Today’s post brings my next review from the Pandora Valentine’s 2016 collection, with an in-depth look at the new Filled with Romance charm! This has been one of the collection’s most popular pieces – it’s ornate and elegant, and yet extremely versatile. :D

pandora valentine's 2016 filled with romance

Coming up for reviews, we have more Valentine’s 2016 pieces including the adorable Piggy Bank charm and the Ribbon of Love! :D In the meantime, read on for for some close-up shots and styling ideas for the Filled with Romance openwork heart!

Pandora Filled with Romance review

This was the charm that got people most excited when the Valentine’s 2016 previews first came out, and it’s not too hard to see why! It may not be the most original concept (it’s yet another Pandora heart), but the  is a lot more sophisticated than a lot of Pandora’s Valentine’s offerings and its ornate detailing is beautifully elegant.

pandora valentine's 2016 filled with romance

It has a lot of filigree beaded detailing,and the density of the various swirls gives it a dark, Gothic look in person. It strikes me as rather Victorian and intricate – it has a very classic style about it.

pandora valentine's 2016

No matter which angle you look at this charm from, it looks lovely! The detailing around the sides of the charm is possibly even lovelier than the front, as it each swirl comes together in a floral pattern. This also makes the Filled With Romance charm a great candidate for any spring bracelets you might be planning – it would be great with the openwork Roses charm for example! :)

pandora valentine's 2016 filled with romance

On the other hand, as you may be able to see here, it is quite a thick and substantial piece. Not only is it quite wide, it’s also quite tall – overall it’s surprisingly chunky! It towers over other pieces and takes up quite a bit of bracelet real estate, too. pandora valentine's 2016 filled with romance
Which brings us on to how you might style this charm! :)


One of my favourite aspects of this charm is its darker, sophisticated tone, so I thought I’d try it on my nature-themed oxidised bracelet, which has charms of a similar style. The Filled with Romance goes really well with other oxidised charms, such as the Floral Heart Padlock, which is similarly intricate – or with the black enamel Mystic Floral, which is also quite Gothic.

pandora valentine's 2016 filled with romance

If you read my Wild Hearts murano review, you’ll have seen this styling before – it does look lovely on the oxidised bracelet! <3

pandora valentine's 2016 wild hearts murano

Embracing the darker stylings for this charm, my next design idea features the purple leather bracelet. I recently acquired the retired Viking charm with the help of a lovely friend from the blog, and I love his quirkiness. It’s surprisingly cute! Its oxidised detailing goes well with the vintage, Gothic look of the Filled with Romance and I thought the Viking could always represent the idea of fighting for love… or something like that! ;) He’s especially sweet and very wearable when paired with softer, prettier charms – such as the Twice as Nice spacers.

pandora valentine's 2016 filled with romance

Finally, this is how I’m actually wearing my Filled with Romance charm – on my dark blue leather bracelet! I was thinking of adding a few pieces to go with it – including the Winter 2015 Fascinating Iridescent murano and the Starshine spacers, but I actually really like it just on its own for now. The FwR is something of a statement piece, and can more than hold its own!

pandora valentine's 2016 filled with romance


I know that we all get tired of hearts, but sometimes Pandora come out with a design that’s special enough to make you see past the fact that it is, in fact, another heart design. For me, the Filled with Romance is one of them! I love its vintage look, and the Gothic tones of its darker ornate detailing. It’s wonderfully versatile and its size means that it would be a great centrepiece too – although it can be hard to style with other charms for the same reason.

Its plain silver detailing also means that it’s nicely affordable, unlike many of the pavé pieces. The Filled with Romance is $35 USD or £25. If you’re in the UK, you can still purchase it along with the rest of the Pandora Valentine’s collection from authorised retailer John Greed. 

Have you bought this charm, or is it on your wish list? How are you wearing it?

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  1. Thank you for another lovely review and beautiful photos Ellie. I thought this was quite pretty before but wasn’t really sure if it’s boxy shape but it looks lovely on the bracelets alongside other charms. I might end up getting it one day but won’t add it to my wishlist just yet.

