Today’s post brings my next Pandora Autumn 2016 charm, with a closer look at one of the new hobby beads – the I Love Reading charm! This was something of a must-have for me, as I am an avid reader – I did literature at uni and by day I work at a publisher’s, so my life is pretty heavily tied up with books! I also used to take a lot of pictures of my charms with books, haha, as you can see here:


And here!

pandora floral nostalgia 1 mod

Read on for some close-up shots and inspiration as to how you might use this bead! <3

Pandora I Love Reading Review

I’ve been wanting a reading hobby charm for a long time, so I was really happy to finally see this one. In the end, Pandora have opted for an engraved dangle, with highly polished and smooth surface; it is really shiny in person!

Pandora Autumn 2016 Love Reading

A few people were disappointed by the simplicity of the design; the I <3 Reading motif is maybe a bit simplistic, and doesn’t represent much of the creativity that goes into an actual book, but – at the end of the day – this is a fun little charm to go on a pretty charm bracelet, and it doesn’t necessarily need to incorporate anything more complicated, I guess. If you’re looking for a more detailed book charm, and one that isn’t a dangle, the Fairytale Book might be a good alternative! :)

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

One of my favourite aspects of this charm are the adorable silver spectacles attached to the bead! I don’t need glasses to read, but the detailing is so cute and quirky that I just love them – for me, they’re what give this charm a little bit more interest and stop the design from being rather basic!
Pandora Autumn 2016 Love Reading

Like the previous Valentine’s and birthday card charms, this charm is articulated and actually opens to reveal a little quote inside. It’s a sweet little motto, and it does touch a chord with many days spent letting an afternoon go by and just getting immersed in another world. It also reminds me that I am lucky to work with books in my everyday life, meaning that time spent with them doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure for me.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Love Reading

In relation to the previously mentioned card charms, one problem that occurs with them is that the opening often becomes loose over time and the charm starts to fall open unintentionally while you’re wearing it. I imagine the same will be true of this book charm, sooner or later. My Love Note charm (pictured below, complete with old school Mora Pandora logo and photography..!) was actually pretty sturdy and held out for a couple of years, but the fastening has given a little bit and it now swings open pretty easily.pandora valentines 2014


So, my idea for this first styling was sparked by the quotation inside the charm – ‘Ignore the things you have to do and just enjoy a book or two’. For me, that conjured up a lazy summer’s afternoon, sitting in the garden in the sunshine with a good book and afternoon tea!

Pandora Autumn 2016 Love Reading

To finish off with, this is how I am actually wearing my Love Reading bead. With so many charms retiring, I’ve been feeling pretty nostalgic when it comes to my Pandora, and I’ve been putting together a few bracelets that pay tribute to some of my favourite older charms and styles. I also wanted to go back to basics in terms of this design, picking out some of the simplest of Pandora’s new charms and pairing them with some classics from older collections. The Love Reading, Origami Crane and Maximus pendants fit pretty perfectly with this.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Love Reading

This is probably one of the most ‘charm bracelety’ bracelets of all my designs – it’s pretty dangle heavy, and features an eclectic mix of themes and objects. It looks at its best when it’s actually on the wrist! :)

My plan is to add little hints of Disney in amongst the regular charms, and build up a very subtle Disney design that way – as you can see, I’ve used the Disney bracelet and Disney safety chain! :)


It’s so nice to finally have a charm for readers. Pandora perhaps could have got more creative with this design but, at the same time, its simplicity does mean that it will fit in with so many different bracelet stylings; it’s also fantastic to have another plain silver bead, with no CZ in sight – not even on the bail of the charm! I would still love them to do a writer’s charm as well; a typewriter would be amazing, or perhaps an ink pot, fountain pen or some other such thing!

The Love Reading bead is $45 USD or £35. If you’re in the UK, you can buy this charm, along with the rest of Pandora’s collections, from authorised retailer John Greed.

Did you get this charm, or is it on your wish list? Would you have preferred a different design?

58 Comments on Review: Love Reading from Pandora Autumn 2016

  1. Hi, can you please tell me if Pandora will be having anything special for Black Friday? If I have missed this info already I do apologize. Thank so much!

