It’s exactly one week until the launch of the Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 collection and so today I’m running my usual HQ images preview, with individual commentary on each new charm coming out! This launch is due out on the 14th of April and has drawn generally positive reviews from collectors so far, with some lovely use of pearl and floral designs that offer a little variety beyond the usual motherly designs.


This preview encompasses just the charms – please see my other preview for HQ images of the Mother’s Day jewellery!

I should also have my next Spring 2016 review up by this weekend (touch wood), so keep an eye out for that one. ^^

Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 Collection HQ Preview

Let’s start with the charms related to love & family, seeing as they really get to the heart of the collection. The following charms were already released in the UK back in February, but will be new releases in most other territories next week.

The Best Mother charm is a plain silver openwork, featuring those cut-out hearts around the side that Pandora started using last season. It’s a Jared’s exclusive in the US.

pandora mother's day 2016 release The Love Lines is a heart-shaped version of last year’s popular Sparkling Love Knot design, and is priced at £55.pandora mother's day 2016 release The Family Forever is $70 USD or £55.pandora mother's day 2016 release The Beloved Mother pendant is priced at £40 or $55 USD. I love the style of the inscription but unfortunately it just doesn’t apply to me. It would be nice if Pandora offered charms like these with customisable engraving. The Marble Arch store in London has started to offer engraving, but it would be nice to see it more widespread. pandora mother's day 2016 release The Entwined Love has more of those cut-out hearts, and is priced at $55 USD or £45.pandora mother's day 2016 release The Bound By Love charm is this year’s limited edition Mother’s Day charm, retailing at £70 or $90 USD. I already got this one and reviewed it here.pandora mother's day 2016 release The Mother Heart has a pretty pink cubic zirconia and a strategically neutral heart instead of an ‘o’ or a ‘u’. ^^ It’s priced at $50 USD or £35.pandora-mother's-day-2016-mother-heart The Sparkling Love Knot is rather pretty, and I love that the pavé doesn’t extend up the bail. It’s $55 USD and will be £40 in the UK when released alone.pandora mother's day 2016 sparkling love knot pendant

The Nostalgic Roses murano was one of the only early release UK charms that wasn’t explicitly related to love or motherhood. It’s a pretty rose design, and you can only truly appreciate the detailing of the petals when you look at it from sideways on – the colour is quite strong and deep in person, however, and not so soft as it looks in the stock image. It’s £30 or $45 USD.

pandora mother's day 2016 release

The following charms have not yet been released in any territories and include a greater variety of designs, including flowers, cupcakes and pretty pearls. In the UK, these pieces will be marketed as the second drop of the Pandora Spring collection.

First, we have this cute freshwater pearl design, entitled Luminous Leaves and priced at $ 70 USD or £55. Although it does have cubic zirconia in it, they look nice with the pearls.

pandora mother's day 2016

This charm is complemented by the Luminous Elegance pearl pendant, which is very reminiscent of classic pearl designs from Pandora (with the addition of cubic zirconia). It’s $75 USD or £55.

pandora mother's day 2016

Pandora are also making use of mother-of-pearl for this collection, as seen in the Luminous Floral design. This one has just a hint of cubic zirconia in it. I could see this one looking nice with the Pandora Rose collection or maybe the Fascinating Olive from last year’s Autumn 2015 collection. It’s $70 USD or £55.

pandora mother's day 2016 hq

The upcoming Signature Scent charm has proven to be a rather anticipated design amongst collectors – I’ve seen a lot of excitement for this one. I have the original retired and HTF Perfume Bottle so won’t be getting this one, but it’s fun that Pandora brought the idea for this charm back at least. It’s $50 USD or £40.

pandora mother's day 2016 hq

The Sweet Cupcake is a charm that I liked a lot from the first live shots of it – it looks very sugary with all that baby pink enamel icing. I already have two cupcake charms, which is probably as many as one needs, realistically. ;) It’s $50 USD or £40.

pandora mother's day 2016 hq

The Infinite Shine charm adds to Pandora’s list of affordable plain-silver openworks, priced at $25 USD or £20.

pandora mother's day 2016 hq

The Pavé Barrel clip matches the clasp on last year’s pavé Moments bracelet exactly – it’s priced at $75 USD or £55.

