It’s an exciting day for Pandora collectors all over the world, as today marks the launch of the Pandora’s Valentine’s Day 2016 release! The collection lays a heavy emphasis on traditional Valentine’s motifs, with a pink colour scheme and lots of hearts.

pandora valentine's day 2016 collection

For a full overview of the charms & jewellery coming out today, please have a mosey through the Valentine’s Day 2016 tag! Otherwise, I’m celebrating the launch as usual with a selection of lovely live images and updates on promotions & the LE Valentine’s gift packaging. :D

Pandora Valentine’s Day 2016 Live Shots

This is the first new Pandora launch since the Winter collection came out in October, and it’s exciting to finally to be able to see all the new pieces in person. As usual, retailers have been uploading some gorgeous shots to social media – and, also as usual, I think the charms and jewellery always look to their best advantage in the live images!

The new pavé heart clasp bracelet looks nice here, and the openwork Petals of Love charm is growing on me as well. ^^

pandora valentine's 2016
Image by Pandora Neurnberg

The Captivating Hearts charm does not seem to have landed in North America, but it should be available in all other regions. *UPDATED* This has now been confirmed as a Jared exclusive! This shot from Pandora Nuernberg offers a nice close-up of it:

pandora valentine's 2016
Image by Pandora Nuernberg

I love that the In My Heart is a gorgeous ruby red/pink – it looks especially gorgeous with the Hearts of Gold charm (I love pink and gold together!). The Filled with Romance and Wild Hearts muranos don’t disappoint from these images, either.

Pandora Valentine’s Day 2016 Gift Packaging & Extras

The limited edition gift packaging for the Pandora Valentine’s 2016 collection has now been unveiled! ^^ It’s a baby pink bag, with little heart motifs decorating it. I don’t think it stands out as much as previous years’, but it’s cute nevertheless.

pandora valentine's 2016
Image by Pandora Stevenage

Historically, North America does not usually receive this LE packaging unfortunately.

pandora valentine's 2016 gift bag
Image by Pandora Bedford

However, Pandora North America are running their own exclusive Valentine’s 2016 promotions (more details here) and we now have pictures of the accompanying extras that come with those! These gift sets will be available from today until the 15th of February.

The Filled with Love bracelet gift set comes with a white leatherette wristlet, which is pictured below:

pandora valentine's 2016 wristlet
Image by Hanin Aldamiri & shared by Tamara Staley Hopkins

While the Petals of Love gift set comes with its own heart-shaped jewellery box:

pandora valentine's 2016 petals of love
Image by Hanin Aldamiri & shared by Tamara Staley Hopkins

Finally, the Love is Forever charm comes with a cute heart-shaped gift box too (this is for North America only – no gift box is offered in other regions):

pandora valentine's 2016 love is forever box
Image by Pandora Chinook

Pandora Valentine’s 2016 Updates & Promotions

Happy news for the UK & Australia as the pearlescent Abundance of Love charms finally made it out today! Both regions have received the Chinese New Year Piggy Bank charm, too:

In the UK, the Valentine’s jewellery box GWP starts today until the 15th of February (or whilst stocks last). Spend £125 and get this pretty pink jewellery box:

pandora valentine's 2016 gift box

I also have info on a rather sweet promotion starting in Asia soon, thanks to my lovely reader Suzy. This photo is a shot of the Hong Kong Valentine’s catalogue, so it will definitely be offered there (I’m not sure about other regions, yet). The GWP is a wooden music box, with heart motifs and the Pandora logo:

pandora valentine's 2016 music box GWP

This Valentine’s promotion has not started yet, but will soon – I don’t have official dates on it yet. Pandora Asia do offer some gorgeous GWPs, and I think this is one of the nicest that they’ve done yet!

My Comment

I hope that wasn’t too much of an overload of info/pics, haha. There are lots of fun little promotions & extras that I thought were worth covering – Pandora do usually go all out for Valentine’s, for obvious reasons! ^^ I will hopefully be able to pop into store and have a look at all the new jewellery either today or tomorrow :D I’m rather excited, as it’s been quite a while before the last new collection! My favourites from this collection are the new bracelet, the Filled with Love and the Wild Hearts murano. I’m also rather excited that the CNY Piggy Bank charm has been released here in the UK! <3

If you’re in the UK, the Pandora Valentine’s collection is available from authorised retailer John Greed.

Are you excited for these collections? Will you be getting anything?

111 Comments on Pandora Valentine’s Day 2016 Collection Debuts

  1. Thank you Ellie. I havent made it to the store yet so I was hoping you would do a post with photos :) Love all the info you supply. Filled with romance is very appealing and a nice price too. I am rather taken with the Love is Forever charm and the love locks hanging charm Look forward to seeing them in store soon.

    • The love is forever charm is a nice piece of solid silver with what looks like a clear cz ball inside. It’s very striking in person. I would really love to get the gold charm but still don’t know if I want to spend so much!

      • I agree, it’s much more striking in person than it appears in photos. The clear CZ inside is rather pretty.
        I also love the Hearts of Gold charm, but I am definitely not brave enough to stop buying the silvers and put it all towards gold instead ^^

    • You’re welcome, I’m glad it was useful! I was very excited for this launch for some reason, even though there are only a couple of pieces I will be getting for sure – it feels like a long time since the Winter 2015 launch. ^^
      I did make it into store today, happily enough! I got myself the Filled with Romance, which is just as beautiful in person as it looks in the pictures. The intricate detailing is so lovely! The Love is Forever was also nice, much nicer than the picture suggested. :D I hope you get to go soon, I’m sure you will like all three of the pieces you mention. :D

  2. Oh oh oh! The quilted Valentines GWP is gorgeous! I just had a look at the UK site and on the top side it has an integrated pouch! I can see you coming home with that tomorrow when you see the new collection! I had a look in-store today, and the dichroic Wild Flowers glass is very very pretty! It’s like the Midnight muranos from Christmas (2014) – with flecks of a shimmery silver shining through a white core. The hearts almost seem as though they are floating in the murano, it’s a lovely lovely murano in person!