  2. Hi Ellie,
    Thanks for the great review. I also love reading and find it easy to ignore the jobs I need to do when I’m reading a good book. As a child my favourite place to go was the library and I would get out as many books as I was allowed and go home to devour them. I really like your design with the leather bracelet and I think if I were to ever get this charm that is how I would style it. I think it would be great if the book didn’t have a message inside though. If it was blank inside then maybe you could have your favourite book quote engraved inside. One of my favourite quotes is from Anne of Green Gables “Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?”. I would be awesome to be able to have that engraved on a little book charm!
    Thanks again for the review x

    • Libraries were magical places when we were kids, and still are…I remember book mobiles in my small town, because we had no library except for at our school, so in Summer, we’d be out on the sidewalk waiting for it to pull up. Lovely anticipation of good books to while away the hours!

      • Oh we had one of those as well! It used to come to the school and each person from the class would pick something to read. I hadn’t remembered that in years ^^

    • Hi Hazel!

      Ooohh yes, I absolutely adored Anne of Green Gables books myself and that quote definitely applies to me! That would just be a nice quote to be engraved on any charm, I think – although it would be hard to fit on just one I guess haha. It would be nice on just one of the heart beads!

      Thank you, really glad you enjoyed it! :D x

  3. The inside quote is nice but I always loved the one that says, “Books fall open, I fall in.” There are so many things they could have used and can’t please us all…this will do nicely and I love the specs, too…if you don’t wear glasses now, you may do so one day…seems inevitable as we age!

    • Ah, I’ve never heard that before, but it’s lovely! ^^ It would have been nice to have the charm engravable in some ways, but at least the quote they chose does work well for everyone as you say. I do wear glasses for some things currently as I’m a bit short sighted, but not yet for reading ^^

  4. I love reading too. The charm is very pretty. I live in Argentina and I can only buy Pandora when I travel. I read all your posts, congrats

    • Thank you very much for reading! <3 Glad you liked this charm too - I hope you can find it on your travels, too :)

  5. Hi! Yes I love this charm as well as Disney’s charms but unfortunatelly we can’t get them in Poland :-( But I found them on Can I trust this site? Do you know if they sell real silver and gold Pandora Jewelry? :-)

  6. Hi Ellie!

    What a beautiful post! ? I was initially a little disappointed at the simplicity of this charm, however, it has slowly become endearing to me. I too am an avid book horder… er.. collector, but only for pleasure. I escape my work through reading; this charm perfectly denotes that. I may purchase this charm in the future; for the interim, I did take your advice and purchased the Fairy Tale Book Charm due to the intricacy in detail. Still, this charm is absolutely lovely and sweelty signifies a readers love for books! I absolutely adore your earlier post pictures showcasing charms on books. I have done this in the past with my own blog posts (showcasing different items on books) and currently practice using book pictures for my personal Social Media profile pics.

    Thank you again for this wonderful post! I am so excited Pandora finally got on the band wagon and created a lovely charm for us book aficionados.

    Margaret ?

    • Hi Margaret!

      Aw, thank you! Aha, I hoard books too – one wall of my bedroom is literally just a wall of books, Beauty and the Beast style! ;) And there are so so many books just around. I constantly run out of room and they end up getting piled up in random places, too, haha. I can understand why people find this bead a little unimaginative, but I think the little details – the quote, the spectacles – give it a little edge and it is so pretty and shiny in person! The Fairytale Book is adorable, though, and definitely the one I’d choose if I had to have one (luckily, I don’t! :P). Books are just so lovely to take pictures with, aren’t they? I always try and work out what the photographer was reading, too, if they’ve had the book open in the picture, too. ^^

      Thanks for commenting, Margaret, I’m so glad that you enjoyed the post!

  7. Hi Ellie,

    I love this charm not because I am an avid reader, I love to read however my husband adores books on a level that I cannot compete. Many of our travel photos include pictures of him reading or standing in front of famous bookstores like Shakespeare & Company. If I were to buy this charm it would be more as a sentimental tribute to him. He wears glasses so it is perfect.
    I know that some might prefer a more detailed design like those found on rare leather bound books you see in old bookstores or in libraries but I love this modern design that is understated and the message becomes the focal point. Although the idea of having your favourite quote engraved is a nice one. I think this charm can be easily integrated into many designs, your leather bracelet design is my favourite.
    I am so glad it is free of Pave stones on the bale & no enamel on the book. I have moved this charm to my favorited list. It might just rnd up on my travel bracelet.

