Today sees the official launch of the Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 collection in the UK! As Mothering Sunday is celebrated early in the UK (this year it falls on the 6th of March), Pandora always release a portion of the Mother’s Day collection early to coincide with it. Unsurprisingly, Pandora have opted to release the most family-related charms – what follows is an overview of what’s included in this early release, with pricing!

pandora mother's day uk banner

You can purchase the Pandora Mother’s Day collection from authorised Pandora UK retailer John Greed Jewellery. Read on for a full overview of the jewellery pieces making their début!

Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 UK Release

*UPDATED 16/02/16* Just a little update to share this new limited edition Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 gift bag for the UK! Isn’t it gorgeous? I have to have one. ;)

pandora mother's day 2016
Image taken by Claire English – please do not reproduce without credit :)

Starting off, we have the limited edition Wishful Hearts bangle, which is priced at £65. It is engraved with the words Family Forever. 

pandora mother's day 2016

To go with the bangle, we have a limited edition two-tone charm – the Bound by Love. The gold bow detailing is gorgeous! It’s a little pricier at £70.

pandora mother's day 2016 release

The Nostalgic Roses murano glass charm is a stand-out piece for me from this mini-release, priced at £30. I already have a lot of floral glass, and I’m planning on getting the Spring 2016 Flower Garden murano – but this one is rather petty!


The Love Lines charm is £55.

pandora mother's day 2016 release

The Mother Heart has a pink cubic zirconia stone and retails for £35.

pandora mother's day 2016 release

The Entwined Love charm also features the cut-out hearts that are becoming part of Pandora’s signature style! It’s priced at £45:

pandora mother's day 2016 release

The Beloved Mother dangle costs £40.

pandora mother's day 2016 release

The Best Mother charm is a plain silver design, retailing at the lower price point of £25.

pandora mother's day 2016 release

The Family Forever charm offers a variation on the Love is Forever Valentine’s 2016 design, and is priced at £55.

pandora mother's day 2016 release

The Sparkling Love Knot jewellery are rather pretty, and complement a Mother’s Day charm released with last year’s collection. The ring is £50.

pandora uk sparkling love knot ring

The earrings are £45.

pandora mother's day 2016 sparkling love knot earrings

They are also available as part of this gift set for £90 (RRP £115), which also includes a necklace chain and the Sparkling Love Knot pendant. This is the only way to get the pendant currently. :/

pandora mother's day 2016 sparkling love knot

The other notable thing is that a new jewellery box GWP begins today for the UK – spend £125 or more in one go, and receive this gorgeous white travel box:

pandora mother's day uk travel box

My Comment

It’s always nice that the UK gets some of these Mother’s Day charms early, but the majority of them are so family-specific that they have little appeal for me (I don’t have any children yet). I like the bangle very much, but the ‘family forever’ engraving detracts from its more generic heart clasp. The Sparkling Love Knot pendant is also rather pretty, although it’s a shame that it’s only available as part of a gift set currently! I popped by my local store this evening to have a look and the Nostalgic Roses murano was very nice – soft and pink.

I am actually rather tempted by the Bound by Love heart charm with the gold bow – but my current two-tone bracelet I’m working on is so far a pavé-free zone. What do you think – is it worth introducing a little sparkle to this bracelet by adding the Bound by Love charm?

pandora two-tone bracelet

What do you think of this selection for the UK? Are any on your wish list?

84 Comments on Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 UK release

  1. Ooh kind od pricy! The intertwined love still seems like a reasonable price though. I just hope the us price isn’t too high. I also think that the pavé wouldn’t look too bad on the bracelet. You could always add a little more pavé since pandora loves to bling everything up! I’m sure there will be great sparkling two-tone pieces in the future! Looking forward to you future reviews! You should totally get the bow heart though! It would look good with pink. :) <3

    • Yeah, that’s the UK for you – we pay a lot for our Pandora here! The US prices should be better, on the whole. :) Aha, opinion seems so split on whether I should go with the Bound by Love charm for my two-tone. Perhaps you’re right and I should just get it anyway and put it on another bracelet – perhaps my Dainty Bow bangle!

  2. I think the bound by love charm would look nice on your two-tone bracelet, it would just add something extra.
    I don’t think there’s anything from this collection for me. I do want the jewellery box though. I’m just trying to decide whether to wait and see if I can get it through the Facebook pages or to buy some of the charms I like that are already out, that are on my list. My list for Spring is long, so they were going to be my next purchases, over the next few months. I’m sure I’ll come to a decision soon.

