With just a little under a week to go until the launch of the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2016 collection, I thought it would be a good time to mull over some lovely HQ images and a little commentary on all the new pieces! The themes for this collection are Petals of Love and Timeless Romance, and the new charms & jewellery all focus on romantic and floral motifs.

pandora valentine's 2016 timeless romance

The Pandora Valentine’s 2016 collection is due out on Thursday the 14th of January. I already posted most of the pricing for the US in my previous preview, but I now have a fuller list of US prices – and the ones in Australian dollars, too. No news on GBP pricing yet, I’m afraid! For more details on the Pandora Valentine’s 2016 promotions in general, see my post here.

(Also, in case you missed it – Mora Pandora has moved web address! To find out more, please read my post here!)

Charms & Bracelets

pandora valentine's 2016

It’s becoming something of a tradition for Pandora to release a new style of bracelet with each collection: for Valentine’s Day, there will be a new Moments bracelet with a pavé heart clasp! If you have the Mother’s Day 2015 LE bangle, it’s the same clasp as is used on that one. This new bracelet will be retailing for $80 USD or $109 AUD.

pandora valentine's 2016

Firstly for charms, we have our only 14kt gold offering for the Valentine’s collection – the Hearts of Gold charm. This is priced at $375 USD or $399 AUD.

pandora valentine's 2016

One of the most anticipated charms from the new collection has undoubtedly been the Wild Hearts murano! Made from dichroic glass, it should shimmer and glitter when exposed to different lights. :D There have been some beautiful live shots released of this charm already: take a look at my posts here and here. It is priced at $55 USD or $49 AUD.

pandora valentine's 2016

The Petals of Love clip is notable for its 3D design – something a bit new from Pandora! Its clover-leaf design means that the petals also look like four hearts joined together, embodying the idea of being ‘lucky in love!’ It’s priced at $70 USD or $79 AUD.

pandora valentine's 2016

I didn’t pay the Petals of Love charm much attention when the first stock images came out, but it is rather pretty – it would be nice on an oxidised chain, for a more contemporary twist on a floral theme. It will be a shop-in-shop exclusive in the US, where it is priced at $75 USD. In Australia, it will be $79 AUD.

pandora valentine's 2016

The ornate Filled with Romance heart openwork is priced at $35 USD or $39 AUD – I hope that it looks as dark & oxidised in person, as the stock image looks beautifully Gothic in style.

pandora valentine's 2016

The Ribbon of Love is another nice heart charm, if a little uninspiring. Its stylised curves are pretty, and I suppose the pavé lines are meant to be swirls of ribbon, which is a nice effect. I’m quite tempted by this one! It’s priced at $59 AUD – in North America, it will initially only be available as part of the Filled with Love gift set.

pandora valentine's 2016

The In My Heart enamel charm has caused some confusion, due to various stock images & live images showing it as varying shades of purple, pink and red! Its item code suggests that it uses the same enamel as the existing Family Bonds charm – so if you see that one in person, or in a photo, you can use that as a reference for the colour of this one. It is reasonably priced at $40 USD or $45 AUD.

pandora valentine's 2016

The Captivating Hearts charm will be $89 AUD. I have not seen a North American listing yet for this charm, so it’s possibly not coming out for the US & Canada (although this is supposition on my part).

pandora valentine's 2016

The Joined Together is $90 USD or $129 AUD. This kind of combination of 14kt gold and cubic zirconia doesn’t especially appeal to me, so I expect that I will be giving this one a miss!

pandora valentine's 2016

The Love Locks is the second two-tone option for this collection, and again features pavé detailing. As you can see from these images, the hearts are separate from each other and will move independently. It will cost $70 USD or $89 AUD.

pandora valentine's 2016

The Sweet Love charm, priced at $49 AUD, is another button-style openwork, featuring Pandora’s favoured heart silhouettes on its sides. This will be a Jared’s exclusive charm in North America, meaning that it most likely won’t be available in Canada.

pandora valentine's 2016

The Love is Forever charm will retail at $70 USD or $79 AUD. In North America, this will be sold with a special gift box until the 15th of February. 

