*UPDATED 01/03/16 with prices* Today’s post finally brings a preview of the Pandora Spring 2016 collection, with stock images for the upcoming charms! This year’s release is entitled Poetic Blooms, and invokes the beauty of Pandora’s most popular existing floral and natural designs – there’s a wealth of cherry blossoms, daisies, primroses and butterflies. The collection is due out on the 17th of March, so there’s a little while to wait yet!

pandora spring 2016 campaign

This preview encompasses just the Moments charms & bracelets that are coming out for Pandora Spring 2016 – I have annotated the charms with their names, where I have them, but I don’t have the prices for these yet. *UPDATED* I now have pricing for all the charms in USD and euros. Enjoy!

Before we start: You are welcome to share these collages, but I do ask that you please leave the morapandorablog.com URL in place on the image and the watermarks intact! :)

Pandora Spring 2016 Preview

First up for the Pandora Spring 2016 collection, we have the new Smooth Silver Clasp bracelet, which is a new thread-less version of Pandora’s classic charm bracelet with a spherical clasp. It’s essentially a Pandora Essence bracelet scaled-up for the Moments line.

pandora spring 2016 smooth clasp threadless bracelet

Accompanying this bracelet, we have the Shining Elegance spacer-clips, pictured in the collage below. These are hinged and silicone-lined, and are designed to section off threadless bracelets such as the new Smooth Silver Clasp bracelet, the bangle and the leather bracelets.

There are also some other more generic decorative pieces, with a pink and purple colour scheme. My favourites of these are the gorgeous shimmering muranos, in pastel pink and purple! It looks like there’s a lovely glitter running underneath that glass.

Pandora Spring 2016 Preview - Decorative

Prices are as follows:-

Purple & Pink Shimmer muranos – $50 USD / 39€

Shining Elegance clips (silver) – $45 USD / 39€

Shining Elegance (gold) – $285 USD / 199€

Shimmering Droplets – $70 USD / 65€

Radiant Hearts (gold) – $400 USD / 349€

There are a lot of new floral designs, continuing the pink & purple colour scheme. Pandora have written themselves that the collection pays homage to previous popular floral designs, as evidenced most prominently in the Poetic Blooms jewellery. Many of these new charms will seem quite familiar to you as a consequence!

However, the Blooming Dahlia, Apple Blossom, Floral Daisy Lace  and purple Forget-Me-Not charms represent new floral designs from Pandora.

Pandora Spring 2016 Preview - Flowers

Prices are as follows:-

Pink Primrose clip – $40 USD / 35€

Poetic Blooms – $65 USD / 55€

Poetic Blooms heart – $60 USD / 49€

Poetic Blooms pendant – $50 USD / 39€

Cherry Blossom clip – $65 USD / 55€

Sparkling Apple Blossom – $80 USD / 65€

Blooming Dahlia pendant – $55 USD / 45€

Blooming Dahlia clip – $60 USD / 49€

White Primrose clip – $60 USD / 55€

Dazzling Floral – $85 USD / 75€

Floral Daisy Lace clip – $40 USD / 39€

Floral Daisy Lace pendant – $35 USD / 29€

Forget-me-not charm – $80 USD / 65€

Forget-me-not pendant – $50 USD / 45€

Forget-me-not spacer – $45 USD / 35€

The Blooming Dahlia clip looks especially pretty in this live shot from Pandora:

pandora blooming dahlia

Also honouring past designs are the nature-themed charms. These continue the pink enamel colour scheme, with a mixture of motifs taken from the existing Dazzling Daisy, Petite Butterfly and Dragonfly Meadow designs. The stand-out charm for me from these designs is the beautiful Flower Garden murano, which looks just as gorgeous in the live images.

The Bunny is the newest addition to Pandora’s range of cake-pop-inspired animal charms, and is one of my favourites so far!

Pandora Spring 2016 Preview - Nature

Prices for the US are as follows:-

Flower Garden – $55 USD / 39€

Dazzling Daisy Fairy – $60 USD / 59€

Spring Time – $50 USD / 49€

Remarkable Rabbit – $30 USD / 29€

Dazzling Butterfly (Fluttering Butterflies) – $55 USD / 45€

Spring Garden – $60 USD / 49€

Next up, we have the new Vintage alphabet series (obviously there will be A-Z, but I only have the first five images for some reason). *UPDATED 04/02/16* I now have the full set of stock images! :D The existing CZ letter pendants are being retired in many regions, and these seem to be Pandora’s next go at letter charms. ^^ These are my favourite alphabet charms Pandora have done to date; I love their old-fashioned, quaint style and I’m sure they’ll be popular!

You can enlarge the collage to see all the details. These will be $45 USD / 35€ each.

pandora spring 2016 letters a-e

Finally, we have this Bride & Groom (Our Special Day) charm to finish off this collection! This didn’t really fit with any of the other themes – one side features the bride’s wedding dress, and the other the groom’s tuxedo. These are in the same openwork ‘button’ style that Pandora introduced in Autumn 2015, with cut-out hearts around the edge of the charms.

