*UPDATED* 09/02/16 with new stock image* Today brings our next SS16 preview, with an in-depth look at the Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 collection! The release offers some typical love and family options, but also a surprising amount of charms that have a more general appeal, with floral motifs, cupcakes and new safety chains. :D It’s my favourite Mother’s Day release that Pandora have done yet.

pandora mother's day 2016

You can expect the Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 collection to début worldwide on the 14th of April – however, the UK celebrates Mothering Sunday earlier than most regions (this year it falls on the 6th of March). Consequently, we will receive a partial release of the Mother’s Day 2016 collection in mid-February – and the rest of it in April with the rest of the world.

This preview encompasses just the Moments charms & bracelets that are coming out for Pandora Mothers’s Day 2016 – jewellery will be previewed separately! :) I have listed names for the charms, where I have them, but no prices yet.

Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 Preview

First up, we have the traditional LE bangle for Mother’s Day. This year’s has ‘Family Forever’ engraved on it and a heart-shaped clasp. It’s very similar to last year’s Always in my Heart charm, but instead of having a two-tone heart in the middle, it has a clear CZ heart:

pandora mother's day 2016

For charms, there will be the usual selection related to love, family and motherhood; there are some pretty designs in here, especially the pearl-coloured heart (which is enamel, FYI) and the two-tone safety chain. Some of the heart charms are rather nice, too, especially the heart-lock pendant dangle and the heart with the two-tone bow!

Pandora Mother's Day 2016 Preview - love family

Prices for the US are as follows:-

Beloved Mother – $55 USD

Love Lines – N/A

Bound by Love – N/A

Pacifier – $50 USD

Glittering Heart (enamel) – $40 USD

Family Forever – $70 USD

Luminous Hearts (mother of pearl) – $75 USD

Heart & Crown safety chain – $115 USD

Best Mum – N/A

Mother Heart – $50 USD

However, I think it’s this set of charms that make up the most pleasant surprise for Pandora Mother’s Day 2016! We have pretty florals, freshwater pearls and mother-of-pearl detailing – and even a new murano glass charm! For those of you who missed out on the classic retired Perfume Bottle charm, this new Eau de Pandora charm now offers an alternative. The cupcake also looked much cuter in the Mother’s Day live images than perhaps it does here.

Pandora Mother's Day 2016 Preview - pretty things and flowersPrices for the US are as follows-

Luminous Leaves – $70 USD

Luminous Elegance (pearl pendant) – $75

Nostalgic Roses – $45 USD

Luminous Floral – $70 USD

Sweet Cupcake – $50 USD

Infinite Shine – $25 USD

Sparkling Love Knot (gold) – $400 USD

Eau de Pandora (Signature Scent) – $50 USD

Pavé Barrel clip – $75 USD

Loving Pandora safety chain – $40 USD

In addition to this, there’s also a mother-of-pearl floral dangle – but I don’t have the stock image for that one yet! You can see it in this campaign image, however:

pandora mother's day 2016

*UPDATED 09/20/16* I have now got a stock image for a new pendant version of the Sparkling Love Knot charm. It’s rather pretty!

pandora mother's day 2016 sparkling love knot pendant

UK Mother’s Day release

I’ve been told a little bit about the UK Mother’s Day 2016 release, and it will contain the following charms & bracelets:

  • Family Forever bangle
  • Nostalgic Roses murano charm
  • Beloved mother dangle
  • Sparkling pavé heart charm
  • Charm with two-tone bow
  • Family Forever charm
  • Double-hearts charm
  • Best M♥M charm
  • M♥M charm with pink CZs

I’m a little disappointed as it really does just stick to the family-themed charms!

My Comment

This collection is my favourite Mother’s Day release Pandora have done for some time – while there are the usual family-orientated charms, there’s also a lot included to appeal to those who don’t have children. The floral beads are pretty, and it’s great to see Pandora returning to genuine materials with the freshwater pearl and mother-of-pearl charms. :D The only thing I am less keen on is the proliferation of the button-style charms and designs; I hope Pandora are just getting it out of their system this time around. ;)

Both safety chains will be coming home with me, as I like to have them on all my bracelets if I can, although the two-tone one is by far the most exciting! The pearlescent-coloured enamel heart is also a beautiful shade, and I will be thinking about how I can make that fit into my collection. I like the look of the pink floral murano charm, but it’s inevitably a little overshadowed for me by that gorgeous Flower Garden murano from the Spring collection!

What do you think of this year’s Mother’s Day 2016 selection? Have any made it on to your wish list?

143 Comments on Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 Collection Preview (Updated)

  1. Oooh wow! Thanks for this update Ellie (Ellie is my daughters name too! Fab name! ;-) !!)

    I wonder if the new safety chains have rubber stoppers inside them?? I’m amused as to how the safety chains will work on the new thread-less moments bracelet! I agree with you, deffinately the best mothers day release yet! Going to have to get saving!

    • Haha, you’re welcome – and Ellie is a good name, well done! ;) Glad to hear there are things you like, I was pleasantly surprised by this year’s line-up too.

      I’m a little curious about the whole safety chain/thread-less bracelet thing as well. Because some of the Spring 2016 campaign images picture older safety chains (such as the daisy one) on the new bracelet, too. So perhaps there’ll be stoppers or something that we can use to keep them in place?

      • Yes I noticed the regular safety chain pictured on the threadless bracelet also… mmm I wonder what they will do about that! Thing is, I have the moments bangle and trying to put a rubber stopper under a regular charm or safety chain on there is a mission! I’m convinced the new safety chain must have in built stoppers. I also suspect that my other screw thread safety chains will be useless on this bracelet and perhaps their stock image is a little misleading??? We will have to see!

