Today’s post brings my first Pandora Disney Spring 2016 review, and just my first Pandora Disney review in quite some time! It’s really fun to be stepping back into the fun of this collection; this is my first Pandora Disney character charm since this time last year. I was so excited to hear that Pandora were going to be doing Alice in Wonderland, and I can only hope that they continue to make more charms for the film. The White Rabbit is undoubtedly my favourite of what they’ve done so far, offering a wonderful level of detailing and a very quirky aesthetic.

pandora disney spring 2016 alice in wonderland

My package full of goodies from the US bracelet promo arrived a couple of days ago, and I did this review as quickly as I could! I have lots of reviews coming up over the next few weeks – more Pandora Disney, some Mother’s Day 2016 and more Spring 2016 pieces as well! <3

Read on for some detailed close-ups of the White Rabbit, styling inspiration and some general reminiscing about the Disney film itself, haha!

Pandora White Rabbit Review

I can remember reading Alice in Wonderland when I was young and being equally baffled and delighted by it. The Disney film was also a favourite, although I only remember slightly surreal glimpses of it – smiling Cheshire cats and flamingoes and the chequered floor of the ‘Drink Me’ bottle scene. I really must re-watch it! In any case, I thought Alice in Wonderland was a really nice choice for the Pandora Disney line, as it contrasts with the existing princess charms and helps to shake up all the hearts and flowers that Pandora have come to rely heavily upon.

The White Rabbit is a particularly good example of that – his old-fashioned detailing and unusual colour scheme go against most of what Pandora does nowadays! He is wonderfully detailed, right down to his whiskers, bow tie and over-sized pocket watch.

pandora disney spring 2016 alice in wonderlandI would have loved to see more like him in the other Alice charms – for example, I would have preferred an all-silver, vintage-y take on the ‘Drink Me’ bottle and some more characters, such as the Cheshire Cat.

pandora disney spring 2016

The stock image, as you can see, does not do justice at all to his facial expression. In person, it is not ghoulish at all – it is quite sleepy and anxious. Very sweet and not at all creepy!

pandora disney spring 2016 alice in wonderland

I’m not sure that the charm captures the character’s expression quite perfectly, if you go by the original Disney cartoon, but the level of detailing is still truly impressive, considering how tiny the charm is (and it is small, even by Pandora’s standards!).

white rabbit

His little legs are stretched out mid-run, just like in this image, matching the anxious expression on his face! It’s rather quirky, and you do get the sense of movement, just looking at him. The only thing that detracts here, is that, as you can see, the charm has a lot of overt Disney branding on the bottom. I get that Pandora must be contractually obliged to do this, but it does clash a little with the level of sophistication seen elsewhere in the charm.

pandora disney spring 2016 alice in wonderland

The detail that you probably missed from the stock image and live photos is that the Rabbit is also clutching something in his right hand – a teeny-tiny umbrella! So cute! The red enamel coat has some translucent hatching on the back of it – I don’t know whether this is just to add some depth to the colour, or whether to simulate the fibres of an actual waistcoat, but it’s pretty.

pandora disney spring 2016 alice in wonderland

The only thing is how small it is. It’s comparable to last year’s Pandora Disney Eeyore charm (one of my favourite charms I own). The Majestic Swan, for example, seems huge compared to it.

pandora disney spring 2016 alice in wonderland


Now, cute as he is, the White Rabbit is very hard to style. His red-and-yellow detailing just doesn’t blend with most colours. Primary reds and yellows aren’t a common design choice! Pandora in their campaign images for the Disney collection simply mix all the Alice charms together on a bangle, and this does seem like the most obvious way to wear him I suppose.


However, I wasn’t all that keen on the other two Alice charms – and so I won’t be doing that. You could also put together a bracelet using lots of Disney reds – the Mickey & Minnie pieces, the Snow White red apple, etc. I don’t have enough of those to do that either though, haha. Instead, I’ll go through a few different ‘takes’ on the White Rabbit, and the various kinds of stylings you might put together using him!

