Today’s post brings my next review from the Pandora Summer 2016 collection, with a closer look at the new limited edition Light Blue Leather Bracelet! This was one of two LE leather bracelets released with the summer collection, the other being a vibrant raspberry pink.

Image by Pandora North America

The two leather bracelet shades complement each other beautifully, and I’m so pleased that I decided to get both. I’ll be reviewing the honeysuckle bracelet later on in a follow-up to this review – but, in the meantime, read on for some close-up shots and styling inspiration for the Light Blue Leather bracelet! <3

Pandora Light Blue Leather Bracelet Review

For Summer 2016, Pandora have updated the classic leather bracelet, choosing to go with the new spherical-style clasp instead of the traditional barrel clasp. I have to admit that it does look rather elegant!

The colour of the light blue leather looks quite dull – almost grey – in the stock image but thankfully it’s actually much more vibrant in person! pandora summer 2016 high res preview

As you can see, it is much prettier in person; it’s another case where the stock image doesn’t do it justice. It’s not quite as bright as the Pandora NA campaign image at the top of this post would make it look, but it’s so much nicer than the stock image suggests.

It manages to be delicate and quite vibrant at the same time. It has a slightly metallic sheen to it, too, which lifts the overall effect further.

pandora summer 2016 blue leather bracelet stack

It looks a slightly different shade, depending on the light. It’s at its prettiest outdoors in the sun; it looks duller under electric light.

pandora summer 2016 blue leather bracelet

Now, while the colour is beautiful and the spherical clasp elegant and pretty, my one gripe is that this bracelet is not threaded – much like the threadless silver charm bracelet from earlier in the year. Charms will simply slide on and off the bracelet if you don’t have a clip in place to stop them. This is not something that I’d noticed from the stock image, and I’m sure this will catch people out regularly enough.

pandora summer 2016 blue leather bracelet

I can’t really see the point in not adding threads to these leather bracelets; you are limited to 7-9 charms with them anyway, and so it’s not like you’re going to be saving a lot of time screwing them on and off. Instead, you are going to need to add a clip as well if you don’t want your charms to fall off, which is another thing to buy.


Grumbles aside – on to the stylings! This bracelet is really easy to style; its pretty but delicate shade goes with so many different colour combinations. The Honeysuckle Pink leather bracelet, which was also released for Summer 2016, might prove more difficult with its brighter colour.

To start off with, I tried putting together a design that really brought out the leather’s summery blue shades; the Tropical Sea Glass murano is perfect for this! I’m instantly dreaming of Caribbean seas. ^^

pandora summer 2016 blue leather bracelet

For a bolder look, deep pinks and purples stand out more against the leather but still complement the shade really nicely; here I’ve used the Orchid pendant and the Shoreline Sea Glass murano, which look great against the softer baby blue bracelet.

pandora summer 2016 blue leather bracelet stackAs the colour of the bracelet is reasonably soft, you can get away with colour combinations that might otherwise clash a bit. Some bright nautical reds look great with it – pictured here are the retired Lighthouse pendant and the airline-exclusive I Love to Travel charm.

pandora summer 2016 blue leather bracelet

For now, I’ll be wearing my blue leather bracelet with the Evil Eye pendant. My parents recently went to Greece on holiday and brought me back the Evil Eye as a present – as soon as I saw it, I knew this leather would be the perfect bracelet to wear it on! I like to stack it with the green leather bracelet from last year’s Summer collection:

pandora summer 2016 blue leather bracelet stack

For a really soft, sea-spray kind of combination, they go perfectly together.

pandora summer 2016 blue leather bracelet stack

Finally, here’s a styling featuring my bead of the moment, the Flower Garden murano. ^^ It adds a nice vibrant bit of colour to liven up the paler blue bracelet; some delicate white enamel flowers soften the look further.

pandora summer 2016 blue leather bracelet


In a way, it’s a shame that the Light Blue Leather is a limited edition as it’s a beautiful colour and well-deserving of a permanent place in the Pandora line-up! It’s easily wearable all year round, as you can transform its look just by playing around with the colours you pair with it. My only niggle is that I don’t like the fact that it’s missing threads – I just can’t see the benefit with a leather bracelet.