        Having said that, I deffinately want to get the threadless bracelet. I have a Chamilia bracelet also (which doesn’t have threads) and you can actually fit a couple more charms on this type of bracelet cos they kind of bunch together more! :-)

        • Well, if the safety chains don’t have silicone stoppers and they don’t really work with the new bracelet, then the campaign images will certainly have been misleading! I’m curious to know now. ;) But we’ll have to be patient!
          That’s a good point about fitting more charms on! :) And no more having to fit charms into each individual section, which can be annoying. One of my bracelets has a really small middle section and a larger side section (I think it’s probably faulty :P) and it’s so annoying having to make my design asymmetrical to accommodate that haha.

  2. And just to add… I can feel a ‘white’ themed bracelet coming on! Using the mother of pearl and the pearl charms here with maybe some of the older muranos! I have completed a purple themed one, a teal one and a pink one. Yep white next I think! ;-)

    • White is a great idea, and would be especially nice with a little two-tone to add a bit of richness :D I have wanted to do a white-themed bracelet, but often find that my white pieces get pinched for other designs to complement other colours. Pink and white or rose gold and white are the worst culprits! ;)

      • Haha yeah I know what you mean. I often have the intention of doing a particular theme, then new charms come out that I really like but don’t go with my theme… so I get side tracked haha. I like your idea of white and pink! Plus I already have pink charms that I could include to save some penny’s!

        I like the rose gold charms but as yet, there isn’t that big a selection and don’t really see any in the new releases ?. Plus they are more money and I figure I can get more charms if I stick with silver!! ;-)

        Thanks for your replies Ellie xx

        • Exactly! Something you like comes out and then you have to re-imagine your whole bracelet design. ;) Or start a whole new one… :P

          Yeah, the Rose selection is pretty small, so I get that! They seem to only go for flowers & hearts & pavé with it, too – none of the pavé. Perhaps if they decide to release it globally they’ll expand the range. :D I don’t like how high the UK prices are either, so I tend to try and import my Rose pieces from Canada.


  3. My goodness Ellie, you are going to need another holiday after this mammoth run of Pandora updates! Thank you.

    Well, I already have 3 bangles and I said I wouldnt be needing another one but this Mothers Day release bangle is a must have. Love it! I also already have a cupcake charm and I didnt think I would need another one but this pink one is really cute. There are some more charms in the collection that I like but but will wait closer to their release date for your actual photos before I make a decision. Nice collection this year.

    • Aha, well, I’m taking the weekend off now. :P Unless of course any other news crops up haha…

      The bangles are just so collectible! They’re so easy to stack with each other and wear plain that it seems easy to justify them sometimes. ;) I think I am safe from this one. I really like the clasp, but ‘Family Forever’ is just not an engraving that applies to me and I think people would be puzzled to see me wearing a bracelet with that kind of inscription. ^^ The Cupcake looks less shiny and bubblegum in the live images, and I think it will prove to be rather cute in person.
      I agree – it’s a surprisingly nice and varied collection for Mother’s Day this year! <3

  4. Hi Ellie

    It seems like you are updating your blog on a daily basis? Either that or twice a day!

    In this collection, I’m only looking at the bangle. And perhaps the perfume bottle, Eau de Pandora, I can imagine it being on my France bracelet! And for the rest, I’m just not a fan of enamel, cz, and I never know how to care for a pearl. So there are not many of these for me, but then it’s good for my wallet haha!

    Oh yes, I realised that safety chains with round shape (like starry one or this upcoming one) take up some space, and are heavy. I think I prefer the smaller ones like the hearts or daisy chains that were released earlier. I remembered you mentioned not wanting to have duplicated safety chains, me too, that’s why right now I only have those two and one Disney Parks exclusive safety chain. If I can find the TT hearts safety chain at the right price, I may jump at it, but if not then I’ll stay put.

    And now back to the threadless bracelet, it looks really similar to Ohm one just that this is with a round clasp. If this is made available during the US promotion in April, I might get one of this just to try it out.

    Do you have any news on whether or not there are going to be any Rose items released? Also, any clearer images for Essence charms that will be launched too? I just got my first beaded Essence and I’m loving it! It’s so dainty and makes me feel one size smaller! Woot! XD

    Kelly xx

    • oOOo I just found that binding two Essence bracelets together look amazing! (ie a beaded one and a normal one) Absolutely gorgeous :D

    • Hi Kelly! Yes, my posting usually picks up a bit when Pandora previews are about haha. I’ll probably be slowing down a little from now on. :P

      My Pandora pearls are pretty easy-going when it comes to care. So long as you don’t get them very wet or bash them about, you’ll be fine. I’ve found that one of the older ones looks a bit scratched but it’s quite a large pearl (the Viola Bloom/Garden Odyssey/whatever-that-charm-is-called). I think I can narrow down my wish list from this collection to the beautiful pearlescent enamel heart and those safety chains! There is a lot I like the look of but will reserve judgement until I see it in live shots better/in person.

      That’s right, I don’t like to duplicate my Pandora unless they are muranos or spacers as a rule… so I keep waiting for Pandora to bring out safety chains I like! ^^ I also find that spherical safety chains heavier & bulkier than the traditional ones, but not so much so that I can’t wear them. Full Pandora bracelets are just quite heavy haha. I suspect that this new heart-shaped one will be somewhere in between. :)

      I would expect (and hope) that the new threadless Moments bracelet would be available during the US bracelet promo! Unless they purposely exclude it, it should qualify with the rest of the silvers. Fingers crossed!

