We are nearing the end of our Pandora previews for the SS16 season, and next up we have a full look at the Pandora Summer 2016 collection! This release is scheduled for the 2nd of June and features two main themes: Oriental Bloom and Holiday Fun.

pandora summer 2016 preview

The stock images are published with the very kind permission of Lily CB, and edited by me, so please do not reproduce them without crediting her! :)

Pandora Summer 2016 Collection Preview

First up, we have the Oriental Bloom charms, which feature some beautiful bright reds. My eye is drawn to the lovely Red Shimmer murano, which offers an alternative to the Disney Signature Snow White murano, for those who are unable to purchase that one. The Chinese Junk boat and the central clear pavé charm are also pretty!

pandora summer 2016 preview oriental charms
Images courtesy of Lily CB

In amongst the Holiday Fun selection, we have a couple more animals with a teal enamel Parrot and an adorable sitting baby Elephant, which is a plain silver design. There are teal versions of the shimmer murano, shimmering droplets and Shining Elegance silicone clip.

pandora summer 2016 preview
Images courtesy of Lily CB

To accompany the teal and red colour scheme, we have two double-wrap leather bracelet – both of these feature a spherical clasp, which is unusual. I suspect that these will be limited edition, much like last year’s seasonal summer leather bracelets.

pandora summer 2016

It’s a little hard to make out the colour of this one exactly from the pre-release image, but this leather bracelet is a delicate baby-blue in shade.

pandora summer 2016

This live shot from Urban Diva reveals more of its true colour:

Pandora Summer 2016 preview
Image by Urban Diva

Pandora Summer 2016 Jewellery

There’s a small selection of jewellery coming out with the Summer 2016 collection – some pretty oriental designs, and one teal statement ring, which matches the Holiday Fun collection.

pandora summer 2016 preview Now, you may notice that a certain mystery animal charm (kangaroo?) that we saw in the SS16 live shots is missing from this preview. It’s not listed in the North American catalogue, so I suspect that it may not be up for release there.

pandora summer 2016
Image by UrbanDiva.ro

My Comment

As a rule, I am never all that keen on Summer collection as I prefer softer colours and motifs. However, I very much like the ‘Oriental’ theme they’ve chosen for this year’s collection; it’s a bit different and gives us some more of that vibrant red enamel that Pandora have already used so effectively in their Chinese New Year pieces. The Chinese Junk boat is particularly striking, and I also like the Red Shimmer murano. 

The trend of releasing special edition leather bracelets for summer is also a nice one, I feel. I like the baby blue one, and I expect it might end up in my collection! ^^

What do you think of this year’s Summer collection? Is anything going on your wish list?

116 Comments on Pandora Summer 2016 Collection Preview

  1. Loving the two leather bracelets, but the charms are not really doing it for me at first glance, although both the Muranos might be quite nice.
    Thank you for the previews.

  2. This collection isn’t really for me, as there not my colours, but I do think it’s a nice collection for people who are into these colours. I don’t usually buy from the summer collection, I only bought the orchid last year.
    I’m trying to work out what the design is on the crystal round charm in the middle of the oriental bloom picture.
    Is that pink on the flower ring? It’s quite a nice simple design and would look nice stacked.
    At the moment I don’t think I will be buying anything, but I may change my mind when I see them in store.
    Thank you for another update. Is it just the Mother’s Day jewellery preview we haven’t seen yet?
    What’s your next review going to be?

    • I don’t usually go for Summer collections either, but I did end up with more than I thought from last year’s. Delicate blues and teals do appeal to me! And I like the bright reds in this year’s collection, too. The pavé design in the Oriental Bloom looks like a fan design, perhaps? And yes, I think the stones in the flower ring on the left are reddy/pink. :)
      Yep, just the Mother’s Day 2016 jewellery to go! (As far as I’m aware, lol.) It seems like it’s been particularly busy with the previews this season, for some reason. ^^ For my next review, it will probably be either a Valentine’s heart charm or the Mother’s Day Bound by Love. I will try and get it out later this week! :)

        • The Bound by Love charm is gorgeous!!! Got that as a gift, although it was advertised with the Mothers Day collection.

