Exciting news today as we have our first sneak peek at the Pandora Disney Spring 2016 collection! Happily enough the collection introduces a brand new film franchise to the Pandora Disney range, with a selection of fantasy-themed Alice in Wonderland charms, and also features some returning favourites.

pandora disney castle

These charms are due out for Spring 2016, which is scheduled for release on the 17th of March. The charms pictured in this sneak peek are from an Australian source, but I would assume that these will also be released in North America and Asia – but no concrete info on that as of yet.

We have previously seen sneak peeks at the Pandora Spring 2016 collection and the Pandora Essence Spring 2016 collection – but this is the first we have seen for the Pandora Disney Spring 2016 range! :D

Pandora Disney Spring 2016 Sneak Peek

There are four new charms included in this initial sneak peek, courtesy of an anonymous source and edited by me! There is one Ariel dangle and – most excitingly for me – three Alice in Wonderland pieces. Unfortunately it’s hard to make out the detailing on the openwork charm, but the White Rabbit sports a red and yellow enamel waistcoat and the classic pocket watch as well!

pandora disney spring 2016

We also have a sneak peek at a brand new Disney bracelet! It features a circular clasp, with little cubic zirconia Mickey silhouettes. Pandora have been releasing so many ‘special’ clasp bracelets recently that it’s hard to keep track! ;) This offers a good alternative to the Disney Parks Moments bracelet, if you can’t get hold of that one!pandora disney spring 2016

My Comment

I will be eager to see clearer pictures of the charms to get more of a sense of their detailing, but on the face of these initial images, I am rather excited for the Alice in Wonderland pieces. I love that they have moved away a little from the more obvious Disney Princesses and gone for a fantasy-theme instead; I’m really hoping that the White Rabbit charm proves to be cute! There is a lot of scope for interesting charms with Alice in Wonderland – a ‘drink me’ bottle, an antique dangle charm, some card suits-themed charms (i.e. hearts, spades, etc). They could do something really unique fantasy pieces and I hope they continue to think of more Alice ideas!

What do you think of this initial sneak peek? Are you interested in anything pictured here?

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  1. The bracelet is cute! I’m going to Disney in a few weeks with my friends. Not a huge fan of Disney, but why not?

    • I’m not a huge Disney fan in particular (although I have a fair bit of nostalgia for Disney films I watched when I was younger and I do enjoy the charms!), but I enjoyed Disneyland Paris so much when I went! It’s a fun day out, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too :D

  2. Can’t wait to see some better pictures and what else there going to release. It’s exciting to see some pictures. Hopefully we’ll see more soon.
    I want to see what’s on the openwork charm and I like the little mermaid charm, except I’m not keen on the background colour, from what I can see.
    I like the bracelet, with the little Mickey silhouettes on, think that one will go on my list.

    • Yes it will be exciting to see some clearer stock images, particularly of the Alice charms! I’d love to see the detailing on the Rabbit’s face a bit more clearly. :)
      The bracelet seems like a popular choice! I’m not sure that I could fill a whole bracelet with Disney charms, so I will probably give that one a miss (I have never bought the Disney Parks bracelet either). The little Mickey silhouettes are very cute though!

  3. wow wow wow!! were we not pining for Alice inWonderland? Were we not pining for Alice and that little bottle? Were we not pining for less princess shoes and tiaras?? Someone at Pandora sure has their listening ears on…..the bracelet is awesome, so not bold and in your face Disney, simple and can even be used with non Disney stuff.
    although the photo images are a bit unclear I like 4 out of 4 pieces from what I can see, and the white rabbit jumped out at me the most, I love the clock detailing. I think the circular alice bead will be awesome because it will be all bits and pieces of the entire movie. im very impressed and hope they keep up with some fresh stuff.

    • Aha, we were indeed! I’m sure I’ve mentioned Alice in Wonderland a few times ^^ They should do Peter Pan as well to complement the fantasy theme – some Neverland charms would be so lovely! Pandora have done good with this collection anyhow :D
      Glad to hear you’re a fan of the new designs! I’d love to be able to see the Alice pieces more clearly. I want to check that the Rabbit’s face is cute and not creepy ;) ‘Fresh’ is a great way to describe this collection, and I hope that Pandora keep dipping into the classic, non-princessy films.

  4. The Alice charms are cute. The fact that they’re putting out charms that aren’t “princessy”, and are based on one of Disney’s older films gives me hope that charms from Bambi could be in the future.

