed at the execution of the Olaf charm. I would have loved to see a full-bodied design (although I do like the inclusion of his ‘I like warm hugs!’ line ^^). I can’t see myself going for any of these new charms in particular, but I’m excited to see what else Pandora have in store for us this season!

Are any of these pieces going on your wish list? What else would you like to see from the Pandora Disney line this season?

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  1. Very disappointed in Olaf. I was hoping it would be a bit different. I’m also not liking the coloring of jasmine’s dress its way too bright but like you said maybe its just the coloring in the pictures( hopefully) lol

    • I’m a little disappointed as well but, now that I think about it, I suppose his pointy arms would have been quite difficult to do as a full-bodied figure… I think the colour on the Jasmine pictures is probably a little off haha. I’m sure it won’t be that bright in person! ^^

  2. Thanks for the update, I have to admit the color they choose to use for Jasmine is stunning in my opinion. I would not for the dress as I do not like them and find them rather kiddy-ish and although the shoe is cute I can not see someone buying it unless they are die hard Aladdin fans, however the murano glass would make a great addition to an array of silver charms/bracelets and think that piece will sell well. As for the Olaf charm I may be the minority here but I find it super cute. I was sure Olaf would be a fill silver piece which would have been adorable as well, however I see what they were going with here, some color and some festivity. I like it and think it is cute, he is after all a silly goofy-looking snowman, so what else would we expect from his charm? the slogan is cute and heart warming and I like the charm and think it will be a great success, and yes Ellie Pandora should have definitely taken my advice on the genie lamp :)

    • You’re welcome! <3 A lot of people don't like the dresses; I came very close to buying Anna's Dress when it first came out but in the end held off as I just couldn't think how to style it. They are certainly not very like Pandora's other charms in terms of style. They seem very prettily-made, though!

      I don't think that you're in the minority regarding Olaf! Generally people seem pretty split as to whether they're a fan or not. I suppose it's one of those marmite charms. ^^ It definitely does summon up that feeling of fun and exuberance that you get from Olaf; perhaps in the future they could make a full silver piece to go alongside this one!

  3. My daughter who is 7 loves the Disney Princess Charms! I will definitely get her the Olaf charm to go with her Anna and Elsa dresses.

  4. Thanks for the sneak peak! I think the Olaf charm is cute. I’m not sure I’d get it, but I think maybe it makes sense because how would the nose be if it was a 3D charm. It might be a little sharp to have a pointy nose sticking out. I agree that this charm fits with his character. It’s a nice winter release charm. I’m excited to see Jasmine, but I would have definitely preferred a lamp charm or a magic carpet or a Raja instead of the shoe. Maybe they will have one of those also. I’m guessing Rapunzel and Aurora for sure, and maybe Merida, Mulan and/or Tiana will be in this release also. I’d really like to see Baymax and Inside Out charms.

    • You’re welcome! You make a good point regarding the nose – I hadn’t thought of that before you said it. And I can imagine that his pointy arms would not be easy either! Perhaps a pendant version might help – it would be less likely to dig into you, I suppose?
      A magic carpet or a lamp would have been wonderful for Jasmine. I’m hoping that, in the future, they will release a few more charms that represent each Disney film in general and not just its princesses. I think that the princess charms are very pretty, but they don’t always capture all the magic and colour of the whole film itself. :)
      Aurora seems like a must-have, and I did love Tangled. Mulan would also be wonderful – I’d love to pair some of her charms with the existing cherry blossom charms!

  5. I love Olaf !! But I do have to agree that I think a full-bodied Olaf painted on the charm would have been a nice choice. I will have to see what he actually looks like when the charm are released.

    • Yay, I’m glad you like him! I was kind of hoping for a full-bodied actual charm of Olaf – perhaps similar to the design they did for Eeyore. But now that I think about it, his nose and his pointy arms might have been quite hard to do! ^^

      • Sorry you know I am new to pandora so just to clarify, the entire pandora winter line along with the entire pandora disney line all get launched in stores on the same day ( is that how it worked with last years winter and disney princesses dolls too ?)

  6. I think it’s strange that they went with a shade of green for jasmine. I’ve always perceived ger outfits to be a light blue or aqua color. I also would have loved a raja or a genie for Aladin.

    I’m really hoping for some lion king and Peter pan charms. Hopefully, they will have some relatively soon. I’m worried that they may not make any (other than tinker bell) because they are the more boyish disney movies.