pandora valentine's 2016

In a leaked shot of the Italian Pandora Valentine’s 2016 catalogue, the Asian-exclusive Spring 2015 Green Pavé Pear was included along with the other charms! So it looks like this lovely little charm might finally be available in Europe at least. I did not see it listed in the North American catalogue for Valentine’s Day unfortunately.

pandora spring 2015 asian exclusive charm

The Piggy Bank charm for Pandora’s CNY 2016 release is due for official release in Asian countries with the Valentine’s collection, although some regions have received it a few days earlier. I’m also hearing that other regions may have it in times for Valentine’s Day, too, including Australia and possibly the UK, too:

pandora chinese new year 2016

We have this lovely live shot courtesy of YT from Singapore – isn’t it just adorable! I love its contented expression. It’s also been confirmed that the charm has a little slot on its back, like a piggy bank,

pandora chinese new year 2016
Image by YT from Singapore


There will be a small selection of accompanying jewellery with the collection – first up, we have the necklaces. The two-tone United in Love necklace will be $75 USD or $129 AUD.

pandora valentine's 2016

The Petals of Love necklace will be bundled in a gift set with its matching earrings in North America:

pandora valentine's 2016

pandora valentine's 2016

To finish off with, we have a small selection of rings coming out for Valentine’s Day. The Petals of Love ring finishes off that set, and is priced at $70 USD.

pandora valentine's 2016

The Ribbon of Love is $65 USD and matches the charm nicely:

pandora valentine's 2016

The Linked Love ring offers a simple, but pretty plain silver design. It will retail for $40 USD or $49 AUD.

pandora valentine's 2016

Live Images

Stores in the US & Canada have started receiving their stocks of this collection, and a handful of lovely live images have been shared on social media! There will be more to follow next week, I am sure. ^^ It’s nice to see that the In My Heart charm looks a really pretty red/pink shade, while the Filled with Romance looks as oxidised and intricate as I hoped!

My Comment

Overall, I can understand why some have found this collection a little uninspired; in previous Valentine’s releases we at least got Cupid dangles, or articulated Valentine’s cards or love birds. This time around, it is just straight-up, unambiguous hearts through and through! Nevertheless, there are individual pieces that are really stunning. I can’t wait to see the Wild Hearts murano in person. Also on my wish list are the new pavé heart clasp bracelet and the beautiful openwork Filled with Romance heart – the Ribbon of Love is a maybe, too!

Are you looking forward to the Valentine’s collection? Do you have any pieces on your wish list?

95 Comments on Preview: Pandora Valentine’s Day 2016 Collection HQ Images

  1. I can’t wait to go and see the collection, i’ll be going next weekend. My list is still the same, though sometimes it changes when I can in store and see them properly. The heart pave clasp bracelet, captivating hearts, ribbon of love charms and the linked love ring. The ribbon of love ring stock image has caught my eye. So we’ll see what I actually buy.
    I’ve seen a few pictures starting to show up online and I like what I’ve seen so far.
    I’ve got my fingers crossed as well that we get the heart shaped jewellery box.

    • I’m excited too, although I’m not 100% sure when I’ll be able to get to go and see it! I have a provisional list too: the pavé heart clasp bracelet, the wild hearts and the filled with romance openwork charm. :D I am also considering the Ribbon of Love, too, but I will wait and see what it looks like in person. I look forward to hearing what you decide to get in the end ^^
      Yes, and I like that the In My Heart charm looks to be more of a reddy shade in person. It’s quite pretty! My fingers are crossed that we get the Valentine’s box GWP, too. It looks like such a nice box this year!

  2. Hi Ellie I really like the heart open work charm it looks very intricate and vintage. I also like the heart murano and thebracelet. That’s good about the piggy charm it looks so cute. How random about the pear charm it does look lovely though.

    • Hi Nicola, those three are my exact picks from this collection as well. :D The Ribbon of Love is a maybe, too. I am pretty sure we in the UK will be getting the Piggy Bank – it does look very cute in the live image, and pretty true to the stock photo IMO. It’s going to go straight on my red leather I think!
      Yeah, I’m not 100% sure on what’s happening with the pear. It would be so nice if we got in the UK eventually as well :D

  3. Still can’t make my mind up about the murano! Will be interesting to see it in person. Even if I really like it, I probably won’t get it straight away as they are too many others higher on my wish list.