This is $50 USD / 39€.

Pandora Spring 2016 Preview - Bride & Groom

My Comment

The pieces that I like from this collection I really like – I am excited to try out the new smooth silver Moments bracelet, along with the silicone spacers (I’m hoping that the Poetic Blooms/Cherry Blossom spacer is also silicone-lined!). I also have to have the Flower Garden murano and both of the Pink Purple shimmer muranos, which all look beautiful. :D The Dazzling Daisy Fairy is pretty, too, despite being derivative – and the Spring Time pendant disc charm with the pink enamel is also cute.

Nevertheless, I would like to see more charms that are quirky or character-based, like the London Guard or Ladybird charms from last year’s Spring collection. On that note – I think that this selection represents all the charms coming out for Spring 2016 (I was told this was all there is for Spring), but if I find anything else I will update this post! :)

What do you think of this year’s Spring selection? Have any made it on to your wish list?

118 Comments on Pandora Spring 2016 Collection Preview (updated with prices)

  1. Oh my goodness, that bunny! They are my favourite animals and I am yet to have one for my bracelet, I think the bunny head is going to come home with me lol. The florals are just gorgeous this Spring!

    • The bunny is very sweet – I don’t usually like the animal heads, but the bunny is one of the nicer ones! <3 I like the florals as well, but they're too similar to previous years for me to be really excited about them. The Dazzling Daisy Fairy is the one that stands out most for me!

  2. I see one issue here – how on earth is the safety chain gonna stay on the bracelet?? Surely it’s gonna drop straight off! Apart from this I’m not bothered about any of this, far too many flowers for me haha!! X

    • Lol I thought that! And yet they have the silver daisy safety chain on the bracelet in the campaign image? I’m not sure how that will work tbh!
      Quite a few flowers in the Mother’s Day 2016 collection as well! :/ But at least you have the Essence safety chain to look forward to haha. x

  3. Wow Ellie, another post! :D

    My first question would be… how do the existing safety chains stay on the new thread-less bracelet? Being thread-less and all… it sort of defeats the purpose in using the older safety chains lol :P Do you think they’ll be bringing out a new chain for that bracelet? I only realised this when I looked carefully at your first picture lol.

    I adore the new muranos! They are so so pretty! Out of the poetic blooms, the only one I really like is the dangle. The nature theme I think they did really well – they all have a bit of an edge in terms of design compared to the other charms, and I particularly like that dazzling fairy openwork! The disc dangle reminds me of how they did the Family Heritage charm – one I have still yet to get, but is beautiful in person! I’m not a fan of the button-style charms but…. I’m drawn to the cut-out butterflies… haha. We’ll see about that one, I’m not a light pink fan, I tend to go for deeper pinks as the lighter colour looks washed out on me :P

    I love how they brought out 4 colours for the silicone spacers! The shimmering droplets below them scream out “Chamilia” to me though… o.O I’m excited! I’ll do some more sleuthing towards the end of the month when my store gets their new booklets, haha. I’ve befriended an SA that also gets her charms abroad – I think she can empathise with me on some level :P

    Lastly, I’m not someone that wears my initials or name, but I really really love the vintage touch to the alphabet letters – the “S” may just make it’s way on my wishlist :D

    Thanks for such a colourful post on the upcoming new collection! I’m in the mood for Spring now :D xxx

    • Yeah, that is the million dollar question right now! :P I can’t see how the safety chain would stay on the bracelet, or not from how they’ve styled it in that campaign image. The only way I could see it working is if you put a clip or a silicone spacer after the safety chain at the end of the bracelet, so that it wouldn’t slide off? But hey, a new safety chain would be nice! They seem to be making lots of them at the moment, so here’s hoping ;)

      The muranos are my favourites, and they’re what make this collection for me! <3 So pretty! I like the Poetic Blooms dangle, and I'm tempted to get it as a centrepiece for my existing pink floral oxi bracelet (pictured in my last review). And yes, I totally get what you mean about the Family Heritage dangle - it's like they crossed it with the Sweet Mother charm from last year. ^^

      I like the vintage letters as well, even though I’ve never wanted my initial either haha. Maybe I’ll just cave and get an ‘E’ and a ‘G’ for me and my OH :P

      Thanks for commenting Suzy! Love reading your commentary, it’s always so nice and detailed xx

        • I agree! I love the cursive “E”…. I wish they did that for the “S”….. It would have looked so pretty..

        • I’ve uploaded the rest now Cindy, what do you think? I potentially ‘E’ and ‘G’, but the ‘G’ looks quite like a ‘J’!

  4. I don’ like the spring collection. It’s full of synthetic stones and enamel. Only the murano seems to be the most beautiful of whole collection. Everywhere are rhinestones!!!! I miss silver. All the older and discontinued charms were much nicer !!!

    • Yeah, I get that. I was surprised by how few character beads there are in this selection, although it’s possible that I am missing a few stock images. The muranos are definitely the highlight for me!