    I’m hoping for a new Pooh charm this year. Pooh and Eeyore are lonely! :-)

    • I’d love to see Bambi! And more characters from Winnie the Pooh (Tigger! :D Piglet! :D). Basically I’d love to see all the cute Disney animals and some more fantasy charms, e.g. from Alice or Peter Pan.

      • Hi Mia, it may sound funny to say it but I’m not 100% how you guys go about getting your own avatars. It’s to do with the wordpress commenting system, but I’m not sure how it works on this new blog (seeing as I automatically get an avatar because I’m commenting from the admin account!). I’m pretty sure that you have to have a wordpress.com account and a Gravatar account:
        Maybe try signing up that way and using that email address to comment? I will try and research it myself a little bit as well!

  5. Not crazy about these,I’m very disappointed, I got my daughter a pandora bracelet and she loves disney charms, ,she would of loved the Alice in Wonderland collection! !But these are disappointing!

    • Aw, that’s a shame. Perhaps you’ll be more enamoured with them when better pics come out! It’s hard to see from these images what exactly they will look like in person.

  6. I am waiting and saving for Spring to spend for April promotion. The bracelet is cute, I like to collect different clasp style bracelet. I can upgrade to this bracelet fot the coming free bracelet promotion. I don’t need the paved heart bracelet because have the paved heart bangle already. I prefer the paved cz on both side rather than on one side.

    • Yes, it’s fun how many different bracelet styles Pandora have been doing lately isn’t it? It’s very tempting to collect them all, but I have managed to hold off on the existing Disney bracelet and I probably won’t get this one. I don’t think I’d be able to fill it up with Disney pieces! But it would look great worn plain or with just a few charms as a Disney accessory :)

  7. Actually I like Snoopy and Woodstock but Personna has the licence but I don’t want to spend on other brand. Only stick to Pandora is already enough to spend.

    • Aha, I hear you! I am tentatively adding Chamilia into my spending, but sparingly. I thought you liked Thomas Sabo too though?

      • I like & spend the most for Pandora Moment actually. Thomas Sabo Karma I have only 7 beads, 2 stoppers & 2 free bracelets, I only like their semi precious stone so the choice is very limited. I think this will be it like Trollbead for trial & error experiment.
        I have 80 Pandora charms, 6 free bracelets & 4 LE bangle since March 2015. I really enjoy to collect Pandora, like get Dice from Las Vegas. I am not Disney’s fan, I only got Anna murano & Cinderalla Coach. This bracelet is not for me, I like Pandora LE bangle more.

        • Oh wow, that is quite a few charms you’ve accrued since March :D I like the Disney pieces, but I don’t think I want a whole bracelet dedicated to it – or not one with a Mickey/Minnie theme at least.

        • I will be more picky this year since I have a good size collection to play with. When I started with a few charms, it was very hard to design a beautiful bracelet like yours. :) I don’t like Micky & Minnie become very commercial figure,I like the original look Micky in the black & white cantoon. I like Frozen the most now because I have a younger sister.

        • Aw, thanks Michele – I remember when I first started out, I was just desperate to get enough beads to put together a bracelet design. :) Unfortunately I haven’t got more picky as the years have gone on. I’m sure you will do better than I do though! ^^
          I like some of the Mickey & Minnie pieces, particularly the more abstract ones. :)

  8. The new Disney bracelet is cute! It’s really hard for me to decide whether to get the new Valentine’s Day heart clasp bracelet or this one. I love the Disney Princesses charms released in spring 2015 and have already got a full bracelet of Cinderella. It’s good to see that Pandora is having some Disney charm besides the Mickey and Princesses collections.

    • Paved heart clasp Moment bracelet has paved on one side only, the other side without paved is a little bit smaller. I got the LE paved heart bangle with a cz dangle in a beautiful gift box during special promotion. I collected it because was a LE bangle with good price.

      • I quite like that it has the pavé on one side of the clasp only! I think the plain silver side is pretty in itself. :)

    • That is a tough choice, especially as you already have a full bracelet of Disney! I guess it depends on whether you’d feel up to filling up another bracelet with Disney charms, or whether you’d prefer something more generic. Both are pretty ^^ I’m also really pleased to see Pandora expanding the scope of the Disney collection – I hope they go for some more classics! We haven’t had many Disney animals yet, so maybe Bambi or 101 Dalamatians would be fun.