    • The murano looks good from the live photos I’ve seen – but I will reserve final judgement until I see its sparkle in person myself ;) I hope I like it, in any case, because I have planned out a spot on a new bracelet design for it – and I’m not sure what would go there instead. ^^

  4. Hi Ellie! <3

    Thanks for the pics, I'm loving the pear and piggie, hopeful those will come here to the US with the Spring collection! Also the heart murano is growing on me, it looks much better in live images than stock images, I'm intrigued by the dichroic glass, I might have to finally get a Pandora murano! None of the other charms for Valentine's are really speaking to me, but sometimes I change my mind seeing them in person ;-) Can't wait for more updates about Spring!

    • Hi Natalie! <3 You're welcome, I'd love the pear to come to the UK as well. The Asian RRP is surprisingly high, even compared to ours prices! It's great that we are getting the piggy straight away though :D
      Oh wow, your first Pandora murano! I knew you weren't keen, but didn't realise you didn't own any. So that would be a milestone ;) You will have to let me know if you decide to get one!

      • Definitely! Aha, when I came back to visit your site today I remembered the new address for the first time, had to stop myself from typing wordpress ;-)

        When I saw your wishlist I had to go back and look at what charm Filled with Romance was. That is very pretty, I am actually considering the similar Locked Hearts which is basically this same frame but with the gold in the center, I might get it during the next promo.

        Yes, I do like the hearts murano. Also the Wildflower and sea glass muranos from last year. So might have to try out some Pandora muranos!

        • Aha yay! I’ve been planning this move since… maybe last summer, so I’ve had some time to get used to the new address ;) Hopefully you’ll get used to it soon too!
          Yeah, both the Filled with Romance & Locked Hearts are really pretty designs. <3 I am considering the Locked Hearts for my two-tone bracelet I'm building, but I just love the oxidised look of the FwR.
          Ooh well you must share some pics if you finally get some Pandora glass! That would be exciting :D

  5. Thank you for another great review and lovely pics. There are some lovely designs, but honestly, I think I may have enough hearts. Of course, once I see them in person, my opinion may change! :)

    • I know, I have a surfeit of hearts in my collection as well ;) But the Filled with Romance one is really pretty. It has an ornate, vintage look which appeals to me and seems a bit different from my other heart charms. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the preview, thanks for commenting! :D

  6. I really like this collection! I’m wearing the Wild Hearts Murano right now and it’s gorgeous! The glitter is a girly pink and the hearts appear to be floating in the glass in a double layer. I saw the Filled With Romance heart at the store and it was incredible. Very delicate yet a good size! I hope you like the pieces when you see them!

    • Oh wow, I just saw your gorgeous post & photos on the Wild Hearts murano. It looks beautiful (as do your pictures!). I love the 3D/floating hearts effect in it. Now I am even more excited to get one for myself! ^^ Glad to hear that the Filled with Romance looked good too, as those two charms are my must-haves based on what I’ve seen so far. Thanks for commenting, Martha! <3

      • Thanks Ellie! I can’t wait to hear what you think of the Murano when you see it in person. I’ve had so much fun staring at it today. I know you’re not a Trollbeads person (at least I think you’re not?), but it is going to look amazing with some of my pink Trolls!

        • I’m sure I’ll love it – it looks beautiful in the live photos I’ve seen, including yours. :D It’ll be interesting to see how the sparkle looks in person though! I want to put it on a design with the pastel blue Cinderella muranos, so hopefully it will look nice with those…
          Aha, I am a bit of a Trollbeads voyeur – I don’t own any myself (my bead budget can only just about keep up with Pandora!), but I do love so many of their designs and it’s always fun to see people’s TB bracelets. So I look forward to seeing your Wild Hearts/TB design <3

        • Ooo…I’d love to see the hearts Murano with the Cinderella ones! I bought my Mom a Cinderella Murano for Christmas and she loved it! She even liked the glow in the dark aspect and she’s 75, just showing one is never too old for a little fun! I hear you about bead budgets! I currently like 5 brands, so it’s quite impossible to even think about keeping up! ;-) I end up buying a lot of Trollbeads on heavy discounts, as stores discontinue selling them.