    • Thanks, Sarah! I will have to mull it over some more. ^^
      I’d quite like the jewellery box as well! I’ll need to plan my purchases. Notice that it finishes just two days before the Spring collection comes out, haha. We’re in the same boat!

      • I’ve been in Pandora today and got the jewellery box, which I love. I bought 2 of the heart pave ball charm to go on my valentines bracelet, though it took me a while to decide, as I was looking at a few different charms and couldn’t make my mind up. I also bought the sparkling love knot ring. I liked the look of it from the picture and was trying to resist, but when I was in store I couldn’t.
        I didn’t get a Mother’s Day bag, even though I bought from the collection. I didn’t see anyone else with one either. I was lucky to get the jewellery box, as it was the last one. It was the same when I got my valentines jewellery box. They don’t seem to be sending them much stock and staff don’t understand why not.
        Have you bought anything from the collection or any other pieces? Have you got the jewellery box?

        • Yay you got the jewellery box! :D You picked some nice pieces, too. I also made it to a store this weekend, and was admiring the Sparkling Love Knot pieces in person. I’d like the pendant but I don’t want to buy the gift set :P

          Seems you’re right regarding stocks of the jewellery box. The store had already sold out by the time I had got there :( but I didn’t want to come away with nothing so I got the Bound by Love two-tone charm from the new collection anyway, and got one of the beautiful Mother’s Day bags! It’s a shame that your store didn’t have them in. But at least you got the box! <3

          I might come back and try for the jewellery box online a little later. But I need to hold off for a bit now :P

        • You decided to go for the two tone bound by love charm. Have you decided where your going to put it in your collection?
          Are you going to be doing a review on your new charm?
          That’s a shame they didn’t have the jewellery box. You should definitely get one, I love mine.

        • I haven’t decided for sure. I’m still hesitant about adding it to my two-tone bracelet, so instead I might add it to my pink and blue bracelet as a centrepiece. The two-tone looks quite nice with the blue… I will definitely be reviewing it, once I’ve decided ^^

          I will try and get hold of one, should the opportunity present itself. It does look gorgeous from the pics!

  3. Hi Ellie my favourite are the rose murano and the bound of love charm I would like to see the bracelet in person, you could always cover the words with charms lol. I really like your two tone bracelet I have a two tone bracelet on an oxidised bracelet but I thought it looked a tad boring so i added the stardust murano and I like it a lot more.

    • Hi Nicola! Those two are my favourites, as well. I’ve not had a chance to see them properly yet, but the Nostalgic Roses murano looked nice in the store! Ooh the Stardust murano does look great with a little two-tone. I’m going to be adding a murano to my two-tone as a centrepiece, too. Just need to decide on the whole pavé/no-pavé issue :P

      • Haha lol I have just seen your pic of the bag and literally I thought I need to buy something just for the bag I literally just popped in my head.

        • Hi Ellie I saw some of the collection today and I really like the pink rose murano it’s very pretty and quit a bright pink.

        • Aha, Nicola! I thought the exact same thing about the bag. I’m going tomorrow and I may well buy something just to get my hands on it. :P
          I like that murano as well! I’m tempted by that one, even though I don’t need anything other pink/floral beads.

  4. Hi again Supergirl!
    Two posts in a day?!?! Great work! :-)
    Well the items that (I’ll use Claire’s saying ♡) “got me from hello” (SC and pearlescent heart) aren’t in this list, so nothing really impressed me among those pieces!
    What did impressed me though was your two tone bracelet! Sooooo gorgeous, and elegant and classy! I would put the Vintage heart instead of the new one, because I think it matches perfectly the general vintage style of the particular bracelet! The new Pandora is completely different from the one of couple of years ago! I totally trust your taste, though, so I’m sure you will come up with the best design in the end, with or without sparkle!
    Thanks for sharing with us! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! I was also disappointed not to see those two pieces, they were my must-haves! But at least it gives me something to look forward to in April. ^^
      I have the Vintage Heart on another bracelet, unfortunately! It’s on myy two-tone fairy-tale bracelet, which has a lot of pinks on it. The charms on this bracelet are very classic-looking, you’re right, which is why I’m not sure whether to add the pavé or not. I’ll have a think about it :P
      Thanks for commenting, lovely! ♥♥

  5. Nothing for me in this mini release, I find them all a bit blah. Looking forward to the Spring release though!

    Your two tone bracelet looks fab, personally I would leave out the pavé.

