Today’s post looks forward to the Pandora Autumn/Winter 2016 collections, with a collection of live shots showcasing all the new jewellery coming out this season! The release date for the Autumn collection is creeping ever closer, and Pandora has been hosting various special AW16 previews for the media or Pandora VIPs! Consequently we have some lovely clear live shots of lots of the new jewellery to keep us going until we can go and look at it ourselves. ^^

Image by topfashionmagazine
Image by topfashionmagazine

I’ve divided up the pictures into the different collections for ease of reading! The majority of the photographs are published with the very kind permission of Patty Wu, who has taken such fab photos of all the new jewellery for us – please do not reproduce them without crediting her!

Pandora Essence Autumn 2016

The more images I see of the Pandora Essence Autumn 2016 collection, the more I love it! <3

pandora essence autumn 2016
Image by Patty Wu

Here you can see the new white mother-of-pearl Generosity bead and the new Passion charm, with a CZ heart. You can really appreciate how luminescent the mother of pearl beads are in person – this white bead looks even more striking!

Pandora Essence Autumn 2016
Image by Patty Wu

Next up, we have all the new pink beads. The Appreciation bead looks very similar to the Radiant Hearts in blush that came out for the Moments collection in Autumn 2016 – it looks very pretty here, but it’s certainly a different direction for the Essence collection.

Pandora Essence Autumn 2016
Image by Patty Wu

Here we also get a beautiful shot of the new Essence gold bangle! It looks gorgeous with the new pink beads. I’m surprised that we haven’t had a gold version of the regular Pandora Essence bracelet yet, though.

Pandora Essence Autumn 2016
Image by Patty Wu

Finally, we have a look at the new blue mother-of-pearl Balance charm, which has a pretty pearly grey sheen to it in person. It’s going to be so tough picking which of these new Essence charms I want! :D

Pandora Essence Autumn 2016
Image by Patty Wu

Pandora Autumn 2016 

First up, we have a close-up shot of the new Autumn purple beads, set off on the new Pandora Signature charm bracelet. I love the patterning on the side of the Shimmering Medallion charms (either side of the pavé inspiration safety chain) – it’s definitely my favourite of those pictured here! The Nature’s Radiance charms look rather nice, too.

pandora autumn 2016
Image by Patty Wu

The colour of the Dark Purple Shimmer murano is shown off better in this shot – it would be so great for a more Gothic-themed bracelet, or some kind of dark romance styling!

Image by Patty Wu
Image by Patty Wu

On the left bracelet, you can see the new Fairytale Treasure bead and on the right the Fairytale Bloom – I just love the bloom. It’s sparkly but the glitter is offset with some really delicate detailing. I am quite tempted! (Click to enlarge the photo).

Image by Patty Wu
Image by Patty Wu

The new open-ended Pandora signature bangle looks cute and rather chic, if not quite my personal style:

Image by Patty Wu
Image by Patty Wu

The new Floating Lockets have met with mixed reviews- and I think the look of them depends very much on the charms you put inside them. It looks like you could fit more than the three petites in a single locket as well:

Image by Patty Wu
Image by Patty Wu

The Autumn 2016 rings are well-represented in the next two shots:

Pandora Autumn 2016
Image by Patty Wu
Pandora Autumn 2016
Image by Patty Wu

Pandora Disney Autumn/Winter 2016 

Exciting we also have a live look at the new Pandora Disney charms! This year’s AW16 collection is tiny, with only three charms, but we can see all of them in the following pictures.

The Disney pearlescent Mickey silhouettes bead brackets this bracelet design – the other two new beads sit either side of the dangle in the centre of the design. Despite all the sparkle, the new beads make for a surprisingly subtle Disney design.

Pandora Disney AW16
Image by Patty Wu

You can click on the image to get a closer look at the new beads:

Image by Patty Wu
Image by Patty Wu

Pandora Winter 2016

The Winter 2016 collection offers the usual split of icy blues and Christmas reds – the blues look gorgeous with 14kt gold, as you can see below:

Pandora Winter 2016
Image by Patty Wu

The Starry Night Sky murano looks gorgeous – it has the same dramatic deep blue as previous winter muranos, but the painted stars give it a slightly cuter edge.

pandora winter 2016
Image by Patty Wu
pandora winter 2016
Image by Patty Wu

The little You Keep me Warm snowflake pendant grows on me all the time – it has a little dash of gold, and it would be a really sweet gift to receive on Christmas Day!

