Today’s post continues my Pandora Valentine’s 2016 reviews, with a closer look at the brand new Pavé Heart Clasp bracelet! This is the latest in a line of special edition bracelet clasps, offering a romantic and sparkling twist on Pandora’s classic bracelet. Some see these ‘special’ bracelets as a bit of a gimmick, but I always enjoy Pandora’s little customisations to my favourite charm bracelet and I have indulged in most of them. :P

pandora valentine's 2016 pavé heart clasp bracelet

Read on for some technical details, close-up shots and styling inspiration! <3

Also – my apologies for tardy comment/email/Facebook replies over the last week! I finally managed to catch whatever was going round and have been a bit under the weather. I’m much better now and I’ll be back on form with comments etc going forward! ;)

Pandora Pavé Heart clasp bracelet

So, the Pandora Pavé Heart bracelet offers a slightly more fancy version of their regular charm bracelet, with a larger, heart-shaped clasp. The pavé effect is pretty, but surprisingly subtle in person. The clasp sparkles, but it’s not too blingy – especially if you mix it with the right pieces. As far as I am aware, this is not limited edition, so there’s no hurry to grab one while they’re still around.

pandora valentine's 2016 pavé heart clasp bracelet

The clasp itself is identical to last year’s Mother’s Day bangle, with clear pavé on one side and plain silver detailing on the other. It adds a little extra sparkle to the bracelet without being overwhelming – there’s no need to fill up the bracelet itself with pavé charms if you don’t want to!

pandora valentine's 2016
For me, the fit came up smaller than with a regular Moments clasp bracelet. I usually wear a 19cm, and the bracelet I received – including the clasp – measures exactly that. However, as the heart-shaped clasp is bigger than the usual barrel clasp, it seems to mean that there is less bracelet chain to make up that 19cm in total length. So it might be worth trying on your bracelet in-store and seeing what size fits you best!

pandora valentine's 2016 pavé heart clasp bracelet

If you’ve been collecting for a while, you might remember that there were some problems last year with the plain silver heart-clasp bracelet – due to the stiffness of the new bracelets and the awkward shape of the heart clasp, there were some difficulties doing up the clasp. However, this time around my pavé heart clasp bracelet is shiny and new but not too stiff – so, while it is still slightly more difficult for me to fasten, it’s nowhere near as tricky as the plain silver heart clasp was last year!

pandora valentine's 2016 pavé heart clasp bracelet


If you missed out on the Always in my Heart bangle, which has the same clasp, then this bracelet makes a great replacement. It’s beautiful worn plain or with other bracelets, just like the bangle before it. :D

pandora valentine's 2016 pavé heart clasp bracelet

I often hear from readers that they would like to see more red from Pandora’s Valentine’s collections – consequently this Valentine’s styling focuses on some romantic reds, offset with the white Fizzle muranos. The red Sweethearts murano is a recent acquisition of mine, and its pretty cherry red is great with the Fascinating Red glass bead. The new Ribbon of Love charm makes for a perfect centrepiece, which just a dash of pavé detailing.

pandora valentine's 2016 pavé heart clasp bracelet

I mentioned in my Wild Hearts murano review that I wanted to put it with the periwinkle blue Cinderella Signature muranos, and was hoping that they’d look good together! I have now put together an initial styling and am really pleased with the result! Clear pavé and light blue look always beautiful together, and the Cinderella muranos look great with the pavé heart bracelet.

pandora valentine's 2016 pavé heart clasp bracelet

This is one of my new bracelet projects for 2016 – the pink tendril clips are borrowed from another design and I’m actually planning on putting the Feathered clips on this bracelet, eventually. I don’t know what else I’m going to add. I like it a lot as it is, but hopefully there will be some charms from future collections that will make their way on here. ^^pandora valentine's 2016 pavé heart clasp bracelet

And, to round off, here’s a quick shot of this design from my iPhone, so as to show off the colours in different lighting:



I am very pleased with my pavé heart clasp bracelet, and love the little extra sparkle it adds to a design. For me, it’s a tiny bit cuter than the regular CZ barrel clasp bracelet that came out last year for Autumn 2015, but it’s also reasonably subtle. It looks great whether you want to fill up your bracelet with pavé charms, or just want to add your favourite plain silver pieces.