  9. I heartily second the desire for more pooh charms of course we need piglet and Tigger and owl and Christopher Robin and rabbit but I think a honey jar would be cute and a bee. I would love to have a Pandora bracelet of all pooh and pals

    • I love Winnie the Pooh too and I don’t think they could make a charm that I love more than my little Eeyore! ;) More Pooh charms would be great, especially the Jar of Honey. I hope they make them in full-bodied designs like Eeyore, though. I’m not so much of a fan of the portrait style head charms.

  10. Hi Ellie!
    You’re right! The Alice idea is a wonderful surprise! The Rabbit seems so cute and …in a hurry! :-) I think there’s a tea cup on the openwork but I can’t say for sure what else is there!
    The bracelet is gorgeous! Wouldn’t it be great if they made such a clasp for the Moments line too, instead of barrel and heart shapes?
    I hope we’ll see more soon! Thank you for the Sneak Peek Ellie! ♥♥♥

    • Hi again Chrysa!

      Yes, this collection is a nice surprise isn’t it? I was expecting more princesses – this is far more interesting (for me!). I like that the Rabbit is actually posed as if he’s running, it’s very apposite. ^^

      It would be nice if we saw a regular version of the spherical clip for the Moments bracelet :D Of course, the new threadless bracelet will have a spherical clasp so that is a good alternative?

      Thanks for commenting Chrysa! ♥♥♥

  11. I hear you name is Ellie :)
    What’s your opinion? Do you think australia is going to get most of the previous disney pandora pieces? I am so torn! I don’t want to miss out on some but if I bought them from my friend in the us they would cost more then if they where released here.

    From this new set of items, I am so excited for that ariel charm! I am not a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland but maybe I might get the openwork if it looks good, I get to see it in person which helps xD

    • Hi Sarah! Yes that’s right, I’m Ellie. ^^ I don’t know for sure, but I would expect that Australia will receive the rest of the previous Disney Pandora pieces, yes. I can’t see any reason why they wouldn’t want to release the full range (Disney Parks exclusives aside, of course). If you’re worried, get your friend to help – if not, wait and see what gets released next for you guys!

      Glad to hear you like Ariel! I was a Little Mermaid fan when I was little, but I don’t really have any beachy bracelets to add her charms to. ^^ I’d love to know what the detailing on the Alice openwork is like! I do have to make all my decisions just based on pics that I’ve seen online – we don’t have Disney in the UK yet :(

  12. I’m so glad Alice in Wonderland themed beads are in the next batch of Disney beads. The openwork bead looks really nice (looks like Alice seated at the table, being served tea). The White Rabbit looks a bit creepy to me! I can’t really tell much about the third bead. I wonder if we’ll see the Cheshire Cat. Thanks for the sneak peek!

    • Ah, now that you say that about the drinking tea, I can kind of see that. I thought it was a mushroom, haha, but I think the tea party scene would be more fun! The White Rabbit is such a great concept for a charm but I would like to see more of his face – I can’t work out whether it’s on the creepy side either. ;) The Cheshire Cat I always found quite alarming as a child so I think I’d steer clear of him in charm form. Although how cool/creepy would it be to have a cloudy purple murano glass bead with the grin? :P

  13. I love the moments Bracelet and the Ariel Dangle! I’ve always been a fan of Alice in Wonderland, but I’d have to see the charms in person. I love Ariel’s dangle though, I wasn’t expecting it at all.

    • Glad to hear you like them! I love Alice as well, and I’d love to see clearer pictures of all the charms. The bracelet is really pretty, and quite a subtle homage to Disney, but I’m not sure I could fill up a whole Disney bracelet.

  14. Yay Disney I was wondering when we would see the new collection I like the bracelet not as much as the other one but this one still nice the drink me bottle looks really good the other are a little hard to make out. I wonder if there will be more adding to the collection an Alice dangle would be really cool. The rabbit looks really funny at the moment. Oh yes I’m going to Florida in the summer so I’m so excited to see all the Disney Pandora. :) :)

    • I think I prefer this Disney bracelet to the other one, as it’s more generically Disney as opposed to being Disney Parks specific! I’d love to see more Alice charms, and maybe some fantasy-themed Peter Pan charms to complement them as well. I’d love to do a really fun fantasy/nature themed bracelet :D
      Oooh lucky you Nicola! I’d love to be able to see all the Disney Pandora in person (as well as, you know, actually go to Florida! I’ve never been to the US). You’ll be living the dream for us in the UK. ;)

  15. Hellooooo, I’m so excited about new breslet and disney charmes…?
    thank you for sharing the new information …i love to see different picture of alice of wonderland openworks, do you have it?

