Exciting news today as we have our first sneak peek at an upcoming Pandora release from 2017, with a preview of the Pandora Chinese New Year 2017 charm! Every year, Pandora release one or two charms in celebration of the Lunar New Year in one of my favourite traditions from the brand – have a browse through my previous posts to see what has come out already. This often inspires some of their more unique and striking designs, and I look forward to seeing what’s new every year!

pandora CNY 2016

The Chinese New Year follows the lunar calendar, and will fall on the 28th of January in 2017; last year, the Pandora CNY release was made available with the launch of the Valentine’s collection in mid-January, so that may well be when we can expect this charm to launch. It came to more countries last year, although not the US & Canada, including the UK and Australia, as well as Asia!

This year’s design is just stunning – read on for a preview and further details! <3

Pandora Chinese New Year Charm 2017 Preview

This year’s design is a Dancing Lion, using a gorgeous mix of translucent red enamel and sparkling pavé. Its face looks to be highlighted by some clear white enamel, to me, and either CZ or black enamel eyes.

pandora chinese new year 2017 dancing lion

The dancing lion is a very recognisable symbol of CNY celebrations, and in some ways I’m surprised that Pandora haven’t gone for something like this before some of the less obvious designs, such as the Chinese Doll or the adorable Piggy Bank charms.

Image via Wikimedia Commons
Image via Wikimedia Commons

Thanks to the Pandora’s Angels FB page, we also have an adorable sneak peek at one of the campaign images featuring this bead. It looks just stunning with the gold beads!

Pandora Chinese New Year 2017
Image courtesy of Pandora’s Angels

My Comment

I am rather blown away by this year’s CNY design – Pandora have outdone themselves! The use of enamel is just gorgeous, and I love how they’ve managed to make the the charm’s face so detailed and stylised, and yet also so sweet. This one is undoubtedly my favourite CNY bead to date.

My CNY red leather bracelet is rather full, but I will have to add this bead! I’m thinking of moving all my beads away from my red leather and putting them on to a silver bracelet design, and adding a little hint of pink cherry blossom to complement the red. I can stack the leather with that bracelet!

pandora chinese new year 2016 bracelet

What do you think of this year’s CNY bead? Will you be getting it?

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  1. Hi Ellie, thank you so much for another post! This CNY charm looks amazing! I really love the details on the charm.

    • Hello I wanted to know if you know the Pandora promotions that will have in Canada in 2017 !!! thank you and passing your blog is vrmt interesting

  2. Hi Ellie. The charm is relly nice as everything Pandora does but I won´t be buying anything red. If I were there would be enough Cristmassy reds to fill a whole bracelet!!!

    • Hi Marie! Ah, fair enough – I like the red, as it means it fits in well with all the CNY beads that they’ve done previously! But I get that it’s hard to style otherwise!

  3. Oh and you red leather bracelet looks really cute!!!!. That´s the magic of Pandora, isn´t it?. You can design your bracelets to you own taste and then reshuffle or change them completely!

    • Yay, thank you! <3 I like the red leather as it is, it just would be too many charms on it so I kind of need to upgrade to a silver ^^ it is fun to reshuffle anyway, as you say!

  4. Hi Ellie, Really like this charm. Kind of wish that there were some other colour options. Might be cool to see this in blue or yellow. As Marie said its a bit Christmassy!

    • Hi Alex! I’m quite glad it’s red, as it means it fits perfectly with the other CNY beads and it’s easier to make a single design using them all :) but I can see how it’s problematic if you weren’t keen on the red to start with haha!

  5. Really enjoyed this review Ellie, as always. ? Definitely excited about this one!! Although I still haven’t gotten around to purchasing last years cute piggy ? bank. I really love wearing my leather bracelets with just one charm (or no charm) and then stacking them with a silver bracelet of co-ordinating colours. Xx

    • Thanks so much, Libby! ? I love it, too, even more than the cute piggy bank from last year! I like how this lion is cute but also kind of elegant too. You should pick up a piggy bank if you get the chance tho! ^^ the leathers look perfect like that, that’s often how I wear mine too! I don’t like to fill them up too much xx

  6. I love the lion. Such a unique design and the detailings are fabulous. Surely a charm I will look out for. But not sure where to put it with my collection. Like yourself, I will need to reshuffle my charms around to accommodate it.

    • Completely agree, I think it’s stunning! ☺️ I am already planning out a new silver bracelet design to fit this one in, which I’m really excited about! Hope you have fun redesigning your beads too!

        • I’m also finding a new home for my robin charm, which is currently on my Christmas bracelet but needs to move to make way for the Christmas Kitten! ^^ I’m thinking it might look nice on a mini bracelet design on a bangle with the Black Friday Poinsettia.