    • Yes, I thought that as well – Jasmine’s dress is definitely more aqua/turquoise in most pictures of her. It’s especially confusing for me as the Jasmine Polly Pocket toy I had when I was little wore a light purple dress for some reason, so I was kind of expecting a pretty lilac for this set. I’d love to see more pastel purples from Pandora. Although the slipper pictured here is cute, a genie’s lamp would have been amazing, too.

      Well, Disney and Pandora do have a ten year contract so hopefully they’ll make the most of that. :) I’d be very disappointed if they just stuck to the princesses in that time! I’m sure that we will see a greater mix for future collections. Peter Pan in particular would be amazing!

  7. I’m not sure if anyone noticed this but I feel that Pandora’s Disney’s collections are growing towards the little girls. Maybe they’re moving their target audience to young girls, since their designs look pretty kiddy these days.

      • Just like buying souvenirs after visit Disneyland, I like their movie but not this kind of charms. Pandora is for all age group, I just spend carefully for what I really like during promotion.

    • I agree 100% . Most be lots of cashed up mothers out there if they can afford Pandora for preteen girls.

      • I like to look at those Disney theme product for fun. Disney is very American just like McDonald and Starbucks… I prefer European style jewelry that why I like Pandora, Link of London, Tous or Trollbead.

    • Some of the designs perhaps look a little younger (the princess dresses in particular spring to mind), but at the same time I think that there were plenty of pieces in the Spring collection that had appeal to all ages. I love Frozen snowflake pendant and the Cinderella carriage is also very pretty! ^^ My judgement is out on this collection until we see more, haha.

      • I worked at Disneyland, and I love the Pandora Disney Charms. I would love to see a cute Donald Duck, and some more ride themed charms. (Dumbo, the Tea Cups, Pirates of the Caribbean and Its A Small World charms…

        • Oh yes, I’d love a Dumbo ride charm! One of my earliest memories is going on the Dumbo ride at Disneyland Paris with my parents and my little brother. <3 A Dumbo charm in general would be lovely!

  8. This season should be released on 29 Oct. That will give me enough time to save up since there is nothing much that I look forward to in the normal Pandora collection AW 2015.

    On the other hand, do you realize that Pandora increases the murano’s price from USD45 to USD50? Olaf is quite pricey considering it is mostly enamel but it has the same price as the bling ones? Jasmine’s slipper is also USD70, compared to Cinderella’s slipper which is USD65. Will there be a chance that the entire collection will have price increase across the board? :(

    • It the 29th of October a confirmed date for the whole Disney line? Stinks!! I was hoping to pick up Olaf and another charms and then get a charm free for the US free charm promotion ;(

      • I got the info from Pandora’s Angels group. I think it’s also about the same time as the first release last year, which was also end of October. :)

    • Yes, I just saw that on the Angel’s page as well! That seems about right to me – as you say, last year’s Disney collection came out round about that time and Olaf seems like a more wintry offering. It’s a shame that there isn’t much for you in the previews. :( What sort of thing would you like to see?

      I did notice that, and I almost wrote something about it! I suspect that your fears are correct, and that we will see some Disney pieces going up in price soon. :( In fact, it might have already happened for a lot of the Parks exclusives. I seem to remember reading as much!

      • I like pastel color petit facets (and hope I don’t break them again!), pave balls with mixed colours like that they have this summer (green and blue), more full-body animals (that is either silver, or two tone, but no cz — I am trying to build an all-animal bracelet. So far the only intruders are that little skunk and merlion with SG50 mark to commemorate Singapore’s 50th anniversary of independence, both are from Ohm), The AW2015 collection reminds me of Chamilia, too big crystals, too much blings. I will probably get the dainty bow sets and blue iriscendent murano but that’s about all.

        Yes, I also saw that Parks exclusives have a price hike of $5 each. :(

        Oh and I love Olaf no matter what. Full body charm or like this one, I’m just gonna get it. He has to accompany Anna, right? He nearly gave up his life (??) for her without knowing it so I definitely have to pair them up. I wonder if they will ever make anything for prince charming. ^^


        • Yes, none of the animals coming for Autumn will be full-bodied, unfortunately (although they are mostly plain silver). They are all in the style of the pig charm we have already seen and they are all quite cutesy/cartoon-y in style too. So perhaps not what you’re after! I do like the sound of your animal bracelet though – that Merlion was adorable! Ohm come up with some great designs. I love their originality!
          Aha, that is true! Olaf should be with the other Frozen charms. ^^ Really they should create the whole gang – although I can’t imagine them making a Kristoff charm, come to think of it… x

    • I know – I wish we had them in the UK, too. While there are lots of very kind ladies who are willing to help, it’s still not the same as being able to walk into store and pick out what you want. I believe it is down to contractual issues, else it would seem crazy to limit where they’re sold!

