It’s been a little while since my last Pandora review, and so today brings two for the price of one, with a closer look at both of the new safety chains from the Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 collection! ^^

I have accrued a substantial number of bracelets at this point (please don’t ask me the actual number :P) and I’m always on the look out for new safety chain designs. Consequently I was so excited to see these two new safety chains in the previews for this collection.

pandor amother's day 2016

Read on for close-up shots of both the two-tone Heart & Crown safety chain and the plain-silver Logo safety chain, and some styling inspiration!

Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 Safety Chains Review

Both of these new safety chains are cute, universal designs, and could be used with any bracelet you feel like – unlike some of the more recent offerings, such as the ‘Family Forever’ or Disney safety chains.

Consequently, I picked up them both! ^^ The first I got, and the one for which I was most excited, was the Heart & Crown. It’s been so long since Pandora did a new two-tone safety design. :D The overall look is very polished and shiny.

pandora mother's day 2016 reviews safety chain

This new one is a little cheaper than the existing two-tone designs; so, if you feel like the price is a little excessive for other two, the Heart & Crown might be a good next-best. Even so, there is a decent amount of gold in it – the little gold hearts are on both sides of the hearts.

pandora mother's day 2016 two-tone safety chain

Another cute feature of this design are the little crowns on top of each heart. These are silver, and not gold; I don’t feel this detracts much from the design and, on balance, it was probably better to keep the cost down.

pandora mother's day 2016 two-tone safety chain

In this way, it’s rather similar to the 2015 Pandora Club charm – they’d definitely look nice styled together.

pandora club charm 2015

The second safety chain is plain silver, and a lot more affordable. It’s the latest in a series of safety chains based on existing Pandora clip designs, this time on the Loving Pandora logo clip.

pandora mother's day 2016 logo safety chain comparison

However, if you were one of those who found the previous safety chains in this style too heavy or chunky, you’ll be glad to hear that Pandora has addressed this issue with the Logo safety chain. It’s smaller compared to the Dainty Bow safety chain or Pavé Star safety chain, and much more delicate on the bracelet itself.

pandora mother's day 2016 logo safety chain comparison

Perhaps this added daintiness contributes to the fact that, while it’s quite a basic design compared to the other safety chains, it’s surprisingly pretty in person. I really do like it.

pandora mother's day 2016 logo safety chain


For my stylings today, I’m going to show you two ‘classic Pandora’ designs I’ve been working on for the past year or so. As I’m sure you’ve all noticed, Pandora has been retiring a lot of their old character designs over the past year or so; I’ve been snaffling up the ones I love best whenever they crop up on Rue La La or on sale here in the UK.

These have gone into two bracelet designs; one is a classic two-tone bracelet, and the other a classic silver bracelet. Consequently, it is very serendipitous timing that Pandora have come out with a safety chain design for each! ^^

First, we have my two-tone bracelet, which is not quite finished. I added just a touch of ‘new’ Pandora with the beautifully rich golden Belle murano from the Pandora Disney collection. It makes for a great centrepiece, and its colour really emphasises the touches of gold in other charms.
pandora mother's day 2016 heart & Crown

To add a little more colour into the outer sections of the bracelet, I also included two of the gold Vintage enamel spacers, which retired last year. These go amazingly with a little yellow gold.

pandora mother's day 2016 heart crown safety chain

However, you definitely don’t need a two-tone bracelet to wear this safety chain! You could wear with the oxidised bracelet to great effect, for example, or just to add a bit of oomph to a regular silver design. :)

Next up, we have classic silver design! The Pandora animals are some of my favourite beads, and I have a fair few of those on here – the Panda, the Puddleduck, the original Snake, to name a handful. I also have other favourite classics on there, and I’ve used them to divide up the animals, so that the overall look is not toooo cutesy. The Treasure Chest, the Camera, the original little silver House. 

Classic Pandora Silver Design with Mother's Day Logo Safety Chain

There is no pavé allowed on this bracelet – all the colour is either murano glass, or enamel (and there’s not much of that either). ^^ I am just in love with both the Pink and Purple Shimmer muranos. They are just gorgeous, and they offset the other plain silver charms amazingly. They fit in well with the long-retired Lavender Candy-stripe murano surprisingly well, too!

