Today’s post brings another Pandora preview, with a sneak peek at the upcoming Pandora Disney Parks exclusives collection for Spring 2016! There are a number of exciting pieces in this selection, including our first 14kt gold Disney charms and some more Disney-exclusive murano glass charms. :D

pandora disney park stores

I’m not sure what the release date is yet for these beads – I suspect it will vary from charm to charm. Also, the charms and bracelets in this preview are exclusive to Disney Parks locations around the world, and will not be sold in regular Pandora concept stores. For a preview of the concept-store collection, please see my post here. Otherwise, read on for a Pandora Disney Parks sneak peek! :D

Pandora Disney Parks Spring 2016 Exclusives

We start off with a selection of charms which will be available at all Disney Parks locations (with the exception of the EPCOT charm). These include the Shimmering Mickey Swirls clip in 14kt gold, which is new for the Pandora Disney line! The Spaceship Earth charm is in celebration of the International Flower & Garden at Epcot, and offers a pretty plain silver design, clustered with flowers and ferns.

(You can click any collage to enlarge it!)

pandora disney parks spring 2016

The Shimmering Mickey Swirls charm has a matching two-tone bracelet, which will also be available in all Disney Parks locations.

pandora disney parks spring 2016

These charms are exclusive to the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. I love the look of the Luck & Prosperity murano, and I may well be looking for help with that one!

pandora disney parks spring 2016 hong kong

The next selection are exclusive to the Shanghai Disney Resort, which is opening on the 16th of June. These are particularly exciting, as they also feature two 14kt gold pieces – the two Grand Opening charms! I also very much like the looking of the Shanghai Disney Resort Castle, which is more affordable in sterling silver. ^^

pandora disney parks spring 2016 shanghai exclusives

My Comment

It’s great to see some new murano glass designs for the Disney collection – I like the look of the Luck & Prosperity charm, which is such a lovely golden colour and looks like it might be a really original Disney design. The Spaceship Earth floral charm is also rather pretty, although its design is a bit more generic and not too Disney-specific from the stock image.

It’s also nice to have some 14kt gold additions to the Disney line – and the two-tone bracelet is fun! I will probably not be indulging in those, though, as they’re a bit beyond my budget haha.

What do you think of this latest line of Disney exclusives? Are any going on your wish list?

58 Comments on Pandora Disney Parks Spring 2016 Sneak Peek

  1. I really like the Luck and Prosperity murano. It looks like honey to me. I’d love it for a Pooh bracelet. Any idea if it will be available online?

    • Yes, or perhaps gold coins? I don’t know about availability yet for the Shanghai and Hong Kong pieces. I’ll update the blog when I find out – I certainly hope they will, as I’d quite like the Luck & Prosperity as well.

      • I’m very frustrated! I was at Shanghai Disneyland the day after it opened, and they only showed me the 2 silver charms – I wish I knew there were special grand opening ones. ( unless they sold out on day 1, which the pins did)

    • Hi Susana! This bracelet is really gorgeous! I guess the price will be higher though, because of the pave swirls… Ellie will let us know soon, I believe! :-)

      • I agree Chrysa, I think it will be a little pricier – especially as you have to factor in Disney licensing as well. I’ll update when I know more!

    • I don’t have pricing yet, sorry! It might be a little more expensive than that, as it has the additional CZ and the Disney licensing costs to be factored in as well. I’ll update when I know more!

  2. I really like the Luck murano! I think it looks unattractive in the photo but I have a feeling it will be a pretty one in person. I love the golden color as well.

    • Yeah, the photos are low-res, but I like the look of that one too! It’s hard to tell what the pattern is exactly in it, though.

  3. Wow! Great info sharing! Any idea if those hong kong exclusive charm will be available in disney store website? If yes may be we can purchase from there?

    • I’m not sure on that one yet Shirleen! I would have thought they would be available online in some form, as the US Disney Parks ones are, but don’t know for sure.

  4. Luck & Prosperity has an oriental look which can match any oriental style bracelet. Shanghai Resort Castle can match fairytale bracelet. I like this two the most.

    • I also like the look of the Resort Castle silver pendant – but I already have the Cinderella Castle from the US Disney Parks, so I’ll pass on that one. The murano looks nice though!

  5. I, too, like the luck and prosperity murano. It’s such a rich amber color. I’ve always liked amber with silver. I hope that it will be available online. Thanks for the preview!

    • That one stood out to me most, as well! It would be nice with some of the new 14kt gold pieces pictured here, too. Fingers crossed these Hong Kong and Shanghai exclusives won’t be too difficult to get hold of!

