*UPDATED with prices* Today brings my next Pandora preview, with a sneak peek at the upcoming Pandora Rose Spring 2016 collection! :D The collection offers more floral designs, with some dazzling daisies and white primroses, and some more generic jewellery pieces, too. This collection will either be due out with the Spring 2016 collection on the 17th of March or with the Mother’s Day collection on the 14th of April – I’ll update you when I know for sure!

pandora rose spring 2016 charms
Image by Pandora

There are no Pandora Rose original designs – these charms & jewellery items are all already available in sterling silver. These stock images are published with the very kind permission of Lily CB (and edited by me), so please do not reproduce them without crediting her! :) You can click any of the collages to enlarge them.

Pandora Rose Spring 2016 Preview

First up, we have the new Pandora Rose charms! This year’s selection is on the small side, offering Rose versions of last year’s primrose and daisy pieces. We do get another clip option, which is nice to see, and these charms will undoubtedly blend very well with the existing Rose selection.

pandora rose spring 2016 charms

Courtesy of Lily CB – please do not reproduce without credit

Prices for the US are as follows:-

Dazzling Daisy clip – $70

Dazzling Daisy pendant – $55

Dazzling Daisy charm – $105

White Primrose Meadow – $80

There are more jewellery pieces, on the other hand! The Dazzling Daisy rings look gorgeous and complement the charms very nicely. There are also new versions of the existing silver Sparkling Love pieces, but with pink cubic zirconia instead of clear.

pandora rose spring 2016 charms
Courtesy of Lily CB – please do not reproduce without credit

Prices for the US are as follows:-

Dazzling Daisy Meadow – $90

Dazzling Daisy – $60

Twist of Fate – $150

Hearts of Pandora necklace – $175

Hearts of Pandora ring – $90

Sparkling Love earrings – $90

Sparkling Love pendant – $70

My Comment

While I’d like to see some more original Rose charms and jewellery going forward, the new Rose Dazzling Daisy and primrose pieces look very lovely – particularly the rings. However, I just finished my bracelet that featured Pandora Rose and white enamel florals, so I’ve no room for these! ;)

pandora autumn 2015 majestic swan

Just on a side note, too – I just started an Instagram for Mora Pandora! If you’re on Instagram, please think about giving me a follow. ^^ I’ll be posting some extra sneak peeks there and photos of my own collection. :)

What do you think of these new offerings for the Rose line? Are any going on your wish list? :D

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    • Thanks Lozzie! <3 I forgot to say, and this applies to everyone - if you'd like a followback, just leave your username here or comment on the instagram page itself!

  1. omg, amazing, I would love to get some stacking rings, but I’m afraid that I would then continue to buy lots more jewellery in rose gold, eg watch, earrings, to match the rings, as I don’t really like mixing metals. I have avoided buying any rose gold jewellery for that reason, besides, I’m afraid that I would get tired of it or that it would go out of fashion.

    • I just quite like the colour of rose gold in itself, so I would probably wear it still even if it went out of fashion. ^^ Having said that, I don’t think I will get any of these – I prefer the silver rings and I’ve filled up my Pandora Rose bracelet for now!

  2. Follow you in instagram too!
    Hi Ellie. Do u know if rose collection will be launched in Australia or Singapore?
    I yet to own any piece of rose collection…:(
    Yhe dazzling daisy pendant catch my eyes…

    • Thanks Shirleen! :D I have heard nothing about a wider release of the Rose collection yet, unfortunately. I keep hoping to hear it’s coming out for Australia, as they were part of the original Pandora Rose test release in 2014. But nothing so far :(

  3. Hi Ellie!
    Wonderful images! I love rose gold, and I have 2 rings, a necklace and 2 pendants. Pandora rose items look gorgeous when being obviously more affordable than real gold, but totally matching it! Unfortunately I never had the chance to see them in person, but if that trip to London happens next month, I think I would prefer to take sth of the rose collection instead of obvious London/UK charms, as a Pandora souvenir! :-) I do think though that I prefer some older rose pieces best! Have you noticed any problems with your rose charms so far? Do they maintain their colour?
    Thank you for the lovely post, Ellie! And my best wishes for yesterday’s Valentine’s Day! I hope you had a great time! Has the gorgeous enamel heart found its way to your wrist yet? :-) ♡♡♡