  5. Wow, Ellie, u really amazing! Like i always told my bf, you are fast and furious!!!
    My vote- Flower garden murano, daisy fairy and clear CZ silicon spacer! I will wanna compare purple and pink murano with disney spring purple and pink murano before i make final decision. But always, my mind changed when i step into Pandora stores :(((
    Looking at the bunny, i think of easter bunny with basket, any idea if that bead still available? I prefer that one…

    • Haha, thanks! I was so excited to finally get these pics :D :D I was a little torn between deciding between the regular and the Disney murano beads, but of course I won’t be able to compare them in person as we don’t have Disney here in the UK!

      The Easter Bunny has just retired in some regions, but is still available in some I think…

      • I see… I will take some picture of spring murano and disney murano side by side if they are available in Aus.
        Easter bunny, where are you, i will want to start hunting again..

        Btw i find the forest fairy bead may match with Spring murano and daisy fairy too, what do you think? I remember u posted review on forest fairy.

        • Aw, that’s kind of you! I’d appreciate that :)

          Definitely! All those three beads would go beautifully together.

    • I think we’ll end up getting them all…. :P
      This happened to me last year when we had several shades of blue come out! I’m still buying those slowly….. I think it’ll be the same with these pink/purple muranos …. (must… save … up… lol!)

  6. Too many lovely pieces that I wan to get. The flower garden murano, dazzling daisy fairy, spring time, the vintage letters, poetic bloom and cherry blossoms clip. Not forgetting the club charm, Tinkerbell charm and new Disney bracelet. I’m in deep trouble with my wallet.

    • Same for me…. I loved Blooming Dahlia charms, they look so different, pastel colors, match with pearls…

    • Glad you’ve seen lots you like! My must-haves are the three muranos, Maximus from Disney, the bracelet,and some silicone-spacers – I’ll also probably get the Dazzling Daisy Fairy, one of the Poetic Blooms pieces and the Club charm. The letters are a maybe ;)

  7. The main thing that I have always disliked about Pandora and why I went for Lovelinks first is the lack of really nice clips; there seemed to be too many plain looking silver ones, more function above style for my tastes. I love all these new clips in different colours and flowers :-). I always thought that the 5 clip bracelet was a really good idea but the lack of really decorative clips put me off getting it. I am not surprised that it has retired, maybe they should bring it back now there are more clips for it :-). My first Pandora bracelet was the 1 clip but I had trouble finding enough clips that I liked to change around on it. so I don’t wear it that much :-/.

    • I’ve always liked Pandora’s clips, although as you say their range has really expanded over the last couple of years! I like that they’re still producing the plain silver styles as well as the pretty colourful clips. I just got the Feathered clips and they are lovely!

  8. Hi Ellie,
    Oh oh, fortunately you have post in the morning ! If not I will have still spent a bad night to make plans !
    I hope that they will make a new safety chain, I can’t wear a bracelet without. But I will certainly not buying one with a Pandora logo, I am not a human publicity ! That’s why I haven’t a charm letter, I remember my name and the names which who I love ;)
    But you right they are lovely the new one.
    I like the idea for the silicone-lined spacers, but I will have preferred some silver plain. To be able to make softer, less brilliant bracelets.
    I missed it some pendant, I love have plenty of pendant on my bracelet ! And Pandora did it ! May be one on mother of pearl would be nice…
    Only criticism is why put as much CZ, will pandora never hear its customers who say that they could put some less, or much less ?
    j_44 !
    Nice day ;)

    • Hi Isabelle! It will be interesting to find out about whether there will be a safety chain for this new bracelet, or whether the existing ones are compatible :) I don’t like very heavily-branded things either! There are two new regular safety chains coming out for Mother’s Day, which is fun – one does have ‘PANDORA’ written on it (like the Loving Pandora clip), but I expect I will get it anyway as I am always desperate for new safety chains ^^
      I’d like a plain silver silicone clip as well! Until then, I’ll go for the Poetic Blooms one I think!
      I guess CZ & pavé must be selling, or Pandora wouldn’t keep adding it to everything :/ it is a shame for long-term collectors who like the plain silver character designs! At least there are a couple for summer.
      Thanks for commenting Isabelle and have a nice day too!

  9. I think all the charms are pretty … if only they were all silver! I don’t think i will get anything with alot of pave or enamel anymore. I would have loved to get the White Primose clip and the Pink Flower clips but I won’t be because of the enamel. I love the Flower Garden murano and will definitely be getting there. The plain silver daisy lace clip is also interesting looking but I need to see the size of it as it seems abit large. I’m pleased there isn’t too much i want from the Spring collection as I want to start buying some of the older all silver charms before they retire.

    • I am dialling back on the pavé pieces I will be getting in this collection as well – top of my wish list are the traditional glass beads, and the new bracelet! But I will probably get the enamel Poetic Blooms pendant, as it’s pretty and would be a great centrepiece for a bracelet i already have. I’m quite a fan of the enamel beads, and the sparklier beads in moderation, although it would be great to see more plain silver beads to complement them.
      Now is definitely the time to be stocking up on the older designs! Pandora are retiring them quite aggressively and they go quickly in the sales :) I’ve been slowly collecting the silver animals while they’re still available!

