Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all the details on what’s coming up for February 2016 – and beyond! Included this time around are some additional live shots & info from the Pandora Spring/Summer 2016 collections, and some more details on the UK’s early Mother’s Day release, too. :D

Pandora Spring 2016 preview

January has been a busy month on Mora Pandora, what with all the Pandora Spring/Summer 2016 previews and the blog move! ^^ Going forward, we have more SS16 previews coming up, and more Valentine’s 2016 reviews on the way as well! :) There are also going to be some cosmetic changes on the blog, too, which you can read more about at the end of the round-up.

Pandora Spring & Summer 2016 Updates & Live Shots

The previews & sneak peeks for the upcoming Pandora SS16 collections have been pouring in, and we have a pretty great overview of all the upcoming collections.

Pandora Spring 2016 preview

For a list of all the information that’s out there so far, have a look through the various tags:-

The awesome Urban Diva has updated her post with some more live shots and the official Pandora Spring 2016 and Mother’s Day 2016 campaign videos, too, which are definitely worth checking out. Here are some of the newer live shots, which primarily showcase the upcoming Spring 2016 jewellery:

There was some discussion in a previous post as to what a mystery Pandora Summer 2016 animal charm pictured in one of the photos was, with all kinds of suggestions ranging from a deer to a dragon! We have an updated picture from Urban Diva, and reports have suggested that it might be a kangaroo. What do you think?

pandora summer 2016
Image by

Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 UK Release

As the UK celebrates Mother’s Day (also known as Mothering Sunday here) earlier than other countries, we receive part of the Pandora Mother’s Day release early each year. This year our Mothering Sunday falls on the 6th of March, so I would expect the UK to receive some of the new Mother’s Day charms in mid-February. In most other regions, the Pandora Mother’s Day collection will launch launch as usual in April.

Pandora Mother's Day 2016

There will be another jewellery box GWP starting in the UK with the Pandora Mother’s Day release, featuring the white leatherette travel box that has been offered in other countries:

pandora germany christmas 2015 box promo

Pandora Promotions for February 2016

Valentine’s 2016 promotions are continuing in multiple regions until the 14th of February, in most cases. The UK, Australia and a few other regions have received this pink gift box GWP:

pandora valentine's 2016 gift box

The much-anticipated Asian music box GWP has begun in a number of Asian countries, including Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Philippines:

pandora valentine's 2016 music box GWP

The spends are pretty high for each region, but the box is so adorable! I found this cute video of it on Instagram:

New look Mora Pandora coming soon!

So, I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’m working on a new look for the blog, which was a big part of why I moved it from to its own hosting. I wanted something cleaner & prettier, and I’ve been working on getting this ready for the last couple of months. So, within the next month, Mora Pandora will be getting something of a makeover! Here’s a sneak peek:

The old layout has been in place ever since Mora Pandora started two-and-a-bit years ago, give or take a few tweaks, and I’ve always felt that aspects of it are a bit dated. The comments layout will be clearer and cleaner, the mobile site will be much better, and it’ll be easier to navigate and find older posts that you may have missed too. :)

My Comment

February in Pandora terms is primarily a waiting game, as we all get planning our wish lists ahead of the Spring 2016 collection launch in March! ^^ Of course, we in the UK do have our early Mother’s Day launch to look forward to as well, and I’m excited to see what’s included for us. I’m hoping for the two-tone safety chain; that would make my month! ;)

To finish, I just wanted to share something nice that happened to me recently! A long-term reader of mine makes holographic personalised charms and gifty-type things, and recently made me a charm featuring my cocker spaniel, Ruby.

I’ve never had a charm made especially for me before! ^^ I’ve put it on a necklace chain:

It’s my puppy’s face! On a charm!

Anyway, that’s it for this month’s round-up! What are you looking forward to most from the Pandora SS16 collections?

39 Comments on Pandora News Round-Up for February 2016

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing the stock images for the Spring jewellery and also the Mother’s Day collection.
    I wonder which pieces we’ll get from the Mother’s Day collection this month and when they’ll be available. I hope we find out soon. I would love to get the new cream travel jewellery box, as I love that and was so pleased to read we would be getting it. I just hope some of the items I’ve seen in the Mother’s Day collection get released, so I can get one of these boxes.
    I can’t wait to hear more news and will be looking out for new posts with more information.
    thanks for always keeping us up to date.

    • I’m so curious to know which Mother’s Day pieces we’ll get as well. I’m guessing all the really mumsy ones, but I’m hoping that some of the more generic hearts might come out too – my favourites are the two-tone safety chain and the pearlescent enamel heart charm. If those two made it out, I’d be a happy bunny!
      And I’d probably end up with the box as well – which would make up for the fact that I was good and didn’t get the Valentine’s one :P
      Thanks for commenting Sarah! <3

      • I hope the pearlescent heart and the new cupcake are available early, as I really want these two! I’ve been wanting the two-tone cupcake for awhile, but when I saw the enamel cupcake, I knew it would look perfect on my heart-themed bracelet with the other soft pinks! Even though I’m in the U.S., usually the UK sellers put up the early releases for sale on the FB selling pages.