        • I will definitely post some pics when I get my hands on the Wild Hearts murano ;) Glad to hear your mum is a Pandora fan too! I can never persuade mine to take the plunge and get a bracelet :P
          Aha, I think it would bother me not to be able to keep up. I’m thinking about introducing Chamilia and will stick with that for now. Although someone did suggest using the upcoming threadless Pandora bracelet to put beads from other brands on, which seems like a v. good idea!

  7. The pearrrrrrr I hope it will be available in NA soon. The filled with romance is very beautiful as well and totally matches my style. For some reason, I really don’t like the real photo of the piggy, I find it quite awkward-looking. The other piggy is cuter. Only two things from this collection appeal to me, and I kind of see it as a good thing in preparation for Spring!

    • Glad to hear you like the Filled with Romance too! I like the Piggy, I don’t think it looks that different from the stock images. It has such a cute, contented little expression ^^ but yes, that’s definitely the way to look at it – what you don’t spend now, you can spend on lovely Spring/Disney pieces later!

        • I am pretty sure the piggy is coming out in the UK on Thursday with the Valentine’s collection :D so if it does, I will give them a squeeze for you, haha!

  8. I didn’t notice until you mentioned it that the captivating hearts is not in the new NA pandora catalog. Truthfully, when I saw it, it struck me as so similar to so many past charms that I couldn’t see buying it. I really love the filled with romance on the blue leather with the floral elegance spacers. Very affordable for a different look. I’m not sure if I would do the murano, it may be too sparkly. I hope to see the collection tomorrow.

    • Yes, I wonder if they’re holding off the Captivating Hearts for NA for some later occasion or just can’t be bothered with another charm that’s so similar to previous releases. ;) Usually they release every single heart/romance charm, as they know some OH will buy it, haha.
      I can’t tell whether it’s the grey or the blue leather in the STC photo with the Filled With Romance, but it’s funny that you mention the blue – I am actually planning on putting the Filled with Romance on the midnight blue leather and doing a kind of Cosmic Love themed design. :D Something to detract from all the pinkness and hearts!
      I hope you get to see the new collection :D

      • I wasn’t sure if it was gray or blue either; I guess I can see which one looks nicer. I may also try the enamel heart if the color is nice in person!

        • I think possibly the grey would be nicer, as it’s a bit lighter and would contrast with the darker oxidised effect of the heart a bit better. But I will probably try both out! ^^

      • Maybe for mothers day? Mother’s day usually incorporates quite a few heart designs as well. I don’t really like Mother’s day releases that much because I’m too young. I am usually the one to buy my mom a charm. :) The bows are pretty though. I got my first pair of Pandora earrings from a mother’s day release May 2014 because their bows are so great! You should consider getting a pair too.

        • Oh yes that’s a possibility! :) Mother’s Day releases are a bit of a miss for me as well (and my mum stubbornly refuses to get a Pandora!). They did do a few more generic pieces last year, so hopefully they’ll do the same this year.
          I do get tempted by the earrings from time to time! The bow design is very cute. Perhaps I’ll ask for them as a gift some time!

  9. I saw new release this afternoon, Wild Heart is beautiful Can $60. I don’t like the color of In My Heart. Fill with Romance is $40, the price is good but I don’t like 2D heart, skip this. I think Wild Heart will be my only pick for this release. Good for my wallet!

    • Oooh lucky you! I’m so pleased that you like the Wild Hearts in person. It’s probably the one I’m most excited to see. At least you can save some money for the Spring releases ^^

      • I can’t wait to get the Wild Heart murano, I went in before the shop close tonight. I exchanged one Twinkle Night clip which I got two from after X’mas promotion to get the Wild Heart murano, Love it. Not spend any extra money, I told you I have to save for April promotion.

        • Elsa, you mean the light blue one? I’m glad to hear you say that, as I want to put it with Cinderella muranos – so I’m hoping that it does look good with blue!

        • Wild Heart will look nice with Anna, Elsa, Cinderalla murano anyway. Pandora make beautifully murano since 2015, very easy to mix and match. I have to save for Spring, had spend over my bead budget in 2015 already. I have to save for April promotion.