      I have some lovely high-res images for what I believe to be all the Essence pieces that I just have to assemble into a post – they will probably go out next week. :) I hear that there will be Rose charms, yes, and apparently they will be more primroses and dazzling daisies – similar to last year’s regular Spring collection. Glad to hear that you’re enjoying Essence – I absolutely love mine <3

      Ellie xx

  5. Surprisingly I love the perfume bottle, very modern look! I hope the murano will look better in person, as the spring one was too busy for me personally. Thanks for the article :)

    • It is cute! And the ‘Eau de Pandora’ is a funny little touch, too. ;) I love the Spring murano and I think it looks a little less busy in the live shots. But this Nostalgic Roses one is definitely a softer alternative. Live shots won’t be far away, as I think it’s due out here in the UK in a couple of weeks – so I’ll be able to take some then! :)

  6. Hi Ellie,
    I noticed on the promo campaign the new Pandora safety chain is showed on the treadless bracelet…..any news if these safety chain will go also on old bracelets or they have a different system to fit and stay in place?

    • Hi Sara, I think they are just regular safety chains as far as I’m aware… In this campaign image for Spring, they have the older Daisy safety chain on the threadless bracelet – so perhaps they will offer some kind of insert to keep them in place?
      pandora spring 2016 campaign

      It’s a bit of a mystery for now!

      • I’m having the same problem. I have decided to use two new silicone grips/small clips on each side to hold them in place. Drives me crazy that they move off the ends. The new clips with silicone are very pretty. I’ve seen them in the Pandora stores already.

        • You’re having the same problem with the new bracelet? I have the pink primrose silicone clips, they are gorgeous!

        • I’m definitely thinking about those for myself and my daughter. My mom has them for her necklace. So pretty!

  7. I agree that this is one of the more nicer mother’s day collection …. However, once again there is too much bling. It’s all starting to look more like Chamilia. As Michele said, the perfume bottle would have looked better as a two tone; it’s a great shape and design but I am not sure if I will get it because of the pave. The mother of pearl charms look rather nice but I’ll see them in person first. The two intertwined hearts also have an interesting design minus the pave. The cupcake looks terrible, I must get the original one asap.

    • Also Ellie, what do you mean by button style charm. I’ve seen a few people use this phrase in their comments but I’m not sure what that means?

      • Radiant Hearts, Love is Forever, Petals of Love, Radiant Splendour, Radiant Bloom are round shape button style charms, two side flat surface look like a button. Locked Hearts,Filled with Romance,Ribbon of Love, Sweetheart, the clasp on the above Mother’s Day LE bangle are heart shape button style, two side flat with wrap around side. It is a 2 D not a 3 D charm. It doesn’t look nice on bracelet with the wrap around edge side for some customer, I am one of them.

      • Michele explained it very well – the charms that are rounded (or sometimes heart-shaped) with two flat surfaces. They often have the little cut-out silhouettes going round them, like hearts or butterflies etc.

    • There is a lot of bling… and the charms that are plain silver are again hearts & openworks for the most part! The Perfume Bottle would have made a great two-tone design, although I can kind of see why they used a big stone on top – lots of perfume bottles have a crystal stopper of some kind.
      I think the cupcake looked a lot better in the live images – it might just be the stock image making it look a bit shiny/garish! It’s a shame that none of the more interesting pieces are being released here in the UK this month – I could have got some live images :(

  8. Ellie you are AWESOME oh my god! Lovely blog ever!
    First of all, i feel a bit disappointed that LE bangle clasp is not in two tone material otherwise it will match the LE always in my heart charm perfectly :( But still, it is MUST have for me!
    Although I have many heart in my collection but the heart with two tone bow is going home with me for sure! It is so lovely and make me feel like styling it with LE dainty bow bangle that i have. I bought two pieces of in my heart charms from V collection so i’m not sure if pearl color enamel heart will be going home with me, hmmm, will need to see the real stuff but the two tone safety chain definitely cannot be missed.
    The perfume bottle with CZ is so adorable but i’m struggling how to style it…
    The pink cup cake make think of mouse in the tea cup charm that i managed to find recently, i guess they will match perfectly, what do you think?

      • I just saw your comment after I posted my reply haha! Looks like we both went for the enchanted tea party idea. Alice charms would be a great addition <3

    • Haha you’re welcome. No, I thought it was two-tone at first too as the design is so similar to the Always in my Heart charm. But this version is nice, too, and it probably makes it a little less expensive too :)

      I quite like the two-tone bow/heart charm as well! It’s not a definite on my wish list yet, but I will have to go and see it in person when it comes out here this month (I think it will, at least!). The two-tone safety chain is a must for me as well, however!
      I don’t think the Perfume Bottle would be too hard to style… it would go well with anything else sparkly and most of Pandora’s pretty girly charms too! The cupcake would be very cute with the Mouse in the Cup charm, you could have a whole enchanted tea party theme going on there <3

  9. You’ve been working hard with all these recent updates, Ellie! Your efforts certainly don’t go unnoticed. Thank you for always keeping us up to speed on all things Pandora! :)

    Wow… This year, I’m actually more excited about the Mother’s Day collection than the Spring collection. It’s great to see that most of the Mother’s Day charms aren’t too mom-centric. I’m surprised that I like most of this collection and I pretty much have to get that perfume bottle!

    • Thanks, Tia! :D Glad you’re enjoying the updates. Doing the previews is always fun!

      It seems like there are actually more character/object charms in Mother’s Day than Spring this year, which is weird! I like quite a few of these, but my must-haves are the safety chains and probably the pearlescent enamel heart :D The rest I will see in person!