Image by Patty Wu
Image by Patty Wu

Pictured below is the Patterns of Frost pendant:

Image by Patty Wu
Image by Patty Wu

And you can get a good look at all the Winter 2016 rings in this shot:

pandora winter 2016
Image by Patty Wu

The Crystallised Floral bead is another favourite of mine – it would have made a good Black Friday bead for this year I think.

Pandora Winter 2016
Image by Patty Wu

Patty’s photos don’t cover the Christmas beads so much, so I’ve included a couple from social media.

This shot in particular is amazing and really reveals all the cute detail on the new Santa’s House charm, along with the new snowman bead:

Image by
Image by

This shot mixes the winter reds and blues in a bold styling – I’m not sure the colour works for me, but it is certainly interesting! Both the red and blue versions of the new Adornment charm look nice and bright.

Image by
Image by

This lovely shot gives you a closer look at the new sleigh charm, decorated with red enamel and the words ‘Merry Christmas’:

Image by unica_romania
Image by unica_romania

Further Details

The Pandora Autumn 2016 collection is due out on the 1st of September. For full previews of the collection, please see my posts below:

The Pandora Winter 2016 collection is due out on the 3rd of November. For full previews, please see my posts below:

There have actually been a fair few press previews over the past week or so – and so I’ve included some links for further reading, haha, should you feel inclined to hunt for more pictures.

You can find more pictures from a Romanian preview at, or in the #aw16pandora or #pandoraromania tags on Instagram. :)

My Comment

It’s always exciting to see live shots, and, while these haven’t changed my mind on which pieces I want so far, however, they have definitely made me want them more! The Pandora Essence Autumn 2016 collection looks particularly stunning, and I can’t wait to change up my two-tone Essence bracelet with a few of these latest beads. The shimmer on the mother of pearl Essence beads looks just stunning.

The Fairytale Bloom and Shimmering Medallion charms stand out to me of what we’ve seen of the Autumn collection, although I’d personally style them with some more sedate plain silver beads rather than all the sparkle!

Which pieces are standing out most for you? Are any going on your wish list?

56 Comments on Pandora Autumn/Winter 2016 Live Shots

  1. i have just realized that i use my essence bracelets and beads so much much more often than my heart-themed pandoras…and i am definitely getting the mother-of-pearl beads once available! so nice!!!

    • I am head over heels for this season’s Essence collection as well! Definitely the ones I am most excited for from Autumn :D such a pretty shimmer!

  2. Ooh, the pink and purple Nature’s Radiance charms look pretty nice. I might have to add those to my pink and purple bracelets!
    Do you have any more information about the promo for September? Maybe i’ll include those in what i buy (i’m mostly wondering if we can spend more / save more, or if i will be driving around to different retailers to take advantage of the promo more than once!)
    Thanks for the previews! :)

  3. Love the style of the new gold charm but that big somewhat clumsy cz in the centre puts me off unfortunalty.
    Some of the charms to me have a distinct Art Deco feel , which I love. I think I can see number 12 bracelet coming on with this design in mind.
    Thank you for the updates. Always look forward to seeing them

    • An Art Deco bracelet sounds wonderful! :D there are a lot of older beads that would fit in amazingly with that theme, too, so there’s a lot of scope.

      Glad you enjoyed them! :)

  4. Hi Ellie,

    I love the essence beads even more than I did before. V. excited to get them. I also love the fairytale treasure and the cerise bead.

    Seeing the live shots, I am losing interest in the blue winter beads. They are the same but not as nice as last year’s winter blues. And I don’t need any more of the same…I do like the blue murano though. Perhaps I will change my mind when I see them. The essence are great though. And I would have to see the disney beads in person before deciding.

    • Hi Lisa! I’m all excited for the launch now as well! The Essence beads are the stand out for me too, although I think I will have to see the cerise Freedom enamel bead in person to decide on whether it works in my bracelet design or not. The cerise Moments bead looks gorgeous!

      The blue beads a bit samey to what has gone before for me, but that’s only really a problem as I’ve been collecting for a while!