  7. Hi Ellie I don’t know what to think of this one it’s very different to there usual style. It also looks very detailed and striking I’m looking forward to seeing it in person.

    • Hi Nicola, I’ve seen a few people online say that they’re not so keen but it was love at first sight for me, I think it’s lovely ^^ perhaps it’ll win you over in person! ?

  8. Wow!!! Ellie thank you for this new!!! Haha do buying the lion dance charm. What not to love! Great details n I am
    still chasing the Russian goldfish charm?

    • I am new to this blog, but I am also trying to find a way of purchasing the new Russian Charm , if any one can help with any information I would greatly appreciate it.

  9. Hi Ellie,

    Thank you for sharing the Dancing Lion preview! This is the most amazing charm Pandora has done since I’ve been collecting. It will definitely go to the top of my list if offered to the US. Love the use of translucent red and the clear pave’ stones really set it off. Well done Pandora!

    • Hi Emily, so nice to hear that it has won you over too! I absolutely love it, too. I hope it comes to the US this time, I never understand why north America gets left out of the CNY releases :S

  10. Love the charm! Its one if the best they have done in a while I think! And I’m not even a CZ’s fan! I have a Asian themed bracelet as my father has worked there a lot. Its only such a shame lots of Asian themed charms are hard to get. Luckily I hope to get the piggybank charm soon, and this is on the list as well, even before the latest Pudsey charm! If they did it in white it would be stunning too! Or in green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, pink! The dragons can have every colour, so this is a bead I want them to copy as much as they can ?
    Anything on the price yet? I think with all the CZ’s it would be a lot higher than last years charm ?
    Thanks again for the amazing sneak peak!!!

    • I totally agree! It’s definitely my favourite to date as well. The older Asian beads are pretty hard to track down, but the more recent ones have been released in a lot of countries and are much easier to find :) aha I like your idea of doing this one in lots of colours! That would suit everyone’s tastes ^^
      Not heard anything at all about the price yet, but I’ll update if I do! I think you’re right in that it’ll be a little bit pricier :(

  11. Oh wow, I love this one! Thanks for the preview – don’t think I’ll be able to resist it assuming it’s available in the UK again :-) I don’t have any Chinese New Year charms yet, but do have the single red leather which I wore plain last year – I’d been thinking of starting to put together a Chinese New Year mini-design anyway, maybe using the oriental bloom dangle which I need an excuse to buy as it doesn’t go with anything else I have! Pretty sure this is going to tip me over the edge into definitely doing that :-) Hmm, might have to try to track down some retired charms – I love the dolls, lantern and poppy murano you have on yours <3

    • You’re welcome! Love the sound of your cny mini idea, you should definitely go for it! the Oriental bloom would be an ideal centrepiece :) the Orchid would also be nice, although the red of the Oriental bloom would probably go better with the other red beads you’re considering! <3

  12. Ellie,

    This is a lovely charm I particularly like the cultural meaning behind it, in fact it speaks to the story telling that Made Pandora bracelets & charms so attractive in the first place. Perhaps that is partly why the Fairytale Fish is popular. For those visiting China it will be a lovely souvenir of their time, for X pats a way to reconnect with their heritage. I wish Pandora would do more meaningful charms & a little less of the Fine Jewelry (pave balls, blingy button charms) that they seem to be producing.

    The red enamel is stunning, as Alex said it could look cool in other colours.

    Thanks Ellie, your dedication is appreciated.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa, I couldn’t agree with you more, and I love your point about storytelling :) that’s why character beads are so popular with dedicated collectors I think! Would love to see more in this style <3 this just proves the kind of thing they can produce when they want to!

      Thanks for commenting Lisa! ❤️

  13. I really love this charm. I lived in Hong Kong as a child and always loved Chinese new year and the dancing dragons. So this won’t be coming to the US? I wonder how I can get my hands in it…

    • Well, in previous years, the CNY beads often haven’t been released in North America, for whatever reason, but I don’t know whether that is the case against this year. I’ll update if I find out. If it isn’t, there are often lots of collectors who are happy to help out and send them abroad so you could always get one that way!

  14. Hi there,
    Wow you couldn’t have said it better Pandora surely outdid themselves, this bead is STUNNING! It is bold and glamourous, almost Rich looking! After a big Pandora break for a couple months I can’t safely say this will be added to my Grey mini Asian inspired bracelet.any possibilities the US will get it this year? If not you will have to recommend someone who can ship to me! So exciting :)
    Any word on the Valentine’s Day release !!