pandora mother's day 2016 hq

The only solid 14kt gold option for this collection comes in the form of the Gold Sparkling Love Knot, which will cost $400 USD or £349.

pandora mother's day 2016 hq

Next up, we have one of not one, but two new safety chains for Mother’s Day 2016! This one is features the classic Pandora logo design, priced at $40 USD or £35. This one will definitely be coming home at me. I am always in need of new safety chains!

pandora mother's day 2016 hq

However, this second new safety chain design is even more exciting for me – it’s another two-tone design, the first in years. The Heart & Crown safety chain reminds me of two miniature Pandora Club charms, studded with little gold hearts. This one is my most anticipated design, and it’ll go straight on the two-tone bracelet I’m currently working on! It’s $115 USD or £85.

pandora mother's day 2016 hq

My other favourite from this collection is the Glittering Heart charm, which is made from pearlescent pink enamel. I love how like a pearl it looks in live photos, and this one will definitely find a place somewhere in my collection. I’ve yet to work out where exactly yet! ^^ I would love Pandora just to make a pearl charm, like the Dignity bead from the Essence line, but charms like this are a fine substitute in the meantime. It’s £35 or $40 USD.

pandora mother's day 2016 hq

I love lock & key designs, but this one is slightly dampened for me by the cubics on the bail. It’s just a design thing of Pandora’s that I don’t particularly like. The look of the pendant itself is very pretty, though. It’s £35.

pandora mother's day 2016 hq

The Pacifier (or Dummy if you’re in the UK) is $50 USD or £35.

pandora mother's day 2016 hq

The Luminous Hearts charm is a good one to finish on – it features a celestial combination of mother-of-pearl and 14kt gold hearts, with not a CZ in sight! It’s £65 or $75 USD.

pandora mother's day 2016 hq

Pandora Rose Spring 2016 HQ Images

For good measure, I thought I’d also include HQ images of the upcoming Pandora Rose charms (for full jewellery too please see my original preview). These pieces should be coming out in North America for Mother’s Day 2016 – they may not be coming out in the UK until the summer.

To start with, we have another pretty white enamel floral charm – last year’s Darling Daisy Meadow is one of my favourite charms I own, so it’s not really a surprise that Pandora decided to produce another along the same lines. It’s $80 USD.


I prefer the big statement pavé charms in Rose, I think – the contrast between the pink metal and the clear cubics is so pretty! This one is quite pricey at $105 USD.

pandora rose spring 2016

The Dazzling Daisy pendant is $55 USD.

pandora rose spring 2016

We also get another new Pandora Rose clip design, which is always welcome! This one is $70 USD.

pandora rose spring 2016

I personally love the Pandora Rose collection and the only thing that’s stopping me from indulging in any more is that I’ve filled up my Rose bracelet! :'( It’s already based on a pretty white floral theme, so I would need Pandora to come out with something a little bit different for me to start a new Rose bracelet.

My Comment

Usually I am quite indifferent to Pandora’s Mother’s Day releases, not being a mother myself, but the variety of themes this year is much better – and releasing two new safety chains is also fantastic! All in all, this Mother’s Day collection holds a lot more appeal for me than those of previous years.

It feels like the Spring collection came out only yesterday, but nevertheless I am already set to get my hands on those two safety chains! ^^ I still have a few things to cross off my Spring list, but thankfully there is quite a gap between now and the launch of the Summer collection at the beginning of June, so I can pace myself a little. ;)

Are you planning on getting anything from this collection?

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  1. Finally it is around the corner… One more week to go… I have quite a number of items in my wish list from this collection, LE bangle, LE charm, pearl pendant, glittering heart and rose murano. Luminous leave and floral are so nice and I would need to see in person before I decide. And ya, two tone safety chain may be home with me too since I grab a new two tone bracelet last month.. I’m so excited to get all these in Australia as I will be travelling there mid Apr. :))

    • Aha, you say ‘finally’ but it has really snuck up on me! I feel like I’m not even half done with Spring yet. ^^ You do have a long wish list from this collection though – I’m sticking with my three choices! Great timing with your trip to Australia :D

  2. Omg this gives me so many more idea for my mommy for Mother’s Day & I’m so happy that their not all too obvious that say mother on them as my mom doesn’t really want anything to obvious as she plans on passing her bracelet down to me someday & who knows if I’ll be a mother someday myself but until that happens my mom wouldn’t want anything to obvious

    & they need to come out with more Essence charms like that say childlike, innocents, kindness, beautiful & I know a lot of people who have those qualities.
    I especially have the childlike qualities

    • Aw that’s lovely, I’m glad you get to pick some of these for your mum! On the face of it I don’t think I’d want too obviously maternal charms either if I were a mother but on the other hand I can’t imagine disliking anything my kids had chosen for me themselves. Those are some great ideas for Essence charms – there are definitely more values and concepts they can do, if they think a little outside the box!