    The club charm for this year is quite pretty too. It’s the only one yet that I’ve had any interest in buying. I’m trying to be good at the moment though as I have bought quite a lot recently (oops). I’ve not seen anything I really love in the sneak peeks for spring/summer so that will help me not to spend too much. One of the new charms due to come out looks quite interesting though. It looks like it has starfish and pave stones on it. I quite like the parrot too but I don’t think I would wear it.
    Thank again,

    • Thanks, Hazel! :) Glad you enjoyed. It is a little chunkier than your average Pandora charm, but not terribly so – it’s not difficult to get around that on with the right placement of charms on your bracelet!

      This one would look great with the new Club charm! They have that same vintage beaded detail. I am trying to be good until March (or the Mother’s Day UK launch at least….) too, so we’ll see how that goes! :P I am actually excited to see stock images for summer. Those silver animals look really interesting to me!

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  2. Ellie,

    Thank you for reviewing this charm. I recently acquired one and have to echo all your comments, I love playing around with this charm, the cost is $40 in Canada. Great price point for such a versatile and classy charm. It looks great on my black triple with the red enamel hearts. You are so right about the Victorian styling.
    I love all your designs and thanks for showing how he Viking could be incorporated, I bought this charm because it had a Lord of The Rings feel to it, but the idea of Fighting for Love is great too.. In fact you have inspired me.
    Your comments about the size is dead on. For some reason size really works in this charms favour. It looks great up against a Murano or just on its’ own as you have illustrated.
    I am actually considering getting another because I would love to have one on my necklace, but I will wait until after the Spring Release because that is my priority.
    Love this charm and I think it is the one heart I will incorporate on an ongoing basis.
    Again, Ellie thanks for incorporating the Viking – he is quite charming.
    Hope you are getting some sleep, not sure where you find the hours in the day but hey, as long as you keep posting and styling bracelets I’ll keep reading!

    I love all the above design and plan to recreate some of them on my own bracelets.
    Lisa K.

    • Oops I meant that I will try and purchase another Filled With Romance Charm not another viking charm. Also the large size of the Filled With Romance Charm works in its’ favour – it has a great presence but still blends quite nicely on a full bracelet as you demonstrate on your first bracelet design.


    • Hi Lisa!
      Absolutely, it’s refreshing affordable ;) It was the charm I got on the release day and it was rather unusual for me to walk out of the store with only a £25 bill haha. Ooh, I love the idea of it with some black and red. Very dramatic and far away from Pandora’s constant emphasis on soft pinks.
      Glad you liked the Viking inspiration ;) I’m going to try and get him into some more reviews, as it’s just such a cool bead. I do wish there were some more fantasy charms to put him with. It would look great on a necklace – as a number of people have noted, it’s a great centrepiece and would be great for a focal point on a chain :D
      Thanks Lisa, I’m glad you’re enjoying the posts and that you’re not sick of them yet haha. I appreciate the encouragement <3 and I have more reviews and previews planned. The only thing that’s suffering with the blog is replying to comments on older posts & emails & Facebook etc. It’s hard to keep track :( but I’m doing my best haha.
      Glad you liked the inspiration for this charm, and it’s lovely to hear from someone who loves it as much as I do!

  3. Wow ellie, you have been busy with all your frequent posts this past week :) I saw this charm at the store and it is very pretty and reasonably priced. I really like it but i don’t think can buy a heart charm for myself. I feel that heart charms need to be gifted but my partner does not like Pandora so i probably would never get a heart charm! ( except for the new club charm why i will most likely buy but that is different bec its a club charm)

    • I have! I’ve taken today off though ;) I know what you mean about buying heart charms for yourself; I don’t mind buying the hearts for myself as there are so many Pandora hearts these days and I think they’re reasonably generic, but I draw the line at the really lovey-dovey charms. My OH recently got me the I Love You cube, which I’ve wanted for years but obviously wouldn’t buy for myself haha.