It also offers something of a second chance to those who missed out on the limited edition 2015 Always in my Heart bangle, which also featured this special clasp. <3

The Pandora Pavé Heart clasp bracelet is $80 USD or £75. If you’re in the UK, you can still purchase it along with the rest of the Pandora Valentine’s collection from authorised retailer John Greed. 

Have you bought this bracelet, or is it on your wish list? How are you wearing it?

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  1. I missed our on the pave heart clasp bangle last year. Hubs went looking for one for me for our anniversary in August, but by that time, they were GONE. I don’t tend to wear the bangels I have all that often anyway, so seeing this, I’m almost glad he didn’t find one. :-) I bet this would look really pretty with the Layers of Lave clips too.

    LOVE the red Valentine’s Day bracelet, Ellie! I hope to see Pandora come out with more red V-day offerings. Maybe a red rose?

    • Yes, the Always in my Heart bangle really is quite hard to find these days isn’t it? I’ve had a few people ask me if I know where to find one, and I just don’t know of anywhere that’s selling them still. This one is a great alternative, though, and worn plain it’s almost as good as a bangle! ^^

      Thanks Clair! I don’t do red stylings very often, but I just got the red Sweethearts murano and I love it. :D A red rose would be lovely. I still like the idea of a red floral murano, with the petals buried inside the glass!

      • Hi, i have been been looking for LE always in my heart bangle since couple month ago, singapore, australia and even malaysia but i couldn’t find it as I’m wearing 17cm. They left 21cm which is too big for me. I’m very very happy today i managed to have one from a pandora lover in my country who own three and willing to let go for me with receipt proof for authenticity. I really really love the bangle…

        Btw, i get to know there is vip member program here with 15% discount on normal day and 20% discount on birthday month. Any idea if this is applicable in other countries? Let say Australia???

  2. :-) This is so pretty! I saw it in the store and it was really, really, really tough to resist!
    But I have so many bracelets…I have to stop somewhere. Unless I receive it as a gift :-D Hahaha :-D
    Have a wonderful week! :-)

    • Haha, I used to be better at resisting the new bracelets but I have less will-power these days. Plus, you know… I need them… for the blog – right? ;) You picked out some lovely pieces anyway, and I’m now half-convinced I need them for myself as well haha.
      Have a lovely week too! Thanks for commenting! :)

  3. I have bought this bracelet and I have the barrel pave clasp bracelet as well and I love them both. I think they just a bit of something extra to the design. I have the plain heart clasp bracelet from last year and I agree with you, this heart clasp seems to be easier to fasten and sits better.
    I noticed you’ve bought the ribbon of love charm. On my heart pave clasp bracelet, I have got the ribbon of love as my centrepiece, then the captivating hearts either side and the dainty bow clips. I’m not sure what else I’m going to add yet.
    I think your Cinderella muranos match well with your pink muranos, like you wanted them to.

    • Absolutely, I do like the special-clasp bracelets for that reason. The clasps act as an extra charm. ^^ And yeah, I can actually do this heart bracelet up myself! Last year I’d be there for like five minutes trying to do it up before giving up and finding someone else to do it ;)
      I did get the Ribbon of Love! I’ve done all my Valentine’s shopping now ;) I was tempted by the In My Heart and the Love Locks, and still might get them – but not for a little while, at least. The Ribbon of Love is a great centre-piece, glad to hear that you’ve done the same with yours! Sounds like a nice combo with the Captivating Hearts- I do like symmetry!
      Thank you! I’m so pleased to hear that! I was worried that they wouldn’t match and that I’d gone to the trouble of importing the Cinderellas for nothing, haha. But happily enough they look so nice in person. :D

  4. I put the Wild Heart & Elsa murano as a pair with You & Me Fuschia or ( with Love dangle ) at the center. LE Vintage Heart & June Signature Heart Grey Moonstone each next to each murano. Heart clasp bracelet with 2 Circle of Love clips become my Valentine’s bracelet. I have the LE Paved Heart bracelet & 2 Heart clasp bracelet so I don’t have to rush for the new bracelet.

    • Sounds gorgeous – you know the Vintage Heart is a favourite of mine! ^^ Although did you mean the Elsa or the Anna murano this time? I have one of each of the heart-clasp bracelets, and I’m keeping it that way just for now… I quite like each of them to feel special.

