Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, with a list of all the Pandora goodness coming up for July 2016! In this month’s feature, we have live shots from the Pre-Autumn 2016 and Autumn/Winter 2016 collections, a look at some previously unseen charms from the Pandora Autumn 2016 range and details on all the promos and sales on offer. :D

pandora heart flags

It’s been a difficult month for us in the UK; but, what better to do when your country is embroiled in a political and economic crisis that you can do nothing about than to blog about pretty things? ^^ In that spirit, I have more previews and reviews coming up this month – including a review of the Pandora Club Charm 2016.

Before we start: the previews for AW16 have been coming thick and fast this month. Just to recap, here’s what we’ve seen so far.

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 Collection

The biggest event on the Pandora calendar for this month is undoubtedly the release of the Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 collection, which is due out on the 21st of July a full preview is available here! <3 This release has met with mixed reaction from collectors, as it features a predominance of hearts and friendship-themed charms, and fewer original designs.

There is, however, an adorable Koala and a new set of zodiac beads!

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 Collection

We also have some live shots of the new charms, courtesy of the ever-lovely Patty Wu! The Koala looks so much cuter in this live image:

pandora pre-autumn 2016
Image by Patty Wu

You can also take a peek at the friendship beads in her photos below. (I’m sure you all know the drill by now, but please don’t reproduce these images without crediting Patty! <3)

Pandora Canada

It was Canada Day on the 1st of July – to coincide with the celebrations, Pandora released the Pre-Autumn 2016 Canadian Heart Flag charm (pictured below, left) early in Canada!

pandora canada day

Other regions will have to wait until the 21st of July, when the rest of the Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 makes it debut!

Pandora Autumn/Winter 2016 Updates

I’ve updated my original Pandora Autumn 2016 preview with two previously unseen charms – the Shimmering Medallion and the Alluring Cushion spacer. I find the ‘Alluring Cushion’ a little odd as a name (when was the last time you saw an alluring cushion?) but I actually really like the Shimmering Medallion, despite all the sparkle!

Pandora Autumn 2016 collection updated

The Alluring Cushion picture comes courtesy of the Pandora’s Angels FB page – the rest of the stock images are from my own sources.Pandora Autumn 2016 collection updated

Going forward, I also have a few more live shots from various AW16 previews! There have been a few more press events held, offering up some more photos of all the new jewellery. Here are a selection of pieces from the Pandora Autumn 2016 collection:

And some from the Winter 2016 collection, which will give you a taster for what’s next! You can see some bright Christmas reds and icier wintry blues, plus some new star pieces and gold jewellery.

The other interesting thing to note is that Pandora Rose features very prominently in this preview from Poland! Looks like Australia might not be the only ones getting the Rose collection this autumn. :D

Image by Cosmopolitan Poland
Image by Cosmopolitan Poland

Pandora Sales

The summer sales have kicked off now in many regions (we had ours early in the UK), including Asia, Australia and Europe. You’ll need to check with your local stores to see what’s on offer, as it varies a lot between regions, but most sales have started by now!

In Germany and Holland, the sales will run until the 20th of July – the day before the launch of the Pre-Autumn 2016 collection worldwide. I imagine most sales will be finishing either then or before.

Pandora Australia Summer Sale 2016

Pandora Hong Kong have an interesting sale promotion going on until the 10th of July. They’re offering discounted bracelet gift sets, each featuring a retired and HTF charm from previous years. They are all priced at $1,400 HKD ($180 USD). Examples include the 2014 Vintage Heart charm and last year’s pavé Mickey and Minnie heads:

Quite an interesting promo I think!

Pandora North American Summer Ring Promo 

Just a reminder that the 3-for-2 on rings offer is running in North America until the 17th of July! For more details, please see my post here.

pandora north america

My Comment

I’m excited for the launch of the Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 collection, if only for the gorgeous new Starry Sky charm bracelet! I have a bracelet design, featuring the beautiful Jasmine muranos, already planned out for it. :D I’m also going to be taking a look at the new Koala, who potentially might get a spot on my travel bracelet.

Pandora Jasmine murano
My Jasmine bracelet idea, to go on the Starry bracelet!

Over the past month or so I’ve mostly been tracking down older retired beads in the various sales (see Jasmine bracelet above!). Having said that, my AW16 wish list is coming along: so far, I’m planning on getting three of the new Essence beads, the Love Reading charm, the Charming Owls bead, the Heart Clasp Rose bracelet, and the new Pavé Inspiration safety chain. I also quite like the look of the Shimmering Medallion.

What are you excited for this month? Have you started planning your AW16 wish lists yet?

56 Comments on Pandora News Round-Up for July 2016

      • Can someone please tell me about a Christmas sale? I am in North America and was not aware pandora does xmas sale in the US.
        I have only been following this blog for 7 months. This is all new to me.

