Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all the details on what’s coming up for May 2016! This month’s feature includes my excited thoughts on the Pandora Summer 2016 collection, a round-up on Pandora promotions for May 2016 and some other bits and pieces of news.

The upcoming Pandora Summer 2016 'Baby Elephant' charm - so cute!
The upcoming Pandora Summer 2016 ‘Baby Elephant’ charm – so cute!

I’m going to get back into my charm reviews this month, which have been a little on a backburner lately due to a busier schedule! I am super excited to review the new Disney pieces and my new Mother’s Day safety chains (of course, I had to get both…). Of course, you can always follow along on Instagram for a few extra photos from my collection! :)

Pandora Summer 2016 & Club Charm Collection Release

… which is not technically in May, but it launches almost immediately after on the 2nd of June. So this month, for many collectors, will be something of a waiting game for this collection – and I felt it was worth including here!

This year’s collection is one of my favourite Pandora summer launches, with two gorgeous new leather bracelet colours, some plain silver animals and fun fruity designs! The delayed Spring 2016 Flower Garden murano will also be making an appearance worldwide for Summer, and I for one cannot wait…!


Alongside the Summer collection launch, we also have the début of the limited edition Pandora Club charm 2016. Engraved with the date and studded with a diamond, this year’s charm features a very pretty openwork heart design.

pandora club charm 2016

For full previews of both the Pandora Summer 2016 collection and this year’s Pandora club charm, just follow the links!

I have an extra live shot for you to have a look at! You can just see the Flower Garden murano at the end, and some of the other red charms.

pandora summer 2016
Image by InStyleMexico

Pandora Summer 2016 Junk Boat Charm Early Release in Hong Kong

As a special treat for collectors in Hong Kong, Pandora have released the new Summer 2016 Junk Boat charm early! Priced at $499 HKD, the charm fits in beautifully with the other Lunar New Year-inspired red enamel charms.

pandora summer 2016

It’s available from the eStore already. The rest of us will have to wait until the 2nd of June. It does look gorgeous from that campaign image though – I love the little details. <3

Pandora Disney Parks Shimmering Mickey Swirls Bracelet & Charm Launch

The Disney Parks exclusive 14kt gold Shimmering Mickey Swirls gold clip and two-tone bracelet launched last week at the Pandora Disney Parks in the US! The Mickey Swirls clip is $400 USD, while the bracelet is a little more expensive at $450 USD.

pandora disney parks spring 2016

They don’t appear to be on the Disney Store online yet, however.

I am kind of in love with the bracelet, especially after seeing some pretty live shots of it! It’s a little out of my price range for now, however, so I’ll be content with owning the lovely silver Mickey bracelet that came out as well this season. ^^

Pandora Promotions

If you’re in the US or Canada, you’ve still got a few more days to pick up the gift sets for Mother’s Day 2016! These are available until the 8th of May and include a floral bracelet gift set . For more info, please check out my post here.

pandora mother's day 2016 flowers from the heart

On the other hand, if you’ve been desperately waiting for the pieces in the gift sets to become available individually, then you will be in luck from the 9th of May!

The Rue La La sale is still running for another few days. This is a sale on retired Pandora only available to the US. They just restocked with a few more items, so it’s worth checking back to see if they’ve got back in anything you missed out on! If you need an invite code to sign up, you can use mine!

In Australia and New Zealandyou have until tomorrow (the 4th) to get your free Wishful Heart with a $150 AUD/ $180 NZD spend:

pandora mother's day 2016

Finalllyyy, there’s a fun umbrella promotion going on in Singapore currently, and that runs until the 8th of May. Spend $200 SGD and receive this very cute umbrella!

pandora singapore may 2016

A lot of the Pandora Asia promotions are a little more creative and fun than those in other regions, it seems to me – even if they aren’t quite such a good deal as the Pandora NA bracelet promos for example! ^^

My Comment

I’ll be knuckling down and saving up for the Summer 2016 collection this month, as there is lots I want! :D I have to have the Flower Garden murano, the new Club charm, and the two new silver animals – plus I’d like to do the US leather bracelet promo in June to get the two new leather colours. It’s never-ending, eh!

