*UPDATED JUNE 2016* Today’s post looks forward to the AW16 season, with a preview of the upcoming Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 collection! This release is just a small one, featuring a mix of astrological zodiac designs and some more generic friendship designs, too.
pandora pre-autumn 2016 collection

The Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 collection is due out on the 21st of July. I already posted some teasers as to what was coming out with this release, but I now have pictures of most of the new pieces – read on for sneak peeks at all the new charms! :)

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 Sneak Peek

First up, we have a set of new Zodiac charms for the Pandora Moments range. These are modelled on the same design as the Vintage Letter charms from the Pandora Spring 2016 collection; however, pleasingly, these appear to be plain silver, with no pavé in sight! I love the little stars in between each disc, too.

pandora pre-autumn 2016 zodiac astrological signs

The second set of charms feature some ‘friendship’ designs, wherein the two halves of the same charm can be shared between two people. There’s also a new clip, featuring a heart & infinity symbol, and a new button-style friendship charm.

The Canada Heart Flag doesn’t really fit with this collage, but I didn’t want to leave it on its own haha – so I’ve grouped them all under ‘hearts & decor’. It just about qualifies! ;)

pandora pre-autumn 2016 heart charms

*UPDATED June 2016* I’ve now found an image of one further charm coming out with this collection! It’s a new silver animal bead, with lots of detail: a koala. 

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 Koala Charm

Finally, you can also see a brand new bracelet in this gorgeous campaign image! I was told by one source a couple of weeks ago that the clasp features the sun on one side and stars on the other. I think this design is just breathtaking – and it certainly will go nicely with the new Zodiac range!

pandora pre-autumn 2016 collection

*UPDATED June 2016* I now have a proper stock image for the bracelet, revealing the designs on each side of the clasp. I really love this one!

pandora pre-autumn 2016

My Comment

It’s worth bearing in mind that this might not be the full list of jewellery coming out with this release, although it does include everything that my source of mine told me about. It’s also about the right number of new charms for a Pre-Autumn collection, which is always small.

I absolutely love the look of the new bracelet; it kind of reminds me of the gorgeous Pandora Disney Frozen snowflake designs. The zodiac charms also appeal to me much more than either the original Moments zodiac range or the Pandora Essence zodiac range. However, I’ve never really been into star signs or astrology, so I can’t say that I am hugely excited to get my star sign! ^^

Of the heart charms, I quite like the new clip, the two-piece pink-enamel friendship dangle and the decorative pink Love & Friendship charm; however, they are repetitive of what has gone before and they’re not must-haves by any means.

What do you think of this year’s Pre-Autumn collection? Is anything on your wish list so far?

81 Comments on Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 Full Preview

  1. To be honest, with quite a few of these charms I did not even recognize it is a new release. Pandora just recycles their own old designs. Where has all the creativity gone?
    The bracelet looks interesting though :) At least one thing to look forward to. It seems it has the clip stations, right?

    • I agree, i would not have recognise them as new releases because they look like recycled design.
      I don’t know if I’ve aged in the last few months :) but the charm designs are starting too look young for me (and I am only 32).
      I’ve decided to sell all my charms this weekend except for the ones that were gifted to me, and only wear it when I go travelling or backpacking (which is often anyways)

      • P.S. On a side note Ellie, I’ve always said that as an Australian I refuse to wear any touristic charms (eg: Australian animals, opera house, flag etc). Well my birthday just passed and my colleagues bought me a Kangaroo charm! (Argh!) They said that wanted to get me something that represented Australia (!) But its the thought that counts, so I do adore it now, though i make sure the kangaroo is sat at the end of the bracelet so its not so visible from the front :)

        • Oh no! That’s scuppered your plans haha. It is still really nice that your colleagues bought you a charm though <3

      • Aw, I’m sad to hear that you want to sell all your charms! Maybe give yourself a couple of weeks’ cooling time, just to make sure?

      • oh no! i would not sell my charms! i am 42 and i dont think they are too young at all. while i dont like any of the pre Autumn charms, there are a lot of Disney and floral charms on my wish list. i like what i like no matter how old i get. my mom is 75 an my daughter is 5 and they both like Pandora too.

      • Judie, sometimes I look at some of my charms and wonder what the heck I was thinking when I bought them. Others I’d never part with. I often think of selling some never used but have never done it. Did you sell some that weekend? Where did you list and how did it go?