    • Haha, yeah, a number of these are kind of blah for me as well. But I think that’s most probably attributable to the fact that I don’t have kids yet! ^^

      Thanks! :D I will have a think about it.

  6. Hi Ellie! So exciting that you guys get this release much earlier than the rest of us. I see your point though, unless you are a mom there not many generic pieces to have. My most favorite charm from the release is the best mom heart which I guess is not part of your release. Overall I like the entire mother days release and am exciting to pick up a few pieces this April. I like the pink murano from above a lot and am
    Considering adding it to a wishlist if I can find something to Match it with.
    I adore your two tone and think the bow from above world be a lovly addition. Sure there is some pave however it is subtle and not overbearing . I think the bow from above matches your feminine, chic pieces well and you should DEfinetly add it ;)

    • Hi Alex! Yeah, I’d like it better if they released just a couple of the more generic florals or hearts with this collection! But I can understand why they don’t. The Best Mum heart is part of this release, but I missed it out haha. I’ve added it in now :P The pink murano is nice, I saw it in person yesterday – but I’m not sure if I have a place for it in my collection! I will have to mull over both the Bound by Love and the roses murano. People seem pretty split on the whole pavé/two-tone bracelet and I am none the clearer as to which way to go :P Perhaps I’ll get the Bound by Love and put it elsewhere!

  7. I like the Bound by Love bead and think it would look nice on your bracelet. It’s not pave overkill, so it’s reasonable. You should bring your bracelet to the store and just see how the bead looks next to your bracelet. From the beads you’ve shown above, I like the Bound by Love bead and the pink murano, but I don’t know if I’ll get either of them.

    • That’s a good idea! The other bracelet I could put the Bound by Love on is the Dainty Bow bangle, so I could take them both in and have a play around. :D Those are the two beads I like best, too. But I’m not absolutely wild about either of them!

  8. I love murano so will get Nostalgic Rose for sure. I won’t put cz charm on my two toned bracelet unless is diamond 2015 Club charm. I love to own a real jewelry Pandora bracelet without cz or synthetic. I don’t mind to have cz on other bracelet but not the two toned. I won’t get the Bound By Love even though I love to collect LE, 14 k gold mix with cz, why? plated gold with cz with lower price is much better.

    • I love muranos, too, but I have a lot of floral glass and a lot of pink as it is – so I’m not sure about the Nostalgic Roses bead. I really like it, but I’m not sure whether it’s different enough. We’ll see! :) I’m not keen on gold and CZ together either as a rule, but I quite like the gold bow on the Bound by Love. If there wasn’t pavé on it, I’m sure it would be coming home with me for sure!

  9. 2016 diamond Club charm will look nice on your two toned bracelet. Vintage look with a bit of diamond sparkling. I don ‘t like 2D heart has only one side design like 2015 LE Mother Day heart ( I returned that one ). Do you know Bound By Love has design on both side?

    • That’s an idea! <3 Perhaps I will add the Club charm to that bracelet. I think the gold bow is the same on both sides of the Bound By Love, yes.

  10. Thank you for the post. There isn’t anything I will be buying from this collection. I love your two tone bracelet though! I think you should keep it pavé free :)


    • Thanks Hazel! I do like it as it is… but I do love that gold bow detail! I’ll have to mull it over some more. ;)

  11. Wow, I’m ao envy there is GWP in uk, any idea if it will happen in Australia?
    I understand the wishful bangle is LE, surprise to know that bound by love charm also LE?
    I agreed with you that nostalgic roses murano is pretty, but i will see it in person before decide what to get. My wish list is getting longer and longer.. Wondering why out of sudden there are so many collection to be released in Mar/Spring. Is it a norm for pandora all these years?
    Last but not least, i love, LOVE, love your two tone bracelet especially some retired charms which i am not able to find here. I look forward next rue lala sale and hopefully can get some of them.

    • I don’t know about the white jewellery box GWP coming to Australia, I’m afraid. It’s possible :) The Bound by Love is LE, yes. Pandora did the same last year – they released the Always in my Heart bangle and an Always in my Heart limited edition charm.
      Releasing lots of Spring collections has been the norm for the last couple of years. With Disney, Rose, Essence, etc., they have their fingers in a lot of pies! They tend to do two releases at least a year for each line.
      Thanks so much! So pleased that you like it. :D I did get quite a few of them from Rue La La, so keep an eye out!