    • Hi Chrysa! Ooh how exciting, you should definitely grab a couple of Rose pieces as a souvenir for your London trip <3 I think most of the London-themed charms were available worldwide at some point or another, anyway.
      My Pandora Rose items (and I have seven charms & the bracelet) all look great still - with the exception of the Big Smooth Heart, which hasn't lost its colour but shows up scratches rather badly. I'm quite impressed with the bracelet actually, as it's two years old now and the clasp isn't looking worse for wear at all. It's one of the bracelets I wear most!
      Thanks, Chrysa! The enamel heart has indeed found its way on to my wrist :P It's on my pave heart bracelet with the pinks and Cinderella blues. Hope you had a great Valentine's too!

  4. Hello! :)
    I have a question: do the oink color turn dark with the use? I would like to do a Pink gold bracelet but I am afraid it will be dark with a daily use.
    Thank you :)

    • Hi Marta, I have not found that to be the case, no. Mine all look very shiny with minimal cleaning from me. :) The Pandora Rose charms are made from rose silver, which means that the metal underneath the rose-gold plating is actually pink as well. So even when the plating does wear through, the metal underneath will still be light and rosy!

  5. Hi Ellie,
    It is my daughter who goes happy ! She have some rose pieces and want to complete.
    I am a little disappointed, his rose heart start to be a little dark…
    I have read so many things about so, could you tell us, the rose is an alloy or plate gold ?
    For me, I prefer buy gold, for sure that is not the same price, but I cannot too what think about that collection…
    Have a nice day Ellie !
    I follow you on Instagram ;)

    • Hi Isabelle! Do you mean the plain rose heart? Do you think it is a matter of “bad” treatment (I imagine children are not too careful with jewelry) or the material they used to give the colour is too sensitive? I intended to go for Pandora rose but your comment made me having second thoughts now…

      • I just thought I’d come chime in = P Rose gold and 14k, 18k gold are all mixed in with other metals to make it stronger for use as Jewellery. The formula (mix of different metals ) is different for each maker – some rose gold can be more pink, or yellow than others. The amount of tarnishing depends on the amount of silver added to the mix, thickness of the plating, and of course, how you wear and keep your Jewellery.

        Plated Jewellery will wear away, but some jewellers use a base metal to coat the charm underneath, so that even with wear, it’s a similar colour to the outside of the charm, so it’s not as obvious. Hope that helps= ) Xxx

        • Thanks Suzy! Really interesting info! I haven’t noticed difference in colour in my rose gold pieces (real gold I mean, not plated), but I have bought rose gold plated items that where obviously the case you describe with thickness: the one turned to be silver in a couple of months and the other is just as the day one!
          I wonder what’s the case with Pandora rose though… Do you have Pandora rose pieces? If yes, have you noticed changes?
          Thanks again for your reply! ♡♡♡

        • Morning Chrysa ♡♡♡! (I love it when you use all these hearts, it’s so sweet! :P)

          I’m going to start by pasting an excerpt from the Pandora Rose FAQ’s :

          “Is the Pandora Rose jewellery hallmarked?

          Some of the PANDORA Rose jewellery contains a unique hallmark – R- for Rose. The jewellery also contains the standard hallmark on all PANDORA jewellery, the ‘ALE’ marker’s mark.
          Please note that a selection of items, or components, are made from sterling silver with 14 ct Rose gold plating. These carry the “S925” sterling silver hallmark. ”

          I have the rose clasp bracelet, a couple of charms, and a dangle/pendant. The only one I can guess is plated, would be the rose clover pendant, as the hoop itself is silver with the S925 mark – however, the back of the rose clover is actually marked as “G585” rather than “ALE-R”… o.O (odd! lol). The rest of the pieces don’t seem to be plated – they all have the ALE-R mark – which should show a consistent colour even when scratched all the way through.

          They look as good as new to me! :D I’ve had them for nearly a year (besides the pendant/dangle). I don’t wear the same bracelet everyday either, I tend to alternate depending on the day, and I store them with lots of silica gel packs which slows the tarnishing down. Having said that, some of my two-tone pieces actually tarnished – which shows that some of the TT pieces may well be plated =O.