Classic Pandora Silver Design with Mother's Day Logo Safety Chain

It seemed like something of a no-brainer to use the Pandora logo safety chain on a bracelet dedicated to honouring Pandora’s classic silver designs!


These are two solid new safety chains, and I particularly love that they are both classic, no-pavé designs. In this way, these will work well with both ‘old’ and ‘new’ Pandora bracelet stylings! I expected to like the Heart & Crown way more than the plain silver Logo safety chain, but the Logo safety chain is surprisingly cute and delicate in person.

I understand that it’s Mother’s Day today for many of you across the world – to all of you who are celebrating, I hope you have a lovely day! Maybe some of you received either one of these safety chains to celebrate. ^^

The Pandora Heart & Crown safety chain is $115 USD or £85; the Logo safety chain is £40 USD or £35. If you’re in the UK, you can buy these two pieces and the rest of the Pandora Spring collection,  from authorised retailer John Greed.

What do you think of these new safety chain designs? Will you be purchasing either of them?


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  1. Hi Ellie! this is a very nice review! it is beautiful to see old styles combined with some nice new pieces! I wonder if you could tell us anything about the way they stay on the bracelet since specially the logo one was showed in the spring campaign on the treadless bracelt….will these two safety chains work on the new bracelet? if yes, how?

    • Hi Sara! Thanks, I am very partial to mixing old and new Pandora styles. The newer murano glass go beautifully with some of the classic two-tone and silver beads :)
      Ah, right, I should have mentioned that! Both these safety chains are normal screw-on safety chains – they aren’t especially made for the threadless bracelet or anything. If you want to use them with the new bracelet, you will still need a clip between it and the end of the chain. They won’t work with the threadless bracelet otherwise. :)

  2. Hi Ellie, thanks for the reviews. Both the bracelet designs are beautiful! I am trying to get a lot of the older Pandora items too and I really like the two tone. I still haven’t bought a safety chain as I don’t like the idea of the chain but. I think it looks a bit messy. I have never had a bracelet open on me either. I had one brake but that was next to the clip thread so a safety chain wouldn’t have made a difference. Thankful I was inside at the time so I didn’t loose anything and the store replaced the bracelet ?

    • Hi Hazel! Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it :) I love safety chains, and I don’t get them for practical reasons – I just think they add the finishing touch to a bracelet. I get why you don’t like them though, they do dangle a lot from the bracelet and the overall effect isn’t so clean I guess. The only bracelet clasp I have had open on me is the Essence bracelet, so I’m planning on getting the safety chain for that one :) Glad to hear that you managed to save your beads though! My nightmare is having beads fly everywhere while you’re out and about. :S

  3. Hi Ellie I love both design and would love both I’m thinking of adding the two tone one on my fairytale bracelet. I love your new bracelet they look really nice. I saw a really nice simple bracelet on Instagram it was all silver and just full of all the open work charms then just two of the White petit faceters to add a bit of colour. I would love to make a bracelet like that one day. Do you know if the star safety chain is available in the USA.

    • Hi Nicola! That’s a great idea, I love two-tone fairy-tale designs. My favourite of the two-tone safety chains is the original screw-on heart design, but this one is very nice as well. :D
      The star safety chain is not available in the US I’m afraid. It’s an Asian exclusive, for reasons unknown to me. It’s a really nice safety chain, although quite chunky :)

  4. I don’t have a safety chain yet for my Moments bracelets but I like both of these designs, especially now you have shown us how dainty they are. I waited for the new safety chain for my Essence bracelet but I was so disappointed when I saw how big and clunky the beads on the end were, so I bought the Thomas Sabo small plain one instead – it’s the only non-Pandora item I have! I really wanted to stick with Pandora but I wanted a more delicate look, and I didn’t think Pandora would bring out another Essence safety chain anytime soon. But these new ones look much better for my Moments bracelets. Do they stay on the threads by the clip? I find it annoying when my charms stick on those threads! Thanks Ellie for showing us your new designs, they always inspire me!

