Today’s post brings my next preview, with a closer look at the Pandora Spring 2016 jewellery, including rings, necklaces and earrings! There are some lovely floral designs, and some striking cabochon colour-drop rings.

pandora spring 2016 poetic

The Pandora Spring 2016 collection, entitled Poetic Blooms, is due out on the 17th of March. For a look at the charms coming out with the Spring 2016 collection, please see my preview here. Live shots are also available if you have a mosey through the Spring 2016 tag! :)


While we’ve known about the Moments threadless bracelet for a while now, there is also this new bangle design coming out for Spring! It’s not a charm bracelet, so you can’t put any charms on it.

pandora spring 2016 jewellery


Next up, we have the Pandora Spring 2016 necklaces! These offer floral designs for the most part. The Poetic Blooms necklace comes on a long chain, punctuated with a different bloom at various points – there’s a white daisy, a pink primrose, a cherry blossom, a dazzling daisy and a blooming dahlia! Unfortunately I don’t have a better stock image just yet, but you can click this one to enlarge it:

pandora spring 2016 jewellery

The Forget-Me-Not necklace is a dressier affair, with sparkling clear and purple stones.

pandora spring 2016 jewellery

Finally, the Floral Daisy Lace necklace offers a pretty plain silver pendant design.

pandora spring 2016 jewellery


The Poetic Droplets rings come in two sizes of stone. The smaller stone rings are available in clear and purple:

pandora spring 2016 jewellery

pandora spring 2016 jewellery

The larger silver ring is available in blue, pink and clear:

pandora spring 2016 jewellery

pandora spring 2016 jewellery

pandora spring 2016 jewellery

These rings look gorgeous stacked together in campaign images:

pandora spring 2016

Finally for the Poetic Droplets rings, we have this 14kt gold version. Its stone is described as ‘blush pink’, although it looks more brown in the stock image.

pandora spring 2016 jewellery

The Radiant Elegance rings, available in 14kt gold and sterling silver, offer a more classic pavé design.

pandora spring 2016 jewellery

pandora spring 2016 jewellery

Next, we have all the pretty florals! The Floral Daisy Lace ring is plain silver, and offers one of the more affordable options from this collection.

pandora spring 2016 floral daisy lace

This one looked particularly beautiful in the Spring 2016 live images:

pandora spring 2016 nuyoumalaysia

The Shimmering Bouquet ring features a pretty cluster of primroses and daisies, detailed in white enamel and clear pavé.

pandora spring 2016 jewellery

The Blooming Dahlia ring really caught my eye in the Spring 2016 campaign images – it’s definitely one I want to check out in person. :Dpandora spring 2016 jewellery pandora spring 2016 jewellery

This larger version of the Forget-Me-Not ring was one of the very first pieces that leaked back in my first Spring 2016 teaser post!pandora spring 2016 jewellery


Pandora have declared 2016 the ‘Year of Earring’, and it looks like they are going to be pushing them more this year! For one thing, you may have noticed that their first earring promo for North America is on the schedule for 2016.

First up, we have earrings to match the Radiant Elegance rings in 14kt gold and sterling silver:

pandora spring 2016 jewellery

pandora spring 2016 jewellery

The Forget-Me-Not earrings come both as stud and pendant designs:

pandora spring 2016 jewellery

pandora spring 2016 jewellery

The Poetic Blooms collection has matching earring studs, which look rather lovely here. The clustered flower design works really well as studs!

pandora spring 2016 jewelleryThe Floral Daisy Lace earrings offer, in contrast, a more simple plain silver design.

pandora spring 2016 jewellery

The Blooming Dahlia earrings are crafted from shimmering peach enamel and a blush pink crystal at their centre. pandora spring 2016 jewellery

My favourite jewellery pieces from this preview however are the Dazzling Butterfly set, with pretty white enamel and clear pavé detailing. I’ve not seen them listed generally, so they might perhaps be Asian-exclusives – I’m not sure on this yet though!

pandora spring 2016 jewellery

There is a matching ring and a matching necklace pictured in this campaign image, although I don’t have stock images for them yet. :)

pandora spring 2016 campaign

My Comment

I find this a nice selection of jewellery – a lot of the floral motifs work better as accompanying jewellery than charms, I think. My favourites are actually the Dazzling Butterfly pieces, detailed in clear pavé and white enamel, and I’ll be interested to hear more about those. The plain silver Floral Daisy Lace pieces are rather pretty, too, and I expect they’ll be pleasantly affordable.