My first bracelet styling kind of just embraces the red and yellow colour scheme, and this would work for a Winnie-the-Pooh-themed bracelet, too. The golden Belle and red Snow White muranos are perfect for this and they go with his coat very well, emphasising the bold colours. I can’t say that this is necessarily something I would actually wear, however.

pandora disney spring 2016 alice in wonderland

So, next, I decided to do something a little more in keeping with Pandora’s other charms. I think of the White Rabbit as something of a fantasy character, and I liked the idea of him hidden away amongst a meadow of flowers – it is very much in keeping with the magic of children’s stories, of a whole other world going on just out of sight.

pandora disney spring 2016 alice in wonderland

In this kind of styling, he becomes one of another series of natural and magical characters, such as the Forest Fairy, Frog Prince or the Majestic Swan. It just adds a bit more interest to what would otherwise be a straightforward floral design.

pandora disney spring 2016 alice in wonderland

This next styling may seem a little odd. It’s a British-themed bracelet, with the prerequisite tea things and a red, white and blue colour scheme. The reason I put this bracelet together is that, with his little umbrella, he reminded me of the Trollbeads London Gentleman charm. With his timepiece and elegant waistcoat, he seemed to me that he could easily play the part of the Victorian English gentleman. ^^

pandora disney spring 2016 alice in wonderland

These are all just ideas, for now – I have not actually decided where my White Rabbit’s permanent home will be! I suspect it will ultimately be something along the lines of the floral design, though. ^^

My Comment

Although this charm is undoubtedly the hardest of my new pieces to style, he’s one of my favourites – the level of detail is lovely and really very quirky, and I love that it’s so different and characterful in comparison with many of Pandora’s other releases this season. I have still no real idea what I will do with him yet, but I love him nevertheless. It’s a shame that he’s so small but, with his bright colouring, perhaps that isn’t such a bad thing – you might be able to get away with tucking him away into a design without too much of a clash!

The White Rabbit is $55 USD or $60 CAD.

Is this charm on your wish list? If you’ve bought one, how have you styled it?

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  1. :-) Oh, he’s so cute! Congratulations!
    Lovely little charm.
    I still don’t have any Disney charms, but I hope to get some, next time I travel there :-D
    Have a very lovely week, dear Ellie :-)

    • Thank you! <3 You should definitely pick out a couple. They are a lot of fun, especially the character beads! Eeyore is my favourite.
      Have a lovely week to!

  2. It’s so cute!!! Have you noticed the time on his watch is the same as in the cartoon?! :D Cute!!!

  3. OMG such a little cute stuff! And I completely agreed with you that it is hard to style. I don’t planing to get this but I purchased a new pooh charm which also having yellow and red color in it. Guess I will same problem to style it unless I make it as center piece followed by some silver piece in floral or leave charm. Wish me gd luck in styling when I receive it. Haha…
    And Ellie, another good job in styling, you are always so creative! Love it

    • Mm, but the nice thing about the Pooh charm is that it’s only a little bit of red and yellow – it’s not so full on as this White Rabbit! So I don’t you’ll have so much of a problem in blending it in with something else. Good luck anyhow, but I’m sure you’ll do great :P I’ve been enjoying your Instagram designs!
      Thank you so much! Really glad you enjoyed this one :)

  4. Hi Ellie,

    I bought this charm precisely because of its nice detailing. It’s very intricate and fun. And you’re right about the size; since he’s small I find that his colors don’t really interfere with the other charms he’s with. I have him on a bracelet with Ariel in the shell, and some light purple (rapunzel) and pink flowered muranos and he looks fine.:)

    • Hi Lisa! Absolutely, the detailing on this one is amazing! You have to get up close to appreciate all of it. The umbrella was a nice surprise, too. Glad you’ve found a spot for him – I think I will definitely have to come back for the Rapunzel muranos, having seen a couple of gorgeous images of it. I am a bit fussy about my colour coordination so I will have to think hard about where to put him! ^^

  5. I love Alice in Wonderland…I would love to see the charms without the colored enamel for an everyday bracelet without colors :) Alice with rhinestones would be awesome!

