Today’s post brings my next Pandora Disney review, with a closer look at the brand new Mickey Moments from the Spring 2016 collection! Featuring an adorable Mickey Mouse-themed clasp, this bracelet is the latest in a line of special-edition Pandora bracelets. :D

pandora disney campaign image

It’s a tactic that must be proving lucrative for Pandora, as the bracelets are becoming almost as collectable as the charms. ;) By my count, the variations on the traditional silver bracelet (excluding two-tone or gold) stands at:

It’s great for dedicated collectors like us, who buy new bracelets fairly regularly; it’s nice to have more options when starting a fresh design. In any case, read on for my thoughts on this latest new bracelet from Pandora!

Pandora Disney Mickey Moments Bracelet Review

With the huge popularity of the Pandora Disney range, it was only a matter of time before they made a dedicated Pandora Disney bracelet! The bracelet features teeny-tiny Mickey Mouse heads across the clasp; adorable and very Disney, and yet not too OTT.

pandora disney mickey moments bracelet review

One side of the clasp has ‘DISNEY’ and ‘PANDORA’ hallmarked on it, the other side is clear of any of writing. The lettering is quite discreet, and doesn’t detract too much from the little Mickey silhouettes themselves.

pandora disney mickey moments bracelet review

The cute little Mickey heads are quite subtle, and the overall effect is not too in-your-face Disney. Instead, the little hints of sparkle show off advantages of the spherical clasp as opposed to the usual barrel clasp; it is much more suited for adding little accents such as the hint of CZ detailing. It would be nice if they just did a regular version of the Moments charm bracelet with a spherical clasp, too, and not just the threadless version.

pandora disney mickey moments bracelet review

The clasp is striking enough to wear the bracelet plain, I think; I haven’t yet acquired any of the beads I am planning to put on this bracelet, so for now I am wearing it with just the regular Disney safety chain and the plain-silver Rockstar clips.

pandora disney mickey moments bracelet review

It looks so pretty stacked with bangles or summery leather bracelets!

pandora disney mickey moments bracelet review

The existing CZ Pandora Disney safety chain complements it perfectly.pandora disney mickey moments bracelet review


It can be hard to do stylings for bracelet reviews as, really, the bracelets look good with pretty much anything (as they are designed to) and it’s hard to zero down on something. So for this Disney review I decided to dig out all my much-loved Disney Princess muranos and to do a styling around each of them! :D

First up, we have the Cinderella muranos, styled with rose gold. I saw the most beautiful bracelet on Pinterest that mixed Pandora Rose with periwinkle blue, and loved it – especially as it’s not a colour combination I’d have thought to try on my own! Pandora Rose is surprisingly versatile.

pandora disney mickey moments bracelet review

The Cinderella charms are some of the most beautiful from the Pandora Disney collection, and Cinderella-themed bracelets are always so much fun to put together!

pandora disney mickey moments bracelet review

Next up, we have the golden Belle murano! I’ve gone with the prerequisite Beauty and the Beast theme, with the King of the Jungle to represent the Beast and the lovely retired Rose to represent Belle. The retired hand-mirror pendant is perfect for representing Belle’s magic mirror; you could also have added the teapot and teacups for Mrs Potts and Chip, and the clock for Cogsworth… there’s a lot you could do with this one! :)

pandora disney mickey moments bracelet review

The Snow White murano is another beauty – it’s a very true red. Mine has a little more glitter in it than most examples, however, and you can find some that have a deeper red. I’m actually doing a Minnie Mouse design instead for my SW styling!

pandora disney mickey moments bracelet review

The Minnie Mouse Pandora Disney charms are some of my favourites (I love bows!) – the Minnie pavé clip is just gorgeous, especially when you put with the Minnie Cupcake to really bring out the red in it.

pandora disney mickey moments bracelet review

Finally, we have the Anna and Elsa muranos from the Frozen set. I’ve gone for a simple Arctic design, with the retired Polar Bear dangle, the Layers of Lace clips (which look like icicles to me) and the muranos themselves, which are perfect for representing the aurora borealis. 

pandora disney mickey moments bracelet review

Those are all the Disney Signature Colour muranos I own for now – but I’m planning on adding Jasmine and Rapunzel to my collection soon. I just love their bright colour and their hint of glitter; I wish we had them in the UK!