  6. Will the Parks exclusive just be available at that specific Disney resort? :(
    I actually really like the look of the Shanghai exclusive ones – especially the castle! The black grand opening one reminds me of the wishes charm! Also the Mickey swirl clip (and bracelet) is such a pretty colour! I can’t say I’d indulge in those either, as the China RMB prices are going to be so so expensive…

    I had to go look up what EPCOT was….xD I had no idea it was an unfinished Walt Disney idea! Although the charm is a generic floral with ferns, I actually really really like it! I’ve not seen a simple plain silver design for a while :)

    The luck & prosperity I’ll have to see in person :P But I do love that rich amber colour! I just wonder what the pattern on it is :D Do they sell Disney Pandora in a single shop in Disneyland, or are they scattered throughout all the shops? ( I really really have no clue lol….) Thanks for the lovely preview! I’m getting really excited with all these releases! :D xxx

    • All these new charms listed here will not be sold at all the Disney Parks like take the flower & garden one for example they’ll only be selling that one specially only for Walt Disney World in Florida so the other Disney Parks in the world won’t be getting that one cause it represents Epcot & there’s only one Epcot in the world so it’ll only be sold all over Disney World which in total they sell them in about 8 shops around Disney World lot including Mouse Gear, World of Disney, Uptown Jewelrs, Marketplace Co-op & so on & the Disney Shanghai ones will only be sold at the new park that is opening in Shanghai so Disney World in Florida or any of the other Disney Parks in the world will be getting those in either & as for the rest of the Disney Exclusive charms listed here like the Mickey & Minnie ones & the luck one will be will be sold in all around the Disney Parks that’s in the world including the new one that’s opening
      Hong Kong, California, Florida, Paris, Hawaii, Tokyo & now Shanghai is all of the parks & plus the Disney Cruise line

      So this will be the 7th Disney Park that’s opening

      But I’m surprised they don’t have any exclusive Disney charms for Disneyland in Paris

      • Thanks for the info MJ ^^! I’m surprised that Disneyland Paris doesn’t seem to get anything either – it’s like they’ve forgotten about them or something lol xD

    • The Hong Kong and Shanghai charms will be exclusive to their resorts – the others will be limited to all Disney Parks locations in the US, Shanghai and Hong Kong. :) None of these will be available from regular concept stores.
      The black Grand Opening one is 14kt gold though, so it will be expensive! It does look like a posher version of the Wishes charm, haha.

      I didn’t know that about Epcot either! I googled it previously some time ago and it said it was an educational theme park or something like that. I like this new Epcot design as well – it’s nice to see something floral which isn’t enamelled or pavé-d up haha.

      I wonder if it’s coins on the Luck & Prosperity charm, going by its name? I think they sell the Disney Pandora in multiple locations across each park, or at least that’s the impression I get from the Disney Parks blog’s articles. I usually get mine through ordering from the online Disney Store website to a friend in the US and then having it forwarded on to me. The international shipping rates directly from the Disney Store are ludicrous! xxx

      • Well, I can dream on with the Shanghai exclusive lot then :P Pandora in China is so much more expensive than HK – so you can imagine the pricing if you did indulge in it! xD

        oOOo! So it can be ordered online through the Disney store? But then you’re hit by the shipping charges again like Rue la la. It is miles easier though online than finding someone to visit the Shanghai resort in June… lol. I can imagine extortionate shoppers fees for those exclusives.

        Have you ever though about pooling purchases? :P so the extremely high shipping fees are split amongst all the people wanting exclusives :D Now that would make my day haha.
        I had a look at the Disney HK tickets yesterday, and a one-day pass is 599 HKD! I still haven’t been yet, as everyone has said it’s smaller than the Paris one – and I thought that one was small enough xD I got round the paris one with my parents when I was younger (just walking round) under an hour :P

        If there are any promotional tickets in, I may well go for a mini Pandora spree :P I can help you hand pick the murano if you want ;) Oh…stupid me. I just realised you put that they’re coming out with the Spring collection – I have June stuck in my head xD

        You know, I really like that two-tone bracelet xD It’s non-obtrusive and it took me a while to see it was Mickey…. haha. I honestly honestly couldn’t see it was Mickey – it just looked like decorative swirls to me. My friend ended up laughing at me in disbelief as it was super obvious xD

        Thanks again for all the info. Ellie :D xxx Such a ☆!!!

        • Hi Suzy, mind to add me in if you are going to arrange the pandora disney park spree?? I’m keen, OMG!

        • Btw, I’m based in Spore so i guess shipping should be quite ok, let me know how the spree works.

        • I’ll let you know if I do, and when I know the collection is released. I want to make sure they have the release so it’s not a wasted trip :) xxx

        • Well, I don’t know for sure when the Disney Parks Hong Kong charms are coming out! It might be later than Spring. :) We don’t always get a lot of warning with the Parks charms!