      • I have a Summer Pandora bracelet with a few charms so far. My favorite in the new Summer collection are the Starfish and Teal Shimmering Droplets. I am also adding the sunglasses from an older collection. I have started another bracelet a bangle and its a Christmas one but I only have one charm so far. I love the new leather bracelets and may get one for my niece who has been wanting one.

  3. Hi Ellie,
    Ouf ! My wallet will survive. For sur I want the red two double-wrap leather bracelet, I vale the rosa and the purple,I missed the red Aha.
    The starfish need to be saw in real.
    That’s all folks ! ( for te moment )
    I send you a shining day ;)

  4. Ouch I read again so I post without fault ! If you want you can delete my first message…

    Ouf ! My wallet will survive. For sure I want the red two double-wrap leather bracelet, I have the rose and the purple, I missed the red Aha.
    The starfish need to be saw in real.
    That’s all folks ! ( for the moment )
    I send you a shining day ;)

    • Hi Isabelle! No worries, there really should be an edit function on WordPress comments. I’ll try and look at adding that functionality when I have a moment ^^

      Apparently that leather bracelet is honeysuckle pink in person! It looked red in the stock image I received. I would love it if it were pink, I must admit, as I already have a red leather and the idea of a fuchsia pink leather appeals a lot!

      Have a lovely day too!

      • You know, I thought of seeing that on other photographs, that it was more pink than red !

        For me it’s almost better, this color appears softer to me, but like the enamel heart, it should be saw in real to be not disappointed.


  5. I have been eyeing one red and one white murano for my Xmas theme bracelet but yet to get any, may be this is good time for me? I will want to compare with current red and white smooth murano in person before i make decision. What do you think Ellie? Smooth murano or faceted murano?
    Chinese junk boat is pretty as well, will match nicely with piggy bank, lantern and chinese doll charm…
    In fact i’m agreed with Ellie, I’m not into Summer collection so far,nothing catch my eyes even for last year summer collection

    • I like both faceted and smooth muranos! The smooth and faceted muranos in red are slightly different shades, so I’d just pick whichever appeals to you most in terms of colour. :)
      I am interested to see the silver animals in person (my first ever Pandora charm was the silver African Elephant!) and I am liking the look of the leathers, as well. :D

  6. I for sure actually have a couple of these charms on my wish list that I created on my phone already I really like the strawberry over the pave apple they already have & I don’t even really like apples but I LOVE LOVE strawberries I can eat them everyday & I especially love them in the summer time so I have the perfect idea for the strawberry charm & the watermelon charm I love too cause it’ll remind me of my dad for some reason though I’m not really close to him much but he would buy a huge watermelon in the summer time especially when we were kids & we’d all be eating watermelon like a bunch of kids eating popsicles & he’s cut it up outside on the table & give us all a slice exactly the shape on this charm & we’d just dive right into the slice when we were little cause it was so huge
    they were just a simple awesome moments

    • Aw, I’m glad you like a couple of these! Especially as they seem to conjure up rather vivid and wonderful childhood memories for you. :D The strawberry is cute, but I have the plain silver one and I’m rather fond of that (I got it after Andy Murray won Wimbledon, haha). The red pavé apple tempts me, on the other hand.

  7. It’s like a lot if people don’t like summer collection charms but to me they just remind of simpleness & the innocence & sweetness of Childhood & the playfulness of life

  8. Will definitely get the white murano. It is just the bead I need to complete my clear cz and moonstone bracelet. I have the white facet murano, white triangle murano and white murano with cz in it. Will balance nicely!

    • I am also eyeing up the white Shimmer murano. I love pairing coloured murano glass with white murano glass – I already have two White Fizzles and two white faceted muranos as well, so it’s good to have more options! Your moonstone bracelet sounds nice as a concept. :D

  9. Love the red and white colours, I’ve been working on a “Canada” bracelet so these two new shimmer muranos in red and white will be perfect with already existing effervescent/fizzle muranos of the same colours which I already have. I’m liking that red cherries bead. My favourite colours tend towards teals and turquoises so the other murano will fit very well in my collection.

    Just when I was ready to give Pandora a rest for a while they come out with a gorgeous collection!

    • Oh, perfect! :D This collection is well-timed for you, then. I like teals and turquoises, as well, so that leather bracelet will be great for me too – I also really like the oriental reds, but my red leather CNY bracelet is a bit full up. I’ll have to decide on those when I see them!