  10. I must admit I have been (impatiently) awaiting the pics for this release and now that I have them I am beyond thrilled, thanks so much for brightening my mood on this Friday blizzard over on the east coast of the US :) I have been collecting Pandora since may of last year and this is the first current collection since then that I can say I love. I agree with you that this collection is not mother or family specific but rather expands to general stuff with a just fun and feminine overall feel. for me the number one charm on my list in Best Mom heart (obsessed with the modern look they chose by using that font) I like it so much I may get two if I end up putting it on a silver bracelets with treads. other pieces I love are MOM with pink cz, beloved mom dangle (although I don’t think I will be buying three new mom pieces, perhaps I will narrow it down to two), the dangle lock heart, the two tone bow (this piece is prob the prettiest of the bunch), the murano, the cupcake and the pave heart (I agree though if I had to chose only one murano I believe the spring version totally surpasses this one as this one looks similar to stuff from past releases). I must say I think I am in the minority on the perfume bottle and don’t like it much, I prefer the old style bottle as this reminds me way to much of some uber fancy expensive over the top brand. oh and the second I saw the gold bow I thought of u and though how this would be perfect on your two tone bracelet so go with the chic theme :) which pieces will you be getting for sure ellie??
    oh the pacifier is weird, I remember how annoying the pacifier was when my son used it when he was younger and my husband and I skipped for joy when we got to finally throw them all out, I feel haunted at the thought of wearing one everyday on my bracelet HAHA ;) ;) ;)

    • Yay, I’m glad it cheered you up – we may not have blizzards here, but it has been relentlessly grey for the last few days as well. How nice that this is the first collection that’s got you truly excited! The collection I hve been most excited for since I’ve been collecting is undoubtedly the Spring 2013 collection. I remember seeing the catalogue leak and being amazed at all the cherry blossoms, fairy-tales, cute animals… for me it was pandora heaven haha.
      That is a very very healthy wish list ahaha. That will certainly keep you busy for a while! I prefer the older Perfume Bottle as well, although this one is cute and has the funny little ‘eau de Pandora’ slogan on it haha. I am considering that two-tone bow! The thing is that I wasn’t planning on adding pave to my two-tone bracelet and now I’m a bit torn. I will have to go and see it when it comes out here in the UK :D
      My definite must-haves are the two safety chains and the pearlescent enamel heart as well. I will wait and see the two-tone heart before I decide. I’m also not keen on this dummy (pacifier) charm or the previous one. I never had one as a kid and I just never found them very cute. Your story made me laugh, I can hear the relief in your words haha!

  11. can anyone help to identify a bead for me from this post plz. on the first photo ellie posted on the bracelet (not the bangle the other one) there is a heart charm it Is wedged between the mom in a heart dangle and the new white silicone spacer clip (by white I mean clear czs) it is a heart that has openwork hearts all over it, I cant see it on the mother day or spring stock images, does anyone know what it is? I am kinda loving that piece too :)

  12. Hi Ellie,
    I remain on my first impressions, the mother of pearl are my best, with the gorgeous pendant. As I said before, I prefer without cz, and can be that they sell some more with, but we will never know, as long as they will not make a proposal with and one without.Perhaps that there will be a surprise if they made the test !
    So, if some one read from Pandora ;)
    Nice day Ellie

    • Hi Isabelle! The pendant version of the mother-of-pearl flower is rather lovely, I’m not sure why the stock image is missing for that one.
      Haha, you make a very good point. Pandora is doing well right now but perhaps it would do even better with some new classic silvers and two-tones alongside the pave and enamel. I think they’re probably well aware of how long-term collectors feel by now, so I guess we just have to wait and hope! :)
      Have a nice day too Isabelle!

        • Yes, that’s a good thought and I wondered the same, but then the bail is similar to the Floral Daisy Lace pendant & others from the Spring 2016 collection – and those were listed with the charms. Confusing haha!

  13. I like the mother of pearl floral charm and the mother of pearl heart and gold heart charm. I think these will go with my pieces I like from the Spring collection. I wish these were coming out this month, looks like I’ll have to wait till April.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the jewellery preview for Spring and Mother’s Day releases. Will you be posting about these soon? As I really want to see what’s coming out properly. I love my rings and my ring collection seems to be growing.
    I agree it’s the best Mother’s Day collection so far.
    You’ve been busy again with your posts. It always look forward to them.

    • Yeah, it doesn’t look like any of the less mumsy pieces are coming out this month in the UK. :( The two-tone bow heart is the only I’d consider of the ones out this month…

      I have some more stock images for Spring jewellery now, so I will probably post that one soon. :) I quite like the rings too, I’m tempted by the plain silver daisy one!

      Thanks Sarah, glad you’re enjoying the posts! <3

  14. Hi Ellie I’m never really into the mothers day collection because I don’t have any children but I feel this collection is for everyone I love both of the safety chains we are really getting spoiled with them Pandora finally heard our wishes after so many years. I love the perfume bottle I love the original but not managed to get that one because it’s quite hard to find but I really like this one. I also like the murano and the cupcake I also like the Minnie cupcake and the two tone one but haven’t got any which is odd because I love cakes and love making them they are all on my very long wish list which seems to keep growing and growing.

    • Hi Nicola, I agree with you! The safety chains are particularly exciting. And I’ll have to get both of them <3 I'm just deciding which bracelets they should go on. Pandora are making a lot of them at the moment, what with the AW15 ones, these Mother's Day ones and then the Essence one too. It would be so cool if they followed it up with a Pandora Rose one!
      Aha, it does seem like you should have a cupcake! ^^ I love baking as well, and am proud of how much success I've had with my cakes since being diagnosed coeliac two years ago. It's been fun re-discovering baking!

  15. Hello,
    I was looking at all the mothers day charms they are all beautiful, but still hoping to see the infinity sign with the word mom in gold across the one side of the infinity sign. I sent an email to Pandora thinking that they may create one. They did by the looks of it but with out the writing, hoping it will change before then. Wanted one to remind me of my mother that has recently passed. tyStill are many beautiful charms to choose from.