      • The same arrangement look nice on oxidized bracelet. LE Vintage Heart is my #1 bead ( I was lucky to get it last Summer ) June Signature Heart Grey Moonstone is my birth month heart, they go well together. Hot pink, grey, silver & gold look very beautiful on oxidized bracelet.

        • Pink & grey is a lovely combination. I have some pink enamel charms on my triple grey/silver leather and I absolutely love it!

  5. I wanted to get cinderella murano for quite sometimes but i still give it a miss in my last trip to Aus due to too many investment done for Valentine collection. After this review, it makes me feel so eagle to get cinderella murano right away…
    Hi Ellie, would it be nice if i just put one wild heart murano and 1 cinderella murano in my bracelet instead of 4 murano(2 pink 2 blue)?
    I have 1 Elsa murano and 1 Anna murano, thinking get a Cinderella murano to work out a princess theme bracelet, hmmm…

    • Haha, I kept seeing the Cinderella muranos everywhere for a long time – I finally caved and decided I’d get them to go with the lovely new Wild Hearts murano. Blue and pink has proven to be a surprisingly nice combination. ^^
      And yes, I’m sure it would look lovely with just one of the Wild Hearts and one of the Cinderella! That was what I was initially going to do, before I decided to add the pink hearts murano from last year in too and another Cinderella murano to match. They’d be great for your princess theme :)

      • Great, i will get the cinderella murano in my next trip to Australia, hopefully they have it in stock. There are many items oos in Pandora Australia after Xmas period…

  6. This bracelet is very pretty although I don’t think I would spend the money to purchase it. I like the fact that the clasp looks like a charm and I find that this type of bracelet is very easy to style, I love all your looks eapecially with the Cinderella muranos and the tendril clips. I agree with everyone here I too am begining to get very excited at seeing the new bracelet in person, the stock photo you posted last week was really nice I very much enjoy the overall look ( I prefer round to barrel clasps as well) I just worry won’t the weight of the charms make the bracelets snap super easily? Do you have any details on the mechanics of how they propose that it won’t be happening to customers?

    • That is the nice thing about the special-clasp bracelets – the clasp just looks like another clasp and rounds off the look quite nicely. :) Thanks Alex, I’m so pleased that you like the Cinderella murano design. I’m v. pleased with it, although I haven’t worn it yet as I’m considering whether to swap the bracelet for a larger size. It is definitely tighter than my others, especially with the 4 muranos!
      Oh gosh yes, I’m excited for the new bracelet too! I’ve got the design I want to start on it all in place in my head ;) I wonder whether I’ll have the patience to wait for the US bracelet promo? :P I don’t have any details on the technical specs on the new bracelet, sorry – I imagine Pandora will give advice on charm distribution if that’s going to be a problem. I’m curious about that aspect too!

  7. Very pretty stylings Ellie! I like this bracelet, I don’t have the bangle with this clasp so maybe I will get this bracelet during free bracelet as an upgrade, not sure yet what I want to get. Your Ribbon of Love charm looks very nice too! And I just love the Wild Hearts murano, it’s a must have for me!

    • Thanks, Natalie! <3 The bracelet promo would be a good time to indulge, if you're not sure. I can imagine it looking nice with a lot of your pieces ^^ The Ribbon of Love charm is nice, and I got it on a bit of a whim - but the Wild Hearts & Filled with Romance are far and away my favourite Valentine's 2016 pieces. They're both just lovely!
      I haven't seen any of your bracelet designs in a while! Have you put anything new together lately?

      • I just can’t bring myself to buy bracelets, I guess I am spoiled getting them as free gifts! I would rather buy charms ;-) I don’t keep bracelets together so I don’t need a lot of them, I can use the same ones over and over but I do like to collect different versions and sometimes get 1 smaller and 1 larger size to have more options.

        My latest bracelets are my red valentine bracelet pictured in your Facebook entry for Dainty Bow Bangle (which I want to redo, so I will post the new version when I make it, which will probably use some of the same metal charms but different glass), the green spring garden bracelet on the same post (that one is still together), and then the Exotic Treasures bracelet I posted under the Wild Hearts Murano post.