    • Aw, I hope the Disney line comes to Europe some day so that you can buy it too! :) The Disney bracelet is cute!
      Happy week to you too! <3

  16. When are we going to get Disney charms in the UK??? I bought and lost my Minnie Mouse Clip at Disney Florida… So need these…

    • It doesn’t look like we’ll be getting the Disney line any time soon in the UK :( Chamilia still have the contract to produce Disney-licensed charms here for a little while, possibly until 2018 I heard.

  17. Oh Ellie! I’m excited for the Mickey clasp bracelet! Ever since I invested in my Essence bracelet, I’ve started being a fan of the round clasps – they give a cleaner feel to the whole bracelet, and I love the fact that it’s a very simple (not in your face Disney design as Alex said!). My last point on this bracelet, the clasp can finally act as a charm, or clip etc – wonderful!

    The Alice in Wonderland charms are very fresh! I like the green theme they have going on there, and the openwork charm where Chrysa mentioned Alice drinking from a teacup! I can see it now! Super Excited! Thanks for the sneak peak =D xxx

    • Yay, glad to hear you’re excited! The round-clasp bracelets are nice, and I find they don’t chip my nail polish as much as the barrel clasp ones. I will be getting one of the threadless bracelets with the round clasp I think!

      I’m liking the green as well, as I want the olive facets to start a new nature-themed bracelet. The Alice charms would be great to blend a little bit of a fantasy element to it as well. :D

      So pleased you’re excited! Thanks for commenting Suzy :D xxx

  18. The rabbit is adorable. So glad they went with Alice in Wonderland. I could not make out the openwork charm. I like the others also though. Even Ariel. Nice bracelet. Can’t wait.

    • I totally agree, Alice was such a great choice! There’s a lot of scope for some really original charms and designs. I hope they make more in this line! Really pleased you’re excited too – I’m already impatient for a better look at these, too. ^^

  19. Ah!!! I’ve been waiting for this post for the longest time!!!! I’m so pleased that they have decided to do more than just Mickey and Minnie (since more than half of the Disney collection is of them) I have debated for the longest time on wether or not I should start a Disney themed bracelet, don’t get me wrong, the Disney collection is BEAUTIFUL! But they can be a bit on the pricy side (for me), I told myself that if they came out with Princess Aurora, I would dedicate a whole bracelet just for her! (Yes, my favorite movie is Sleeping Beauty, from the bottom of my heart, I’m hoping and praying that they will come out with Princess Aurora inspired charms in the future, hopefully soon!!) BUT, I am more than satisfied with the new Alice in Wonderland collection coming out, and I think its time for me to spoil myself and get them all! I mean, who can resist Alice in Wonderland?!?! Hopefully they are out by April, so I can kill two birds with one stone, Alice in Wonderland charms and hopefully 1-2 free bracelets!

    • Aha, your excitement is so nice to read :D I love this choice of direction as well. Alice-themed charms have a lot of scope for some really original designs, and they should blend nicely with the regular Pandora collection!
      I’m sure they will do Sleeping Beauty at some point. Another reader told me that Pandora confirmed on their FB page that there were plans to do both Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel at some point in the future. :) I’ll admit that I am most excited for this Alice collection, however, as I love the fantasy theme and it’s a bit different from what Pandora have done before with Disney.
      I would expect these to be out in time for the March bracelet promo, so fingers crossed :D Thanks for commenting, Patty!

  20. I’m not a huge Disney fan nowadays (had plenty of the videos when I was a kid though!), but think the bracelet is quite cute.

    It would be nice is the Disney pieces came to the UK, not that I would buy loads but it would nice to pick out a few charms.

    • I think I’m probably at the same place as you! I loved Disney films when I was little, but I wouldn’t consider adult me a Disney fan exactly. However, I love certain Disney franchises in particular (Winnie the Pooh) and a lot of the Disney Pandora line is very pretty & a lot of fun, regardless of whether you’re a Disney fan (particularly the non-Mickey & Minnie pieces).

      It would be so much easier if Disney Pandora were available here! It’s tough ordering the muranos sight-unseen in particular.