  5. Can’t wait for the new essence collection!! This will make my 4th essence bracelet! Pretty much the only Pandora I buy anymore. Love that the beads don’t move! Thanks for the awesome reviews Ellie ?

    • Oh really, you’re a complete Essence convert? :D I have two Essence bracelets but I haven’t bought anything for them since last Autumn. I keep meaning to get the safety chain! I wear them all the time, I just don’t feel the urge to buy beads quite as compulsively as I do for the Moments range ^^
      You’re welcome :D thanks for commenting!

      • Maybe not a 100% convert as I will by the occasional bead to complete a regular bracelet I already started, and there’s not a ton of new essence to buy, which is helpful for the wallet, but they are definitely my preference.

  6. I love the promo shots of the new Mother of Pearl Essence charms but in theres shot’s I’m not so sure. The pink is VERY pink, like candy pink. I think I’ll need to see them in person to really decide.

    I’ve been most excited by the open-ended Pandora signature bangle but in the pic above it actually looks like a really thick bangle, thicker than I expected. I think I’ll also need to see this in store and try on to be sure before buying.

    • I noticed that as well, do you mean the pink enamel cerise Essence bead? I will have to see that one in person to decide if it’s coming home with me – I really love the stock image so I hope it’s beautiful in person!

      The bangle does look quite thick, now that you mention it – quite a bit thicker than the other two bangles in the photo!

  7. All these lovely live shot make my day. Everything looks so sparkly and shiny. I just can’t wait to know the price list so that I can plan my purchase. 3 more weeks to the Autumn release and will have my hands on the latest catalogue with all the prices. Thank you so much Ellie.

    • Aha, I know! I love seeing all the press previews before new collections come out. Live shots are so much fun and the decor is always so lovely!
      I don’t have any prices for these collections and have no idea if/when I’ll get them unfortunately. This season has just been a bit weird like that!
      Glad you enjoyed the post anyway and thanks for commenting!

  8. I like Winter collection Stary Night Sky murano and two tone clasp bracelet. Nothing much for Autumn collection, mother of pearl Essence just a copy from Thomas Sabo Karma, I have grey Mother of Pearl Karma bead, not tempted at all.

    • Yeah I can see why if you already have a Karma bead that looks the same you wouldn’t want to buy another one from Pandora. I am planning on getting the white and the pink MOP Essence beads for my Pandora bracelet! :D

      • MOP Essence bead is much smaller than Karma MOP, it is difficult to put small pieces MOP puzzle round. Ellie, you better check it well before you buy.

        • When I compare MOP Karma and MOP Essence together, I see the difference Karma is much rounder than Essence.

  9. Hi Ellie, I confirmed the charms that I want since your last AW previews, but mi budget is in problems because after those beautiful photos I want more charms… The Disney charms look amazing and can’t wait for the blue starry charms!! Thanks!!

    • Aha, isn’t that always the way? I never know for sure what the damage will be until I’ve gone and seen it all in person ;) The Disney charms do look cute, I’m quite tempted by the limited edition one. We shall see! ^^

  10. Hello Ellie,
    I think the winter collection is absolutely my style.
    I hoped that seeing more detailed photos of the winter collection helps to decide that after all, i don’t like this piece or this one…haha…. It’s quit the opposite…. And I am going to add more pieces on my list : the galaxy spacer, the vintage sky charm, the pattern of frost charm. And of course I love the starry night sky murano. It is gorgeous. Several pieces will be a good match to my starry night sky bracelet or my number 4 bracelet I intend to begin on the winter theme. I am also curious to see in person the blue radian heart and compare it with the sky blue radian heart from the previous year winter collection. I know I want one of them but I don’t know which one yet….. I am not so keen on the “christmas” charm because I really hate the red color :-) even if some pieces are really cute. And beside of that I am not a big fan of Christmas period….. I also find the Allure vintage charm from the autumn collection really cute as well as the fairytale bloom. Anyway, now i have to work on my budget :-))))) and decide how to make some wises choices…..Thanks for the post, it gets my in a very good mood and it will help my to cope with a big day at work. Once again It made my day…. ;-)

    • sorry for some writing mistakes…. they came from this damned auto correct fonction on my computer…. Grrrrrr !!!!! :-)))))

    • Hi Valerie! Aha, oh no! It’s always a bit alarming when you see a collection and want it all ;) The two blue radiant heart charms look very similar to me from the photos, so it will be interesting for me to see the difference in the two as well. :)
      I originally felt the same as you and didn’t like the bright Christmas reds, as they’re not very ‘wearable’ or blendable with other designs… but then I came up with my cute red and pastel green xmas bracelet and so I love the Christmas reds now! I just had to find a way to make them wearable for me. But it sounds like you have enough going on with all those pretty blues haha.