    As you know, the vintage heart (openwork Romance hearts?) came home with me straight away =P. Intricate is an understatement for this piece – the thought and detail put into this 2D charm is amazing – especially around the charm and on its base. What I was most thankful for, was not having heart motifs detailing the sides – they went for a sort of abstract/floral pattern, and when you view the base straight on, it looks like a flower in the centre =D.

    The new clip is very chunky (and very blingy!) – but I think it works really well with all the new 2D button-style charms that Pandora are coming out with. I saw it on a bangle with some of the larger button charms, and it provided a really nice contrast! Same with the openwork, it was actually very nice in person, and not overly flashy.

    I really really just want that pink GWP box on it’s own =/. I’ll be back to see the piggy charm tomorrow – it wasn’t out today as it was a little late arriving in store apparently – oh and I’ll quiz them about the music box again =P.

    I can’t wait to see what you come home with =D. Happy shopping tomorrow! Thanks for another lovely post – the excitement =D. xxx

    • Hi Suzy! ^^ It is a very nice box, I just had a mosey at the pics on as well. The thing is, I had persuaded myself that I didn’t need it, and that I wasn’t going to spend the £125. Now I am not so sure :P
      I managed to get to a store today! :D I bought the Filled with Romance, and it is so so lovely. I’m really pleased with it. I agree with you, the intricate detailing is amazing – I have also spent some time looking at the patterning on the edges of the charm, which are also my favourite. The floral effect is lovely! The tragic thing was that they hadn’t received any of the Wild Hearts murano D: which was the piece I was most excited for! So I have ordered one, and have my fingers crossed that I will receive a nice one. If it isn’t right, I guess I will just have to go to another store and swap it. But I’m too impatient to wait :P

      I did not like the clip that much in person, mainly due to its size. I thought the openwork charm version was pretty, as well, and I’d be tempted to add that to a spring bracelet design!
      Aha, are you not prepared to spend the £125 to get the box? ;) Unfortunately I have more than enough on my wish list to hit that total right now :P I didn’t get to see the Piggy charm either but I am still planning on getting one.

      Please do let me know if you find out any more about the music box! It’s also being offered in the Philippines, but the spend is ludicrously high (like $400 USD!) so hopefully the HKD one will be more reasonable.

      Thanks for commenting Suzy! <3 Always lovely to hear from someone who gets as excited about these things as I do :P xxx

      • I persuaded myself that I didn’t need the box either, as I indulged in last years Valentine’s box – but like you said, our wish lists would probably make it very easy to hit that spend! I’m still debating about it to be honest – travel boxes weaken me lol!

        The openwork heart – I just stood there and looked at the detail for a good few minutes in store until the SA was like ” shall I thread it on for you?”. The minute it was on, I was sold =P. I think that they’ve really paid attention to the hearts murano this year – there wasn’t much variation between the individual muranos that I saw – I didn’t see any that were wonky, lopsided or faded etc, so I’m sure you’ll get a very pretty and shimmery one =D.

        Ah, the clip. It’s a bit chunky for me too – it would actually work as a statement piece to be honest, considering its’ size – but yes, the openwork was a lot better =D I was actually surprised to see how nice it was =P. Someone complained to Pandora about their designs directly on their FB page, about how they’ve moved away from being creative and making quality unique charms to mainstream pave, and to let upper management know, aha =X.

        I have a feeling the music box spend will be pretty high here too… Do you remember the Christmas promo just gone? The spend was $3500 HKD ( 300+ GBP) for that little porcelain box and voice message card, also the previous free bracelet promo (just for a normal silver one) was $1500 HKD! =__-“. I’ll be popping back into today around lunch (they’ll be sick of seeing me this week lol) and I’ll quiz them again about it.

        Will keep you posted my dear =P xxx

        • Aha, I think (and I say ‘think’!) that I have persuaded myself against it. If I see it in person, I may well end up changing my mind – but I have last year’s Valentine’s box too, which I use as a travel box and I don’t really need another one. Gorgeous as it is!

          That’s really encouraging about the Wild Hearts murano, thank you! :) I was quite nervous that I’d get one with hearts that were wonky or too small, but hopefully that won’t be the case! I can always swap it if I’m not happy anyway.

          Haha, I’m not surprised to hear that people are complaining to Pandora. They have been doing that for a long time. Unfortunately, Pandora are a business and will always go with what’s selling – that appears to be pavé. They are clearly gaining a lot more customers than they are losing (I just read an article that said their sales were up 40% globally!). Luckily for me they are still just about maintaining the right balance. I like a lot of the new stuff, as well as the older styles. Hopefully it will stay that way or I will have very little to write about here :P

          Yes, the spends do seem to be really high in Asia! I can’t believe that anyone would spend that much money just to get the music box or that starry porcelain box, haha. Thanks for checking it for me! xxx

  3. :-) Oh, gosh, I am sooo in love with this collection! As I love hearts, the Valentine collection is always a highlightl to me and I have to watch that I don’t go crazy shopping.
    I still hope that I will get some sort of Promotion info. As soon as I have it, I’ll do a post.
    Thanks so much for posting!
    Have a very HAPPY day <3 xo :-)

    • Ah, well if you like hearts – you have so much to choose from with this collection :D my favourite heart piece from this launch is the Filled with Romance. So pretty! <3
      Thanks for commenting and have a lovely day too!