  3. I’m not a mother either but, boy, this collection has plenty appeal for everybody. My wishlist includes nostalgic roses, luminous elegance pearl, the signature scent (omg), sweet cupcake, infinite shine and the loving Pandora safety chain. Can’t wait! Thanks for the post, very exciting!

    • I completely agree! Pandora have done a much better job of making it appeal to a more general audience too. <3 Great wish list, I'd have got the Nostalgic Roses too if I'd had somewhere to put it. I will be getting both safety chains and that lovely enamel heart!

    • I like it too – I don’t think it’s as bright a pink in person as the stock image would suggest. It’s cute!

  4. That’s the first image of the pink enamel heart where I’ve really noticed the glitter. I’m thinking I’ll get that bead right away and wait until another promotion to get any other beads. I’m pretty sure I’ll get the infinite shine later and I’m interested in seeing the cupcake, bound by love, luminous hearts, and the intricate heart lock pendant.

    • I agree, it always look like more of a pearly shimmer in most live shots. I’ll be interested to get a better look at it! Do you ever wear safety chains on your bracelets? I can’t think that I’ve seen a design of yours with one on it…

  5. Ellie,

    I love, love, love the new perfume bottle charm! A must have for me. The original perfume bottle is lovely, I have one but mine has the stamp on the bottom. I clicked on the link to your review & agree the flower stopper & orange CZ make it really vintage. This new design is a little more Art Deco. I can’t wait to see it in person!

    The other stand outs for me are the love knot pendant & the infinit shine. Since I blew my budget out of the water during the Bracelet promo I will have yo put off some purchases except for the perfume bottle of course.

    Another great post.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Yay, glad you have at least one must-have – and it’s a great one to get to tide yourself over until you’re allowed to get spending again. ;) It’s very pretty and a great homage to Pandora! I do have a soft spot for the original Perfume Bottle charm. I love that little orange CZ – I’m glad you have one too!

      Aha, very sensible – and you did get an absolutely amazing promo haul! I am sticking to three charms from this set and then I will be knuckling down until Summer – for the most part. :S I still want the Dazzling Daisy Fairy too, haha.

      Thanks for commenting as ever Lisa! <3

  6. For me, the Signature Scent is a must, and the Sweet Cupcake a maybe. I am not much into hearts, but I do want to see the Luminous Hearts and Glittering Heart. I might be tempted. For the most part, I am just biding my time until the Summer release.

    • I think the only item from the summer released that I will get is the elephant. I am not a fan of the red in the summer collection, I want a few of the mothers day releases.

      • I really love the red but it’s not easy to style! I will be getting the elephant as well, and the kangaroo. :D

        • Ellie, red is a hard color to style, I do not wear much red. It is a horrible color on me being so fair complected. I can’t pull it off. I will check out the kangaroo if I can. I was planning on going later in the month after mothers day releases.

    • The Signature Scent seems to be a popular one! It’s fun. I consider myself mostly over Pandora heart charms but they always get me with one that’s slightly different to the others haha. This enamel heart, the Wild Hearts murano, the new two-tone safety chain… I have loads to get from Summer now, which is unusual for me – I’m actually quite excited for it!

      • So far, the only heart-shaped charm I have purchased is the Angelic Feathers, and I have bought a lot of charms. Only three others have hearts as part of the design. The Summer release is more my style, with its fruits and starfish.

        • I have a few heart-shaped charms (the Vintage Heart for example is one of my favourites!), but they mostly get me with the designs that have hearts embedded in them. The Angelic Feathers is a nice one to have, it’s quite gothic and not too sweet like some of the other heart charms :)
          Summer releases aren’t usually my thing but I love this year’s animals and the leather bracelets as well!