I have been super tardy with reviews lately, I know, but there are lots coming! Disney, Mother’s Day and some Spring staples that I have missed (the new Vintage Letter charms and the Shimmer muranos, for starters!). I’ve started to put together some new bracelets, and I’ll share a sneak peek here. This is my updated two-tone bracelet, with the gorgeous golden Belle murano as my new centrepiece. It has the Mother’s Day Heart & Crown two-tone safety chain on it, which I am loving. Review of that one is coming imminently!

pandora mother's day 2016 heart & Crown

Are you excited for the launch of the Summer 2016 collection? What are your Pandora plans for this month – saving or spending? :D

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  1. Sadly they pulled the free bangle promo in auz early. When i went to order on the 2nd it had already gone

    • Oh no! It is a good promo, I suppose it’s not too surprising that it’s done so well. :( Sorry to hear you missed out!

      • The same for me. I was on vacay and wanted to place an order on 3rd May but it already ended. My own mishap since I hmmm… and hawed over which pieces to get.

        • I was pretty lucky. Hubby and kids (hint, hint) had decided that I was getting my first Pandora bracelet and charm for this Mother’s Day, so I had gone into the shop just to have a look and check out my size when another lady mentioned this promo (I had no idea) and though they had sold out they offered her a free regular bangle instead. I immediately said “Me too, please!”. My 9 year old daughter was there with me and since they were showing us the smallest size bangle she ended up getting it and her first charm too.Don’t know who was more excited. It will be fun, we’ll get to share some charms and I’ll have another reason to buy more, “It’s not just for me, it’s for her too” sounds like a good excuse to me. Now to decide on my next few charms, my b’day is in June…Oh wait, I already took your advice and checked out the Rue La La sale and a few charms and leather bracelet might have just hopped into my cart…(wondering if the car tire is as important as my teapot charm)

        • Oh good! :D Glad you and your daughter got yours, Gaby!
          Ah, the Rue sale was a killer this time around. So much good stuff! I think many of us got a bit over-excited, haha. And I often have to make the choice between Pandora and practicalities too, haha… Pandora often wins! :P

  2. I will be buying the White Primrose clips once they are made available individually. After that I will be waiting, very impatiently, for the Summer release. I want Flower Garden muranos, sparkling fruits, leather bracelets, the Oceanic Starfish and more! I’m afraid I’ll have to spread it out a bit…

    • I will have to spread mine out, too – I was planning on not indulging in any more Pandora this month so as to save for Summer, but Rue La La just restocked with a bunch of two-tone items I wanted. Ah well! ;)

  3. Hi Ellie, I love love love your two tone bracelet … I will not spend any in month of May16 as I spend quite a lot in Apr16, I got the smooth bracelet with glittering heart set, purple murano and some two tone charm like royal carriage, carousel, seated fairy. Btw I managed to grab the midnight blue effervescence murano before it is gone. Many store already run out of stock as it is going to be discontinued.
    For month of Jun16, I probably wanna grab the leather promo in US as well, with purchase of club charm and cute elephant perhaps..

    • Hi Shirleen, thank you :D I was planning not to get any more Pandora this month, but Rue just restocked and so that plan went out of the window. ;) Love the sound of your new two-tone pieces, the carriage and carousel are two of my absolute favourites! I am still surprised at some of the charms they are choosing to discontinue – here in the UK there has been an absolute blitz on some of the most interesting character charms, and a lot has gone or is going.
      Ah yes, I will definitely be getting that lovely silver elephant too! It looks so cute in the campaign images :)

  4. :-) I am very much looking forward to the summer collection. I’ve seen a couple of beads on pictures and I KNOW I will get a few of those.
    I’ve been able to the the limited bangle for my mom for Mother’s Day. It is so pretty!
    Thanks for sharing all this information, Ellie!
    Have a very HAPPY week :-)

    • Oh good, glad to hear it! I hope your mum liked her bangle – I wish I could persuade mine to like Pandora even a little bit. ^^
      Have a great week too!