  10. I prefer threated Moment bracelet which is different to other brands, I think Moment is the only threated brand name bracelet. I only put charms in between 2 clips only without safety chain. Don’t want to spend for smooth bracelet & silicon clips. My shopping list will be Floral murano, Rapuzel murano, Club charm for sure.

    • Fair enough! I think Chamilia have a similar system to this new bracelet with their bracelet and locks :) that’s a good wish list, I think I’ll be wanting those three as well!

      • I have Thomas Sabo Karma bracelet which is threadless with same round clasp. Thomas Sabo chain is different built, thin, light, flexible & smooth so very comfortable on wrist. Pandora threaded bracelet is one of the reason I love Moment line. I like the look with 2 stations to put clips.

  11. Hi Elly,

    The letter charms look nice, the rest is not my cup of tea. Too much bling and pink.

    Thanks for this lovely info by the way :-)

    • Hi Nellie! Well I’m glad there is something you like ^^ I was also surprised to see so few plain silver designs. But perhaps this isn’t all of it!

      You’re welcome, thanks for reading and commenting!

      • Ellie, can I assume that clips aren’t required for the smooth clasp silvr bracelet since the design is really different? Additionally, will the disney mickey silver bracelet be available in SG?

  12. I never really wanted letter charms up until the vintage letter charms came out. They look good on the stock images! I know i’m getting “E” to represent my bf & maybe “M” for me if it looks good! I also like the cherry blossom clip, so I might get that as well. Too bad no new Pandora Rose charms, I was hoping they would extend the Pandora Rose line with more charms!
    Also, I’ve noticed that lately, Pandora started to reuse their designs, I’m not sure if I like it as I like things that are unique if you know what I mean!
    Thanks for the post, Ellie!

    • I’m the same – I’ve never wanted an initial before I saw these! I’m always keen on the vintage designs, so these appeal to me. We’ll see ;) I know what you mean about recycled designs, too. Pandora seem keen to play on charms and styles that have been popular before, rather than trying out new ones at the moment!
      I expect there will be Pandora Rose charms, I just haven’t been given the stock images for that line yet. I usually preview Pamdora Rose separately anyway , so there’s still that to look forward to!
      You’re welcome – thanks for commenting!

  13. I think the new threadless bracelet still has threading at the beginning, just no clip stations? If that’s the case, current safety chains will still work. I guess we’ll see soon..

    • The bracelet still looks smooth by the clasp, though, there’s no thread for a safety chain or charm to twist over. But as you say, we’ll be able to try it ourselves soon enough ^^

    • Lol! I guess you’ll know when you see them in person. The shimmer muranos look lovely to me! But I do wish there were more character charms.

  14. Hi Ellie, I love so many of the charms. The bunny, Spring garden and flower garden as well as the other muranos are all on the top of my list. You made my day again with this post. Now I’m just waiting on the stock photos of the Mothers Day collection and I’ll be a happy camper lol. Thanks again

    • Hi Linda! Yay, I’m pleased there’s lots you like :D I love the muranos too, and the bunny is rather cute. Mother’s Day images coming soon! <3

  15. I wish they had left the pink enamel off of the fairy charm. Not liking pink, it spoils it a bit for me, though I’ll likely get it anyway since it’s probably fairly unobtrusive. I’m very much looking the Vintage alphabet charms. Quite pretty! And the Bunny! He’s very sweet, and definitely on my list! I do wish they would produce more of the plainer silver charms too. A bit of sparkle is okay, but they seem to be going way beyond my taste with it recently.

    • Yes, I wondered if you’d be keen on the butterflies. I think it will probably be quite subtle in person. And you could pair it with some tougher colours in person too!
      The bunny is one of my favourites of the cake pop animals – I find him rather sweet, even though I usually prefer the full bodied designs. I’m surprised not to see more plain silvers in this set, although it looks like we’ll have a couple for summer which is nice!

  16. I will just tweak last year’s Spring bracelet, adding Flower Garden muranos and changing the clips. I also might add the bunny for Easter. The Summer collection is the one that will break my straining budget! I will have to see about the new thread-less bracelet, but I think I’ll like it.

    • Sounds much more sensible than me! ^^ I’m going to be starting a whole new spring design on the thread less bracelet I think. I finished last year’s Spring design on my Pandora Rose bracelet and I like it as it is :P
      I’m also quite intrigued by summer this year! Love that baby blue leather and I’d like a better look at the new animals too.

  17. Hooray, stock images at last :-D Most of these are too generic and derivative of past designs for me to be excited about them, I fear Pandora is starting to run out of ideas! If they weren’t having free bracelet promo in March I wouldn’t bother looking at any of these in store, the only one I’m really interested in right now is the daisy lace silver clip, and that only if not too overpriced. Maybe I will be swayed in person by some others, that has happened before ;-) Otherwise I will be catching up on older pieces I haven’t gotten yet!