  9. I love it when you give you a sneak peak!!

    Unfortunatly i am dissapointed with both :( iv always seen jasmine as a more blue/green definatly not ‘minty’ green! I also thought that olaf would perhaps be a little figure in all silver.

    • I totally thought they would go the all silver route too, however I find this Olaf charm adorable and with some character, just like him ;)

    • Aw, I am sorry to hear that. I wanted a full-bodied Olaf as well! Something like the Eeyore charm from Spring. However I suppose that, with his nose and his pointy arms, he might have been a bit lethal as a charm for catching on things! ^^ x

    • I think a lot of people feel the same way. I like the ‘warm hugs’ line but I’m also disappointed that they didn’t go for a proper figure to represent him! :( x

  10. I think they should’ve done Aurora and the three fairies … along wth the dress in pink. Before they jumped the gun, so to speak, to jump on the Jasmine bandwagon.

    • I’d absolutely love to see a Sleeping Beauty set! I’m surprised that she wasn’t in the original Disney Princesses line-up to be honest. It would be fun to see whether they went with pink or blue for her dress. ;)

  11. I love the Olaf charm I’m glad to see jasmine represented but I don’t think the dress really looks the same I think the colour is to bright saying all that I would still like to get my hands on it I’m so excited for the full realise I hoping for rapunzeel, Milan and the lion king to be included. Did you say they are doing some Christmas Disney charms.

    • Oh good, I’m glad you like it! The colour is rather strong on the Jasmine pieces but I think that is just an error. :) I’d be surprised if the charms themselves were actually such a luminous green! Mulan charms would be wonderful – they’d be great paired with the cherry blossom range. :D

      Well, according to the Pandora’s Angels page, there will be a couple of LE Disney designs for the winter season. I don’t know anything more about those yet though! :)

  12. I bypass Pandora Disney. Nothing in this line interests me. But now that Olaf charm, ugly as it is, and though I have no idea who or what he is, it pulls me. The charm reminds me somewhat of the snow globe charm, which was so widely hated that I bought it because I felt sorry for it. Lol. I may end up feeling sorry enough for Olaf to bring him home someday. I think Pandora is missing a huge age group in their Disney line. My daughter is 25. She grew up with Disney and loved it, but not this line of Disney. She watched The Lion King, The Land Before Time, and Toy Story over and over. I hope Pandora moves off the the princesses sooner than later.

    • You are funny Lola, I felt sorry for it so I bought it HAHA! Don’t feel sorry for Olaf, I am sure he will do really well and may even sell out, I for one and super excited for this charm and cant wait to get it, I think he will look cute on a funky colored bracelet like the leather or material bracelet. And I too thought the same thing, how the olaf charms eerily resembles the snow globe, wonder if Olaf will have a little sparkle to him as well. How do you know the snow globe charm did not do so well, where is information like that available, I believe I heard people saying the same for the iridescent blue charm (might be called something else) from last winter too.

      • And I haven’t even taken it out of the box. :( But I’m thinking I’ll do an ugly Christmas bracelet this year, like an ugly Christmas sweater.

        When I’m interested in buying a charm, I’ll Google it. From there I look at pictures first, mainly for size reference, which sometimes takes me to interesting sites, charm reviews, where women comment on the charms, sometimes ripping them to bits, :-) Also good are the store sites. Nordstrom lists the sizes of all charms, and the customer reviews are always helpful. Customer reviews at Jared’s site are good too. I think I first read about the snow globe on the Purse Blog forum. But I bounce around quite a bit, so I can’t be sure.