    • Yeah, I agree – the enamel is a bit full-on, just in terms of the fact that it makes them hard to style. I can forgive the White Rabbit a little, as his red and yellow coat is quite distinctive – but I think I would have gone for with something plain silver for the Drink Me bottle. Chamilia did some fun Alice charms this season too, and I think they used stones rather than enamel!

      • Ellie & Jamie,,

        I love the idea of using charms without the enamel. I have been playing around with blue & white muranos for Alice’s dress and the HCA hat. The cupcake, clock, tea pot & cup with saucer are what I’ve come up with so far. I now it isn’t overtly Alice In Wonderland but it captures the spirit. I love to repurpose my charms as much as possible especially the quirky ones like the hat.

        The drink me bottle would have been a nice edition, for now the original perfume bottle could be a substitute. Perhaps the Pandora makers will add to this collection & create a drink me bottle.

        I thin your meadow design is my favorite, but a close second is the coloured murano’s that play off the waist coat and jacket.

        I’ll have to look at the Chamilia collection & see their interpretation.

        Lisa K.

        • I must get my hands on the HCA Hat some day! I have the P&P and the Ugly Duckling and I feel like I should complete the set, even if they will all be on different bracelets. The Pandora Christ charm is another HTF that I don’t have and have always longed to get – I’m a bad hardcore Pandora collector, haha. I should really invest in a couple of the really HTF pieces! :)

          Anyway, that was a tangent – I think those charms are very ‘Alice’! I’d go for all three of those on an Alice bracelet. You have the mad tea party and the rabbit being late and all the weird out-of-timeness of it. :D

          I did quite like the Chamilia collection – you will have to see what you think!

  6. I won’t be getting this charm because it doesn’t really go with my collection and I’m not a big fan of Alice and Wonderland (although I would probably get a Cheshire Cat charm because it’s pretty hard for me to pass up any cat charms!), but I absolutely love your styling with the Snow White and Belle Muranos!

    • Joanne, thank you for the response. I did do an exchange no problem. My store had a few of the bear my heart limited edition bears in and I got one. I didn’t see it the first time I went. I am happy, I had it on my wish list but figured since it came out last year I think I thought slim chance of me finding one.

        • It is so cute! I am so happy! I plan to go back at end of month for more. Almost got a limited edition mothers bangle but I passed on that.

        • They didn’t give me any trouble. I was able to spend more time in there looking than I was able to first time around.

        • Michele, I still haven’t seen Nostalgic Roses Murano in store. Hopefully this week. I’m hoping my store got some in a lighter color.

      • Hi Ashley, I came across the LE Bear My Heart by chance about this time last year. My store had ordered one for a disgruntled customer who refused it after all they did to make her happy. I was wanting one to put across from my Frog Prince on my fairy tale bracelet. The assistant manager went to the back of store and returned with this one! I was so excited to get it. Like you, I thought I had totally missed out on this charm. Glad you were able to find one. By the way, I see you have bypassed the idea of buying one or two new charms a month, as you had initially planned. Welcome to the world of Pandora. It can be so addictive.

        • Yes, I so have an addictive personality and didn’t know it until now. Lol. I fortunately did exchanges so I didn’t come out of pocket today. So I can go at the end of the month and not feel quilts. Hehe.

        • The sales associate said they had a independent or privately owned family jewelry store that went out of business and somehow my pandora store ended up with what they had left in inventory. It worked out great for me. I had been looking on ebay and poshmark for the bear but was hesitant I didn’t want to be duped with a fake seeing how I’m new, best to get mine at pandora.

      • No problem Ashley. I’m glad you were able to make the exchange and get such a hard-to-find charm. I bought the Bear My Heart charm a while after it was available too. It’s such an adorable charm!

      • Omg, I have been hunting for that LE bear charm but couldn’t find it, I’m so envy but happy for you. It is really a nice piece for pandora fans. I hope I can find it one day.

        • The store I bought it at is the Pandora store in Cordova mall Pensacola Florida. See if they will ship to you. They had 15 and I got one.