        PS I adore the kangaroo charm because she reminds me of a single mother of one like myself. I’ve never seen a male kangaroo care for it’s young. Mums only. Funny but true.

    • It is really lacking in originality, even though some of the beads are pretty; the ‘Best Friends’/always there charm is basically just last year’s Pre-Autumn ‘I want to travel the world with you’ charm. The zodiac charms are nice and not too pavé, but they are hardly new.
      Yep, it has the clip stations! I don’t think it’s going to be a regular thing going forward, dropping the clip stations – or at least, not yet.

  2. Ellie,

    Thanks for the sneak peek! Finally a Canadian Flag charm. I realize we have a relatively small population for a country our size but several Olympics have been held here so it is nice yo see something for tourists and collectors.

    The bracelet is wonderful, the clasp is superb. Do I need another bracelet, no. But I want this one, and ai love what Pandora is doing with the clasps I have a lot of the celestial charms from 2014 and fhow nice, a bracelet coming out to match.

    I agree with you Ellie, the stars on the zodiac charms are great. Since I have two of the new initial charms I will most likely get the zodiac charms to match.

    What a nice selection of friendship charms and theme for a collection. The new clip is pretty.

    I think the bracelet & two zodiac charms will be my fall indulgence.

    Can’t wait for June, I want the pave fan & new murano.

    Cheers Ellie!

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa! You are welcome <3 A Canada flag is a very welcome addition I think - a few people have mentioned to me before that they would like one. The UK is a very small little place indeed and we still have a heart flag charm, so I don't see why Canada shouldn't too!

      Oh, I can't tell you how much I don't need another bracelet, lol - but I will still be getting that one. I am collecting older charms at the moment, and I still 'need' bracelets to accommodate those. It would be cool to be able to put them on such a pretty 'new' Pandora bracelet. The bracelet would be great with the 2014 starry charms, that would be a wonderful combination!

      Of these... the bracelet is my only must-have. But I have plenty to catch up on for Spring (the Dazzling Daisy Fairy, for one) and of course there will be lots from Summer, too!

      Thanks for commenting Lisa <3

  3. Nothing scream out to me. The bracelet looks interesting though. I sort of like the filigree design on the love and friendship charm. But like yourself, there are no must have. Looking forward to Autumn and winter collection. Hope it will be more creative and not going back to the same sort of look.

    • The bracelet I really like! I’ve been thinking of doing a design with the Jasmine Disney muranos, and that bracelet would be nice for that I think.
      I’m apprehensive regarding the Autumn/Winter collection, especially considering what’s gone before this year. It’s been quite a ‘playing it safe’ kind of year for Pandora so far!

      • Thinking on the bright side, if the collection is not fantastic means that my wallet is safe and can focus on getting the other charms still on my wishlist. I’m looking forward to see your bracelet with Jasmine muranos.

        • That is very true! :) And thanks, I’ll definitely post a picture once I’ve got the beginnings of the Jasmine design cobbled together!

  4. Hi Ellie

    It’s been a really long while that I dropped by. :)

    I’m perfectly safe, again! I have not been buying any charm from the Spring collection, to the Summer, and now Pre-Autumn. I’m safe. Not. There are still the oldies that I really need to get my hands on them. I’m currently into gold muranos to build my two tone bracelets. >_<

    Oh wait, I just saw there would be a new bracelet coming up, the one with the Sun and the Stars? I need to have this for my family bracelet. (Wait, did I just say I was safe?)

    Miss you and thank you for the update. <3



    • Hi Kelly! Sad to hear that there has not been anything at all that’s taken your fancy from recent collections, but it’s understandable. I’ve been collecting a lot of older charms as well, but have still had my fair share of my favourites from the new collections too!

      Haha, I really like the bracelet as well – it’s my only must-have from what’s been previewed here! Glad to hear that something has finally tempted you ;)

      You’re welcome, it was lovely to hear from you!

  5. Hi Ellie!
    I love this!! I was waiting since the beginning of my addiction for this collection since I don’t like the cameo and the button style zodiac charms…and guess what? I’m starting a bracelet that I will name stars and nebula…more perfect than this??!! I think I will indulge in this bracelet even if this project for me is a mixed brands so I can’t choose it for now. Did you notice they went back to the belt with treads?

    • Hi Sara!