In other news, I did manage to go and see the Summer 2016 collection (finally!) over the past weekend. I was not disappointed in person – lots of the jewellery looked even nicer under the store lights. The Frosty Mint murano was beautiful, and I’ve decided that I have to have two of those for an upcoming bracelet design I’m planning. :P I don’t know if it was the light, but it seemed like some of them had a pinker shimmer and some of them were mintier. Either way, they were gorgeous!

The Pandora Light Blue Leather Bracelet is $50 USD or £45. If you’re in the UK, you can buy this charm along with the rest of the Pandora Summer collection from authorised retailer John Greed. There are a couple of new pieces in their sale to check out as well!

Have you bought this bracelet or is it on your wish list?

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  1. I have the blue bracelet & the frosted mint Murano. My charm definitely has a pink shimmer to it & yes I am going back to Crete in July so am hoping to get the evil eye charm for myself. I was going to get it last year, but my bracelet I was doing was pink themed. This will then be a travel theme on this bracelet. Once again some lovely ideas :)

    • Hi Kerry,

      My Mint Murano has a pink shimmer. At first I thought it might have been picking up in the the punks in the flower charms placed next to it, but I could clearly see the pink shimmer when let on its own. The mint colour is there too especially when I look at the glass side on. This murano will make a nice edition to my Christmas bracelet.

      Lisa K.

      • Hi Lisa,

        The Frosty Mint muranos I looked at in my Pandora store were very white with a minty shimmer. Today I went to a shop in shop and the ones there were exactly like you described…white with a definite pink shimmer and side on view a small amount of mint shimmer. I didn’t purchase one today because, like you, I plan to use them on my Christmas bracelet and I’m still trying to catch up from spring and some older charms. The Frosty Mint will certainly make a lovely addition to a Christmas themed bracelet.

    • Yay, hope you manage to find an evil eye charm! I’ve wanted one for years but they don’t sell them in the UK. It’s a very cool charm ^^ Thanks for commenting <3

  2. Hi Ellie
    I am so pleased that you have reviewed the blue leather bracelet, it is really lovely. I sometimes think in different kinds of light it almost has a minty shade to it, which I love. I am glad that you showed the orchid on it because it goes with the bracelet beautifully, I wear my orchid on mine as well.
    I was wondering when you was going to see the new collection, some items look different in person, I am glad that the frosty murano didn’t disappoint you, I think I might go back into store and ask to have a look at a few, I would like one with a minty shade to it more than the white that I saw.
    I too don’t like it when you take the bracelet off, the charms fly off with it, especially as I am used to my lovely essence bracelet that stays put! but I’ll get used to it
    As always great stylings, enjoy your new bracelet! xx

    • Hi Marie! Oh definitely, the colour really does shift in different lights. In some darker lights it looks kind of grey and washed out, but in the sun or natural room lighting it shifts from light blue to more of a mint. It’s so pretty! And the Orchid is beautiful on it, that was one of my favourite stylings!
      Yeah, I’m not at all keen on not having threads! I don’t want to add to clips or anything else to my bracelet so it’s a bit of a pain. I just have to be careful when taking it off and on and when storing it. <3
      Thanks so much Marie! Enjoy your new bracelet too xx

  3. I bought this light blue bracelet with the new parrot dangle’ – such a pretty look and so perfect for summer. A ‘must base’ in my opinion.

    • I was looking at how cute the Parrot dangle is in the store last weekend! Such a fun charm. And it’s nice and vibrant, too, which I imagine really brings out the colour in the bracelet as well!

  4. I picked up this leather bracelet with the NA promo last week. It is just lovely and my favorite leather so far. I did order the raspberry pink and am looking forward to wearing the 2 together. I look forward to your review of that one as well!
    Now I have to check out the Frosted Mint Murano too! I wonder if the smooth ends are less expensive to produce than the threaded ones and perhaps that’s why they went with these this summer. I like it as I feel it gives the bracelet a “cleaner” look. ?

    • I got the honeysuckle pink as well – it’s just as nice, I think. They look amazing worn together, as you say. Review of that is coming soon <3
      Hmm, I also wondered about threadless bracelets possibly being cheaper... I'd be surprised if they had tried to cut costs like that though. I know what you mean about it being a cleaner look but I miss the functionality of the threads too much with the leathers!