          If you look after your pieces well, there shouldn’t be any problems :) They are a lovely colour and give you a greater option to mix and play with charms too :D

          Another thing people forget is that they can take their charms to any Pandora shop and have them cleaned on the spot – a free service :) So if you’re ever worried about your jewellery going black and don’t have time to clean them, take them to store where they examine your charms and clean them for you. They can also check your stone settings for you if you wish :D (I’ve only just realised this lol! They do annual free service checks for your jewellery!)

          I have other plated jewellery (ie TS charms) which have turned dull/black a lot faster than the non-plated Pandora – so I don’t think you have anything to worry about :P I hope that’s helped you decide Chrysa! :D xxx

        • Wow Suzy!
          You did so much research for me! Thank you, I appreciate it! ♡
          Your clover is actually totally rose gold I think and not plated. The 585 in my country (and worldwide I believe) means 14ct gold and is marked only in gold. The plated silver ones have the usual 925 mark. Lucky you! :-)
          I’m so happy both you and Ellie told me your Pandora rose pieces still look brand new! I will only avoid that heart, which wasn’t my priority anyway! I intend to get the bracelet of course, 2 clips and one charm. I hope there will be a promo between 25-30 of March (forgot to check Ellie’s UK promotions list)!
          Thanks for your time Suzy! ♡♡♡

        • Chrysa :D ♡♡♡

          I was lucky because I managed to grab the clover during the half price UK Winter sales! I loved it the moment it came out in the previous years Autumn collection – but I held off and waited for it in the sales :D

          I’m sure you look after your charms, so don’t worry about investing in the rose line ;) You can share photos of your bracelets with us later too :D xxx

      • Hi Chrysa,
        No I’m talking about the rose love and appreciation. Aha it makes me laugh : my child have 25 years old ! So she takes careful about his jewelry, but she have this one alone on a bracelet and about three month it turn dark grey. Now she have four rose charm more since christmas and every things right. But I have read on that we shouldn’t wash the rose like the silver with the rag Pandora.
        So I have buy the gold love and appreciation( my best) not to be disappointed, but my daughter does not have the same budget!
        I cannot tell more, you should make a choice ;)

        • Sorry Isabelle! ♡ That was funny, I thought we were talking about a little girl! :-) The best investment is definitely gold if you can afford it! I guess that if I sum up all I’ve paid on silver and some 2tone beads for four bracelets since last year, I could have made a bracelet with some gold charms. On the other hand, playing with many lovely beads, and creating different designs is soooo much fun! :-)

    • Hi Isabelle! Oh dear, is that the Rose Big Smooth Heart? Mine showed up scratches and didn’t wear very well either. All my others look beautiful still, though. The Pandora Rose charms are actually both an alloy and plated rose gold – the metal underneath the rose gold plating is a copper-silver alloy, meaning that it also shows pink. :)

      And thanks for following me! <3

        • Haha no worries! It’s both plated and an alloy ^^ your experiences with your Pandora Rose are still great info too, mine also looks great after a couple of years of wear! x

        • Is yours a really “orangey” shade of rose gold? For some reason mine looks on the verge of being orange…. rather than “pink”… lol xD

        • Yeah it’s kind of orangey in certain lights! I wouldn’t describe it as being pink exactly…

        • I have 2 Rose bracelets upgrade from free bracelet promotion and 2 Light as a Feather. I wear the 2 bracelets empty together and the charms as a pair of earrings as a Pandora Rose matching set. Pandora Rose is ORANGE not real solid rose gold colour.

        • Depending on the alloy used, rose gold comes in a variety of different colors. 14k and 18k yellow gold also vary in color within their respective purity levels. You can have gold custom made to any shade you like!