  10. Chinese Junk Boat may be, my wallet has a break for this release. It is good to know ahead then I can my budget on next free bracelet promotion.

    • Even when I think that I’m not going to get anything from a collection, I usually end up with something. :P I usually justify it as a good blog review at least!

  11. I don’t really like any of them. I think there is too much bling and the designs looks ‘crowded’ and ‘messy’. However, this is not a bad thing as I am still catching up on older and retired all silver charms I missed as I am a late/newer(?) Pandora collector. I don’t think Pandora should have created an Oriental bloom collection as the Chinese themed charms seems more special and collectible when they are only release during Chinese New Years.

    • Yes, they’re very blingy overall! But I do like the look of the silver animals – having two plain silver character charms is better going than either the Spring or the Mother’s Day collections this year, come to think of it :S
      I’ve also been catching up on previous plain silver designs as they go! I’ll be keeping an eye on Rue La La and the Pandora sales, as I imagine a lot of classic two-tone and silver beads will be coming up there.

  12. The only ones I kind of like are the strawberry and the watermelon. I wish they were more detailed and Pandora-ish if that is even a word. The new style of Pandora really isn’t doing it for me. It looks like Chamilia which I don’t like. Maybe I can get the two sparking fruits to work if I add a lot of glass and gemstones?

    • Yeah, I do get what you mean. When new collections come out at the moment, I like a lot of the pieces but nevertheless feel like something is missing, too. I’d love more plain silver beads and cute pieces and less pavé. :) The sparkling fruits would look nice with some murano glass – I’m not sure about putting them with the more classic gemstones? They seem too frivolous, haha.

  13. Completely over the pave and childish animals…. It’s as if Pandora is designing for Tweens! Waiting for each season used to be exciting, now it’s disappointing. I’m lucky if I like one or two pieces from each new season now. I find myself searching for old retired pieces to maintain the quality of my stacks!

    • Aw, I am sorry to hear that, but I do understand. Pandora have undergone a pretty radical shift in direction in the last couple of years. It’s so much more glittery. I still have things I like from each collection, but there is something missing, I agree. :)

  14. Elephant is number one on my list adorable and I can’t wait to get it. I am sad that the other animal is missing I wonder where it will be released? Two pieces that caught my interest that I was not initially I angle are the pave strawberry and the red Schemmer Murano, might end up with one of these as they are so fresh and pretty. Loving both leathers prob will get the blue since I don’t have any previous blue leather however I do have the red double leather used as a mini Xmas theme
    Yeeeey can’t wait to all the upcoming releases ;);)

    • Yes, the other animal remains a puzzle! I’ll keep an eye out for any extra information on it. :) I’m hoping for a kangaroo now, actually, as my brother has just gone off to Australia for a year and it would be a nice way to commemorate that! The blue leather is a definite for me as well – and if the leather is a nice shade of pink, as someone previously in the comments has mentioned, then I may well get that too! :P
      Glad to hear you’re excited!

  15. I must get the boat if I can find any space on my Asian bracelet!!! Otherwise I don’t care for any of it… Interesting use of bubbly stones but not to my personal taste. Teal and red is a striking combo!

    • Aha, I also have issues with space on my Asian red leather bracelet! It already has around seven charms on it, and it’s quite nicely balanced as it is. I will have to see what the boat’s like in person!

  16. I was very excited to see this post!! I like the oriental bloom collection with all the red charms but I don’t think I will be purchasing any of those. The holiday fun collection is very cute!! I am definitely going to pick up the sparkling watermelon. I want to wear it on a chain as a necklace so I’m hoping it will be finished on both sides just in case it would flip over while wearing it. I also have the palm tree charm from a few Summers ago that I want to make a beach bracelet out of. I want to get the baby blue leather bracelet during the leather promo and add a few of the new starfish charms to it with the palm tree. I also want to add the deep ocean sea glass charms from last year because I have always liked those. I’m intrigued by the teal statement ring. It’s very modern looking. I’m excited to see it in person!!

    Also, I love the look of the new blog. Looks great!!

    • Yay! :D I’m the same with the Oriental Bloom – I very much like the concept, and the colours, but I’m not sure how much room I have for them in my collection. The baby blue leather would be great with some clear CZ charms and the new Starfish – blue and clear CZ go so well together!