  21. I’m so excited!! I’m not a fan of mickey mouse or disney princesses so I have never bought a disney pandora charm. but now that they have alice in wonderland themed charms… OMG.

    • Yes, I’m glad that they’ve opted to do something a little different for this release :D I just need some more cute Disney animals as well! I like the princesses, but they’re not my absolute favourites.

  22. I really like the bracelet. If they sell it in Australia, I will seriously consider buying it.

    Ellie, on the subject of Disney, do you know if its easy to purchase Pandora Disney charms at Paris Disneyland? I have a family member heading there next month and they would like to buy me some charms…

    • Hi lozzie. I’m not Ellie but I can tell you that Disney charms are not sold on Europe, not even at Disneyland Paris.

    • Hi Lozzie, as Lily already told you, the Pandora Disney range is not available at Disneyland Paris. :( This is because Pandora do not own the license to sell Disney-themed jewellery in Europe or UK currently. Sorry to disappoint :(

      • I have heard that Chamilia still holds the Disney license in Europe, which was previously the case in the US. I was not very impressed with Chamilia’s Disney designs. In my opinion, Pandora does a much better job with Disney charms. :D

        • Yep I believe that to be the case, Carol! Apparently Chamilia have it until 2018 so we have a while to wait in the UK. I like a lot of Chamilia’s older Disney designs (their plain silver Winnie the Pooh range was so adorable!) but a lot of the newer stuff is a bit too pavé for me. Roll on 2018 ;)

        • Ya I heard so many bad things that used to happen with the Disney Chamilla collection charms & where the enemal would rub off after a short period of time but last year I heard that the Disney Chamilla charms in North America have retired according to Disney & the Chamilla website & stores I just think personally that Chamilla is cheaper quality & doesn’t look as good as Pandora just looks more richer & also part of the reason why the Chamilla Disney charms retired is cause people stopped buying them as soon as Disney started with Pandora

  23. Hi Ellie,
    I don’t really know what I am thinking about this collection. I should see them on a bracelet, I think. But the rabbit is my best for the moment.
    I have forgotten to answer : the promotion for the jewelry box here in France is started the 28th of january to the 14th february.
    Have a nice day !

    • Hi Isabelle, I would also like to see better stock images or some live photos – but for now, I am feeling quite positive about these charms! Alice in Wonderland is a great choice I think.
      Thanks for the info on the jewellery box GWP – I will add that to the promos post. Have a nice day too! <3

  24. I’m not particularly a Disney fan too but Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite story books when I was a child. The White Rabbit charm is my most anticipated charm amongst the other two and I can’t wait to see it in person.

    • Yes, I loved Alice too, both as a book and a film, when I was little! It’s so delightfully strange. I’m excited for the White Rabbit as well, providing his face proves to be nicely detailed in person :D

      • Yes Ellie, I have loved Alice since I was a child as well. I adored the original Lewis Carroll book. I was intrigued by it because it was so very unusual, especially for a children’s book! I particularly enjoyed “Through the Looking Glass” which I felt has been unfairly overlooked and a bit overshadowed by “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. I loved the fact that the story was based on the game of chess (although I have never been a chess player). But, the way that the chess pieces came to life was incredibly imaginative. I will always be intrigued with everything “Alice”! :D

        • I have read Through the Looking Glass as well, but so long ago that I do not really remember it! I remember being as gripped by it as I was by Alice though. Perhaps I should read both books again, for nostalgia’s sake. ^^

  25. Aloha Ellie! I’m at the Disney hotel in Hawaii right now. :) I got the last Wishes charm at their store here. I guess that one is pretty popular. I’m super excited to see the new Disney Charms, thanks for the pictures! I’m so glad they expanded into another non-princess movie. Alice in Wonderland was a good choice. I really hope they make more like this instead of the dress, tiara, and shoe charms. The openwork charm seems like it is a similar style to the Fantasia charm which I really love. I agree that Peter Pan and Bambie would be a great set of charms also. I’d still like to see Nightmare Before Christmas, UP, and Inside Out. I thought maybe Star Wars was a stretch, but I see Kay Jewelers has a whole line of Star Wars charms. I read somewhere that they are compatible with Pandora, but the Star Wars charms are Pandora prices – I think because Disney is charging high licensing fees for Star Wars. It’s such a popular movie, I hope Pandora makes some SW charms too.