    • I would love a Cheshire Cat charm as well – I also like the idea of having a Cheshire Cat murano, with the face maybe appearing when it glows in the dark or something. Just something kind out of there that’s in keeping with the weirdness of the film, haha.
      And thank you! Glad you liked the design :D

  7. Aww, he’s so cute Ellie, much better in your pictures than the stock photos! I’m sure he will find where he belongs soon ;-)

    I have to admit I don’t remember the Alice movie well at all, it wasn’t one of those I watched over and over like The Little Mermaid or Cinderella where I can picture the entire story and how the movie looked. I love a Mad Tea Party theme though!

    • Thanks Natalie! I am currently just wearing him plain on my new Disney bracelet, but I am sure I’ll come up with an idea for his forever home soon ;)

      No, I never watched it loads in comparison with the princess or animal films – but I can remember both watching it and reading the book for the first time and being so… bemused by it, haha. I am familiar enough with it to remember the story and the drink me scene and how the tea party looked! I just watched a clip of it on YouTube and was surprised by how old Alice sounds, haha. A mad tea party themed bracelet would be excellent! :D

  8. Hi Ellie,
    I bought all three Alice charms and put them on the turquoise cord bracelet along with the red enamel heart. The one I got was very red and it is not exactly the same color as the rabbit’s coat, but it isn’t really that far off. Eventually, I may make a Disney movie bracelet if they make enough charms of these types. It would be interesting to do an English story bracelet with Winnie-The-Pooh, Alice, Peter Pan, and Wind in the Willows (the movie for the last one is pretty obscure except for the fact that they do still have the Disneyland ride). I wonder if that is why they made the Pooh charm with the same enamel as the White Rabbit.

    • Hi Stephanie! I did think about the enamel heart, as I remember a few people saying that they found some that were really very candy red. That’s a great idea! I like the turquoise to offset it all, too.
      I like the idea of doing a bracelet that honours all the stories that began in the UK :) I would be so happy if they did a proper set of charms for Peter Pan, and not just Tinkerbell!

  9. Ellie, I love your blog! Like to also read comments and talk to others as well. Great source of ideas and inspiration.

  10. You’ve brought life to him, Ellie! Well done! I love the last tea setting styling, so cute and so apt of how he is running around in the story. My mother is born in the year of the rabbit and she is always running around us when we were young… even now really, she just can’t seem to stop moving. Though as challenging he is to style, I now think of him as a close inkling to my Mother, always on the move and keeping us in check like the clock he has on. I will wear him side by side with the Easter Rabbit, which I bought to represent my Mother in my family bracelet. When I do get my hands on him, he shall be my first Disney charm.

    • Thanks, Ariane! I have a bit of a weakness for British or London themed bracelets – the London Bus is the charm that kind of kickstarted the whole Pandora obsession. I just htought it was so cute!
      Aw, that is such a cute meaning behind the charm for you. I love that it has that deeper meaning for you, and that’s all part of the fun of Pandora. A lot of people can have the same charm, but it means something different for everyone! And your first Disney charm, that’s exciting :D

      • I love anything London themed too. In fact, I wanted to get Big Ben but it is a dangle and looks long. I originally just wanted one charm for London (travel bracelet) but just couldn’t decide on which one. I adore the Red Guard too but he is also a dangle. Then, of course there are the others to contend with. It is true that each charm can mean differently to each collector. I think that makes it exceptionally unique and fun!

        • The big ben charm was retired here late last year. I am not normally a fan of dangles but I had to buy this one. I wear it on my travel bracelet which i wear to work once a week and I have to say that it is very comfortable. I have no issues with it too long and because its so slim, it fits really nicely on the bracelet.

        • I agree with Lozzie – for me it’s also one of the less cumbersome dangles, despite its size! It rarely catches on anything and it’s not too heavy.
          The London Guard is lighter again and very easy to wear! :) He’s one of my absolute favourite charms, I don’t know why I didn’t review him last year.

  11. Ellie, I enjoyed your review of the White Rabbit along with your creative designs. The details are amazing! I especially like your first two designs. Honestly, I couldn’t remember much about Alice In Wonderland, so I refreshed my memory by reading a synopsis this afternoon after seeing your review. Even though red and yellow are not my colors, this charm is special. You are such a bad influence on my wallet. lol. Most of my memories are of Cinderella and Snow White, but then I’m old as dirt….and glad to be here!