      Also, I’m so pleased that you like the new blog layout! Thank you! It was stressful getting it all in place, but I’m very happy to have it all done now haha.

  17. Hi Ellie!
    I love red colour and I’m glad we see red for summer, although I had hoped for different designs! Sth more inspired, like the lighthouse and the vespa, for example!
    The shimmering murano is definitely a must-have for me! For the rest I’ll have to decide in person! I wish cherries were two instead of three on the openwork charm, as they look a bit odd to me, but I may change my mind when I see it! I hope I’ll love it! The “love red cherries” clip is one of my favourites, because two united cherries represent love and two united souls in a story I like very much! ♡ In addition, if the leather bracelet proves to be a vivid red instead of coral, it will come home, too! :-) I think it doesn’t seem red on the particular picture, but judging from the baby blue that looks like grey, that may be the case with the red one as well!
    I also like that four petal ring, whatever colour it is! It will be nice either in pink or red! :-) I hope it’s silver and not gold, as it is not so clear… What do you think?
    Thank you for bringing us in a summer mood today Ellie! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! Ah, that’s a bit of a shame that they did red for summer, and yet not anything that calls to you particularly. :/ The Lighthouse and the vespa were very quirky, but I note they got retired quite quickly – perhaps they just didn’t sell that well.
      According to Jane above, the leather is more coral/pink in person – so you might be out of luck there. There is every chance that the stock images are not rendering the colour quite correctly, as they are camera images of a catalogue. :) I have to say that I love the idea of a deep pink leather bracelet, so I’ll be thrilled if that is the case!

      I think all the rings are silver – that’s just a quirk of the stock images again. :D

      Thanks for commenting, Chrysa! Glad you enjoyed this little touch of summer. ♥♥♥

  18. I think I prefer the Spring collection to this, although some pieces are nice. I usually prefer subtler designs and colors–for spring I’m considering the Blooming Dahlia, bunny, and Poetic Blooms, which are all softer in appearance.

    However, I do like the baby elephant, strawberry, and the clear pave charm (looks Art Deco?). I bet the pave would look good on a bangle mini-styling or mixed with a few two-tones.

    Thanks, Ellie!! Have a great day.

    • I prefer Spring as well (softer colours also appeal to me more), but I like this collection a fair bit, as far as Summer collections go! That clear pavé charm appeals to me as well – I wonder if it’s meant to be a fan design? It certainly fits with the Oriental theme quite nicely. :D

      Thanks for commenting, Kris! Have a nice day too :D

  19. Ellie, what’s the scoop with the clips? Will they be able to be used on a standard bracelet’s clip station, or no? I like that they’re smaller, leaving more bracelet real estate for charms.

    The elephant is very cute, though I do wonder what Pandora’s fascination with that animal is. That’s at least the third elephant charm they’ve done.

    I like the red murano for my holiday bracelet, though I’ll likely see what the Christmas selections are for this year before I decide whether or not to add it.

    • Not sure on that yet, Clair. You’d think that the silicone lining would prevent them from fitting over the clips, but I’m not sure how they will work yet in practice!

      Aha, it’s actually the fourth elephant charm. I have the African elephant, but will probably end up with this one as well. It’s one of the cuter ones ^^

  20. I have such a long wishlist from the Spring preview, I was hoping I wouldn’t want anything from the summer one! But I love the baby elephant, that will be coming home with me as soon as it hits the shops! I was happy to see the new teal and white muranos and the starfish, I was hoping to start a beach / ocean bracelet this year around the teal seahorse I bought last year and I think they will be perfect with a couple of two tone charms I already have, to give a teal white and gold effect representing the sea and sand. The red shimmering murano would be great on a Christmas bracelet too! I really like the Snow White one but I can’t buy it in the UK, so it would be ideal. Thank you for the great preview ?!

    • Haha, at least the elephant is a plain silver bead! So it won’t be quite as pricey as a lot of the new beads. ;) The Shimmer muranos overall appeal to me a lot – I’ll probably be getting the pink, purple and white ones to start with. ^^
      Also, I absolutely love teal, white and yellow gold combinations! So beautiful – they conjure up that fun, beachy feel, but in such a lovely sophisticated way. You should definitely go ahead with that idea!
      Glad you enjoyed the preview, and thanks for commenting! :D

  21. Not really impressed with the summer collection. Guess I’ll save my money for the fall collection. Thank you as always for the preview.

