Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all the details on what’s coming up for June 2016! Included this month are some live shots of and further details on the Pandora Club charm and Summer collections for 2016, info on all the promotions going on this month and a heads-up regarding a Pandora Disney sale. :D

pandora summer 2016

In terms of blog news, Pandora Summer 2016 reviews will be starting very soon, and I’ll also be posting some photos of all my recent goodies from the Pandora UK sale. :D

Pandora Club Charm 2016 Release

The limited edition Pandora Club charm for 2016 is out tomorrow! It’s a particularly lovely design this year, with beaded openwork detailing and lots of little hearts. It, of course, has the usual diamond on one side and the year engraved on the other; for a full preview and pricing, please see my previous post.

pandora club charm 2016 banner

It also comes with a cute box, although I’m not sure which regions will be receiving this. North America and some European regions will definitely be getting it; apparently the UK will not. I don’t really get why Pandora UK never opt into any of the fun packaging for special releases; it really does make each limited edition charm feel that much more exciting!

A reader sent me these great photos of the box in action ^^ (the photo on the bottom right is an official Pandora stock image of it):


Pandora Summer 2016 Release

The Pandora Summer 2016 collection is due out worldwide on the 2nd of June – aka, this Thursday! :D

pandora summer 2016 campaign

A lot of stores in the US and Canada already have their stock, although most regions have to wait until the release date proper, including the UK. A kind reader has sent me some gorgeous shots of two of the most-anticipated pieces, the Frosty Mint and Flower Garden muranos.

Readers have been commenting on how pale/white the Frosty Mint murano is in person, and not ‘mint’ at all; however, in these shots, you can see that there is at least a hint of mint in the murano, and some pretty pink flecks in the shimmer, too. Perhaps some are greener than others.

You can also see a lot of pretty variations of the Flower Garden murano in Morgan’s next beautiful live shots:

I have already managed to get my hands on the Flower Garden muranos myself – they are definitely as beautiful in person as they look in the pictures. :)

A couple of bloggers have already managed to get their hands on some summer charms as well and have already got ahead with their reviews!

My first summer review of the FG murano will be coming very soon too! <3

Pandora North American Leather Bracelet Promo

One of the more exciting events of the month, and a great opportunity to indulge in some of the new Summer pieces, is the annual US leather bracelet promo! There seems to have been a slight change in date for this promo. Originally advertised as starting from the 9th of June (see the poster below), it now seems that stores are running the promo from the 2nd to the 19th of June.

pandora june 2016 leather promo

The spends will be $100 USD or $125 CAD, receiving a double-wrap leather bracelet free. Looks like upgrades to more expensive bracelets are officially allowed this year, according to this poster:

pandora us leather bracelet promo

Pandora UK Sale 

For those of you in the UK, the official Pandora summer sale will be lasting a little longer, I think until the 12th of June. A lot of the best bargains are gone, but there are still some rather lovely Pandora oldies on sale.


I have bought some wonderful pieces in this year’s summer sale, including three two-tone beads that I’ve wanted for some time. My classic two-tone bracelet design is now finished!

Other Pandora Promotions for June 2016

I haven’t heard of many other promotions running throughout May, but Pandora Austria will be offering a bracelet gift set for a discounted price:

Image courtesy of

My fellow blogger Claudia has more details for Austrian readers, and some thoughts on the Pandora Summer 2016 collection over at her blog Happy Face 313.

Pandora Sale @ the Disney Store

For Pandora Disney fans, there’s a chance to get a handful of the retiring Disney Parks exclusive at a discount from the Disney Store online! The beads in question are the 2015 limited edition beads, including lots celebrating the Disney Diamond anniversary – they’re listed in the gallery below:

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 Previews

Finally, just a reminder that previews for the Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 collection are out! :) The charms for this collection feature the signs of the zodiac and some friendship-themed beads. Click the link above for a preview! :)

pandora pre-autumn 2016 collection

My Comment

I am particularly excited for this year’s Summer collection; the Flower Garden murano is absolutely gorgeous, and I can say that having seen it in person now! ^^ It’s one of my favourite muranos Pandora have produced yet, and the glass is exquisite. I’m also looking forward to getting the new Club charm, although I’ll probably be getting it from abroad so I can take advantage of that lovely box!