      Oh, fantastic! Glad it’s hit the nail on the head for you then :) I completely forgot about the cameo zodiac Moments charms – I was thinking of the very old original silver Moments zodiac beads. They really have had a few goes at doing it haven’t they, haha.

      I did notice the threads on the new bracelet – I don’t think they were ever planning on ditching them completely or, at least, not yet! :) I like having the threads overall, and I wouldn’t want them to ditch them entirely – I’m a bit of a purist at heart lol!

  6. I love the new Zodiac charms! As someone who doesn’t buy dangles, I might actually have to get the one with my sign on it. And I love that they are plain silver! That new bracelet is also beautiful. I love that it still looks like a Pandora bracelet but people have more options now to customize their designs even further. Thanks for the preview, Ellie!

    • I was really pleased to see that the zodiacs were plain silver, too! Even though they’re openworks, they have more of a classic feel for me. :D
      I love the new bracelet as well! I’d love to see the other side of the clasp. The side we can see looks stunning, though. You’re welcome, thanks for commenting! I’m glad that you’ve seen things you like <3

  7. I think I am going to end up buying the Taurus Zodiac charm from this release (it’s my sign) and it actually looks cute! Kinda reminds me of a dog maybe that’s why it looks cuter than normal hahaha! I don’t really buy dangles but the Canada Flag dangle charm is really tempting…. I guess we’ll see! :)

    Thanks for updating us Ellie!

    • I thought the Taurus charm was particularly cute, too! It’s very sweet-looking for a bull, haha. Each charm actually has the star sign written on the back of it (you can see in the campaign image with the new bracelet) so there’s no chance of me just getting any of them for the design, but it is really nice!

      You’re welcome – I’m pleased that you’ve spotted a couple of things that you might like!

  8. This looks a very pretty collection, but thankfully not much for my wishlist – as I have already spent loads recently on the UK sales and Essence bracelet promotion, and I also like a lot from the new Summer collection! The zodiac charms are pretty and much nicer than any of the previous ones, but I don’t personally want a star sign charm. And as I’m not keen on charms with writing on, the best friend and sister ones aren’t for me either – although I like to have charms that symbolise the important people in my life, and charms that people have given me that make me think of them! I would like to see what is on the other side of the bracelet clasp, because the star side would be so great for my winter / starry night theme, but I think it is the sun, so that wouldn’t be so appropriate! It might make a good summer bracelet though, then the star side would represent summer nights, walking in the beach in the moonlight! Thanks for the preview Ellie, it is so exciting to see what is coming up!

    • Oh gosh, I spent way too much in the UK sales! But I got some pieces that I’ve wanted for some time, so I’m not too sad to have to curtail my spending on new collections for a couple of months ^^
      I feel the same regarding the zodiac charms; they are much nicer than the original silver ones, and a lot of the designs of each star sign are really pretty, but I have never been very fussed about my star sign. I’m Libra, and I find scales quite boring lol!
      Love love love your idea about the sun and stars representing a summer night! I had not thought about the bracelet in that way, but that’s such a nice significance to give it. <3
      You're welcome, glad you enjoyed it!

  9. I definitely like the love and friendship bead and the bracelet and will probably get those. (The clip is a maybe). I’ll wait until a promotion to get them though. I am surprisied that all the “non-Zodiac” beads are designs with hearts. (Or should I be surprised?!). At any rate, I’m glad I like just one of the beads.

    • I quite like the Love & Friendship bead as well, although I kind of feel like I shouldn’t – seeing as it’s a bit generic and pink again. I will probably resist it, but I do like it!
      I’m a little bit surprised that they extended the hearts theme to Pre-Autumn in addition to Valentine’s, Mother’s Day and, from last year, Autumn as well… It’s just overkill I think!

  10. Hiya <3
    I must admit that overall I am not really feeling this collection however I will say I do like the zodiac collextion and it is by far the best Pandora has done to date. I am unsure if I will get my zodiac sign as of now but I agree Ellie the stars are a nice change to the usual hearts on everything. I don't really like the bff charms and feel that women in an older age category also would not appeal to these types of charms. That's floral button is really pretty however and will go with all ten blush stuff they have been doing as of late.

    • Hey Alex! I quite like the little zodiac cameo dangles they did a long time ago (which I had forgotten about when I did this post) but these are the nicest I think. I also wouldn’t do the half-and-half BFF charms – I can see it appealing more to teenagers with bracelets. Although I think the original silver butterflies best friends charm was kind of cute, and a fair bit more subtle – I’d have been more tempted by that.