    • That’s a shame – but, as you say, hopefully there’ll be something else you like later in the year. I’m always prepared not to like the summer collections, as I’m not so keen on beachy motifs and brighter colours, but I was quite pleasantly surprised by some of these pieces. The silver animals, the leathers and the Oriental pieces, specifically. :)

  22. Hmmm, A llittle bit disappointing, but at least it won’t be an expensive time for me!

    The only ones I would consider are the starfish and teal shimmer murano but would have to see them in person first.

    I’ve been looking at Trollbeads for a few weeks now and I don’t know if I’m too keen on the direction that Pandora are going so now may be the time to start switching…

      • Judie, I totally recommend checking them out. The two-tones and gold are rather expensive, but the prices of the glass are amazing! Many beautiful silvers and gemstones.

      • Tweeny! Yes you’ve hit the nail on the head!! I haven’t been able to describe it for ages but that sums it up perfectly.

        Glad to hear others are considering Trollbeads too.

    • I have been collecting Pandora for years and have to admit that I have been disappointed with the excessive use of pave and the ever escalating price of their charms.

      I strongly resisted investing in another brand, but Trollbeads won me over with their lovely Spring collection from last year and I created my first bracelet. The glass is simply amazing!! (the best!) Most of their glass beads are priced at $34 USD. I am currently working on another Spring bracelet focusing on their Aurora beads and their birth month silver florals with natural pearls. I still love my Pandora, but I am rather obsessed with my Trollbeads! :D

      • Ooh, that Spring bracelet does sound gorgeous. I’ve always thought the TB birth month flowers were pretty – and paired with pearls is even better! :)

    • The Starfish will be lovely in person, I expect. The bubble effect of the stones is interesting, too!

      I like Trollbeads a lot, especially their glass beads. They have some nice silvers, too. But I’m not tempted to switch brands right now. Pandora is still what I enjoy collecting the most. There’s no reason not to invest in both brands, though! :)

      • I still enjoy collect Pandora than Trollbead, there are many store and outlet store here to shop in person. I like Pandora promotion, GWP, LE bangle and LE charm. All the Trollbead dealer was closed, only one small gift shop has a smalll booth one hour away. I have a small collection of Thomas Sabo Karma bead which I like to substitute Pandora Essence, 5 concept store and some small jewelry shops carry Thomas Sabotage for my interest. I don’t need to like everything Pandora offer, I choose what I like the most.

    • I’d never heard of Trollbeads until I joined in this blog then, low and behold, walking in my city today I spied a TB shop! I took a look and got a catalogue. Not really sure they’re for me personally, at this time, but interesting to check out nevertheless.

  23. Hi Ellie there are a few items I like the red murano is a lot like the Snow White one which I have. The starfish CZ is beautiful it looks amazing I also like the red flower and the red simmering. The two sets of earring are lovely to and that delicate little pink ring. I’m also exciting to see the shades of both bracelets I already have the retired red leather so we will have to see.

    • Hi Nicola! Glad to hear that you like some things from this selection. The shimmer muranos are similar to the Signature Disney collection, I think, which is nice for everyone who can’t get access to the Disney line. I’m also excited to see the leathers – especially if the redder one is actually a warm pink. :D

  24. Like a lot of your readers it seems, I like the leather bracelets and the red Murano. I also like the Chinese Junk because it reminds me of going to Hong Kong, but otherwise my money is safe, which is a good thing! Thanks for the preview!

    • I’m most interested in the silver animals and the leather bracelets so far! The rest I’ll wait to see in store. ^^ Glad you’ve seen a couple of things you like, at least, though.

  25. Thank you for the post. The starfish and teal drops look pretty but I would like to see them in real life. I don’t know if I would get them as I might not pair them with anything. I quite like the parrot but again don’t think I would wear him. The elephant is really cute but I like my animal charms to look more realistic and I bought one of the older retired elephants. So all in all I don’t think I will be buying anything from the collection and will save my pennies for older Pandora pieces.