  5. Hi Ellie
    I’m from the U.S.and love your posts.I purchased the Frosted Mint Murano which I was really hoping was a beautiful mint green but looks white here no hint of green or pink. I got it anyway because it is nice with the sparkles. Just really wanted green. I liked a lot of the spring collection especially the dahlia ones.

    • Hi Judith! Lovely to hear from you, so glad to hear that you enjoy the posts :) The Frosted Mint murano is top of my wish list for Summer now – I completely fell in love with it in the store! Thanks for sharing about yours. There was definitely green/pink shimmer in the two I saw in store, so I will pick mine out in person to make sure I get two like that. :)

  6. I really like the new light blue leather bracelet. It’s such a pretty, soft color. I’m going to get the starfish bead at the next promo to wear on the leather bracelet. The starfish bead goes amazingly well with it.

    • Yes, they had put the light blue leather and the Starfish together in store and it looked wonderful! Unfortunately I have had to budget a bit more tightly for this collection so no Starfish for me, for now, but it is a lovely bead. I want to get the Lucky Elephant and Frosty mint most of all, so they’re my next summer priorities ^^

  7. I got both! :) the blue one I put the new teal clips and the teal bubble beads with the new frosted murano, two purple pave beads and the sea horse. I had been wearing a little mermaid themed bracelet but I decided to simplify the design so I could put it on my leather bracelet. I think they went thread less so that you HAVE TO buy the new silicone clips. :/ on the honeysuckle I bought the watermelon and I made a watermelon friendship bracelet and have been wearing the two together. When it’s not summer anymore I’m going to put my piggy bank charm on it because that is my absolute favorite charm ever and with the red bow and the pink of the honeysuckle it will look quite cute! :)

    • Snap! ;) I couldn’t resist both either. Your blue leather stylings sounds gorgeous – I wish I had thought to put a little pastel purple with mine for one of my stylings.
      Yeah, that’s a good theory – they are trying to push the new silicone clips I guess. I don’t want to get any for mine though as the Shining Elegance clips are a bit pricey. Maybe when they come out with the plain silver ones in Autumn.
      The honeysuckle bracelet looks amazing with the Watermelon! They didn’t release that one here but I’ve been lusting over pics of them together on Instagram :D Enjoy your new bracelets!

  8. Another great review, thanks Ellie. I really like your styling with the tropical sea glass murano…and of course, the flower garden murano. I managed to get mine last weekend too and I’m really delighted with it. I also like the older wrapped leaf or feather charm just to the left of your flower garden, that’s really lovely :)

    • Thanks, Jennifer, glad you enjoyed it! <3 Ah, I'm pleased that you like your FG murano - but then, how could you not be delighted with it? ^^ It's just too pretty!
      That's the older feather charm. It retired some time ago, but it's one of my favourites too! Really nice and weighty, and with beautiful oxidised detailing as well.

  9. Hi Ellie, honestly I think Pandora went with this threadless bracelets to promote the new clips, I got one of the new shining in teal and set it up with my old green leather and it looks lovely. I like the light blue, buy I’m more of a pink colors person so I’ll be getting the honeysuckle pink soon. I love your reviews and designs, thanks!!

    • Hi Susana, yes that sounds very probable. I hope they go back to threads for next year’s leathers! I do like the new clips, but the Shining Elegance clips are a bit too pricey to be investing in for every leather bracelet. Your combo sounds amazing though!
      I am definitely a pink person too and I got the honeysuckle as well in the US bracelet promo ;) I’ll be reviewing that one soon!
      Thanks for commenting Susana! <3

  10. Hi, I’m currently on holiday in Texas so easily managed to pick up both in the current bracelet promotion – so excited to finally have some Disney Pandora charms. I’m not sure on what I will be putting on them yet but will be having a swap around when I get home.

    • Hi Suzanne! Yay, what a great haul :D I know that I’d go a bit Pandora Disney crazy if I ever make it over to the US, too, haha. What did you get?