        • Yeah, the new cupcake is really cute! I feel like I shouldn’t like it, as it’s received the classic new-style Pandora treatment with added enamel and CZs, but I just do. ;) I guess we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed that they release our favourites early. Hopefully we will find out soon!

  2. Hi Ellie great post I’m just really excited about the new releases I really like that ring the one with four little flower on is really nice.

  3. That’s lovely you recieved a custom made charm. I was thinking you should create a mora pandora charm and sell if off your website. I think I will only get the Flower Garden murano and club charm for this collection, along with the feather clip. I hope it’s not another kangaroo charm! As an Australian, I would not wear any Australian animal charms – it’s too touristy. I think the charm looks more like a wallaby

    • I would so so love to do that, but with the blog name having ‘Pandora’ in it, I expect there’d be all kinds of copyright issues. I can dream though! :P
      Nice choices – those are two of my favourites, too! I expect I will get both. A wallaby would be cool and a bit more unusual than a kangaroo. I get what you mean about being it seeming touristy for you, though! :) I can’t really think of any other national symbols or charms that are equivalent in the UK, other than say… fish & chips and perpetual rain, neither of which are likely to be come Pandora charms any time soon lol. I guess there were the London buses and the telephone boxes, but I liked those! ;)

  4. Ellie,

    Thanks again for this update. First Ruby is a keeper! What a lovely idea! Having a charm made for her is fabulous! You can never love your pet too much. They are after all, family.

    Well, I have looked over the animal charm and much to Judie’s chargrin I think it may be a kangaroo, having had the great fortune to go down under a few years ago I have to agree with her that it looks more like a wallaby, if so that would make Quantas airlines happy, I believe they use the wallaby as a symbol for their airline. If it is a Kangaroo/Wallaby I will most likely buy it so my other Pandora Kangaroo has company. I do understand Judie’s point, in Canada the Maple Leaf is done to death and it isn’t even our national symbol! But I don’t see Pandora making a beaver charm, yup that is our national symbol.

    My Spring wish list is rather large but I am looking forward to the new silicone spacers, threadless moments bracelet, one of the new flower muranos and Dhalia charm to name a few. If the charm with red cherries is released, I’ll want heat too! Thank god for birthdays and wedding anniversaries.
    Ellie, you are amazing, thanks for keeping on top of all the Pandora news!

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa! Thanks so much <3 She is a lovely dog, although rather naughty when she puts her mind to it. ;) And you are absolutely right about them being family! She has such character. :D

      Aha, I think opinion is weighing in on the side of kangaroo currently. It looks rather cute, whatever animal it may prove to be. ;) I do understand people being fed up of obvious, touristy charms to represent their country… but then I loved the London Bus and all the Union Jack charms they did for England so I’m probably the exception to the rule. ;) Pandora have done a couple of maple leaf charms – the first was a limited edition run and the second doesn’t seem to have fared too well. Perhaps they will try that beaver charm next for Canada! :P
      The charm with the red cherries is a summer 2016 piece, from what I’m told. So you’ll have a while to save up for that one! ;) My birthday isn’t until September – and me and my OH’s anniversary was last month – so I have no excuses to beg any of the Spring charms as gifts, haha. I’ll have to just get saving!

      Thanks for commenting, Lisa!

    • I got the Pandora Canadian maple leaf charm when I went to Canada last year. It is the travel charm that I get the most compliments for on my travel bracelet.
      Being an Aussie like Judie, the Kangaroo charm holds zero appeal. Pretty sure Pandora have released one previously.

      • I really like the newer Maple Leaf as well (I’m not as keen on the older HTF version, as I hear the enamel yellows quite badly) but it seemed to get retired in a few regions quite quickly. I just had a look though and it’s still current in the US & Canada, so I guess obviously it has limited appeal in some regions! :)

        There is a retired Pandora kangaroo yup. It had a baby in its pouch, but this new one looks cuter… from what we can see of it ;)

  5. Your dog looks like it is a lovely dog to be around! <333333 I'm glad that the weather has been a little warmer here these few days. It's almost like spring is arriving! It rained like two days ago, and I love the smell. Spring is my favorite season! That's why I love the droplet rings! They look like little beads of rain, sitting on top of a fresh, green leaf.

    • Thanks Cindy! :D :D As it turns out, she is the friendliest, sappiest dog and loves cuddles. If you sit on the floor, she automatically tries to get in your lap, which can be both a good and a bad thing haha.
      Anyyyway, it’s actually just got a bit colder here! But it’s been mild all winter so far. Glad to hear that spring is on its way to you though, and I think you have summarised the appeal of those lovely droplet rings perfectly. Pandora is on to something there! In one of their press releases about the rings, they mentioned being inspired by dew in springtime. <3

  6. Hi, thank you for the wonderful updates. I was wondering if you have heard any news of the dreaded upcoming retirement? I love to get advance notice before it is too late!