  4. Wow, i have never thought it can be so nice by itself.
    I helped my friend to get this in my last trip to Australia but never get it for myself as it just couldn’t fit into my V theme bracelet..
    After this review i am so tempted to get it together with navy blue leather bracelet.

    Btw, you mentioned to match it with 2015 fascinating iridescent murano. Mind to share how does it look like? Asi keen to get 2 fascinating iridescent murano to match my disney sorcerer hat and fantisia, may be can be used to style for this charm too?

    • Yeah, it’s definitely capable of holding its own! I love it on my navy leather :)

      Sorry I don’t have the Iridescent murano myself yet. It’s just an idea I had for a styling :) I’d have thought it would look great with the Sorcerer’s Hat and the Fantasia charms – they’re all a nice deep blue and sparkly! :)

  5. Phew, so many heart charms on my wish list this year! Birthday month heart, Pandora Club 2016 Charm, Love & Appreciation Rose Gold charm, and now Filled with Romance… that’s already 4 heart shaped charms on my wish list including Filled with Romance! I think I have an obsession and a trend going on ?

    • Ah, those are some of the nicest heart charms <3 The Pandora Rose Love & Appreciation charm is particularly lovely! You can't really avoid hearts when you're a Pandora collector, so I wouldn't worry haha! :P

  6. This looks like a great centerpiece bead. I like to put the Picking Daisies openwork bead between a pair of muranos. It’s a good sized bead. So this one looks like another really good centerpiece bead (that doesn’t cost much). It also looks great alone. I really like it on your dark blue leather bracelet. Perla mentioned putting it on her red leather bracelet. I bet that would look great!

    • Yes, its size means that it would definitely work well as a centrepiece! Especially with some muranos to compete with it in size. ^^ Thanks Judy, it looks great on the leathers for a more casual but pretty look. I almost did a red leather styling for this review – it does look great with the red! :D

  7. Love this charm! I totally need to get an oxidized bracelet with all these dark trends going on. Totally matches my style. I love oxidized and detailed charms, so this is a charm for me. I really like the clips on your oxidized bracelet because they look so cool. I wish they were still available. Fortunately, I found a lot of charm lookalikes for that, but I still wish I had gotten the dark one while it was still available.The last design is also cool, but I don’t wear leather. I just gave my two leather bracelets to my grandma and she is happy with them. Maybe I just have to be creative, and make a dark synthetic bracelet for my charms! Thx for sharing!

    • Cindy, I believe that Pandora still sells the black fabric string bracelet with the round silver clasp. I purchased the teal fabric bracelet two years ago and have been very pleased with it. It’s a nice alternative to the leather and it’s reasonably priced at $35 USD.

    • Ooh yes, you should definitely try the oxi bracelet if you haven’t already! I have almost as many oxi bracelets as plain silver. They look great with just about any colour or style you care to put with them. :)
      The Rockstar clips are lovely. I’m still surprised that they got retired, as I used to see a lot of people with them. Making your own bracelet would be rather creative and a nice thing to do! Good luck if you do decide to go that route ;) Thanks for commenting!

  8. I just bought this charm today so it is great to see all these lovely stylings! I got it as I was in York for the weekend and loved the architectural style of the Minster. Of course I had to visit the Pandora shop too, and this heart is so ornate and elegant that I felt it would be a lovely reminder of the trip and the beautiful buildings we saw, but I hadn’t thought about how I was going to use it yet. This is so helpful, thank you so much Ellie!

    • Ooh this post was well-timed, then! ^^ York is a beautiful city – I almost went to uni there, which would have been lovely in retrospect. I’d love to visit it again. The Filled with Romance is a great reminder for your trip, I totally get what you mean about all the link between the beautiful architecture and the ornate patterning of this bead! I’m really glad the review was helpful, and thank you for commenting Debbie! :)

  9. I like 2016 LE Club charm more than Filled with Romance. I like Pandora 3D puffy heart which is perfectly shape but not their 2D flat surface heart. I have LE Vintage, Signature Heart, 2015 LE Club charm, You & Me dangle, Heart clasp bracelet & LE paved Heart bangle. I really like the delicate design of Fill with a Romance but not the shape, just wait for the perfect one come out.