  4. Just when I think I don’t need anything you post these lovely pics and now I want everything lol! The stock images just don’t do the pieces justice! I think the petals of love gift set is very pretty and I may need to ask my husband for it floor Valentine’s day! I’m sure that’s what Pandora was thinking when they packaged it like that. I also think that the filled with love gift set leather wristlet is really cute! I’m not sure if I want to start another bracelet yet though because I just finished my blue Cinderella bracelet at Christmas. I did a blue ombre style which turned out beautiful! I also love the in my heart bead and the petals of love ring. I might need to indulge in one of those for myself for Valentine’s day. I think the bead would be pretty worn around the neck on a chain or leather cord. I am planning on going to my store tomorrow to check out all the pretty things. Thanks again Ellie! Next up will be the Spring collection and I can’t wait for that!

    • Aha, isn’t that always the way with these new Pandora collections? Things look quite ordinary or derivative from the stock images – and then you see the live photos and realise how pretty many of them are! I did manage to get to the store today, and so many of the charms are a lot lovelier in person. The Captivating Heart was actually a lot prettier, and so was the Love is Forever. I didn’t get either of them but I liked them a lot more in person!

      The NA gift sets are really rather nice! I love the box that comes with the Petals of Love gift set. I hope you manage to convince your husband to get it for you ^^ The UK box is a nice alternative for us, though. ^^ I’m quite tempted by the £125 spend – although I had managed to talk myself out of it before today. :P Your Cinderella bracelet sounds so nice, especially as I am hoping that the Cinderella muranos will go nicely with the Wild Hearts glass bead. I’d like to do pastel blues and pinks together!

      You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed the post! <3 I'm excited to find out more about Spring too!

      • I checked out my store yesterday and everything was so pretty!! I didn’t get anything I said I was going to, I completely changed my mind lol!! I ended up purchasing the love locks charm and I put it on my rose gold chain so it is a tricolor necklace which is very pretty!! I also got the ribbon of love ring because I thought it was prettier in person than the petals of love one. It is a band ring but I thought the width was substantial enough that I don’t need to stack it with anything. I’m very excited about both of these purchases!! What did you get, Ellie? Again, I can’t wait for the Spring preview!! The girl at my store told me she saw it the other day and there are many pieces to be excited about!!

        • Aha, I actually managed to stick to my wish list with this collection! But it’s always fun when you suddenly go off-script ^^ I love tri-colour so I can imagine how nice your necklace looks!
          I also liked the Ribbon of Love ring in person! But I have enough Pandora rings for now haha. I can be a bit more sensible about the rings, it’s the charms that get me :P Are you planning on getting anything else? I got the Wild Hearts murano (so nice!) and the Filled with Romance. I will be coming back for the Piggy, pavé heart bracelet and maybe the Ribbon of Love charm too.
          Yay! A few people I’ve talked to have said that Spring is really nice. Hopefully there will be lots to love!

        • I read your review of the hearts murano and it is beautiful on your bracelet with the filled with romance charm!! I forgot to check that one out in the store, darn!! I saw it was sold out online. I guess the production issues would explain that. I might get the in my heart enamel charm because I just can’t get over how pretty it is. I have my eye on so many things for the Spring that I need to pace myself with the Valentine’s collection, lol. I am very excited about all the promos this year already and I’m going to work my purchases around those. I am hoping to get the new moments bracelet without the threads during the bracelet promo. I saw a bezel charm in one of your sneak peek pics that was blue but I’m hoping it comes in other colors. I also have my eye on two rings (the purple floral wide band ring and the white pave geometric ring) that I’m going to hold out on getting until the ring promo. Also, what’s the deal with the earring promo? Has Pandora ever done that before? I feel like I like the coordinating jewelry just as much as or even better than all the charms!! Pandora has really come a long way with it all, in my opinion :).

        • Hi Jackie, sorry for the delayed reply! On the new blog notifications dashboard, it’s harder to see which comments I’ve missed (on the old system, I could easily click a function to show me unread comments. Now they’re all lumped together!).
          Anyhow, yeah, there do seem to be pretty widespread problems with the Wild Hearts charm! Loads of stores have not received it and some regions aren’t getting it at all. Hopefully Pandora will catch up and get them out to everybody – as it’s so lovely and sure to be popular, I doubt they’ll retire it!

          Which bezel charm is that from the sneak peeks? I can’t remember seeing anything blue haha.
          The earring promo is something new, and I don’t know yet what format that will take. Maybe a buy two pairs get a third free type promo, like the rings? Pandora said in a recent press release that they intend this year to be ‘year of the earrings’ and they’re going to push them a lot this year!

          I love Pandora rings as well as the bracelets, and I have a couple of necklaces, but no earrings yet! I have a lot of earrings but I don’t feel the urge to buy Pandora yet haha.

  5. I’m going in store on Saturday. I was so excited when I saw we’ve got the pink jewellery box, I can’t wait to get one. I can’t wait to see the collection in store and to come home with my new purchases.
    When you’ve been in store, you’ll have to let us know what you think of the collection and what you’ve bought.

    • On pandoras Facebook page there is a video that shows you the full valentines collection and gives you a closer look at them.

    • I managed to go today :D I got the Filled with Romance, and I would have got the Wild Hearts murano I’m sure, but the store didn’t have it in for some reason. :( I thought so many of the pieces looked much nicer in person, particularly the Captivating Hearts and the Love is Forever, which hadn’t really interested me in the stock images. The Ribbon of Love is also quite striking and neat in person, I thought. The Petals of Love clip is a bit chunky for my taste.
      The Filled with Romance is absolutely beautiful and I’m wearing it on a navy leather for now:
      pandora filled with romance
      You must share your thoughts when you get to go this weekend too Sarah! :)

        • Wow Ellie! Your Filled with Romance charm is absolutely stunning! It looks perfect by itself on the blue leather bracelet. What a beautiful statement piece! I was determined to pass on this collection because I have so many hearts and didn’t want to start a new bracelet. But, I can’t resist this charm! And $35 USD is a very reasonable price for such a lovely charm. I have the metallic blue leather bracelet, so I think that I will try it on that bracelet! Beautiful for Valentine’s day or ANY time of the year! <3 <3 <3!!!