    • Lol I think they’d have plenty of ideas, if only they were interested in finding them! It seems like a tactical decision to go with what has been popular before. :/ I hope you are swayed in person as I like seeing thePandora in your bracelet designs!

  18. Hi Ellie. Its been awhile. Surgery very successful and i am now pain free. Yayy. Spent my recovery time and now rehab time reading all of your lovely reviews. They are coming fast and furious. I am almost breathless keeping up but that works out ok for my rehab haha. To catch up i had fun designing my first christmas bracelet as did you and i kind of miss wearing its cheerful colors. In january i met Jana from Prague and she kindly purchased the Arabian coffee pot for me. It is sooo tiny and i am having trouble finding charms to highlight it without swamping its delicate stature. So far i have the camel ( after looking at yours)(he is too cool) the Jasmine slipper and muranos. Some research will be required. This whole week of your almost daily reviews has been extraordinary. As Spring is my favorite time of year I cant tell you how exciting these reviews are to me. To me yes, to my wallet, not so much lol. I love everything and dont know how i will decide what to bring home but we know how that ends when i get into the store. EVERYTHING! I still have some time to put my list together and will enjoy that. Just finishing up with the Valentines collection. Going in to the city in two weeks to pick up the wild hearts muranos, the new rings and the Filled with Romance charms. Enjoyed your review on that charm very much. Keep up your great work and by the way i have seen a picture of the charm that no one could figure out( not sure which review it was)(rhino?) and it is definitely a seated elephant. How will i make it through Mothers Day and Summer. Oh my goodness! Have a great day Ellie. Sorry for the lengthy post.

    • Oh my god, if I was your personal friend we were bankrupt! I do exactly what you do, I can’t decide what I want exactly and , at the end, I buy almost everything… But I love put all charms on my bed and star to play with them, doing designs to go out!
      That’s my funny time!!!

      • I have this problem whenever i go into the Pandora store. Im told it is contagious haha. I am already bankrupt just looking at all of Ellies pictures. Yes i too like to spread all my bracelets and charms out and dream of new designs. My husband cant figure out why i have no time for anything but then he sees me with all my “toys” spread out around me and just shakes his head. I guess its a girl thing. Have a great day Carla. Nice talking to another addict

    • Hi Cheryle, how lovely to hear from you – and even better that your surgery has gone so well! I am so pleased for you. Glad to hear the reviews helped to keep you amused during your recovery – and I think you should just wear your Christmas bracelet whenever you’re feeling in need for cheerful colours. I’ll admit that I do that! ^^
      The Coffee Pot is a delicate and demanding little charm to style, so I hear you! ;) I have mine on a minimal leather bracelet design, which works quite well. Good luck finding the right pieces to go with yours <3
      Yay, I’m so pleased to hear that you’re excited for Spring :D I have quite a definite wish-list at the moment, but I’m still apprehensive that I might walk into store and see too much extra that I like, haha. I also saw that updated look at the Summer 2016 sitting elephant – it looks like a baby elephant, and it is really rather sweet! I like that its trunk is pointing upwards, too. I think elephant talismans are lucky if their trunk point up. :D
      Have a great day, too, and thanks for commenting! <3

      • Thank you for your kind words Ellie. I can now walk through the mall in the city and yup you guessed it, straight to the Pandora concept store, pain free. Bonus! Lol. These Spring charms look wonderful. The muranos, especially the “garden floral” one looks delicious. I will definitely have to get the bunny as we have a Netherland dwarf houserabbit who will be 12 years old on Valentines Day and rules the roost here with lots of attitude. The charm looks just like our little Nibbles. My list is filling up nicely and matches yours . Looking forward to the new light blue leather as well. Thinking about enrolling in a self restraint class if there is such a thing after seeing all of your new reviews. Have a feeling im going to need it. Have a greaat day.

        • Oh that’s amazing!! What an achievement. Enjoy your newfound freedom to indulge in Pandora, haha.
          Aw, Nibbles sounds adorable! And what a funny image of a rabbit ruling the roost, too, haha. You don’t think of them as being demanding animals, but I guess you never know. ;)
          Have a great day too! <3

  19. Thank you for the wonderful stock images Supergirl!
    Not much changed! Both shimmer muranos will come home and so will the new cute fairy do! If you get a picture comparing the new muranos with the Disney ones, please share it with us!
    Any plans for tomorrow? ;-) We are now addicted to receiving posts every day! Thank you Ellie! ♥♥♥

    • Ellie, just after the live shot of the Dahlia clip, there’s un unfinished sentence. “The stand out charm is the beautiful…” murano? fairy? Probably both, right? :-)

      • Lol, thanks for catching that! I think the end of that sentence got cut when I was shuffling around the collages. I meant the murano (although the fairy is beautiful too!).