  5. Great post Ellie! Your updated two tone bracelet is beautiful :-D I am looking forward to the summer leather promo, I want to get the new pink leather, I’ll probably buy the Bound by Love charm and another Picking Daisies!

    • Thanks, Natalie! <3 The idea for the Belle murano came from a Pandora friend of mine and it does look really nice with the two-tone beads. I'm also looking forward to the leather promos – I want two more sets of the Disney signature muranos for my spends! The Bound by Love is a great choice. :)

  6. I’m looking forward to the Flower Garden Murano, the Cherries, the Oceanic Starfish, the teal silicone clips, and the leather bracelets from the summer collection. I will definitely be doing the leather bracelet promo for the pale blue bracelet, and I will wait to see more pictures of the honeysuckle pink bracelet before deciding if I am going to get that one as well (like I need more leathers!). I also can’t wait to hear the details on the new earring promo and see previews of the next collection (I guess it’s the Pre-Autumn Collection…I got quite a bit from that collection last year)!

    • I would like to see some more photos of the honeysuckle leather as well! I’m hoping it is a really beautiful deep pink. I’d like to pair it with some red pieces, as I just got the coral Looking glass murano from Rue. My plan is to get both leathers as I just love both colours! :S
      I’ll update the blog if I hear more about either of those two things! :) The earring promo is one I’ve been asked about a lot but I’ve not heard the specifics yet.

      • Ellie, I just saw that the Official Pandora Facebook page posted a very nice sneak peek photo of the honeysuckle pink bracelet yesterday, so you may want to check that out. It looks gorgeous!

        • Ooh thanks Joanne! It looks so lovely. I will definitely be having one of those. :D

  7. Your two tone bracelet is so pretty! I like how you’ve used the Belle Murano as a centrepiece. I think I’ll get the Flower Garden Murano, but then might try to do the leather bracelet promo, too. Will see how my bead budget is!

    • Thanks, Martha! The idea of putting the Belle murano with the two-tone beads came from a Pandora friend of mine, so I can’t take full credit for that. It does look gorgeous though! <3
      The Flower Garden murano is a must for me. I expect I will probably buy two of them in UK stores and then go for two more pairs of Disney Signature murano for my US leather bracelet promo spends. I tend to save my bead money for US promos or Rue sales at the moment as they are such better value for money than in UK stores! ^^

  8. hi there :)
    awww so happy to see that elephant, even happier to hear he is a baby and I love his little tail, cant wait to add him to my mini-Asian themed design.
    the junk boat seems really nice in the new photos posted although I am sure it will be hard to style……which is the only non Pandora piece in the above bracelet, I had trouble spotting it…..

    • Hi! :D I love the elephant too, it will definitely be coming home with me. I have a spot all marked out for it on a bracelet – and it’s less than a month to go now!
      Lol, do you mean the Instagram photo? The only non-Pandora item of jewellery in the photo is the earrings, they are silver bumblebees from a jewellery shop local to me. ^^ I don’t have any Pandora earrings, they’re the only Pandora I haven’t indulged in!

  9. I love your two tone bracelet. I’ve recently got the seated fairy and the heart clasp bracelet for the GWP promotion. I had been transfering my two tone pieces in it with my two golden facet muranos. As gold pieces are out of my range, im thinking of finishing it up with another two yellow/golden murano.The belle one seems a perfect match. Its ashame that i see alot of beautiful and rather new charms are going away here in Australia. The fairy on toadstool, red robin, vintage butterfly dangle and the midnight blue murano that flyingpiggy mentioned, just to name a few. There is also a price increase on certain charms, the oval eternity bangle use to be $99, but i just check it online is now $119. I wanted to get that at some point in time. Feeling a little sore over $20 increase in price. Anyway, im looking forward to next month release. Saving up for club charm and flower garden murano first.

    • Yes, there is price adjustment for Pandora sold in Australia. Classic bangle used to be 69 and now 79.
      Oh no, fairy on the toadstool is in discontinued list as well? Lucky me to grab it together with my midnight blue. I was told olive green is going to be discontinued as well :(
      So, please grab before it is gone.