        • Ah okay, I thought you might mean Anna :) But it’s good that you think blue would be a good mix too! I’m looking forward to seeing the Wild Hearts murano so much. I will definitely make sure to pick one up in store and choose one in person :D

        • Make sure pick a good one like X’mas Holly. They are not the same, this is why I love murano glass, so so beautiful!

        • Oh I definitely will! :D I will be picking through all the ones in store when I get the chance to go, haha.

        • Yay you got it! I will have to wait until Thursday, but I expect it will be my first purchase of the collection :D You are doing very well to wait until April – good luck!

  10. The Wild Hearts Murano along with the Filled with Romance charm are absolutely stunning. However, I agree with you Ellie. I wish that Pandora would release some Valentine’s charms that are a bit different! I have SO many hearts that I find it hard to justify purchasing more, especially after purchasing so many charms from the Winter Collection! Last year, I completed my very first Trollbeads bracelet because I just adored their Spring 2015 collection. I was quite pleased with the result. I also managed to acquire quite a few Trollbeads (at an amazing 60% off) from a gift shop that is discontinuing the line. So this year, I am putting together a Spring/Romance themed bracelet with some of the lavender/pinkish Trollbeads glass. They also have some lovely silver floral beads and some very adorable cherubs. Unfortunately, I have decided to pass on this Pandora collection, but I am excited for the free bracelet promo in March! :D

    • Those are my two picks as well, along with the heart pavé clasp bracelet :D The hearts are a bit endless. We get new ones with every single collection, no matter what season, and they never seem to get retired ;) But occasionally you do get a gem like the Filled with Romance along with all the others, so that is the upside, haha.
      That sounds like an absolutely lovely Trollbeads design! I’m sure you will have great fun building it (and wow, 60% off! That was a find!). Their purple murano glass beads are some of my favourites :) If I were going to start at TB bracelet, I think it would be with purples. I’m looking forward to the March promo as well, even though I have no intention of sitting out this Pandora collection haha!

  11. Hi there. Went to a pandora store today to see if they has the Vday release, and they did not and said they won’t have it until the release. Seeing live shots of the filled with romance heart is making me so excited to get it, it’s so stunnjng on that leather , never thought to put it on one but it’s nice to see how pretty t looks there. What are your thoughts on the two tone double heart dangle drop charm?

    • Hey Alex! Aw, you’re not having much luck finding the Valentine’s stuff are you :( The Filled with Romance does look great on the leather, it’s giving me lots of ideas for review :D I have to be honest, I’ll be quite excited to be doing something other than Christmas for review aha.
      I initially wasn’t that keen on the double heart lock pendant, because the gold & pavé combination, but it does look rather nice in the live shots. I quite like lock & key motifs so that appeals to me, even if I wouldn’t get this particular one. :) Are you considering it?

  12. Hi I love the enamel heart and the murano. I can’t wait to see them in real life. I am now interested in the Chinese New Year charm but unfortunely it isn’t available in North America. Thanks again for another great update.

    • Hi Linda! I’m excited to see the murano especially – not long until Thursday (I will hopefully be able to get into town to see it then). I would expect that the CNY piggy will be available in North America sooner or later, maybe with spring :) If not, you could always get some help!
      Glad you enjoyed it Linda, thanks for reading!

    • A few people wondered this, including myself! It turns out that the piggy bank is intended as a more generic lucky charm, intended to bring luck & fortune, rather than as a representation of the actual zodiac animal. They did a generic design last year as well. :)

    • Ohm is making a year of the monkey charm though! I might actually get it since I love monkeys. I should probably get the sheep from last year since I was born in the year. Sheep are also just so fuzzy and adorable. I’m jealous if anyone has one. I want a pet so bad, but their such a big responsibility! Also, I don’t want to put them in a cage because that would be so cruel (and I’m a vegan) I hope pandora continues to make animal charms. <3

      • I love the Pandora animals as well – I’m sure they sell well, especially the pets! <3 So hopefully we'll continue to see more.

