Today’s post brings another preview, with an in-depth overview of the upcoming Pandora Essence Spring 2016 collection! This release is only a small one, as has been typical for the Essence line recently, but it contains some interesting pieces – including the much-anticipated Essence safety chain.

pandora essence spring 2016

These charms are most probably due out with the Spring 2016 collection on the 17th of March. Reports suggest that North America will be getting this collection, and possibly the Essence Autumn 2015 release, but I will let you know when/if I have confirmation on that!

There’ll be more Spring 2016 previews next week – I’m getting through them! ;)

Pandora Essence Spring 2016 Preview

First up, we have a brand new bracelet – a Pandora Essence bangle! It’s very slim in appearance and it doesn’t look like it has threads by the clasp, either. I find the existing bangle extremely light and easy to wear, but I guess this Essence one will be even better.

Pandora Essence bangle Spring 2016

There is already a beaded Essence bracelet, but this popular design has now been scaled up into a necklace, too! I love the existing silver Essence necklace, as its chain is more dainty than that of the Moments necklace – this beaded version should work really nicely, as well.

pandora essence spring 2016

Next up, we have a selection of four new Essence charms. The first two are reminiscent of the Moments Winter 2015 Geometric Facets – the Friendship charm is a delicate icy blue.

pandora essence spring 2016

The Happiness charm is made from synthetic ruby.Pandora Essence Spring 2016, Happiness

In contrast, the Compassion and Loyalty charms feature abstract pavé designs, crafted from clear cubic zirconia.
pandora essence spring 2016

Pandora Essence Spring 2016, Loyalty

However, most exciting for me is the arrival of a new Pandora Essence safety chain! It took two years but, after many many requests from fans, Pandora have finally obliged. ^^ This is 5cm in length, and features the signature Pandora crown logo on both sides of the chain. I expect it will look a lot daintier in person.

Pandora Essence Spring 2016, Loyalty

My Comment

The Pandora Essence Spring 2016 collection might be smaller than ever, but it contains a fair bit of innovation and interesting design – what with a new bracelet, necklace and safety chain on the cards! It’s reassuring that, while Pandora have scaled the Essence line down, it’s not finished and new bracelets & concepts are being designed. :D I’ll definitely be getting the safety chain to protect my two-tone Essence bracelet, and the bangle is one I’ll be interested to learn more about, even if I don’t indulge in one right away.

On the other hand, the charms, while pretty, are not especially exciting for me – especially as the two coloured ones are very similar to existing Moments designs. They also seem like colours more suited to winter than to spring.

What do you think of this latest Essence collection? Has anything caught your eye?

63 Comments on Pandora Essence Spring/Summer 2016 Collection Preview

    • I think I’ll get the safety chain for sure and that will probably be it! My wish list is big enough with the regular Spring 2016 collection. ;)

      Yes, some news – there will be more daisies and primroses for Pandora Rose Spring 2016. The white Primrose Meadow and the Dazzling Daisy pendant, and a couple of others I think.

  1. Hi Ellie I’m looks nag forward to seeing this in person the bangle and safety chain look very interesting the bangle looks to thin.also I have just been on beadazzle and saw that the Mother’s Day collection is on there.

    • Hi Nicola! Yes, the safety chain is a definite for me – and I’ll be interested to see the bangle too. The charms are a bit meh for me this time around but that’s okay as I bought so much from the AW15 collection haha.

      Yep, the Mother’s Day charms & jewellery are unofficially selling from today but the official launch is Monday – so I can’t post about them until then! :)

        • It does haha! I don’t know why Pandora decided to let stores sell early seeing as stores aren’t allowed to advertise the new pieces at all.

    • I’ve just looked at the pieces that have been released in the first part of the Mother’s Day collection, but there’s nothing there for me.
      Thank you for letting us know Nicola.

      • I’m debating the LE heart charm with the gold bow. I also quite like the Sparkling Love Knot pendant, but am not prepared to get the gift set!

  2. I Love the Friendship and Happiness. The color is amazing! You are right, they do remind me of the petite facets and I really prefer those over the regular size muranos. I am so over the pave’ in both the Moments and Essence collections. I like bigger stones and bolder colors. The safety chain is a must for anyone who want to protect their investment and I will be getting it also.

    • Yes, I like how light the Happiness charm is! It’s a very pretty blue. But I don’t really have any use for the charms this time around, seeing as I bought so much from the Essence Autumn 2015 collection. :P
      I agree, it would have been nicer to see maybe some plain silver or two-tone designs instead of the new pavé charms. They’re a bit generic!