    • Hi Dawn, I’ve seen some retailers update with retired charms for this season but I’ve not had an overall or official list tho. I’m trying to find out – I’d like to know too :)

      • I recently picked up the King of the Jungle (lion king) charm at my local Pandora retailer. It was their very last one with no plans to reorder more. The nice salesperson hinted that one could be retiring… :/ Too bad because it’s a beautiful charm and one of my favorites.

  7. Ruby is gorgeous! She looks ever so peaceful and sweet in that photo! What a cute little charm to represent her as well :D

    I agree you should do a MoraPandora charm too :P I think we’d all go get one haha. More tempting travel boxes! Oh no…. :O What colour silicone spacer were you thinking of getting? I was actually a bit torn as to what colour to opt for when I saw four colours in your post yesterday :P

    The new look of your webpage looks very pretty Ellie :P Those peachy colours are very easy on the eyes ^___^ Thanks for the round up! Speak to you soon xxx

    • Aw thank you! She is actually rather bouncy in general but will settle down for a cuddle! ;)
      Haha a mora dora charm would be amazing, but again the logistic and copyright issues are probably against me ;) with the silicone spacers, I was actually hoping that the Poetic blooms spacer has silicone in it too. If so, I’ll get that one… If not, I’ll probably just go for the clear! What are you thinking?
      Thanks :D there’s a little bit of peach in the header right now and I thought it would be nice but neutral for the new layout. Thanks for commenting and speak soon Xxx

      • I used to have a dog when I was younger and he was so so sweet as a little puppy. I’d sit down outside in the garden on the patio, and he’d notice if I was happy or upset (playgroup fights etc lol) – then he’d just look at me, with cute round eyes, laying on his front paws ><! He'd just stay like that till I cheered up! He was crazy when he grew up though – super bouncy and he'd pounce on everyone and give them super hugs that literally knocked them over haha!

        The poetic blooms spacer is a lovely choice actually :D I was thinking to get the clear silicone spacer but I really really want to stay away from CZ now… I may opt for the PB spacer if it's silicone too :D I did really like the gold spacer – but again the CZ and gold will be so so expensive!

        P.S. The peach colour is lovely! It's lovely and warm on a website – and perfect with all the florals coming out! :D

        • That’s just what I love about dogs! They are so expressive and they love your company :)

  8. :-) Hi there,
    you know I’m a big Pandora fan. I just published a post about the special edition charm for tonight’s 60th Vienna Oper Ball. Here’s the link:
    The charm is only available in the store listed – if you want to buy one and need my help, let me know.
    Kindest regards, C :-)

    • Hi! Thanks so much for sharing – I absolutely love the charm. The script is so pretty, and I love that it’s associated with both Vienna and a ball! Your pictures are gorgeous, too. <3 I sent you a message on Instagram about getting help with one! :)

    • That’s such a lovely piece to commemorate the Vienna Ball! So simple yet elegant! I just read all your posts in regards to that charm in one go! You have some beautiful pictures on there, and I love how the ball was re-opened after the war!

      Please may I be cheeky and ask for some help getting this too? :P It would make for a lovely vintage, elegant bracelet ><!

    • Aw thank you! Those polar bears in the background are my pyjamas – she likes to get comfy in your lap haha.

  9. Hi Ellie!
    You saved the best for the end! Your cute puppy got all the lights and glory herself, and it’s almost impossible to comment on anything else! I’ve seen Ruby before, but on that picture she is sooo adorable! This special, unique charm was such a wonderful idea! Congrats to whoever thought of it! :-)
    I’m super excited on seeing more stock images of the upcoming collections, and live shots of what you’re getting for Mother’s Day! By the way, that animal reminds me of a rabbit, but I must be the only one to see that! :-)
    The leatherette box is the one I was given in Germany! You shouldn’t miss it! It’s both gorgeous and practical!
    I think your blog’s new appearance will be great! That peachy colour is so soft, relaxing and girly! The Dahlia clip or charm would be ideal to celebrate the new look! ;-)
    Thank you for the lovely Round Up, Ellie! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! Ahaha, thank you. She’s a lovely dog, if a little naughty due to how indulged she is! It’s nice to have a special charm of her. :D

      Yes, someone else suggested that it was a rabbit, and I can totally see that with the crouching pose and the sticky-up ears, but as there’s a rabbit for Spring 2016 I thought it would be odd if they did two?

      Thanks Chrysa! I wanted do something neutral-ish for the colour scheme, and thought the little bit of peach that I have in the blog’s banner might do. Hope you like the layout when it launches! ♥♥♥

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