    • I do not think I watched Alice in Wonderland growing up. I’m 30 and I don’t remember it. I do of course remember the other princess movies, lion King etc.

    • Thanks, Emily! I don’t really remember everything that ‘happens’ in Alice in Wonderland, I more have like memories of various weird scenes from it – like the tea party or the drink me thing, and then just the flamingo croquet and the Queen of Hearts at the end! I’m not sure it has that much of a plot though, from what I can remember! ^^ I’m glad you enjoyed the review even though red and yellow isn’t your thing. Cinderella and Snow White certainly saw a lot more play when I was younger as well, probably because I didn’t really get Alice!

  12. Aww I’m so happy that you got the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland that you’ve been wanting for some time now it is really rather cute but I do also think it is kinda hard to style it with other charms but I think it would work pretty good with the 2 Disney Exclusive Mickey & Minnie mania charms sense they have red & yellow in those charms & so does the rabbit so that might work together & of course plain silver charms will always work too & the show white red murano bead will look awesome & the yellow Belle one too

    • Thanks! :D I am happy to finally have him. Those are great picks to go with it, you could definitely do a whole red and yellow theme with the Disney charms that are out there now! I’m just not sure what I’d wear that bracelet with haha.

      • True but the thing I love about Disney charms is that you don’t really have to worry about colors & themes as Disney & this goes for the Disney Parks too is that their never just a few colors it’s very colorful
        I find you can’t really put a color theme with Disney bracelets
        I mean my Disney bracelet is ALL full out Disney charms & it’s the only one that doesn’t have like a color theme to it you just kinda have to make sure that you don’t put to completely random enamel colors together or two similar enamel charms together so that’s why I always try to put a plain silver charm in between each enamel so the colored enamel charms can stand out & I have a lot of exclusive Disney charms as well which makes it work like a have the Disney Parks exclusive fireworks black wishes charm which is absolutely beautiful & it looks so awesome beside the purple Rapunzel dress charm cause it matches up with the tangled movie when she went to see the lanterns at night & on the other side of the wishes charm I have Maximus of course but it’s all Disney charms on my bracelet & at the other end of it is the Aurora dress charm beside the new pink Mickey icon exclusive charm & then I have elsas snowflake dangle & beside that one is Olaf which looks great with the pink sense it’s white so it’s not to random & of course in the middle I have the Walt Disney World Cinderella castle the Epcot charm, Animal Kingdom, Mickeys blue Sorcerer hat dangle charm next to the Fantasia 75th one
        It’s a bit of a line of exclusives but there’s no color theme really but I love it

        • That is true! :) I have to say that I like to coordinate my colours for the most part but the fun of Disney is often mixing it up.

          Your bracelet sounds gorgeous and so much fun! It’s a good tactic to space out all the colour with some silvers, I do that as well. I can imagine how awesome the purple Rapunzel looks with the Firework Wishes charm, and I like that you thought of the lanterns in the film when you put those together! Great designing :D

        • Ya usually I too like to coordinate my colors but I love how with Disney you don’t have to do that really to me it’s just about putting your favorite Disney charms together
          My Disney bracelet actually reminds me of the super colorful Disney Park storybook merchandise collection it’s basically a bunch of different stuff like my Disney Parks storybook coffee mug & a few item match that mug too that I have a few of I have the Disney Parks storybook scrapbook too & towel it’s basically items with all the parks on them & pretty much every Disney animated character you can imagine in on the storybook items there & of course it’s all colorful so it only made sense for me to make my Disney bracelet like that like I try to put 3 Disney charm from a Disney movie together & 3 others for another like I put Rapunzel, wishes, Maximus, the 2016 charm & the silver tinker bell dangle & then the Minnie Mouse clip that’s just one section & the middle is the blue sorcerers hat, Fantasia 75th, Cinderella Castle, Animal Kingdom & the Mickey DVC one & Mickey clip & last section is Elsa dress, Olaf, Aurora dress (which went really good with the white Olaf charm lol) & next to Aurora is the pink Mickey icon, Elsas snowflake dangle & last is the chef Mickey bead