  12. While I like sparkle sometimes, I think you should keep your two-tone bracelet simple. Would you consider getting the Locked Hearts charm instead as a pave-free alternative? I don’t have any two-tones as this point but that one is one of my favorites. Just my two cents! :)

    • I do very much like the Locked Hearts! That’s definitely a possibility. <3 I'm still tempted by the Bound by Love - but perhaps I'll add it to another bracelet instead. I'll give it some more thought as people seemed as split as I was on the issue overall!

        • We can buy all Pandora lines from concept store in North America like in Hong Kong. But there are some small jewelry shops carry Pandora except Rose gold and Pandora gives them a few exclusive charms to carry. Jared is a large jewelry chain store in U.S. so that Pandora gives them some exclusive charm or X’mas ornament to carry.

        • Charms that are Jared exclusives in the US are sold as usual in other countries. It just means that if you go to the US, you can only buy that particular charm from a Jared store. It doesn’t apply elsewhere in the world :)

  13. Ellie,

    Lovely post. I really like the love knot collection. The pink murano is sweet and for some reason over the past few months I find myself drawn to pink more & more. I think the murano might be a potential purchase. The Family Forever button charm is nice and would go lovely with the Love Is Forever charm hubby got me for Valentines, in fact I think together they could make lovely earnings.

    The bangle is nice but I can take a pass, I’m a little bracelet out right now.

    As for adding the Bound By Love Charm to your two,tone bracelet, I think a splash of bling could be lovely & that charm has just the right amount as someone already said it isn’t too blingy. You can always switch it out if something else presents a better option. You seem enthusiastic about the charm so if you like it why not.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! I like the Love Knot collection, too, especially the pendant. It’s irritating that it’s only available in a gift set for now. :P The pink Roses murano is very nice, but I’m wondering whether it’s too similar to other things I own. I think I need a proper trip into store with a few bracelets to try things out!

      I would probably get the bangle, as I think the clasp is quite innovative, but the engraving puts me off. I know I could cover it up with charms but I’d know it was there and it would bother me aha! ;)

      Thanks Lisa! I’m considering it. On the one hand, I want to preserve the classic two-tone look of the bracelet without the sparkle. On the other hand, I like the Bound by Love and a little pavé might give the bracelet a bit of a lift. I’m torn, still ;)

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  14. I like the Bound By Love charm, it would look really nice on your two tone bracelet, Ellie! I will probably end up getting it myself, I also want to get the Locked Hearts charm. Do you like the Locked Hearts better since it doesn’t have the bling? You could go for it instead if you want to keep your bracelet bling-free. Pave never really bothers me, I don’t want a bracelet where every charm is pave but I do own a solid amount of pave ;-) I even pair pave and enamel with my Trollbeads and Redbalifrog and Elfbeads, brands that don’t even make pave and enamel charms, but I think it works.

    • Perhaps the Locked Hearts charm is a better option for that particular bracelet – I might have to take it into store to have a play around with some different combinations. I don’t usually worry about pavé either and have pavé on quite a few of my bracelets, but this one was originally envisaged as a really classic Pandora pavé-free design. I would happily put Pandora enamel and pavé with TB or RBF, too! Your designs always look great with that sort of combination.

  15. Hi Ellie,
    Wow, that is a nice jewelry box. I hope it is a GWP someday in Australia. I think you should add the Bound By Love charm to your two-tone bracelet. I would eventually get at least 1 more two-toned charm with bling on it to balance it out. Of all these heart charms from Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, I still like the pink enameled heart the best.

    • Hi Stephanie! It is a gorgeous jewellery box. I’m really considering doing the promo to get it here (especially since I was good and didn’t do the pink Valentine’s box promo :P). I can think of a few things I would like to make up on the spend, haha.
      Which version of the enamelled heart? I just got the deep pink one for Valentine’s Day and that is gorgeous!
      But I’m really looking forward to the pearlescent version for Mother’s Day in April, too.

  16. My vote is with Chrysa – the vintage heart :P

    I like how your bracelet is bling free so far, although adding a bit of bling wouldn’t hurt – but like Chrysa says, it looks more vintage without it ^^.

    How was the murano in person? It still seems really wishy-washy to me for some reason, and the petals aren’t as defined… I still prefer the Spring floral murano to this one o.O.