  11. Love love love the new friendship charms! and finally a decent sister charm! cant wait for it to come out! when would the release be? late summer time? love all of your blogs!

  12. Thank you for the preview. I always love to see new releases. I don’t usually buy anything from the pre autumn collection, but there’s a couple of pieces I like from this collection, though I need to see them properly to decide.
    I’m not sure at the moment on the bracelet, liked to see a better picture. I like the infinite heart clip and the love and friendship charm. I think I would use the charm as the centre piece and the clips match nicely with the charm.
    I don’t mind if I only want a few pieces from each collection or none, as it makes it more manageable to be able to buy what I want. I a trying to be really selective of what I buy, as my list could be endless.
    Hope to see some live shots soon for this collection.

    • You are welcome! :) I got quite a bit from last year’s Pre-Autumn release, I thought all the enamel travel charms were very cute. I absolutely adore the camera charm from that release!
      I love the bracelet, although I will be excited to see what’s on the other side of the clasp! I’m always a little bit disappointed if I don’t see much I like at all from a collection; for one thing, I like to run a few reviews from each release and I’m not sure I’ll be able to do that with this launch.
      We might get some live shots from JCK, we’ll have to wait and see :)

      • I hope we do get some live shots. I wonder if we’ll see the Autumn and Winter collections. I hope the Disney release is a bigger collection than last Autumn’s. I’m interested to see what they bring out this time.

        • Yes, last year’s Disney AW15 collection was really disappointing! I think I got one charm, and that was a Disney Parks release :/ hopefully this year’s will be better!

  13. Thanks for sharing these Ellie :-D I like the new bracelet (I guess it is threaded in the middle, as I see clips where threads would be and visible thread on the end, I thought non-threaded was their new thing but maybe not?). The charms are okay, nothing that I absolutely know I must get. Like you I’m not really into astrology so I didn’t really expect this series to appeal to me. I’d be more interested if they made an actual figural charm of each sign! The Love and Friendship is a cute decorative charm but I feel like I already have that type in my collection. I’m really excited to hopefully see some fall pictures soon! The JCK is next weekend so not much longer :-D

    • You’re welcome! Yes, the new bracelet is threaded – I don’t think they are getting rid of the threads yet, it was just that one bracelet. They may be testing the water with the threadless bracelet, but for now threads are not going anywhere as far as I’m aware!
      Ooh I had forgotten (again) about JCK. Exciting stuff! :D

  14. Like the others have said, they all look like recycled designs. I’m not really looking forward to this collection at all. But I do LOVE the bracelet, definitely going to pick that up.

    • No, the bracelet is the only thing that has really caught my eye as well! It looks beautiful :D

  15. Finally, a collection for love. My opinion is the most beautiful collection of 2016, I am eager to know the collection of autumn, but the Pre-Autumn is wonderful sincerely enjoyed all the charms, clip and bracelet, but I loved the cast charm LOVE & Frienship simply wonderful. Congratulations Pandora jewelry produced with perfection and affection this time.

    • Glad to hear you’re enthused! :D I quite like the look of Love & Friendship as well, but I have too many that are a bit similar I think.

    • A lot of people feel the same! :) I am mainly picking out my favourite decorative charms from the new releases and then buying all the character charms that are retiring at cheaper prices and putting them together.

  16. Hi Ellie there not much for me in this collection in all the ranges this range is always my least favorite. The new clip looks nice and the love and friendship charm looks nice also the bracelet looks interesting but that’s it for me.

    • Hi Nicole, my pick exactly same as you but I would want to see them in person before I decide … Other than that, nothing much …

    • Hi Nicola! I really liked last year’s Pre-Autumn collection so for me this is a little bit disappointing. The bracelet is kind of it for me, too, although I like the look of the clip, the Love & friendship and I think the zodiac charms are cute – however, none of those charms are must-haves by any means!

  17. I am not a fan of zodiacs signs either. I need the Canadian flag charm for my travel bracelet – hope it get released in Australia. I have the daughter charm (which is the same design as the new sister charm) I think it’s lovely. I have too many bracelets already…

    • Fingers crossed – a lot of the country heart flag dangles just got retired here in the UK, so I suspect that we won’t be getting it!
      I have too many bracelets too but I always seem to have room for one more, haha.

