Today’s post brings my next Pandora Valentine’s 2016 review, with a closer look at the pink enamel In My Heart charm! It’s been a little while since my last review, what with all the exciting previews we’ve had lately. :D

pandora valentine's 2016 timeless romance

This charm didn’t instantly catch my eye (unlike the Filled with Romance openwork) but, after seeing images of it online, its vibrant colour and glossy finish really grew on me. My OH got it for me for Valentine’s Day after we spotted it looking rather pretty in the store! Read on for the usual styling inspiration and close-up shots. :D

Pandora In My Heart Review

This charm is called the Heart Beat charm in the UK, which is a name that I think I actually prefer. It’s rich in colour, which is all the more off-set by the charm’s reflective finish, created by applying translucent pink enamel in a slim layer over sterling silver.

pandora valentine's 2016 in my heart

The stock image doesn’t really convey this translucent quality very effectively; it also appears more of a violet shade.

pandora valentine's 2016

In reality, my charm is much more of a reddy-pink. From other pictures & comments online, it seems like most of the In My Heart charms are the same (some apparently lean more towards a candy red in person, too). The hallmarks are set on the rim of one side of the charm, FYI.

pandora valentine's 2016 in my aheart

It was a nice surprise for me to discover that this charm is, in fact, threaded, and not an openwork! It feels nice and substantial in person.

pandora valentine's 2016 in my heart


The charm’s bright colour makes it not all that versatile – it seems to work best as a centrepiece, or worn in conjunction with other bright colours to offset it. I’ve used it as a centrepiece in this variation on my favourite oxidised bracelet styling.

pandora valentine's 2016 in my aheart

Here it is again in a design featuring all of my favourite Pandora Valentine’s 2016 charms! The pearlescent Abundance of Love spacer is gorgeous, and goes with just about anything. It looks especially nice when paired against the bolder pinks of the Wild Hearts murano and the In My Heart charm.

pandora valentine's 2016 in my heart

I’ve added my In My Heart charm to my pink-and-blue bracelet, which you can see here in this shot from my sparkly new Instagram page. ;) This is a more unusual colour combination for me, but I really like how it’s turning out. Those Cinderella blues look great with so many different combos! <3


While this is yet another heart charm from Pandora, the glossy use of enamel makes it stand out – the same technique is also used to striking effect in charms such as the Pandora Disney Snow White’s Apple. There’s a pearlescent version of this charm coming out for Mother’s Day 2016, and that will be even prettier I think. :D

The Pandora In My Heart charm is $40 USD or £35. If you’re in the UK, this charm would be perfect as a Mother’s Day gift and you can buy it alongside the rest of the Pandora Mother’s Day collection from authorised retailer John Greed. 

On a separate note, I apologise if I have been late in replying to comments or messages in the last few days – I have a big backlog of emails and FB messages to sort out, as well. I started a new job last week and, while it’s going well, it’s been consuming a lot of my time as you might imagine. ^^ I’ll be getting round to them soon – although possibly not until the weekend.

What do you think of this charm? Have you purchased it, or is on your wish list?

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  1. I’m so obsessed with the oxidized look! I have to get one during the free bracelet promotion. Hope they make a threadless one in that dark finish.

    • Yeah, I love the oxidised bracelets :D I have almost as many as plain silver. If they don’t do an oxidised version of the threadless bracelet (and I suspect that they won’t), you could always have a go at oxidising it yourself? :)

      • Me too! Love my oxidized bracelet, I put all my 2 toned charms on. I would like to get another one next free bracelet promotion. It is still 3 more weeks to see the Spring release, I like the pearl color In My Heart, I think will have a big spend next promotion.

        • It does look great with a little two-tone. I have one oxi bracelet with midnight blues, two-tone and some clear pavé <3
          I'm thinking I'm going for a regular plain silver bracelet for the bracelet promo. I still need an actual bracelet for my plain silver classic Pandora design I'm working on!

  2. I love the red heart charm as,well. You are right they are a reddish pink in person. I have quite a few on my bracelet.
    However it would look even more great if it was the pink hue or an even brighter pink on the computer

    • Ooh, a few? I bet that looks wonderful. I’ve certainly not seen any in person that look like the stock image. The ones I’ve seen pretty much look like my charm, or a bit redder.

      • Yes I try to put my bracelet together as,a theme. I love hearts. I try do do it like you would see it in a magazine. I don’t want my bracelets all cluttered with charms thrown together.
        I would live to post a pic of my bracelets I put together how do i attached it on this blig.
        This is all very new to me. Thank u for responding and I look forward to hearing from you.