    Travel box…..I really really like that square travel box…….=/

    • I can’t add that one as it’s on another one of my many bracelets haha. :P The Locked Hearts is a good alternative though and I’m considering that one. I was quite keen on the pavé-free look for this bracelet originally but I do like those gold bows on the Bound By Love!

      I didn’t get a good look at the murano, but it was nice. Quite pale. You can see the petals more when you look at it side-on, from the front it all kind of just looks pink from a distance. I also prefer the Spring floral murano.

      Hehe… are you considering it, Suzy? I know that I am! ;)

      • I’d love that white travel box, but there isn’t anything I need to have now to make that spend for it… I might wait till someone sells it on FB :P That gift bag is gorgeous though! Will it be coming to HK? If not can you snag me one? xD haha. They’ve really upped their game on presentation lately haven’t they!

        I like the gold bow on the Bound By Love charm, but I really don’t like the CZ around it (although it is fairly minimal and un-obtrusive). Like you’ve said somewhere above, you can still get it and incorporate it into your other bracelets :D

        I think I’ll be good until Spring *fingers crossed*. There’s a lot coming out in the Spring collection (for every line) that I love! So that will keep me occupied. Also it’s so mean to stop the travel box promo right before the Spring collection starts! I’d so make the spend with my Spring wish list!

        Let us all know when you get your box :P xxx

        • Haha, you could get some Pandora Rose or something else that you can’t get in HK? I would imagine (although I don’t know for sure) that the special bag will be released in other regions once April rolls around. If I manage to get more than one, I will let you know! ^^ They can be a bit stingy about the bags in UK stores. When I wanted a Valentine’s gift bag this year, the first store I went to wouldn’t give it to me as I wasn’t buying a Valentine’s 2016 charm! So stingy! :P

          Eugh, you are being a lot more restrained than I am! I had a whole plan to wait until Spring 2016 as well. But I’m already considering breaking it :P xxx

        • There was a new law regarding bags that started last year for us over here – we have to pay a minimum of 50 cents (UK 5p ish) for a bag to be given when we pay for purchases.

          This includes shopping for clothes/shoes/jewellery etc, unless it’s say frozen/fish/cold foods etc. I actually broke my ban when I bought the Wild Hearts murano, but even then, they didn’t have the Valentines bag in store to offer, which was very very odd…. o.O

          You should have told that first store that you’re Ellie from MoraP, and you require them to give you one for photography purposes…. haha….just kidding :P

          Do you think the UK will get another promo after the Spring collection is released? If they do, I might wait a while afterwards instead for it. That said, I have to get the muranos first in-store before any of the other charms! They are top of my wish list! :D

        • Sorry, Suzy, missed this one! We had the same law introduced here recently. 5p for a bag with large retailers. For some reason, you aren’t charged for one from Pandora though. I think it’s only for plastic bags, come to think of it!

          It’s a shame that you didn’t get a Valentine’s bag with your purchase – did you find one in the end? I got my Mother’s Day bag when shopping in London last weekend. It’s so pretty! They giftwrapped my charm box without me asking as well, and the paper for that is pretty too.

          Lol! I have actually had my own blog recommended to me before by an SA which was a strange experience. It would be super weird to actually mention it to an SA though, I always pretend to have a lot less Pandora than I actually do haha.

          I don’t know of any other UK promos coming up… we don’t usually have so many. The muranos are top of my list, too, especially the floral one! So excited for them :D xxx

  17. The pink murano looks lovely, might get that for my daughter’s bracelet that I’m working on though she can’t wear it now. She is hardly 2yrs old. Starting her on Pandora young. Haha…. You should get the bound by love, its so sweet and pretty. The pave just give it a touch of sparkle, not overkill. I will most likely be getting it too. I’m working on a two tone bracelet with my two new yellow fascinating muranos. Hopefully I can buy the gold clasp bracelet for it or be given as present. The design is now sitting on a bangle. Send you a picture of it via Facebook later.

    • Aw, that’s lovely! Especially if you’re adding to it gradually. I have a traditional charm bracelet that my parents added to when I was little – I don’t wear it now, but it’s still something that I treasure.
      I am tempted by the Bound by Love, so may just get it even if I don’t add it to that bracelet :D I’m going to be adding a yellow murano to my two-tone for a centrepiece, I think perhaps the Belle. The ochre fascinating muranos are a great choice too now. I’ll check FB for your pics! :)

  18. :-) I like the bangle, but agree that Pandora could have produced it without the “family forever” engraving.