  3. Hi Ellie!
    The Compassion charm reminds me of the upcoming Club charm for some reason! I think the previous collection was much more appealing! I wonder what’s the point on repeating values. Friendship was that beautiful pink one in last collection, right? They wanted to offer an option of representing a boy- friend instead of a girl- friend perhaps?
    Did you by any chance see the Mother’s day collection in person? I would love to read your thoughts on the SC and the pearlescent heart! ♡♡♡

    • I was just going to say the same thing. The design looks VERY similar to this year’s club charm (just when we thought Pandora had all that repetitive design stuff out of their system!) Despite that, I like the Compassion charm better than most of this line I’ve seen. I have thought about the beaded bracelet, and I think the two would look nice together, but the Moments line had me at “hello”. :-)

      • I know what you mean. I like a lot of the Essence charms, and I love wearing my two bracelets, but I’m not hooked on it like I am with the regular Moments collection. :)

    • Hi Chrysa! I hadn’t made that connection myself, but they are kind of similar. I prefer the Club charm’s design, as it’s plain silver! It does seem like they have run out of some ideas with the Essence line in terms of values – although, at the same time, I guess it’s nice to have multiple options for each value. You might want to represent ‘Friendship’ on your bracelet, for example, but not like the original design. Now you have a few to pick from! ^^

      I haven’t been able to see the new Mother’s Day collection in person yet, no – I’ll probably get a chance on Monday! :) It’s not the full release, just a few of the mumsy charms – the pearlescent heart and the safety chain aren’t coming out yet, which is disappointing! :)

  4. I am saving and waiting for Spring Moment line to get free bracelet during next promotion. I won’t start another bracelet system like Essence for Pandora. Moment is my favourite Pandora line which has enough charm, LE bangle, LE charm, different style clasp bracelet, earring…to have fun.

    • That’s very sensible! ^^ Moments is definitely the most fun line from Pandora for me, although I do love and wear my two Essence bracelets. There’s just so much more scope for creativity with the Moments bracelets, and lots more special charms to collect!

  5. Just wait till you guys see the new rose items!!! They finally added colored stones!! The pink stones compliment the rose color so uch! And the Shimmering Ocean ring is TO DIE FOR!!!

      • I work at Pandora lol. They look just like the Sparkling Love designs but in rose with a pink stone. ALL of the summer collection is amazing and the mother’S day pacifier is too cute! I love the new droplet ‘paves’ they’re using a new cut that has facets on the bottom but a smooth dome top so they look like droplets!

        • So envious! ;) I have been told all of what’s in the Rose Spring 2016 collection, I just haven’t seen the pictures yet. There’s also a Hearts of Pandora necklace, I think, and then daisies and primroses for the charms.
          Can you give us any hints on summer? ;) For example, is there a silver kangaroo haha?

        • I’ve seen the baby elephant – there’s another silver animal that we are all puzzled by! :P Perhaps it isn’t coming to the US…

        • I saw the Rose gold Love pendant with pink stone which is lovely. I have the silver Love pendent come with 2015 LE paved Heart bangle.

  6. I might be interested in the bangle, not so much for Essence but for small core charms that won’t fit the regular Pandora bangle. Will have to look at it in person and make sure it isn’t too dainty.

    • That’s a nice idea! I hadn’t thought of that. :D I also wonder if it’ll be just a bit too dainty/light. It will be interesting to see it in person!

  7. I’m not thrilled with any of these charms. I may get the safety chain eventually, but I don’t have an immediate need for it, as my Thomas Sabo safety chain does the trick for my Essence bracelet! I really hope the Love and pink opalescent Friendship Essence charms from the Autumn 2015 collection come to North America soon. I already got the beautiful Dignity charm, and now I’m awaiting these two!

    • The AW15 Essence charms will be coming to North America for Spring I think – so you will have those to get instead, seeing as you don’t like this selection :D I personally will be getting the safety chain but I think I will leave the rest, unless the Essence bangle wows me in person!