  13. Went to Pandora today and picked up 3 of the filled w romance charms w the floral spacers. They look great on an oxidized bracelet. The in my heart enamel was beautiful! I was going to be very disppointed if it turned out to be violet, as described, but it was really a nice red pink. I bought 2 for the bracelet. I loved the gold bead for this release but I never buy the gold ones, they are too expensive. The murano was very sparkly and i felt it was too “youthful looking” for me, though the hearts are a nice design. The 2 tone hanging charm was very nice. The one with the gold hearts on either side was a little bit of an odd design I thought. Didn’t get to see the one that’s like a clover as they didn’t seem to have it. The 4 petals clip is nice but I didn’t really need it now. Whew!

    • Wow, I can imagine how pretty the Filled with Romance would be on the oxi bracelet! :) Especially with three of them! I thought the pavé Petals of Love charm coming out with this collection would also be rather nice on the oxi bracelet.
      Glad to hear the In My Heart is nice, too – the colour looks much rosier from the live images than the stock photo suggested! <3 Are they going on the oxi bracelet with the FwR charms as well? That would be very striking! I don't buy gold either, as it's too much to pay in one go - and I think I'd be a little reluctant to pay for a gold charm with cubic zirconia too. Having said that, the Hearts of Gold is growing on me and looks rather nice in live images!
      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts Lisa! I'm all the more excited to see the new beads myself on Thursday :)

      • Yes, the 2 in my hearts are going to the sides of the clips ( I have the old double heart clips which are oxidized and will go with the filled With romance perfectly). The bracelet was too dark and uniform without some color. Then I placed 2 plain clips to the other side of the in my hearts to keep it all centered. The clips will stay in place with the rubber stoppers. I want all the beads in the center of the bracelet, because I don’t want to fill the whole bracelet now. It’s just too costly…

        • Many of the Pandora stores I called have a few random beads from the valentines release. Very strange. The store i finally went to had all the beads except the petals of love. None will be selling any of the sets until the actual release date.

        • Oh that’s weird. I hope we get every bead here in the UK :D I’ll be v. disappointed if any aren’t available or are bundled up in gift sets so that I can’t get at them, haha.

        • Ah, I love that double hearts clip! They would be good with the new Alice in Wonderland pieces, wouldn’t they? Queen of Hearts etc…
          Sounds like you have put together a beautiful design! Unfilled bracelets often look the most elegant :)

  14. The pear charm is available in Australia? I’ll be there this coming Thu. I can’t wait to see the real stuff of Valentine release. Will share once i get it there. :)

    • I hadn’t heard that it was coming out in Australia unfortunately. You should definitely share your thoughts when you get hold of them :D I’ll be posting on Thursday with my thoughts as well!

  15. $109AUD for a pave moments bracelet. Ouch!
    I don’t get the appeal of the pear charm at all. Is it the colour that makes everyone keen for it? The captivating hearts charm is a duplicate of a charm that has just been retired.
    I am looking forward to seeing the collection in store.

    • I don’t know, I just like the concept of the pear! I think it’s quite fairy-tale-esque for some reason. I do like the golden/green colour as well.
      I’m looking forward to seeing the collection as well :D Not long until Thursday! I’m definitely getting the bracelet, the Wild Hearts and the Filled with Romance, too.

  16. Hi Ellie !
    It took a long time for me to come back ! But it was hard to work in a Pandora store for Christmas… I was and I am exhausted, too many noise and people aha ! So I take a cup of tea and a long time to read all your post, and it was like a sweetie pastry…

    I was disappointed by the color in real of in my heart, it doesn’t really match with the small red murano, here in France the color is between the red and violet. Filled with romance is gorgeous, the petal of love clip don’t talk to me, and I can’t wait to the wild hearts in real.
    I was disappointed also a little by the sweet love in real. But my best remainder the lucky pig, that we have the chance to have here in France…

    Here we have a promo but only from the 28th of january : for 119€ you will receive a very nice jewellry box : the square white one, who was already proposed in Germany a few month ago.

    For ending I want to wish you a very great 2016, especially health, because with one can all surmount.