      Ellie, do you have list of items that going to be discontinued by pandora soon?

      Good thing about discontinuation is, we may grab the great deal in Ruelala sale but again, depends how fast and lucky you are to grab them before sold out. Sigh….

      • Yes, i remember seeing the olive murano, carousel,red sparkling present and some of those family charms in the last chance to grab tray to be discontinued. I quickly grab the red sparkling present and 2015 club charm before they are all gone. Only those that are still available till the next sale will be reduced. Can’t take the risk.

        • OMG, which sparkling present charm? The whole piece in red one? Ah.. I forgot to check out if club 2015 still available..

          Family charm means the two teddy bear with 14c gold heart and family tree??

        • Yes, the whole red present with CZ. Family charms are those older ones, dangling boy and girl, baby girl and boy hand, mother and son heart dangle etc.

    • That’s so strange about the red present charm. It just came out this past winter, and it seemed to be a very popular charm.

      • Yes, the ladies at the store were very suprise. My local jeweller ran out of that and couldn’t order. So i went around hunting at concept store and manage to find one. I’m very happy to see it again.

      • Wow! That is very strange about the Red Present and also the Forest Fairy. Both charms seemed to be VERY popular!

    • Thank you! Oh, lovely choices. The two-tone charms are some of my favourites – and the golden faceted muranos would be a great match with the Belle murano, I’m sure. They look to be quite similar in shade.
      The retirements seem to be happening all over the world, and lots of different things are retiring in each region. Here in the UK we have seen a lot of the character charms go in the last few months – they are getting rid of a lot of the quirky and cute charms that I like best! This is why I find it difficult to report on retiring pieces, as each region’s list is quite different.
      I hadn’t heard about an Australian price release, that sucks! :( We had a very small one in the UK recently, but nothing too drastic. We already pay a lot for our Pandora so I think I’d just buy exclusively from overseas if that happened!

      • Singapore seems to have lots of charms in their store there but retired here already. Im looking at some of those muranos. The muranos here are limited. I like the looking glass ones and the red muranos with white hearts. Might have to pay a premium price to get what i want there. That is my best bet to get them before they are retired entirely.

        • Hi Starlight, which part of Australia do you live? I can help to get murano from Singapore here if you need any.
          I agreed, whatever I cannot get from Aus usually I just grab it here but higher price :((

        • Thanks. I go back Singapore once a year so it’s ok. Right now I live in Queensland.

        • Oh, those muranos are retired in Australia? I didn’t realise that. We can still get those in the UK.
          I just went on the Australian eStore and checked out the range of muranos – you’re right, it’s a really limited selection! What a shame :( I hope other regions won’t be going the same way!

      • Hi Ellie, yes, murano that available in Aus is very very limited compared to other countries and I was told by pandora staff there that they are going discontinue more you more like midnight blue, olive green which are really nice pieces to keep in collection.

  10. Your two tone bracelet looks lovely and your Belle murano matches perfectly.
    I’m still waiting for my White Rabbit charm to arrive, which I’m looking forward to. I need to start saving again now for future collections.
    Looking forward to your reviews. Thank you for all the updates. Hope we here soon about the pre Autumn collection.

    • Thanks Sarah! I am really happy with the way this bracelet is turning out. It’s one of my recent ‘classic’ Pandora projects, with mainly older pieces on it and no CZ. The murano is the exception to that! :)
      Aw, I hope your White Rabbit turns up soon – although it also seems appropriate that he be a little late, haha. I am working on new reviews and they should be appearing soon!

      • My White rabbit should be coming tomorrow or Saturday. I’ll let you know what I think when I get him.

        • My White Rabbit charm has arrived today. I love him, he’s even better than the pictures. I like that he’s small and just can’t believe how much detailing he has.
          I’ve decided to put him with some of my other Disney charms. The centrepiece is the cinderellas dream, then either side the mickey all around spacers, then either side of them is White rabbit on one side and Eeyore on the other side of the bracelet, as they are quite a similar size, so match well and got the twinkling night clips. I’m really happy with how it looks.
          I really hope they bring out more Disney characters like the White rabbit and Eeyore charms.
          Have you decided where your putting your White Rabbit charm yet?