I’ve also picked out what I’d like from the North American leather bracelet promo; with two new LE leather bracelets coming out with the Summer collection, it would be almost rude not to take part! ;)

What are you looking forward to this month? What have you got picked out?

44 Comments on Pandora News Round-Up for June 2016

  1. Hi Ellie
    You mentioned the pre autumn collection are out. I thought they would not be in stores till July 21st?
    Was just wondering. Have a great day!

    • Hi Laura! What I meant was that previews were out, not the collection itself. :) The July release date still applies!

      Have a good day too!

  2. Do you know if there’s a chance Germany will also get the leather bracelet promo? The free bracelet promo in March also happened here surprisingly :) I want a bunch of new charms from the summer collection and one of the leather bracelets so that would be perfect :D

    • Hi Sabrina, I don’t know the upcoming promo schedule for Germany unfortunately – I do know that Pandora Europe and Pandora North America have entirely different promo schedules, so it’s possible that it was just a coincidence that the March promos overlapped. My fingers are crossed that you do get one though ^^ I love the new summer leathers too!

  3. Hi Ellie, I cannot wait for tomorrow and the release of the Summer 2016 collection and Club Charm!! Just a quick question about the North America Leather bracelet promo. Can we order on the U.S. website and have it shipped to the UK? Thanks for another great blog.

    Debbie x

    • Hi Debbie! Me neither! I will not be getting as much as I would have liked, thanks to overspending in the UK sales, but I can’t be too sad about that! ;) Unfortunately Pandora retailers aren’t allowed to ship items abroad, so you have to get someone in the US or Canada to help you. :) x

  4. Thanks for the shoutout, Ellie. I was so happy to see you got two of the Flower Garden Muranos and look forward to seeing more of your pictures!

    • You’re welcome! <3 You took some gorgeous photos of it. I'm looking forward to taking some of my own!

  5. Hi Ellie,

    The NA leather bracelet promo is June 9-19th, however presales begin on the 2nd (a week prior). You’ll be able to secure any LE items, and pick up anytime on or after the ofrical promo dates.

    • Hi Jane! That’s what I thought was happening, but it appears to have changed slightly… lots of retailers are running an ‘early access’ week in advance, where you appear to be able to actually just do the promo early. It’s a little confusing, haha!

    • Through friends I’ve made through the blog, mostly :) There are also Facebook Pandora groups where ladies help each other out. The Pandora community are a helpful lot! Pandora’s Angels and Pandora’s Tribe are good places to try, and well-vetted.

  6. Thanks for the shout out!!!! ???

    I always love it when a bracelet is complete, life goals LOL ! Can’t wait to see the club charm when it comes out, have you seen it in real life?

    • You are very welcome! <3 It was a great post!

      Lol, I know - the sense of achievement! ;) I've been wanting to make a classic two-tone bracelet for such a long time, too, so even better! I haven't seen any of the summer beads in person yet, apart from the Flower Garden murano - I'm really excited for the Club charm too! Although I wish the UK got the pretty boxes!

  7. Hi Ellie,

    I just stopped by my shop on shop and picked out my charms: the new club charm with the special edition box & flower garden murano. Both total $125 CDs enough to qualify for the new leather bracelet. I can’t actually pay & pick up until tomorrow but that’s ok. The gals that work at the shop in shop are phenomenal and know how much I like to aft through the selection of charms, particularly the Murano’s.
    There is some variation in the murano some have more green than others. I wanted to be able to see the green flowers.
    The new pink bracelet is lovely. I didn’t take to the lighter version released a few years ago but this deep rich pink pops!
    Looking forward to your reviews. As always your designs are superb.

    Lisa K


    • Hi Lisa! Ooh, what amazing choices :D I think those two are everyone’s favourites! I’m envious of the special box for the Club charm; I think I will have to get mine from overseas, as I would be sad to miss out!
      Glad to hear that you like the honeysuckle bracelet, as I think that’s the one I’m going to get in the promo :) enjoy your new pretties when you get them tomorrow and thanks as ever for commenting! <3


  8. Hi Ellie,

    The club charm is very nice because it’s very sparkly with the small shiny hearts. Very different from pandora’s other hearts, really.

    The girl in the pandora concept store also commented on the pink flecks in the frosty mint murano. I don’t see them in mine. I do sometimes see pale teal flecks, but the light has to be just right and they may actually be a reflection of the teal beads nearby on my bracelet. Truthfully, the bead is just white with shiny flecks in it, I think, but it’s still really pretty.