I’m aware that people are anxious to hear about pricing for the new collection pieces, but I haven’t had that information yet, I’m afraid. These posts will be updated when I do!

Which are your favourite jewellery pieces from the Spring 2016 collection? Have any made it on to your wish list?

83 Comments on Preview: Pandora Spring 2016 Jewellery

  1. Really looking forward to see what the pricing will be! Love the droplet rings, and will be ? for an earring promo in Europe to!!!

    • Yeah, I’m keen to know about pricing too – although GBP is usually the last currency to come out. ^^ The droplet rings are really pretty, especially when they’re stacked!

  2. Thank you for the pictures, I’ve been looking forward to this preview.
    I like the shimmering bouquet, blooming dahlia and the small forget me not rings. I thought I saw the smaller forget me not ring in a live picture, but wasn’t sure. I would have liked the poetic blooms in a ring as well, that would have looked nice.
    I like the poetic blooms in the earrings, but think they will be too big, I like the smaller earrings. I only have 2 Pandora earrings and should probably not get anymore. I have enough keeping up with the charms and rings I like.
    I was wondering whether the blooming dahlia would match with the blush pink radiant heart charm, what do you think? The more pictures I see of the blooming dahlia, I think it might look nice together.
    I’ve got my list for Spring complete now, I’ll have to buy so many pieces at a time, over a few months. I might ask for some for my birthday as well.
    The Spring collection is my favourite.

    • You’re welcome! I really like the Blooming Dahlia and Shimmering Bouquet rings as well – I was also surprised not to see a Poetic Blooms ring. That would have been really pretty!
      The Blooming Dahlia sounds like a great match with the blush Radiant Heart. They both have quite a vintage quality about them, and I think they’d look stunning together. If I end up with any Dahlia pieces, I’ll be trying that combination out :)
      Spring is also my favourite of what we’ve seen so far, but the Mother’s Day collection is pretty good this year too I think! My wish list is super long, in any case :P

      • When I buy the blooming dahlia, I will look at the blush radiant heart charm to match. I think your right, they both do have a vintage quality about them and glad you think they would work well together. I can’t wait to see the Spring collection in store.

  3. I love the Dazzling butterfly charm and the Floral Lace earrings & ring :D They’re so pretty and dainty! It also looks like they’ve sized down the thickness of the ring bands, big plus for stacking ^^! The droplet rings are lovely too, gorgeous candy-gem-like colours but I doubt I’ll be indulging in those. Eye spy the Essence bangle… maybe? :P

    There’s a lot I like from this Spring collection! I’m in trouble :P Thanks for another great update Ellie <3 xxx

    p.s. The more I look at the stock pictures, the more the butterfly earrings are growing on me, so pretty :)

    • The Floral Lace rings are lovely! And they’ll probably be affordable too, being all-silver – which is always a bonus!

      I have a long wish list, too, haha. Pandora always gets me in the end, even if I’m initially hestitant :P Glad you enjoyed the preview! xxx

      P.S. I have seen your email and will reply to it when I get a chance! Hopefully tomorrow :)

  4. I liked the parts in my view the Spring Collection is much more beautiful than the collection Mother’s Day. I found beautiful pieces with lace Daisy and bracelet Timelless Elegance of the first photo. Beautiful post. Congratulations.

    • Glad you’ve seen things you like! I happen to like the Mother’s Day collection quite a lot – the mother of pearl and pearl pieces are really beautiful. But this collection is nice, too!

  5. The dazzling butterflies are actually quite adorable! I don’t know if I should get it since I’ve been eyeing the petite butterfly earrings for a while. Again, I’m looking forward to seeing the prices. The heart bow for mother’s day I think will be around 90 dollars or something, so I will have to get that before any of this. There are a lot of exciting releases!

    • I like the Dazzling Butterflies as well! Particularly the necklace. If they’re Asian exclusives, I might have to get help with that one.
      Hopefully prices will be available soon! The catalogue has been leaked so far is missing names and pricing, unfortunately.