    • Aha, I love the concept of buying a charm to make it feel better. I’ve never gone so far before but there are always a couple in each preview that I shake my head over haha. So I know what you mean! ^^ I suspect that, as Alex says, Olaf will sell all right, even if that is purely because he is Olaf. ;)

      I agree that the line has been pretty intensely focused on Mickey & Minnie and the Disney princesses so far. I can understand why they would want to do those first, as I can imagine that they are the most easily marketable of the lot. However I hope that they’ll go on to explore the rest of the range in their next collections, now that they’ve established the charms that might be expected to sell best. Fingers crossed! I’d love some Lion King charms – it was my favourite Disney film growing up! ^^

  13. I requested to be added to Pandora’s Angels page seeral weeks ago and it says I am pending. How long does it take????

  14. I’d like to see in this season more characters of Disney’s stories for exaple:
    – Flander or Sebastian from “the little mermaid2
    – Pascal from “Rapunzel”
    – The Aristocats
    – Lumière, Cogsworth and Chip Potts From “Beauty and the Beast”
    – Cheshire cat from “Alice in wonderland”
    And then more evil characters for example Crudelia’s fur.
    Do you know if some of this charms are in production now or in list for the next year?

    Thanks a lot!!!

    • They just did Belle so I doubt Lumiere and friends will come out this time? Same goes for Sebastien and Flounder from Little Mermaid. Also, they will probably have to do Alice before Cheshire cat?

      For Cogsworth, Mrs Potts and Chip, I am using a regular clock, teapot, and tea cup to represent them. ^^

    • Wonderful suggestions! I’d love to see them move away a little from the princesses in future collections and branch out as well. Some of the quirky animals would be great to see. Alice in Wonderland is so full of iconic images and motifs that I’m sure Pandora could come up with an amazing set to represent it. I’d love a charm of the ‘Drink Me’ bottle!

      Unfortunately I don’t have any more info on the upcoming releases so I don’t know what Pandora are planning to do next. I’d love it if some of your ideas were on their list though! ^^


    • I don’t think so – the blurb for Olaf doesn’t mention anything about glowing the dark (whereas the blurb for the murano does). The enamel does look a bit fluorescent there though!

  15. I quite like Jasmines slipper, but I’m not sure about the colours for Jasmine-I always knew her to wear light blue. I am dissapointed in Olaf in all honesty, I would have liked it better if there was a charm similar to the ‘let it go’ charm, but with ‘I like warm hugs’ on, and perhaps a pendant for Olaf himself? I’d also like to see a Sven charm (although that may be a tad tricky) a Donald Duck charm, alongside Daisy Duck and Goofy, and I’d love a Toy Story range as Toy Story 2 was always my favourite film throughout my childhood:):)

    • I completely agree, Michelle! The green has the potential to be very pretty but I definitely don’t associate it with Jasmine. Her dress is more light blue/turquoise from what I can make out. A pendant is a good idea for Olaf – my concern for a full-bodied regular silver design is that the carrot nose and the stick arms might be a bit hard to do! It would probably be an easier task as a dangle. Perhaps they will revisit him in the future :)

      I very much like your other suggestions! Sven would make a very cute charm. ^^

  16. I’ll be honest.. I’m not impressed with Jasmine charms and the Olaf charm. I love Olaf but this charm isn’t really my cup of tea, I hope they make another charm for him!
    I really hope that Pandora will make some Lion King, 101 Dalmatians, Finding Nemo, Mulan, Bambi, Toy Story, Sleeping Beauty, Hercules, Lilo & Stitch, Wall-E charms. I also want to see a Sven (Frozen) charm as well… I also hope they make they really cute!

    I wish that for Disney Princesses, they won’t just make a Murano, shoe dangling charm, and a dress charm. I wish they make another charm or two that has more character and personality of the Disney Princesses’ character.

    • Yes, it would have been so cute to have a full-bodied Olaf. Someone else suggested that you could have had a separate charm which said ‘I like warm hugs’ to go with him (much like the Let It Go charm) and that would have been rather perfect! Perhaps a pendant would be the way to go for Olaf?

      Love your suggestions! I’d second most of those and add Peter Pan and more Winnie the Pooh characters into the mix as well. :D

      I agree with you about expanding the scope of the Disney princess range. It would have been fun to have seen a genie’s lamp or something that summons up the character of the film a little more for Jasmine, for example! However this is only early days and I suppose what they are releasing now (the dress, the murano, the tiara) provides a good foundation for future collections. :)

      • I feel like a full bodied Olaf will have a lot of pointy ends and will get stuck in clothes a lot! I am not a fan of the “hanging” charms because they get stuck in my clothes a lot, so I am trying to steer clear of those!