      • Good morning Ellie
        I would like to send u a pic of my bracelet could u let me know what I need to click on so I can show you? Tjanks,and have a Great Day!

        • Hi Laura, posting pics on the blog is a little bit complicated. You can’t just upload them in the comments, which is a pain (I did some research into this as a few people have asked – but there are security measures and quite a few things you have to put in place, and I’ve not got the expertise to sort it unfortunately). But I do have a Facebook page you can share it on (link is in the sidebar) and the other thing you can do is to email me your picture at mora0pandora[at]gmail[dot]com and then I can add it into a comment for you. :)

  3. I cannot wait till they come out with the spring collection. They really out did themselves.
    Do you know when they might be pricing them so u have an idea before they come out?
    There are so many I want to get.

    • I don’t know about pricing yet, I’m afraid. I’ve seen two North American pre-release catalogues and neither had any pricing. :/ So I don’t know when or if I’ll get it before release date – it depends on what I get given!

  4. This is such a nice charm! And what a bonus that it’s just $40/£35. Your bracelet is coming along nicely. The colors are pretty together. I like the picture of your 4 recent heart beads – I’m planning to do a mini bracelet with the Wild Hearts murano & In My Heart bead, so maybe I’ll do it with those 4 beads plus maybe another spacer.
    Congrats on your new job! This year is off to a big start for you!

    • Glad you like the bracelet – I want to add some the Cinderella heart and some other beads to it still. You were right, it is filling up faster than I first thought :P With the Valentine’s mini-bracelet, I did want another Abundance of Love spacer for that design really, but I only have the one. It would look even nicer with one either side of the murano. :D
      Thanks very much Judy! It has certainly been a year of changes so far, but all for better I hope. ^^

  5. Great review as always Ellie. Just wondering would you ever do a post about your whole collection? I would love to see all of your Pandora treasures. I’ve been collecting for a few years and so far have a Silver Moments bracelet almost full of charms, a triple grey leather bracelet, an Essence with two beads and for Valentine’s Day my husband got me the rose gold bracelet with two clips and a charm. I’m loving Pandora and really love your blog you obviously put a lot of time and heart into it.

    • Agnes, this is a great idea! I think Ellie has some of her collection on Pinterest, under “Mora Pandora”. She has a real eye for design!!!

      • Aha, thanks Snapdragon! Your bracelets are gorgeous, too. :D I have been better about updating the Pinterest page lately, although a lot of my personal review pics are missing from it. I need to go back through and add them in!

    • Thanks, Agnes! :D It’s so nice to hear that you’re enjoying the blog, thanks for taking the time to let me know. I have posted full collection pics in reviews before, but I’ve never done a post on my whole collection. It is something I keep meaning to do, but photographing all my bracelets individually would take some time :P Sounds like you have a lovely collection there – glad to hear you’ve started on the Pandora Rose line, too, as it’s one of my favourites! <3

      • Hi Ellie thanks so much for taking the time to reply to me. I took Snapdragons suggestion and have been looking through your collection in your Pinterest account. Wow you have some lovely items and she’s right a real eye for design, you’re very artistic. I get what you said now about photographing your whole collection, it would be a mission.
        I agree with you about the Pandora Rose line, what I’ve seen so far has been lovely. Btw im thinking of getting the Midnight Blue Fizzle Murano charm, do you think it would go with the Rose line or is it better with the Silver? Thanks for all your Pandora knowledge and I hope you are enjoying your new job. Is it anything jewellery or design related? I’m not allowed to wear jewellery or makeup at work, which is why Pandora makes me so happy in my free time, I can be girly again. Take care can’t wait for your next post.

        • Hi Agnes! I will just clarify that a lot of the bracelets on Pinterest are designs I’ve put together for review, I don’t have as many bracelets as are pictured there haha. But I do have a fair few! :P
          I think that the Fizzle would look nice with the Pandora Rose line. You’d be surprised by how much the Rose colour goes with! I put together a design in this review with the Rose and the retired Aventurescent murano, and I think it looks nice:

          Your Fizzles should look similarly good!
          The job is not anything to do with jewellery or design, unfortunately. I work out all my creative impulses in that line by doing the blog, haha. It’s in publishing. :)
          Thanks for commenting Agnes! <3

