In today’s post, we have another exciting preview, with a full look at the upcoming Pandora Valentine’s 2017 collection! ♥ Once again, Pandora have mostly gone traditional for their Valentine’s Day release, with a lot of heart motifs and sparkle – however, there are also a few nice surprises included, with new birthstone jewellery and a couple of bonus new Pandora Disney beads.

Pandora Valentine's 2017 Preview

I don’t have a release date for this launch yet but, going by previous years, I would predict that the date would be 12th January. I’ve included prices where I have them – if it’s not listed, then I haven’t been given a price for that item yet! :)

Pandora Valentine’s Day 2017 Collection Preview

First up, we have the charms! These primarily feature a mix of baby pink enamel and a deeper cerise, and all are heart-themed. One of the most striking for me is the Encased in Love bead, which features openwork hearts around a central cerise stone – I can imagine this one looking so pretty in person.

The Love Struck charm will be offered with a special gift box in North America, much like the Love is Forever bead from last year’s Valentine’s release.


There are also a couple of Disney Valentine’s beads pictured here, both featuring the classic Mickey silhouette – these will certainly launch in North America, but I’m not sure about other regions currently. These are pretty simple designs, but would be good to fill out a Disney design without going too OTT or to add a subtle splash of Disney to one of your other bracelets!


There are two new bracelets making their debut with this collection! One is a new Dainty Bow bangle, which looks just lovely, and the other is another special-clasp charm bracelet – the clasp on it is based on the existing Love of my Life clips, and is very similar to that of the limited edition Circle of Love bangle from Mother’s Day 2014!

In North America, the heart-clasp charm bracelet will be part of the Open Hearts bracelet gift set, which will include the bracelet, 2 Row of Love clips and the Encased in Love charm (pictured above).


To match, we have a handful of accompanying jewellery, including a new set of Petites charms for the Floating Locket necklaces! The really cool thing about the Pavé Drops earrings is that they are reversible; you can wear them either way round, with either the smaller or the larger pave studs showing.

In North America, the Loving Hearts of Pandora necklace will initially be part of the Loving Hearts of Pandora gift set with the existing Sparkling Hearts earrings (290568CZ).


The next set of jewellery offers something a little bit different, however. Pandora have recently released new versions of the birthstone rings and charms; they are following those up for Valentine’s 2017 with new versions of the birthstone earrings and brand-new birthstone pendants!

The birthstone earrings are priced at $50 USD or $55 CAD.

Pandora Valentine's 2017

I just love the birthstone pendants; they’d look lovely on either a bracelet or a necklace. They are priced at $40 USD or $45 CAD.


My Comment

This collection is, for the most part, pretty standard Valentine’s fare from Pandora, but I like that they’ve changed it up a little by including the new birthstone jewellery – the pendants are gorgeous!

My favourites of the charms are the gorgeous Lace Heart with the bow, and then the Cerise Heart Glass bead, too. I’m not at all sure how I’ll use them yet, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out! ^^ I would also love to get the new heart-clasp bracelet, which I’d use with my CNY charms – what with the amazing new Dancing Lion bead coming out for Chinese New Year 2017, I need to upgrade from my red leather to a proper silver charm bracelet!

What do you think of this collection? Will anything be making its way on to your wishlist?

96 Comments on Pandora Valentine’s Day 2017 Collection Preview

  1. Hi Ellie, thank you for the preview ?. My favorite from this collection is the new heart clasp bracelet and the Encased in love charm.

    • Hi Jen, you are welcome! <3 Absolutely, the Encased in Love charm looks just gorgeous! I love that they've gone for some cerise beads lately, it's such a pretty shade. The heart clasp bracelet is a must for me, too.

  2. Ooh, I like the Love Struck and cerise heart glass charms. Might have to pick up that heart clasp bracelet, I have two pandora bangles but no snake chain bracelets! Lol. I will have virtually no paychecks this coming year! Haha.
    Thank you for sharing! :)

    • Oh wow, it’s interesting that you went for the bangles instead of the regular bracelets! You should definitely consider investing in one of the traditional charm bracelets, too, they’re so much fun to design and fill up. ^^ I really like the cerise beads, as well!
      You’re welcome, thanks for commenting! :)

      • In Hawaii we are all about the bangles! Lol. A lot of the jewelry here is locally made with shells and pearls on them.
        Yes I will be saving up for a traditional one. But for now I’m going to buy charms that I hear are discontinuing.
        I wish Pandora would extend their free bracelet promos to online as well!
        Have a great day!