    • Hi Rose! Ah, I’m very sorry to hear about your mother. It’s a shame that the charm isn’t quite what you wanted, but perhaps the plain silver infinity is a start? You could always pair it with one of the charms that says mum and wear them together in the meantime. :)

  16. Thanks Ellie for these new pictures! :-D I like the heart with the gold bow, the mother of pearl flower round charm, and the Eau De Pandora! Have your heard if there will be any new Pandora Rose charms?

    • You’re welcome! The heart with the gold bow is quite cute, I wish it had less pave on it though. :) There will be new Rose charms, apparently they are more primroses and dazzling daisies.

  17. :-) I wouldn’t know which one to pick for my mom.
    The pink enamel heart and the pink murano are definitely an option.
    Mother’s Day is 8th of May for us. So I have a little bit of time to think about what to get her.
    Thanks for all the information, dear Ellie!
    Have a very HAPPY evening :-)

    By the way, I got a couple of Vienna Opera Ball charms today. Some of them will be traveling very far! :-)

    • There’s certainly a lot of choice! The Nostalgic Roses murano is rather sweet, I’m looking forward to seeing that one in person. :)
      Yay! I’m so excited to get my Vienna charm (I don’t think it has as far to go as some of them ^^). Only a couple of days left to get them now, if anyone else is interested!

  18. Oohhhh I really like the two toned bow with the heart. It does look a bit to girly for my taste, but it reminds me of something very special. The mother-of-pearl flowers are again, too girly for me, but they look like my mom’s style, so I will probably get it for her. It’s kind of sad that Pandora’s MD designs are all so oriented around family and stuff like that because I’m younger than most of the readers here, and I’m sure a lot of other people are not really that kind of age either. The perfume bottle is not as cute as the old one. Other than that, I’m impressed with some of these designs. especially the pearl ones ;)

    • Oh good! That two-tone bow heart caught my eye too, I’m just not sure about all the pave.
      I’m younger as well, 24 to be precise. ^^ So while kids are on the agenda, I’m not planning on them for a while! But I actually think this collection is much more inclusive than previous Mother’s Day releases. Perfume bottles, safety chains, some floral beads, the cupcake… even the more generic hearts are all pluses! I have the older Perfume Bottle and love it. The little orange CZ is very vintage-looking in person. It looks great with the white enamel daisies!

  19. Hi Ellie,

    This is another fantastic post! Hope you are taking time to sleep.lol
    I agree this is by far the most interesting Mother’s Day release in years. I like that they have put some of the focus on family, that opens up the options for more people.

    I like the infinity charm, simple and will blend with my earlier Pandora charms. Also, I know some guys wear Pandora and this charm could look very famine or masculine.

    Judie mentioned some of the items were derivative of Chamilia and I have to agree, and not in a good way the cupcake in particular is over done. But perhaps I lack the imagination to make that one work in my own bracelet designs. I sometimes buy the odd Chamilia piece but I find a lot of their stuff over the top blingy.

    The perfume bottle reminds me of Art Deco will make a nice edition to my France themed bracelet. Visited a parfumerie in Paris several years ago & this charm will be a nice reminder of that trip.

    I also think I would add the perfume bottle to “My Favorite Things” bracelet that I essemble from time to time -contains some purses, the original cupcake, martini glass, the original perfume bottle to name a few. I agree that it will be more challenging than other charms when it comes to styling but a must have charm for me.

    The white enamel flower dangle caught my eye, & I typically shy away from dangles & enamel. But this one seems so elegant & would look nice on a necklace.

    The TT safety chain is nice but looks identical to the TT Happy Anniversary charm my Husband got for me two years ago. So I may pass on that unless it looks irresistible in person.

    Thanks again for helping me spend my money.lol

    I love coming home at the end of the day to find a notification of a new post from your blog. I can’t wait to see how you style some of these charms on your own bracelets.

    • Hi Lisa,
      Definitely, there seems to be more character charms in this collection than in Spring – which seems unprecedented haha. Designs like the cupcake are nice, as they can represent baking with your kids or something mumsy, but have a wider appeal as well.
      It’s funny because I think Chamilia have done some really nice and quirky silver charms lately, and some lovely enamel-work, as well as their blingier pieces. Moreso than Pandora in a few respects! The cupcake does look a bit overdone in the stock image, but it did look a lot nicer in the live image. We will have to wait and see.
      Lovely idea for the perfume bottle! I have the retired Perfume Bottle and it’s on a bracelet with my white enamel daisies and Pandora Rose charms. The white enamel and the vintage-looking orange CZ go surprisingly well together.
      I love the safety chain! It reminds me of the 2015 Club charm, but I don’t mind that. I’m just always on the hunt for new safety chain designs and to see a new two-tone one is particularly exciting <3
      Haha, thanks Lisa! I'm always happy to enable other people's Pandora habits aha. Glad to hear you enjoyed the post and I am very much looking forward to reviewing some of these pieces :D Thanks for commenting, your detailed commentary is always a lot of fun to read!

      • Ellie,

        I never thought about the white enamel with the orange before, I am thinking more & more that the white flower dangle is a future purchase.

        Lisa K.

        • Yes, they look really nice together! And I’ve seen some amazing tropical bracelets that pair orange muranos with the white enamel daisies. You wouldn’t necessarily think to put them together, but they look amazing!

  20. Hi Ellie! I agree that this collection is a vast improvement over last year’s! It is wonderful to see Pandora using real pearls and mother of pearl once again. The floral mother of pearl dangle is particularly lovely and I also like the heart lock dangle (silver!) and of course the pearlescent enamel heart as well. Lovely soft color! I like the perfume bottle, but would have loved a two-toned piece!

    However, I am quite disappointed with the LE Mother’s Day bangle. I collect the bangles and was so hoping that this one would be two-tone just like last year’s charm. That would have been somewhat unique! I absolutely adored the 2014 Circle of Love Mother’s Day bangle and I especially liked the fact that here in the US, it came with a lovely porcelain jewelry box! I think that I will pass on this bangle. Perhaps a flower clasp would have been more original? I’m just not impressed.