        Also, I was quite surprised that they released Eoyre earlier than Winnie the Pooh! I love Eoyre, he’s my favourite out of the Winnie the Pooh series.

        I heard somewhere that Pandora signed a 10 year contract with Disney. I wonder how that plays out. As much as I love Pandora+Disney charms right now, won’t Pandora eventually run out of ideas? I hope I am wrong!

        • I did think the same thing in retrospect! It might be a little easier to do if he was in something like this pose, with his arms down by his side, perhaps:
          I find that some dangles are worse than others for snagging – I tend to do all right with those that don’t have too many edges and pointy ends. The Reindeer and the Bicycle are the absolute worst for snagging on everything, so I don’t wear anything knitted with them anymore, lol.
          There is a Winnie the Pooh charm too! :) But I have to say that I was also most excited for Eeyore – he’s far and away my favourite too! He was actually top of my wish list when I heard that Pandora and Disney were going to be working together. ^^
          Well… if they stick to only doing two collections a year, I imagine that they will be do okay if they really explore all of Disney’s lovely and various back catalogue. If they stick to just doing Princess-y things and Mickey & Minnie, I imagine they will run out of steam. I’d love to see them do Peter Pan, 101 Dalmatians, The Lion King, Bambi, Dumbo… and there are plenty of fun side characters in some of the films that they have already done, like Lumiere from Beauty & the Beast etc.

      • Do all the dangling animal charms snag regularly on clothing ? I am eyeing the dangling reindeer for the Christmas season but am worries about having to deal with it tugging or tearing everytime I wear long sleeves? I have one dangling charm but it is rounded and I have not had any issues with it so far.

        • Not all of them! The ones with lots of pointy edges (like hooves, horns, etc) tend to snag on a lot, but my Zodiac Dog has no points and it is absolutely fine. I’m afraid to say that the Reindeer dangle is one of the worst offenders for snagging unfortunately – its hooves and antlers are a bit lethal. It’s pulled threads on a few beloved jumpers!

  17. One of my favourite characters is olaf& i like this charm, i think it’s cute and a nice winter charm. When the last disney charms were released i managed to get cinderellas dream from a UK seller on ebay and I noticed also the two ebay sellers from australia sold some as well. So i’m hoping to be able to pick any I want from ebay again. I like disney princesses, but so far only the cinderellas dream charm has appealed to me. I’m interested to see which other disney princesses and characters they choose this time to make charms for.

    • Awesome, glad to hear that you like the Olaf charm! It seems a fairly even split so far as to whether people like it. The two sellers from Australia are great and I will definitely consider getting some of my future Disney purchases from them. ^^ I only have the Cinderella Coach and the two Frozen muranos from the Disney Princess set so far – but I was really blown away by how beautiful they were in person. <3 Having said that, I would like to see Pandora focus a little on some non-princess characters for their next collection, too! It would be great to see some of the cute animals make it into the collection, or perhaps some more of the Winnie the Pooh characters. ^^

  18. Hi Ellie!
    It’s great to have Disney news, although I think that after Cinderella (represented by gorgeous charms), no other princess will ever be so appealing to me!
    However, if that murano is well pictured and does not turn out blue, it would be ideal for a Christmas bracelet, combined with a red one. Olaf seems christmassy to me as well! In fact, compared to previous snowmen, I think he comes first! He’s so cute, and I also love his signature line!

    Ellie, I was surprised to read in previous comments that you don’t have a Christmas bracelet! How is this possible with 21 bracelets??? I’ve spotted several Christmas charms in your collection though, so in a way, your festive bracelet is almost ready! :-) Can’t wait to see it finished! You’ll take a picture for us, won’t you? :-)

    Thank your for your lovely post! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa!
      Aha, the Cinderella collection was beautiful – I love my Pumpkin Coach! I think I still may have to come back for the Cinderella’s Dream and the Cinderella murano in the future too. ^^
      You make a great point about the colour of Jasmine’s murano – it is rather festive in shade isn’t it? ^^ That’s one of the things that makes me think that this set might be out a little closer to Christmas. :) I’m glad that you’re a fan of the Olaf charm! The ‘I like warm hugs’ line was a great addition and that’s the thing I like most about it. ^^

      Hehe, I know! The reason for that is that, when I first started collecting, I was sure that I would never do a Christmas bracelet – as I didn’t want to make a bracelet I would only wear for a couple of months a year. But there are just too many lovely Christmas designs that I like, so this year I think I am finally caving and starting one. ;) You are right in that I probably already have enough Christmas charms to fill most of my new design haha. There are so many cute ones! I will definitely take a picture when I start it! I’m sure that a lot of my winter reviews this season will be tracking its progress. :)

      Thanks for commenting Chrysa! Glad you enjoyed it ♥♥♥

  19. Pandora is a good jewelry brand name, I think they really should open Disney + Pandora store for different market target for young age or Disney fans. I don’t say Disney is cheaper but the images is totally not the same.