        I also whipped up a couple classic animal charm bracelets that I wore when I went to the zoo last week, basically the same as what I showed you before but with pink glass since I wore pink that day. And then I also have my 2 ocean/beach bracelets made up (I will post pics of those for you, I’ve shown them in some bead groups but I don’t think I showed you before). I took apart the bright pink/blue bracelet I made with my Soufeel car/trailer charm but I really liked it and will have to make it again. I still have my Pandora Rose bracelet I showed you with pink and girly things put together too!

        I will look through my recent pics and get some posted for you to see :-D I love to share pics <3

        • Thanks Natalie! <3 I love seeing your bracelets too! It's a shame you can't easily post them in the comments!

        • Thanks Ellie! :-D I know, it would be fun to post pics to your blog, but it is just so easy on Facebook!

  8. Hi Ellie,

    Your bracelets are simply beautiful- you have a real eye for design! In fact, all of the designs I’ve seen of yours are great! I saw the pave bracelet in person and, while I am not a pave kind of girl, with the right charms, it would be lovely.

    I thought the plain heart clasp bracelet would look great with alternating “steady heart” and “sparkle of love clear cz”, for the clips you could use the heart clip and then make sure the beads alternate. I designed my essence bracelet this way, alternating “joy” and “honesty”, in other words, the plain silver bead and the cz one and it looks beautiful!

    Love, love, love your blog!!!
    Have a great eve,

    • Hi :D Thank you very much – and likewise! I’ve loved all the designs of yours that you’ve shared with me so far, too. :D I’m pleased that you like these, though, especially the Cinderella design. I’ve been looking forward to putting that one together for what feels like a long time now (when really it’s only been since the end of November, haha).

      Sounds lovely! A real investment, for sure, but the results would be so pretty. If I worked in a store, I’d have fun trying out combos like that. Your Essence bracelet is lovely! <3

      Thank you so much! :D Have a lovely evening too and thanks for commenting,

  9. Hi Ellie! So glad to hear that you are feeling better! I love your bracelet with the Cinderella blue muranos and the two pink muranos! Actually, I have two blue and two pink muranos on my very first Pandora bracelet! My two favorite colors! The New Heart Pave clasp bracelet is indeed lovely. I have a definite weakness for the new Pandora clasp bracelets as well! I am not a huge fan of pave, but this bracelet has a touch of very subtle and elegant sparkle! I am so tempted to get it! :O

    Pandora has some very lovely Valentine’s charms, but I do wish that they would create some alternatives to the heart charms. The Love Note, Cupid, and Love Birds were at least a bit different! Perhaps a dozen roses, another cherub, pink champagne, a chocolate dipped strawberry, or another animal pair? Just a few thoughts for next year! :P

    • Hi Carol! Thank you very much, I am feeling so much better now. ^^ And I’m so pleased that you like the Cinderella bracelet, and that you have a similar mix of colours on your bracelet. It’s my new project for this year :D I am not a huge pavé fan overall, either, but the bracelet adds just a little dash of sparkle and you can keep it to a minimum by filling up your bracelet with some plain silver favourites. ^^

      Oh absolutely. There are lots more hearts & flowers coming for Spring and Mother’s Day, too, from what I hear. Not that we couldn’t all have guessed that anyway! :P Those are some great ideas, I’d love another animal pair. Trollbeads did an amazing charm which featured a dog and cat called ‘Love is Blind’ – quirky and cute! ^^

  10. Hi Ellie,
    I am glad that you feeling better and hope that is nothing any more but one bad memory…
    I was’nt tempted by this bracelet, but when I read you and say that the clasp is a little bigger then usually, it made me reflect. I have buy my first bracelet at 18cm but I can’t put more than two murano, so I have buy a 19cm and I can put more but it’s a little to big ! So I should go and try aha, if I need an excuse to go shopping here it is !
    But I sill waiting since I saw the new one, for the spring, I love the idea to have no threads and the possibility to use some stopper.
    Here the sun is shining so I send some to you a little, that is so good for the moral one !
    Nice day ;)

    • Hi Isabelle, thank you, that’s so nice of you to say! I’m feeling much better now. I’m hardly ever ill, so whenever I do manage to catch something it always takes me by surprise a bit aha. ;)

      Aha, yes, definitely try it on first! Usually the 19cm bracelet fits me really well, whether I want to add lots of muranos or not. This particular bracelet feels tight in a 19cm with the four muranos, so I’m tempted to swap mine for a bigger size. I’ve not worn it out so far and I might try and get to a store tomorrow evening.