  11. I just love the Summer collection and the new leather bracelets!! I also got both colors because it was just too hard to pick one. I think I told you in another post that I planned on wearing them together and put contrasting colors on them. I bought a few of the new teal shimmer muranos and I wear them on the honeysuckle pink leather with the palm tree and a few of the oceanic starfish frosty mint charms. It makes such a beautiful beach bracelet. The teal reminds of beautiful ocean waters and the honeysuckle pink reminds me of the beautiful sun setting over the water. I actually stacked it with the light blue leather bracelet (with no charms) and the sterling silver bow clasp bangle bracelet (with no charms). It makes such a beautiful Summer stack and they will be my go to Summer bracelets!!

    I also have the green leather bracelet from last Summer and I didn’t even think to wear it with the light blue leather. I’m going to now seeing how beautifully you put them together!!

    I wasn’t impressed with the frosty mint shimmer murano. At my store it looked solid white and didn’t have any color in it at all. That’s why I went with the teal. I look forward to seeing yours in a future post!!

    • Aha, I couldn’t decide between them either! When in doubt, get both. ;) Love the sound of the contrast between the teal and the honeysuckle leather – and your beautiful analogies for each of them! I have put the red coral looking glass on my pink leather and I also think of a sunset when I look at it <3

      Yay, thank you! I love that combo as well, although the light blue leather does look as nice with the honeysuckle pink leather too. It's hard to decide which to wear it with when I put it on in the morning!

      Oh no, I'm surprised you didn't like the Frosty Mint murano! I will hopefully be able to pick up a couple soon and I'll make sure to pick out a couple with a decent amount of colour to show you. :)

      Thanks for commenting Jackie! <3

  12. I love the summer blue leather bracelet but feel I am too “mature” to wear a leather bracelet. You young gals go! It is beautiful!

    • I don’t think they only look good on young people. Pandora has a few images with older models wearing them and they look good still. I think the blue colour suits any age and would look elegant without any beads or maybe one or three. If you like it wear it!

    • I don’t think you are ever to old to wear a leather bracelet. I see a lot of older women wearing them and they look simply lovely.

    • I think you can wear Pandora whatever your age! I don’t think the leathers are limited to any particular age – and a lot depends on how you style them too. <3

  13. Nice stylings! I love how you put the light blue with last year’s green leather bracelet. They are perfect together. I agree about the threads. I only like to wear one charm on my leather bracelets to keep them lightweight and comfortable, and the charm comes flying off the bracelet every time I take it off. I really don’t want to add one random clip because the design won’t look as clean. I just have to be careful when I take it off. Probably just Pandora’s way of selling more clips :)

    • Thanks, Betsy! And yes, I do love the light green and light blue leathers together – although the light blue and the honeysuckle pink also look really nice together. :D
      I keep the charms on my leathers to a minimum usually as well. As a rule, I don’t tend to put more than four on them – so it’s not like I’m saving time not having to screw charms on and off with these new threadless leathers either haha. Let’s hope that they go back to normal next year!

  14. Thanks for the lovely review Ellie. The blue bracelet is very pretty. I was thinking about the beads flying off and thought a cheaper solution to buying the silicone clips is to buy a couple of those little silicone rings. You could put one on the silver end if you wanted the beads to move around still and it would stop them flying off when taking the bracelet off. Or you can squeeze the openwork beads over the top of them and that keeps them positioned. Another thing that I did was to cut a little cut in my little silicone rings so that I can put them anywhere on my leather bracelets or bangle quickly and easily then clip the clip on top. It works really well and is cheaper than buying new clips :)

    • Very good advice – particularly the bit about cutting the silicone rings, as they are sooo hard to get on and off the leathers if you don’t do that. I think Natalie once advised me the same! Thanks for sharing Hazel <3

      • Ellie & Hazel,

        I took my bracelet off last night and spent 15 min under my bed retrieving one of my charms! Kind of my fault I put too bracelets together so I could entertain them and lost track of which of the two clips I need to undo. Still a nice reminder that the new design requires more care. Not sure if I completely understood what you meant by the silicone rings – the black ones or the new clips and putting a cut in the silicone lining? Sounds interesting.

        I agree, Ellie, that the leather bracelet should still have the screws on them, a safety chain wouldn’t look very nice.

        Ellie I love the blue and green together, will definitely be copying that idea. I have passed on the sea glass muranos in the past, thought they were too busy but you have made them look so elegant and romantic.

        Lisa K.

        • They are little silicone rings which are available in clear or black. You can buy them on Amazon or eBay. They are very cheap.

