*UPDATED 27/1 with additional images from a Malaysian preview* Today’s post brings a sneak peek at both the upcoming Pandora Spring and Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 collections, with some exciting live images from media previews held in Poland and Vienna! These pictures reveal previously-unseen items of jewellery from the Pandora SS16 collections and offer some inspiration as to how you might wear them, too.

pandora spring 2016 press preview
Image by ismenadabrowska

The Pandora Spring 2016 collection is due out on the 17th of March. The Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 collection should début in early April, although the UK typically receives part of the collection in February, due to our earlier celebration of Mothering Sunday. For previous previews, have a look through the Pandora Spring 2016 tag – otherwise, read on for some more sneak peeks at the new jewellery!

Click the images to enlarge them and to zoom in on the individual jewellery pieces. :)

Pandora Spring & Mother’s Day 2016 Media Previews

As usual, Pandora have created a beautiful environment in which to showcase the new jewellery with pastel colour schemes and floral arrangements. I’d so love to attend one of these some day!

pandora spring 2016
Image by agaloza

Let’s start with this picture showcasing all the new pieces from the Pandora Essence Spring 2016 collection! Here, you can see a beaded Essence necklace, which will be coming out on a 80cm chain. On the left-hand bracelet, you can also see the new Essence safety chain in action, along with the ruby faceted one.

pandora essence spring 2016
Image by zielony_slon

The right-hand bracelet looks to be the new Pandora Essence bangle, and the new light blue faceted charm is pictured on it too – alongside two new CZ charms.

pandora essence spring 2016
Image by Avan Teen Magazine

Moving on, let’s take a look at the new Pandora Spring 2016 pieces! ^^

*UPDATED 27/1* I just found this extra sneak peek of the beautiful new floral murano coming out for Spring 2016! It features a mix of pinks, whites and greens, and it looks just lovely in this live shot:

pandora spring 2016 floral murano
Image by L’Officiel

This photo showcases the new floral pieces rather beautifully. There is a Poetic Blooms necklace, and you can also see the Poetic Blooms pendant on a chain as well.

On the bracelet, you can see a pink enamel floral disc pendant, a new CZ floral charm that I suspect might be the Sparkling Apple Blossom I was told about and, at the back, a new button-style charm with cut-out butterflies. I think there might be a new safety chain as well; is that the Pandora logo I can sort of see on it?

pandora spring 2016 florals
Image by zielony_slon

These images offer a different perspective on the same bracelet:

pandora spring 2016 preview
Image by ewawojciechowskapl
pandora spring 2016 florals
Image by Glamour PL

Next, we have a live look at the new Vintage alphabet charms, and the new cabochon Poetic Droplets rings:

pandora spring 2016 vintage letters
Image by avanti magazyn

Thanks to Pandora Nuernberg, we have this lovely shot which offers a closer look at the new gold Radiant Hearts charm and the Blooming Dahlia clip & pendant. There’s also a sneak peek at a new 3D White Primrose clip:

pandora spring 2016
Image by Pandora Store Nürnberg

*UPDATED* You can see the gold Radiant Hearts a little clearer here, along with the new White Primrose clip and the Shining Elegance pavé silicone spacers!

pandora spring 2016
Image by norzalina

The Forget-Me-Not charms are showcased here, with a large pavé piece and a pendant. There will also be an accompanying spacer, although that isn’t pictured here.

pandora spring 2016 forget me nots
Image by Pandora Store Nürnberg

*UPDATED*This lovely photo shows off all the new Forget-Me-Nots, including the pendant!

pandora spring 2016
Image by mizsdyana

This image showcases a lot of the new Spring 2016 jewellery pieces, including the Forget-Me-Not necklace, the Blooming Dahlia ring and the Floral Daisy Lace ring.

pandora spring 2016
Image by Pandora Store Nürnberg

There looks to be a new bangle-type bracelet in this shot from vivamoda, too:

pandora spring 2016 florals
Image by vivamoda

This one from a preview in Vienna showcases the new Bride & Groom charm, which has a wedding dress on one side and the groom’s tuxedo on the other. There’s also a CZ pacifier pendant pictured in the centre, which is a Mother’s Day 2016 charm.

pandora spring 2016 bride & groom
Image by hellothanh

Here, we have a new clear CZ cluster charm (possibly called Shimmering Droplets) and a clear CZ barrel clip, much in the style of the Pandora Autumn 2015 pavé barrel clasp bracelet:

pandora spring mother's day 2016
Image by lamodeinfo

Next up, we get on to the Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 stuff! Pictured on the LE Mother’s Day bangle (which has a heart-shaped clasp), we have a gold version of the Sparkling Love Knot charm and a new pavé heart charm.

pandora mother's day 2016
Image by hellothanh

The most exciting image, however, is this one, which features a great deal of new jewellery from the Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 collection. On the left-hand bracelet, I am most struck by what looks to be a new safety chain – heart-shaped, with little crowns on top, and possibly two-tone detailing?