    • I was able to pick up one of the frosty mint murano early and mine is white with only the palest soft hint of color but not green/mint. It has a silver sparkle instead. It only shows the color when placed against something that is true white.
      I love mine.

      • Sounds like it might vary a little – I’m really looking forward to going and see it for myself! It’s so hard to get a proper sense of it from the different accounts and photos. Glad to hear that you like yours though!

    • Hi Lisa! Glad to hear it, I think this Club charm stands out from the other hearts as well. I love the design; as I’ve said before, it reminds me of the suit of hearts in a deck of cards.

      Hmm, I am ever intrigued by this bead haha! It must vary a little bit, seeing as some people seem to see no mint in it at all, and others a little bit. :D

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  9. I’m waiting for the pre Autumn collection in July. I will go and have a look at the new summer collection, but there isn’t anything I want at the moment.
    Looking forward to reading your reviews and your post with your new purchases from the sales and seeing where you’ve put them.
    Hope we get to see some live shots this month from upcoming collections.

    • I’m envious, haha. There is too much that I want!
      Thanks, Sarah – I’ll be starting work on them over the weekend :)

  10. I think your flower garden muranos are so pretty! I am looking forward to looking at them in real life, but I always feel a bit embarrassed to ask if I can look at different ones – the assistants in the shops by me just tend to show you the one on display and then whip out a different one and put it in a box when you ask to buy one – but I like to see all the variations and know what I’m getting haha! I really like the club charm and it is the first one I’ve liked, I always wanted a charm with a tiny diamond in, but the previous club charms have been too boxy for me. I would definitely get it if it didn’t say 2016, because this year has been such a horrible year for me, I don’t want to remember it, and I don’t think anything is going to happen in the next six months to change that! I thought again about it when you said the date was quite small but then I decided against it because I’d still know it was there! Never mind, there is plenty in the Summer collection on my wishlist and I can’t wait to see them all in the shops tomorrow! Thanks Ellie!

    • Thanks, Debbie :D They really are so lovely in person.
      I do get the slight awkwardness in asking to see more beads, but a lot of the SAs don’t realise that you care and are happy to help if you ask. :) Most recently, one helped me pick out the perfect Holly murano last Christmas! I like to see all the variations on the glass beads as well, they do vary so much!
      Aw, I’m really sorry to hear that 2016 hasn’t been a great year, that’s such a shame. Maybe next year they’ll do something even better and you can get that one instead! ^^
      Have fun browsing the new collection tomorrow! I’m not sure when I’ll get to go but hopefully it’ll be soon :D

  11. Hi there, exciting time for Pandora lover as it really is a great month with new releases as well as the free bracelet promo. Not sure if I will participate in it this month ( haven’t I regretted it every time I didn’t do it??) I would like to comment that as a person who has seen the “mint” Muranos in person ( I saw about 6 different ones to compare ) the picture above seems extremely exaggerated. I hope I am wrong and that there are a bunch that are brightly minted as the above photo depicts, however I am skeptical as the ones I saw were soooo white ( although very pretty with the icy speckles throughout). Anyhow which charms will you get in order to make the $200 in order to qualify for the the bracelets? I really love that they are using the sphere clasps with the leathers as I think it makes it look ever more elegant :)

    • Hi Alex! It is an exciting time indeed :D too many temptations!
      Well, that photo isn’t doctored in any way – the girl who took it works in a concept store and took the photo as she had noticed the pink flecks and mint in it, and thought we might be interested. :) So perhaps it depends on the lighting or the bead itself… I have seen a couple of other photos with a little bit of mint in it. I think I’d rather have a pure white one though, like the ones you saw, rather than one that was a little bit mint! Definitely one to choose in person! :D
      I’m only going to do the promo once now… because I spent too much in the UK sales :P I got some beautiful older beads, though, so it was worth it! I’m going to get the honeysuckle bracelet and two Jasmine muranos. The spherical clips definitely look pretty on the leathers… I do wonder whether they’re working up to phasing the barrel clasp out! What would you get if you did the promo?