    • I was disappointed in the chunkiness of the Essence safety chain as well but I will get one anyway, as my two-tone Essence bracelet clasp is a little prone to opening randomly every now and again!
      In regards to the Moments safety chains, you can wear them on the threads or just on the chain, it’s up to you. :) I don’t mind my charms rolling on to the threads, I quite like them covered up.
      Thanks, Debbie, I’m really pleased to hear it was helpful! Thanks for commenting!

    • Hi Claudia! The crowns are only very small on the safety chain so they don’t catch as badly as corners on other beads or the proper dangle beads. I’ve not had a problem so far. :)
      Great review of the Mother’s Day bangle – lovely photos! <3

  5. Thanks Ellie for the great review. I love the new two tone safety chain and it is on my wish list now. Waiting for next promotion to have it home with me. I also started to collect some old classic two tone charm since it has been discontinued quite a bit especially in Aus. I went into one of the Pandora retailer the other day and they do have some older two tone charm like drum, clover field etc.. I regret that I didn’t get any of them now.. I was thinking that I spent two much on other charm so.. Hopefully they are still there in my next visit.

    Looking forward your next review soon or may be sneak peak of autumn collection???

    • Wow, the drum. I really like that. Where did you saw it? I’m going melbourne in 2 weeks time. Hopefully it’s melbourne.

      • Yes at melbourne, one of the jewelery shop at highpoint shopping centre but I cannot remember the name. I saw the pandora SALE so I walked in … Regret now:((

        • Hi This is the address, I copied from Google:)
          120-200 Rosamond Road, Maribyrnong, Melbourne VIC 3032

        • Thanks a million flying piggy, i Google it too and it said it’s one of the largest mall in victoria. I’m interested to check it out. :)

        • Flying piggy, do you mind me asking for your FB account to b in contact with you? Thks

        • Hi you can contact me in instagram instead, not really active in FB.
          My instagram Id — flying.piggy.28

          Let me know yours as well :)

        • I don’t have an account but started one to follow yours. ;) I’m starlight 7914. By the way, we share the same surname “Ong”, “Yong” is my husband’s. :)

    • I’m glad to hear you’ve been collecting the two-tone beads! I’m spending more on hunting down the classics at the moment than I am on new beads. I liked the Spring collection but a lot of it was very samey to what I had before. I’ve been more excited about acquiring some older designs lately :)
      I hope the beads are still there for you! I have the older two-tone Drum, it’s a really sweet charm. I have it as a Christmas bead on my original winter bracelet :)

      Aha! Hold your horses on Autumn. Bit early for that ;) However, I have heard some info about Pre-Autumn though, from a lady who works in a Pandora store – apparently Pre-Autumn will have new zodiac charms in the style of the Vintage Letters from Spring and a new bracelet with CZ stars and sun on each side of the clasp. Sounds cute! :D

      • OMG, I’m also hunting for those old Classic two tone charms and I guess chances to get it in retail is higher as all Pandora store usually recall all retired product from the shelves. There are two items I’m hunting, princess and peas and LE teddy bear. Ellie, may I know where do you get the princess and peas charm?

        • Shirleen, I got the P&P through another collector on Facebook. They crop up pretty regularly there! I’ve not seen one on sale from an official retailer for a long, long time.

      • Wow, new bracelet again.. Cz star and Sun clasp sounds really interesting.. My wishlist getting shorter after my trip but it seems like going to grow again..

      • The new bracelet sounds interesting. I’m sort of starting a new travel bracelet. That can be the bracelet for the travel theme. My cousin just help me get the travel charm set from Qantas airline. So I’m excited to start a travel theme with that. It consist the suitcase, passport and the Aust southern cross with kangaroo charm. I always like the hot air balloon charm but have not been on one before though I once had the chance but did not go for it. That shall remind me to try it next time if I have the chance again. I also feel the spring pieces are too same year and did not get much. Hope autumn collection will be something full of character and interesting. Can’t wait for it.