  18. Hi Ellie! I absolutely adore the new sun and stars bracelet! I definitely will be getting it. The charms, unfortunately, don’t really excite me that much. Today I purchased the Orchid charm and the two tone Sunburst clip. (last one in the store!) The summer collection just arrived at my usual Pandora retailer, but I haven’t seen it yet! Looking forward to the bracelet promo! :D

    • Hi Carol! Me too, I was so excited when I saw the campaign image. It’s really beautiful; hope the other side of the clasp is as nice! It reminds me a lot of the beautiful Frozen charms from the Disney range.
      Oh fantastic, I love the Orchid; it’s the centrepiece of my travel bracelet! I’m looking forward to the promo, too – I’m going to stock up on some Disney muranos :D

  19. Hi Ellie,
    I like the Zodiac charms, but I like other charms from older releases that I haven’t gotten yet more, so I’m not sure if I would get any of these. I really like the new bracelet. I definitely want to get that!

    • Hi Stephanie! I’m also finding so many older gems with all the recent sales – I have had to really cut down my planned spending on the Summer collection. However, this bracelet I will definitely find room for ;)

  20. The Canada heart flag is my one must have from the collection. I am also interested in having a look at the new bracelet.

  21. Star signs and hearts–nothing here for me. I really can’t complain, since I have been so pleased with the Summer collection. The Flower Garden murano is just as gorgeous as I had hoped, and the Oceanic Starfish is not as pale as I had feared. Mine are a lovely aquamarine color–not gray at all. The watermelon and parrot are cute as well. I will have plenty to keep me going until we get a sneak peek at the Autumn collection!

    • No, nor for me – although I do like the zodiac charms and a couple of the heart pieces! :) The Flower Garden murano is beautiful and I’m sure that will tide me over for a while as well.
      So pleased to hear that the oceanic starfish lived up to expectations! That one was one of the more popular ones from the collection. I keep seeing beautiful photographs of the new Club charm – I’m very excited for that one too!

  22. I am so Happy we are getting a CAD Dangle Flag Charm….Yeah….and I like the new Heart Clip as well……

    • Excellent :D A few people have requested the Canada Heart Flag charm so I’m glad they made one!

  23. I’m mainly looking for more essence charms I really hope they come out with a few more essence charms than they did last time

    These new charms aren’t really catching my eye much maybe just the one clip but that’s it & the bracelet is pretty cute but I already a lot of those same bracelets so it doesn’t really make sense to waste money on another same bracelet with just a different clap to it & just recently I started a Thomas Sabo charm club bracelet & I kinda like their zodiac charms a lot better
    I got the lion even though it’s not my zodiac & best part about the TS zodiac charms is that you can’t even tell they are zodiac charms I simply just got the lion cause I love lions & it’s plain silver too but I just wanna keep working on my pandora essence bracelet mainly now as I can’t really afford to get attracted to many Pandora items right now I think I might wait a bit & take a bit of a break from Pandora for now

    • & just enjoy the Pandora items I already have
      I was thinking to make a Pandora summer bracelet but I think I’m just gonna hold off for a bit till Black Friday or Boxing Day

    • The future of the Essence collection seems forever uncertain at the moment… it’ll be interesting to see what’s next!

      Haha, I love collecting the different bracelets with the clasps – but then I’m always needing/wanting new bracelets, so it’s more fun for me when they do one with a slightly different clasp.
      Aw, that’s cute that you got the TS lion :) these Pandora charms you kind of have to get for your zodiac, as they have their star sign actually written on the back of them!

  24. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks so much for the sneak peak. Love checking to read all your posts.

    I am like you still trying to catch up on the Spring 2016 collection and filling in on the older charms and designs. I seem to be going back and buying more of the older designs as the total bling factor is getting a bit much.They really need a better mix of new silver charms and the more glitz designs.

    I love the new bracelet design. That and the Canadian flag charm are coming home for sure. The other designs are ho hum to me..

    Waiting for the N.American leather bracelet promo to make my next big purchases. Unusually for me I have a number of charms on my wanted list from the Summer 2016 release.

    Thanks again and love all your updates!

    • Hi Stephanie! You’re welcome :D glad to hear that you enjoy the blog!