        • See, that is exactly what I mean Lisa! It’s just not very practical. I hate hunting around for a bead on the floor, I always have a slightly panicked, irrational scenario where I just never find it again lol.

          Hazel means little unbranded silicone o-rings that you can buy from eBay or Amazon. I have a handful that I bought from eBay a while back, and I use them occasionally on my leather bracelets. :)

          Thanks, Lisa! I really love the Sea Glass muranos – you can pick out a couple in store that don’t have such a busy mix of colours. And you can put them with simpler beads that make them seem less busy as well! Maybe worth having another look ^^ They just retired here in the UK, so maybe they’ll be going soon in the US as well :(

          P.S. I have seen your email and I will reply to you tomorrow, when I have a bit more time! :)

  15. Love all your different stylings. Stock images definitely don’t always do them justice. I don’t own any leathers yet, but I am tempted by the honeysuckle pink one, so looking forward to your review of that one. I wonder if we’ll have a leather bracelet promo in the UK, that would be an ideal time for me to get one.
    Look forward to more of your reviews.

    • Review of the honeysuckle will be coming soon! It is so pretty – again, much nicer than the stock image. I have not heard of any leather promo for the UK this year unfortunately and ofc it didn’t run last year. But fingers crossed anyway!
      Thanks Sarah! <3

  16. Hi Ellie, your bracelet looks very nice with the Evil Eye charm in it. We are Greek, and my mom chose that styling for her bracelet as well. On my bracelet, I have the Oceanic Starfish (this charm really was made for this bracelet!), the Tropicana charm, and the Cosmic Stars clip over top a rubber stopper. I have seen the pale blue bracelet with the Frosty Mint Murano on it, and I think it looks beautiful, so I would like to add this in the future. I have been wearing the pale blue and honeysuckle pink leathers together nonstop; it’s just such a great combo!

    Off topic, but I just saw catalog images of the Essence beads for Autumn on the Pandora’s Angels FB page. There is a new mosaic design that looks amazing and comes in a few different colors! I can’t wait to see the rest!

    • Thanks Joanne <3 - I have my own pictures of the new Essence collection too and will be posting them shortly! I love the mosaic beads as well!

    • Thanks, Joanne – the enamel and the leather match really well. <3 Sounds gorgeous, I like the addition of the Cosmic Stars - that makes it a little bit different.
      I totally agree, the two new leathers look so so pretty together. I'm working on a review of the honeysuckle leather for next week and I made sure to take a photo of them together <3

  17. Hi Ellie!
    What a lovely review. This bracelet is a very pretty color ( I love the new pink leather as well and would find it difficult to choose between the two if I was getting one right now)
    I absolutely LOVE this leather with the tropical shoreline Murano from the first pic. Would u consider adding it with the evil eye and perhaps another complimentary Murano, I think it would look incredible!
    Wow the light green and mint leathers really do look good together especially with the added facets ( add a blue one to see how much the bracelets will pop )!
    I Cannot wait to get the owl from the upcoming autumn release ( there is a Empty slot awaiting him on my navy leather…..)
    Do u usually order the medium in leathers??

    • Hi Alex! Thanks, I’m really glad you enjoyed it :D I’m going to keep my blue leather with just the Evil Eye, even though I love the Sea Glass with it – my Sea Glass muranos are on another bracelet and I love that one too much to take it apart.

      Yeah I absolutely love the new owl! I’m going to put him on my threadless bracelet with the olive facets and the flower garden muranos. He will look adorable on your navy leather, especially as he has quite a bit of oxidised detailing.

      I do – I wear a 19cm regular silver bracelet and always get a medium in leathers. It’s a nice fit, quite loose and light!

  18. Hi Ellie I wasn’t sure about the colour in the stock image but once you see it in person it is really pretty I really want both of the new leather bracelets. I agree with you about the new white/mint murano the one I saw was. More pink but I really like it and want it lol. I saw a picture of the blue leather with the new flower murano like you have done it looked lovely I would of never had thought of putting those two together.