    Pandora is definitely introducing some lovely new pieces. However, I still think that there is far too much bling. I do love a bit of pave and enamel here and there, but as others have commented, Pandora seems to be channeling Chamilia more and more. I love my Cherry Blossom pieces from 2013, and was excited to hear that they would be including cherry blossoms again. But, these new pieces have cz included and simply cannot, in my opinion, compare to the older cherry blossom pieces with simple silver detailing! Ah well, a bit of money saved.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog! I always look forward to your new posts! You are truly amazing! <3 <3 <3

    • Hi Carol! Yes, the pearls and mother of pearl were such a nice surprise! The pearlescent heart charm looks so pretty in the live images – I will have to think of how I can use it in my collection, as I just love the colour!
      That’s a good point – we haven’t had a two-tone bangle clasp before! The thing that disappoints me with the bangle though is the family inscription. It immediately narrows its appeal so much; and you think it would be easy to do two versions, one with engraving and one without. A floral bangle would be so cute. Perhaps next year? ^^

      There is a lot of bling. And the plain silver ones are all openworks in this collection! But I’m looking forward to the summer 2016 plain silver enamels. It’s so great that they’re full-bodied designs! People still reference Chamilia a lot when they talk about Pandora being too pave, but ironically Chamilia have been quite good with their plain silver or enamel designs lately. Look at their Pegasus or their Dragon charms, for example. Plain silver and nicely-detailed – I can’t remember the last time Pandora did something fantasy and plain silver and interesting like that!

      Thank you so much Carol! I’m so pleased that you’re enjoying the posts – thanks for reading! <3 <3

  21. Hi, Ellie! Thank you so much for all of these wonderful posts. I like the new perfume bottle. It appears to take its inspiration from Chanel. No. 19 is my all-time favorite fragrance. You are right about the cupcake: It did look cuter in the live shots. I’ll reserve judgment and wait to see how it looks in person. The rest are not for me–I have enough hearts. That leaves more money to spend on the Spring and Summer collections! Those are really exciting!

    • Hi Angie! <3 The perfume bottle does seem to be a popular one, judging from comments and social media! The cupcake's stock image is a bit disappointing, but hopefully the live images are more representative of it. The colour looks a bit garish and shiny here.
      I'm looking forward to seeing more of summer! <3 I've got what I want for Spring pretty much settled in my head, haha.

  22. Does anyone know what the white enamel charm with large hearts and a gold heart is? It looks exactly like the abudance of love charm, but with larger hearts. Thanks!!

  23. I was just comparing Pandora, Chamila, and Tiffany bracelets to get for my mom for her birthday. Has anybody had any experience with the other two brands or anything on why Pandora is better then the other two brands? Thanks

    • I don’t have a Tiffany charm bracelet (I only have one of their beaded bracelets, which is undoubtedly lovely). I also don’t have a Chamilia bracelet, just a couple of their charms. But, in Chamilia and Pandora’s favour, they are both European-style so their charms are often compatible with the other’s bracelet. Tiffany’s charms are dangle style, I think, and you’d have to stick with a Tiffany bracelet and you couldn’t mix and match.
      Also, Pandora and Chamilia are more affordable I think.

    • Tiffany is a luxury jewelry even their silver is not cheap, they don’t use synthetic or cz or plated gold on their jewelry. Their dangle charm is on the bracelet not thread on. Pandora is an affordable fashion jewelry, they use synthetic, cz and plated gold .Pandora charm bracelet is the most popular in the market because you can design your own style just like Lego for lady to play with. Pandora can not compare to Tiffany. Chamilia, Trollbead, Pandora, Personna, …have the similar concept but Pandora is the most popular. Pandora has 4.3 million Facebook member, Tiffany has 12 million, Trollbead 0.6 million and Chamilia has 0.12 million.

      • Thanks! I have read on other places that Chamilia offers less charms than Pandora and Pandora has much more classier charms. Is that true? I have a feeling that all of you have more experience in charms and can advice me. I want my mom to start a charm bracelet and I want her to get the right one. Also, Pandora claims that they will not polish the bracelet or replace it if the bracelet contains non Pandora charms on it.

        • It’s kind of down to personal taste, really. Some of Chamilia’s charms don’t feel as substantial/well-made to me as Pandora’s. Other Chamilia charms match them very well – they do some lovely plain silver and enamel designs. You have to go and see Chamilia charms in person I think, as the quality varies.
          Pandora certainly used to offer more variety in charms than Chamilia, but recently Pandora have seemed to mainly release new hearts & floral designs. So there’s probably more variety in new Chamilia charms these days…
          That is correct regarding the Pandora warranty. They won’t guarantee your bracelet if you use it with non-Pandora items.

        • Customer will tell you what they like most. I love Tiffany, every girls like the signature Tiffany Blue box, right? We can’t buy Tiffany every month because of the high price not we don’t love it. I enjoy to collect Pandora, affordable, good workmanship, promotion, GWP. Ha! Ha!

    • Agree it’s personal taste! I can’t get enough of my Pandora and other European style charms, I’ve been obsessed for almost 2 years now. I like the look of this style and the variety. I have dangle charm bracelets from the past, solid gold and silver, I hardly wear them anymore although I do still like them. I also have Tiffany pieces I never wear anymore, the Return to Tiffany when that was all the rage! So I think you have go with what the person you are buying it for is interested in.

      • I don’t wear my Tiffany bracelet as much as my Pandora either! I love it, but the charm bracelets are just so much more interesting haha.

  24. Oh Ellie :D Where do you find time to do these posts back to back? Such a superstar! The enamel peachy heart is something I’d definitely go for, it looks gorgeous! I do love the designs they’ve come out with for the Mothers Day collection, however I do worry how they will wear….