        • Yaaay! You’re right, it is so hard to appreciate all the details in this charm unless you have it in the flesh right in front of you. It’s so cute!
          Very cute styling :) Your Disney beads will look very fun together, and I think Eeyore and the WR are a good match in terms of size as you say. I have most of my Disney beads spread out throughout my collection but now that I have the Disney bracelet maybe I’ll put some of them together in the future.
          I have decided! Finally! The WR is on my threadless bracelet, with the pink Primrose silicone clips and the olive green facets bead, plus some silver floral beads. It sounds like a super weird combination, but I’ll take a photo and show you guys soon. It looks kind of cool with all the colours. I’ll be going for a sort of nature/fantasy theme eventually and I’ll be adding the Flower Garden muranos when they come out :)

        • I’m glad you found a place for him, I look forward to seeing the photo. I can imagine him working well in that design of yours.

  11. Your two-tone bracelet is lovely! The Belle murano is a great centrepiece. I like the new pictures of the baby elephant, i am getting that one as soon as it comes out! I might have to scale back on the spending now as I gave in to temptation at the last minute on Monday and ordered the free Essence bracelet, I got the beaded one to go with the snake chain one I already have, I cant wait for it to arrive! I ordered the Bound by Love and one of the feathered clips to qualify, I’ll be getting another clip to match next month. I am excited to get the Bound with Love too as it is my favourite of all the new two tone charms, I’m hoping sone day to have a lovely two tone bracelet like yours, Ellie!

    • Thanks, Debbie! The Belle murano is gorgeous, even more so in person. It’s a real shame that we can’t just go into store and buy the Disney colour muranos here in the UK, as they really are beautiful.
      Oh yay, you did the Essence promo! We don’t get so many promos in the UK so it was probably a good move to indulge while you could ^^ The Feathered clip is beautiful, I’m sure you will love it! And the Bound By Love is also very special. I’m sure one day you will own that two-tone bracelet! ^^ I saved up and got mine with the NA bracelet promo last year, so there are always opportunities to get one without shelling out the £275! :)

  12. Beautiful two tone bracelet. I got special edition Suitcase with red cz, Plane and Globe with cz 15% off in flight when I came back to Hong Kong. I saw Junk Boat HK $499 which really Hong Kong, I might get it in Summer promotion in Canada. Lucky Piget, Fill in My Heart pendent, Pave Pear, Lavender Butterful open work, Ingot, Money Bag, Open Lock pendent, Red Reinder pendent, Olive crystal … I am very happy to see this charm which are not available in Canada.

    • You did well to get 15% off those 2 travel charms, Michele. I bought mine on a flight last August with United. Paid full price in USD so expensive for me but worth it because I needed them for my travel bracelet.

    • Thanks Michele! Oh wow that’s an amazing deal. Those LE suitcases are sought after :) Enjoy your new charms!

  13. Hi Ellie!
    I thought it would be hard to love a design of yours more than the Midnight one, but here it is! Oh my God, the two tone with the Belle murano is the most gorgeous bracelet ever made! Congrats! ☆☆☆☆☆
    Regarding upcoming charms, most of all, I look forward to the new club charm, as 2016 seems to be a year to remember for many reasons! :-)
    Thank you for the lovely round up, Ellie! You made me think of summer today! ♡♡♡

    • Hi Chrysa! Aw, thank you :D :D I’m so pleased that you like it! It’s very simple but very pretty in person. The Disney Signature muranos are truly lovely!
      I’m sure you have lots and lots to remember 2016 for! <3 It's been a year of big changes for me already, too. I love this year's Club charm's design in any case, as well!