    <3 Isabelle

    • Hi Isabelle, how lovely to hear from you! Sorry to hear that the Pandora job has been hard work (I can imagine how busy you were), but I hope it’s been fun, too?
      Ah okay, I’ll be interested to see how the In My Heart and the ruby facets compare. I’m hoping the ruby facets will come in the UK for Valentine’s as they have not come out here yet! Glad to hear you’re getting the Lucky Pig, too :D
      Thanks for the heads-up on the promo, Isabelle! Do you know how long that’s running for? I’ll add it to the promos page :)
      Thanks for your lovely wishes – I wish you a very happy 2016 as well! <3 Look forward to chatting more Pandora with you, too!

      • Thanks Ellie for your answer, it was really fun to work this month, specially when you talk with a pandora fan. But there is not really much true fan aha. It was hard (for me) with the husband who don’t know what they want and also don’t know what them woman want/love ! And really really hard with the people who think that all allowed them
        because they spend of the money. Any way I keep only the good moments ! I will continue to work for the replacements and I like that much like that.
        If you remember I have a son who want to leave in Japan, and I have found a little resemblance especially if i put a red ruban in his hair aha !
        It was great to chat whit you Ellie, a great great moment for sure.

        • Ah, tricky customers :( I guess that is the downside to retail, even when you’re working with a product you really love! I work part-time in a shop while I’m thinking about my next move, and we had some stressful times as well over Christmas!
          Ahaha, yes I did remember that about your son! I’m sure he’d be very flattered by the comparison :P
          It was lovely to chat with you too Isabelle – I’m very glad you had time to stop by and comment!

        • Aha for sure it’s not a physic or mental comparison, it’s his chinese astrologic sign, and he’s a big fan of “pig” food like bacon… But you know in our family we love laughing and for sure it will be my turn tomorrow ;)
          For the red ruban it’s a joke because it is in school of engineer and it’s a tradition to let his hair growing during a year.
          Do you think I’m a bad mother ???
          Aha (sinister laughter) yesssss ;)

  17. Hi Ellie!
    I look forward to seeing in person the new collection! I’m also excited that Pandora sales start tomorrow here and hope I’ll find some nice pieces in good price! My plan is to visit the store I was telling you the other day on Tuesday to see both the new and the in sale items! I haven’t forgotten about your King Crown and I really hope it will be available and in reduced price! I’ll let you know about everything!
    I’m sure the Wild Hearts murano will be the first to come home with me, as both pictures and others’ descriptions make it more and more appealing! I’m also curious about the actual colour of the enamel hear! I agree that the Filled with Romance heart looks tempting, too! In fact, though weird it may sound, it reminds me of the autumn’s Coffee Pot style, which I adore!
    The new bracelet will enter my wishlist too, but I plan to buy it later, in order to focus on the sales this month! ;-)
    Do you think that the pink enamel heart which seems like a puzzle (sorry, I can’t recall its name) will be also available? I remember that the Peer and the Heart were released in Asia at the same time.
    Thank you for this post and all the new images Ellie! I can’t wait for your thoughts on the new collection! Talk to you soon! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa,
      I just went to a Pandora store before, which had 4 pieces in stock, two which you mentioned above. They had the filled w romance heart (which I took home with me for my first silver bracelet that I am filling up) this bead is gorgeous. for me its the nicest heart bead I think Pandora ever has done, funny you say it reminds you of the Arabian coffee pot as I thought the same thing when I first saw the detailing, the detailing almost looks filigree looking actually. It Is unique with a lot of detailing, I think it would compliment any theme or style of bracelet. I also saw the pink in my heart and it is definitely more of a fuschia pink than purple or red. the color is pretty and shiny and almost looks a bit glassy to me, I think it is a good look for someone who is looking for something very bold. hope that helps…