  7. I just love the Glittering Heart, how pretty! But like you, I have no idea what I’d do with it. I’m sure I’ll pick it up sometime during a weak moment at the mall. Thanks for the preview!

    • It is gorgeous, but kind of peachy – so it doesn’t easily slot in with what I have. I think Pandora Rose would be nice with it but I have filled that bracelet (of course :P). I will keep an eye out for any inspiration from you! ;)

  8. Hi, I just wondered if there was confirmation of a Mother’s Day free bangle promotion for Australia. If so, is it usually all stores, selected stores or online. Thank you very much for your assistance.

    • Hi Hayley! Yes the bangle promo is running from the 21st. I can’t for the life of me remember whether Pandora Australia offer the bangle promos online. I get the feeling that they do but I’m not 100%. All stores will offer it though.

  9. Sorry also whilst writing, have you any information on if the rose bracelet will ever be available in Australia ie the silver bracelet with rose clasp. Thank you again.

  10. Thanks for more pics Ellie! I still like the Bound by Love and the mother of pearl flowers. I like the perfume bottle too, I don’t have the original one.

    I feel a lot more indecisive about Pandora than I used to be. I used to have a big list of charms I knew I wanted and couldn’t wait to buy, now I’ll pick out charms I like when the new releases are revealed but half the time I don’t end up getting them.

    • You’re welcome! The MOP flowers look really pretty. I am a bit flowered-out so I won’t get them but they are really nice.

      Aw, it’s a shame to hear that you’re not as enthused as you once perhaps were. I definitely don’t get as excited about new Pandora as I used to back in the day, but there is a kind of saturation point – I have so much of it! I like a lot of new charms but it is rare that I love them. I think it ties in to the lack of quirky character charms these days. I still really enjoy my bracelets and thinking up new designs and blogging, just not on the same level. What do you think it is for you?

      • Yeah, I suppose that’s true on hitting saturation! I collect other brands too so that might also be part of it for me, I’m getting my fix other places. I miss those quirky charms from Pandora too! I think now some of their stuff is very repetitive. But I still find a few to buy when a promo comes ;-)

  11. Hi Ellie!
    I was just wondering if you knew if the lock and key dangle would be available in Canada? I have heard rumours that it is a Jardes Exclusive only!

    • Hi Jorden! Unfortunately I have been told that it’s a Jared exclusive (I should have put that in the post). So you can’t get it in Canada unfortunately. :(

      • Oh no that is very unfortunate I’m going to have to hunt this charm down no! I love it and it would go perfect on my heart/love bracelet.

  12. There are so many I like in Mother’s Day collection so I did spend Can $550 to get free two tone bracelet. I am planning to exchange some charms to Rose murano, Mother of Pearl, two tone safety chain ( 1st safety chain for two tone bracelet ), LE Charm or Bangle.

    • Hi Michele
      Did you decide to keep two tone bracelet, or exchange for two tone bangle? I’m still loving my TT bangle! (I did answer your post. Hope you saw my comment).

      • I like the bangle more than the bracelet for sure. My two tone charms on oxidized bracelet now, should I just get new two tone safety chain to finish the look? Then exchange to bangle. Or transfer two tone charm to two tone bracelet and wait for next promotion get a bangle like you did?

        • Michele
          I do prefer look of TT bangle. Spherical clasp does it for me. Just a matter of preference I guess. Up to you. Would love to have TT safety chain from Mother’s Day release, but a bit pricey for me at this time. Risky I know, but I rarely use safety chain. Have a dia-mond bracelet I never leave home without and safety chain bothers me getting tangled up in it. Like you, I usually only buy during promos…more bang for my buck! Do plan to get the pearls tho’ and a few others from Mother’s Day release. Unfortunately, I went a little crazy with spring release and dipped into my budget for Mothers Day, so I’ll have to work on getting those for a while. We didn’t get to presale Mother’s Day release. Wish we could have.
          Have A Nice Day! Like reading all your comments.

        • I spend Can $550 to secure free two tone bracelet/bangle otherwise I have to wait for one year. I don’t have a lot I like for Spring so I am going to exchange some charm to Mother’s Day collection. My store has Mother’s Day collection out today, I am going to see what I like and bring my oxidized two tone bracelet together to make my final decision.