  6. I like lots of the pieces, and thank you so much for the previews, but for me the Floral daisy lace ring, necklace and earrings are ones I will definitely look at.
    I’m very new to Pandora and it’s world but am beginning to wonder what I have gotten in too! The impression I have is that people must have loads of bracelets and charms etc! Is that true and how many do people own? Just interested, and envious.

    • The Floral Daisy lace jewellery pieces are some of my favourites as well! I’ll be looking forward to seeing them in store.

      Oh boy, I have a lot of Pandora jewellery at this point >.< I did post a full collection picture in one of my Christmas reviews, but I can't remember which at this point. It is super addictive! ^^

      • As yet I have none, yes none! but hubby and my family are buying me for my birthday. Not sure what they’ve got yet, but I’ve given lots of hints and can’t wait.

        I can’t wait to see the spring stuff in store though. I discount quite a lot I think I like the look of online when I actually see it in store. Still it’s so much fun looking. My local shop cringe when I go in! haha.

        • My birthday is in 1 week,1 day and it’s a BIG birthday. Can’t wait to get my bracelet. The suspense is killing me!

    • I started collection Pandora since March 2015, my collection is growing with GWP, free charm, outlet store discounted items in Toronto Canada. I have 5 free bracelets & 2 free LE Ribbon bangles , LE paved 2014 star & LE 2015 paved Heart bangle. Paved Heart bracelet gift set with a beautiful travel box. Many beautiful clips and charms for fun, I am very lucky to have a outlet store close by, save me a lot.

  7. Ellie,

    Thanks for this post. I can better see how the layers of lace clips came to be. They will compliment the new floral & butterfly motifs as demonstrated in one of the pictures. Back in the fall you said in a replies to my comment on the layers of lace clip that they would look lovely on a Victorian themed bracelet. I think this Springs collection has a very Victorian design.
    I still love the Blooming Dhalia clip the most. The silver prices have also caught my eye.
    I don’t have a lot of enamel but since some of your posts featuring enamel pieces I have been giving them a try. I might pick up some of last years white enamel pieces. The thread less bracelet is due out around the same time as our next free bracelet promo so I might indulge.
    Thanks again for this update. March is getting closer!

    Lisa K.

    Live the new look of your blog!

    • Hi Lisa!

      I agree with you with regards to the Victorian aesthetic for this collection. The Floral Daisy Lace designs are reminiscent of embroidery and doilies (as I think someone mentioned previously), and the pinks are often peachy and vintage in shade. That kind of thing appeals to me a lot! ^^

      Oh yes, I love enamel beads – I prefer them to pavé designs, overall. I love the soft enamel used in floral designs, and also the quirkier reds and other vibrant colours. You should definitely take another look at some of them. <3

      Thanks for commenting, Lisa! <3 So pleased that you like the look of the new blog, too.

      • Hi Ellie,

        I took your advice and had another look at the enamel flowers, the Darling Daisies White Enamel spacers stood out and I thought it would be a good start. I remember you used them with your rose pieces and thought they looked really elegant. They really look nice with my orange Murano and my green looking glass Murano. There is a 70’s feel to the Darling Daisies White flower spacers that I like, and I think I can play off that and the Victorian theme.

        Lisa K.

        • Hi Lisa! Yay, I’m glad to hear that you tried it out. Love that you added some green in there as well. I’ve not seen anyone do that before, but I bet it looks wonderful! I’ll have to get an orange murano and try it with my green looking glass. :D

    • Me too! I like that it’s oval-shaped, and the hinge is a nice concept too. Looking forward to seeing that one in person (although I imagine it might be quite expensive, as you say!).

  8. I love the flower collections, the petic blooms chain looks so delicate and pretty, and I love the poetic blooms earring and the sparkling bouquet ring! I’m glad Pandora are doing so many pretty earrings now, although I agree it is very hard on the pocket!

    • Lol yes it is very hard on the pocket! ^^ Luckily I can pretty much confine myself to the charms, bracelets and rings… They haven’t got me on the earrings yet. :P

  9. Hi Ellie
    So great to see this post today!!! I have to win lottery, to buy all pieces I liked. But definitively, I ‘ll start by floral daisy lace collection and Blooming dahlia pieces!!! Love it!!! After, Poetic droplets rings!!!

    • Hi Carla!