    I really don’t know if you should add the pavé charm to your silver and gold bracelet, it’s worth a try. I’ve added a few charms with a bit of pavé to my two-tone bracelet. For me it works.

    You know I love hearts, so Love Lines could be it. I’m not really happy with the “flat” hearts. I like my charms to be round-ish, if you know what I mean. Here’s how I’ve been wearing my hearts since Valentine’s Day:

    Have a very HAPPY day and thanks for sharing all the info, dear Ellie! xo :-)

    • Exactly, or perhaps offered two versions – one with and one without the engraving. That would hardly have added to production costs I wouldn’t have thought!

      Your bracelets are beautiful! I especially love what you did with the beaded Essence bracelet. I just got the pink enamel heart myself, it’s such a gorgeous colour. You can see it here (alongside my new Vienna charm!):

      Have a very happy day, too, Claudia! <3 Thanks for commenting xx

  19. My favorites from this collection are the love knot pendant and ring. I’m not as excited about the love knot earrings though for some reason. I’m really hoping to get a few rings during the ring promo this year. I know you said the promo wasn’t scheduled until towards the Fall but I’m really hoping Pandora surprises us with a pop up ring promo. That happened a few times last year. I also like the pave barrel clips and the nostalgic roses murano. I like how they styled the murano with the love knot charm on the gray leather in the campaign image at the beginning of your post.

    • I love the Love Knot pendant as well, but I’m not going to buy the gift set just to get at it! Perhaps when it comes out on its own. I also really like that leather bracelet styling with the murano and the Love Knot charm. Pink and grey just look so nice together!
      You never know, they might throw in an extra ring promo! ^^ I think the earring promo is currently scheduled to replace the usual summer ring promo, but perhaps they’ll add another one in to compensate.

  20. Ellie, I think you should get the Bound by Love bead because you like it and it’s a limited edition. You can put it on your two tone bracelet, and if the pave really bugs you, then you can just move the bead to another bracelet. Just get it! (Or tell your OH he should get it for you!).
    I’m planning to get the Locked Hearts bead in late March (well, my husband is supposed to get it as a late Valentine’s gift!), but if I really like Bound by Love, then I’ll get it in March and get Locked Hearts later.

    • Aha, my poor OH probably needs a Pandora break ;) I find myself increasing tempted, however, and I am also in desperate need of one of those lovely LE Mother’s Day gift bags (see the top of the post). So perhaps I’ll have to indulge ;)
      The Locked Hearts is gorgeous and I think I will most probably get one of the two charms for that bracelet, one way or another. ^^

  21. Hi there Ellie! Bound by love is a stunning charm and I think that you should definitely invest in it! Your stylings are always lovely and even if you decide to forgo the pave on your two tone bracelet, you will find a place for it on another bracelet! I am a big fan of the classic two tone charms and have recently purchased the Filled with Love dangle. I don’t have a place for it yet, but I love it!

    • Hi Carol! I’m so seriously tempted. I think I could probably find a place for it somewhere in my collection, as you say! I’m going shopping tomorrow, so you’ll hear soon if I decide to indulge :P
      Oh lovely! I really like that vintage, intricate style of charm. Nice choice!

  22. Hi, I just found out about your website a few days ago and U already have it on my favourites! I love the bangle , im sure my son will buy it for me on mothersday (well i have to buy it myself since he is 9 y/o but nobody knows haha) price will be around 79 euro here in the netherlands (like last year)

    The travel case is super cute! I recieved it on valentines day along with 3 charms (free gift with 99euro purchase)

    • Hi Janet! That’s so nice to hear, thanks for adding the blog to your favourites haha. I hope you get your bangle ^^ I would be getting one too, if it weren’t for the engraving!
      I’m very tempted by that travel case on the other hand, aha!

  23. Hi Ellie. Your page looks great. I like it a lot. I just bought the Pave heart clasp bracelet and the Filled with Romance charm with money I received from Valentines Day lol. . Unfortunely they sold out of the In my Heart Charm. I wasn’t disappointed though since I do love the Filled with Romance charm. I love the bag. Wish I could get it. I’m running into dead ends on some of the Pandora pages I’m on. Looking forward to the next review. Don’t know if it’s too late for a review of In my Heart charm haha.