    • You’re welcome! The Starfish does look pretty, especially in the live shots. But I don’t really have too much of a place in my collection for really beachy pieces. ^^ I have a travel bracelet, but it’s more made of different colours and cultural references, rather than sunny beach charms.
      I have one of the older elephants, too, but I am very tempted by this new charm as well. I loved elephants as a kid and still have a soft spot for them now!

  26. Hello Ellie! Thank you for this wonderful glimpse of Summer in February! My Pandora Summer charms are currently spread out over 4 different bracelets (2 leathers and 2 bangles). This Summer I was planning on creating a dedicated Summer/nautical themed bracelet since I have many of Pandora’s Summer charms from the past few years. I am rather surprised that this release is so limited. Since the Lighthouse charm is being retired, I was sure that Pandora would design an alternative! But, I do really like the Starfish charm and the Shimmering Teal Murano. These are must haves for me! I also find the light blue leather bracelet quite appealing, but I already have the metallic light green and metallic blue leathers AND the teal multi-strand fabric bracelet as well! I just can’t justify another Summer leather bracelet! :O

    • Hi Carol! It is always funny seeing the summer previews so early. But not quite as odd as getting the Christmas sneak peeks in June/July ^^
      Oh dear, there really aren’t so many nautical charms for you this time around. But the Starfish is a really nice offering, I think, and the Parrot is also kind of appropriate? You also have quite a substantial back catalogue of nautical Pandora charms to choose from, which is the other nice thing! Aha, you do have quite a few blue/teal bracelets there! I have the metallic green leather, but still think I can get away with having this new blue one, too. For one thing I think they’d look nice together! ;)

  27. The only two charms that catches my eyes are the junk boat and starfish. The redish leather bracelet looks nice too. Have to see them in person. Might get it for my Chinese new year/ oriental theme styling I’m thinking of building. Right now only got the piggy bank. Red lantern and Chinese doll will be coming home with me in time to come.

    • Yeah, I’m also intrigued by that reddish leather. I had another look at the live shots, but it’s not exactly clear what colour it is. The Junk Boat will be rather striking in person, I think, much like the Chinese Lantern. But my CNY leather bracelet is so full as it is! Perhaps I’ll have to upgrade it to a silver at some point. You should definitely get the Chinese Lantern. It’s such a lovely vibrant charm, and yet not garish at all, despite its bright colour.

      • I’m thinking of getting the lantern during the mother’s day gwp promotion together with a bracelet to make up AUD $150. Will most likely can’t resist and get a few spring ones when it comes out in March. With promotions a lot of times the newer ones gets sold out very fast. So I’m reserving to get the older ones and bracelet which usually they have plenty for promotion.

        • Hi starlight, any idea when will be mother’s day GWP in Aus? I’m excited to get the LE bangle as well as some old charms as i saw one blog about Pandora retire charm in Spring 2016. Guess Pandora is doing house keeping again.. I agree with some of readers here, would love the older charm more especially two tone charms. Hope Pandora will launch more two tone classic charm as before.

        • Very good choice, starlight! It’s a gorgeous charm. :)

          Shirleen, the Aus Mother’s Day promo is scheduled from 21st April to 4th May. I’ll add it into my Promos list when I have a chance!

        • Thanks Ellie. I thought the dates are along there too. Usually it happens two weeks before mother’s day.

  28. Hi, Ellie! We have a Strawberry Festival and an Apple Festival in the county where I live, so I will have to get the strawberry to go with my apple. I also want the starfish to go on my teal beach bracelet. I do like red, so I very well may wind up with even more of them. I wish they were coming out with the mystery animal, so we could find out what it is! Thanks for the preview!

    • Hi Angie! Fab, the Strawberry and Apple seem designed to go well together. :D
      I will keep an eye out for more info on that mystery Summer charm. I’m surprised not to see it in the North American preview, seeing as they’re including the baby elephant! At least it being missing from this preview gives us something unseen still to look forward to. ^^

  29. Morning Ellie :)

    I’m not usually a fan of the Summer releases either – the only must-have for me is the baby-blue leather bracelet ^^. I like the fact that I don’t have to twist the charms on with this leather! No more threading problems :P I do love the look of the Starfish… but again, like Cindy said above, it does look like Chamilia now… so it’s putting me off a little bit as I don’t think it will match with any of my other charms.