          I actually have 2 Disney bracelets my other one is more Disneyland themed even though I have Aurora on the Disney World one with the Cinderella castle on that one which she should go on the bracelet where her Disneyland castle is but I only have Aurora on the Disney World one is cause I love my Disney world bracelet a bit more & plus I had the character meet & greet with Aurora at Epcot Disney World so of course it reminds me of Disney World when I got a picture with Aurora at Epcot & not Disneyland but mainly cause I really didn’t like the Cinderella dress charm I wish it was more fuller example like the Anna dress one is or Elsa

        • Oh cool, I looked up the Storybook thing and I totally see what you mean. Very true to the Disney fun and magic :D I love that all the characters are clustered together in it.

          I find the princess dresses a bit hit and miss as well – I like the more detailed, simple ones, like Elsa, Anna, or Sleeping Beauty! the Snow White one looks a bit odd and the Cinderella is a bit bright for me. Of course, I’m only going on pictures as I’ve never been able to see them in person!

  13. Hi, he is cute but not my style, however things I love as much as you love him, I put on my favorite bracelet, no matter the theme so they stand out and add a little of my personality to the theme

    • Hi Stacey! That is a really nice idea – I did kind of do that for my very first bracelet, but that got filled up some time ago :) I tend to start each new bracelet with a theme or colour in mind, but maybe I should do a second that is more of a jumble of things!

  14. My thoughts are like Stephanie’s – perhaps have a story bracelet, with each section representing a story. The Alice section could have the White Rabbit, a teapot, the 2016 Pandora club charm, a mushroom, and a clock. Or maybe you could have a character bracelet, still with an Alice section, but maybe include Pudsey in another section. (isn’t that the bear’s name?!). At any rate, I’m sure the White a Rabbit will find a good home.

    • I like the addition of the 2016 Club charm to the Alice section – the retired HCA hat would be great, too! Aha, Pudsey is the Children in Need bear yes! Although he has just found a home on my classic silvers bracelet, even though he’s not that classic and not plain silver ;) he just kind of fits in!
      I’d quite like to do a bracelet dedicated to some of my favourite literature, I was chatting to someone else about doing something proper based on The Secret Garden – so it is a fun idea! :)

  15. I’ve been looking forward to this review. A fantastic review Ellie and I’m sure you’ll find a place for him soon.
    I wasn’t keen on him when I saw the stock image, but then when I saw live photo close ups, I changed my mind. He is just so unique. I love the detailing they’ve done on him and I didn’t realise he was carrying an umbrella. From your photos I’ve been able to see him so much better, so thank you.
    He is definitely on my list to get. I’m thinking of putting him with my Eeyore and Winnie the Pooh ( the head charm) charms.
    You’ll have to let us know and post a picture of where you decide to put him.
    Look forward to more reviews.

    • I know you were looking forward to this one, so I’m really glad it didn’t disappoint! :) It was a fun one to do, I love the character beads.
      I’m also pleased that it changed your mind on this charm, too! I was pleasantly surprised by how sweet he was in person – I was afraid that he’d be a bit creepy, like the stock image, but nope! He just looks all anxious and hurried, like he’s meant to. ^^ The umbrella is also a nice touch! He’d be great with the Winnie the Pooh charms; they have a similar level of detail and quirkiness that would go really nicely! <3
      Thanks for commenting, Sarah, as ever!

      • I hope they do some more detailed characters like this one, from a range of films. There’s so many they could do.
        I’m interested to see what they bring out in the autumn Disney collection. Hopefully it will be a bigger collection.
        Beauty and the Beast live action movie comes out start of next year, so they might bring some more charms out for that film at some point.

        • I would love that, too – my fingers are crossed for more of the same! Last year’s autumn collection was so tiny but I get that they wanted to take a breather after such a huge Spring collection. Hopefully there’ll be more this year for AW15!

  16. Hi Ellie I wasn’t to sure about this charm in but I quite like it now he is so detailed I love the oversized pocket watch and the umbrella at the back is so good I really do like this charm now. Have you decided wear to put him yet. My top pics of the rapunzel pieces there at the top of my Disney wish list.