      Thanks for commenting Chrysa! <3 <3

  14. Hi Ellie
    do you know how much the flower garden murano will be in the UK? Been waiting patiently for it since it didn’t come out in spring.
    Going to Spain in July and can see that the Spanish Pandora website has dazzling Daisy dangle charm for only 39 euros and it’s £45 here!What a bargain! will be buying from duty free on the way out and in the Pandora retailer near to our hotel:)

    • Hi Ali! I don’t know for sure, but I would be surprised if it was above the usual £35. :)
      Oh I know, I love shopping for Pandora abroad! You get such a better deal. One of my favourite things about going on holiday sometimes haha. I brought back a little haul from Amsterdam last year! ^^

  15. Hi Ellie I love your bracelet Elle murano just injects a pop of colour which is lovely. On face I saw the new red leather bracelet and it looks lovely it’s like a pinky reddy shade it looks lovely in the stock image. Looking forward to your reviews.

    • Hi Nicola! Thanks so much, I was debating whether or not to add the murano, or whether to keep it just plain two-tone – I am really glad that I went for it! :) Oh good I am glad to hear that about the leather bracelet – I am really looking forward to a really rich honeysuckle pink. I think I’m going to try it with some red pieces, I just got the coral Looking Glass murano from the Rue sale!

  16. Hi Ellie!

    I am also very much looking forward to the Summer collection! I definitely want the light blue leather bracelet, Oceanic Starfish and perhaps a teal or clear pave spacer. I love the club charm as well and can’t wait to see it in person!

    I swore that I would not go back and order anything else from Rue, but when I saw the recent additions and realized that I still have free shipping, I just had to go back for more! :O I ordered the silver Christmas Stocking! It’s never to early to think about Christmas bracelets! Lol! Hopefully, mine will be completed by December! Ha ha! :D

    Love your two toned bracelet. The Belle Murano adds a lovely pop of color and looks awesome as a centerpiece!

    • Hi Carol! Sorry for the late reply, I’ve had a busy couple of days. I think I’ve decided on both the leather bracelets, as my plan is to do the US leather bracelet promo twice, if possible. I need the blue leather for one of my new Pandora acquisitions – the blue enamel Evil Eye. But I also just love the look of the honeysuckle pink, so I’ll need that one too!

      Aha, I did the same with Rue! It was such a good sale this time around. I still keep going on there and seeing amazing beads and wanting to check out with some more. I’m trying to restrain myself. I was also eyeing up the plain silver Snowman for Christmas, but have managed not to buy it so far ;)

      Thanks Carol! Really glad you like it. It’s one of my favourites of my recent bracelets :)

  17. Exciting! My picks are the elephant. I remember drawing an elephant when I was nine years old in an art competition and getting a prize for it. I love the elephant for its cool factor, despite its size, it just seems to be in a state of zen whenever we visit them at the zoo. The Garden Murano is a must too! I intend to add it to my Amsterdam travel bangle to remind me of the Tulips that we saw. Lastly, the junkboat for Hong Kong, one of my favourite destinations in Asia to travel for dim sum. The umbrella is a creative gift but I think a complimentary bracelet or bangle might entice me more.

    • Aw, that’s lovely! I have always loved elephants, ever since I was little. One of my first teddies was an elephant – and my first Pandora charm, too, incidentally. ;)
      The Amsterdam tulips is a really nice association for the Flower Garden murano. I went to Amsterdam last year with my OH and loved it so much. I am tempted to back again this year, although going to the same place twice in a row seems like cheating. This now makes me think that I should really get the Pandora silver tulip dangle as a commemoration of that trip!
      Yeah, while I love the Asian promos for their creativity, ultimately the free bracelets are the biggest draw I think. Jewellery boxes are always nice too though!

      • I believe always in returning to a place you love. If you enjoyed Amsterdam, all the more you should return with OH as it just brings back old memories when you walk the same places or better still, forge new memories when you explore other areas unexplored. Either way, it is nowhere near cheating. I highly second returning. Wow! I did not know there was a tulip dangle. Thank you for sharing this with me. I did a brief search and saw it was discontinued. I shall check my local stores. With the Pandora windmil charm, Trollbeads Amsterdam Townhouse City Bead, the Garden Murano above and the Tulip dangle, I think my Amsterdam travel bangle (I use Trollbeads bangle as it can fit all the beads I have in mind) is complete. Oh wait, I need to add the bicycle dangle that I got from the Rue La La sale last round. That will truly represent Amsterdam to the fullest!