      Aha, I know the feeling. I have a lot of things on my wish list too, but primarily from the charms and bracelets. Good luck working through your wish list ^^


  10. Hi Ellie the rings all look really pretty my favourite are the Poetic droplets especially the pink and purple one and they look really nice stacked. And the simmering bouquet ring.

  11. Hi Ellie, all the photos on this post is very low res and blurry on the iPad but they look fine on the iPhone. I emailed you the screen grabs. I really like the 14kt ring with the stone but I know pandora sells their 14kt gold pieces at 18kt prices

    • Hi Judie! The 14kt pieces are always sooo expensive. I don’t own a single one yet. I am occasionally tempted, but I just can’t ever bring myself to pay that much for a single piece!

  12. Hi! Could you please tell me if the floral daisy lace ring has stones around the band or if that is just decorative cutting into the metal? Thank you.

  13. Hi Ellie!
    Really nice images, it seems spring gets closer everyday and you help that a lot in many ways! ;-)
    I think they did their best with rings in this collection; I can’t find one that I don’t like! I also like the poetic blooms necklace very much! The combination of all spring flowers is a lovely idea! I will obviously resist to these for the time being, as my wishlist has a lot spring/ disney/ mother’s day beads, but if its price proves reasonable, I may discuss it later! :-)
    Thank you for the lovely preview! Have a great weekend! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa!

      Spring is creeping up on us, you’re right! I realised the other day that it’s less than a week until this collection launches :D Not too long to wait! My wish list is also too full of charms and bracelets to add much from the accompanying jewellery – but I do like the look of the Floral Daisy Lace ring. And that one shouldn’t be too expensive, either!

      Thanks for commenting Chrysa! Have a great week, too! ♥♥♥

      P.S. I got your lovely (and funny!) emails – I’ll reply as soon as I have a moment. <3

  14. Hi Ellie, just a question… Do you know if the thread-less Moments bracelet will be part of the free bracelet promo in N. America in March/April? Since it will be so new, I’m not sure it would be included in that. Just wanted to ask since I would like to take advantage of the promo.

    Thanks as always… I hope we’re not tiring you out with our comments/questions!!

    • Hi Kris! I don’t have the specifics on the N.A. bracelet promo yet, I’m afraid. I would like to think that it will be included, but I don’t know for sure. I’ll keep an eye out for info on that though :)

      • Thank you! Just trying to build up a wish list now for the promo. Hoping that the rose gold clasp bracelet will be a freebie too. Have a good week!

        • You still can add the difference to upgrade to Rose, I did upgrade to get 2 Rose clasp bracelet last year.

        • Thanks! I’m still relatively new to Pandora and haven’t participated in any free bracelet promos yet.

        • I am one year old Pandora’s fan but pick it up very fast. Ellie gives us information for everything, I learn from her.

  15. My favourite is the bouquet ring. Might get it during ring promo that usually run in the middle of the year is n Aust.

    • That one caught my eye too! Waiting for the ring promo is a good idea, too – I might have to do the same. I have too many charms I want for the moment. ^^

  16. Hi Ellie,
    I’m thinking that the rings are a copy of Pomellato, and I really don’t like the copiers, usually it’s always less succeeded, except the price of course.
    I do not understand Pandora well on this blow there.
    No matter, I have a quite full wishlist ;)
    Nice day Ellie

    • Hi Isabelle!
      I had never heard of Pomellato, and just googled it after having read your comment. Oh my, their rings are truly gorgeous! Do you have one? You’re right, this design is not unique. I’ve seen it also by Oxette, a greek jewellery company, that makes a similar design mainly in rose gold plated silver. But I admit, I like that Pandora experiments in different paths than the usual ones! ♡

      • No I haven’t buy a Pomellato ring, the reason is that there were too many copiers and the desire flew away. It’s sad for Pomellato to have a good idea so spoiled.
        I know that Pandora fights the copiers and thus I do not understand well why they made these rings.Perhaps a light lack of imagination for theirs designers ?
        My wish : some rings with mother of pearl ;)

    • Tiffany also does a similar ring… I believe that it will be the way the stone is cut that will set the Pandora rings apart from other brands.

    • Hi Isabelle! Thanks for mentioning Pomellato – very interesting! I see what you mean about the similarities. I have noticed overlap between Pandora and other brands before (I think possibly their Pandora signature logo charms and jewellery was similar to some pieces by Bulgari).
      I also have a full wish list at this point :P need to get saving!
      Have a nice evening. <3

  17. Thank you for this preview Ellie, I find myself wanting to the home many of the jewelry. And also the mother of pearl from Mother’s Day… I’ll need a second and a third jobs to afford it all!