        • Good plan! :) There are so many beautiful things retiring that I’d get them before they’re gone! The bracelet will be around whenever you want it.

  3. Hmmm. Maybe the encase in love charms are a good match to the cerise Radiant Hearts (?). Let´s see. Anyway I´m still so concentrated on the new design I´m planning for winter and trying to decide which ones of the discontinued pieces I really want to get before they are retired, that I don´t feel in the mood for a new release. At least now, haha!
    The lace heart is really gorgeus as well as the cerise glass heart, though not for me. I must say that at first sight I´m not very impressed.

      • If you look on retailers’ websites, they often have a ‘last chance’ or ‘retired’ section that states what the latest retirements are – have a particularly good one for North America. I do try and post future retirements when I get the info, but I ran out of time this year! Jahndra from has posted an initial list of items that are due to be retired early next year as well, I think. :)

        • Reading the My a Xpressions blog, she says the Small Floating Locket charm won’t be making a comeback. That’s ashame; it’s such a lovely charm. I’m glad I was able to snag one before they were gone and (so far) have no problems with it.

        • That is a real shame! :( Maybe they’ll do something similar at some point in the future. It was such a cute concept!

      • Last Saturday I was in my nearest boutique and had a very interesting chat with the SA there. It seems that quite a good number of pieces even from recent collections, i.e from last X-mas and even from this past summer are going to be sold only till January. Then they have to return them all to Pandora. Orders from HQ in Denmark. Apparently when they decide to give up producing an item they relocate the remnants to keep selling them anywhere else till they are completely sold out.
        I supposse Pandora then changes the design and bring a new version sometime in the future.

        • That is really interesting info, Marie! I have noticed a real change in their business model lately in terms of retirements. Charms are not given long before they are retired if they are not selling. Thanks for letting us know!

    • Yes, I imagine it would be stunning with the cerise Radiant Hearts! It’s such a pretty shade – I was a little disappointed not to see any red for Valentine’s Day, but the richness of the cerise is a really nice alternative. I’ve been buying a lot of retired Pandora lately (there are so many gorgeous pieces going that I would be so sorry to miss them), but I will definitely have room for a couple of these pieces too!

  4. The collection is Wonderful. I loved the crystal earrings, the rock crystal pendant and ribbons ring of love (already on my list). Unfortunately here in Brazil only arrive in May, our Valentine’s Day is 12/06. Thank you Ellie by post.

    • Oh of course, I remember someone telling me that about Valentine’s in Brazil this year. It’s a shame that you have to wait for these pieces! :( Thanks for commenting, glad you like the new collection!

  5. I really like the lace heart, encased in love and the new bow bangle. They are all very pretty but I don’t think any will actually come home with me. What definitely will though, are the birthstone earrings and pendant charm. I’ve been hoping Pandora would update the earrings since the new rings arrived! :)
    Thanks for another great post Ellie, I really enjoy all the advance previews!

    • I thought people would be pleased with the new birthstone jewellery! The pendants are a great idea, in particular, I think. My must-haves are the Lace Heart and the new heart-clasp charm bracelet, but I will definitely keep an eye out for the cerise Encased in Love and Cerise Hearts murano in person too.
      It’s my pleasure, thanks for commenting! :)

  6. Thank you for the update. I really like the encased in love charm & cerise glass charm. Nice pops of colour without pave.

  7. Hello Ellie
    I a not a great fan of Valentine collection…. too much heart for me :-)
    But I have to say that the birthstone pendant and earings seems really beautiful… There is only one problem : I don’t like the color of my birthstone wich is grey for June…. Not so cute…. i’d rather prefer blue, green or pink :-)
    But wait and see…. maybe I’ll change my mind when I will see it in person or maybe i’ll buy the birthstone earings or pendant from an another month :-) and pretend I was born in March, August or October ;-)

    • Hi Valerie! I don’t think that you need to be tied to your birthstone at all! ^^ I love the original birthstone blooms, and have them in my actual birthstone (September) but also in December, just because I liked the colour. I’m also thinking about going back for the garnet and pink opal ones if they show up on sale again, because they’d be great for a bracelet design I’m planning!

  8. I like the cerise heart glass and encased in love bead. They look like they will match last year’s In My Heart enamel heart bead (that I never got). I like the birthstone pendants, too.

    • That’s true, that sounds like a really nice combination. The deeper shades for Valentine’s are really nice to see. The garnet January pendant would also be beautiful for a Valentine’s design.