      Aw, I’m very glad to hear it! I hope your big day at work went well :)

  11. These pictures are just lovely!! Thanks to Patty Wu for sure for taking such great shots and to you Ellie for passing them along to us!! That Essence collection definitely stands out for me as well. Those charms are just so detailed and pretty. That gold bangle is just wow!! Although definitely out of my price range. I think I will purchase the sterling silver bangle as I don’t have it yet. I plan to fill it will all the new charms eventually. It will be my 4th Essence bracelet and they all have 6 beads on them. They all stack beautifully together!!

    I also am planning on starting a new bracelet for some of the Fall charms during the promo. I haven’t figured out how to arrange them yet but I do like the nature’s radiance, dark purple shimmer, fairy tale bloom, and the vintage allure charms. I agree with another reviewer in that they are very vintage/art deco.

    There are fewer charms I like from the Winter collection than the Fall. I do like the new snowflake bangle coming out and would like to add a few of the blue charms to it. I particularly like the patterns of frost collection and would like to add that sometime as well.

    Thanks again for such lovely pictures!! Do you have the prices yet to go with the charms so we can start budgeting, lol??

    • Hi Jackie! Yes, Patty has done an amazing job with these shots :D so often you see photos from people who have gone to these advance previews and they just haven’t zoomed in on the jewellery or they’ve taken photos of the flowers and not the bracelets… it’s nice to have a fellow Pandora addict there for once and taking all these wonderful photos!

      Your autumn bracelet sounds gorgeous. The dark purple theme will be lovely, especially if you spice it up a bit with some sparkle with the Nature’s Radiance and Fairytale Bloom!

      I don’t have any prices unfortunately :( I just haven’t received them with the catalogues this time so I might not get them in advance! I’ll update the blog if I do get them!

  12. Hi Ellie!

    Thanks for the Autumn/Winter live shots. Can’t wait to see everything in person! The Essence Collection is so beautiful. If I didn’t have so many projects going on at this time I would start a Essence bracelet just for the lovely MOP mosaic charms. I also love the rose colored Appreciation charm. Wish Pandora had used the rose color for the Autumn Radiant Hearts charm.

    There is so much from 2016 Autumn/Winter Collection I would like to add to my collection. Will have to see what my budget allows. I’m still working on a Christmas bracelet and playing catch up, so we’ll see how it goes. The wintry blues are still on my list for the Starry Sky bracelet. I do like quite a few charms from the Christmas reds and the Snowman makes it to my list as well.

    Looking forward to the September promo. Even though it’s not a bracelet or charm event, there’s still some good savings.

    Hope you are having a good day!

    • Hi Emily! I had actually deemed both my two Essence bracelets finished, but I’ve decided to redesign my two-tone bracelet so that I can add some of these new beads to it :D they go perfectly with the pink and white design that’s already on there!

      My budget is probably going to be a bit tighter for Pandora for a little while so I am goign to have to plan carefully too! The Essence beads for sure, and the reading bead – and we will see what else :D The Snowman is cute, I agree, but the xmas beads that stand out for me are Mrs Claus, the Christmas Kitten and the adorable Santa’s House! We will have to see what I can squeeze in.

      Thanks for commenting Emily! Have a nice evening :)

  13. Thanks so much for posting all of these, my list of “possibles” have just had a little reshuffle! I love the fairytale bloom and the new pictures really capture all of the detailing. This is now a definite for me, along with the galaxy spacers….and of course (at least) one Essence mosaic! ;)

    • Mm, the Fairytale Bloom caught my eye as well! It’s so delicate and cute. The kind of new-style Pandora that I really like. :D
      That is a great wish list – and it’s not too big either! I am planning on two Essence mosaics, but am not sure on which Moments charms I’m going for yet.