    The HK junk ship/boat is cute! I have to see that one in person as I’m not a fan of bright bright red :P I still prefer the Spring & Mother’s day release to this one, so I’m safe for now :D Lovely teal colours though…. I might change my mind later ;) Lovely preview xxx

    • Hi Suzy! Huh, I hadn’t even noticed that before you said that about the leathers! No threads. Well-spotted! That does make things easier. :) It’s funny that Pandora’s USP has always been their threaded system and now lots of us are getting excited that they’re starting to dispense with it. ^^

      Ah, I really like Pandora’s use of red enamel in the context of the Asian charms. It just doesn’t seem garish to me. I particularly love the Chinese Lantern! But the Junk may not make it on to my bracelet, just in terms of space. I like my CNY design as it is on the red leather. :)

      Glad you enjoyed the preview! I’m also keener on the Spring/Mother’s Day collections but I was pleasantly surprised by some of these charms. Thanks for commenting xxx

  30. I may get the star fish charm, but none of the others that are coming out of this collection!
    Even though, I think the elephant is adorable, but is not on my most-wanted charm list :)
    Thanks for the post, Ellie!

    • You’re welcome, Marina! The starfish charm is lovely, and it seems to be one of the most popular pieces. ^^ The elephant is so cute, and I’ll probably be getting it, even though I already have the African elephant. I’m probably most excited to see live shots of the leathers – they look to be nice colours, from these initial images.

  31. Thank goodness I don’t see anything that I really want to get. I think the Chinese junk boat is neat and the cherry openwork bead is pretty, but I doubt I’ll get either of them, or at least not soon. I am planning to get my first leather bracelets this summer though, so I may spring for the reddish/pinkish leather bracelet.

    • No, it’s always a bit of a relief knowing that I can take something of a breather during the summer collections. I usually want one or two things, but not lots & lots like I do with the Spring collections. :D The pink/red leather is calling to me, as well. Although I really don’t need any more leathers! ;)

      • I really don’t need any more leathers either! I already have the single champagne, the double black, the triple metallic silver, the triple metallic green, the smooth teal triple, and the smooth red triple. It kind of crept up on me that I have so many! Although it’s difficult to make out the exact color of the pale blue leather bracelet from this collection, I was tempted by the idea of it and knew that I didn’t need another red leather. However, now that I hear that it may be a nice deep pink color, I will probably HAVE to have it! I will definitely have to pick one or the other though, not both!

        • Aha, I think I’m rivalling you for excess leathers too. I have the single pink, the triple silver, the double purple, the double navy, the single charcoal-grey, the red leather and the double green. Way more leather bracelets than any one person needs :P
          I really like the sound of honeysuckle pink too! I’m excited to see more photos of that one now :D

  32. Thanks for these new stock photos Ellie! Out of all of it I like the pink or red double leather bracelet the best, I’m liking the new look without threads and with the round clasp, I’m hopeful small core charms will fit but even if they don’t I like it, I will probably get it during the summer leather bracelet promo I think they have planned if it’s an option.

    Not sure about the charms, maybe the strawberry as I do like fruit charms as you know ;-) The execution of these charms is not as good as it could have been, the watermelon does not look nearly as nice as the Ohm pave watermelon which I have, the Ohm version has a few black crystals mixed with red to represent seeds, and the silver rind has beautiful ridging whereas this Pandora one looks like a plain silver rind.

    The elephant charm is interesting-it looks life-like but it just doesn’t grab me the way the old elephant did (I have the older simpler version, not the sideways and not the lucky elephant). I just like that old Pandora animal style best I guess. The piggy bank looks more like the old style to me.

    • I hadn’t even noticed that the leather bracelets didn’t have threads before I read the comments! And I had to edit them off a coloured background, so I was staring at each of them for a good ten/fifteen minutes or so haha. So perhaps they will be compatible with smaller-cored charms. I’m certainly hoping that the the threadless silver bracelet will be!

      You do like your fruit charms ^^ I looked up the Ohm Watermelon, and I think I like both Pandora’s and Ohm’s versions. They’re both fun, although it does seem like the Pandora version is a bit of a copy-cat. :S I have that same version of the elephant (my first ever charm) and I love it best, too. But I do like this new version and I love elephants in general, so I will probably get it too. I’m pleased overall to see another new silver animal character that isn’t a floating head. ^^ The mystery silver animal looks like it might be more of a classic-style Pandora animal, so perhaps you’ll like that one better!

