Today’s post brings a round-up of recent Pandora Disney news, including an update on the Pandora Disney Parks & regular Disney collections for Autumn/Winter 2016, and the news that Pandora Australia has just received a new wave of Disney releases!

Pandora Disney 2016

I previously posted stock images for both collections, which you can see below:

What follows are some gorgeous live shots and pricing for all the various beads, which came out last Thursday. The live shots in this post are, for the most part, reproduced with the very kind permission of Leona Hunter, so please don’t reproduce them without crediting her! <3

Pandora Disney Parks AW16 Live Shots & Pricing

This year’s Disney Parks AW16 collection is a smaller affair than usual, with just a handful of new beads. However, there are some nice designs, although I would have liked to see a couple of new festive charms. We didn’t get much advance information this year, and I wasn’t sure of the release date, but it turns out that these did launch with the Winter 2016 collection also.

They’re now available for purchase on the US Disney Store and in Disney Parks locations, too.


To start off with, we have the Mickey Minnie Shimmering Ear clips, which will certainly add a bit of texture to your Disney design! I can imagine these looking great as focal pieces on a bangle or leather bracelet.

They retail for a somewhat pricey $85 USD each.

Next up is the colourful Magical Fireworks bead, which does look a lot like flowers to me! Each flower is made up of coloured enamel and a matching CZ. It retails for $65 USD.

The I Love Minnie bead offers a beautiful pop of red and is much more striking to me than the corresponding I Love Mickey bead, which is instead white. This bead is $75 USD.

There will also be a 2017 limited edition bead, which isn’t out yet, but this is pretty much a dupe for the original 2015 limited edition Disney Parks bead – I’ll include the stock image here again.

pandora disney parks aw16

Intriguingly, I also have a stock image for a Mickey Mouse Yin Yang bead, supposedly part of this season’s Disney Parks collection, but I don’t know when/where/if this is still coming out, as I’ve not heard anything else about it. Again, I’ll include it for reference! :)

pandora disney parks mickey yin yang

It’s quite an elegant little charm, so I hope it does get to see the light of day!

Pandora Disney AW16 Live Shots & Pricing

There are just three new additions to the regular Pandora Disney line, which is available in Pandora concept stores as well as Disney Parks locations.


The Pearlescent Mickey Silhouettes bead retails for $60 USD or $70 CAD, and features some lovely mother-of-pearl cut-out Mickey faces – it’s based on a really classic Pandora MOP design that featured cut-out hearts, rather than Mickey Mouses!

Pandora Disney 2016
Image by Leona Hunter

The Mickey & Minnie Love bead offers another version of the iconic kissing silhouette, and retails for $75 USD or $85 CAD.

Pandora Disney 2016
Image by Leona Hunter

Finally, the Mickey & Minnie Sparkling Icons bead is a limited edition offering for this season, retailing at $80 USD or $90 CAD. I was actually pretty tempted by this one!

pandora disney winter 2016 le bead
Image by Pandora Orland Square

Especially considering the cute box it comes with!

Pandora Disney Holiday 2016 LE Bead

Pandora Disney Australia Release

Happy news for Pandora collectors in Australia and New Zealand – Pandora just released some of the missing Disney beads there, including Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty, Tinkerbell and the adorable Winnie the Pooh charms! <3 These charms were already out in North America, but had yet to make it out in Australia, where the Disney collection is a little newer.


Just in time for Christmas! ^^

Pandora Disney Spring/Summer 2017 Rumours

In terms of upcoming Disney, rumour from several sources suggests that we will be getting Donald and Daisy Duck charms, but I’ve not heard about anything else. The ones I would most love them to make would be more Winnie the Pooh beads (Piglet, Tigger!) and some other cute animals, such as from Bambi. 

My Comment

I haven’t bought any Pandora Disney beads for a little while now, not since getting the adorable Maximus bead from Spring 2016. Some of these new designs are rather nice, particularly the Mickey Minnie shimmering clips, but I already have a few Mickey & Minnie beads and I’m waiting for other characters to add to my collection before I buy more!

What do you think of these latest Pandora Disney charms? What are you keeping your fingers crossed for next year?

41 Comments on Pandora Disney & Disney Parks AW16 Live Shots and Updates

  1. Hi Ellie,
    Did you know that they are discontinuing all the princess crowns here in Canada? They are on the last chance tray at my local pandora concept store.

    • Hi Tara,
      I can’t speak for Canada but all of the Disney Princess crowns are retiring here in the USA. In fact most of them if not all are no longer available on the Pandora website. I scored one off of eBay and I just tracked my shipping so it looks like I may get it today. I got the jasmine crown, I’m excited. It will be my first disney princess crown. Hopefully you can score the ones you want too. They are so cute. I want cinderella next.

      • I’ll be keeping an eye to see if they turn up on Rue La La – there are a few retiring Disney beads, but they don’t seem to have received any yet. I wonder if there are rules prohibiting them from carrying them or something! :)

    • Hi Tara, yes I was aware! I was told that they never sold as well as the other Disney princess charms – I guess because they are less instantly distinguishable from the other. It would be nice if they went on sale at Rue La La!

  2. I really like the Magical Fireworks bead! I like the matching enamel and CZ. I, too, hope we see some new character beads soon!

  3. I would really like to see more character releases for the exclusive Disney parks beads. I agree – to much minnie and Mickey. We all have them and want more characters to add to our collections. Was really hoping for a nice Beauty and the beast charm considering it has a big anniversary this month.

    • I agree, I would love to do a beauty and the beast theme bracelet as that is one of my favorites. I hardly wear yellow so I don’t think I would wear it often enough to justify the cost.