        • Thanks! I was planning on adding a few other charms to go with it, but now I’m not so sure. It does look pretty just like that! :)

        • Thank you, Carol! <3 I was planning on adding a few other charms, such as the new Iridescent murano, but now I think I might leave it like this, at least for a while.
          And yes, the lovely thing is that this charm is the most affordable one of the whole collection, as well as being one of the nicest :D I'm sure it would look great on your metallic blue leather too! <3

        • Hi again Ellie! I purchased the Filled with Romance charm today. It is so lovely that I just couldn’t resist. I think that I will wear it on my leather bracelet for Valentine’s Day. I really think that Pandora did a better job with this collection compared to last year’s Valentine’s collection. (I have to admit though, that I loved many of the charms from Valentine’s 2014)! However, the Wild Hearts murano is still missing from the Pandora stores in my area. And this is undoubtedly the most anticipated charm! This seems to be happening rather frequently with charms from the new Pandora collections.

        • Hi Carol! Yay, glad to hear it – the Filled with Romance is tied with the Wild Hearts as my favourite of the new collection. Mine is staying on my navy leather for now, too. I might add something else in the future, but for now it looks lovely on its own!
          Yes, it is a real shame about the Wild Hearts murano :( and I completely agree about the frequency with which this happens! I was feeling cynical about them doing it to ramp up interest, but my OH pointed out that coordinating such a large distribution of handmade charms was always going to be problematic for them. Hopefully they sort it out! :)

  6. Hi Ellie that’s great news about the pig charm its £35 which I didn’t think was to bad foe it. The oxidised open work charm I seen is with a bracelet bundle which is sneaky. I’m suppressed the ruby petit faceters didn’t come out with the collection.

    • Hi Nicola, I was hoping the Piggy Bank would be £35 and not £40, so I’m pleased with that too! I thought all the Valentine’s collection has been quite priced, actually. £25 for the Filled with Romance (the oxi openwork heart) is great, too.
      The Filled with Romance is available on its own as well as in a gift set, so you don’t need to worry about getting that one! It does annoy me when they bundle things, but luckily this time it was only the Love is Forever charm that got bundled, and I don’t need that one.
      It is weird that the Ruby Facets didn’t come out. It’s funny as they actually went to the trouble of photoshopping it out of the UK versions of all the Valentine’s campaign images, lol.
      This is the normal version:
      Pandora Valentine's 2016
      And this is the one for the UK:

      Why not just release the charm, haha?

      • Omg that’s so sneaky I hadn’t notice that I wonder why they won’t release it in the uk. Oh yeah I went on another website and saw that it was £25 which is so good I was expecting it to be more because it looks so intricate. Oh yes do you know if the bracelet is out for a short amount of time or not.

        • Lol, I know! It is odd, I don’t know why the UK didn’t opt in to get them. :S I’d love to know some of the reasoning behind these decisions!
          I haven’t heard that the bracelet is limited edition, so I’m guessing it’s a part of the permanent collection. :)

        • Hi Ellie I saw something on Facebook saying that acotisdiamonds are retiring all there stock is this true.

        • Hi Nicola, yeah I’m afraid that is true. It’s why they’ve been having a sale on all their Pandora stock. :(

        • Oh ok,thank you they have still got some really nice things on there and some are from the Xmas release not to long ago have you or are you purchasing anything from there.

        • I was considering it, but the prices are still quite high compared to shopping abroad :P I’m trying to be good and to save up for the Spring collection now!

  7. The captivating hearts has landed in NA. I see it is a jared exclusive. This is annoying as I do not like to shop at jared!

    • Thanks for the heads-up Lisa! Two Jared’s exclusives in such a small collection seems a bit like overkill, especially as people seem quite lukewarm about Jared overall :(

  8. The Asia GWP is amazing! One of my friends is asian and goes to Asia quite often so I might get one! I’m also going to China for the 7th tim this Summer with my friends. Hopefully they have some type of GWP then. ^^ I travel so much it’s exhausting.

    • Isn’t it great? I hear the spends are going to be set very high for it, though – I hope you can get one :)
      Sorry to hear that you have to travel so much, but at least you get the opportunities to sample Pandora promos from all the different regions, haha.

      • Oh no! I just found out that the spend is going to be like 480 dollars (american!!!) i don’t even know what I would buy to spend that much money!!!

        • In China?! =OOOO Their prices are usually the most expensive… (import duties, tax, shipping etc etc…)

          It’s a bit better in HK if you want the music box, I just asked today, and if I heard correctly, they said $2580 HKD – which is roughly $330+ USD…. haha. Super super high spent omg =___=

        • Not worthy to spend that much for the music box, the wooden music box is original designed in Taiwan. There are many styles to choose U.S. $ 25 to 50, very beautiful style like Merry Go Around, Birthday Came, … I got one from Hong Kong U.S. 25. Pandora is very expensive in Hong Kong, less promotion and GWP. Hong Kong has the commercial rent in the world. I gave my niece a bracelet with 2 clips and 3 charms as a gift when she visited me last Sept, she was very happy. Our promotion price just like 30 % off in Hong Kong price. Many customers buy here and bring back to Adia.

        • I completely agree with you – the spend is too high for a music box! I noticed that even with the sale prices, they weren’t actually that cheap – but so many people buy it here, it never ceases to amaze me!