Other new charms pictured include:

  • Pink floral murano (left bracelet)
  • Pearlescent heart charm – possibly enamel, like the In My Heart charm? (left bracelet)
  • Mother of pearl floral openwork charm (left bracelet)
  • Pink enamel cupcake (left bracelet)
  • Floral openwork charm with CZ detailing (left bracelet)
  • Infinity openwork charm (right bracelet)
  • Openwork mother-of-pearl heart charm (right bracelet)
pandora mother's day 2016
Image by miumag

I have a stock image for the pearl floral openwork charm (pictured on the left bracelet, by the clasp), which is a Mother’s Day release:

pandora mother's day 2016

Also, what do you think about this – about a month ago, this image popped up from a Pandora SS16 preview which featured an unknown but rather lovely pink floral murano. Is this the same murano as the one pictured in the miumag image? It doesn’t look quite the same to me, and yet they’re so similar!

pandora valentine's 2016
Image by flyershots

My Comment

The Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 line-up is looking particularly good this year, which is a pleasant surprise: I am so excited to see yet another new safety chain design (possibly two?!)! It looks like Pandora are continuing to invest in new chains going forward, which is great. I like the look of the heart-shaped one, especially if it does have two-tone detailing – it reminds me a lot of the 2015 Club charm.

The pearlescent enamel heart looks gorgeous, and like a real pearl – that one I like very much, too. The cupcake is kind of cute, although I already have two Pandora cupcakes (Minnie Mouse and the classic two-tone). A new murano for the Mother’s Day 2016 collection is also pleasing, and it’s great to see Pandora producing a fair amount of murano glass charms again this season.

What do you think of these latest sneak peeks? Does anything pique your interest?

105 Comments on Pandora Spring & Mother’s Day 2016 Media Previews (Updated)

  1. Have to be honest… I’m not keen on th millions of button style charms.. Or the essence safety chain, I thought it would be a bit more delicate than it is. Mother’s Day looks really exciting. There are some really lovely enamel pieces as well, especially the dflowers.. I loved the cherry blossoms and daisies so it’s nice to have some more similar styles :)
    Like you, I think it’s great that pandora are finally doing more safety chains, the crown style one would look lovely with the club char,s. Thanks for the peeks!! X

    • No, I don’t need any more buttons either really! But there are enough other pieces there to keep me occupied over the Spring and Mother’s Day collections, I think. :P I love the muranos (I just updated the post with a new image of the floral murano coming out!), the new bracelet and a bunch of the Mother’s Day stuff – including the safety chains, and that pearlescent heart charm. I’m pleasantly surprised by the Mother’s Day selection which doesn’t look anywhere near as ‘mumsy’ as it usually is!

      It’s so great to see more safety chains! I hope they continue to make them :D at this rate, I’ll have one for each of my bracelets haha. x

      • I have no patient to wait until 31st March to get the Floral murano which is so beautiful. I decorate my house in light pale pink, lavender, sage green, white…this is my favourite combination. Light & airy!

        • Oh I definitely won’t be able to wait for the promo to get that one either. ;) I’m so pleased with how it looks in the live image, that’s just what I was hoping for!

      • New safety chain is the same design of 2015 club charm, cute! Remember? I told you that I will keep one bracelet for club charm only.

  2. Thanks Ellie for sharing this. The only thing catch my eyes is the mother’s day LE bangle, i am really really keen to see if the clasp is the same as always in my heart LE charm.. Any idea will it be gwp for this LE bangle?

    • You’re welcome Shirleen! Yes, the Mother’s Day bangle will be a GWP for Australia. I don’t know about other regions though. :)

  3. Hi Ellie,
    OMG ! Lately I said my self that I could continue buying some old pieces, the autumn and winter collection wasn’t so temptress for me.
    But with this review, aouch, I notice the 80cm beaded essence necklace which is a very good reason to begin with this collection aha
    The poetic blooms necklace talk to me : i love the long necklace…
    Melting pot of my favorite : barrel clip even if i don’t like pave ;) ; the pink floral murano, pearlescent heart charm : hope that it will be here in France at the good color, the mother of pearl floral openwork, the infinity openwork, and the openwork mother of pearl heart charm. I have something special with the mother of pearl…
    I hope that the prices will be reasonable aha
    What an exciting day, thanks Ellie !

    • Hi Isabelle! Aha, I’m glad to hear that this collection caught your attention finally! The Poetic Blooms necklace looks so pretty – I was told about it back in December, and it definitely met expectations. ^^
      Sounds like you have a very healthy wishlist now, haha. I like the pearlescent heart as well, as well as the mother of pearl charms. I will have to budget accordingly ^^
      You’re very welcome! Hopefully a fuller preview will be on the cards soon ;)

  4. love the idea of an essence bangle! I’m loving my essence at the moment – I’m still holding out for a rose clasp bangle ?