      I am really quite behind on Spring & Mother’s Day this year, seeing as so many great older charms have gone in the sales! I still would like the Dazzling Daisy Fairy and the MOP Luminous Floral, for starters. I’ll work my way around to it soon I’m sure ;) I’m also planning on doing the US leather promo; I need to stock up on some of the Disney signature muranos, as I am a bit addicted to them at the moment haha!

      The Summer collection this year is great isn’t it? The Flower Garden muranos alone have me so excited! It’s unusual for me to want so much from a summer release as well :)

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  25. That bracelet looks absolutely amazing.. Finitely want that, everything else is a no but still. I’m loving the new bracelet clasp styles… Makes having a lot of bracelets more fun :)

    • Completely agree! <3 And I also love all the different bracelet clasp styles, even if they're dangerously collectable, haha.

  26. Thanks, Ellie, for the Pre-Autumn pictures. Although I’ve never been big on Zodiac signs, I do like the new bracelet. It will be nice for the Celestial charms. I’ve always liked Follow The Stars, Galaxy and Twinkling Nights clips, but never got them. The Love And Friendship charm is a lovely design. It reminds me a little of the green Vintage Allure design. I don’t think I’ll be in a rush for the Pre-Autumn release as I am still trying to catch up on previous releases. I am looking forward to the Winter release. I usually like it more. I’m also wanting to start a Christmas bracelet this year. As much as I love the color pink, I’m in “pink overload” and hoping for some new colors.

    Thanks again for the Pre-Autumn pictures. Enjoy reading all the comments.

    • You’re welcome, Emily! I love pink as well, but am heartily tired of it being the predominant colour in every new collection. I quite like the Love & Friendship charm, too, but for that reason I very much doubt I’ll be getting it. The bracelet, on the other hand, I really love and it’s something of a saving grace for me when it comes to this collection!

      Thanks for commenting Emily!

  27. I’m very happy for the Canada flag charm. The timing is off so I won’t get to wear it for Canada day on July 1st. I did find out my local concept store is having some special charms designed just for them but sounds like it will coincide this release.

    • Yeah, that is a shame and unfortunate timing! It’s weird that they didn’t put it out with the Summer collection, considering.
      I also like that a lot of the stores in North America get personalised charms. We don’t get that so much in the UK, but I’ve seen some really unique and quirky personalised charms on Instagram!

  28. I like (but don’t love) the zodiac charms and the star bracelet. I love star designs (usually mixed with blue), but as someone above already suggested, the zodiac charms seem to be just a recycled version of the vintage letter charms, without being quite as pretty. I already have the bracelet for a current star design I’m working on, so I’m not sure that I would buy another bracelet just now.

    Pandora seems to be very hit or miss with their designs lately. Some seem beautiful and well thought out. Others just seem to be boring copies of past successes. It’s good for my pocketbook, and I’m having an easier time keeping to my “one bracelet a year” plan, but I would love to see more originality.

    Some of my favorites for fall were the dark, moody sparkling leaves and mystic floral designs. I’d love to see Pandora continue that line.

    • I quite like these new zodiac pieces, but for me what holds me back is the fact that I’m just not into astrology so much and my zodiac sign is not that pretty (libra!). I love the bracelet though and I will get that one to wear with my Jasmine muranos I think.

      There have been a lot of ‘Pandora’s greatest hits’ type releases lately, with the recycling of old items and popular pieces. It’s a little bit lazy I guess. I wish there were more character charms but hey – I guess we will have to see where they are going with it all in the long run. As it is, I tend to choose a few decorative pieces and combine them with older character beads and that works for me, for now :)

      Yes, I loved Autumn 2014! They retired most of it in the UK this past season, which was a shame.

  29. Because the older zodiac designs were phased out before I began buying charms I’m super excited to have the opportunity to buy my sign as a charm. I actually really love how the styles are – much better than the old ones that I saw pictures of. <3 So this is definitely going to be a must have as soon as it becomes available for sale! :) I know that some of the previous comments have said the designs seem a bit on the plain side, but to be honest, with these kinds of designs I like that I can match them with pops of colors from my muranos/facets and if I want I can add my cz star spacers as well :)

    As for the others I'm glad to see Canada finally is getting a heart as well (I don't live in Canada but I do like to see as many countries to get to be able to show their pride just like we do in America.) I really like the heart/infinity symbol design as well and the BFF shared charm that you can give to a friend – the style is cute.

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