          I think Canada overall has the best pricing, and seems to work in favour of a lot of countries! If I ever decide to visit Canada, I’d be doing that too, and indulging in all your promos =D.

        • Yeah, that’s too much for me as well! I like the fun GWPs, but not enough to spend that kind of money in a go!

    • Oh cool! I hope there’s something special and Pandora-y running for you if you go. ;) Because our RRPs are so high that it is usually better to buy elsewhere!

  9. It’s good to see that the UK did get the heart box promotion!

    I thought I’d have a break from purchasing in January though (after the Christmas spend) so I need to come up with a plan to justify it!

    • Yep, I thought they would! But the Australian version looks to be cream, and this one is pink – I’m not sure which I prefer. ^^ Good luck planning, I know that I can think of many charms I could spend that £125. I’m trying to convince myself that I don’t need to…

  10. I was so excited to see the new collection today! The Pandora shop I visited today hadn’t got the GWP jewellery box, so I tried to be sensible and wait until I could get to a shop with the offer and get all my purchases together, but I couldn’t resist when I saw the heart murano, I had to buy it straight away! It is SO pretty and sparkly! I have no will power!

    • Yay! I absolutely know the feeling about not being to wait on launch day. Even if I’m waiting for a later GWP, I have to buy a little something to tide myself over. Today it was the Filled with Romance heart, which is gorgeous and (relatively :P) inexpensive! I would have bought the Wild Hearts murano but the store I went to didn’t have it in :( it was the only thing missing from their shipment. I haven’t heard of any widespread problems with, so hopefully they were just unlucky. Glad to hear you love yours – I can’t wait to see it for myself!

      • I haven’t gone to the store yet, but I’ve noticed that most of the websites that sell authentic Pandora in the U.S. have the murano out of stock or on back order, including the Pandora e-store. Maybe it is delayed for some reason. But I’ve also seen pictures of it in stores on social media from a week ago, so who knows.

        • Oh, that is interesting! I just looked and it is OOS in a number of US online stores. There’s always something that’s delayed/having issues, isn’t there, haha. And it’s usually muranos!

        • Update: I went to my concept store today, and they had the Wild Heart Murano in stock! Hopefully it’s just a slight delay everywhere else. I bought the murano, the Filled with Romance, and the In My Heart charm. I was pleased with the color of In My Heart–that it wasn’t a more purple-y shade.

        • Hi Joanne!
          I’ve read you chose the In my heart, too! :-) Its colour is really stunning isn’t it? It looks so shiny, as if there’s sth else except for the enamel! Or is it the bigger surface compared to other enamel pieces? Do you worry about scratches? I mean, I usually don’t mind, in plain silver charms or my bangle, as they’re not so noticeable, but I would hate it if that beautiful heart would be damaged…
          Enjoy your new pieces! ♥

        • Hi Chrysa! I see that you are from Greece. I live in the U.S. but I’m of 100 percent Greek heritage! Yes, the color of In My Heart is stunning and very unique. It does look like it’s more than enamel, but I’m not sure. I didn’t think too much about it getting scratched up, but with the shiny surface, it may be prone to it. I hope not! Enjoy your pieces as well!

        • Oh that’s very good news! Thanks for the update. Hopefully everyone else will be able to get theirs too! <3
          My murano arrived in the post on Saturday - luckily I got a good one, and it is beautiful! <3 Really excited to review it. :D

  11. Hullo! A bit of a silent reader here, but I love your stylings! Nothing from this collection for me, though I did get the Dallah from a reseller (sadly the Philippines did not get it). I’m wearing it on a Trollbeads bracelet (the only one I have because I couldn’t justify two bracelets) with a glass bead called the Luminous Delight Facet. It’s so small! It’s smaller than charms I thought were small before like the Pandora Viking and the Trollbeads Amsterdam House, which are tiny already I feel. It’s a great representation of 1001 Nights though, as I read the beginning of it in a Literature class and Scheherazade using stories to save her life struck me a lot. The story calls for a lot of suspending disbelief and I think I sat for quite a long time wondering what I had just read after reading the story.

    I’m not one for the hearts and all but I do like Filled With Romance and it looks really nice on your leather! If I had to pick my favorite heart charm from Pandora, though, it would be the Floral Heart Padlock (for a Secret Garden themed bracelet! maybe I’ll get around to getting it another time hehe)

    • Hi Alyssa, it’s very nice to hear from you – thanks for joining in! You’re right, the Arabian Coffee Pot charm is absolutely tiny. :o It’s probably the smallest Moments charm I own – but it does make the level of detail they have crammed into it all the more impressive. ^^ I Googled that glass bead and it is such a gorgeous colour! Perfect to go with the Arabian Nights theme. :) Sounds like you like to add a little bit of literature to your bracelets as well as me – I also studied literature for my degree, and I like to add little allusions to my bracelets here and there.

      Speaking of which, the Floral Heart Padlock is another absolute favourite of mine – it would be perfect for a Secret Garden bracelet. I did a couple of Secret Garden themes in this review:
      But for some reason, I completely forgot to use the Floral Heart Padlock, haha. The Key to my Heart charm is almost as nice too though!

      • The Robin is so aptly used on your bracelet! I think the Key to my Heart is super cute (I love the little dangling key)

        I read in one of your later comments that you’re wanting the Viking! I think the detailing is sooo cute and it is one of my favorite Pandora charms because it’s quite oxidized and not so high shine, so I’m less afraid of scratching. I got it on a trip to Denmark with my mom so it’s quite special (◡‿◡✿) No laughing from here!