    • Hi Nicola! Yeah, the level of detail is amazing on this one – it’s up there with the best they’ve done, I think! The umbrella was a really cute surprise :D I haven’t decided where to put him, he’s just cruising around on his own on my Disney bracelet for now. ^^ I will figure it out soon, I’m sure… maybe wait for the Autumn collection and see if there’s any inspiration there.
      I want to go back for the Rapunzel muranos for sure! And I got Maximus at the same time as this one which was my favourite from the collection :D Hope you get yours soon too!

  17. Hi Ellie!
    Here’s one more time that Pandora’s stock image gave us the wrong first impression! Almost everyone thought he would look creepy, but that little rabbit proved totally cute and adorable! :-)
    I loved your styling ideas, especially the unusual one! The British styling makes him undoubtedly a real gentleman! ♡
    I already got my Disney piece, too! Rapunzel murano is so gorgeous, and totally matches the Blush radiant hearts! I think you should think about it in the future, too! I could send you a picture if you want!
    Thank you for the lovely review Ellie! Your inspiration keeps expanding marvellously! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! Yeah, the stock image really doesn’t do it justice – it doesn’t capture the true expression at all. But I suspected that might be the case. And it’s a bit inevitable, I suppose, when they are creating intricate details on something so small – I guess they are easily distorted or misrepresented in photographs!
      Yay, I’m glad to hear that you got your Rapunzel bead! I would love love love to see your photos! Especially with the blush radiant hearts :)
      Thanks for your lovely comment Chrysa! Glad you enjoyed this review too. There are more to come! ♥♥♥

  18. Like many of the posters, I dont really remember Alice in Wonderland but it is a very popular theme here atm for 21st birthday parties! I think he is a cute charm and I actually like the colours but I have no need for him. I like your styling in the 2nd photo and look forward to your upcoming reviews.

    • Hi Lozzie, it’s nice to hear from you! There’s definitely been a bit of a revival in interest in Alice, especially with the new films and I think there was an anniversary of the book last year. I didn’t really have a need for this charm either, and I still don’t know where I’ll put him, but I just loved the idea of it and the level of detail! He’ll find his place soon I’m sure.
      Thanks for commenting, I hope you enjoy the upcoming reviews! <3

    • Hi Laura, thanks! I don’t have any of those ones and definitely won’t be able to afford the gold lol, but I do like that floral one and might get it at some point :)

      • Im afraid I will not be able to afford gold one too and since I dont have gold collection It wouldnt make much sense to start now (I still need to finish my silver and two tone). Howevert I find the gold one super cute! The floral looks cute too!

        • I am sometimes tempted by gold spacers, but I think if I got one gold piece I would want more, which I wouldn’t be able to afford. That gold one is cute though! <3

  19. Ellie, I saw the White Rabbit in person yesterday and he is totally adorable! Left the store without him, but trying to think of a way I could use him. I actually went in to get the pearls and MOP. Did get Luminous Leaves and Luminous Floral, but had to be put on a waiting list for the Luminous Elegance Pearl dangle. SA said they sold out on release date. It is my favorite charm. I was really surprised how pretty the LF are in person. Would also like to have Luminous Hearts. Elegant set of charms, I think. Really loved the Glittering Heart. Sweet Cupcake was so cute as well as the new perfume bottle. They are on my list also. BT W… Took a good look at Eeyore while I was there and fell in love. He’s so cute and quite detailed. I’m glad you have him too.

    • Hi Emily! Yay, I’m glad you liked the WR too. I hope you come up with a way to use him! ^^ I have had a small brainwave as to how I might use mine, I just need to add a couple more charms to the design to see if it works or not.
      Wow, the pearl sold out! It is gorgeous. I was really struck by how pretty the MOP florals were in person, but I don’t really have room for them in my collection – a compromise might be to get the ring, I suppose. I just love the shimmer of them. So lovely!