        • That Aventurescent charm was lovely, it’s a shame that it had production issues and we can’t get it in the UK. Think I’m going to get the Midnight Fizzle as I think it will probably go well with the Rose collection but also with my existing Silver charms. It’s funny I wasn’t really that into that Winter collection when it first came out, but now I’ve also got my eye on the Galaxy charm to go with the Midnight Fizzle. Do you know what year that collection came out, was it Winter 2014?
          Thanks Ellie

        • The UK was one of the few places that did receive it, and a lot of stores had stock until the last Winter sales! It got a limited edition release here, albeit belatedly. :)
          Yep, the Galaxy charm also came out in Winter 2014. There were some nice charms in that collection, and you’ve picked out the three I liked best – the Aventurescent, the Midnight Fizzle and the silver Galaxy! ^^

  6. Hi Ellie, first of all, congratulations to your new job!
    Love this heart beat charm but one thing caught my attention is the oxidized bracelet. I plan to get one next month. Again, love your styling! Never know this heart beat charm will match nicely with white murano perfectly. Love it.. I’m struggling the smooth white murano and the summer release sparkling white murano. Not sure which one i should go to. What do u think? One each? Haha.. Will need to compare side by side in person

    • Hi Shirleen! Thank you :D
      The oxidized bracelet is a favourite of mine – I think it instantly makes most designs look more dramatic and put together. You can use it to create a look that’s really vintage, or very contemporary, depending on what goes with it. The only thing to bear in mind is that the colour fades. :)
      I like both faceted and smooth muranos, and I’m really looking forward to the new shimmer faceted ones! But personally I’d be tempted to go with the smooth ones to go with the Heart Beat charm – it has such a pretty, polished look that I think the smooth ones would match it best. But you should take your charms into store and have a play around ^^

  7. Hi Ellie, congrats on your new job!! Please tell us you’re working at a Pandora store. LOL! ;)

    The charm is beautiful. I’d wear it as a necklace pendant but am afraid it’ll just keep flipping upside down.

    Thanks so much for your review! Don’t get too stressed with work!

    • Hi Kris, thank you! :D ahaha no, unfortunately not! although I did use to dream about that when I was back at uni. :P the new role is an assistant editor at a local publisher.

      I think you would have a problem with flipping if you put it on its own on a necklace… But you could always try fixing it with two of the new silicone spacers coming out for Spring?

      Thanks so much for commenting Kris! <3

  8. Ellie,

    I love that you have provided some great stylings.The blue and red are quite complementary so I will have to give that a whirl. Noticed the Opera Ball Charm, mine arrived last week, so far I have worn it on my bangle with some clear cz pave spacers. You have done a lovely job integrating this charm in with the others on the bracelet. I think you make a good point, the charm is not for all seasons, I think Valentines is the big one for this charm. I might put in on my bracelet just before my anniversary. It has a candy look so perhaps on my bracelet with some of my vacation charms. I have never been to NY but if I ever do it would look great as an I love NY theme. That’s it for ideas.

    You are so right about the Heart Beat charm – the colour varies. Here it is called the “In My Heart, Violet Enamel” like you I found it to be pinkish or candy apple red than violet. Heart Beat is a much more fitting name, I loved this charm so much I ended up buying two but not at the same time, so I had to take my first one in with me to compare and I went through all the hearts they had in stock until I found one that was almost the same shade of candy apple red as my first one. I thing the pink enamel version due out for Mothers Day will be lovely. I really liked the red hearts on my grey leather bracelet also paired with the Filled With Romance charm on my oxidized bracelet. (Think I may have stolen that last idea from you.)

    This year Pandora sold me on the hearts theme, normally I only get one charm from the valentines collection, the one my husband picks out. This year I ended up treating myself, over, and over again! So I will be making my spring purchases a little later in the season. Pandora really should send you some freebees, I am sure you have helped their sales exponentially.

    Congrats on your new job! Transitioning takes a lot of energy even when it is something you like. You don’t need to apologize for late replies, I think you are do an amazing job keeping up with the posts and getting back to people. So give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done! YOU ROCK!!!