          I went to Disneyland Paris a year and a half ago with my OH. It was a lot smaller than I remembered as a kid ^^
          I like the two-tone bracelet design as well, although I imagine it will be verrrry expensive. ;) I prefer the less obvious Mickey design as well! I tend to go for more abstract Mickey/Minnie charms.

          Haha, thanks Suzy! <3 Glad you're enjoying the previews xxx

      • Epcot park is pretty much educational & yet still that little touch of Disney Magic but mostly of celebrating different countries & the different people of the world & their cultures & it teaches people & children about which ever country & how they live & dress or what kinda clothes they wear & everything it’s actually kinda cool especially say if you can’t actually afford to fly to the real country like China or U.K & it’s also rumoured that still more countries are suppose to get added on to Epcot & it’s rides are pretty educational too like Mission Space, Sourin’ which all like natural rides that pretty much show you what’s really out there like it’s all stuff that actually exists in real life like it actually took them a looooong time to make these rides possible
        Disney Parks always did & always will stand for doing the impossible & people have very high expectations that are also impossible for any other theme park on earth that only Disney parks is able to do & of course Magic Kingdom leaves speechless of being so much pure MAGIC
        & Hollywood Studios is mostly Disney Movies themed & how it was all started by a mouse & of course there’s Animal Kingdom &
        people seem to be having much more higher expectations for Universal Studios Park lately the expectations are almost equalized with the Disney Parks of being the second best visiting theme park & obviously SeaWorld is last I think it’ll always be last only cause a lot of people seem to have mixed feelings of SeaWorld cause of rumours they’ve heard & stuff for me I personally like SeaWorld but it definitely wouldn’t be my first pick I mainly love going cause you don’t usually get a chance to see sea animals like Orcas & Dolphins & Sea Lions cause they ain’t at most zoos or nun or any at Animal Kingdom & I’ve been to a ton of zoos cause I love zoos

  7. Damn I wish I can get the Mickey swirls but it’s 14k gold & park exclusive so I’ll probably never see that on my bracelet nor will that new bracelet be on my wrist unless someone gets it for me lol I just don’t think I’ll able to afford them however the other charms are really nice too I know I want the international flower & garden festival one & pick Mickey bead is really nice too & will stand out & the Minnie all around is pretty too

    I’m actually kinda happy now that Disney decided to make some pink Disney charms cause I love pink & they’ll really stand out

    & I love that gold murano bead & it reminds of pooh so it’ll look so good with that new pooh charm that’s coming out too

    • Yeah, I expect that bracelet will be very pricey! I think I might get that floral bead as well, especially as I’m planning a nature bracelet design to showcase the new Spring 2016 Flower Garden murano :D The other I like is the Luck & Prosperity murano bead… and maybe the pink Minnie spacer.

      A couple of people have suggested putting the Luck & Prosperity murano with the Winnie the Pooh charm now – that’s a great idea!

  8. Omg I’d love to see a charm of steamboat willy

    I’m wondering if their gonna come out with an Animal Kingdom 20th anniversary charm though that probably isn’t even a question to Pandora just imagine what all the 50th anniversary charms for Disney World are gonna look like I’m assuming they’ll look so much prettier than the Disneyland 60th just cause Disney World has four parks
    They’ll probably come out with one that says 4 parks 1 world on it or something close to that cause I didn’t really bother with any of the Disneyland 60th charms cause I’m a bigger fan of Disney World

    • I think there’s a Steamboat Willy charm from Chamilia, if you’ve ever collected those :)

      Aha you seem much more clued up on all the Disney park anniversaries! Which is interesting – I guess you could predict future Disney Parks charms by just checking out the anniversaries and key events for each upcoming season.

      • I don’t really like the Disney Chamilla charms much they kinda look more for younger teens & Pandora would make a much better steamboat & now with the new park they’ll be adding on to the 5th Disney World theme parks in Florida
        Cause now it’s 4 parks 1 words then it’ll be 5 parks & 1 words but too bad their not even close to have even started lol it’s just plans so far & usually they keep it a secret for a while until they’ve built at least a few new attractions & rides their not even sure what to name it yet they only have a spot for it that’s it but it won’t even be done any time soon & OMG once it’s the big grand opening of it it’ll be VERY VERY busy for at least the first months or year actually cause remember how Animal Kingdom was in 1998 or so for its grand opening

        Well I knew they had to finish or rap up the princess dress collection I love trying to predict Disney pandora charms

        & there definitely needs to be some more Disney clips that are actually affordable lol not 14k gold that very few Disney/Pandora fans are sadly not gonna be able to afford I would not be getting a (& I bet that gold clip right there is gonna be about 400 dollars or close to it
        Ya it’s pretty but I know the price won’t be with 400 you can get like 5 other different Disney charms that look just as pretty