I didn’t really have much intention originally of getting this bracelet as, while I enjoy Disney films and have a great nostalgia for a lot of the characters I loved as a child, I’m not as much as a fan as to build a whole Disney-dedicated bracelet. While Disney designs are beyond cute, they don’t really tally with my personal style. However, a couple of readers mentioned how gorgeous it is in person and my interest was piqued – I decided to upgrade and get it during the March bracelet promo! :)

I’m very glad I did, as the overall effect is lovely and surprisingly subtle. The little hints of sparkle are pretty, without being overwhelming. I am not going to be doing a whole Disney-dedicated design, although there will be hints of Disney character beads on there. <3

The Pandora Disney Mickey Moments bracelet is $85 USD or $95 CAD.

Did you get this bracelet, or is it on your wish list? Do you collect any of the special clasp bracelets?

36 Comments on Review: Mickey Moments Bracelet from Pandora Disney Spring 2016

  1. :-) Thanks for all the pictures, Ellie!
    I just received a whole pack of pictures of the summer editions released in June that I’ll try to post end of the week.
    But back to Disney, as I plan on traveling to pay them a visit later in the year I know what I’ll be bringing home :-D
    Have a wonderful evening :-)

    • You’re welcome! :D I am very envious of you and your trip to Disney; I would probably buy up all the Pandora Disney muranos while I was there haha.
      Ooh I’m excited to see your summer photos! :) Have a great week – I look forward to reading your post!

  2. What beautiful photos and styling! I admire the gorgeous details in the charms and the Disney Muranos really are prettier when you see them, and just as pretty when they glow-in-the-dark!
    You have many desirable Pandora charms in Europe that we don’t’ yet have in Canada and the U.S., we all have to be patient, I guess. These photos make it difficult, though!

    • Thank you, Sarah! :D The Disney muranos are beautiful in person, and I do love that they glow in the dark. The Cinderella and Elsa muranos are particularly great for that. Which charms are you missing in the US? I know that you guys missed out a lot from last year’s autumn collection!
      Thanks for commenting <3

  3. Like you, I wasn’t initially planning to get this bracelet either, but decided to go ahead and get one. I really like the spherical clasp. Now that I finally have an Essence bracelet, I’m used to and like the spherical clasp. Perhaps Pandora will continue to offer up new “clasp designs” (e.g. possible new celestial) and maybe even retire the barrel clasp and move to the spherical clasp. Time will tell, but I’m glad to see Pandora is really expanding their bracelet designs. Ah, more dings to the bank account…

    • I like the spherical clasp as well; apparently the Pre-Autumn bracelet will also have a spherical clasp, so hopefully there will be a few more variations featuring one. It would be so weird if they retired the barrel clasps… that would really signal the end of an era and the end of ‘old’ Pandora haha! But as you say, time will tell. ;)

    • I have more bracelets with the barrel clasps than with the spherical clasps, but I really do prefer the spherical clasp now. It just looks more “modern” to me. I’m glad the new leather bracelets will feature the spherical clasps, as the the leathers from last summer had the barrel clasps.

      • I agree; I think the spherical clasp is probably prettier and cleaner-looking than the original barrel clasp. But I have a total nostalgia and affection for the original clasp too, so I wouldn’t want them to get rid of it entirely haha!

  4. Hello Ellie, thanks for that beautiful review. I love the Beauty and Beast bracelet! I really want this bracelet and I’m planning to use it with the CZ Disney Collection charms.

    • Hi Priscilla! Thank you, I’m really glad you enjoyed it <3 The different bracelet designs were really fun to do. I'm sure your bracelet will look great with the Disney pieces - I'm sure a few will find their way on to mine, too!