        • I only put charm in between 2 clips so I never need a safety chain. I might not need for two tone bracelet, I will see. I actually don’t want to spend for the chain, ha! ha!

    • Great planning! :D And congrats on your first safety chain. I have never had a Moments bracelet clasp fail on me, and I mainly get my safety chains because I like the look of them. So I’m very excited to see some more new ones!

    • I totally understand you not wanting to spend on chain. At first I didn’t want to spend on clips but I am really glad I did since I have two clips and two charms. I checked out Thomas Sabo karma and it’s really nice. I may get into that later. I’m already in enough trouble with my new Pandora addiction and the fact I also want a kate spade leather crossbody. ;)

      • One of the reason I like Pandora Moment line is the clips, I like to play with it for fun ( the sound ). Clips can use as a charm to put anywhere or as a stopper with rubber inside. I like Thomas Sabo Karma semi precious stone is 1 cm large, Can $25.5. Pandora Essence synthetic bead is $55 and smaller, I don’t like fake stone. Wait for promotion, spend $125 get a free Karma bracelet or buy 2 get 1 free bead. I have Karma jewelry box $25, very cute! My friend addict to Karma since I introduced to her, she got beautiful Silver Bear, Turtle with jade, Rose gold Piget with rose quartz, a Frog with green stone, some stones, silver and rose gold beads 20 beads in her box. There was a buy 2 get 1 last month.

  13. I like 2016 Club charm with DIAMOND not LE Bound by Love. I don’t like gold with CZ, save Can $100.

    • Yeah the gold with CZ is my only bug bear with that charm. But I love the gold bow so I got it anyway!

  14. Hi Ellie I like the two safety chains,cupcake charm and perfume charm I also quite like the two mother of pearl charms. After every release my wish list seems to get longer and longer. I agree with you this mother release is definitely more suited to everyone.

    • Hi Nicola! Great choices, I just saw a live shot of the mother of pearl charms and they have a lovely shimmer to them, from what I can see in the photos. :) The safety chains are the most exciting for me!

  15. I am going to Grasse, France and the surrounds this year so i will prob try to get the perfume bottle there as Grasse is the world’s perfume capital.

  16. I cant wait! Spring collection mother’s day collection as well are fantastic!!!! I told my children my preferences but i ll make me a present too!!!!

  17. The enamel heart is a must :D It reminds me of the white Abundance of Love, with the pearlescent white, but this time it’s a pearly pink! I have no idea what I’ll do with it – it’s one of those where I’ll either make a new home for it on a new bracelet, or somehow fit it in somewhere haha :D

    I’d love for the retired perfume bottle too! I saw your review for that one, and I adore the bottle top! It’s actually a bit like the top of the two-tone jewellery box that Pandora came out with – the flower on top is similar!

    Next up is the LE club charm :) Although hearts again, I do love the design and how it reminds me of a deck of cards! Imagine if they came up with charms to represent the full deck :P

    Oh oh oh, I checked how much it costs to change the length of a leather bracelet … 150HKD lol! I could probably get a new one from Rue for that haha :P Thanks for another lovely review Ellie! I’m back to planning now … sort of :P (must cut down on impulse-buys)

    Suzy xxx

    • Aha, there seem to be lots of us who are drawn to that heart without anywhere to put it. We will have to brainstorm after the collection comes out :D

      Yes, you’re right – I hadn’t thought of that, but the Perfume Bottle and the jewellery box are kind of similar and would be gorgeous together. Like items from a vintage dressing room – you could also add the retired Pandora hand mirror… ^^
      Aha, playing cards charms would be so great! Chamilia did some recently. I would love to see more abstract playing suit designs, like the Club charm – built into openworks etc. Would be very cool!

      Ouuuch! That’s not good at all. I hope one of the pink ones comes up again for you on Rue, Suzy :) I have been impulse buying a lot recently but I have a firm wish list for this collection and I’m going to (hopefully) stick to that. ;) Let’s wish us both luck eh!