    • Hi Stephanie! Yay, I hope you’re having a wonderful time :D the Wishes charm is still on my list to get some day, I hope it’s as pretty in person! <3
      I'm also excited by this change in direction for Disney. It's so much fun to see something non-princessy or Mickey/Minnie. I'd also love to see some Pixar classics added to the Pandora Disney line-up - UP would be so cute (I can imagine a charm which is some balloons, with a little house dangling from it) and Wall-E would be adorable too!
      Chamilia have also done a Star Wars range, but it's pretty basic as it stands (Victoria at ET has an overview of the charms: http://www.endangeredtrolls.com/chamilia-star-wars-collection-preview/). It’s mainly just logo designs. It would be great if Pandora made a SW collection (I really enjoyed the new film!), but I get the sense that they prefer to stick to the more feminine/cutesy designs. I guess we will see!

      • Thanks Ellie. It is really nice here. :) The wishes charm is really pretty. The enamel isn’t really a flat black, it has some depth to it -it seems like it is somewhat transparent with an opalescent sheen to it. It’s kind of hard to explain, but it definitely isn’t the basic black enamel that is on Mickey’s face in the Fantasia charm.
        I had a look at that post about the Chamilia collection. The collection is pretty basic, although the clasp on the bracelet was exactly what I imagined. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I imagined a whole collection including the campaign image – anyone who hasn’t seen the movie and doesn’t want to know anything about it should just skip the rest of this comment-

        OK- I thought they should have a girl with her hand out to a guy, just like when Rey holds out her hand to Finn to help him up. The girl could have a triple wrap leather bracelet (since Rey has all that cloth wrapped around her arms) with the Millennium Falcon, BB8, and some round beads with enamel that make them look like the planets Jakku and Takodana. The guy could have a single wrap leather bracelet with a TIE fighter, Storm Trooper helmet and Rebel Alliance logo. It seems like there is a huge female fan base for Star Wars especially since we finally have a female Jedi featured in a movie. The charms I described would be a bit of a departure from their current direction, but I think a lot of ladies out there would like charms like that. I assume the number of guys who wear Pandora is very small, but maybe a guy who is a super SW fan would wear a single wrap leather bracelet with a ship charm or the Death Star.

        • The Wishes charm sounds lovely. So it’s kind of an iridescent black? It would be nice if I could see some of the Disney charms before I buy them. It’s difficult to buy blind. :)

          Yes, I thought the bracelet was the only really exciting one out of the Chamilia collection! You just need some great character charms to go with it.
          Oh wow, I am kind of blown away by that idea for the campaign image – the way the models would be posed like Rey and Finn. You shouldn’t be embarrassed – you should pitch it to Pandora. ;) It would be a big departure from their current romance/hearts/give-her-a-gift-she’ll-never-forget schtick, but I’m sure there’d be a market for it. I’d love some of the droid beads (R2D2, BB8) – they would be so cute. And I like the idea of having the ships as well. They could murano beads in the shades of the light sabers perhaps? Or some stone beads (kind of volcanic looking) for the various planets.

        • The Wishes Charm looks like it is black glitter enamel on the Disney Store website, but it is more of a fine grain sparkle (or at least the one I got) like in stones with Mica in them rather than how the glitter appears in the blue enamel in some of the other Disney charms. I’m thinking of the stone Green Fuchsite Mica, but I see in all the images on google it photographs kind of like the Wishes charm photos, but in real life it looks different. You may kind of be able to get the idea if you look at a picture of the unpolished version of the stone.

          I’m glad you like the campaign image idea. :) Ray and Finn have such a cool relationship in the movie so it kind of goes along with Pandora’s romance theme -or at least a strong bond (family?/both force sensitive? ). The idea for stones that look like the planets is cool too. Maybe glow in the dark murano beads for the light sabers?

        • Ah, sounds lovely. It’s a shame that I won’t be able to see it unless I take the plunge and just buy one!
          Yeah, I couldn’t really work out if they were meant to be romantic (or heading that way) or not in the film? Their relationship is really strong as you say though, and goes with Pandora’s ideas of loyalty and family etc <3 So I think that would work! And yes, definitely glow in the dark for the light sabers ^^ That would be really fun.

    • It’s not a parks exclusive as far as I’m aware, and this image came from a store in Australia – so I imagine it’s just a regular store release. :)

  26. I’m kinda dissatisfied in the “Alice” Stuff. I think it’s because of the Movie that is coming out. (Disney’s going to add HUGE DOLLARS towards this movie because of these!!.).