    • I get what you mean about the 3D versus the 2D shape of the hearts. The Filled with Romance is definitely a little boxier than the normal puffy heart charms, but then you get those lovely clean filigree patterns that are very beautiful to me! So I guess it comes down to taste. The 2016 Club charm would be a good alternative – it has that beaded detailing and the 3D shape! You have a lovely collection of heart charms there. The Vintage Heart is another favourite of mine!

      • After not spending since Boxing Day, I got a call from Outlet store about new retired items. I bought 2 toned Love Banquet Can $40, 2 toned Purse $50 & 2 Tendrel clips $70. I was lucky to get the last Purse. I am collecting 2 toned charms, LE Vintage Heart, LE Bear, Pandora’s Box, Flower Basket, X’mas Tree, Love & Guidance dangle and Filled with Love ( free ). Now, I understanding why Pandora’s fan love 2 toned so much after I put all my 2 toned on a bracelet which is a real jewelry piece. Love it!

        • 2 toned Cinderalla’s Coach is with X’mas Holy on mini X’mas bracelet. 2 toned X’mas Tree with Light of Tree & X’mas Elves on the other mini X’Mas bracelet.

        • Hi Michele, mind to share what sale is that? Location? I’m so happy that you grab so many two tones bead as i myself love two tones a lot too!!
          I’m building two tone bracelet also, will share in mora pandora facebook once it is done. I yet to get the two tones bracelet as it is soOOoo pricey…

        • Pandora outlet store in Tanger Mall at Cookstown & Fashion Outlet at St. Catherine. I usually go to Cookstown just 40 minutes driving & shop for other stuff like Coach, Polo, Tommy, …with my husband to have fun. They have special sales during promotion, I got already 30% off retired Paved Charm buy 2 get 1 free, LE Paved Star bangle with Light of Star bundle $110, 2 toned X’mas Tree, X’mas Elves & Silver Present bundle $85 after X’mas Sales and have 3 2014 X’mas Sleigh oranments Free. I was so happy for what I hor for such a good price. I am spending Canadian $ so that don’t to shop on a Rue La La, they have the same thing but Outlet store has even better deal. You can google to check Outlet store location near you, I was Las Vegas Outlet store last X’mas but didn’t get anything because the exchange rate. I am new collector since last March so I have to look for the discounted retired charm.

        • There is a chance to get the Free 2 toned bracelet or bangle with spend Can $550 31 March to 3rd April. I would love to have one if I can find enough charms to meet $550. I am very picky to spend on jewelry, discounted, GWP, free gift, ha!ha! Brand name with excellent workmanship. I collect Pandora Moment line the most then just start Thomas Sabo Karma line.

        • Wow, that’s really good deal!!!
          Unfortunately we don’t have any pandora outlet in Asia here. The price is so expensive here and i always shop in Australia when i travel there…
          Ruelala is something new to me and i managed to get LE star pave bangle and two tone celebration cake from there at the moment. The item on sale are limited design, nothing much catch my eyes. Hopefully there will be more collection in next sale. I also newbie to Pandora stuff, started last year only, trying to hunt for some retired two tone charms also. Really thank you so much for great information above. Will get friend to help when they travel to US … :))

        • My neice 18 years old visited me from Hong Kong last Sept. I bought her a bracelet with 2 clips & 3 charms during Sept free charm promotion. I got 2 free charms with Can $250 spending. During promotion, our price is 30-40% less than Hong Kong. Pandora fan bought here bring back to Asia. They spend $2000 to $3000 easily.