      I’m really excited for the Spring bracelet too! I have the first charms I want to put on it all planned out. I just want to see the full range of silicone stoppers they’ll be offering for it to make my mind up finally. ^^
      Haha, thanks for the sunshine – we certainly need it here in not-so-sunny England! It has rained consistently for the last couple of days. Thanks for commenting Isabelle! <3

  11. I don’t like pave but i think this bracelet is really pretty. For my second bracelet, i will consider either this one or the plain heart clasp bracelet. When will you purchase the feathered clip? Can you profile it on your website before the 11th of Feb ;) as I will be going to Poland and plan to buy a pair of feathered clips there as it will be cheaper. I haven’t seen the clip in person yet but i think it will be super pretty as its more classic Pandora looking

    • I am hoping to purchase the clips quite soon, and I was planning to review them as they are new in North America this season. So – touch wood – I may well have a review up before the 11th of February ahaha! :P
      I like how classic the Feathered clips are, too. I was thinking their simplicity would offset the pavé heart clasp quite nicely!

      • thanks ellie! Fingers crossed. Can I be fussy and request that you showcase the feathered clip as a pair, and then as a single clip matched with another clip. I am not fully certain if i should get one or two feathered clips :)

        • Aha, you may be as fussy as you like after being so helpful with the iPad screengrabs ^^ I will do my best to get a review up before the 11th. :)

  12. You just successfully made me add the bracelet to my wish list :P I had debated whether to invest in this bracelet, as I have the original heart clasp one from last year – but I must admit, that I too am drawn to the different clasps of the bracelets! It just makes collecting bracelets almost as fun as collecting the charms themselves!

    oOOOo! What really caught my eye from your styling pictures was the milky faceted Essence bead :D It looks soooo pretty in that shot! Which value does that one represent? The Cinderella blue is gorgeous! ><! I have yet to do a sky blue theme! Each time I try to work with cooler tones, I always get brought back to pastels and florals :P Will make an effort this year haha.

    Thanks for another lovely post Ellie! I do hope you're better now, I hadn't realised you were ill :( Take care! xxx

    • Ah! My work here is done ;) I am a sucker for collectibles as well (hence the whole Pandora blog thing haha) and so the special-edition bracelets do call to me. I don’t get all of them, but it’s hard to resist the prettiest ones! You should get one :P

      That Essence bead is the Patience charm! Some are milkier than others, so it’s worth going into store and picking one out in person (providing you don’t get a super grumpy SA again :P). Thanks Suzy, I’m glad you like the Cinderella design. I do the same as you with the pastels and florals, so mixing the Cinderellas with the pinks was my compromise! ;)

      Thanks, Suzy, I’m feeling so much better now! I hardly ever get ill so I was quite grumpy about it ahaha. I’m back on form now. Thanks for commenting as ever xxx

  13. Hi Ellie I love this bracelet it’s so pretty, I’d like to make a red and silver theme. I would still like yo get the bangle some how those. Your design looks really nice with the conderella murano how did you think up this design and is there any thing else you are planning to add.

    • Hi Nicola! Yes, red and silver is really nice and I’m sure it would go well if Pandora tapped into that more for Valentine’s. :)
      Thanks, it’s great that you like it! I wanted to get the Cinderella muranos anyway as they looked so nice in all the live photos I’d seen – but I wasn’t sure if I would wear an all-blue bracelet that much as it doesn’t really match my style. Then I saw the Wild Hearts murano was coming out and it clicked for me. ;) I just hoped they’d contrast nicely in person. I am brainstorming other charms I might add at the moment – I’d like some nice solid silver pieces and maybe some clear pavé pieces. Or possibly the new pink/red enamel heart charm to add a bit more pink.