    • Yeah the Essence bangle is fun! I’ll be interested to see how it is to wear. The original bangle is so light as it is!
      A Pandora Rose bangle would be amazing! A lot of the Rose charms are openworks and quite contemporary in look, so a bangle seems like a good fit for them.

  5. Hi Ellie!
    I’m really curious to look at the full preview with all stock images to…you know…see what’s the whole plan!!! In any case this collection is not for me…I like the infinity openwork and and the pearl floral openwork but I don’t think they will go on my wishlist…
    I actually love all the new bracelet styles…and I would like to fill them with older pieces that I’ve missed along the way!!!! I’m also waiting for the silicone stoppers…and hope they would do some plain silver ones or at least less sparkling! Ah…I love the droplet rings…I hope they won’t be expensive….yet in all the images I can’t figured out if they are faceted or like cabochon….in the picture available on pandora club sneak peek they say CZ and it seems faceted…but here they seem not!! what do you think?
    Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Hi Sara! I’m looking forward to seeing it all, too. I’ve been told a lot about what’s in each collection and it’ll be great to see all the stock images :D It’s a shame that there’s not much here that you like. The muranos are a definite must-have for me (especially the Spring multi-coloured floral one), as is the new bracelet concept. I’m also really excited about the safety chain, too!
      I’m actually not sure sure about the rings! I just had another look at the stock images, and they do look like they might be faceted. But in some live images they look smooth! :S I guess we will have to wait until high def pics come out!
      You’re welcome :D

  6. HI Ellie, do you think they are going to get rid of the original two tone cupcake and replace it with the new enamel one? I don’t like the enamel on the new cupcake so i might have to purchase the original one soon. Has the retirement list come out yet? (I might have missed that). This collection seems OK but nothing appeals to me. I like enamel detailing but I think i am starting to see too much of it….

    The new pave clips could match your pave heart bracelet you showcased in the previous post

    • Hi Judie, I don’t know about that tbh! The two-tone cupcake is a popular piece and not too expensive, so possibly not. :) I have two cupcake charms already and won’t get this new cupcake charms, no matter how much I enjoy baking haha. I haven’t had an official retirement list for this season yet, no, although the UK Pandora.net has updated with a new wave of pieces when you look.

      That’s true! I have my heart set on the Feathered clips, but those pavé clips would be very nice with the pavé heart bracelet. :)

  7. oOOo! I think you are right about that last floral murano, the picture from miumag is a birdseye view, and you can see the silhouette of the flower that’s present in the neighbouring charms. The side view of that particular murano is lovely though =D.

    I really do like that light enamel/pearl heart – it’s a lovely colour! I was surprised when I saw the deep pink enamel heart that’s just come out with the valentines collection – I thought it’d be awful in person, but it’s actually a very nice charm!

    Yet again, the button style seems to be prevailing, and it’s taken over the new LE bangle too! I just noticed the pave spacers/clips – I think the gold looks very striking in the pictures! Oh, and I do love that cut-out butterfly! It’s so cute, haha.

    Lastly, I do love that new blue Essence bead, and their dinky new safety chain =P even if it’s just an Essence version of the geo facets just out from Winter =D. Those gemstone rings are super pretty stacked together like that! However, I doubt I will be indulging in them… I just love the candy colours =D

    Thanks for another lovely post Ellie! So many posts the past few days! Glad to know you’re better though! xxx

    • Ah so you think they’re the same? I rather think that they must be, although the whole glass looks pink in one shot and just the flowers themselves in another. Will look forward to seeing a stock image/more live photos!

      I completely agree re the Valentine’s In My Heart. Much much nicer in person than the stock image suggested! I love this new version a lot, as it just looks like mother of pearl and very vintage. I will have to think if there’s anywhere in my collection it could go!

      I like the Droplets colour rings as well but probably not enough to buy any myself. I can be a bit more sensible when it comes to the rings, if not the charms & bracelets :P

      Aha I do usually post a little more in preview season ;) I hope that’s a good thing! I like to post Pandora info as I find it as I always want to talk about it with someone else who gets it haha. Thanks, Suzy! xxx

  8. I like the rings and some of the muranos, but I don’t know if I’ll get any. I don’t really like that Pandora keeps recycling old designs, thinking that they will sell well. The same old flowers keep appearing and it’s getting annoying for me because it’s not really my style. I’ll probably get more of the spring pieces though, and get stuff that shows who I am better. :)

    • No, I am not keen on the recycling of old designs either – a couple of people have mentioned that Pandora are intentionally playing on popular existing charms for their new collections. :/ But there are still a healthy number of charms going on my wish list from what I’ve seen so far, even if the collections overall don’t necessarily wow me!