    “Through the looking glass” Is the title of the movie. And it’ll be out either February or March 2016. I saw a poster of it at SilverCity Brampton Ontario Canada. When I went to see Krampus I believe. NO! Victor Frankenstein. Eh. It’s One of those movies. Lol.

    • Ah, that makes sense! Well-spotted :) I don’t mind too much if Pandora have timed this collection to coincide with the movie’s launch – it’s a good business move for them and it means we get to enjoy some lovely fantasy charms as well!

  27. Hi Ellie! Thank you so much for the great preview. At the moment I’m loving that Ariel dangle and the bracelet! I am a big fan of Alice in Wonderland and I think the charms are cute, but the coloured enamel doesn’t really suit any of my bracelet themes.

    I’ve noticed in Valentines/Spring there is a lot of pinks and I’m hoping that we get either in the Summer or Disney collections some blue/teal charms. While I’m a big fan of pink I’d love something a little different!

    • Hi Steph! You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed it. The coloured enamel is a bit tricky with the Alice charms – the rabbit in particular looks quite bright in red and yellow. I’d like to try and get him on to a spring bracelet, but he is going to clash with the green colour scheme I’m picturing! We’ll see! ^^

      Yes, Pandora have gone pretty heavy on the pink lately! I guess the new Ariel pendant is a nice teal charm, but I did hear that Aurora was due out this season – her signature colour would, unfortunately, be pink though. :S It could just be a rumour, but several different people mentioned Sleeping Beauty. Perhaps different Disney charms are coming out in different regions?

      • I really like Aurora so I wouldn’t mind her sparkly pink murano, I’d imagine it would be a lovely soft pink. I guess I’m just hoping that we will see a bit more variety from Pandora in the way of colours over the next few months :) I’m from Australia and I hope to see some more disney over here!

        • I’d love to see a soft purple murano for Rapunzel, too. I feel like there are lots of nice purple glass beads, but none in a pastel shade! And I love my pastels!
          I’m sure Australia will be seeing more Disney for Spring :)

    • No, sorry, Charmaine – no prices for these yet. I don’t think that this is all of it for Spring 2016 – I hear that there will be more princessy charms. So hopefully there will be more, although I don’t know how many. :)

  28. No worries at all, Ellie. I’ll just wait in bated breath to see what they have in store for us. Disney is always so exciting.

  29. This collection is pretty good & im happy it’s kinda more green but my personal favourite out of this collection is probably gonna be the Ariel one it just looks incredibly cute all ready & all im doing is just kinda waiting to see the detailing more on it but I’m pretty confident that it’s gonna be a pretty cute dangle & ive decided to not judge this collection so fast yet until I see them in person cause remember when everyone was judging the Olaf one before anyone has even seen in person & all there was was the stock images of it yet cause it was just freshly announced that it was even coming out someday just like these are right now
    The new Disney bracelet that seems to be coming out I hope it will be sold in regular retail stores cause by the looks of it I’m thinking it will be & sense it already kinda has the Minnie & Mickey head plain (non colored one) safety chain that will match with this bracelet perfectly I think & it would make sense if the regular Pandora retail stores sell this new bracelet instead of it being park exclusive like the other Disney Bracelet that have out is even though it makes more sense that the other one is cause it says Disney parks on it but this one doesn’t which kinda gets me more excited even though I know the parks will still be selling this one as well cause they sell the entire Disney Pandora collection which does make sense but however I do still hope they decide to complete the Disney princess dress collection by adding in Aurora dress (from sleeping beauty) Tiana dress (from Princess & the frog along with the frog she kisses) & Rapunzal dress (from Tangled) & maybe her frying pan that she hits Flynn Rider with lol & have it as a dangle or something I’m sure they’d figure something out but I hope they at least release those 3 missing princess dresses

    • Hi! The Ariel one is nice, although the Alice ones are the ones that grab my attention most. I like the fantasy aspect to them :) You are right to withhold judgement until you see them in person. A lot of charms can surprise you by being so much nicer in the flesh! The Olaf charm is not really for me even after seeing live photos, but it was much nicer than the stock image suggested.

      I think that all Pandora stores will probably carry this new bracelet, especially as I don’t think Australia has Disney Parks – and these images are from an Australian source.
      Oh my gosh, the frying pan from Tangled would make such an awesome and bizarre charm haha. I love Tangled a lot, so I’d love to see that one crop up. I’d also need a charm of the horse (I forget its name!).

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