  10. Hi Ellie,
    So glad you reviewed this heart, this is the only piece I acquired form the Vday release and I absolutely love it! This charm, is beautiful, unique, lovely, romantic and just plain great. I agree that this charm can hold his own however I prefer it with more charms that way you could use it with a few other unique or meaningful charms and really make a special bracelet out of it. I will be adding this to a classic silver bracelet (just waiting to get a few more pieces when the new releases come out). I hope Pandora continues with this filigree type styling because I find it so unique and I love it.
    ps- I been secretly wanting the Viking myself (and literally missed out on one site now its gone ;( )

    • Hi Alex! It is a beauty! If I had to choose one charm from the collection, it would be so hard to choose between this one and the Wild Hearts murano. I think they are my joint favourites :) I’m sure your silver bracelet will look lovely! I’d like some more beads with the same kind of oxidised beaded detail. It’s so beautiful and vintage in style, and just the sort of thing I love.
      Aw, I’m sorry to hear about Tekla and the Viking :( it’s weird that they did that! He’s rather hard to find these days. I was lucky that Chrysa could find me one in the Greek sale!

  11. Hi Ellie, thanks for another great review. You have been busy but I have to say I’ve been enjoying every new post from you. This charm is on my wish list. I am hoping to get it soon. Like you said I think it will go well with just about anything. Looking forward to the next review. Any stock photos of the Spring/ Mothers Day collection yet ?

    • Hi Linda! You are welcome – glad you are enjoying the posts! This is a lovely charm, and so versatile as you say. Stock images for Spring & Mother’s Day soon I hope :)

  12. Absolutely beautiful stylings! The one with the Viking especially called out to me. I like the ” Fighting for Love” analogy. I have the floral heart padlock and love its oxidised effect. The intricate filigree design of this charm appeals to me very much. You are right that it holda its own weight. I love it on its own too. Definitely putting this charm onto top of my list. For some reason, I never get tired of hearts.

    • Thanks Ariane! <3 The Fighting for Love idea is cheesy, but I just like the idea of putting such a quirky classic Pandora charm with one of their newer-style hearts. The intricacy of this design is the thing I love most about this charm, as well - it goes really well with a lot of Pandora's older designs. Pandora do a lot of hearts, but in amongst the more generic ones, they do come up with some lovely original designs - like this one and the upcoming Club charm!

  13. I just bought this beautiful charm last week at just AUD$39, it’s very affordable. I’m styling it with a mixture of new and old charms. I’m glad you mentioned the openwork rose, because I have it on the opposite side of the heart. The theme of my bracelet is enchanted forest. It has some fairytale charms, last spring primroses charms and spacer, 2 olive muranos, wildflower murano, the retired dress and bicycle. How I wish I can take a picture and share it with you.

    • Yes, that’s the other nice thing about it – it’s so affordable compared to just about everything else from the collection! ^^ I keep meaning to get the openwork Roses, but there always seems to be something ahead of it on my wish list. I’m going to try and take a look at it next time I’m in store though. ^^
      I’d love to see your bracelet! You could share it on the Mora Pandora Facebook page if you have an account, or you could email a pic to me at It sounds beautiful, and I just got the olive facets myself – I’d love some inspiration if you do manage to get a photo! :)

  14. Hi Ellie. I really love the Filled with Romance charm on your dark blue leather bracelet. I originally placed mine on my Valentine’s Day/heart-themed bracelet, but with its darker look, I thought it may work on my starry night-themed bracelet with a lot of darker blue charms, and I think it looks great! I also really like the look of this charm paired with the Floral Padlock.

    • Hi Joanne! Thanks, that’s where my Filled with Romance is staying for now. I might add to it later, but for now I’m enjoying something a little simpler. I bet it looks great on your starry night-themed bracelet – I was originally going to do a ‘Cosmic Love’/’Midnight Romance’ theme for this review on the navy leather with some starry pieces but, as you can see, left it on its own in the end. But I’m glad to hear that you went for it! <3

  15. Thanks for such inspiring photos Ellie! The Filled with Romance charm was my absolute favorite from the Valentine’s collection and I love your styling ideas! Like you, I have been wearing my charm alone on my blue metallic leather bracelet. It’s a lovely statement piece! Today, I decided to try something a little different. I added FWR to my already “completed” Fairy tale/Romance bracelet. I switched my Sparkle of Love for the FWR and I am quite pleased with the results. It complements my other oxidized charms such as Songbird and the Royal Crown and looks lovely next to my Pink Looking Glass murano.