  9. Oh, I realized on Etsy, there are a lot of great artists who create glass charms and they are the same quality as any major brand. I just got one, and it’s gorgeous. Many take custom orders, so you can ask them to design you something as well. I’m so exited!

  10. Hello, Ellie! You have a new (and avid) reader here! I am over the moon about the Blooming Dahlia line. I chose to use Dahlias in my wedding because they are so beautiful and unique, so I think the clips and the ring will be very romantic reminders of that special day. :)

    • Hi Miranda! It’s lovely to hear from you. How nice that dahlias have that special connection for you – the Dahlia pieces look really lovely in the live photos :) Thanks for commenting, I hope you continue to enjoy the blog!

  11. I don’t see anything that reminds me of vintage Pandora. It’s just more hearts, flowers, pink and bling. I don’t see anything that catches my eye really…

  12. I like two toned clasp LE Mother’s Day bangle, Mother of Pearl Floral openwork & murano from the photo. No interest for Essence & button style charm & the redesign charm.

    • I like the muranos as well, but I won’t be after the LE Mother’s Day bangle as I hear it has a family-themed inscription on it. :)

  13. Oh wow, there is so much to love!! The forget-me-nots are topping my list right now. I love the wide band ring and now I might have to get one of the button charms to match. I also think it would be really pretty with the new light purple muranos coming out that you showed us in an earlier post. My original idea was to get one of the new thread less bracelets but now that they are making clips to match clasps I might need to get the CZ barrel clips to go with the CZ barrel bracelet. I like the essence beaded necklace also with the red faceted charm and the bangle. Do you know if those will be coming out in the US? Which value is the red charm? I’m also loving the blooming dahlia but it’s in a different color family than the forget-me-nots so I might have to choose between them. I like each one of my bracelets to be in the same color family. Those poetic droplet rings are beautiful also but I can imagine that won’t be cheap if you want to stack them together. There isn’t much that I am loving for the Mother’s day collection (yet). Pandora does showcase the jewelry beautifully with all those gorgeous flowers!! I agree with you, I’d love to go to one of those events. How do you get tickets for that, lol? Thanks for more pics, can’t wait for the pull preview with prices!!

    • Hey Ellie, as a blogger you probably could qualify for a free press pass to attend their media launch. Sometimes bloggers don’t qualify but you have a substantial online follower so i think you could convince them otherwise. You should ask the Pandora marketers if you qualify for press accreditation and to be added to their press marketing list. (I organise press launches as part of my job, but unfortunately not for jewellery!) …. Then you will be able to get us better quality pre-launch pics!

      • Ooh now that would be rather nice! And you could count on me to take close-up shots of all the jewellery, haha. I don’t even know if they have previews like this in the UK but perhaps I should try and find out! ^^

    • The Forget-Me-Not charms do look nicer than I thought they would in these images! I just added a new image in that showcases all three charm pieces on a bracelet (by mizsdyana), and they look rather pretty. :D Those new CZ clips would definitely look nice with either the CZ barrel clasp bracelet or the pavé heart clasp! I will be getting the new threadless bracelet and I think I’m going to do a spring theme on it, with the olive facets and maybe two of the new spring floral beads. :D

      I hear that Essence is going to be relaunched in North America this season, so I would expect that these pieces will make it out there yes! I don’t know whether the Autumn/Winter 2015 Essence beads will, but I sure hope so. It was a lovely collection!

      Yup, we Pandora collectors would make such good attendees for these events haha – for one thing we’d take pictures of the jewellery and not just the flowers. :P I don’t think they host media previews like this in quite the same way here in the UK, as I haven’t seen images like these leak from UK previews very often.

      Thanks for commenting! <3

      • There are definitely a handful of rings I would love to have! You didn’t list a ring promo on your promo page for this year. Do you know if Pandora is planning on having one? Last year there were 3 I think. Thanks!

        • There will be one, but not until October :) They seemed to have replaced the one that runs earlier in the year with that earring event!

  14. Hello everybody!
    I’m writing for the first time but I’ve been following the blog for a couple of years looking at the pictures and reading the girls’ commentary. Thanks a lot!!! It’s really a pleasure and helps to choose))) I am always looking forward to previews mostly but since you’ ve transferred to another platform I can’t make out a thing – all the images are so blurred((( I wonder if this is a problem of mine only or shall I simply wait for hd photos and stock images.
    Thanks again for a very interesting blog.
    Love from Russia, Mila

    • Hi Mila!

      First of all – it’s so nice to hear that you’ve been following the blog for so long. Thank you so much for reading!