      • Oh wow, Ellie! That new bracelet with the sun and stars sounds awesome. Can’t wait to see it! :D

      • I like the sound of the bracelet. Can’t wait to see a picture. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

  6. Hi Ellie, wonderful bracelet designs. It looks like I spy a purplish pink stripe murano? Which one is that?

    • Thanks, Ashley! That is the Lavender Candy-Stripe murano. It was retired a long time ago (back when I first started collecting in 2012) but I have always liked it a lot. :)

  7. Hi Ellie! I adore these new safety chains! I think that they look perfect with your classic two tone and silver bracelets! I only have one safety chain (Raindrop), on my very first Pandora bracelet. Unfortunately, mine doesn’t stay in place and tends to roll around and get tangled. My newer bracelets have clips on the ends to prevent the beads from falling off. However, I especially LOVE the look of the Heart and Crown safety chain! It’s so lovely and classic looking and would look nice with some of my silver and two tone charms! It’s SO nice to see two new safety chains WITHOUT pave! I may have to purchase it anyway! Lol! :D

    • Hi Carol! Thanks, glad you liked them! I love the raindrops safety chain – that was one of my first safety chains as well. I think the older style are maybe lighter than these newer ones, and maybe that’s why they screw themselves off the threads more. I have never had too much of a problem with them tangling or rolling off, but then I tend to add them when the bracelet is full so they can’t roll off the threads, and I go for a shorter chain length (4 or 5cm) so that the chain can’t tangle too much either.
      Aha I know! Two new lovely plain silver and two-tone designs. I was totally in heaven, especially as I had just designed two separate bracelets along those lines. You should consider getting the two-tone one – we should encourage Pandora to do more of the same lol!

  8. I’ve been wanting a safety chain for my two-tone bracelet for a while and, considering it’s by far my most expensive bracelet, I really should have one even though I also have never had a clasp open up on me (better safe than sorry)! I absolutely love the Heart & Crown Safety Chain, but in the U.S., it is the same price as the older two-tone hearts safety chain. There are usually many of the older style TT safety chains for sale on the FB selling pages for around $75-$80 USD, which is quite a deal. I do like the older style, but I prefer the Heart & Crown yet don’t want to pay that much for it, so I have a dilemma!

    Also, Ellie, your gold Vintage enamel spacers look beautiful on your TT bracelet!

    • Hi Joanne, on pandora’s tribe someone is selling brand new safety chains for 20-25% off uk prices. You can have a look and see if its worth it.

    • I’ve never had a Moments clasp open up either – I have read that the heart-shaped clasps are not as strong as the barrel clasps, but other than that I think the regular Moments clasps are pretty sturdy.
      Ah, it’s funny that it’s the same price as the previous two-tone safety chain in the US. It’s £15 cheaper in the UK. Kind of demonstrates how arbitrary a lot of the pricing is on these things haha. Maybe if you wait a little while one of the discount sellers might be able to get you the Heart & Crown a little cheaper?

      Thank you! The vintage enamel spacers are so lovely, I’m still sad and puzzled that they discontinued them!

      • Yes, now that I think of it, my heart clasp bracelet (not the pave one) never fell off my wrist, but I noticed that the clasp wasn’t closing completely. I took it to the store to get it repaired, but it still doesn’t seem to close 100 % of the way.

        • They are definitely a bit weaker, I think – my heart clasp has never opened on me either, but it clicks open so much more easily than my others. I have a safety chain on it, and I’m not too worried, but I can see why some peopl have had problems.

  9. I love both your design. I like those cute classic charms. It’s a pity that they were retired before i can get my hands on them. Those enamel spacer gives the two tone a really nice vintage look with slightly darker colour. The Crown and heart chain is the same price as existing ones here in Aust. Will get that at some point in time for my own TT bracelet when completed. Have a great week.

    • Yay, thank you! :) I love the older character beads; they are gorgeous. A lot of them are still cropping up in retired sales in various countries, but I’m not sure about Australia. They seem to have culled a lot more at a faster rate than other countries.
      You should definitely check out the Heart & Crown for your TT bracelet :) or the original two-tone heart safety chain as well, that one is my favourite!
      Have a great week too and thank you for commenting!

      • Oh yes…. Australia always seems to be the earliest to have charms retired. Especially so for muranos.