        Here’s a photo I took a few days ago:

        • Thanks Alyssa! My old Puffin copy of The Secret Garden has the robin on the front so it’s really iconic of the book for me.
          Aw, he looks very dinky in that picture! He looks about the same size as the Coffee Pot which is tiny. The lovely Chrysa has managed to secure me my Viking so I will have a play around and see what he goes best with when he arrives. Thanks for sharing your picture! <3

  12. I usually don’t like hearts, but the Filled with Romance is stunning worn on its own. I think i like it even more than the murano!

    • It really is lovely! I can see it being a top-seller. It’s beautiful and very affordable. I can’t compare it to the murano, as I haven’t seen the murano yet :( I have one in the post and on its way to me, so hopefully I’ll get it by Monday!

        • My Wild Hearts murano arrived on Saturday! It is really lovely. The hearts don’t look at all cartoony in person, which is what I was a little worried about.

  13. Hi Ellie,

    Great article on the new Valentine’s Day Pandora! I have last year’s heart clasp with the heart clips and three sparkling open circles charms in purple, clear, and pink representing my family and love it!

    In the nineteenth century, there was a trend in charm bracelets where “puffy” heart charms were very popular. Charm bracelets chimed with hearts of all sorts of different designs. I always thought they were ” charming” ;) and wanted one.

    Then last night as I was looking at your article, I thought that having a Pandora heart clasp bracelet with just heart beads would be the modern-day equivalent on that. And now, I am having trouble thinking about anything else :) There are so many Pandora heart charms out there, who wouldn’t want so much love around their wrist?!?

    Thank you for the blog- great work and dedication! Your’s is my favourite blog!!!


    • Hi Snapdragon! Your bracelet sounds very sweet, although I’m not sure which sparkling charms you mean? :) I have the silver heart clips on last year’s heart clasp bracelet as well, but I might move them over to the new pavé heart clasp when I get that instead :D

      How interesting! I didn’t know that about the 19th century charm bracelets :) There are certainly enough Pandora heart charms to make up a full bracelet, with lots of different textures and colours! You could definitely make something very beautiful with the right combination. <3 It might be pretty with just plain silver designs, for a really classic look?

      That's so nice to hear! I hope you continue to enjoy it, and thank you for reading :D

      • Hi Ellie,

        I just sent you a picture via Facebook messenger! I am now Googling support groups for Pandora ;)


        • Hi, I just saw it :D Beautiful bracelets!

          I hear you with support groups ;) here we mostly just enable each other, lol!

  14. Hi Ellie!
    I’ve just returned from the Pandora shop, and couldn’t wait to share my thought and news! ♡

    First of all, please have a look on our winter sales, and let me know if you wish to have sth! I would love to help any friend who would like to participate!
    Unfortunately the Saturn flowers aren’t on the list, I’m sorry. :-( It was available in its (extremely) high price of 199€… The owner told me he could make a 10% discount, but I don’t think that’s enough. I hope you find it in a better price elsewhere! ♡

    I got 2 rings, the large purple pave ring for my mother and the black rhodium with the blue pearl for me! Do you remember me saying that I don’t need a new bangle? Well, that was 3-4 days ago… ;-) The bangle with the pink/red heart (from Mother’s day 2014 I think), was offered 39€, so I was totally unable to resist! :-) The best excuse for that was also the perfect matching with pieces of the new collection! Despite all predictions the Valentine piece that came home first, was the enamel heart! I imagine my new bangle only with it and the Wild Hearts murano! The big disappointment today was that the murano didn’t reach not only the particular shop but the whole greek Pandora market for unknown reasons!!! I’ve read that was your case, too! I hope they will solve the problem soon!

    The pieces that entered immediately my wishlist, were the new bracelet, the murano of course and the Filled with Romance Heart. In general I found most pieces extremely huge! Pieces of normal size were more appealing to me! I agree with you about the Love is Forever charm, truly elegant! Even the CNY piggy was of nice size and really adorable! I think it will reach my red bracelet (that’s the Christmas one, without some of the obvious Christmas charms) someday soon! The reason I didn’t get the openwork heart yet (apart from the fact I wanted to spend more on sales), is that, though stunning, it is of a completely different style compared to my other pieces and I don’t know how I could wear it! I’ve rejected my initial thought of going together with the Coffee pot; I think the heart would swallow the poor tiny pot! Or not? :-)) I’ll wait for your review and decide later!

    I look forward to your thoughts and reviews! Please mail me if you find anything interesting in the greek sales! ♥♥♥

    PS: I didn’t get the LE bag either… :-( Not available yet! Did you?

    • I’m sorry Ellie, I didn’t realise I overdid it! I was too enthused! :-) The message before my comment (“Your comment is awaiting moderation”), means you didn’t receive it?

      • Hey Chrysa – not to worry, your comment has gone through now! My commenting system automatically places any comments with links in the moderation queue. Nothing you did! ^^ I’ll be along to reply to them all later this evening!

        • Oh thanks Ellie! I was thinking the blog found a polite way to tell me I should talk less! :-))

        • Ahaha, not at all! Neither my blog nor I have a problem with your lovely long comments :P

    • Hi again Chrysa!
      Thank you so much for offering to help out! <3 Not to worry about the Saturn Flowers, I’m sure I will find one somewhere eventually. Another lovely reader offered to help me out as it was in the Asian sales, but it still worked out about £85 which is a bit much still! It was £65 in the UK sales. :) The one I am tempted by (you might laugh) is the little Viking charm! It’s an odd one, but a Pandora classic and quite a neat concept haha. Are you able to get a hold of that one, please? <3
      Oh wow, what a great price on the Mother’s Day 2014 bangle! I think that one was called Circle of Love. I’m very fond of that one, it was my first bangle! And as you can wear bangles stacked together very easily, it’s always easy to add another one to your collection :P