      Oh yes, Eeyore is one of my very favourite charms! I was so excited when I found out Pandora were making him. He’s probably one of my favourite children’s characters ever and just so adorably grumpy! <3

      • I wear 2 Luminious Floral as a pair of earrings and put dangle on bangle as a set this afternoon, so elegant!

        • Hi Michele, The set sounds lovely. I was able to get two of LL and two LF. I’ll go back for two L Hearts. Hopefully it won’t be too long before the store restocks LE pearl dangle. I had a feeling it would fly out the door. Should have gone on release day.

          I wear my hair longer, so to date, I’ve not invested in earrings, but I would like to have the matching Luminous Pearl set from this collection. Very elegant look. Quite taken by how lovely the LF are in person. Enjoy your beauties!

        • Michele, Knowing you like to use a charm between two clips on your bracelets, I was wondering if you used two clips on your bangle with the LF pendant…If so, which clips?

      • Ellie, The LF ring would be a good compromise, I’m sure, although I haven’t seen it in person. I did try on the LL Pearl ring when I went in store and purchased from the Spring Collection. To date, I haven’t purchased any rings or earrings. Like you and others have commented, I too, have longer hair so my earrings wouldn’t be seen very much. Too many charms I would really like to have at the moment.

        • Dear Emily, I am a earring person, earring is my most love jewelry piece. I have big collection of earrings, semi precious stone, culture Pearl, south sea pearl, gold, white gold, diamond, …..etc. next is bracelet, I don’t wear ring or necklace. Since I collect Pandora for a year, I only like their charm bracelet but not their ring, earring, necklace and Essence collection. I will purchase one pair of threadless charms if I like the style ( can be use on bracelet or earring with charm barrel & post ). I have 2 LE Bow bangles, I put LF dangle on one & Lazy Daisy dangle on one without any clip on to wear as a pair. ( kind of Alex & Ani style ).

        • I have LE Star bangle, I put 2014 LE Black Friday dangle in between two retired Fascinating Black murano with just oneTwinkling Night clip on, Star clasp is like a clip on the other side. I just exchanged 3 charms to get 2016 Mothet’s Day bangle set, I like to collect LE bangle ( I only miss 2014 paved Heart bangle , still looking for it ). At fist, I am not quite into this year bangle but I don’t want to regret after it sold out, I put Glistening Heart soft pink on, it is very lovely with the Beloved Mother dangle & heart shape clasp together, very delicate look.

  20. Michele, LE Bow Bangle sounds lovely with LF MOP dangle. Unfortunately, I missed out on the bow bangle. I was so busy preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, I never got by the Pandora shop. I’m still kicking myself for missing this bangle. In fact, I checked with my store some time back hoping they might still have one, but of course they didn’t. Beautiful bangle and I like that there is matching safety chain and clips. It’s great that you have two and are able to stack them. Lucky Girl!!!

  21. I really enjoy your site and all of the reviews and photos! I had a question regarding Rue La La that you mention often in your blog. I read awful reviews about it and people commented that they received “Fake Pandora” charms and one even wrote they just received an empty box. I was not able to get on the site to view anything, but I thought I should ask you as you mention that site often and seem pleased with the products. I find it hard to believe that retired or current Pandora charms would be 50% off or more, that is clearly a red flag (to me) and confirmed the authentic charms would never be priced as such. Can you address this? Thank you so much, and I really enjoy your reviews!

    • Rue La La sell authentic Pandora and I have received numerous pieces from them over the past year or so from them to confirm this. I wouldn’t advertise them if I wasn’t sure of it. Pandora regularly run sales at 50% or more off in every other region in the world; the US is the only exception to this, and Rue La La is the only official sale that runs there. So these types of discounts are not unprecedented at all and are in fact very common everywhere else in the world.
      Also, Pandora also use UK discount sites that are very similar to Rue La La, such as ACHICA. It’s a pretty common practice. Hope that helps to put your mind to rest – but of course it’s entirely up to you where you buy your Pandora, and I would only buy if you are going to have peace of mind and actually enjoy your new pieces.

      • Oh, and just to clarify – when I say ‘advertise’, I don’t mean to imply that there is any kind of business relationship between me and Rue La La. The posts are completely unsponsored!

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