  33. I like the red and teal colors together. I have the teal cord bracelet and I’m tempted to put some red charms like the cherry and apple on it. It’s hard to tell how red the bracelet is, but I’m interested in it. It would be nice to have that for Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

    • That’s a cute idea! It’s nice to put vibrant colours together sometimes and not have something too matchy-matchy. ^^ I think the leather may prove to be more of a raspberry in person (or at least, I hope so), which would be rather nice I think!

  34. Help!
    Am I going mad or did I recently see a blue single leather bracelet was coming out? In my local store they told me Pandora are phasing out the single leather bracelets.
    Also, where did I see the butterfly bracelet you, or someone, had put together?
    I really must make more notes as my head is spinning with all these fab new charms / bracelets/ rings etc!
    Very many thanks for any help.

    • Hi Anne, I don’t remember seeing anything about a single leather coming out. Your store is right – Pandora are phasing out the single and triple leathers. :/ It’s just these two, as far as I’m aware!

      Ooh I don’t know about the butterfly bracelet. Do you remember anything more about it? I like to save bracelet designs I see online into a folder full of Pandora inspiration. Then I can just browse through it when I want to think of a new bracelet design or put something together for a review <3

      • Hi Ellie. As I’m new to all this I’ve been looking through lots of your back blogs and I think the one I was referring to, re the butterfly bracelet, was in your inspiration for spring 2014 – Butterfly Garden. Sorry I was looking in the middle of the night at it so my memory wasn’t so clear.
        Not sure about the single leather one, that must also have been an old one as well.
        Sorry, I’m just so excited and giddy about all this Pandora stuff, but I need to rein myself in a bit.

        • Oh, that’s a really old one of mine! I was all about the butterflies that season. I just loved those butterfly muranos!

  35. The jewelry earrings look like French famous luxury jewelry Van Cleef & Arpels, I love their mother of pearl signature earring for very long time. That flower design is Van Cleef & Arpels company signature design on earrings, rings and necklace.

  36. Hi Ellie,
    Taking another look through the summer release, I ‘m really liking the baby elephant. Much
    nicer than previous ones to me. I read somewhere that the Easter Bunny was up for retire-
    ment. Do you know this to be true? If so, I need to add it to my list before it leaves the store.

    I usually don’t care for the summer releases like a lot of others have said, but I kind of like the
    teals. Hoping they will match back to the studded teal and teal pave’ lights. Those were some
    of the first charms I ever bought for myself.

    I don’t buy much red, but the red flower is nice. Looks a lot like the new Dahlia clips in design.
    Think the red flower would look nice with the clear effervescent muranos. (I think you call
    these white fizzle). I’ve wanted these for a while now, but just haven’t committed to them.

    Oh, I also think the parrot dangle is cute, but I’ all have to check him out in store to be sure.

    Hope your weekend is great!

    • Hi Emily, yes I’m afraid the Easter Bunny is up for the chop. :/ the new rabbit charm is a replacement of sorts, I suppose. I got the Easter Bunny myself back in the Boxing Day sales!

      I’m never as keen on the summer releases either (they’re usually my least favourite of the year!) but this one has some nice pieces in it. I love the elephant and the kangaroo, and the leathers are so nice too.

      Have a good week Emily!

      • Thanks for confirmation on the Easter Bunny, Ellie. Will check with my store
        for availability. Almost bought this charm last Easter, but ended up with something else. I prefer the “full-bodied” animals with all the details and
        oxidation to the “cake-pop heads”. With that said, I do like the new Bunny.
        It’s pretty cute!

  37. Wanted to share some info with you since I was able to take a peek at a launch guide from a concept store and the red leather bracelet is actually called honeysuckle pink and the color is actually closer to Anna’s signature color murano as reference! Looks very pretty.

  38. Hi Ellie! I just picked up the new Spring/Summer Pandora catalog. I was very surprised to see the White Shimmer murano is actually a very pale mint blue! That will coordinate well with the Oceanic Starfish and look so lovely with the new mint blue leather bracelet!

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