    I’d bought a pearl charm for my TB bracelet – it’s a bit like the Essence one really but a tad bigger, and the whole side face of it got scratched when clashing against the other charms. As I’m such a clumsy person, I’ll probably just admire the charms with pearl in store instead :P Plus I don’t think I have that “air of elegance” to pull off wearing pearl… if you know what I mean :P That said…. it might all change though when I see it in person… as usual xD.

    I prefer the old perfume bottle – it had a lot of… “spunk” hahaha. Being vintage, classy and edgy all at the same time :P Can’t wait to see what you come home with in the next few weeks! I usually wait to see your stylings before I go buy charms :D Your posts let me know which charms are the best to go for! ^^ Get some rest you, it’s weekend *hugs* Thanks again for another beautiful post!

    Suzy xxx

    • Yeah, the heart looks so gorgeous, especially in live images! I’m not sure how I might use that one yet, but rest assured that I will find something. :P Oh no, I’ve only had a problem with one of my pearls scratching – the Viola Bloom/Garden Odyssey. And that’s quite a large pearl. My smaller Pandora pearls still look pretty good. And the Viola Bloom looks gorgeous anyway! I can appreciate that the bigger pearls like your TB one might wear worse :(
      Aha, I don’t think you need to be elegant to pull off pearls, especially on a charm bracelet that’s designed to be somewhat eclectic anyway! And when it comes to Pandora, I just tend to buy what I like. It’s not really a fashion statement for me a lot of the time. ^^
      Haha, thanks, I’m looking forward to doing reviews for Spring especially! That Flower Garden murano will be one of the first things I take home. There had better not be production issues with that one :P Thanks for commenting Suzy! xxx

  25. Oh no….. my wishlist is getting longer and longer. They all look lovely. But I shall be realistic and choose only those I like the most. Top on the list is the mother of pearl flower charm, followed by the two tone bow heart and the cute perfume bottle. And just maybe…, the pink cupcake. The heart safety chain is a must have for my new bracelet. It will take a long while for me to be able to get them all, including spring ones. Hopefully I can know the Aussie price list to budget and plan. Luckily I did not fancy any of the summer collection so far. But that might change again. Thanks Ellie for working so hard in spoiling us nearly daily with a new post. Rest well.

    • Another healthy wish list! ^^ At least you know that you can be working on getting hold of these pieces for a while. I have three must-haves, but am prepared to be wowed by the other charms in person haha. My brother is actually off to Australia for a full year in a couple of weeks… I’m going to miss him a lot, but the silver lining will be the easy access to discount Pandora at AUD prices haha. He will probably have to post me a few back to the UK! :P
      Thanks for commenting, I’m so pleased you’re enjoying all the previews and that you’ve seen so much like :D

  26. Although this collection has a lot of beautiful pieces, I don’t think I will be purchasing much from it. The first section of charms has a lot of hearts which is almost like a second Valentine’s day release, I think. I do think the pearl colored enamel heart is very pretty but I just purchased the violet colored one they came out with and I love it! I think the eau de pandora perfume bottle is very cute! I’m not sure if it would go with any of my bracelets though. I think the rose murano is pretty also. It’s probably a good thing I don’t want much from this collection as my wish list for spring and summer is quite long!

    • I forgot to mention that I love the gold love knot! Here in the US, that charm comes in sterling silver and is a Jared’s exclusive. I am going to go pick up a few this week as I have decided they would go well with the violet heart I mentioned in my above post. Don’t I wish I could afford the 14k one though! The sterling silver version is quite lovely though also!

      • Oh yes, that silver Love Knot was released worldwide :) It is pretty. The Jared exclusives are only exclusive to Jared in North America, they’re sold as normal everywhere.

        • Lol, I didn’t realize the Jared’s exclusives were released worldwide. I guess that makes sense though that they would want certain pieces just they sell to get people to buy Pandora from them. They still never have near the selection of a Pandora retail store so I never go there! I will today for the love knots though. I’ve decided to make a love and romance bracelet with my enamel heart. I didn’t want to just fill it with hearts though so I thought the love knots would go nicely with the enamel heart. I might add some of the new red muranos coming out in the Summer to it as the heart is more red than purple, in my opinion. Maybe some rose gold charms too? We shall see!

        • Yeah the Jared exclusives are a funny quirk of the US market. I don’t hear good things about Jared’s service when it comes to Pandora. :/ It’s a shame that they get so many nice charms as exclusive!
          The Love Knots would be great with hearts and romance charms. :D The red muranos would also give it a nice depth of colour and stop it from being too pink and like all Pandora’s stylings too. :D

    • Yeah, it does seem like a continuation of the Valentine’s collection in many ways :) I’m quite tempted by both the Valentine’s heart and this one! I saw the In My Heart in store today and it’s such a pretty colour. They only had one left. I might go back tomorrow and get it ;)
      My wish list for Spring & Summer is building up too – I’m hoping I don’t love too much from this collection when it hits the stores! At the moment, I definitely want the two safety chains and this pearlescent heart. Hopefully nothing else will catch my eye in person! :P

      • Well now that I have the love knot on my bracelet I need to get the pendant to match. It is very pretty! I have the timeless elegance pendant I wear on a black leather cord and I love the black leather and CZ sparkles together. I may have to change it out and put the love knot on it. Is it March yet, lol? Can’t wait to start crossing things off my wish list!

        • I quite like it as well! I don’t usually go for the more generic pavé pieces, but I do like the Love Knot as a pendant. :D I love the idea of it with the black leather too haha. Roll on March as you say! :P

  27. I absolutely love the freshwater cultured pearl charms, I’m pretty sure they’re my favourite charms being released out of the whole collection. A lot of the comments have been about the mother of pearl charms, and while I agree they’re lovely, the freshwater cultured pearl charms just really stand out to me. I’ll definitely be getting the openwork and dangle charms!