    From Pandora Spain Facebook page, the price of the forget me not necklace will be 99€ and the single non dangly earrings 55€.

    • Hi Lily, thanks for the updates on prices! Hopefully we will know more soon. <3

      I love the mother of pearl pieces from Mother's Day as well. I don't know if I'll end up with any, but they are very pretty!

  18. Hi Ellie! I love a lot of this jewelry! The bangle looks interesting. Do you think stores will let us upgrade to this bangle or the Twinkling Forever Bangle as part of the free bracelet promo? I sure hope so!

    • Hi Joanne! Unfortunately I haven’t heard more about the bracelet promo yet. A lot of upgrades depend on the individual store – some are more willing to bend the rules than others, anyhow. I’ll let you know if I hear more!

      • Yes, my store allows us to upgrade to those styles too, but I have never asked about the Twinkling Bangle. It’s probably a long shot. I have wanted this bangle for a while (and the upcoming one looks nice as well), but I really don’t want to shell out $100 for it, especially considering they tend to look better in multiples.

  19. The free bracelet promotion is just like a fish hook for us to keep adding charm, clip and dangle. I was hooked by a FREE bracelet when I shopped Pandora bracelet as a birthday gift to relative. I got the FREE bracelet, then you know the story, keep looking for GWP, promotion, …. Timeless Elegant bangle can not add charm on, I don’t think Pandora will customer upgrade to something is not a HOOK, ha! ha!

    • That’s what I’ve figured too. I’m sure Pandora knows what it’s doing in order to turn a profit. But I’d love to have some extra bracelets anyhow, just to start on some new themes :)

      • Pandora is the 2nd largest jewelry manufacturer in the world. Pandora has to make profit for their shareholder like any business in this competitive jewelry market. I enjoy to see many brands with different style jewelry design, fun!

  20. There are so many pieces I love in this collection. Number one on my list is the wide forget-me-not ring. I’ve had my eye on that one for awhile!! I also love the poetic droplets rings. Are they cabochon then faceted at the bottom? I think these are great rings for the ring promo (since stacking them looks better than a single one, in my opinion) so I’m going to try to wait until then to indulge in them. I love the timeless elegance bangle. I have the twinkling forever bangle from last Summer and it sparkles and stacks greatly with other Pandora bracelets. The poetic blooms necklace was a pleasant surprise!! I hadn’t noticed that one in any of the live shots. I wonder how long it is. It would be pretty if it were on a long chain I think and you could maybe double it. I would love to pick up the radiant elegance ring and earrings. I’m excited about the earring promo being added this year. There are several pairs I’ve had my eye on. I always get compliments when I wear my existing Pandora earrings. Now all I need are the prices to budget myself accordingly, lol!!

    • Hi Jackie! I’m not sure on the faceted/cabochon thing with the rings. I was told they were cabochon, but they do look faceted. :) I guess we will have to wait and see! I agree that they look their best when stacked. The colours Pandora have chosen go beautifully well together!

      The Poetic Blooms necklace did feature in some live shots, but it wasn’t very clear. I love that they included all five flower designs in it. <3 I'm not sure how long it is though, sorry!

      Lol! Good luck budgeting - I'm having difficulties picking my favourites aha. Although most of my must-haves are charms/bracelets. ^^

  21. Hello Ellie,
    Love the new aqua blue poetic droplet ring. I’m hoping this is a sign of good things to come.
    Would love to see some charms and clips in that pretty shade of aqua. Do you think we just
    haven’t seen them yet?


    • Hi Emily, sorry for the delay in reply – I missed this the first time around. :) Like you say in your second comment, some of the new summer charms have a hint of blue in them – but I think they’re more teal. I like the aqua shade of the ring as well!

  22. Hi Ellie,
    After taking another look at the new summer teals, looks like the aqua blue poetic droplet ring
    may be match. Some of the summer teals appear to have a blue tint.

  23. Hi Ellie, me again! Girls from Pandora store have great ideas! Manager from “mine” used the new Essence bangle as a ear ring! So cool-can I send you a picture? I

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