      I’m concerned to hear about your issues with the pictures, however! Could you possibly take a screenshot of the issues for me and send me an email to mora0pandora@gmail.com, please? I have tested the blog on a variety of different computers/phones/tablets and have not seen a change like you describe. The change in platform should not have made a difference to the way images are rendered (both wordpress.com and my new blog use the same software), but I have started to try and optimise them/make them smaller to reduce bandwidth, so that is a possible cause.

      If anyone else is having problems, please also send an email my way/leave a comment :) and I will see what I can do!

      Thanks for flagging that up, Mila! :)

      • Hi, Ellie!
        I’ve sent you the screenshots. That’s the way I see the photos on my iPad. I guess I should try to follow you from a PC. Thanks again for great posts. I’m going to enjoy reading about the Disney collection right now to make my day. Though it isn’t available in my country))

        • Hi Mila! Thanks so much, I have them. It’s definitely an iPad issue, and I think one related to newer ones (perhaps to do with a retina display?). I don’t have a newer iPad to test on, so it’s a bit difficult for me. I am going to be changing the blog’s layout soon and will see if that helps. If not, I am going to borrow an iPad and get troubleshooting! :)
          The only other thing I can think to advise trying is using another browser on your iPad – like Chrome perhaps – instead of Safari. Let me know if that helps! :)

          Thanks for reading and for letting me know about the issue once again! <3 Ellie xx

  15. I love pinks and purples and flowers and I see a lot of things I like. I can’t wait for some high quality photos to decide which pieces are must-haves. Thanks for this post! Now I’m super excited for a full preview ?

    • Oh good, I’m glad to hear it! There is a lot of pink and purple for Spring particularly :) Hopefully stock images will be out soon and we can all get our final wish lists in order. ^^

  16. Hi Ellie! As a Pandora addict, I love to read your blog and know all wonderfull things that happen in this world. Reading this post today, I loved the chain in fourth picture ( from zielony_slon), with two small flowers. I never saw it since I start to follow Pandora-is it new?

    • Hi Carla! Thank you, it’s lovely to hear that you enjoy the blog. :D Almost everything pictured in this preview is new, and will be coming out either for Spring or Mother’s Day 2016. That necklace is the Poetic Blooms necklace and will be coming out on the 17th of March. :D It’s very pretty!

      Ellie xxx

  17. Thanks for sharing these Ellie! I like the mother of pearl flowers charm, I am always hopeful Pandora will use some genuine elements again like pearls and semi-precious stones along with their favorite CZ ;-) The plain silver daisy lace clip is also very pretty, being mostly openwork and only silver hopefully the price will be decent!

    • You’re welcome! I saw the first couple on Monday and spent yesterday evening finding them all and putting them all together. ^^ It helps when identifying new jewellery in these blurry photos that I’ve been told quite a bit about the upcoming collections and I know roughly which charms and jewellery I should be looking out for. ;)
      I increasingly like the look of the plain silver daisy lace pieces, and it’s nice to see them return to genuine materials like mother of pearl. :D My favourite pieces remain the new muranos (I just added a new photo of the Spring 2016 floral one – so pretty!) and probably the new heart safety chain, too.

  18. Hi Ellie,

    I am partial to the floral heart charm. I do like the poetic droplets rings. Wonder if they’ll come in birthstone colours? I have similar rings from James Avery, but the stones are faceted and all one size, round stone, smooth band.

    I bought three in my family colours of pink, purple and clear and it is like a family ring for me. Because of the design, they fit together with a gap when stacking, so I have scroll bands stacked in an alternating fashion- seven in total. Won’t be getting these, as they are too similar, but really like them. Wonder if you’ll need a ring in between too because if how they sit.

    Beautiful new offerings!
    Have a great Wednesday,

    • Hi Snapdragon!

      The Poetic Droplets rings don’t come in all the birthstone colours (although that would be rather nice!) – I think there will be blue, purple, pink, clear and a gold/brown one, too. Your ring stack sounds lovely! I love the look of all the new droplets rings worn together in the images I’ve seen so far, but probably won’t indulge myself – I find wearing lots of rings together a bit uncomfortable for some reason and usually jettison them throughout the day. ;) they end up in a pocket of my handbag instead haha. I usually go for two of the smaller rings together. :)

      Have a lovely day too and thanks for commenting! <3

  19. Hi Ellie this is very exciting I love seeing sneak previews, that safety chain looks very nice and rather different from what they have done before. Is there going to be another Mother’s Day bangle. I’m so excited to see more pictures there looks like there so much coming out.

    • Hi Nicola! I am so excited for the safety chain(s) as well. I am deciding which of my safety-chain-less bracelets it will go on. :P Yes, the new Mother’s Day bangle is pictured in this preview – I’ve annotated the picture!
      I’m hoping to get stock images soon! I’ll keep you posted ;)

      • Hi Ellie the picture featuring the radiant heart charm, there is a carriage charm is this new or is it the Disney one. The murano glass charm looks beautiful some of the rings look really pretty to.