    • Hi Nicola! Absolutely, I really don’t understand Pandora’s stock images sometimes. Their campaign photos are always nicer to be fair!
      I probably wouldn’t have thought to put the FG murano and the light blue leather together in the past, but I’ve found myself experimenting a lot more with colour in the past year or so! I think I’ve just collected enough that I’ve done most of the conventional colours and am looking to do something a bit different haha.

  19. I’m disappointed that the new summer blue leather bracelets, at my local Pandora store, are a very grayish hue.

    • They can look kind of greyish in the wrong light – in low light or electric light, they can look kind of dull. Get them in the sun or natural light, and they look so pretty! It’s possible that some are brighter than others, but it could also be the light :)

  20. Hi Ellie,

    Lovely designs for the light blue leather bracelet! I especially like the Tropical Sea Glass, turtle and white murano with it. The Oceanic Starfish was made for this light blue leather. Both designs have such a beachy feel.

    I was lucky enough to find the Limited Edition Dainty Bow Bangle today at a shop in shop, so I
    upgraded for my freebie. I picked up two White Primrose clips. My Pandora Store still doesn’t have them. I’ll be using them with the Wild Flowers Murano I picked up a few weeks ago. Such a lovely murano. Don’t know why it took me so long to get it. It is one of my favorites!

    Took a look at the Frosty Mint muranos at this shop in shop while I was there today and they all had a pink shimmer and a small amount of minty shimmer side on. All the ones at my Pandora store have the minty shimmer. Beautiful either way!

    Thanks for the lovely review and designs with the light blue leather bracelet. I still have a few charms I would like to pick up during this promo. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get the blue leather.

    Have A Wonderful Weekend!

    • Hi Emily! Yay, I’m glad you enjoyed them. This review was fun to do, as the bracelet is so pretty that I was spoiled for choice in terms of stylings <3 If I had the Oceanic Starfish, it would definitely have made its way into that first beachy styling!

      Oh it's always fun when you stumble across an LE item in store. It doesn't happen to me very often as I tend to get most things online though ^^ The white enamel flowers and the Wild Flowers murano go perfectly; I have them together on my Pandora Rose bracelet. Enjoy, they are gorgeous!

      I'm really looking forward to getting my Frosty Mint muranos - probably next month now! They're so gorgeous, whether they shimmer pink, mint or no colour at all. Definitely one to pick out in person!

      Thanks for commenting Emily - have a great weekend too and enjoy your new pieces!

  21. Ooo…I love how you’ve put it with the lighthouse that has a touch of red on it. I always love pale blue with red! My friend bought it and I practically swoon over it when we meet for coffee. So far I’ve resisted…?

  22. I was so close to buying this yesterday! It is so cute, I love the colour and the sherical clasp. But we dont have a leather promo here in NZ and I settled on just the new lucky elephant charm. Its too beautiful, so much detail. Have been shopping up a bit in online auctions and my new bracelet is starting to full up fast, but my wish list is even longer!

    • We don’t have the leather promo in the UK either – I have friends in the US & Canada who are ready to step in and enable my addiction when it comes to the NA promos, haha.
      I’m very envious of your Lucky Elephant bead! That one is next on my Summer wish list, along with the Frosty Mint. I know the feeling about wish lists… no matter how much you acquire, the list always stays about the same length :P

  23. I love it Ellie, your stylings look great! I’m excited to get mine, I hope it comes in soon. I am loving my pink one in the meantime :-D I actually like the threadless because I can get more of my other beads that don’t usually go over the threads on it so more options. Plus the threads on the leathers scare me sometimes, that they are going to separate if too much tension is put screwing a charm on/off. Haven’t had that happen but I still worry!

    • Thanks so much Natalie! Fingers crossed you get yours soon, as I’m sure you will love it.
      I can see how that’s an advantage to the threadless bracelet, although maybe not one that Pandora would approve of. ;) I only have Chamilia in terms of other brands so it doesn’t help me especially… I have flirted with Trollbeads a couple of times and finally accepted that I’m most probably only ever going to get Pandora! If I’ve not done it by now then I am probably not ever going to lol.
      Your point about tension on leathers is another good one. If a leather is going to break, it is most probably due to tensions and pressure exerted where the leather and the silver thread are glued. So maybe that was a consideration for them!