      • Hi Alex!
        Now I’ve read your comment I am more excited about the Filled with Romance openwork heart! :-) I’m glad you had the same thoughts on its style, too! I think we all loved the Coffee Pot’s design, and our wishes for more similar beads were heard! I hope they keep making pieces of that style in the future!
        Thank you so much for your reply Alex! It was really kind of you to let me know about the new pieces! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa!
      Oh, Chrysa, I forgot to tell you – I actually managed to find a King Crown here in the UK a couple of days ago for the sale price! Buuut – but – I would still love it if you could ask about a different two-tone bead that I also missed out on, if possible please. It’s called Saturn Flowers (or it is here, at least):
      pandora saturn flowers
      Thanks so much Chrysa! <3
      I'm excited to see the Valentine's collection as well :D particularly the Wild Hearts murano and the Filled with Romance charms! I know exactly what you mean about the Arabian Coffee Pot. They have the same intricacy and oxidised style.
      Ah, I think you mean the Complete My Heart puzzle heart. I have not heard of any further release for that one, unfortunately. :) And perhaps not all European countries will receive the Pear. We will have to wait and see!
      You're welcome - thanks so much for commenting Chrysa! I'll be posting on Thursday with my thoughts on the Valentine's collection. Talk to you then! ♥♥♥

      • Oh, that’s great Ellie! I’m glad you found it! I’m sorry for the delay in looking for it, but the working hours after vacations are always unpredictable and it was hard to reach the particular Pandora shop. In addition to that, I misunderstood the sales starting day, which is actually on 15/1… Consequently, I re planned my visit for the end of the week.
        Of course, it will be my pleasure to ask about the Saturn Flowers! ♡ I’ve checked the current price (it’s 199€) and I hope it’ll be reduced! I’ll let you know!
        Thank you for the Puzzle Heart info! ♥♥♥

        PS1: My Disney Wishes charm arrived today! With such a delay I was sure sth went wrong and would never come, so my excitement was even bigger! :-) It’s soooo pretty! And totally appropriate for my Midnight love theme, as it matches the Iridescent murano perfectly! ☆★☆

        • PS2: I love it that in your new blog the related posts appear with the relevant picture! :-)

        • Aha, that’s so nice that you noticed! I’ve been slightly playing around with features on the new blog and there are some fun things to do. There will be more changes when I actually change layout I hope… ^^

        • No need to apologise Chrysa, I am very grateful for your help! ^^ 199 euros is quite a high price tag to start with for the Saturn Flowers so perhaps the sale price won’t be that great – but if you could still look for me, that would be lovely thank you! :)

          Oh good, I’m so glad to hear that your Wishes charm finally – that’s been a while hasn’t it! It’s great that it matches the Iridescent murano so well as well <3 Enjoy!!

  18. I am a hearts through and through fan, Haha! so I am loving quite a lot in this collection. The Piggy Bank is a must have for me, and now that you shared there is a slot on its back makes it even cuter. I really like the Wild Hearts Murano and find the colours to be quite versatile for my collection. I think it will work for both a Valentine design, Christmas and also for CNY (to balance all the reds).

    • Oh good! I like hearts too, but at this stage, I have a lot of pandora hearts – if I’m going to add another one, it has to be a bit different. The Filled with Romance fits that criteria ^^ it’s lovely!
      The fact that the Piggy Bank has a little slot makes me love it more too! I’m hoping it’ll be out in the uk tomorrow as well so I can get it straight away <3

  19. Bad news, Ellie. There’s a delay in shipment so SG didn’t manage to launch the vday collection today.

    • Oh nooo :( That’s such a shame! Do they have any idea when they’ll be getting the new pieces? They don’t have much time before Valentine’s day!

        • Eugh, how frustrating! I hope they get them in soon. I have seen photos on Facebook from a lady in Singapore whose store seems to have the new charms – so hopefully yours will get them in asap too!

  20. Hi all, i just touch down Australia and managed to get some of the valentine charm. Any idea how to share here, i cannot attach picture here. May be i post in Facebook, mora pandora Facebook

    • Hey! :) If you post the pics to my FB page, I can post them in the comments here for you if you like :) I would love to see your pictures!

        • Thank you, i find my heart theme bracelet a bit over loaded, may need to adjust a little bit. What i did basically is to add new valentines release charm into my existing heart theme bracelet… May be take away the two pink heart murano glass, too many murano. What do u think?

        • Oh really, I think it’s just lovely! And I really like having the four murano glass beads on it too. But if you’re finding it too bulky, I’m sure you could find something else to take their place. You obviously have a knack for styling bracelets!

  21. Hey! I bought the charm “in my heart” in my country (France), and on the website the color indicated is red not violet enamel

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