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa! Yes, I think the blue and the pink charms work surprisingly well together. It could just be that the Cinderellas are so nice that they go with most things, haha. Glad to hear you got your Opera Ball charm as well :D I’m planning on adding another dangle opposite it, to balance it out. I imagine it looks lovely and sophisticated worn simply on your bangle. The Her Majesty spacers would be great with it – those are what I’m picturing you using! ^^

      I like your NY idea for the Valentine’s bead!! I feel like I wasn’t very creative with this review, as I was rather tired when doing it – but I will jot down some more imaginative review stylings I want to try this weekend. ^^

      Someone else mentioned that it’s officially called ‘violet enamel’ – how strange! I’ve not seen any that are purple at all. I’ve seen quite a few that are redder in person, but the one I got in the end is quite firmly a warm pink. Your stack sounds beautiful and, yes, just the kind of thing I like! The grey leather bracelet goes so well with a lot of different colour combinations.

      Thanks so much for your support Lisa! :D It was honestly lovely to finally log on and sit down properly to read all my comments this morning with some coffee. So sweet and encouraging – thank you very much. <3 <3

  9. Also congratulations on your new job! Thank you for taking the time out to give us the latest updates! Really helpful!

  10. Great post, Ellie! Love your stylings- I wasn’t fussy on this bead, but you have it displayed so well that I really like it now!

    Have you ever seen “SOUFEEL” beads? They are only on line and have a great line of silver beads. There is one that is hands making a heart that I’m thinking of getting as their beads fit Pandora. They ar a bit less expensive too.

    Congratulations on your new job, hope it deserves you :)

    • Thanks, Snapdragon! <3 It is a cute bead, but not one that immediately grabbed me. Its colour is much nicer in person, and it looks nice with my Cinderella blues too. I was quite tired when I did this review and didn't get too adventurous - but it strikes me now that this charm would be so great for an Alice in Wonderland bracelet, with its vibrant colour and reddish heart motif. Perhaps I'll get it out for my next review ^^

      I have never seen SOUFEEL beads in person, but I've heard a fair bit about them. I think people experience varying results with the quality, but they have some really adorable charm concepts. They have an adorable concept with vintage train charms where you can hook up the train and its carriages on the bracelet. And I think they have a rather cute VW camper too. The person you should ask when she's next around on the blog is Alex V., as she got some fairly reasonably and was very happy with them I think! :)

      Aw, thank you very much! <3 It was so great to sit down and finally read these comments properly today.

    • I noticed you were asking about Soufeel, just wanted to chime in I’ve ordered from them once and was very pleased with everything I got, would definitely order from them again! I got the enamel car/camper set, pave turtle, pave snail, and enamel jack o lantern. For free because I spent $100 I got a barrel clasp snake chain bracelet and silver airplane charm.

      In my opinion the enamel and pave are equal in quality to Pandora for a much cheaper price, the price on pave especially. The bracelet is just as good as a Pandora bracelet, it does not have threads or clip stations so it’s like the new Pandora bracelet coming out. I got my order pretty quickly, I think around 2 weeks which was fine for me, I live in the US, and Soufeel now has a distribution center in the US to speed up delivery times (vs. having to ship individual orders from China like they used to).

  11. In Asia (particularly in Manila, Philippines), it is called Heart Silver Charm with Violet enamel. It costs around USD53.50. Expensive, but its very beautiful and I would still want one. Getting one soon. Btw, I love your blog!

    • Yeah, I find it funny that the term ‘violet enamel’ seems to be in the charm’s name in many places, and I’ve yet to see an example that’s actually remotely purple haha. The price difference between countries is often contentious. :( In this instance, yours is even higher than ours in the UK!
      Glad to hear you enjoy the blog – thanks for taking the time to comment!

    • Thanks, Natalie, on both counts! ^^ I’ve not seen any of your bracelets in a while, have you been putting any together?

      • I’ve been wearing some of the ones I recently showed you, like my sea creatures, green garden bracelet, Pandora rose with light pink. I did recently put together a Cinderella bracelet and an Easter bracelet, I will have to post them for you! I’ve been busy with work too so haven’t had as much time but I still have to make time for my charms ;-)

  12. Hi Ellie this charm looks really nice I love the colour it is vibrant I really like we’re you have put it on the oxidised bracelet.