  1. I’m pretty sure the name alluring cushion refers to the cut of the stone in the spacer, which is a cushion cut.

  2. Maybe a dumb question about Disney Pandora…. Disney World USA has Harry Potter world….. Does that mean that HP belongs to Disney, and does that mean that Pandora could make HP charms????
    Just a wild thought that crossed my mind ???

    • Hi, Marikaisa. Harry Potter does not belong to Disney World USA. Harry Potter World belongs to Island of Adventure a park of Universal Studios.

    • I’m sure there’d be a lot of people who would love Harry Potter charms! I’ve seen some amazing HP bracelet designs in my time ^^

  3. Shimmering Mediallion is colour version of 2015 Radiant Bloom. I got Radiant Bloom with 2 Layers of Lace clips on Paved Barrel bracelet inside a beautiful jewelry box the end of 2015. I still don’t have chance to Radiant Bloom yet, I like Layers of lace clips and the box. I have 2 Flower clip and Boutique safety chain, very beautiful. Nothing much I like for the new release, I am more into retired two tone charm.

    • Well, not quite, but it is very similar! The Radiant Bloom is a lovely bead. I am quite tempted by this new charm, though – although I’m not sure where I’d put it.
      I just finished my retired two-tone bracelet but will keep an eye out for classic two-tones in the sales to add to my Jasmine bracelet too. You are lucky to have such great outlets near you!

  4. Thanks for the update. Makes sense that they released the Canada flag early for Canada Day. Explains too why I was seeing it on some instagram posts before the official release.

    • Absolutely – I think it was odd that they didn’t just release it with the Summer collection! No need to release it early then.

  5. Thanks Ellie for the updates! When do you think you might be getting prices for any of the upcoming collections?
    Also when will they be doing good there nxt silver bracelet promotion in North America?

    • No idea, sorry! I never know what I’m getting until I actually get it :) And I don’t know about the bracelet promo yet either haha.

      • Ok. Thank you for letting me know. I guess it will be good to wait and see.
        The more I look at it is think I might give for an Opal and purple theme. The fall purple murano is nice and so is the purple and red charm for the autumn just can’t think of the name.
        Have a great week!

  6. Your Jasmine bracelet looks amazing. Love the murano, looks lovely with the bits of gold. I’m very interested in the Hong Kong promo on the vintage heart. Wish they will have such deal here. I’m starting to think the rose gold might not look good on my skin tone. Can’t wait to see them in person to decide. The first 2 rose gold I would like will be light as feather and the sweet sentiment. Thank you once a gain for brightening up my day with the post. Have a good week ahead.

    • Thanks! :) I’m looking forward to getting the bracelet to put it on.
      Ah, I’ve heard a few people say that about rose gold and their skin tone, but I can’t imagine it looking bad with many. You will have to a play in store when it launches! The Light as a Feather is gorgeous!
      You are welcome, glad you enjoyed it! Enjoy your week too.

  7. Thanks Ellie! I can’t wait until it’s time for Winter previews now, I really like the look of the navy/dark blue charms. I’m hoping to add one or two blues from this collection and perhaps a ring, the fairytale bloom from Autumn and a mosaic Essence :)

    • I hope you like them when you see them! That’s a nice little wish list. I would like two of the mosaic Essence beads (blue and white I think), and the cerise Freedom. I love this season’s Essence launch!

  8. If that’s a blue star murano I’m spotting, I think I finally have my charm that I’m really excited about! It may even entice me to but the star clasp bracelet as well. The blue star series that Pandora has done has always really appealed to me.

    • It is indeed Clair! And it would be great with the Pre-Autumn bracelet :) I don’t have too many starry charms, but maybe I’ll add a couple to my Jasmine bracelet at some point!

      • Did I miss something about a blue star murano? Could you tell me where to click so I can take a look.
        Perhaps I scrolled past it?

        • I finally spotted it. It’s on the picture by avanti_magazyn. 2nd row, middle picture. There are two white stars on blue murano. Very pretty.

  9. I’m looking forward to seeing more upcoming previews this month and your reviews.
    From the pre-Autumn collection I think I’ll just be getting the clip.
    From the Autumn collection on my list at the moment is the fairytale bloom and alluring cushion. The two maybe’s are the shimmering medallion and row of hearts clip. I want to see what’s coming out in the winter collection, then I can get a better idea of what my designs are and which ones I’ll probably buy.
    It’s nice to see more live shots.

    • Thanks, Sarah! I have a fair bit planned out for this month :)
      I’ll be getting the Pre-Autumn bracelet and maybe the Koala, but overall the collection is a bit of a miss for me.
      I like the Shimmering Medallion as well! Every now and then one of the sparklier charms just catches my eye ^^
      Normally I would have annotated all the live photos to highlight what’s in them but I ran out of time! They do show off quite a lot of the new beads.