      *hugs* xxx

  18. Hi Ellie
    So many charms I would like to have from Mother’s Day release! Definitely Luminous Elegance and Luminous Leaves. Planning to get Pave Barrel Clips for my Pave Clasp bracelet my husband gave me for Christmas. Nostalgic Roses murano is also on my list along with Sweet Cupcake and Glittering Heart. Will need to see MOP charms in person to decide on them. My wallet took such a blow with spring collection during bracelet promo, so it will take a while for me to recover. I do most of my buys during promos. Get more bang for my buck! Thanks for the lovely post. Enjoyed April’s round up too.

    Have A Great Day!

    • Hi Emily! Awesome, glad to hear you’re enthused! I am trying to stick to my smaller wish list this time around, mainly as there are still a couple of Spring charms I want and I need to save some Pandora pennies for the Summer collection too. :D The MOP charms looked very pretty in a recent live shot I saw, rather opalescent.
      Glad you enjoyed the post – thanks for commenting and have a great day too! <3

  19. Hi Ellie! What a lovely, classic collection! Pandora seems to be turning a corner with their recent designs. I am reminded of why I initially fell in love with the Pandora brand! The Glittering enamel heart is absolutely gorgeous and I love that the shimmer is visible in this photo! So many beauties to choose from in this collection. I adore the pearls and MOP charms!

    • Hi Carol! That’s great to hear! I love all the pearls and MOP too – and I think one of the main reasons I love the enamel heart is that it looks like of pearl-esque in its finish. I hope it looks that way in person. :D

  20. At the moment there’s nothing from the Mother’s Day collection that I want. I bought the love knot ring, when it was released in February. I will look at the collection, when I next go in store and have a look. I’m interested to see what the glitter heart colour looks like.
    I still want to get the forget me not spacers from the spring collection. Also on my list is the Disney bracelet, possibly the White rabbit and rapunzel dress.
    So these will be my next purchases at some point. I don’t want anything from the summer collection, so I’ve got time to get my next pieces.

    • Well that’s good for your wallet! I’ll be able to let you know about the White Rabbit soon, I hope. It didn’t pitch up today, which I was hoping it would, but hopefully next week some time. If not, there’ll be more Spring & Mother’s Day reviews in the mean time!
      I want lots from the Summer collection! I have my Pandora spending all tied up for some time :P

  21. Hi do you have an update on when the Murano glass flower garden charm (that was originally part of the spring collection) will be released. Waiting patiently for it. Also do you know when the next bracelet promo is in the UK. It really bugs me how we have to pay almost twice as much as in the US to get a free bracelet. Surely as an international company Pandora should have a comparable relative price to get a free bracelet.

    • Hi Ali – that’s been pushed back to Summer, so 2nd of June. :) The bracelet promo for the UK usually runs in September or October. However there is going to be an Essence promo over the May bank holiday, spend £125 on any Pandora and get a free Essence bracelet.
      Each region sets their own prices and promos so I guess they just tailor it to how much customers in their own region will pay. It’s just that popular here in the UK :( a

    • Every country have different overhead, rent, salary. Hong Kong & Singapore have high commercial rent for retail so that Pandora is very expensive over there, 30% higher than in Canada. Asian customer buy like crazy during promotion ( like 50% off ) in Canada.

  22. Forgot to say I love the luminous floral,leaves and hearts charms. Just as I think “that will do for now” —–

    • Aha, I’m trying to keep my wish list down as well. I’ve picked three and I will try my best to stick to that!

  23. Ellie, I did exchange this evening. I got two tone Heart & Crown safety chain Can $125, my first safety chain for FREE two tone bracelet ( this is my most expensive Pandora bracelet ), it is like 2 two tone charms next to the clasp, very beautiful. Glittering Heart Soft Pink, 2 Luminous Florals Mother of Peart & pendant ( mother of pearl is one of my favourite, I got mother of pearl necklace from Japan ). 2 Floral Daisy Lace ready for Flower Garden murano in June. I actually exchange most of my bill value Can $480. I like Mother’s Day collection.
    I try on LE bangle set but the shape of the clasp is just not for bangle, Beloved Mother dangle is very thin. I like to collect LE bangle but not this one. My shopping list has been completed. I will wait until LE Club charm $ Flower Garden murano in June for FREE leather promotion.

    • Michele
      I see you decided to keep your two tone bracelet and go for the Heart and Crown safety chain. Sounds lovely. I really like that safety chain. Good to know Mother-of-Pearl charms are nice in person. I know where you are coming from regarding the heart shaped clasp on the LE bangle. I have 2015 Mother’s Day bangle with paved heart clasp. Never seems to stay flat and wants to stick my wrist. My plain silver heart clasp bracelet seems to do the same.