    • Haha, you’re welcome! If I get any more live photos, you can be sure that I will post them :D I do have a post scheduled for later today ;) just my news round-up though! ♥♥♥

  20. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the new pictures and info, you have been busy! I still don’t think I will be buying anything from this collection other than the sparkly muranos. I really like the colours of the Disney muranos too though. I definitely need to get Tinkerbell’s colour and maybe Belles. I like the new purple murano and it would be good if and when I do a purple bracelet. I’ve not bought anything purple so far so I won’t be in a hurry to start. Like some of the other readers I’m more interested in collecting some of the older charms especially the two tone and diamond ones.
    I do like the dahlia clip and pendant but I won’t buy it as its not really my style, I just think it’s pretty. I think my mum and sister would like it though. I like the dangle loop of the pendant. I’m quite surprised about the apple blossom charm. It doesn’t look like an apple blossom to me at all! It looks just like the purple primrose one from the other year but with clear stones!
    Anyway as I keep telling my husband it’s good that the new collections don’t have much I like as I can work on shortening my wishlist!
    Oooh, not related to the new collection but I just got the compose earring barrels, having already bought some hooks from Pandora’s Angels. They are so cool. I’ve got 3 sets of charms that I have two of I can wear on them; Galaxy, pavé mystic flower and the lattice ones. They look really lovely and I love how it makes another way to wear jewellery you already own. My husband was quite impressed too and agreed with me when I said Pandora is just like Lego for girls, the possibilities are endless ;)
    Thanks again for the post x

    • Hi Hazel!

      Ooh that’s restrained :) But the sparkly muranos are a good choice! I’ll be getting them myself. I’m excited to see it all in store, that’s for sure! I get wanting to indulge in the older charms, and now is a good time to do it. With all the official Pandora sales and the large amount of charms they’re retiring at the moment, the older charms are becoming increasingly hard-to-find. I have picked up a few classic two-tones in the Rue La La sale myself, and two of my bracelet projects for this year are based around older designs – one is going to be classic two-tones and the other classic Pandora silvers!

      Yeah, I was surprised by the apple blossom charm as well! I was expecting something much more delicate and pretty.

      Ahaha, that is very true. Pandora should adopt that as one of their slogans! ‘Pandora – like Lego for girls’. Perhaps I’ll adopt it as the new Mora Pandora tagline.
      Thanks for commenting Hazel! <3

  21. Hi Ellie,

    I wasn’t planning on getting the thread- less bracelet, but I LOVE the shimmering droplets spacers. My family birthstones are these exact colours of clear, pink and purple. So, I will be picking up (and paying for) one of these bracelets with those spacers and that will be my bracelet. Then that will be it; at least until your new reveal ;)

    Happy Tuesday,

    • Hi Snapdragon! The Shimmering Droplets are just pavé beads and I don’t think they’re silicone-lined, so you can always get them for an existing bracelet if you like them :D The Shining Elegance spacers on the other hand are silicone-lined and will fix charms in place on the bangles, leathers and the new bracelet.

      Have a nice day and thanks for commenting! <3

  22. Was so pleased when I saw we’d got the stock images. My list is quite big for this collection, but may change when I see them in store. I like the threadless bracelet and crystal silicone spacers. The pink primrose or cherry blossom clips, poetic blooms charm, blooming dahlia pendant and charm, forget me not charm and spacer, spring garden charm and the dazzling daisy charm. I’ve also seen some rings which I like.
    There might only be the odd piece from the Mother’s Day collection I want.
    I’ve heard tinkerbell has got green crystals around the new charm, so won’t be getting that one, as it won’t match with anything I’ve got. Also I really like the fairy from this collection.
    Have we got any stock images for the jewellery for the Spring collection? Also will we have stock images for the Mother’s Day collection soon? As we’ll be getting some pieces this month from it.
    Thanks for the new update.

    • Yeah, it seemed late this year – but when you look, I guess it’s only a few days later than last year. The images seem to be leaking later each year. I’m glad there’s lots you like, though! In addition to the muranos & the new bracelet/silicone clips, I’m quite tempted by the Poetic Blooms pendant and the Dazzling Daisy fairy too. And Tinkerbell has green crystals, yep!

      I have some stock images for Spring 2016 jewellery but am waiting on the rest, so I’ll hang on to that preview for now. :) Mother’s Day stock imagery is coming soon though! And you’re welcome, glad you enjoyed.

      • I’ll look forward to seeing the updates with stock images for the Spring jewellery and Mother’s Day collection.

  23. Hi Ellie,
    so when I said there is sooo much from spring/mothers day/summer I guess I meant mothers day and summer :)
    overall it is a very pretty feminine collction however I am not interested in most of it. the muranos and the floral daisy lace dangle are my faves overall. I only want one murano and am tossed up between the multi colored flowers one above and the Rapunzel one, I will decide when I see them both in person. i very much like the new letters although do not know for sure if i will purchase any. overall its hard to judge what i will buy till i see the mother day release as well as summer as there is soo much i want from previous posts but do not see most of it listed above. i do however like how they incorporated purple in this collection as its my fave color :)

    • Hi Alex! Yeah, there’s a lot to love in Mother’s Day and Summer this year. I have some pieces that I love from this collection but overall as a release it doesn’t necessarily wow me. I think because it’s so similar to what’s already out there. :)
      The Flower Garden murano is beautiful and would be my pick if I could have nothing else, I think ^^ I am eager to see all the stock images for Summer, those silver animals looked super cute!
      And yes – it’s so great to see not one, but two pastel purple glass beads after having none at all! Pandora have listened, haha.