        • Hi Nicola, that’s the Pandora Disney carriage I think :) the rings do look really nice, especially those daisy ones!

  20. I was so excited when I saw your post. It’s great to see some live shots and more of the collection. Hopefully we’ll see a full preview of both collections soon.
    There’s too many things to mention that I’ve seen and like so far. The Spring collection is where I’ve seen most of them. When I see better pictures, I’ll be able to decide better, which I think I’ll want to look at in store and maybe buy.
    Thanks for the update.

    • Yes, the live shots are always fun – especially when you haven’t seen stock images, and you’re trying to pick out new jewellery haha. I am actually more wowed overall by the Mother’s Day stuff so far, as typically I write that one off as a bit ‘mumsy’ and saccharine. But it looks like there are some interesting pieces so far!

      You’re welcome – thanks for commenting!

  21. I really don’t need more pink charms, but that pink floral murano looks so pretty. I probably won’t be able to resist it when it’s released, LOL.

    • Aha! I keep telling myself no more pink, too, and yet Pandora keep coming out with nice pink beads. What can we do! ;)

  22. Hi Supergirl! :-)
    It’s so exciting you’ve put us in a flowery-spring mood with all these beautiful pictures! And so many treasures appearing there! I can’t wait to see large and clear pictures of the new SC, the pearl heart and the LE bangle. The pink murano has little hearts or petals of flowers? It seems nice! Since I was told I’ll be a girl’s aunt, I only add pink and fuchsia in my wishlist! :-)
    Thank you for this great colourful post, Ellie! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! I am feeling very ready for spring myself after all these floral posts – especially as it has rained relentlessly here for the last couple of days. ;) The pink murano is flowers, I think, they look like petals to me! I like it as well, but it’s a little eclipsed for me by how lovely that other floral murano is :D I appreciate how special pink is to you right now, however! Such an exciting time!
      Thanks for commenting Chrysa! ♥♥♥

  23. Hi your posts are the best thing to wake up to second to my children of course lol. I’m in love with so many new charms. I can’t wait until you can post stock pictures. Those help me get my thoughts in order to what charms I want from what collection. I can’t even begin to write all the charms I want. The muranos look great as well as the pave heart. The cupcake is right up there too on my wish list. There are a lot I’m looking forward to seeing. Thanks for another great update.

    • Hi Linda! That’s such a nice thing to hear – I’m glad you’re enjoying the posts <3 I am looking high & low for stock images at the moment, so hopefully some will be out soon! The muranos are beautiful, especially that lovely floral bead :D I actually find the cupcake quite cute as well but I think I'd better stop at two cupcake charms haha. Thanks for commenting! <3

    • :( I’ve just been on my iPad and got my OH to try his and blog pics are rendering okay… we both have iPad Minis though. I’ll have a look at borrowing someone else’s iPad and testing it asap!

  24. After not purchasing pandora for what seems like forever. There are some things to look forward too like the cupcake and pacifier. Is it just me or does the bulb from the pacifier look like glass and not silver like the rest of the body?

    • That’s great! The cupcake is rather sweet, but then I do like that shade of pink enamel. The bulb of the pacifier is a faceted clear CZ stone I think! It’s definitely not silver, you’re right :)

  25. I really like many of the charms. I especially like the button shaped ones and the new pave heart! Love the muranos, too. I really like the fact that Pandora is trying to make complementary pieces to their previous collections.

    In the picture credited to myzdyana, I see the lavender fluttering butterflies. Are they coming to the US for this collection? Also, I see 2 rather blobby paved beads in the center. What are these?

    Thanks! Lisa

    • It’s nice to hear your enthusiasm! I have plenty that I’m looking forward to for this collection, too – especially that gorgeous new Spring floral murano, and the Mother’s Day safety chain. :D I don’t mind Pandora making complementary pieces to previous collections either, although I would hope that some new ideas and charms would also be coming out to counteract that. It’s nice to see something new for each season!

      That image is from a Malaysian preview, which is one of the countries where the lavender Fluttering Butterflies is currently available. So it doesn’t necessarily mean that that one is seeing a wider release. But I haven’t had a jewellery list for North America yet, so it’s still possible! :) The blobby pavé beads are called the ‘Shimmering Droplets’ charms and will come in three colours: clear, purple and pink!

      Thanks for commenting! :)

      • May I also ask about the safety chain on the same photo – is that a new one? It looks like the design has one similar to the existing silver daisy safety chain, but on the other half, it looks like there’s a butterfly design?