  24. Lovely shade of blue. Though it’s a summer collection, i just think how beautiful it will be for a Frozen theme bracelet. I would like to get a leather bracelet and was very sure about the honeysuckle one. After reading your post I’m torn between the two. Tough choice. By the way, does the lighter colour leather gets dirty or worn out easily?

    • Absolutely, it would be perfect for an icy blue winter bracelet too! You can dress it up any way you like really.
      I have a few lighter colour leathers – the light pink, the light green – and they all look fine. The light pink was my first one back in 2012. I don’t wear too many charms on them and I’m careful with them, but they’ve all worn very well. I’ve not had any problems with them!

      • Good to hear that they worn well. If I get this light blue one instead of the pink, I think I will wear it simple with the hot air balloon. The light blue can be the sky that the hotair balloon floats on.

        • It would look great with the hot air balloon – love the idea of the bracelet being sky :) I had kind of forgotten about how great that charm is! I must try and find one myself some day.

        • I jus ordered one because the local jeweller i go to do not have it and has to bring it in for me from another branch. looking forward to pick it up. Hopefully the blue leather is in store too. They were not sure if they are getting the limited edition leather bracelet. Fingers crossed.

  25. Since this is limited edition, does this mean this color won’t be available next summer?or even in the fall?

    • Exactly, last year I didn’t get the blue summer edition because I wait a lot of time, I tried to buy it in Christmas and I can’t find it. :(

  26. I like your Coach House style. I upgrade to silver bracelet for my 5 years old neice, I gave her Piggy bank without bracelet when I was in Hong Kong. I will give the bracelet to friend bring it to her in July to compete my gift, I didn’t want to pay Can $ 130 if I can get it free in Toronto.


  27. Hi Ellie, I just got my blue leather bracelet yesterday before the promo ended. I had a hard time deciding what charms to buy for it. I was going to get the Frosty Mint murano since it did have a bit more color to it than the last time I saw it. However I chose the Starfish charm and the shimmering teal murano. I thought the Starfish was beautiful not dull at all. The Shimmering teal has to be one of my favorites. I like the way they look on the bracelet even if they kind of match a little too much lol. Looking forward to the next review :-)

    • Hi Linda! Yay, so pleased that you did the promo too. The Starfish and teal Shimmer murano will be so beautiful and vibrant with your bracelet too. I have to say that the Frosty Mint murano has absolutely caught my eye and I will have to get that one, but I completely get why you chose the brighter colours at the last minute.
      The next review is coming soon! <3 Thanks for commenting Linda :)

  28. I absolutely love the blue bracelet. I am in love with it. I bought the two teal clips to go with the Elsa Murano and the Ariel Seashells. What a beautiful combination. Also have the starfish to go with it.
    It looks absolutely gorgeous. Would love to send you the pic of it.
    I also have the pink leather bracelet the darker 9ne and it looks so nice with the flower garden nurano and the honeysuckle clips.
    Would live to hear your comments.

    • Ah sounds perfect! Please do ahead and send me some photos :) I’m sorry that I didn’t get around to sending you feedback on your others but I did enjoy seeing them. Love the sound of the blue leather and the Elsa murano!

  29. Hello Ellie, nice review!! I got my líght blue bracelet in the special sale, and it’s beautiful… I’m starting a summer and ocean theme with it, I bought the new starfish charm and the mint Murano, and also I use a shell charm… I’m thinking to buy the parrot, the seahorse and the sailboat and add some color with a teal murano, maybe in a few months I can finish it.

    • Hi Priscilla! Thank you! You should definitely go ahead and add some of those colourful charms – I think that would be wonderful, especially the parrot and seahorse. The charms you have are a great start, too. I am so looking forward to getting the Mint murano for myself! ^^

  30. Hi Ellie! Your stylings are gorgeous! I love the tropical sea glass Murano with your turtle! You are so right about the light blue leather being easy to style! I love mine and it looks awesome with the LE leathers from last year too! I just returned from Disneyworld and my first instinct was to style Cinderella’s castle and my other Cinderella charms with the light blue leather! <3

    • Hi Carol, thanks so much! Glad you liked them – it was really fun to do this one. The blue leather just looked great whatever I thought to try ^^ Hope you had an amazing time at Disneyworld; now that you mention it, this leather is perfect for Cinderella! I never thought of that when doing the stylings but it really is.
      Thanks for commenting <3

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