  13. To be honest I really didn’t think I’d really this charm until I actually saw it in person & it honestly looked very soft like & had like a squishy kinda look to it even though it’s actually not squishy & also to be honest I’m actually happy that it’s not an open work charm so now I have it on my wishlist
    I find that’s the only thing that kinda disappointed me in the new Disney Fantasia 75th, Holiday Wreath & Chef Mickey charms cause all 3 were open work but we’re very hard to resist cause they did look very pretty other wise
    I also wish there was a dangle microphone charm in plain silver in their performing arts or passions collection cause I love singing there needs to be more charms in that category I’m sure they’d be able to come with some more ideas for that category

    • Lol, I have never heard the word ‘squishy’ used to describe a charm before but I quite like that. Perhaps I’ll try and incorporate it into future reviews ;) It was a pleasant surprise to find that it was threaded, it feels nice and solid in person!
      I like some of the openwork charms, it’s just a bit hard to justify the price sometimes for the Disney ones. I did get the Disney Holiday Wreath as it’s so cute, but have not indulged in the Fantasia or Wishes charms yet. They’re still on my wish list, somewhere. ;)
      Singing charms would be nice! I think they need more hobby charms in general, tbh. It’s hard to believe that they don’t sell well :) There used to be a cute music note dangle (I don’t think it’s still around) and a guitar, too…

      • Ya I got the Wishes charm, Fantasia 75th, Minnie & Mickey Mania, the holiday wreath, chef Mickey & 2016 with music notes on it & their all honesty really really nice charms it kinda sucks their a lot of them are open work but they look really nice & full like & of course the wishes & 2016 charm are both solid

        Ya it is kinda sad that the hobby charms I guess cause a lot of the hobby charms they seemed to have had in the past people didn’t really like the way a lot of the hobby charms turned out so I guess I can kinda understand why they didn’t sell so good

  14. Congratulation on your new job. Haha… Now you can treat yourself on a bigger pandora budget. Wonderful post as always. Love the styling with all the new heart charms. I really love the wild heart murano and thinking of getting another one. This heart beat has such brilliant colour to it. But I’m not sure where to fit it in my collection right now. I’m interested in the pearlescent one that it coming out. It looks pinkish in some photos. May i know if it’s light pink or pearlish white??

    • Starlight,
      I’m also interested in the pearlescent heart to be part of the Mother’s Day release.
      Definitely looks a very light shade of pink to me. Either way…pink or pearl…it’s a
      must have for me!


      • I think you’re right Emily – it’s more of a light shade of peach/pink, from what I can make out. :) It’s a must-have for me, too – I was quite disappointed not to see it out in the UK for February!

    • Thanks! :D Aha, I already buy waaaay too much Pandora… I need no excuses to buy more lol. The Heart Beat is a perfect complement to the Wild Hearts murano, if you’re looking for an excuse to get it. They go so well together! ;)
      The new pearlescent one that’s coming out is not pearlish white, it’s more of a light peachy-pink. From what I can tell from the HQ stock image, anyhow. It’s not the same enamel as the Abundance of Love, for example. It would be good to have some more live shots!

  15. Ellie,
    Congratulations on your new job! You are a very busy girl…don’t know how you do it all.
    Thanks for this post. Love your designs. While I do like the striking color of the Valentine’s
    Day “In My Heart” charm, I’m holding out for the Mother’s Day pearlescent version. The
    Filled With Romance charm is a lovely addition. It’s on my list also. Still saving my Valentine’s
    Day money until I can see everything in person. So many pretty charms this time around.

    Have A Nice Day!


    • Hi Emily! Thank you very much. :D I love doing the blog, so most of the time it’s a nice way to relax. This review was put together rather hurriedly on Tuesday and Wednesday night this week, so I’m going to be a bit more organised and take the weekend to get my review pics done for next week haha.
      The Mother’s Day pearlescent version will be my favourite of the two as well, I suspect, and its softer colour is a bit more versatile, too. :D April is still some way away though, haha – kudos to you for waiting! ^^

      Have a nice day too and thanks for commenting!

  16. Congratulations on your new job.
    I think it matches well with the wild hearts murano and your abundance of love spacer matches with the wild hearts murano as well.
    I’m interested to see what colour the pearlescent one for Mother’s Day is, as can’t quite tell from the pictures so far.
    Keep up the fab work.

    • Thanks, Sarah! All the Valentine’s charms do go really well together, although I’m trying to put them with some more unusual stylings for my personal collection – the Wild Hearts & In My Heart with the Cinderella blues, the Abundance of Love spacer with some red charms and the Filled with Romance on my navy leather. :D
      From the stock image, it seems like the pearlescent one is a light peachy-pink – with some sparkles, possibly.
      Thanks for commenting <3

  17. Hi, Ellie! Your images are so much prettier than the stock image. They almost make me want one. Still, I crave something besides an endless stream of hearts!
    The translucent enamel is really lovely. Perhaps Pandora can use it on other designs.
    And congratulations on your new job! I hope you will enjoy it.