    • I completely agree with you Kayla, I’m desperately awaiting this release now! The pearl charms are gorgeous and I just hope there might be a few more to come in the jewellery preview? :)

    • I was so excited to see more pearls too! My existing Viola Bloom pearl pendant is one of my very favourite Pandora pieces. It’s a shame that this pearl dangle drop charm has CZ on it, but it’s very pretty nevertheless. <3

      • Mmm. I was thinking of buying the trollbeads bracelet bundle for mothers day and the Rose of June with a pearl, but now I feel the need to add more! Luckily my mom loves pearls. ;)

        • Lucky mum! ;) I just looked up the Rose of June and it’s really pretty! I was looking at a Trollbeads counter when I was out and about today, and some of the silvers are beautiful.

  28. The enamel heart and infinity bead are definitely on my list. I also like the cupcake (based on the live shot), the murano, the mother of pearl bead at the top, and the heart with the bow. I definitely like quite a few beads from this and the spring and Disney releases, but I hope Pandora will come up with some different themes!! By the way, do you know if NA is getting last fall’s Essence beads? Thanks, Ellie!

    • Ooh that wish list is getting longer! ^^ I would like to see the cupcake in person – it looked very nice in the live images, but less so in the stock photo.
      I did hear that Pandora NA should be releasing the AW15 Essence beads this season, but no official confirmation on that yet. These latest previews are not from my North American source :)

  29. Looking forward to the pricing update from u, Ellie. I’ve got my eyes set on the safety chain, pave clasp clip, pacifier and cupcake. This safety chain will fit in nicely into my moments bracelet.

    • I’ll update this post as soon as I have more names & the prices :) I’d like to know roughly how much for the two-tone safety chain as well! <3

      • That’s the one I’m waiting for too! I’ve been holding out for the existing Two-Tone Hearts safety chain, but it’s a bit pricey. I think this one uses less gold, so I’m hoping thr price is a bit more reasonable.

        • Yes, I’m hoping it’s not going to be £100 like the existing two-tone safety chain D: I love it, but I’m not sure that I love it that much haha.

  30. Hi again Ellie!
    The stock images made it clear, that the pearlescent heart and the two tone SC will end up on my pink bracelet! I was surprised to see the Abundance of Love pictured in this collection, and I only realised it was slightly different, after reading Lisa’s comment! When will they stop repeating designs?
    It’s funny that for Mother’s day, I’ve decided to gift a Valentine’s piece to my mom: the Wild Hearts murano, which will be her first murano and will perfectly match her orchid, too! Since she already has the Motherly love openwork and the two tone card dangle from last year’s collection, I thought another “Mom” engraving would be too much!
    Thank you for the new images Ellie! I really enjoyed reading the post and all comments this evening! ♥♥♥

      • Hi Lisa! Well, I would have chosen mother of pearl instead of enamel, too, but comparing the designs, I find the little hearts so much cuter!!! ♥

    • Hi Chrysa! Very good choices, those two are my favourites as well :P I hadn’t actually made the connection between that charm and the Abundance of Love charm, but now that I’ve read the comments I do see it! I prefer the smaller hearts I think.

      Oh that’s perfect for your mum! It’ll go so nicely with the orchid :) sweet and yet not too mumsy.

      Thanks for commenting Chrysa! Glad you enjoyed :) ♥♥♥

  31. Hi Ellie,

    I am loving the the Mother’s Day collection and have a very long wish list! I love the new heart clasp bangle and safety chain that matches – I will definitely be adding these to my collection!

    Do you know when the Mother’s Day collection will be released in the UK yet? Sorry, I know you mentioned mid-Feb, it’s just me be impatient! I’m hoping that it will be next week after Valentine’s Day is over!

    Thank you for your wonderful blog, I love reading them and finding out what is coming up in the world of Pandora.

    Debbie x

    • Hi Debbie! Ooh good, I am glad to hear it. :D The safety chains will definitely be coming home with me. I’d have liked the bangle as well, if it wasn’t for the inscription!

      I hear the UK Mother’s Day release is due out on the 15th of February :) So just after Valentine’s Day! I don’t think that I have to have anything from it – they’re saving most of my favourite pieces until April. ;)

      Thanks Debbie! <3 It's so nice that you enjoy the blog - thanks for reading and commenting!
      Ellie xx

  32. Please could you tell me if the pale pink pearl coloured heart enamal from the mother’s day love and family collection is available in the UK shops I cannot find it here! Many thanks!

  33. Hi Ellie,
    Thank you for the Mother’s Day prices!!! This release is definitely my favorite. So elegant,
    but a bit pricey. This did not surprise me though. I have a feeling I will still be adding to this
    collection for quite some time.

    Have A Great Day!

    • Hi Emily! You are welcome. :) I like this release a lot, but I can whittle most of what I want down to the two safety chains and that lovely enamel heart.

      Have a great day too!

  34. I’m disappointed in the price of the two tone safety chain. I thought it would be less expensive than the existing hearts TT safety chain because it looks like maybe it uses a little less gold. But it is the same price! Oh well. Ellie, do you know how much the LE bangle is in the U.S.?

    • It is rather pricey. I’m cringing a little bit to see what the UK RRP will be. Perhaps the gold is on both sides of each heart?
      I don’t know how much the bangle is, sorry. I was only given charms… but I think a number of people have got hold of the new catalogue for the US, so it might be worth asking around! :)

        • Mother’s Day collection will be available on 9th April, I am going to exchange some charm I bought during promotion. I like Mother’s Day collection more than Spring Collection. I want mother of pearl, murano, LE bangle set with dangle.

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