        • I can only see the floral design on both sides when I look at it – but a butterfly version would be lovely! I’d buy one ^^

  26. Hi Ellie!

    Oh my, the update with the photo that really shows off the floral murano and the Daisy Lace ring are causing my wallet to cry already haha! That ring is so much prettier than in the other photos I’ve seen! I haven’t bought a ring as of yet but I love that it’s plain silver and of a vintage-y design. Definitely a piece that won’t break the bank and will go with everything :) I know you had previously posted a photo of matching earrings which also go with everything…looks like I’ll be branching out from charms and bracelets come March ;)

    That floral murano is just gorgeous. I love the direction Pandora is going with their murano collection; they just need to make sure they keep doing a couple of new ones with each release haha!

    Thanks for the updates! Keep them coming :D

    • Hi Kristen!

      I know! I was so happy to see that live image, too, as the floral murano looks just as gorgeous as I hoped. I think I’m going to have to two. I recently got the Autumn 2015 olive facets and I think two of the murano would look great with that one. And don’t the silver Daisy pieces look lovely too! Perhaps it’s just the way that model is posed, but everything on her wrist looks beautiful, haha.

      I will, for sure! I’m posting the info as I find it ;)

  27. The updated pics you added tonight are so pretty! The new red green flower murano looks very kitsch – I love it and will definitely get it. My bracelet is a mish mash of green, red and white. It’s always slightly bothered me how disjointed the colours on my bracelet are but this new murano is perfect and will make the colours on my bracket look more cohesive ( yes I have slight colour coordination OCD :)

    The see-through flower clip is also very interesting looking. I may be get this to pair with the feathered clip if I don’t get them in a pair

    • I love that murano, too – definitely my favourite thing I’ve seen so far! I’m going to do a spring bracelet, probably with two of those new floral muranos and the Autumn 2015 olive facets. I totally get what you mean about pulling all those colours together – and this new murano would be a lovely way to do it! I like to co-ordinate my colours as a rule as well.

      Yup, well, hopefully a review from me will be forthcoming to help you decide about the Feathered clips :)

  28. The new floral murano is still by far my favorite, but I probably will add several more charms to my wish list when I see the stock images. I love my two-tone cupcake. That pink frosted cupcake will likely come home with me, as well. At least it has no calories! Thanks for the preview!

    • The floral murano is my favourite too, but my wish list overall is looking pretty healthy right now! It’s regrettable not to see more plain silver character charms, but there is enough amongst all the murano glass, pearls and new safety chains to keep me more than occupied <3

  29. Hi Ellie! What lovely pictures! I absolutely love the colors of the new Spring floral murano. The new pink Mother’s Day murano looks beautiful as well! I am so excited to see that Pandora is once again using pearls and mother of pearl in their designs! I am also rather fascinated by the new pink disc dangle. It appears that there is a dragonfly and a butterfly on the top? Also, do you happen to know if the Mother’s Day bangle is two-toned? That would be lovely! What an amazing and large collection to look forward to! I am quite anxious to see more live photos! :)

    • Hi Carol! Yes, the pearls were a pleasant surprise to me as well – the whole Mother’s Day selection is, to be honest! They’re normally so family-orientated and mumsy, but this year’s range looks so much more interesting.

      There is a dragonfly and butterfly on top of the pink disc dangle as well – there are two discs laid over the top of the other, one is pink enamel and one is plain silver. :) The Mother’s Day bangle is two-toned, yes! The clasp is essentially the limited edition Always in my Heart charm from last year!

      Yes, the collection is shaping up pretty well isn’t it? I’m so excited now, especially for all the muranos and pearls! <3

  30. I wonder if the cupcake might be a new girl/boy charm and if so perhaps there might be a blue? I only wonder because the display bracelet seems to be a Mother’s Day theme what with the new pacifier and hearts…

    • That’s an idea! And if that’s not the case, then Pandora should get on that ;) I’m sure that would go down well, and it’s a bit more subtle than the existing blue/pink teddies!

  31. What you mentioned as the pearlescent heart charm (on that photo of the bracelets with the polaroids), couldn’t that be the front of a heart clasp, the back of which you see on the bangle on the right? It looks lovely.

    • Hi Imogen, the pearlescent heart is definitely a charm in its own right – if you look closely at that bracelet on the left, it has a spherical Pandora bracelet clasp with a safety chain attached. <3 The new heart-clasp bangle has two-tone & pavé detailing on the other side of the clasp!

  32. My 2 favorites are the pearlescent heart and the infinity open work. Those are probably going on my wish list. Just more to add to the March shopping list! (I’m sure I’ll see more I like when I see the full collection in person in the store. You know how that goes!)

    • The pearlescent heart looks beautiful, like real pearl. <3 I need to sit down and work out my wish list properly so I can budget - although, like you say, I imagine that going to see it all in store will throw it all off anyway!