  8. I think the essence line is really nice and dainty but I have yet to indulge in this range because I think I would choose the essence beads based on their aesthetic than their represented value. Beside the loyal charm, I also think the essence value don’t represent my character… I would need more beads which represented bossy-ness, self-centred-ness and egotistic-ness …. Hehehe. I don’t like the beaded essence chain because all the office electronic keys at my workplace are held on a similar chain so the essence beaded necklace reminds me of a 9 to 5 job. The essence bangle looks interestng know so I might check that out

    • I choose my beads based on aesthetic as well :) If I love the look of a charm then I just ignore the value, even if it doesn’t really apply to me haha. For example, I adore my pearl Dignity Essence bead – even though I am the least dignified person I know! ;) I like your values – I don’t know why there aren’t any Essence beads to represent bossiness or being egotistical :P
      Haha, the beaded bracelet does seem to divide people. I quite like it as it reminds me of the classic Tiffany beaded bracelet, but I get why some people think of dog tags! ^^

  9. Hello Ellie! =D The Essence bead does look like the club charm! I think it’s because of the way they sectioned it lol…. recycled ideas again :P

    The new value charms definitely remind me of the Winter Moments collection! The ruby facets and the sky blue geometric charm! I wonder why they are making several colours of the same value… The new beads don’t appeal to me very much… I’m still saving up for some of the older ones that first came out (waiting for more promos!)

    I didn’t actually know how to put my bangle on last year lol. I thought there was a swivel mechanism of some sort at the clasp but I had to half bend it to get it on. I was terrified of snapping it. I’m wondering whether the new Essence bangle will break a bit easier being smaller and lighter? I do like it though, as I can imagine several of them stacked together, or just plain with a Moments bracelet :D Can’t wait till they start to change the clasps on the Essence to limited edition ones either :P Seems to be a trend with the clasps haha.

    I’m excited to hear news of the Rose line! I can’t wait to see the new charms! Is there a rose safety chain?! :D xxx

    • Hi Suzy! <3 My theory with the recycling of values is that Pandora want to offer multiple styles & colours for each value. You might want to represent ‘Friendship’ on your bracelet, for example, but not like the original design. This way you have a few to pick from! Which is fine, so long as they go back to thinking of some new values to go in with the recycled ones :P

      Hm, only time can tell on the durability of the Essence bangle :P I don't imagine it will be very prone to breaking, not if it's metal memory like the existing bangle. Plus, the Essence charms are so light and there aren't any dangles to add to the weight either. So I'm optimistic! Oooh limited edition Essence bracelets - there's another Pandora variation that I don't need but would definitely have to have :P

      No Pandora Rose safety chain I'm afraid :( only four new charms, and all of them flowers! xxx

  10. :-) I have the beaded bracelet at wear it mostly plain, because it’s so cute.
    I like the compassion charm, but haven’t purchased any essence beads in a while. Somehow I’m more into the regular Pandora items :-D

    • I think it’s cute too! It reminds me of the lovely Tiffany beaded chain bracelets. :D I’m sure it looks beautiful worn plain on you. And that way you can save your money for the regular Pandora charms ;)

  11. I didn’t indulge in the AW15 petit facets hoping there would be similar Essence beads, so I’m happy! I love my character Moments charms and prefer these more abstract/geometric charms for my Essence :)

    • Good call! ^^ There does seem to be a fair bit of overlap between the Essence and Moments line. I just need them to make an equivalent version of the Dignity Pearl for the Moments range. I’d have to have several!

  12. The only bead I like from this collection is the light blue friendship bead, but I don’t think I’ll be getting it, or at least not for a while. I have too many beads on my list already! I’m not interested in the bangle, but I would like to take a look at the beaded necklace. I wear a silver necklace every day so the necklace may interest me.

    • Haha, I empathise! My SS16 wish list is horribly long already and I haven’t even seen them all in person yet. The beaded necklace looks pretty. I prefer the Essence necklace to the Moments one overall, as it looks a bit daintier. :)

  13. I love the Essence line. I have the beaded bracelet and I loaded it up with 15 charms!! Although it was pretty, I thought having the beads so close together took away from them all. I have decided to split them up into two bracelets. I love all the campaign images of the Essence bracelets all stacked together with a few charms on them. I plan on adding the friendship charm to my collection. I love the icey blue!! I am going to put 8 beads on each bracelet. I think that is a good number of beads for the bracelets; I like the spacing between them. Originally I was interested in the bangle but I’m worried it might be too delicate for everyday wear. I agree with you in that the moments bangle is pretty lightweight and dainty and I bet the Essence bangle would be half the width. I plan on adding the original bracelet during the promo. I think I will pass on the safety chain. I think I’ve stated before that I don’t have a safety chain on any of my bracelets. I’ve never had the problem of the clasps coming undone. I’m excited that last years Essence collection is coming to the US. I already purchased the caring charm though overseas so I don’t need to add any of them. Still I’m excited Pandora isn’t excluding the US for the new Essence line!! I do like the beaded necklace as well and I bet adding a few dignity pearl charms from last year would be so pretty!!