    • Thanks, glad you liked them! It was a very easy charm to photograph, it’s beautiful. I can imagine this charm looking absolutely lovely with the fairy-tale charms – especially the Song Bird, with its oxidised cage. <3 It must be difficult deciding which bracelet to keep it on ^^ I'd be tempted to add it to my two-tone fairy-tale bracelet, but that's been full for a long time now, aha. I have the Vintage Heart on it and it's one of my favourite bracelets to wear! :)

  16. Beautiful Ellie, and gorgeous stylings and photos as always <3 Initially I didn't think much of this charm and haven't seen it in person yet, but I do really like it after seeing your pics so I will have to look at it when I go for the bracelet promo! I also like the Locked Hearts with the gold which is a similar idea to this. I love your Viking too, so cute!

    • Thanks so much Natalie! :) This charm immediately appealed to me, but mostly because I love that intricate beaded look and anything that looks vaguely vintage in style, haha. The Locked Hearts is a lovely alternative, although a fair bit pricer! Glad you like the Viking. I would never have predicted getting him when I first started collecting Pandora, but in the last year or so the quirkier charms have really started to appeal to me! Pairing them with some of the new girlier charms makes for some really unusual combinations. It’s fun to mix and match old & new style Pandora, incongruous as they can be!

      • Yeah, if I get Locked Hearts it will for sure be at promo time, I don’t mind a pricier charm if I’m getting a free bracelet with it ;-)

        I love all the quirky character charms, I don’t have the Viking but I always thought he was cute. I mix all styles or sizes of charms, somehow it always works out!

  17. Hi Ellie!
    Thanks a lot for so many lovely reviews you’ve done this week. Many a time your posts made me look at some pieces differently. This is just the case with the Filled with Romance charm. I haven’t got any hearts so far and was seriously considering to buy the Locked Hearts which is a bit costly. But you mentioned the FwR being Victorian and… now I’m really in two minds))) I definitely have to see it in person so as soon the Valentine’s Day collection turns up ( it hasn’t emerged in my country yet) I’ll run)) This piece really looks as if it will be popular and I don’t want to miss it as it happened with the last year’s Orchid.
    One more thing. The images look so sharp that I am able to see every single bead on the heart!!! I am so happy about it!!! Thank you, Ellie, you are a fairy)))

    • Hi Mila!
      You’re welcome, glad you’re enjoying them <3. The Locked Hearts and this charm are very similar in style – this one is a great alternative, if you’re looking for something a little more affordable. I also love the oxidised Victorian look of this one – you should definitely give it a look over when the Valentine’s collection arrives there (I’m surprised that it hasn’t already!). The Orchid isn’t retired, so you should be able to find one still though?

      Yes, I think I fixed the iPad images problem last night! After a lot of research, it turns out that my blog’s layout was incompatible with a mobile image sizing feature in my website’s software. I’ve installed a temporary fix although ultimately the best thing to do will be to change the layout (which is on the agenda anyway). But anyway – I’m very glad it’s working properly now! And thank you so much for flagging it up in the first place, or I probably wouldn’t have known about it at all. <3


  18. Hi Ellie I love this charm and its so affordable, and very intricate design I didn’t realise how chunky and wide it was thought. I love all the styling you have done, I see you got the navy leather bracelet I very nice and on my wishlist.

    • Hi Nicola! :) It is pretty chunky, but you can mitigate that by putting it with the right pieces – or just wearing it on its own! ^^ I love the navy leather. Originally I was going to put the Fascinating Iridescent on it, but now I like it as it is!

  19. Ellie, I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work this week! You’ve outdone yourself and I’m enjoying all your posts.