  24. Yay! Thanks for the preview, Ellie! I love that Floral Garden murano so much…that will definitely be purchased during the promo in March :) Otherwise, I do like the Daisy Lace clip, but not sure it’s worth replacing my existing ones with. The Dahlia clip is GORGEOUS, and very vintage looking. I may have to sneak those onto a bracelet somehow :)

    Now looking forward to prices and the rest of the jewelry :D I think the Daisy Lace ring will be the start of my ring collection…

    • You are welcome! ^^ The Flower Garden murano is amazing! It’s even prettier in the live photos, I think. I’m going to have to have two, I think ;)

      The Daisy Lace ring did look very cute in the live photos! Which is funny, as it was rather unobtrusive in Pandora’s professional campaign images that leaked. ^^ I’m kinda tempted by that one too!

  25. For me the flower garden murano is gorgeous. Also quite liking the spring garden charm too, but I think that’s it for me as it’s all a bit samey.

    I got a green leather bracelet last month so only want to get a couple of bits to go with that. I looked at my collection over the weekend and found I had too many random pieces, I’m now starting to think about specific designs rather than odd bits I like!

    • Me too have some random charms sitting around but not worn as they don’t seems to fit anywhere. Usually bought at impulse during retirement sale. I really like them but then not sure when I will use them. I try to be more rational now and buy charms that fit into an existing design I’m working on.

      • Lol, I’ve gone the other way… sort of. I used to have a very small number of bracelets and a very limited budget, so I literally only bought a charm if I could picture it on one of my bracelets. Now, if I really love a charm, I get it – and it usually manages to find a bracelet somewhere. ;) I’ve become less sensible instead of more… :S

    • It is very samey when you compare it to the last three Spring collections (2013 – Cherry Blossoms; 2014 – Daisies; 2015 – Primroses… and more daisies :P). I guess this year Pandora decided to take a break and go with what’s tried-and-tested. I love the new muranos though, so I’m excited just for those! And the new floral charms are pretty, even if they’re too similar to previous years’ to be truly exciting for me.

      The green leather would be such a great base for lots of these spring charms, come to think of it!

  26. Hi Ellie I’m really excited for this collection it all looks so pretty and I love the colour scheme. I’m excited for the 3 murano, seeing the new bracelet,spring garden and the poetic bloom the bunny would be really nice for Easter to I got the retired bunny last Easter but this one would be fun too.

      • Yeah, that one’s cute too! I’m tempted, even though I just got the Forest Fairy from Autumn 2015 haha.

    • Hi Nicola! I’m glad you’re excited :D You’ve picked out some nice charms for your wish list. I have my must-haves set in my mind (muranos, bracelet, silicone spacers) and will reserve judgement on the rest for when I see more live photos or them in store!

  27. This is such a lovely collection for me – I love flowers and pink! I have the pink rose spacer and white primrose pendant from last year and on my wishlist I already have the wildflower murano and dazzling daisy. I would love to make a spring floral bracelet with the poetic blooms heart and dangle, the floral murano, and the dazzling daisy fairy, and sparkling pink and white muranos. It may take some time for me to collect all those! I need a second job i think! Thank you for the preview Ellie, it has made my day!

    • Excellent! ^^ The pink roses charms would be great with these – I hadn’t thought of them again, but they are very pretty! Your bracelet sounds like it will be beautiful; I’d be planning something very similar, if I hadn’t already made a white blossoms design on my Pandora Rose bracelet last year. For this year, I’m going to lead with the olive facets and the new Flower Garden muranos and go from there. ^^
      You are welcome, glad you enjoyed it <3

    • Hehe, well, at least you have a little while to persuade yourself not to get any of these! ;) I am going to be saving up lots haha.
      Thanks for commenting and have a good week too :)

  28. Ooo…I like the Bunny too! It would be so cute for Easter, of course. I really look forward to seeing those Muranos in person! There is definitely a lot of sparkle and enamel. I don’t mind though, because it would be hard if I actually liked every piece in the collection!

    • Very philosophical! It’s good not to like everything (or even in a lot!) in a new Pandora collection, haha. The new muranos are top of my wish list as well, particularly the new floral bead. It looks gorgeous both in the stock image and the live photos, but probably one to pick out in person :D

  29. Hi Ellie…so excited to finally see stock photos of the spring collection! Both the shimmering muranos, the silicone-lined spacers, the Poetic Blooms heart, the Blooming Dahlias, and the adorable bunny are definitely all on my wish list. I had liked the look of the Dazzling Butterfly dangle in the live photo, as it appeared to be half-pave and half-enamel (in an almost pearlescent-looking shade), but here in the stock image, it looks to be half-pave and half-silver. Do you know which it is, Ellie?