    • I do get where you’re coming from. The regular line and the Disney line are often quite different in style – although I do think that the muranos and a lot of the more delicate silver beads are quite in keeping with Pandora’s existing style (like the Cinderella Coach or Ariel’s shell).

  20. I’very seen in the comments about the murano being glow in the dark. Are all the disney muranos like that? I haven’t gotten any of them, but I may have to get some if they glow.

    • Yes, all the Disney muranos glow in the dark! Some glow more than others however (the Cinderella and Elsa muranos work best). These are my Elsa and Anna muranos:
      It’s a pretty fun effect, but I find that you have to ‘charge’ them up under light bulbs first for them to glow strongly.

  21. ..salve sono Antonella una ragazza italiana, adoro Pandora e Disney..in italia i charms Pandora Disney non ci sono..ma in futuro potrebbero arrivare??..fatemi sapere

  22. Ciao Antonella!
    Hai ragione! Tutte le Pandora amiche abbiamo il stesso problema! Pandora Disney gioielli sono splendidi, ma purtroppo sono in vendita solo in Nord America, e non e possibile di trovare qualcosa in Europa, anche in futuro credo… Potresti acquistare Pandora Disney con aiuto di qualcuno che vive li o su ebay! L’ho fatto anche io! Spero di aver aiutarti! ♥

  23. Well, thanks to this post, I have just watched Frozen. Now, I know what all the fuss is about. Such a sweet movie. I think the Olaf charm is good representation of his character.

    • Aha, I’m glad to hear it! It is lovely isn’t it? I watched it with my OH some time after the Frozen hype had become big and was instantly won over, too. ^^ The Olaf charm is quite eccentric and happy, so I suppose that does encapsulate his character quite well!

  24. Pandora outlet at a cooktown has new retired items. I got 2 black flower blossom murano and the LE Teddy for 30% off and 4 other items for 50% off. There are quite a lot of retired items just in for either 30 or 50% off.

  25. Hi do you have anymore news of the 3 for 2 ring promo for the UK? Here’s hoping as I have my eyes on a couple.

  26. I wish they’d come out with a Rapunzel & Aurora dress charms I think they’d be so cool & best of all theyd be pink & purple so they would stand out cause I find that most of the Disney Pandora charms they have most of them are either silver, red or blue or of Minnie & Mickey Mouse & those are all mostly red
    I also with they had a lion king charm or Simba & Nala even if it’s just the heads I mean there’s so many they can come up with

    I really do not like the Olaf charm so far well maybe it’ll look better in person than in the photos but still I don’t see myself getting that charm I think they could of done a little better with it or see a whole body design of Olaf

    I really hope they bring some others ones cause I looked at all the new Disney exclusive ones & I can say that they look way better than these & I know the exclusive ones will sell fast as per usual

    • Yes, it’s surprising that Aurora hasn’t made an appearance yet, as I always thought she was one of the most popular Disney princesses. I’d love to see a purple set of the signature charms, as I can imagine how pretty the Disney glitter murano design would look in a pretty shade of lilac! <3

      I'm not overly keen on the Olaf charm, although the inclusion of his 'I like warm hugs' line is rather adorable! I'd have preferred a full body design too but, as a number of people have pointed out, I can appreciate that the logistics of that might have been a bit tricky!

      The Pandora's Angels page suggested that there will be more coming, so fingers crossed! :)

    • Tangled was great fun, and I’d love to see a Rapunzel set, especially as her dress is purple – I’ve been hankering after some Pandora pastel purples for some time. :D

  27. Hi there!
    I was wondering if the Disney collection is available in Germany too? Somehow, I thought they are only available at disneylands. :-)

  28. Hello hello! Haven’t talked to you for a while – just been busy; however, finally got my Olaf yesterday and would like to post a picture here for your thoughts. What is the link again for that? Thanks very much!

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