    • Whoops, so sorry that I missed this Jackie! Your Essence collections sounds impressive! ^^ I’ll be very curious to see the bangle, although like you I am curious to know how lighter and smaller it can be than the regular Moments bangle, which is lightweight enough as it is. The Dignity pearl charms would be gorgeous on the beaded bracelet or necklace – the beaded chain and the pearls are both so delicate and pretty!
      Glad you’ll get the chance to purchase some anyhow. I’ll be getting the safety chain as I want to protect my two-tone bracelet after the problems I’ve had with its clasp.

  14. Thanks a lot for the sneak peek!
    Personally I can’t say that something caught my eye. I find it a bit disappointing that the new charms are similar to the already existing. To me, Essence is “the favorite” Pandora and I find the existing collection of charms pretty sufficient – well, I might wish to see more golden or two-tone charms there, but I definitely appreciate the minimalistic, laconic, reserved approach. It’s a different type of Pandora and I am a big fan of Essence. It’s just good the way it is – and I wish Pandora will not try to artificially expand the collection by adding nothing new to it… Is just my opinion!)

    • You are welcome! :) I am also a bit ‘meh’ about the charms in this collection, as both the values and the look of the charms themselves are not particularly fresh. The safety chain and bangle are interesting innovations for the line, though – the safety chain certainly doesn’t seem like an artificial addition, although I remain unsure about the bangle. I guess we’ll see in a few weeks time!
      Thanks for commenting, Natalia! It’s interesting to hear from someone who loves Essence best. ^^

  15. I actually am very excited for the Essence collection! I have an essence bracelet but have been very neglectful to it, so I am actually considering getting the new Essence bangle. I am not too impressed with the new Essence charms, but I really hope North America does get the charms from the Essence collection. I’ll be waiting patiently. So much new Pandora collections, I can hardly contain my excitement!

    • Yay! North America will be getting most of the AW15 Essence charms, but not Creativity or the dark blue one, I forget what it’s called.
      Haha there is a lot to look forward to! The 17th is not far away now!

  16. hI, when you stack the essence bracelets with the original Pandora moments bracelets, does it scratch all the charms (particularly the real stone essence charms)?

    • Hi Judie, I have not noticed any scratching on my Essence beads – but then I don’t wear them with the Moments bracelets very often these days. I imagine there are specific beads you might want to take more care with, such as the Dignity pearl and any plain silver ones. I imagine the gemstones are more resilient :)

  17. How often does the Pandora stores ( U.S) offer the bracelet event such as the one coming up where you get a free bracelet with a $100 minimum charm purchase? I just started collecting Pandora Essence charms & I think I’m hooked! Beautiful collection!!!!!!!!..

    • usually twice a year march and late September but last year they did a free charm event in September that did not go over too well here in north America so I think they will do another bracelet event in september

  18. I don’t collect essence charm but this now that there’s a safety chain for the bracelet it makes me kinda want to

  19. One quick question.

    What the heck ever happened to the pink Pandora sensitivity essence bead? I really wanna get that one but for some reason I can’t find it other than the gold one which I’ll never be able to afford if anyone knows how I can possibly get that charm please let me know & I’ll get it from you & I can pay for it I’ll send the money through PayPal but I can not afford the gold for 210 dollars Canadian

    • I think it was to come out in A/W 2015 that’s why I’m asking & then I saw that you posted about it on here in 2015 autumn/winter collection & it’s definitely on that post of essence charms that was to be released at that time & I walked in to see if it was there & all I saw was the one I couldn’t afford which was the 14k one for sensitivity oh & same with the blue spirituality charm that was supposed to come out at that same time

  20. Hi Ellie. You mentioned that there will be an essence bracelet promo in the UK during May bank holiday and the spend would be £125 for a free bracelet. My local concept store tells me us us a £95 spend. Do you have any more news yet? I need to plan my purchases. Also could I use the free plain essence bracelet to wear with a few moments charms on it or is this a definite no no? The plain essence bracelet looks so much like the new threadless moments bracelet.

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