      • I brought oxidized bracelet with 8 two tone charms & 2 two tone clips to my shop. SA transferred all charms to two tone bracelet with Heart & Crown safety chain on, it is beautiful! I usually put 2 to 4 charms with a dangle in between clips on bracelet/bangle so I don’t need to spend for safety chain. I have 2015 Mother’s Day bangle set with beautiful jewelry box. One of the reason I bought the set is the box, the set is beautiful but I have to turn paved side. I decide not buy any charm or clasp with design on one side. I return 2015 LE Mother’s Day charm, it is bothering me. I like LE Bow bangle, I have 2 wear together. After one year Pandora collection, I know what I like aleady, NO one side design, No cz with GOLD, NO synthetic, NO 2D style heart shape. Heart & Crown safety chain has gold on both side & Can $125 which is o.k. Mother of Pearl material is beautiful, you will like it.

  24. I transfer all two tone charm from oxidized bracelet to two tone bracelet with lovely two tone safety chain :) Put 2 Floral Daisy Lace clips, 2 Luminous Floral, Mother of Pearl & dangle on oxidized bracelet. Glittering Heart Soft Pink Enamel look very nice with Rose gold bracelet.

    • The nostalgic roses is deeper and darker in person? I have yet to see it. Is it darker than the rapunzel murano? I was going to possibly add one to my bracelet.

      • Rose murano is not transparent as I though, rose itself is nice but not the base colour, I am kind of disappointed because I want it from the photo. I like to collect handcrafted murano bead as a piece of art so I don’t like Pandora crystal or synethnic stone. Floral Daisy Lace clips are unexpected nice, I am going to get Flower Garden murano to put in between this two clips.

        • I like the garden murano, too bad we have to wait for it. I’m planning on going later in the month after the mothers day releases.

    • Hate to hear the Nostalgic Rose murano is very deep in color. That one has been on my list since I first saw it was coming out for Mother’s Day release. I was hoping for a true soft pink.

      • Emily, it looks nice from sideway but not the whole bead. I would like to have your opinion after you see it. Keep our finger cross for Flower Garden murano, I want a good murano.

        • Hi Michele, Finally saw Nostalgic Roses murano yesterday. Looked
          cloudy or milky inside to me. Although it wasn’t as transparent as we know the muranos to be, the overall color was much lighter than
          I expected. I did pass on this charm, at least for now. Hoping the Flower Garden murano will be one that catches my eye in person.

  25. These are already out in my local pandora store in Canada. I already picked up 2of the mother of pearl beads and the mother of pearl dangle flower. They really are very pretty. I was able to prepay during the free bracelet promo which was a big bonus, i picked up my prepaid items this weekend and expected to wait for my mother of pearl items until later this month but the store already had everytging out and ready for sale.

    • Me too, I exchanged two tone Iconic set $475 get 2 Mother of Pearl & dangle Floral set, very beautiful. Heart & Crown safety chain for free two ton bracelet, Glittering Heart Soft Pink and 2 Lazy Daisy clips. I was planned for this exchange during promotion, I want the two tone bracelet but not much for Spring collection.

    • Ah, I am envious! UK stores are very strict about sticking to the release date. I probably won’t get to see them until the weekend at least as my work is far away from the nearest Pandora store :( Lovely choices, anyhow. From photos, the MOP florals do look gorgeous – really shimmery and translucent in colour.

    • Hi Nellie! Yay, that’s one I’m looking forward to seeing in person. I am sticking with my retired Pandora perfume bottle, but I do like the new version too. :) Enjoy your new charm!

  26. Mother’s Day LE bangle with Beloved dangle Can $145 with a very simple box. I love 2015 jewelry box with mirror & two tier tray inside, zipper & handle outside, very beautiful. 2015 set is much better than 2016. Bangle is not LE in some country, I will pass it.

  27. Hello Ellie.

    I am sorry that I have to ask this a bit late. But does the glittering heart charm have different colors? My friend bought from 2 different stores but
    I have to say that the first one’s color was like nude or somewhat cream and the other was pinkish. I hope you can help us. Thanks Ellie.

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