      Great, glad to hear you got your first Valentine’s piece :D The enamel heart was very pretty in store. I am a bit dismayed to hear that the Wild Heart murano woes extend to Greece as well! This keeps happening to Pandora. We will have to keep an eye out and see if it’s simply a delay or if there are more long-term problems with it. You kind of wonder if they do this on purpose, to make people panic buy haha. You’re right about a lot of the charms being on the larger side – I guess that’s because their purpose is exclusively decorative, and they’re not really character pieces? The Petals of Love clip is huge, in particular. I hope you can find a place for the Filled with Romance as it is really so pretty. Another reader emailed me recently with a picture of her bracelet, which did feature the Coffee Pot and the Filled with Romance together – it looked beautiful. She’d put together a spring bracelet featuring them both - they weren't next to each other, so the size wasn't an issue, but they did complement each other nicely. I will definitely be doing my own review, though, and I’ll put them together in that as well for you! :)

      No, I didn’t get given an LE bag either! The store hadn’t unpacked them yet. :( I’m sure I’ll be back in at some point, and hopefully they will have on then! ;)
      Thanks for commenting Chrysa! Always a pleasure ♥♥♥

      • Hi Ellie!
        You certainly made me laugh! :-)) I thought you would be interested in the pearl dangle or some of the two tone pieces, so the Viking was a surprise! :-) I hadn’t paid any attention to him, until you mentioned it! I was expecting a more aggressive look, but he is so cute as if he was Santa Claus!
        Of course I’ll get the little guy for you! I’ll go on Monday to search for him! I’ll let you know when I’ll get him home, in order to send me your address by mail!
        I’m so glad I am able to do sth for you!!! ♡♡♡

      • Hey Ellie!
        Guess what!!! :-) Shops were open today, and I went downtown for a walk after work! I found hiiiim!!! Your cute little Viking is home with me!!! Please send me your adress and I hope I’ll manage to send it to you tomorrow afternoon!
        I’m so excited!!! :-) ♡♡♡

        • Aha, Chrysa, I did think it was going to seem like an odd request! :P I was thinking a lot about the pearl dangle but I just don’t have anywhere for it go currently, even though I love it. But the Viking would be so perfect on the classic Pandora silver bracelet I’m doing, especially as he has that Danish association too.
          Thanks so much for helping out Chrysa! I’m so excited for him to get him – you are a star <3 He can remind me both of Denmark and of Greece now!

  15. Ellie,

    Wow a lot of responses to your Valentines post. So many responses in fact I could not read them all. Well I just came back from my local Pandora store and I was happy to see the Love is Forever charm has arrived. This charm seems designed to be a centre piece very Tiffany like in style. I hope hubby picks this one up for valentines.mI was however, really disappointed to find out the Wild Hearts Muran is not yet available. It shows up on the Canada website but no price, not a good sign. This is a charm I had planned to purchase for myself. We also did not get the Filled with romance open works at my local store but at least it is listed with a price on the website. I wonder what is happening with the wild hearts Murano, where was it actually released?
    As a side note love the Filled with Romance charm on the Navy Leather Bracelet.

    • Hi Lisa!

      Haha, yes, as a rule everyone gets a bit excited about new releases! ^^ I thought the Love is Forever charm was much nicer than expected in person. Tiffany-esque is a good description. Here in the UK they are selling it in a set with the plain silver bangle and it does look very nice and elegant here. How are you thinking of wearing yours?
      Eugh, sorry to hear about the Wild Hearts murano. Sounds like there are pretty widespread problems with that one. Most of UK online stores have it, but my local store hadn’t received it in their shipment. I ordered one online and it arrived on Saturday – luckily I got a beautiful one :D It has been officially released in most regions, despite the shipment delays – so it should be coming to Canada. If you look at Charm, they are listing it, it’s just ‘temporarily out of stock’. So hopefully that’s a good sign for you!
      And thank you! <3 That is where my Filled with Romance will be staying, I think.

  16. Ellie, please do a review of the viking if you get him and show us how to use him! He does look like santa. In a moment of madness I got 2, and now they sit in my jewelry box doing nothing! Doesn’t help that they like to flip over…

    • Haha, he is a bit of an odd one to style -perhaps I will sneak him into all my stylings from now on and you will have to see if you can spot him. ;) In seriousness, I am actually planning on using him on a silver bracelet with lots of other interesting old Pandora silvers so that’s how I envisage him. I’ll try him with a few other kinds of designs for you, too! :)

  17. I like the filled with romance on your leather bracelet, it goes well. I really liked this charm when I saw it in store today. I haven’t bought it though, as I don’t have anything to go with it at the moment, but I’m hoping to find some charms from the new collections this year, to put with it. So I’m sure it will find it’s way home with me soon. I’m looking forward to your review of this one.
    In my store I didn’t see the wild hearts murano either, but they looked like they had the rest of the collection. Hopefully the one you have ordered, will be perfect for you.
    I thought the stock images didn’t really show off how lovely this collection actually is. There are some lovely pieces in this collection. The Chinese pig I thought was cute and the enamel heart was really shiny and bright, which is something different. I thought the abundance of love wasn’t quite the right colour.
    I got the pave heart clasp bracelet, which I have put my new charms onto. I’ve put the ribbon of love in the middle, the captivating heart either side, then the dainty bow clips, which match perfectly. I’m going to add charms from future collections onto the bracelet then. My mum bought me the linked love ring, which is so delicate and has a lovely simple design.
    The pink Pandora bag is lovely. I got my free pink bracelet jewellery box, which I love and have put my new bracelet in. I love the colour and the quilting design.
    Did you buy the pave heart clasp bracelet and Chinese New Year piggy bank?
    Hope we see some more pictures soon of the Spring, Mother’s Day and Disney collections.