        • As it was so orange, I just wanted to check whether Pandora had changed their metal mixes – as when I saw Ellies pieces, they didn’t seem as orange-y as mine were. When I say “pink” I meant the “rose-y” colours created on addition of the copper, making it rose gold :) I seemed to have confused everyone with my terms… xD

      • Thanks Ellie for the information, so I have make the choice to buy less but gold. I will have been disappointed too much that it arrives something, I am too careful and hates that my jewels are not like new, so much I take care of it…
        For my daughter (not a child, but await, if a child of 25 years old aha ) the budget is not the same, so the rose allows to give pleasure ;)
        As I said to Chrysa, it was the love and appreciation who turn grey like silver, if I said dark it is exaggerated a little !
        Nice day ;)

        • Oh that’s so strange! I have the Love & Appreciation and it looks good still. But I don’t really clean my Rose pieces, or polish them, so perhaps that helps?

        • In fact, it is because it became gray that I have it polished it. Now she put on a bracelet with other rose bead, and for the moment it’s ok.
          Perhaps this arrived because it was alone on the bracelet ? I don’t know.

  6. Yay an Instagram! I would follow you, but I don’t have an Instagram right now because I deleted the app quite a while ago. I’m still excited to see you pictures on the account though ;) It lets you see on a laptop so I’ll be your invisible follower. The rose pieces are not too exciting for me, especially because I try to buy long-lasting things that represent something to me. However, your bracelet is pretty cute. :)

    • Yay thanks Cindy! That is the thing about the Rose charms – there aren’t any character beads, they’re almost entirely fashionable hearts & flowers. But I quite like to mix them in with the silver Moments range to create something a bit more interesting! Glad you like my bracelet anyhow, thanks :D

  7. These look really lovely ellie I don’t own any rose piece yet they are on my wishlist lol. Would you do another rose gold bracelet? I’m also excited for you I nstagram page.

    • Hehe your wish list is still getting bigger! I’d be tempted to do another Rose bracelet if they came out with more charms, maybe something a bit different. These are too similar to what I have already!

    • Yes there will be, although perhaps not all released at the same time. They staggered the AW15 release over a few months!

  8. Very pretty, I purchased my first rose gold charm and was interested in the bracelet. I like the other ladies am concerned about fading. Have you experience any problems?

    Love your post!

    • Hi Karen! Nope, no fading. The only charm that has not worn well is the Big Smooth Heart, which looks very scratched but has still maintained its colour. I am very pleased with my Rose piececs overall – the bracelet I’ve had for two years and the clasp still looks perfect :D

  9. Very disappointed to see only 4 charms. The clip and the dazzling daisy are nice, though. I feel like they should devote more time and attention to this line, with original designs as well as redoing some of the silver in rose gold. I feel like pandora has their finger in too many pies – essence, Disney, pandora rose- and they seem to have to cut in these areas because the main business is still the moments line. Just my thought…

    • It is a small selection, I was surprised as well. :( Especially as they are all similar to last year’s Spring collection. They’re pretty though!
      I have noticed that they are offering fewer new pieces in their secondary lines as well. The Essence collection has been seeing very small releases. But on the plus side – there’s less to add my wish list, which is something of a relief! :P It would be nice to see them invest in Rose more, ,though, I agree – to start with, a worldwide release would be very welcome!

  10. Finally MoraPandora has an instagram account! Yay!
    I was wondering when the Pandora Rose pieces sneak peeks will come out a few days ago, and it seems like you were reading my thoughts! ?
    I didn’t really like the silver version of the white primrose meadow, but the rose gold version looks more delicate to me, so maybe I’ll like this version instead when I see it in real life. I love the Sparkling love earrings and pendant! Those are definitely going on my wish list!
    Happy belated Valentine’s Day! I hope you had a good one :)
    Also, my boyfriend got me the Wild Hearts Murano (and Infinite Love ring for Valentine’s day) and it is beautiful! I ended up getting a really good version of it, but I’m wondering why it got recalled, it’s so beautiful!

    • Haha thank you! :D I will get some more pics up on it soon.
      I have the silver version of the White Primrose Meadow, and I loved it to start with. My issue with it a year later is that the silver has tarnished a bit and doesn’t polish up that well and the white enamel has yellowed a bit. So it looks a littel grubby :( I actually wonder if the Rose version would wear a bit better.
      Thanks, Marina – you too! I had a very nice Valentine’s Day and received the pink enamel In My Heart from my OH. Glad to hear you got the Wild Hearts murano, it is so lovely! It hasn’t been recalled, there were just production & supply issues with it again I think. I think more stores have it in now (or should do at least).