  5. Hi Ellie this is one of the Disney pieces I want when I go to Orlando, what do you plan on putting on your bracelet. I would love to collect all the different clasp I have the original and the plain heart clasp I have lots of the different bangle clasps to. I would love the CZ heart and barrel clasp bracelet and the thread less bracelet.

    • Hi Nicola! This would be such a great souvenir – you should also have a look at the Pandora Disney parks exclusive bracelet, if you don’t have that already.
      The CZ heart and threadless bracelets are both lovely! I am loving the freedom I have with the threadless bracelet; you can make each section as big as you like, which is really very handy!
      Um, with this Pandora Disney bracelet, I think I’m going to put the Rapunzel muranos on it… and maybe make it a slightly wintry theme, which I can build in the later part of this year. Not sure yet!

  6. I yet to get mine until Jul when my friend is back from US. Happy to see your review again after a long wait.. Love all your designs and it always inspire me a lot… Cinderella blue murano match with rose gold nicely, impressed.

    Disney murano is something I start to collect, hopefully I can complete it by end of this year :)))))

    I plan to build up Mickey Minnie bracelet using this bracelet since I have LE Mickey and Minnie.

    • Oh well at least you have it to look forward again! :) And yes, I’m sorry that I’ve been tardy with the reviews lately – it’s been such a busy time and they take a lot of time to do. I am hoping that I will be able to get much more into the swing of it when Summer rolls around as there is lots I want to review!

      I’m collecting the Disney muranos as well, as they’re so beautiful and such vibrant colours. It’s a shame that we don’t have them here! I’m sure your Mickey & Minnie bracelet will be gorgeous :D

  7. Hi Ellie! Thank you for reviewing the Mickey bracelet. Love your designs, especially Beauty and the Beast. King of the Jungle is one of my favorite fairy tale charms just for the exquisite details and the Braided Heart clips are lovely.

    I do have the Mickey bracelet. Actually got two during the last bracelet promo along with two thread less and a TT bangle. The Pave’ Barrel was a Christmas gift. I passed on the Pave’ Heart since I already had the Pave’ Heart bangle. I got the Plain Heart Clasp during bracelet promo last year.

    I really do like the subtle sparkle of the Mickey Clasp bracelet and it’s not so “in-your-face” Disney. At the moment, I’m using it with my paved charms. I’ve never been a die-hard Disney fan, but Pandora is winning me over with the beautiful signature colored muranos.

    Like you, Ellie, I’ll probably never do a dedicated Disney bracelet. I’ll just stay with mini designs with my favorite Disney charms. Initially, I had planned to get Rapunzel’s Dress, Signature Color and Maximus for a mini design, but the color was much more pink than purple.
    Hopefully, as the store re-stocks, they will have these charms in a more purple hue, as I’m sure they vary in color.

    As always, looking forward to more reviews and your lovely designs. The time and effort you put into your blog is so much appreciated.

    Have A Nice Day!

      • That is so nice of you to ask! My OH did amazingly; his first marathon in 4 hours! It was such a fun weekend. :D It’s kind of inspired me to start running… maybe. ;)

        • Wow! Great accomplishment for your OH!!! Glad you had a fun weekend. I’m sure it was a much deserved break from your hard work as of late.

          Hope you see my comment regarding the review of Disney Mickey bracelet. I posted just prior asking about the marathon. I’m having a problem with my internet blinking on and off today for some reason.

        • Thanks!! He did great. He’s already planning his next ones, he’s caught the bug… ;)

          I did see it, I’ve replied to it <3 If you scroll down a little, you'll see it!

    • Hi Emily! Thank you, I’m so pleased that you enjoyed them. It was really fun doing this post and revisiting my childhood favourites a little ;) The Beauty and the Beast Belle murano is one of my favourites of the Disney collection; it’s such the perfect colour for her dress!

      I am not a die-hard Disney fan either but I am sucker for cutesy animals and pretty colours, so the Disney collection is pretty great for me anyway! Eeyore is my absolute favourite they’ve done so far ^^ I’m sure your pavé beads go beautifully with this bracelet. You really don’t need to put a lot of Disney on this bracelet; the little Mickeys are very cute but subtle nonetheless, and you can either emphasise them or let them blend into the rest of a design as you please!