        • It’s a shame! :( But then your January sale this year was very good, so there’s always that side to it. :)

  10. Ellie, I got my first safety chain Heart and Crown two tone on my two tone bracelet because I have to protect my most expensive bracelet. I love it. I got Luckcy Piglet this afternoon, very cute.

    • Hi Michele! Yay, I’m really glad to hear that. The Heart & Crown is so gorgeous – I hope it’s gone some way to changing your mind on safety chains. ^^
      The Piglet is adorable too! You picked some great pieces :)

  11. Heart and Crown is Can $120 cheaper than the other two tone in Canada. I got it during free 14K two tone bracelet with Can $550 to match my bracelet. I love two tone charms so much, I got retired charm from outlet store. My bracelet is very similar to Ellie.

    • Aha, I guess $120 is a typo? I read your comment and was like, ‘WOW! $120!’ but I see online that it’s $25 difference. I love the two-tone charms as well. I am still sad I missed out on the Dragonflies on Rue La La and I will be keeping my eyes peeled for it to crop up there again or maybe in the UK sales! I bet your bracelet is lovely! :)

      • I double checked the price, Heart and Crown safety chain is Can $125 not 120 , the other two tone safety chain is $140. I only put charms in between the two clips so I don’t really need to spend for safety chain. I keep looking for two tone charms so my two tone bracelet has 2 two tone Lazy Daisy clips and 10 two tone charms alreay so I don’t mind to spend for two tone safety chain to protect it. It is a jewelry piect of Pandora for me.

        • Aha, I actually misunderstood what you meant the first time and thought you meant there was a $120 CAD price difference! Which is why I was so surprised.
          Have fun finishing off your two-tone bracelet <3 Mine is almost done, but I still have some retired two-tone beauties to find to finish it off.

  12. Great review Ellie, I especially like the heart and crown design, it looks great on your two-tone bracelet! I don’t have any safety chains, I haven’t had any bracelets open unexpectedly, I usually try to place a screw on charm at the end so the beads don’t fly off when I take my bracelet off, or I put a silicone stopper on the end.

    • Thank you, Natalie! :) The Heart & Crown is my favourite, I’m so pleased Pandora decided to make another two-tone design. I wasn’t expecting to see another one from them!
      I have not had a problem with any of my Moments bracelets clasps either, and I mainly get the safety chains for aesthetic reasons. I just feel they round off my bracelet designs and make it feel more complete. ^^ I never have openwork beads by the clasp either, that is just asking for trouble! ;) I try and have a clip or a safety chain there to stop beads spinning off.

    • Oh… I see, the one with gold key.? I went back for the Cupid today because I like the details on the charm. The gold on tip of arrow is hardly noticeable. I only got a problem with it being easily caught on to clothes. Was carrying my girl and it got hook on her pants. I have to ask someone to help me unhook it. Later in the day it got caught on my knit wear. And it’s mearly a few hours since I bought it. Well, I just have to be careful then.

      • It is a Mother’s day silver dangle called Heart Lock not the one with gold key.Heart Lock is Jared Jewelry exclusive in U.S. only in North America. I am happy to buy it in Hong Kong.

  13. Thank you for another great review. I have been hoping for another two-toned safety clasp to be released. I realize I’m in the minority here but I am not a huge fan of hearts or crowns. I am actually quite disappointed In the new design. I really wish Pandora would give the hearts a rest. It seems to be their shape of choice with over 100 designs in charms alone in the latest catalogue. With so many other wonderful design possibilities, surely they could have come up with something other than a heart with a crown. The new silver safety chain is much more appealing. I always enjoy your reviews.

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Janet! :) I’m sorry to hear that the two-tone safety chain wasn’t to your taste… I get the fatigue with the hearts, but I am always excited for new safety chain designs so was willing to overlook it. I thought the crowns added a little interest.
      As the two-tone pieces are at a higher price point, I’ve noticed that they often go for hearts or other romantic themes – I guess it’s that they want to choose a really popular motif to make sure they will sell! I guess the more niche or interesting two-tone charms at a higher price point just don’t sell as well. :(

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