  14. ellie thanks for the update love the essence charms even much to choose from ,just waiting for the prices so I can plan for the September buy more save more promo.

    • You’re welcome! I don’t have any prices yet I’m afraid, so you might have to wait until 1st September to get the catalogue and see them. :(

  15. Thanks Ellie for all the lovely live shots. My list is still the same the fairytale bloom charm, alluring cushion spacers and the crystalised floral charm.
    There are some lovely pieces coming out and I can’t wait to see them in store.

    • Lovely choices! I have a soft spot for the Fairytale Bloom as well. The detailing on it is just so pretty and it’s not too sparkly at all :D

  16. There’s lots to like here, but you won’t be surprised when I say I’d like to get the dark purple shimmer one!

  17. I didn’t see many gold charms coming out. Is Pandora moving away from these more expensive charms? Thank you for your posts. :-)

    • They have been cutting back on the gold charms for a while unfortunately – there are actually more gold beads coming out for this season than there have been for a while, I think. :(

  18. When do these charms release in North America
    I’m now even more excited about the pretty pink essence charms I can’t wait to finally add them to my essence bracelet
    I’m hoping they’re out soon

    • Release dates are in the article :) I love the pink MOP Essence bead but will need to just see how vibrant a pink the enamel Essence bead is in person before I buy!

  19. I live in Canada , and currently work at a Pandora store here! I’d like to know where the new Essence gold bangle will be released because I have seen the previews for my store and there was no Essence gold bangles in the previews. I love and live for Pandora I own everything! I’m very curious about this bracelet ! I will be purchasing the gold moments bangle coming out as well ! Can’t wait

    • Hi Katia! I didn’t see the Essence bangle in the Canadian booklet either – so perhaps it’s not coming out there? It was listed in the European and UK booklets so it’s definitely coming out in some regions, if not the US/Canada. :)

  20. Hi ellie I am I’m love with the essence range and I thought I would never say that I think I live every piece lol. The blue pieces look very nice to and lots of the rings.

  21. Not much has caught my attention over the summer but it looks like I may have to start a “go fund me” account now to get all the charms I want from the Winter collection. LOL…. I love the winter blues… most of those will be built on a blue and gold bracelet I started last year. Can’t wait to complete my winter blues with all the snowflakes and blue pieces with the “Heart of Winter” at the center.
    I am anticipating some of the two tone pieces as well. the “Loving Circle” and “Celebration of Love” are my favorites. They may find their way onto the Winter Blue bracelet just to bring out more of the gold.
    I simply cannot wait until November 3rd.
    Yeah for this new collection!!!!

    • Hello Pam
      It seems me have the same issue you and me :-) We almost want the all Winter collection. :-). I find a lot of these blue pieces so gorgeous. It will be hard to choose or at least be reasonable….

    • Aha, I’d need a pretty much bottomless go fund me account to get everything I’d like in an ideal world! ;) Blue and gold sounds wonderful – a really rich and pretty combination. The little dashes of gold amongst all the deep blue sounds perfect!

      Have fun adding to your bracelet come November the 3rd! :D :D

  22. Hi Ellie…thanks for the sneak peak! Any chance you know how much the new two tone bracelet or the silver treadless necklace will be?

  23. Hello!. Thank you very much for your posts and previews. I really enjoy and appreciate them Regretably I must say I like them all. Every piece is sooo beautifully made. And when I come to see them in person it´s even worse because I like them more. And, of course, I´m not going to buy all of them. The wintry blues are superb and I think I´ll end up with some of them, as well as some purple of the autum collection but I have to work things out carefully because there are some pieces I still want to buy from previous collections and my wishlist goes to the moon and back at this moment!
    Changing the subject, I´d really be grateful if you could include Spain in the list of promotion alerts.They are really mean here grrrr!

  24. Wooo pretty! However I have to narrow it down and my top two are the new freedom one and the Santa house, how adorable the white enamel snow . I’m glad I have a big enough collection to just get one or two from each release… the newer style sometimes fits in with older, but more often it doesn’t. Not a Fan of the necklace personally. Great shots from these sources!

  25. Would love to have the essence gold bangle, have been really into mixing metals this season! Always, really! Will the regular bangle come in gold as well? Thought I read something about that too! Thanks for all the content for us Pandora addicts!

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