      I’m so curious to finally get a pair of Rapunzel muranos for myself, haha. I hear such conflicting things about them – I suspect that they vary a lot, as you say. I’m wanting to put a pair on my Disney bracelet and then maybe do a soft pastel winter theme later this year. I did get Maximus in the bracelet promo and he has such an adorably grumpy expression! I meant to review him but am not sure if I will have time now, or if the interest is still there.

      Thanks so much, Emily! I appreciate each and every comment too, so it is very mutual. <3 Have a lovely evening!

      • Belle’s Dress and murano are two Disney I would like to have. I’m thinking about using these two charms with the White Rabbit. Belle’s Dress doesn’t look so be-headed (lol) as the others. If I do get them, I could use them for a Beauty and Beast themed bracelet as well as Alice In Wonderland. Eeyore is on my never ending list. He’s so cute. Got a call yesterday that the long awaited Luminous Pearl dangle has finally come in. Would you believe I’m stuck at home today with a flat tire and unable to pick up my Pearl after waiting this long! Asked manager to call me when FG murano comes in…I have a feeling it’s going to fly out the door same as Pearl dangle. Can’t wait to see it!

        • Aha, I only really get the beheaded sense from time to time with the Snow White dress, and that’s only because they’ve used red on the arms, which can make them look like stumps some times… which is a bit gross lol!
          Oh no, what bad timing! At least you know it’s there waiting for you :) Ooh yes I bet the FG will be a big seller. At least it seems like there won’t be any production issues this time with it – I’ve not heard any whispers of delays or problems so far, touch wood!

  8. I wasn’t originally going to get this bracelet, but once I read everyone’s comments about how lovely it was, I knew I needed to get one. The simple design is just lovely and like you say matches with most charms.
    I have one of my spring designs on it, my Disney charms are on two other bracelets.
    I have the original barrel clasps, the heart clasp, the pave heart clasp, pave barrel clasp and now this Disney one. I love all the different designs they do on the clasps.
    All your bracelet designs look lovely. The Disney safety chain matches perfectly as well.
    Look forward to more of your reviews.

    • I did the same! I’m not going to do a big Disney design on it, although there might be some Disney characters in there. I’m going to put the Rapunzel muranos on it I think :) I like that you have put some spring charms on it!
      I have… the plain silver heart clasp, the pavé heart clasp, this Disney bracelet and the threadless bracelet. I think that’s it haha. That’s not counting TT or Pandora Rose!
      Thanks, I’m really glad you enjoyed it! <3 Always a pleasure to read your comments.

  9. Do u know when they will be doing the leather bracelet promotion?
    What date? Was told in June.


  10. Haha funny but I just had to comment that I actually have like the same Minnie Mouse headband that shows in the picture that I got at the Disney World Parks I wear it all the time in public with my Minnie dress that goes with it that I also got at the parks & I also have a Mickey Leopard print dress with Mickey heads all over it & of course with the matching ears or I found ears that matched with the dress from Animal Kingdom
    I love both headband ears & Disney dresses

    Sorry if this comment has nothing to do with Pandora

  11. Oh I love all your stylings Ellie! I didn’t get this bracelet but I have a few of the Disney charms, like Minnie’s Ear Hat and Bow and Cinderella Carriage. I liked how you incorporated some of the regular Pandora charms too, especially in the Belle design, I just love that King of the Jungle and the mirror charm! I always use the clock, pumpkin, mouse in cup, and dangling mouse for Cinderella too, along with a pave shoe I have that isn’t Pandora.

    • Thanks so much Natalie! I had fun doing these :) I love mixing Pandora Disney with some of the older designs – it’s fun to be more creative with existing charms! The dangle mouse is an adorable one to use for Cinderella – I realise I should have used my mouse in cup charm ^^

  12. I know this post is old but I just purchased a Disney bracelet about 6 months ago and the Disney clasp is banged up and I only wear it to work it hits the desk while I type but that shouldn’t cause it and I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem?

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