    • Hi Linda! Thanks so much, I’m glad you like the new blog look. <3 The Filled with Romance is gorgeous - I don't think you could go wrong really with those two lovely charms to choose from!
      I got one of the Mother's Day bags yesterday. It really is very pretty! I hope you guys get it when the Mother's Day collection comes out there in April. The gift wrapping for the charm boxes is nice, too.
      I'm still planning on reviewing the In My Heart charm! There have just been so many previews lately that I've hardly had time for reviews. But I really like that one and am planning on doing some styling inspiration for it. :D

  24. I got the two toned Tea Pot $30 & Birthday Cake $60 in Outlet this afternoon. Manager said that there is a special promotion just start today, buy any 2 retired charms total get a retired multi strands bracelet. I got 2 retired silver round clips $60 in order to have 2 Lavender multi strand silver round clasp bracelets to wear as a set, quite lovely! I saw your two toned clip $80 each and diamond flower $120 but beyond my budget. I have to save for next free bracelet promotion. Very happy what I got already.

    • Wow! What a great shopping haul, Michele! I loved the fabric multi strand bracelets. The lavender is such a lovely color for Spring. I purchased the teal bracelet two years ago and I love to wear it in the Summer with a nautical charm. Great for stacking! I’m so surprised that Pandora discontinued all of them except for the black! :/

      • I am very lucky to have a Pandora Outlet close by, save me a lot. 2015 Boxing week sale, 2 toned X’mas Tree, Elves & Present Box bundle up $85, 2014 LE paved Star bangle with paved X’mas Tree $110 then 2 free 2014 X’mas oranment Sleide. I am very happy with 2 Lavender bracelets. I got buy 2 get 1 free retired paved Lavender charms last Thanksgiving. I put 1 on one bracelet & 2 on the other bracelet which is very beautiful. I usually go to that Pandora Outlet once a month to shop for discounted retired charm.

      • I never pay any attention to multi strand until I have it today. The silver round clasp which makes the bracelet really standout. I usually like to have 2 same style bracelets to wear it without any charm sometimes. My collection is growing since March 2015, Pandora bring me a lot of fun!

  25. Hello Ellie,
    My husband introduced me to Pandora about three or four years ago. I had seen a commercial
    on TV from a Shop-in-Shop business near my home, but never checked it out. My first Pan-
    dora was a birthday gift from my Hubby. A couple of years ago Pandora opened their first
    store here in Montgomery, AL. I’ve been hooked ever since!

    I stumbled across your blog a little over a year ago and I have to say THANK YOU for all the
    time and effort you put into your wonderful blog regarding all things Pandora. Your infor-
    nation and presentation are always spot on! This has been such a help to me. Now I can plan
    ahead for my favorites.

    I found out just last week we will be getting a Jared here that should be opening soon. That
    was great news for me since a lot of charms for North America that I tend to be drawn to are
    Jared exclusives.

    I’m anxiously awaiting your pricing for spring and Mother’s Day releases! I got the blush pink
    Radiant Hearts when they were released and I’m thinking the new Blooming Dahlias Clips will
    be good match. I’ve not seen anyone speak of the Bride and Groom charm which I adore. thought for sure it would be popular. My most wished for will be the Mother’s Day release.
    Trying to figure out how I’m going to be able to afford everything I would like to have. A lot of
    Mother’s Day charms don’t pertain to me since I’m not a mother, but there are plenty of
    beautiful charms that do this year. Too many for my pocket book! Last year I got the Mother’s
    Rose Dangle, Delicate Rose and Rose Garden clips for my “Always In My Heart” bangle to
    honor my precious mother who passed away. I couldn’t think of anything better to do in her
    honor. I keep hoping Pandora will come out with some more Garden Rose charms. Still need
    Need the Garden Rose charms.

    I can only hope you never give up your blog. I’m usually more informed than some of the girls
    who work in my store.

    Sorry to go on and on. Guess I’m making up for all the times I’ve wanted to write and never did.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!


    • Hi Emily! How lovely to hear from you. I’m so pleased that you decided to comment after reading for a little while. I’m glad that you enjoy the blog and I hope you continue to do so – it is a very fun hobby and you can rest easy that I am not planning on stopping any time soon, haha.
      It is very good news that you’re getting a Jared near you, especially as Pandora and Jared have just announced a renewed partnership that will see more Jared exclusives and deals. So it’s good that you have one close by! ^^

      Prices and info have been out at odd times this season, but hopefully I will hear more about pricing soon. Someone else mentioned putting the Blooming Dahlia clips with the blush Radiant Hearts, and I love that idea. They’re both quite dusky pinks and rather vintage in tone, and should go nicely together! The Bride & Groom is nice, but possibly quite niche so perhaps that’s why people haven’t been talking about it?