  14. The new murano looks so good with the Cinderella! I am also surprised with how cute the white sweethearts is. Even though I’m not too into heart and valentine’s designs, I have to say your stylings are pretty awesome! Recently, I’ve seen pictures of the new mother’s day collection for trollbeads, releasing in the beginning of March. There is an Apple blossom bead that would look great with this bracelet. It looks big enough to fit on a pandora bracelet. Plus, the limited edition glass is so pretty. Not quite my style, but it is pink ombre and looks very pretty with the apple blossoms. If you do start any other collection of european-style beads, please do a review on it. I’m so excited forwent beginnings, and new opportunities! <3

    • Have you got the Apple blossom bead on your Pandora Cindy? If so, can I see it? I really like the Apple blossom bead but I bought one trollbead charm once and found that the very oxidized style of trollbead charms do not match the bright silver-ness of the Pandora charms – so I refunded the troll charm and have been hesitate to get another troll charm for my Pandora bracelet

      • I only have a few Trollbead silvers, but I mix them with Pandora all the time! You can see some of my bracelets on Ellie’s facebook page for her blog, I always post pics in the comments under her posts :-D Most won’t fit Pandora bracelets, but a few do, you just have to try it. I have other bracelets too that aren’t Pandora so I just use a different bracelet if it won’t fit, but Pandora charms fit on any brand charm bracelet.

        I think the Apple Blossom would be pretty with Pandora, I have the Troll Rose of June and Narcissus of December, those are both floral charms and I think they are beautiful with Pandora! They both fit Pandora bracelets too, they are a larger size but what I do is space charms so a large charm is opposite another large charm, and then have a small charm opposite another small charm, and I think it works out great! I also have the Troll Wings of Freedom eagle, and it fits Pandora bracelets. The 2 I have that don’t fit are Big Butterfly (but mixes beautifully with Pandora charms) and Jewel of the Sea which is a fish that is split in 2 parts, you put a glass bead in between (I actually just posted a pic of this on a bracelet to show Ellie, you can see it with my Pandora sea star and one of a kind pearl shell charms).

    • Yay! Thanks Cindy! I do get tired of Pandora & hearts, but then I often see a heart charm in store and realise that it is, nevertheless, rather cute in person (which is what happened with the Ribbon of Love! :P).
      I just had a mosey over to Endangered Trolls and looked at the new Trollbeads Apple Blossom bead. It looks nice, and I love that it’s plain silver, although it’s a bit hard to tell what exactly it’s like from the stock image alone. I will definitely do a feature post if I start to branch out into other brands (gulp) – I do really like the idea of using the threadless Pandora bracelet for Trollbeads, Elfbeads, etc! <3

  15. Hi Ellie!
    I was sorry to read you weren’t feeling well recently! I hope you’re ok now! It seems everyone is sick here too, mainly due to weather’s weird changes! After a week with temperature near 0, we had 15 today! Viruses party all the time this winter! :-)
    I’ve got both last year’s heart clasp bracelet and LE pave heart bangle, and my first thought was that I wouldn’t need the mix of those two… Now it just seems inevitable! :-) I could only behave myself to take it later!
    I adored your styling with light blue and pink! ☆☆☆☆☆ (5 stars stand for excellent! ) It seems the pastel versions of pink and blue match perfectly in an unexpected way, just as dark blue and fuchsia! I love it when your creativity expands beyond “safe” paths! :-)
    Thank you for this great review Ellie! ♥♥♥

    P.S: I got my Wild hearts murano today! :-) I chose it between 14 muranos, that were available in store! The ladies were more than patient and nice, and since I was the only customer early in the morning, they were comparing and proposing in a lovely way! I’m sure I picked the best shaped hearts with the nicest background (I’ve noticed differences on it, too!) :-)

    • Hi Chrysa!

      Thank you, I’m feeling so much better now! It seems like everyone is sick here, too, especially at work – so it was inevitable that at least one of the bugs would get me, haha. I hope you manage to avoid coming down with anything! The weather is relentlessly wet here, although that is not at all unusual for England. ;) It has been unseasonably warm all through the winter so far though…

      I have both those bracelets, too, but knew from the beginning that I would have to have this one as well. ;) I had the idea for a bracelet with Cinderella bracelets and this seemed instantly like a very good candidate for it! And thank you for the lovely ☆☆☆☆☆ (:P) review of that design :D It’s a bit of an unusual colour combination but I’m very pleased that you think it works! It certainly looks rather nice when it’s actually being worn ^^