    I also may be interested in the FWR charm… It’s a beautiful and sophisticated way to symbolize a special love in one’s life. Thank you for the wonderful photos!

    • Hi Kris! Thank you very much, it’s appreciated :D It’s been a fun week and I’m glad you haven’t got tired of the posts. The FwR is a gorgeous piece, and there are so many beautiful stylings that you could do with it. It’s one of those beads where it seems weird to only pick two or three for review as there are any number of colour schemes or ideas you could put it with :)
      Thanks for commenting!

  20. As you can see, I’m working my way backwards through your posts :P I agree with everyone above, because it’s such a vintage looking heart with oxidised detailing, it’s actually really good with a lot of the darker coloured muranos and bracelets :D

    I love it on your navy bracelet! I have yet to get the navy leather, but I think that may get pushed back by the light blue one coming out in March :P Your analogy for the Viking was lovely! I’d never have thought to use him for that, you’re a genius Ellie :D

    I’m trying to limit my “heart” collection too. I don’t have too many but they seem to be growing… slowly….I personally find the hearts very difficult to style, but the FWR fits effortlessly with most of the charms I put it next to! Absolutely adore it! This is the first heart charm I have really really liked :)

    Thanks for all your lovely posts and photos Ellie! You’ve been phenomenal this past week, and flown through writing and collating all the previews one by one, day by day. Amazing :) *hugs* xxx

    • Haha, thanks Suzy! I love the Filled with Romance with some darker more dramatic bracelets & stylings too. It’s so vintage and elegant, and it looks at its best if you bring out that sophistication I think. I loved your styling with it, with the olive facets and Coffee Pot that you showed me :)
      I think the light blue leather is a Summer 2016 release, from what I understand (although I could be wrong). So you have a little longer to indulge in that navy blue one ^^ I don’t find hearts too hard to style as they have become quite generic, decorative beads to me- Pandora do so many of them! They make nice centrepieces or filler beads for symmetry. It takes a special heart charm, like this one, for me to really take notice haha. Glad to hear that you’ve had success with this one too!
      Aw, thank you so much Suzy! I do appreciate it. It’s been a lot of fun this past week and it’s so nice reading everyone’s feedback. Hugs to you too! xxx

  21. I spy the viking! Thanks for showing me how to use him. I have been using my twin vikings on my no theme anything goes bracelet! I had been to see the wild hearts murano and filled with romance a few times now, and I like filled with romance a lot more. Not going to get the wild hearts murano as i want to see the new pink and purple muranos.

    • You do indeed! I’ll try and get him into a few more upcoming reviews as well :P The Filled with Romance and Wild Hearts murano are tied as my favourite from the Valentine’s collection! But I’ll be getting the new Spring muranos as well ;) I’m something of a murano addict!

  22. Hi Ellie,
    It was one of my favorite, but I don’t know why I have waiting before buying, and now I know : I prefer the club charm !
    It will be the first time that I will buy it.A few months ago, Pandora have make a questionnaire about the charm club, I had written amongst other things that one needed the charm club does not resemble any other, I’ve been heard ! Sweet !
    Nice day Ellie ;)

    • Hi Isabelle! Haha, I think a number of people will be hanging on for that lovely Club charm. It has the same vintage, beaded look and it has a 3D shape, which I think appeals to a lot of people more! :)
      Good work on that questionnaire! ;) That was the most disappointing thing about last year’s Club charm. It wasn’t particularly original or special enough, compared to the 2014 Hidden Heart charm. This one is much better!
      Have a nice day too Isabelle and thanks for commenting! <3

  23. I saw this charm in store and liked it for the detailing on it. It might be one I buy in the future. I like it best with your first styling, I think it looks nice with the cherry blossom clips.
    Thanks for another great review. look forward to your next one.

    • Thanks Sarah! I was tempted to leave it on that bracelet but was won over by how nice it looks on the navy leather. It’s great as an alternative to the heavier charm bracelets once in a while.
      Thanks for commenting – new reviews are coming soon!