      • No, I wouldn’t wear yellow either – but I’d call Belle’s murano more of a golden colour. I wear it on my classic two-tone bracelet and it looks gorgeous! Some more beads in that sort of shade might be nice.

    • Well, there’s the big Beauty and the Beast film coming out next year, so I would imagine there’s a big possibility we’ll see more B&B charms for that! :)

  4. I’m holding out for Pooh – though I also love Bambi, and would most likely buy those too, if they ever get around to it.

    It doesn’t surprise me that they’re focussing so much on The Mouse. They do that at the parks, too. His image is on everything from coffee cups to bars of soap. But I agree, enough already. There is a wonderful array of characters to choose from besides large walking rodents.

      • Definitely! Mickey & Minnie were never my favourites to start with, I didn’t really have any videos featuring them when I was growing up.

    • Yup, I need Tigger and Piglet! I’d buy those in a heartbeat. Eeyore is still one of my favourites!

      Yes, I get the appeal of Mickey/Minnie too, but I agree that it would be nice if they kept up introducing one or two new characters with each collection too I think. Like, they did Olaf last year, and Jasmine, which was a nice little mini release to tide people over until the big Spring launch, and I think that worked quite well!

  5. Hi Ellie, first I’m going to start of by saying how much I love and appriaciate your blog. My question is, do you know when Australia will be getting the beauty and the beast charms? I’ve been waiting for ages.

    • Hi Naz, thank you! <3 I'm afraid I haven't had information yet, but if I do hear, I will let you know. I imagine that, with the next Beauty and the Beast film coming out next year, they might hold them back until then before releasing them to tie in with the publicity with that film. :)

  6. I agree that we have more than enough Mickey and Minnie charms.I used to work in a Pandora store and was excited about the Disney Collection but I would like to see more of the original characters like Goofy,Pluto, Bambi & my all time favorite Dumbo. There are so many characters they could do.Heres hoping they do!

    • Oh my gosh, Dumbo would be so cute! I’d definitely have Dumbo, too. He always used to be my favourite when Iw as little.

  7. I would like Tigger, Olaf and some different princess charms. I wondering whether they’ll release some Beauty and the beast charms, with the live action film coming out next March.
    I can’t wait to see what they bring out.

    • I would be very surprised if we didn’t get even a couple of extra B&B charms – they seem to tie in their Disney launches with the films coming out or Park anniversaries, so it makes sense! I still want one of the rose <3

  8. The clips are quite nice I really like the red I love Minnie charm, I would love them to make a lion king charm also some more princess charms but they have done the most popular ones so I can’t see them doing any more. Donald and Daisy would be so cute I would love a goofy too.

    • Yeah, maybe they’ll just stick to the most popular franchises with the princesses – but it would be nice to see them do some for Tiana, too. And Mulan!

      I like the I <3 Minnie, too - the bright Disney reds are so pretty.

  9. Hi Ellie, slightly off topic here. I saw someone selling a love is forever charm. The center stone is pink cz. I have seen it with the clear cz but not pink?

    • Hi Ashley, the stone should be clear CZ, not pink – Pandora never made one with pink. Was this on eBay? If so, there are a lot of fakes there, so it’s probably not legit!

      • No it is on mercari. I am very selective and research before I buy used. I did score a jasmine crown on eBay for 25 and it is authentic. I’m always cautious but yes there are alot of fakes out there. I did ask the seller to hold until I got paid. I will just thank them but say my plans have changed.

  10. Omg I’m so so excited cause I have the red I ❤️ Minnie bead on it’s way which will go with my I ❤️ Mickey bead & I got the 2 new Mickey & Minnie head clips & the food and wine festival dangle Mickey charm & they’re all on there way here to me & I can’t wait to get them I just thought they looked so cute especially the clips
    I love how my Disney parks collection keeps growing but I can’t believe it was so small this year compared to last years like we got no Christmas beads this year at all & plus it was leaked very late which I was quite surprised at that but I’m hoping they’ll up their game next years release this coming spring of 2017 & coming out with more & please no more gold ones Disney that I can’t afford I wanna at least be able to afford them

    • Oh yay, that is exciting!! <3 I wish it was easier for me to get hold of some of the Disney parks charms - if ever I make it over to the US and get to a Disney park, I will be buying up in bulk lol!

      Haha, I'm hoping that they'll do some more characters for the next Disney Parks collection as well. :) Gold is out of my price range, too, but a little two-tone might be really nice?

  11. Hi Ellie, I really like the limited edition one, and the white heart with Minnie and Mickey kissing. I will likely to get the limited edition one though it’s pretty pricey at AUD$119. Saw the TT mother’s day bow heart charm on last chance tray. Hoping it’s still there comes boxing day sale. Fingers crossed.

    • Hi! Sorry I missed your comment at the time <3 I am passing on this entire Disney collection, but I hear that there are some gorgeous pieces coming out for spring next year so I will save up my Pandora pennies for that!

  12. Hello! Love the blog! I just got into pandora and the Disney exclusive charms this past summer. I saw that last year they had a beautiful Christmas charm and others… is this the entire autumn/winter 2016 line or are there possibly more to come for this season with the park exclusives? Thank you in advance!
    Amy :)

    • Please respond when possible…. I am going to Disney in a few weeks and I am trying to plan how I am going to spend my money! :) Thank you again!


    • Hi Amy, sorry I missed your comment first time round :) this is it for the Pandora Disney AW16 collections yes, there’s no more to see. There’ll be more for spring in March, but this is it for the moment!

  13. Hi Ellie,
    I love your posts!!
    I’m wondering if you would know if the Yin Yang Mickey Mouse charm got created? In the store nobody knows and most of the time I know more than them thanks to you ?
    Thank you,

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