      The Mother’s Day release is rather good this year, I think! The pearl & MOP florals are beautiful, and the pearlescent heart is gorgeous. I’m in the same boat in that I don’t have children yet, so that usually rules the great majority of the Mother’s Day charms out – but there are quite a few I like this year. ^^ We will have to get planning! :P
      Your Mother’s Day bangle sounds like a beautiful tribute to your mother. I hope they make some more roses for you! :)

      Again, thanks for commenting! It was great to hear from you.

      • Good Morning Ellie!
        Thank you for your kind reply and warm welcome to your blog.
        I’m with you regarding the Mother’s day release of pearls and MOP charms.
        The pearlescent hearts definitely are coming home with me as well as the
        Beautiful pink nostalgic rose murano. I’ve been waiting a long time for a
        True pink murano. The cupcake and perfume bottle are also on my list along
        With the new pave’ barrel clips to match my pave’ barrel clasp bracelet my
        Husband gave me for Christmas. So many charms…so little money. Need to
        Win lotto for my wish list!

        Have a question for you regarding pearlescent heart…They appear to be a
        Very light shade of pink in preview. What do you think? Either way – pink or
        Pearl, they will still come home with me.

        Hope you have a nice day!


  26. Hello Ellie!
    Loving the Bound By Love charm. Think it would be beautiful all alone on the 14K clasp bangle
    which I’m hoping to get during bracelet promo in a few weeks. Saving my two tone pieces for my Fairy Tale Moments bracelet with 14K barrel clasp (got that one last year during bracelet
    promo). Keeping my Fairy Tale bracelet pave’ free. Decided to use two Abundance of Love,
    Pink Enamel charms with Cherry blossom Pendant between for center with Fairy Tale charms
    on each side and Cherry Blossom clips. Turned out so nice manager uses it alot with other
    customers. It’s still a work in progress for me, but one of my favorite bracelets. While I’m
    definitely a bling person and love the pave’ charms, I think two tone Fairy Tale charms speak for themselves with just a touch of gold.
    the details and just a touch of gold.
    Moments bracelet with 14K barrel clasp (got that one at last years bracelet promo).

    • Hi Emily! I have just got the Bound by Love charm, and I’ll be thinking of ways to review it over the next few days. ^^ It would be nice on the bangle, I think!
      Your fairy-tale bracelet sounds similar to mine (which is a good thing, as I adore mine haha). I have lots of pretty two-tone pieces, the cherry blossom murano and pendant and then the pink sapphire double-heart two-tone clips. The Abundance of Love sounds like a lovely addition, too! I don’t have any pavé on it either, but then I built it before Pandora & pavé had become such a thing. :/ Nowadays it’s hard to avoid it if you want to buy something from their latest collections!

  27. I love the new silicone lined spacers. To qualify for the free Mothers Day jewellery box you need to spend £125. I wanted the bangle and two of the new spacers (which are advertised on the Pandora website as part of the Mothers Day collection). However, we are unable to buy spacers yet!! I will not be getting the free jewellery box now as only wanted these 3 items. Seems bit unfair as advertised. Its not worth having limited promotions if the UK cannot take advantage of them. What do you think?

    • Ah, it’s a tricky one… as technically the Mother’s Day collection is meant to come out after the Spring collection with Pandora – its global release is in April. We get ours early in February in the UK, which means that a lot of their Mother’s Day campaign images inevitably have Spring items in them that aren’t out yet. So it’s a bit of a tricky one really. What they should do really is to create campaign bracelets for the UK Mother’s Day release that don’t use any of the unreleased Spring charms, so that we in the UK aren’t disappointed when we can’t buy all the jewellery that’s pictured. :/

  28. The U.K. Shoppers are so lucky. Not only does the Mother’s Day collection become available sooner than Canada’s, but you also get a lovely case when you spend a certain amount. We Canadians don’t get those beautiful cases! I’m so Jealous.

  29. This charm is quite pretty Ellie! I think Pandora is testing the waters to see how pave with two-tones will be received and evidently they did it in a subtle way:) I don’t see Pandora releasing much of the two tones (and to me, they appear to be a classic plus versatile, like the teddy bear and vintage heart) and will be taking advantage of this charm. Thank you for sharing loves!

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