    • Hi Angie, thank you! :D I get what you mean about hearts. I like these charms, and they make nice additions to my bracelets, but they’re not the most exciting ones in the world. And my next review is going to be a heart charm as well, I suspect. :P
      Thanks very much, Angie! It’s going fine so far, and it’s much more related to my personal interests and career goals – it’s in publishing. :)

  18. Hi Ellie, I went to my store on Friday and they were still out of this charm, so I decided to get the ice skate since its on the retired list. I will be concentrating on the Spring Collection now lol. My ill be able to catch the heart charm when it comes out in the Mothers Day collection. Looking forward to your next review. Any hints on what it may be lol. Congratulations on your new job.

    • Hi Linda! Aw, that’s a shame. I guess it’s been popular – I got the last one at my store as well! The ice skate is a nice alternative though haha. My next review will be a Mother’s Day one – the two-tone Bound by Love. :D Probably later this week or early next!
      And thank you! <3

  19. Hi Ellie!
    Congratulations on your new job and my best wishes for success! It is a funny coincidence that I had a transfer last Thursday in a new department! I’m really excited about it, I feel my prayers were heard! :-)
    I bought this marvellous heart the first day it was released, as you probably remember, and totally love it! That glossy effect and its warm pink shade make it unique! I hope the pearlescent version proves so beautiful as well, if not more!
    I find its UK name so lovely! “Heart Beat” is the most appropriate name of all different ones! I love the oxi styling: truly “Surrounded by love” with all those hearts! And your blue-pink bracelet is so gorgeous! Its playful combination of colours makes me smile everytime I see it! :-)
    Thank you for the lovely review Ellie! Have a great week! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! Thank you very much for your congratulations – and well done on getting your transfer, too! Best wishes for your move, although I’m sure you don’t need them. :D

      I’m sure the pearlescent version will be gorgeous, too! The colour might not be as bright, but I’m sure the effect will be similarly striking.

      I completely agree, I much prefer the name ‘Heart Beat’. It much more captures the spirit of the charm! Glad to hear you like the blue/pink bracelet as I wasn’t sure about it at first – but I do think the colours work well together. Those Cinderella periwinkle blues are so lovely.

      Have a great week too Chrysa, and enjoy your new job role! :)

  20. I love this charm. I think it’s my favorite from the Valentine’s day collection. I like how the description online said it was reminiscent of the brightly foil wrapped chocolates everyone loves for Valentine’s day. I styled mine on my plain silver heart bracelet with two love knot charms and two pave heart clips. I also want to add two rose gold charms to it. I think it looks pretty with all the bling of the pave and love knots.

    On a side note, I was looking on Pandora’s global website at the Pandora magazine. Have you ever read this? I think they release one issue a month and the March issue just came out last weekend. There were tons of live shots of the new Spring collection. I was very excited to see these!! That multi flower station necklace looks like it’s long which I was glad to see. I am definitely adding it to my wish list. Also you were talking about how Pandora has said this was the year of the earring. They had a segment in there on how to mix and match them. I can’t wait to get a few pairs during the promo!!

    • Oh I love that idea, of foil-wrapped chocolates. I must have missed that description, but I like it a lot!

      I do read the Pandora magazine, and was pleasantly surprised to see so many pre-release images in this month’s edition! They are usually much more hesitant to spoil collections before they are out. I guess they’re finally accepting that the fans will get their hands on pre-release images one way or another, and they may as well publish their own! The Poetic Blooms necklace is on a long chain, yes. It looks so nice in the magazine shot!

  21. Hi Ellie,
    I just got this charm today. I was actually shocked at how very red the display charm was. The one I got was more pink, but it actually still looks quite red with no hint of violet. I wanted to get some Alice charms, but they aren’t out in Aussie until March 31st. :( I decided to get this one so I can put on a bracelet with those. I’ll see how all the reds on the charms go together.

      • I saw on the Aussie website (but then it was pulled down) that all 3 Alice charms and the Ariel charm would be sold, but it doesn’t look like the Rapunzel ones and Aurora ones will come here in this release. The lady at the Pandora store at Bondi Junction told me the Alice charms would be out at the end of the month, and she said it would be the 31st. All the new flower charms were out on the morning of the 17th. I don’t think I saw the Winnie the Pooh charm or the Tinkerbell, but I can’t exactly remember.

  22. Hey! I bought the charm “in my heart” in my country (France), and on the website the color indicated is red not violet enamel.

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