      Yay, I’m glad you got your Wild Hearts murano :D Most of the stores near me are pretty good with letting you pick through all the muranos. I haven’t had a chance to see all the variations up close, so it’s interesting to hear your thoughts! I’ve noticed some variation in the colour & shape of the hearts, but not the background. Glad you got a nice one – and, of course, it’s another lovely pink for your niece! Enjoy! <3

  16. Thank you for this post Ellie.. I had to exchange an unwanted gift for a family member. As I could only do a exchange and not a refund, I decided I would “buy” another Pandora bracelet. Your review swayed me to this bracelet and I am really pleased with it. I love my heart clasp bangle but I cant wear bangles to work so this bracelet is a good replacement. I normally wear my bracelets “full” but I think this one looks nicer with just a few charms.

    • Hi Lozzie, are you from Australia? Are you saying that you cannot request for refund in pandora shop? I recently purchased a ring with defect from there but didn’t check properly before fly back to Singapore. I’m wondering if they will allow me to exchange when i fly back end mar/early apr.. It is brand new and never worn before…. Sob sob sob

      • Hi
        Yes. In Australia, if you change your mind, you can only do an exchange within 14 days of purchase (no refund). It was an unwanted gift.
        I imagine the policy is different if an item is faulty. I believe there is a 12 month guarantee.

    • Hi Lozzie! Thanks, I’m glad to hear that the review persuaded you to try this one :D This bracelet definitely looks beautiful with a few choice charms that really bring out & complement the pavé but I think I will be filling mine up eventually. I always need more room for charms, haha. Hope you enjoy your new bracelet too! <3

  17. Sorry to hear you had an issue with your ring. I assume that as long as you have your receipt and within the guarantee period they should look after you. But I havent got any firsthand experience.

    • Thanks Lozzie for the information.. I hope i can get it exchange in my next trip there…
      Btw i received notification from pandora club that Valentine box GWP started from 28Jan, have got it home yet? Or going to grab? I afraid i will miss the chance as i will only go there in end Mar / early Apr.. But i will be able to see the spring and mother’s day 2016 collection i suppose.

  18. I love this bracelet! I’m going to have to get one! I have a bracelet dedicated to my Pandora heart beads. Plus I have my daughter’s birthstone and the little girl. Since she’s my heart! I hope that it’s available in the 8 inch. Well it’s a bit over that. I love the Heart charm that’s between the Wild at Heart and blue murano. I haven’t seen it yet. I also want the Wild at Heart. My local store didn’t have it during the after Christmas sale. Hopefully my hubby will get me one for Valentine’s Day!

    Sorry to hear that you were t feeling well. I live in South Carolina. Our weather has been crazy. It was in the 70’s during Christmas. Now it’s in the 40’s. The sudden changes are killing me! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day! I started a Princess bracelet for my daughter for Christmas. She loves roses so I’m getting her Belle’s rose and her dress!

    • Yay! Glad to hear it, this is a beautiful bracelet. :D Especially if you love Pandora heart charms! This bracelet (I should have said) is available in all the same sizes as the regular Moments bracelet – so it goes up to 9.1 inches. So you’ll be fine :D

      Thanks, Elizabeth – I’m feeling much better now! It seemed like everyone around me was sick, so it was inevitable that I catch something sooner or later. Hope you’re keeping well, despite the funny weather! We’ve had some unseasonable weather here in the UK as well. It’s been the mildest winter that I can remember for years!

      You have a lucky daughter with her Princess bracelet! I’m sure she’ll love the Belle pieces – and I hope you get your Wild Hearts murano too. It’s so cute in person :D

  19. Hello, I m from Romania and I bought this bracelet this monday. Mine it s really stiff, it almost looks like a bangle :)) The heart clasp doesn t lie s upright which i think it s because of the stiffness.. anyway ..the lady in store and my friends told me that in time it will stretch a bit and it will feel more comfortable worn with charms.
    Even though all above .. i love it !!! It s super elegant and fashionable! I totally recommend it!

  20. Not sure if I am emailing the right party, however I just got a bracelet with the pave heart clasp, on September 13th 2016. In the time frame my bracelet has fallen off multiple time! The clasp just comes undone and ill look down and see it on the floor. Is this common? What can I do? Is it defective? Please help! This is my first Pandora purchase and spent $400! Its not something I want to lose. Thank you

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