  9. Although there are some of the typical Valentine’s Day motifs in this collection, there are also some very different pieces, such as the Lace Heart, which I love. I also really like the Cerise Heart Glass, Encased in Love, Bow Bangle, and Pave Drop earrings. My Valentine’s Day bracelet is full, so I’m not sure where I’ll put the new charms. I am building a new bracelet around my the Cerise Radiant Hearts, so hopefully the Cerise Heart Glass and Encased in Love charms will work well with that.

    • You picked out some very pretty pieces! I love the Lace Heart and cerise beads, too. I don’t tend to keep my Valentine’s or heart beads on any one particular bracelet, I shift them around a lot, so I don’t think I’d have any problem fitting in the Lace Heart. On the other hand, the Cerise beads are beautiful, but very striking in colour, so they’d be harder to slot in. I’d have to have a think about where to put them!
      Your cerise design, on the other hand, sounds perfect! I’m sure they’d all look lovely together.

  10. My picks are pretty much the same as yours, Ellie :-) The Cerise Heart Glass for definite, which I think should play nicely with last years Wild Hearts murano, and maybe the Lace Heart depending on how the colour looks in real life. Not sure where either would live, but so far I’ve just been putting charms that don’t fit one of my 3 main themes on random leathers, and sort of hoping that something will come together one day!

    • Oh I do that with leathers, too! If I’m not sure where something should go, I usually just put together some homeless beads on a leather bracelet to tide me over. They often migrate on to silver bracelets at some point. ^^ It comes of too much impulse buying when it comes to new collections or sales! ^^
      The Cerise hearts would look gorgeous with the Wild Hearts bead, I love that idea :)

  11. Thank you for the preview! I love the cerise heart glass. Can see them going nicely with the previous valentine muranos ?

    • Me too! And the January garnet one would be lovely for anyone who is disappointed that Pandora didn’t do red for Valentine’s Day again. It would make a lovely Valentine’s centrepiece, or just for a subtle Valentine’s necklace too.

  12. I too would do the encased in love beads with a cerise radiant heart in the center. I like the birthstone pendants but, for some reason, the earrings not so much. Maybe I’ll change my mind when I see them in person. Thanks for the preview!

    • That sounds beautiful – some plain spacers in between each one might be pretty, too! I like the birthstone pendants best, too; they are beautiful. I don’t tend to buy Pandora earrings, as my hair often covers up my ears and it’s not worth investing in pricier ones. :) You’re welcome, thanks for commenting!

    • Hi Oana, I’ve not heard anymore about it yet I’m afraid! :( the last rumour I heard was that it had been pushed back to Pandora SS17, but no further news or confirmation of that yet.

  13. I’m in trouble. Lol. I like the love script, lacy heart and disney ones too. This is my kind of collection.

    • Aha, I’m sure many of us are in the same boat! The Lace Heart is beautiful and one of my must-haves, too. I also like the heart clasp bracelet. The Cerise hearts murano glass bead I would love, providing I can find somewhere to put it!

  14. Hi Ellie,

    What a nice surprise to see the 2017 Valentine’s Day Collection this morning! As much as I need a break from Pandora, there are a few must haves for me from this collection.

    The Lace Heart is gorgeous! I’m hoping the color will go nicely with my Glittering Hearts as I have been wanting to build on that bracelet. The Cerise Heart Glass will be a lovely addition to my Cerise Radiant Hearts I’m using for Christmas. Once the holidays are over, I’ll be needing some charms to replace the Christmas ones.

    As much as Love Struck is very fitting for this charm’s name, Pandora has reused another from a retired charm…such as Vintage Allure. What’s up with that?

    The Open Your Heart clasp bracelet looks nice. I already have the clips, so I would be ahead of the game. I’ve had regrets not getting the LE Circle of Love bangle. I’ll have to see the color in person of the Open My Heart Clips to make a final decision on those.

    Thanks for the lovely preview. Have a wonderful week!

    • Oh, I forgot to mention the lovely Dainty Bow bangle. I think this bangle would be stunning done in Pandora Rose and worn with the rose Sparkling Bow ring!

      • Ah, it would look great in Pandora Rose! They’ve not done a solid bracelet in Pandora Rose yet, this would be a nice one to start with!

    • Hi Emily!

      Mm, that was one of my first thoughts too – that the Glittering Hearts might go with the Lace Heart very nicely, for a soft, shimmery romantic styling! I never got round to getting the Glittering Hearts, but it is gorgeous. The heart clasp bracelet is another one that I very much like the look of – I want to play down the sparkle and romance of it by using it as a basis for my redesigned CNY bracelet. It should add a touch of glamour without being too OTT :D You make a good point that it’s a great one for anyone who is maybe new to collecting or missed out on the Circle of Love when it first came out. :)

      Yes, I’ve noticed that they’ve started reusing the names! They’re just good names, I guess, haha.