    • A number of people have said the same! :) The 2016 Club charm that’s coming up would be a good alternative for a 3D shape.
      Have a happy week too! <3

  24. I’m happy to see that you reviewed this charm, Ellie! I have one too and thought it was interesting to read your thoughts on it. Totally echo your sentiments about this piece looking great as a centerpiece, but can be a little hard to style next to other charms. Nevertheless, I love the look and the details, and I find myself wearing it quite often since I bought it. :)

    • Yes, I remember seeing your lovely picture before I got mine and being really excited to see it for myself! :) The details are beautiful, and are definitely strong enough to be worn alone. It would work with other charms particularly if used as a centrepiece, or perhaps with other murano beads I think!

  25. Hi Ellie!
    My grandfather (my mom’s father) passed away on Sunday morning, that’s why I’ve disappeared for a while…
    I see you keep going in the meantime Tireless Ellie! Your photos are great, it’s obvious you improved their quality somehow. The fact that the rose petal just behind the FwR heart (especially on the 2nd picture) is like woman’s lips was intentional or it’s just my imagination?
    The FwR heart is on my wishlist! I find it gorgeous despite its size and I must say I loved the way you used it with the Viking! The “Fight for love” idea was genius and made me want him too! His success among comments was really beyond my expectations; did you expect it?
    Thank you for all your restless energy, your hard work and for making me smile after these hard days! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa – I’m so sorry to hear about your grandfather. My thoughts are with you and your family, and I’m sending lots of love and hugs all the way from the UK. ♥♥
      I had not thought of the lips analogy, but that’s cute! I wanted something red in the background and I’d just been given some roses. So into the photos they went! Had you been having issues with the photographs being fuzzy as well then? I’ve just installed a fix for that issue, which is why they may well be a lot clearer than they were before!
      It is a beautiful charm, definitely deserving of a place on your wish list <3 The little Viking did strike a chord, didn't he? I knew a couple of people were interested to see how I might style him - but I think the fact that he's so detailed and quirky makes him appealing anyway! I miss Pandora's classic beads. ^^
      Thank you for your lovely comment Chrysa, and my condolences for your grandfather once again. Lots of love and my best wishes ♥♥♥

      • Thank you for your sweet reply Ellie, I appreciate your support!
        Well, I didn’t realise there was sth wrong with pictures so far. It’s the comparison that made me tell the difference! I thought they were clear enough, but since last post colours are vivid and I can see even the slightest details! As if you used a normal camera before, and a professional one now! Great work, thank you! ♥♥♥

        • Any time, my dear! :)
          I actually got a slightly better camera for Christmas than the one I was using before. But I’ve been using a DSLR for a while now. Although I’m getting better at actually understanding what all the settings do as I go haha! <3

  26. I also purchased this charm because I thought it was beautiful and affordable!! I wasn’t sure how to style it though. Originally I had it on a bangle with the love locks dangle charm and the in my heart violet enamel charm. I just wasn’t thrilled with it because I thought it was too many hearts and they kind of overwhelmed each other. I have the light green leather bracelet from last Summer with some green beads on it. I decided to add it to this bracelet because two of the charms are the green lucky clover charm from last year and the oxidized sphere clip. Well, now I love it!! The vintage look of the heart with the green and the oxidized color really complement each other. It also stays up in the right direction better on the leather. I love how you put it on the dark blue leather!!

    • Hi Jackie! Sounds like you hit on a beautiful styling – I love this charm on a leather, and the green leather is such a great choice! I hadn’t thought of it before, but now that you say it, the green would go so well with the vintage swirls of the charm. :D And yes, it does stay in place better on the leather. I think there’s more resistance.
      Thanks for commenting, and enjoy your new bracelet design! <3

  27. I didn’t get to see the review for this charm but saw it in the store and what a beauty! Such a beauty in person. I had to add it to my collection. Truly pretty. The design is unique and very vintage.

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