    • Thanks Sarah! I was planning on adding a few other charms but might leave it as it is for now. :D Very sensible to wait for the Filled with Romance. I do think it might look nice with some Spring charms, as the openwork pattern on the sides does look like flowers at various point.
      It’s a shame that the Wild Hearts murano has been delayed in so many places! Luckily the quality seems to be pretty consistent with them. I ordered mine and it arrived on Saturday – the hearts are perfect and the overall look is just beautiful. I’m excited to review it!

      I liked the Abundance of Love pieces, and I’m quite tempted by the charm for my two-tone bangle. It’s not top priority for me right now though!

      Aw, I’m envious of your pink Pandora bag! My store hadn’t got them out when I bought my charm. You got some lovely pieces – I absolutely love the sound of your design. The Captivating Hearts did look so striking in person – the stock image doesn’t do it justice. The Ribbon of Love also really caught my eye in store, and I think I’ll be adding that to my wish list too. I will be getting the pavé heart clasp bracelet and the Piggy Bank, yes – I think the new Wild Hearts will be going on the pavé heart clasp bracelet along with my Cinderella muranos. :D
      I’m excited to see more SS16 stuff soon too! :)

      • I’ve bought the petals of love ring today and it’s really lovely. I saw it last weekend and was tempted. My ring collection is growing. I do like the matching neckalace, but I don’t wear neckalaces enough to pay that much.

  18. Ellie,

    I thought I would submit a second comment. Today I purchased the bright redish enamel heart and put it on my grey double leather bracelet, it looks great. I say redish because when I went to purchase the enamel heart I was surprised to see such variation in colour between some of what the store I visited had in stock. They had several that were more towards the pink than red colour. I opted for one that was close to candy apple red. The purple hue that sometimes shows up in the photos is from the light shinning across the red heart. The heart is definitely not purple. Anyway, I love the enamel heart, it reminds me of the cinnamon candy hearts that I used to get as a kid, only the colour is not that kind of red. Anyway, it was worth picking through the stock at my local Pandora store to get the colour I wanted.
    Just thought I would pass that along, The grey and candy apple red look wonderful together, I might add some pink for more contrast.

    Lisa K

    • Hi again Lisa!

      That’s so interesting about the colour variation of the enamel heart. I hadn’t heard that it varies. It would explain the variation in those stock images & campaign shots before the collection came out – in some, it looked more pinky and in others more red. ‘Candy heart’ is a lovely way to describe it and I bet it looks lovely on your grey leather bracelet!

      Thanks for the update!

  19. I purchased the Filled with Romance charm which I think is lovely but since bringing it home I found it is too large compared to my other heart charms so it looks out of place on my bracelet and also as it has a hollow core, it swings upside down so I am going to take it back to the store and exchange it for another charm. I still think its a lovely charm but it just not for me.

    • That’s a shame, but very sensible if you don’t think you’ll wear it. :) It is quite large, which is why I think it works well on its own with the leather bracelet.

        • thank you Lozzie! :) I was going to add more to that design but may well leave it as it is for now.

        • I absolutely love the Filled with Romance charm on my metallic blue leather bracelet! It is a wonderfully detailed rather large charm and as such, makes a great statement piece! I too have noticed that it does flip upside down, but it doesn’t bother me with this charm. I think that perhaps it’s because the wonderful details are visible from any angle. However, I purchased the Forest Fairy from the Fall collection and although I really loved the detailing on that charm, I found that it was way too small for my fairy tale bracelet. It flipped over as well and I found that the underside of the charm was rather disappointing. That charm I did exchange.

        • Oh good! :D I agree with you about the flipping, Carol. I love that the openwork detailing on the sides of the charm looks like flowers, so it’s pretty whichever way up you have it.
          I have the Forest Fairy and, yes, it is terrible for flipping! I did find, if you pack the charms on to the bracelet a little tighter, that it will stay up better. But I don’t like to do that and so I just let her fall whichever way she fancies haha.

  20. E uma pena que nós clientes brasileiras não temos nenhuma promoção decente.Fico triste pois compramos bem e nada nos é oferecido debom em relação a brindes e promoção.

  21. I can’t wait to see some of your reviews and stylings. I really just don’t like anything in this collection and I’m not sure whether to be sad or relieved…but your reviews normally twist my arm on something.
    Did you ever get a survey from Pandora aaaaages ago asking which images and potential designs you liked or actively disliked? Lots of this bright pink enamel and gold sort of theme was in that and I remember saying I didn’t like it! I wish they would do more of those surveys. Collectively, I reckon all of us who read your blog could put together the next 3 years worth of collections with the ideas we have!

    • Thanks so much Michelle! I posted my first Valentine’s review yesterday evening :D I have lots more planned, too.
      Yes… Maybe a couple of years ago? Do you mean that one? It was quite negatively received, as I remember. Pandora had to put a statement out about it, haha.
      Aha, that’s certainly an idea! Wouldn’t it be fun if Pandora did a ‘people’s collection’ where we all got to submit design ideas? Trollbeads used to do one (nowadays I think it’s just a people’s bead) and it seems to work really well!

  22. Hi,

    I recently bought Petals of Love charm. I bought it from official Pandora store, but there is some stamp on this charm that i havent seen before. Maybe you know anything about it. It has ALE 925 (like most Pandora charms) and also there is some another round and it seems kind of brownish “stamp” or maybe its just the lightning, but its some another stamp. At first i thought that maybe its a little sticker, but its not. So does your Pandora charms have any other stamps rather than ALE 925? Maybe you’ve seen Petals of Love charm up close.

    • Also wanted to add, that is there such thing as Pandora jewelery “tester”-versions? You know like perfumes, tester version of actual charm that customers can try etc. Maybe this stamp means that this charm is a display-tester version and wasnt meant for sale?

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