      • I’ve heard that the white enamel charms tend to start to have a yellow hue after a while, it’s a shame :(
        I am not really a murano charm person, but after seeing your review of the Wild Hearts, I knew that I had to have it! Now that I have it… I feel like I need another murano to make my bracelet symmetrical! XD

        • Yeah, it’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be (the LE Canadian Maple Leaf charm used to go completely yellow I think), but my original Darling Daisy clip and White Primrose Meadow don’t look anywhere near as crisp and white as they did when I bought them. My other enamel pieces have fared much better! I don’t mind, as they still look nice on a bracelet – but when I go into store and compare them with new examples, I am quite struck by the difference!
          Haha, you should definitely get another murano! I’m glad the post inspired you to start with murano glass ^^

        • Hmmm, well even with the yellow hue the flower white enamel charms look “natural”, but the LE Canadian Maple Leaf charm probably not. On the sneakpeeks and on the pandora stock photo of the white primrose meadow, I really liked it. But when I saw it in person, it didn’t strike me too much. I’m hoping that I’ll like the rosegold version better, since I still like the design!

        • Yeah, it looks pretty terrible on the Canadian charm. But the extent of the yellowing is so much worse on that one!
          It might not be as noticeable on the Rose charm, as the rose-coloured metal gives the white flowers on my Darling Daisy Meadow charm a kind of luminous pink glow in some lights anyway. It’s very pretty!

  11. I don’t have anything from the rose gold collection, but I think the pink with the rose gold looks nice. I’m sticking with my silver pieces, as there’s enough in the collection for me. Also I’m unsure of how well the rose gold pieces will wear over time.

    • Yeah, the pink stones with the Rose are nice! I’d like to see them experiment with colour more in the future, too :D My Rose pieces have worn extremely well overall so far, but we’re only two years in at this point. I guess time will tell how they wear in the long-run!

  12. Thanks for the post Ellie,

    Although the new pieces aren’t original they are very pretty. I really love the white enamel and the rose gold together. I will have to buy some rose pieces in the future but I will wait until I’ve cleared my wishlist a bit.

    I have started to follow you on Instagram. I have a Instagram account just for my Pandora jewellery photos as well. It’s theartofpandora ;)

    Look forward to seeing your posts,

    • These are pretty,, but not very innovative as you say. I’m still hoping to see more Pandora Rose exclusive designs like the Love & Appreciation heart or the Darling Daisy meadow. I will be passing on these, but only because my Rose bracelet is full up. I like the look of the new Rose Primrose Meadow!

      Thanks Hazel – I followed you back! You h ave a beautiful Instagram account. It’s great to see more of your collection!

  13. I like the Dazzling Daisy, I might get that one as I have the silver version and really like it. I wish Pandora would think outside the box a little more though, I have to say I’m getting a little bored with them redoing the same designs over and over again.

  14. I love mixing in rose gold pieces with the sterling silver line. I have the light as a feather collection in the rose gold. I put the pendant on a sterling silver chain and I have the earrings on the sterling silver posts. I also have the rose gold chain with the Pandora signature CZ pendant. I will wear the rose gold chain with a sterling silver charm and the sterling silver chain with the rose gold signature charm together. They look beautiful!! I also have the alluring brilliant clear CZ ring. Many of the pieces are so much prettier in person. I’m a little disappointed in this new collection. I like the jewelry pieces better than the charms. I originally had thought I would like the sparkling love dangle charm because I thought the pink CZ was a pretty idea with the rose but I’m not sure how I like it in the picture. I’d have to see how it looks in person. I would like to add a few rose gold pieces to my bracelet I put the in my heart violet enamel charm on. I was thinking maybe the path to harmony charms. I think they would be very pretty together.