  9. I think the flowers and ferns one is pretty. Although as you said it’s hard to see anything Disney related on it. It would be great to have some more simple silver or two tone designs like that in the moments range. I’m not a Disney collector and just have my frozen snowflake openwork so far. I don’t think I will get any other Disney unless they do some amazing pooh ones.
    Thanks for the post :)

    • It is really sweet! It reminds me of some of the classic Pandora floral beads, but perhaps a little more detailed. I don’t go mad for any Pandora Disney, but I do have my favourites from the collection. Eeyore is one of my favourite charms I own, and the Signature colour muranos are great. I always look forward to seeing what’s next for Disney, anyhow!
      Thanks for commenting! <3

    • Hi Nicola! I like the pink ones as well, particularly the spacer (although ‘punk mucky’ sounds like a more interesting concept in many ways :P).

        • Aha, you should pitch it to Pandora as a more Gothic line ;)

          They don’t release Pandora Disney at Disneyland Paris because Pandora don’t have the license to sell Disney jewellery in Europe. :( Chamilia has that right currently – at least until 2018, apparently!

        • Haha lol, aww that’s a shame I wonder if they will make a deal with Pandora Europe after 2018 then that would be exciting then there would be a possibility of it coming to the uk lol.

    • I don’t know release dates yet, but if I had to guess, I would expect that the regular Parks charms (the ones that aren’t exclusive to HK or Shanghai) would be out for the Spring collection on the 17th of March. So it’s possible!

    • I like that one too! Although I would have liked to see some little silver bows, seeing as it is classed as a Minnie bead.

  10. Hi Ellie!
    I find Disney muranos really appealing lately! :-) After the Rapunzel’s and Aurora’s, the Luck & Prosperity murano is one of the most beautiful items in this collection!
    Well, to be honest, the top upcoming item is the two-tone bracelet, but totally impossible for me to afford it! What I like about it, apart from the gold touch, is its round clasp and that those swirls are not an obvious Mickey/Disney design, so I think it would fit lovely any design!
    Thank you for sharing the news Ellie! It will be a really exciting spring among Pandora friends worldwide! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! Yes, I like the Disney murano glass a lot too. The Signature colour beads are so versatile and you don’t need to be a Disney fan at all to collect them! <3
      Aha, this two-tone bracelet and 14kt gold items are out of my price range too. Perhaps they'll make an equivalent version of the bracelet in silver some time, too. They do often re-make designs in different metals!
      Glad you enjoyed the post! It does seem like there's a new update every couple of days at the moment, which is fun :D ♥♥♥

  11. Hi Ellie,
    I think maybe the spaceship Earth charm is the same as the other EPCOT spaceship Earth charm, but it has flowers on top of the old pattern. I can see how everyone would only see flowers, but I think the texture in the background is the same as the old charm. The Spaceship earth sphere is huge and it is the centerpiece of the park. They have the flower and garden show there every year just like the food and wine festival that they had a charm for last year. I like the flower charm, but I’ve never been to EPCOT when that was going on. I like the black Shanghai grand opening charm, but that seems like a really limited edition charm that would probably only be sold in the park. This time around I like the Disney charms that will be sold in Pandora stores much more than the park exclusives. It’s always been the other way around for the other collections though.

    • Hi Stephanie! I think you’re absolutely right, now that I look again at the charm. I can see that patterning beneath the flowers, and I think they’ve quite cleverly blended it to look like more flowers and shrubs. It’s a great design!
      Yeah, I’m most excited for Maximus this year ;) I need a little bit of Tangled in my Pandora collection! I don’t absolutely need anything from this selection.

  12. I’m new to Pandora– I’ve just noticed that the prices at the Disney store , even on non- exclusives are five dollars or more over the prices at Pandora . Has this always been the case?

      • No doubt you’re right about the license fee, but I would think the pricing would be the other way around. Since Pandora is paying the fee, the prices should be higher there, and lower at the Disney store. Just wondering if this is a sign that prices will increase on the Pandora site.

  13. Good day, heading out to tokyo disneyland soon! Would you know if they have the disney parks charms in tokyo too?:)

  14. Disney is now selling the Flower and Garden charm on its website, cost is $70. I have been to the flower show once and am going again in a month so I am excited to get that charm, but wish it had some color as all the park exclusives are mostly silver balls or at least said Flower show on it. Disney has all the current park exclusive charms for Disneyland and Disney World on its site, they might get the Hong Kong and Shangihai charms too. Anyone who wants the gold swirl should keep an eye on their site, they will turn up there eventually.

    • Thanks, Melissa! I really love that charm as well although $70 seems like a lot of money for a plain silver bead! My fingers are crossed too that they get the Shanghai/Hong Kong beads, that would certainly make getting them a little easier!

  15. Hi! Do you know what the back of the pink castle HK exclusive looks like? Does it have another design or any wording?

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