  10. Hi Ellie!

    The Starry Sky Moments bracelet from Pre-Autumn makes my list. US probably won’t be offered the adorable Koala, but the Charming Owls is coming home with me. Shimmering Medallion is a possibility as a focal point for my pink/purple Cosmic Stars and Multi-Colored Pave Lights collection. The dark purples catch my eye as well.

    Really looking forward to seeing more pictures of the A/W Collection. Lots of possibilities there. Think I’ve spotted the Radiant Hearts charm in a dark blue. I could use some blue in my collection.

    Your Jasmine bracelet is gorgeous! I LOVE IT!!! Your choice of TT pieces are perfect for the teal. The touch of gold makes it. I keep pulling up the post just to look at it again! Will be lovely on the Starry Sky bracelet.

    Hope you are having a good day!

    • BTW…Perfect bracelet for your Bound By Love charm, Ellie. I know you have tried it in a fair amount of designs, but this one is a keeper!

      Thanks for the pics!

      • Aha, I know – that poor charm has been bounced around a lot. I think it’s found its permanent home now though. Thanks Emily! :D

    • Hi Emily! The Charming Owls is coming home with me too – I just have such a weakness for all the animal charms. Love the idea of the Shimmering Medallion as a focal point for a cosmic bracelet. I’m not sure how I’d use it but I do really like it!

      You have indeed spotted the Radiant Hearts charm in a darker blue. Lots of other dark blue charms coming too. I don’t have much blue either, but am thinking I might go turquoise next rather than dark blue. Just for something a bit different!

      Yay, I’m so glad you like the Jasmine design :D that has totally put a smile on my face! Thanks Emily!

      I’m having a lovely day, thank you. Hope you’re having a great day too!

    • Me too! Love that Pandora Rose heart clasp bracelet – and I bet the bangle will be beautiful too!

  11. I actually really like the two new charms for autumn you introduced: the Shimmering Medallion (though I have no idea what I’d do with it) and the Alluring Cushion. Other than that, I’m really interested in seeing all of the new bracelets coming out in autumn. I probably won’t get anything from Pre-Autumn except maybe the bracelet someday. The winter collection reminds me of the 2014 winter collection with all of the dark blue and stars. I have both a starry night-themed dark blue winter bracelet and a red Christmas bracelet, but I don’t like the two of them together for a Christmas bracelet. It does look very patriotic, though, which is fitting since it’s the 4th of July here In the U.S.!

    Side note: I was able to get three Shimmering Ocean rings (one for me, my mom, and my friend) from the bracelet promo. I went a step further and did the promo again, getting the Cool Breeze ring, which is retiring, and two of the sparkly Oriental Blooom rings (one for me and one for my mom), which I fell in love with recently at the store. The SA told me that she doesn’t expect there to be another ring promo this year but that there may be an earring promo later on in the year, perhaps in October.

    • I’m a fan of the Shimmering Medallion, as well. I’d have to see a live image of it first, but from the stock image it’s pretty.

      The Winter 2016 collection is very 2014… very 2015 as well in fact, haha. They’ve done pretty much the same thing for three years running.

      Oh lovely ring haul! I was admiring the Shimmering Ocean ring in store the other day. Glad to hear that there’s still hope for the earring promo later in the year too. We had lots of disappointed collectors after they changed it this month.

  12. Hi Ellie. I really didn’t like anything from the Autumn collection however after seeing the live shot of the Fairytale treasure charm I’m beginning to rethink my decision lol. I really like the shimmering medallion too. Looking forward to seeing the review of the Winter collection as I hear fireworks outside my window lol.

    • Hi Linda! I like the Shimmering Medallion as well; the Fairytale Treasure hasn’t caught my eye so far, but I like the Fairytale Bloom. I don’t usually go for the decorative pavé charms, so it’s nice to see a couple that appeal to me!

      Aha, hope you enjoyed the Winter collection preview!

  13. The blues look appealing. It appears to be a lovely cobalt shade. I certainly can work with that. One of the ladies at my nearby Pandora retailer told me she had seen the starry blue murano and it is stunning. Can’t wait for the Winter collection!

    • Glad to hear it! I’ve filled up my midnight blue starry bracelet but it’s nice to see more options in terms of murano glass. I’m mostly looking forward to the new Christmas beads for Winter :D

  14. I’m not excited or plan on getting anything from this collection. Between the big Spring, Summer, then Fall collections, I don’t usually indulge in the pre-Autumn collection. I do agree with you that the starry sky bracelet is very pretty but with all the new bracelets coming out this Fall, I don’t think I will pick it up.

    On an advertising note, I think that the hand and fingers red carpet photos are adorable!! What a cute idea!!

    • I got a couple of beads from Pre-Autumn last year, as I liked the travel/pets split. This year it’s definitely the bracelet and maybe the Koala. I still have catching up to do from Spring so I’m not too disappointed about that!

      Aha aren’t they cute? I so wish I could go to one of these preview events some day!

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