  33. Hi, how come some Pandora bracelet charms dont roll around. I’ve seen photos and videos of Pandora for example this one: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-2ZxKuQlIDRo/VpXG6qPj9RI/AAAAAAAACBc/Ncc4NqWV1zg/s1600/PandoraValentinesDayCollection2016_5.jpg
    I know that clips hold other charms in place and dont let them roll around bracelet, but on this photo there’s a pink ribbon charm and it still doesnt roll around. Do you think there might be some silicone stoppers used inside the charm? Also on Pandora official Youtube, there’s some videos where they promote charms and people wearing them, even then the charms seems to stay in place without rolling.

    • Hi Jessica, I imagine in that photo they’ve just positioned the charms that way for the picture – if she moved her wrist, I’m sure the charms would roll and move normally. People have had some success with putting silicone stoppers inside the openwork charms – as you can see in this YT video:

  34. Think I’m the only one in the entire pandora community that hates muranos!! Super duper excited for all the new essence stuff though and the new safety chains for the moments! I shall be indulging in several pieces from this collection though!! Thanks for the excellent preview! X

    • Aha! You are definitely not alone – I hear from a lot of people who don’t like them much – but I have to say that I love muranos. ^^ I design all my bracelets around them and I just love the colour and symmetry they add. It’s good that there are other pieces that you like though – the safety chain is top of my list as well!
      Thanks for commenting! x

  35. Hi Ellie. I don’t know if you’ve seen the pictures around Facebook, but there have been additional pictures posted of the Spring/Mother’s Day collections. There are live shots of the new pastel pink and purple muranos, and they are so sparkly! There also appears to be a sparkly red murano and some other new red charms: a red enamel flower dangle, cherries, and another dangle charm that I can’t make out. I can also spot a new leather bracelet (it’s hard to tell the color–maybe white?), a green parrot dangle (summer collection??), a ring that looks like the Entwined Ring with the bow from the Delicate Sentiments ring (without the Pearl) in the center, a new butterfly dangle that looks to be half pave and half pearlescent, and more! It’s all so lovely!

    • I just saw some of them. That sparkly red murano is gorgeous, and I will have to get the cherries and the pave strawberry. I suspect the parrot may be an offering from the Summer collection, since it was shown with a starfish charm. So exciting! I hope stock images will be available soon.

      • Oh, that’s a strawberry! I was trying to figure out what that was. And I was thinking that was some sort of starfish charm, but I wasn’t sure. I can’t wait for the stock images either!

    • Hi Joanne! Thanks for the heads-up – I’ve seen them too and I’ve just spoken to the lady who posted them, who has given me permission to share them. So they’ll be on the blog later :)
      There are definitely some summer 2016 pieces mixed in there which is v. exciting too! So many exciting photos about at the moment :D

  36. Hi Ellie!!
    Take a really hard look, like look reaaaalllyyyy closely, at those cluster charms on the purple/butterfly/forget-me-not bracelet and with the clip that looks like the sparkle clasp Pandora bracelet.
    I originally thought they were pave as well but… they look different. The stones look rounded. I wonder if they are changing up those charms from the pave mosaic style charms from last summer. There is another image from these events I saw on another blog site and it has some charms that look like summer product. They also look like these with rounded stones but pave setting…..

    • Hi Tunia! Those cluster charms are called the Shimmering Droplets and you are absolutely right – the stones are more rounded and they’re of varying sizes as well. They’re definitely a little different from the regular pavé charms and they will be available in pink, purple and clear stones for Spring. I guess they might bring out more for summer and beyond! <3

  37. Thank you Ellie for the wonderful post with all the beautiful pictures. The new flora murano, cupcake and poetic bloom is on my wish list. But unfortunately poetic bloom not in above pictures. The pearl flora openwork looks lovely but still not too sure about it. Got to see it in person. Pink and purple facet murano are hard to pass by too. Can’t wait till 17/3. I’m trying very hard to keep the list short.

    • You are very welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed them! It was a shame not to see the Poetic Blooms heart in this batch, but I’ll be posting a live shot of it in a new post coming later today :D

  38. Hi all, i posted clearer picture into mora pandora Facebook page, take a look if you keen. Very very nice spring release…

    Ellie, or can you share here?

  39. Finally a button-style charm with something other than hearts on the sides! And it’s purple! I thought I’d dant the plain silver heart from this years Valentine’s as a button charm, but I think I might wait for that one instead! It looks like the perfect center piece. ^^ Spring is always the best release. Flowers are everything!

  40. Ellie, when will the Essence Bangle be available?

    I’m very happy to see Pandora finally doing what’s right for their customers by making a safety chain for Essence, and a bangle too that I hope will be like the regular bangles and not fall off if it opens accidentally. Bangles are the safest way to go, it seems.

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