  18. Hi Ellie,

    A lot of buzz around the flower garden murano, can’t wait for that charm! The junk Boat looks lovely, traveling to Asia is on my travel list. Recently got back from a trip down south, since I was on an international flight I was able to finally pick up the love to travel suitcase with the enamel heart. To get this charm I had to buy it in a set with a passport & airplane, that I already had but I will make use of the extra passport & give the plane to a friend.
    The new reds are a welcome addition. The leather bracelets sound great, hope they will turn out as lovely as last years green & blue ones.

    Another fabulous review.

    Lisa K.

    • Cathay Pacific has Suitcase, Airplane and Around the World as a set with 15% off U.S.$118 a set.

      • Michele,

        How interesting, I didn’t know Pandora had different sets. I paid $156 Cdn. I like the around the world charm. I find the plane bulky. And put it at the end of my bracelet closest to the clasp.. I love the suitcase. I missed out on it three years ago when Air Canada was selling it on overseas flights. Can’t remember what else it came with when Pandora was selling it at that time.

        Cheers Lisa K.

        • I think depend on the airline, I love Suitcase the most, then Around the World.

        • Qantas selling suitcase, passport and Australia charm for $130 AUD. Intend to get it on my next trip.SIA only passport and suitcase selling at $130 SGD. Qantas deal seems to be better.

        • United had different travel sets. I only wanted the suitcase but it was sold as a set with the plane charm which I didnt want at the time but since I bought it I have come to love it.

          I had a bit of a panic after I bought the travel set because when I arrived home and opened the box the charms looked tarnished.I was really upset because they quite pricey so I took them to my local Pandora store and they explained this was quite common as the black padding in the box rubs onto the charms. The pandora staff member spent a few minutes polishing the charms and they came up sparkling. Thought I’d mention this in case anyone else has the same issue.

        • The reason why I hesitated on getting the set is because its only the suitcase that I want. Now I think I don’t mind the passport, it looks cute. Probably give the Australia charm away as gift to someone back in Singapore. Thanks for the heads up on the issue they have with the black padding.

        • Seems like Qantas is offering better deal than other airline, am I right? I should grab it when I fly with Qantas again in my next trip (used to fly Qantas a lot but didn’t notice this)

    • Hi Lisa! I know, I’m so excited for the Flower Garden murano. In the few live shots I’ve seen, it’s looked so stunning. I’ll be picking mine out in person though, just in case!

      And yay, another person who’s found the I <3 to Travel suitcase! It's so cute, and that little red enamel heart makes it a little bit prettier than the regular suitcase for me. I got the plane as well with my suitcase, but I hate flying so much and there was no way I wanted the plane charm. So I went to the store and asked if I could swap it and they were nice and let me. ^^ The only Pandora charm I've ever let go from my collection, haha!

      Agreed, the leather bracelets look gorgeous! I loved last year's green leather but these might even be nicer - and that's saying something. ^^

  19. I really want the club charm of 2015 but it’s sold out in the store :( In Indonesia, there’s a promo where u can get the sterling silver moments bracelet by spending IDR 2.500.000 in the store! it was a great deal and a coincidence because i asked my mom for a pandora bracelet for my bday present which was the week before. So i bought some charms and got the bracelet for free! My mom ended up buying my sister and herself charms too so they’ll get their bracelet for free since it was rare for pandora to have promos like this hahaha. from the purchase, we ended up getting 4 bracelets which was not what we intended to do but hey, it was free hahaha! The promo will end at 8th of may in Indonesia which is the same like the one in Singapore!

    • Oooh that sounds like a fun shopping trip! A free bracelet promo is the best thing to start with Pandora. :) Enjoy your new bracelet, I hope you track down that Club charm in the end too.

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