      • Yes when I first saw the photo of the mint Murano I thought it was a Pandora promo pic, then when I saw that a person took it I knew it wasn’t doctored. I am so pleased so see there are in fact green ones floating around, although I am not sure if all stores have them. It’s good the white one will work for u and I am sure it will look so good against any winter themed bracelets as well. Ohh the jasmine Muranos are stunning! Will you put them on the new dark pink leather ? Hmmm right now the white rabbit, club charm and new garden Murano are top of my list. I have a couple bracelets I have to finish so I am kinda all over the place with random charms :) can’t wait to see all ur upcoming reviews :)

        • Yeah it’s a real picture! I’ve heard so many different things about them now that I am utterly confused lol.
          I had not thought about putting the Jasmine muranos with the pink leather but I wil ldefinitely try that combiantion when I come to review the leather bracelet! ^^ I am going to put the Jasmine muranos either on the Disney bracelet or the new Pre-Autumn bracelet, when it comes out. :) I’m already working on the FG murano review and that one will be out soon <3
          That is a very good wish list! I love all those beads :) I still have the Club charm, Lucky Elephant and blue leather bracelet to get from Summer and then I can safely say that I've ticked everything off my wish list from this collection :D

  12. Hi Ellie great post those new leather bracelet look lovely. Which one are you planning to get and what charms are you getting for the promo.

    • Hi Nicola! The leathers do look great. I’m hoping to get both eventually, but I’m going to get the honeysuckle in the NA promo for now I think. :D To make up the $100 spend, I’m going to get two Jasmine muranos – I like to use the North American promos to stock up on my Disney items, haha.

  13. :-) Thanks for adding the Austrian promo, dear Ellie!
    Will gladly be of help if anybody is interested in obtaining it.
    I’m looking forward to the club charm and to some summery turquoise and pink :-)
    Have a lovely evening :-) xo

    • You’re very welcome, it’s kind of you to offer. There’s definitely lots to look forward to from this collection! <3 Have a great evening too. xx

  14. I was back from my vacation to Toronto from Hong Kong. I saw the Club charm and FG murano yesterday in store, I will wait for the bracelet promotion to get both. Club charm is particularly attractive, I will put it with 2014 and 2015 Club charm together as a small diamond Pandora bracelet.

    • Hope you had a nice time away Michele! :) And I’m also pleased to hear that your two favourites didn’t disappoint in person; although I was pretty confident that you would like the FG murano. Your Club charm bracelet will be beautiful!

      • I had good time with my family in Hong Kong, We joined a 5 days tour to Peking to tour Forbidden City, Great Wall, Bird Nest,… This is my first time to Peking, we really enjoyed our trip to see all that great historical building in person.

        • Sounds amazing! I’d love to go there some day, genuinely. It’s on my bucket list of places to go!

  15. I love the combination of the olive murano with the flower garden muranos. So lovely and sweet. I was so focus on the two must have to get and forgotten to look at the mint murano. It look very nice, cool and icy sort of feel. Might look great with Elsa murano. I’m working on my two tone still, hopefully there will be a sale here to help me out. Haha…

    • Thanks, I’m so glad you like it! I’ll be posting some more pictures in my actual review of the FG muranos. Like the idea of putting the Mint murano with the Elsa muranos – I’ve still not managed to see it in person but I am getting increasingly curious! I’ve heard so many conflicting things about its colour now, haha.

  16. The deep pink/red of the flower garden murano is gorgeous and really makes the murano pop with colour! Did you manage to pick your muranos in person? Oh how lovely :D

    The packaging variation across different regions really baffle me! I wish everyone could get it lol :P Pandora have to be difficult don’t they? xxx <3

    • I didn’t pick them out, but I love the ones I got! They are very different to each other but both are gorgeous. I don’t think you can go very far wrong with this design :)

      Lol so true! I would love to just get the Club charm from a UK store and be done with it, but I have to have that lovely little box haha. xxx

  17. Just came back from my leather bracelet promo shopping trip. I ended up with both of the new leather colours.

    I had an interesting conversation with the store clerk who I deal with on a regular basis. I asked about the Autumn/Fall promo, thinking it would just be a charm promo. From what she told me it is in fact another bracelet promo, but with a difference. For N.America the spend amounts are going up to $150.00 (CA) but with the ability to select any of the silver (no gold) bracelets.

    So that is the latest from my corporate store..Not sure if it is legit, but I thought I would share the information.

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