    • The Light as a Feather range is beautiful – particularly the ring, that looks great with rose gold. I only the Rose Light as a Feather charm, but it’s worn really well. I very much like the sound of your duo-metal look! ^^
      Yes, for once, I think the jewellery pieces outclass the charms – if only because the Sparkling Love pieces with the pink stones offer something a little different! I found a live photo of them here:
      Putting the Rose charms with the In My Heart enamel charm would be an interesting combo! I will have to try it. ^^

      • Oooo, that live pic is very pretty of the pink sparkling love pendant!! Thanks so much for sharing it with me!! I like the chain they chose to put it on. I think that all of the rose pieces look so much better in person. I may need to add it to my wish list after all ;).

        • You’re welcome! <3 I thought it looked rather gorgeous there as well. Looking forward to seeing it for myself!

  15. I have had many of my Pandora Rose pieces for about a year and a half, and the color still looks the same as when I first purchased them. However, I have noticed that the silver parts of the bracelet that the Rose charms have touched have experienced some tarnishing. I know this is due to the Rose pieces because I haven’t experienced tarnishing with any of my other bracelets, and I have a lot of bracelets!

    I absolutely love the color combo of the Rose gold and the pink stones in the Sparkling Love pieces! The pendant is my only must-have from this collection. I can’t wait to see the stock photos of the jewelry from the Spring and Mother’s Day collections!

    • Yes, I have experienced this too. The Rose pieces do tarnish the silver bracelet more (especially the Rose clips – my silver bracelet threads get so grubby!). I think this is also true of yellow gold to some extent, and it’s just a reaction of the silver to the gold.
      Spring and Mother’s Day 2016 jewellery previews are forthcoming! There are just too many posts to put together, but I am getting there haha. Both the jewellery collections for this season are rather lovely I think.

  16. I love the dazzling daisy clip! So pretty. I don’t like pave but I think pave works very well with the rose gold. I might consider getting a rose bracelet and the daisy clip if there is a promotion. I don’t like how they are just replicating the silver charms as I can see myself getting a rose bracelet and rose charms which are identical to my silver ones. The only downside to the plated jewelry is that I don’t see it as heirlooms, and all the jewelry I own are heirlooms or will become heirlooms. If they are not heirloom jewelry then I have a tendency to throw them away or donate them to charity after a year or 2 which is why I have been hesitant with the rose gold range.

    • I agree, I much prefer clear pavé when it’s put with the rose gold! I think the contrast between the clear stones and the rich colour works really well. They were doing some original Rose designs with each collection (the Love & Appreciation, etc) but they seem to have stopped that for the last two collections. :( I hope they bring it back!
      I guess time will tell with how well the Rose line wears ultimately – it’s hard to know, seeing as we’re only two years in. Mine looks lovely, but I’m not sure whether it would qualify to be heirloom jewellery. :)

    • I agree with you. I just have 2 free Rose bracelets and 2 Rose light as a Feather charms as a pair of earrings. I won’t invest a lot in plated, cz, synthetic jewelry, I will still buy it as a fashion jewelry for fun if the price is reasonable. I treasure my real silver, gold, semi precious stone & small diamond collections as heirlooms like you.

  17. Hi, I am really disappointed to see that a lot of the non sparkly rose gold rings and charms have now been discontinued, as a non “blingy” person but someone who loves rose gold this makes me sad :( do you think they will bring any more plain items in? x

    • Hi Sarah – apologies for the super late reply, I never saw this comment! :( I doubt we’ll see many plain Rose items, but you never know. I think the finish shows up scratches more than regular silver and this is less obvious with the CZ and enamel accents. Also, they can charge more for accented charms. But we’ll see! :) x

  18. The Pandora Rose collection is always my favorite because I am obsessed with anything that is rose gold. The only thing that appeals to me is the sparkling love earrings, so i will most definitely be dropping hints to my boyfriend and family for a birthday gift lol I am hoping Pandora comes out with a bangle bracelet with a Rose gold clasp. I would buy that in a heartbeat!

    • Ah, so many people have mentioned how great a bangle with rose-gold clasp would be! They were going to make one with a solid rose-gold clasp a few years ago, around the same time that the rose-gold pendants came out, but scrapped it after Pandora Rose was given the go ahead. My fingers are still crossed that we will see one some day!

  19. Desperately waiting for the new rose charms to be released in the UK ?
    I wondered if you have a confirmed date of release now

    With thanks

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