      Thanks for commenting, Emily, and have a lovely week too! Glad you enjoyed the preview. :)

      • I paired my glittering hearts with the blooming dahlia dangle and the fairy tail blooms. Finished off with the blooming dahlia clips. The delicate fairytale bloom brings out the silver on the leaves of the dahlia and the glittering hearts match the enamel on the dahlia. Some eternity spacers and Muranos in blush pink are next.

  15. Yey been waiting for days now for this release, thanks for posting!! I very much love this release overall. Much better than last years which I found rather dull, I love all the pops of color in this release. So much I admire from this release such as be my valentine, live script, love struck, the lacy bow and the lovely versatile drop pendant birthstones. My overall faves are the love script and be my valentines which I will likely get both :) I knew you would love that Murano, it’s soo U Ellie ;););)

    • You are welcome, lovely! That is a lovely long wishlist, I’m very glad that this collection was worth the wait :) although, having said that, we actually got it almost a month earlier than last year’s Valentine’s preview – it just seems like longer for some reason! Aha, I do like my pinks and murano glass :D I’m just not quite sure where I’ll put it yet. I’ll have to get brainstorming!

  16. I always love seeing new previews. It’s nice they’ve made this a slightly different release, adding the birthstones and Disney ones. I like the lace heart and the forever hearts ring.
    Thanks for the preview Ellie.

    • I know, I was really pleasantly surprised by the birthstone pendants! They’re a nice thing to drop into the Valentine’s release. :) You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed it!

  17. I love the new dainty bow bangle as i have the full set (earrings, pendant and ring) definitely will be on my wishlist for valentines day

  18. I like the new heart clasp bracelet Pandora are very clear with designing new clasps. They know suckers like me will want them lol. I also love the birth stone range I have the old version of the ring, I also like the new one too and they would look great together.

    • Aha, I know, they’re evil in that way! ^^ I almost collect the bracelets as much as the charms now, haha. The new birthstones are really pretty, I’m just glad that I’ve got a couple of the original bloom charms before they went!

    • Claudia, how exciting! Lucky you. I’ll look forward to hearing about it, is it a press event? :D
      Have a lovely week, too, and enjoy Thursday!

  19. Wow I love the lace heart! That would go so nicely on my favourite bracelet! I also like the heart murano, and the love script is pretty as a present from someone special. Thanks Ellie for an exciting advance preview!

    • Isn’t it pretty! I’m not sure where I’ll put it yet, but it doesn’t look like it would be hard to style :D You’re very welcome!

  20. Hi Ellie,
    We have the same favourites! The Encased in Love charm is my overall favourite. I think it’s girly but in a fun way! It will look great with the Wild Hearts murano and the new Cerise Heart murano.
    Love Dora

  21. Oh my God! I’m in love ❤ with this collection!! The gift set with the new bracelet is a must have, I also want the Cerise Heart Glass, Love Struck and the Lace Heart… And of course the Disney’s charms!!! ? with the BF and Christmas promos, and this beautiful preview I’ll get crazy doing my budget

    • Aha, that’s so nice to hear :D it’s been great reading how much everyone likes from this collection. I love the Lace Heart and Cerise Heart Glass, too, and the new bracelet is really cute! I’m going to use the bracelet to give a little sparkle to an upcoming CNY design I’m planning for.

  22. Hi Ellie! How wonderful to see a Valentine’s collection preview! I absolutely adore the Cerise Heart Murano! Such a lovely and vibrant shade of pink! I also like the Lace Heart. It’s such a beautiful soft shade which is very feminine and unique! Finally, I am very intrigued with the birthstone pendants. They are so pretty and will certainly be quite versatile in terms of styling! <3

    • Hi Carol! I know, the cerise beads have been beautiful – it’s a nice contrast to some of the softer pinks they’ve been doing lately. The Lace Heart is a favourite of mine, I hope it’s a really soft peachy colour in person. :D Glad to hear that there are things you like, thanks for commenting!