    • Hi Joanne! The Dazzling Butterfly is indeed half pavé and half white enamel. :) I like that one as well, although I’m held back by the fact that it’s rather similar to previous designs. Your wish list picks out a lot of my favourites, too! The Bunny is cute and will be great for Easter (although I just picked up the older Easter Bunny charm in the sale).

  30. I was really excited to see the stock images of the Spring collection finally!! Some of the charms were surprises also that we hadn’t seen yet. I love the new gold charms coming out. I love how all the campaign images have a lot of mixing with the sterling silver and gold. I just wish the gold was cheaper. I’d rather get 4 charms for the price of one gold one, lol. My wish list so far includes the purple shimmer muranos, forget me not barrel charm, floral daisy clip, and blooming dahlia clip. Maybe by the time I buy all those I can get two free bracelets during the promo!! I’d like to put the blooming dahlia clip all on its own on the thread less bracelet. I might see if I can upgrade one of the bracelets during the promo for the CZ barrel clasp bracelet for the rest of the charms. I have always liked that one!! Can’t wait to see them in person in the store!!

    • Yeah, the gold looks lovely but it’s just too much for me personally to pay in one go! I’d rather collect more of the silvers when it comes down to it as well, haha. Great wish list! I think most people seem to have a murano or two on theirs ;)
      Your Blooming Dahlia idea is really interesting! And you could always add to it as and when you you want, that’s the nice thing about the silicone clips. You can fill it as much as you like!
      Thanks for commenting <3

  31. 4/5 have made it onto my list so far but there are so many I love!
    I think this is the best collection in the past few months that Pandora has made! I’m so happy ! Can’t wait to see the prices and for them to be out in stores!

    All of these will come out in the UK right? X

  32. Hi Ellie. Saw many interesting posts of Pandora in this blog, but I fell in love with the charm Letter Vintage Pandora, he has detailed filigree charm that makes being a somewhat different and timeless, very beautiful. There are many beautiful pieces, but I have to see live. Thanks

    • Hi Aline, the Vintage letters are my favourite alphabet charms Pandora have done so far as well. They’re very pretty!

  33. I Love reading your blogs and am very surprised that you have not been putting any prices like you used to in the past for the charms and bracelets. I miss that very much. Please do add them as it’s been very helpful in selecting the charms way ahead of the release date. Thank you.

    • Hi, as per the article, I simply don’t have the prices for these charms yet. Neither of the North American pre-release catalogues I’ve seen have had RRPs in them.

  34. Hi Ellie, thanks for the prices. A lot people were asking about them. I was wondering did I miss the price of the bracelet? I didn’t see it. Thanks !

    • Hi Linda! Haha, I know. I haven’t had the price for the bracelet yet, but I predict that it will be $65 USD, same as the other silver bracelets.

  35. Thank you for pricing! You’ve made many of us ladies happy tonight. Great review. I was wondering if you like any of the clips enough to buy. I wish they did a safety chain, but I know 2 are coming for Mother’s Day.

    • You are welcome! ^^ You mean any of these new clips? I quite like the Blooming Dahlia and the Floral Daisy Lace, but I don’t really have places for them right now.
      I’m more excited for the safety chains that you mention!

  36. Good Morning Ellie,
    Thanks for the prices. Didn’t see price for threadless bracelet. Still hoping it will be included
    in bracelet event at end of month. This will be the first time bracelet event has been pushed to
    end of month since I’ve been collecting Pandora. Still holding off buying until event. Get more
    bang for your buck then. HaHa. Hopefully we will know soon if $500 spend gets us a two tone
    bracelet. Looking forward to Mother’s Day pricing so I can budget for those pretty babies!
    My wish list has never been so long!

    Have a Great Day!!!

    • Hi Emily, I didn’t get a price for the bracelet but I would predict that it’s going to be $65 USD, same as the regular bracelet. I don’t have any details on the bracelet promotion yet either, which is a shame!
      I do have prices for the Mother’s Day charms and will upload them when I have the time – by the end of the week! :)

      Have a great day too!

  37. Hi, do you know if the new letter charms will be released in the UK and if so will it be on March 17th also? I asked in my local store and they didn’t seem to have any idea what I was talking about ?

    • Hi Louise, as far as I’m aware the UK should be receiving the letter charms on the 17th, yes. Sometimes the SAs aren’t allowed to tell you and pretend they don’t know when they do really! But if I hear otherwise I’ll update the blog.

  38. Thanks for preview. They are too floral for my taste. The older charms were much more interesting and there were more two tone and gold charms which I prefer as it is not so stark. I like to purchase one charm from each collection but there is nothing to make me want to bother. Good for my purse but gives me withdrawal symptoms.

  39. I want to upgrade to the pace heart bracelet during the free bracelet promo.

    In order to qualify, I need to purchase some charms or clips. I LOVE the vintage look of the Blooming Dahlia clip, but not sure which other clip would look nice with it, especially considering the pave heart clasp which looks like a charm.

    Any suggestions?

  40. Hello, I would like to know if you said where i can buy the flower garden in Murano? He’s not in the store pandora.
    Sorry for my english

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