    • Hi Alex! It’s certainly possible the US will get it, they often haven’t in previous years but I don’t have any info either way on this charm yet :) I will update if I hear – but of course I’ll help you find one if you can’t get it! <3
      Lots of hearts again for valentines I hear, and a couple of new bracelets :)

  15. I certainly would get it if it were available in North America. After last year, though, I doubt I’ll have that opportunity.

  16. Wow, what an interesting charm! I love the translucent red enamel laid over the swirly designs. It’s nice to see Pandora create a really different charm from their usual fare.

  17. Love it so much !!! I for one am very happy they stick with red and very pleased it’s a different enamel option. Gorgeous and yes definitely getting one !

    • I love the red too! I’m a big enamel fan, so the bright colour doesn’t bother me at all ❤️ glad to hear you love it too!

  18. I will definitely get this as I celebrate CNY and my CNY bracelet is always needing new charms! I currently already have the Fascinating red murano, yellow murano, red lantern, all three Asian dolls, money bag, ingot and some gold charms and some from other brands. This will fit right in!

    Thanks for the update Ellie!

    • Sounds just gorgeous, Bebe! I was just browsing through some CNY and Asian themed bracelets online last night, and red & gold is such a stunning combination. I think I’m going to go red with a hint of pink for my fuller design, as I love the Wild Flower Tribute and Cherry Blossom muranos together.

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  19. Love the design, could do without the paves, I don’t buy the pave charms, not a fan, but do love the design, the pave areas could have been white enamel or just plain silver, but I do love my piggy bank from last year.

    • Yes I agree, with enamel would be more ‘classy’ I think…
      hope to see it in person, but most likely that’s not going to happen…

      • It wasn’t in the North American catalogue I saw for Valentine’s Day, so I guess it’s not coming out there in January at the very least – hopefully it will make it to other regions for January!

    • I don’t mind the pave in this instance, but I do think you’re right that it would have been just as nice (and a bit cheaper, I imagine) with plain silver or some iridescent enamel instead! I love the Piggy Bank as well! :)

  20. Wow, definitely interesting! A new look for Pandora. The only CNY charm I have is the piggy bank, I just use it more as a cute pig for my farm animal theme. Probably won’t get this one but I still like to see Pandora trying out new ideas.

    I don’t know how I missed all these new previews, I need to go look at your Valentine preview now, Ellie!

    • I agree, I think this is so different and really very lovely! I hope it does well <3

      Hope you enjoy the Valentine's preview! I think there are some nice things coming up!

  21. Does anyone know any authorized Pandora retailers from Europe, Asia or Australia who will ship globally ( to the US to be specific )
    Thanks in advance for anyone’s help’

    • A lot of them have been shut down or closed in recent months unfortunately :( there used to be Republic of jewels in Ireland and Pandora store.be in Belgium, but neither are open currently! :/

      • O no!!! The belgium store too??? It was the only option for me to get CNY charms! I’m getting more and more upset with the strict rules….. ??

  22. Thanks for this post. I just discovered that there are CNY charms! Would you know if the CNY charms are available in Canada? Also, are the ones from the previous year are still available in store in Canada? I would like to get a bracelet with all the CNY charms. Thank you.

  23. It’s cute but boy oh boy how annoying that they put colour and glitter in everything now. I can’t create a silver bracelet anymore without my friends noticing a dash of colour and suddenly gifting me a bunch of same colour pandoras which is great but frankly uncomfortable since now I have so many beads that colour clash.
    After seeing this I was inspired to go online and check what others have to offer and here: https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1WCDlMVXXXXbVXpXXq6xXFXXXd/Chinese-font-b-Lion-b-font-Fairy-Beads-Fit-font-b-Pandora-b-font-font-b.jpg
    Why can’t they consider something simpler, something like this?
    To be honest I just went and bought that bead and since the theme was China and it is clearly made in China I don’t even feel guilty about it. It is my first ever non pandora bead but you know I feel fine now. I was always concerned about adding non original beads to my bracelet but I don’t regret it.

  24. I love this charm! Do you know how I would be able to purchase it from Asia being that I live in the US. Any suggestions?

  25. Okay, I’ve just asked been asked for another lion. My local store only has two left now and won’t be getting more in. To post to US, including a little box of about six CNY envelopes to give in The year of the rooster, which comes with the charm, is all up AUD 100. If anyone else is interested please speak now and fast.

  26. Approximately what is the cost for the dancing lion in Asia. I have someone making the trip and would like her to pick me up one (or two) dependent on the cost.

  27. Hi, can anyone help please? I would love this gorgeous dance lion charm but I’m in the UK. Would you possibly be able to get hold of one to be able to post onwards??

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