  23. Thanks Ellie, what a happy collection to see today. Love the Cerise Heart Glass and Encased in Love and maybe even the Love Struck. I already have the Cerise Radiant Heart and the Wild heart muranos, these will look great with that. I will also get the two Disney charms to go with my Mickey bracelet since my bracelet is subtle and these will fit nicely. Was in the store today and the lovely sales associates told me that the Pandora rep was just there a couple of days ago with the collection to show them (I happen to live near the Pandora headquarters for the Americas, so the rep is in my store quite a bit) they said that the charms are gorgeous in person and they are not ones for embellishing. Something nice to look forward to in the cold winter months.

    • Yup, that sounds like the perfect Valentine’s combo – the cerise heart glass, encased in Love, along with the cerise Radiant Heart and the Wild Hearts murano. A few plain silver or clear pave beads among them and it would be just stunning!
      Ah, that’s really encouraging! <3 Jahndra from My Xpressions said that she had seen some live images and that the beads looked as nice in person, so I'm really looking forward to seeing them all for myself!

  24. Lovely collection. My favourite are the bow bangle and lace heart. Thanks for the preview. We are all so spoilt by you. Nearly a post everyday.

    • Those are two very popular choices! <3 I really like the bow bangle, too, although I will probably focus on getting the heart clasp char bracelet instead, as I 'need' a new one for the CNY design I'm planning!
      Aha, thank you, so pleased to hear you've been enjoying all the posts! That week off work I had last week was so great for really sitting down, putting together some posts and just spending a bit of unrushed time with the blog. <3

  25. Thanks for the preview Ellie! None of these are really grabbing me, but that’s okay as I want to see what they have planned for spring <3 I think I'm just saturated with heart charms so it has to be really unique for me to buy another heart as much as I love them.

    • You are welcome! Yes, it’s no surprise that there are lots of hearts in this release again – but I do really love the Lace Heart and the heart-clasp bracelet, so they have still managed to tempt me, despite all the heart charms I have a already! Let’s hope they come up with some really unique things for ss17 though. :)

  26. This is why I love your blog so much!! I love getting the sneak peaks to see what is coming out next!! The charm that I like the most from this collection is the encased in love charm. I have several other of the cerise colored charms on a bangle and the color is so beautiful!! I will definitely be adding this one to it. I also plan on picking up the bow bangle because I have the ring to match. I might be sold on the locket concept now. The petite charms they are coming out with for it are absolutely adorable!! In my opinion, they are so much prettier than the Origami Owl. I bought the petite locket with the single charm in it that they have since recalled. I don’t have issues with mine but I’m paranoid every time I wear it. Do you think I could exchange it for the larger one so I can collect the charms to go in it? Those Valentine’s day petites are so cute!! I also think the birthstone jewelry is pretty but it is very played out for me. Seems like every time we turn around there is new birthstone jewelry. I like the pendants but I will have to see them in person to decide if they are for me. Thanks Ellie for another fabulous post!!

    • Aha, thank you! <3 The cerise shades are beautiful, I think that charm is stunning, too. I'm most tempted by the murano, though, it's so pretty!
      Pandora were offering exchanges or refunds in some cases for the Floating Locket charm, so if you do want to change it, they would probably let you. That one has been discontinued due to the problems with it, so there's a good chance they'll let you trade it in - especially if you want to pay the difference for a bigger one!

      I guess this finishes off the new birthstone range, though, lol - we've had charms, rings, earrings and pendants, and I'm not sure what else they could possibly do now haha. Birthstone bangles? (Although that might be quite cute!)

      Thanks for commenting, Jackie! So glad you enjoyed it!

  27. ellie do you have any prices for this collection and have you heard about any special deals the day after xmas? thanks for all of your hard work and you and your family have a wonderful holiday!lookung forward to all the new in 2017!

  28. I wonder how the Cerise murano would look with the Flower Garden murano from last spring? I’m not a “pink” person myself, but I have a sister-in-law who is.

    Truly, the pink and heart themes are so overdone, and though I’m rather impressed that Pandora designers somehow manage to roll out new variations on the same theme every year, I’d really love to see something different. But I say that every year, and obviously I’m in the minority, lol.

  29. My picks will be Cerise Heart Glass, Love Script and possibly Encased in Love. I have come to realise that I enjoy having colour on my bracelets and thus working on adding colour to my bracelets. I have the Heart Glass in the lighter pink and thought the Cerise Heart Glass will complement it nicely. Time to add the Wild Hearts Murano to my collection too. I had been holding it off for so long.

  30. As someone that is EXTREMELY new to Pandora, just got a bracelet for Christmas, I love the new charms! Especially the Encased in Love and the Wonderful Love! My braclet has pink accents, as it’s my favorite color, and I love the hearts. So these would make a perfect addition to my bracelet! Good job Pandora!

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