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa!

      I agree that this charm looks beautiful without pave and enamel. I do wish the “I <3 Reading" was written a little fancier, but I absolutely adore the concept! ? I love that this charm reminds you of your husband! ? I have a few Pandora charms "unrelated to love" that reminds me of my hubby. This is a wonderful tribute for him. I would definitely encourage you to snag this piece solely on principle! ??

      Margaret ?

      • Thanks Margaret,

        I thave both mine & my husbands initials & Zodiac signs but the love of reading charm truly celebrates him. I will take your advice, this one will be coming home with me as part of the upcoming snowflake bangle promo.

        Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa!

      I do feel slightly wistful about a version of this charm that’s more like the leather bound books you describe, but at the same time I like how clean, cute and charming this version is too! And the plain silver design is so so nice to see! :) This version is definitely more universal.
      I love that it has that meaning regarding your husband for you, too! I agree with Margaret, it seems like it should come home with you :D I also love the idea of travelling and finding famous bookstores. It’s always so much fun to go digging through secondhand bookstores in particular, especially when you’re travelling! You could represent wanderlust, book loving and your love for your husband all in one bead. <3

      Thanks for commenting Lisa! It's always a pleasure to read your thoughts :)

  8. Hi Ellie!. I’m another eager reader who used to escape reality with the help of books when I was a child. I still do, ha ha!. My favourite places back then weren’t libraries but bookshops because I want to own every single book I read. And I wore glasses because I’m a miopic!. However I must say that I”m a bit disappointed with its design. I find it too simple and too bright. Not that I’m a fan of oxidation but sometimes it adds when it comes to details.
    On the other hand I love the quote inside because it’s so me!!!. How many times I have left my duties undone and plunged into a book instead!
    Again lots of thanks for the review.

    • Hi Marie! Oh yes, absolutely – I used to read constantly as a child, and still do as much as I can as an adult too! I used to love bookshops when I was little, too – there was something so nice about taking a book home and knowing that it was yours to keep. I still have most of them at my parents’ house now!
      A quote about books and escaping to another world would have been lovely, too – although as you say I’m sure the quote they picked applies to many of us! ^^

      Thanks for commenting, Marie, it’s lovely to hear from so many fellow book lovers!

  9. By the way your gorgeus, afternoon-tea, summer-in-the- garden bracelet has made me wish for a delicious british scone at 22.04 pm and I´m sitting home at an hour and a half by plane from London :(((

    • It’s one of my favourites of the new collection too! :) So pleased to hear that you enjoy the blog, thanks for letting me know!

  10. Hi Ellie love the post I so nosey it’s so cool you work at a publishers. I have recently getting back into reading and I have found a real love for it. I love the quote inside too.

    • Hi Nicola! Aha, it is pretty cool, I’m lucky to have the job that I do :) I always get super nosey about everyone else too haha. So pleased that you are rediscovering your love for reading, too <3 thanks for commenting as always!

  11. Hi Ellie! It was great to get a little glimpse into your world along with this review. Both my husband and I are avid readers. We usually pack one suitcase of books each time we go on vacation. I have to admit that I am of the age where the reading glasses are necessary! This charm was the first one I purchased from this collection. It is on my hobby bracelet with my tennis racquet, sporting team dangles, and music clef and notes. It is dangle heavy too, and currently a little too much for the leather bracelet. Planning to move it to a chain bracelet soon. Thanks!

    • Hi Deborah! Ah, that sounds very familiar – my OH persuaded me that a kindle was necessary due to the sheer number of books I always try and take away with me. :D And I always cart an ’emergency book’ around with me too, no matter how heavy it makes my handbag. Again, my OH wonders why on earth I think I might need an emergency book to go to the cinema, for example – to which I explain that the whole point is that it’s in case of emergency! ^^
      Your bracelet sounds gorgeous and very traditionally charm bracelety also. :D A silver bracelet would probably be best, and that way you can add some more on, as well! <3

      Thanks for commenting Deborah - it was lovely to hear about your world, too!

  12. I initially wanted this one but I must admit that the glasses put me off. I will have a second look after reading your review. Thank you.

  13. Lovely review and a sweet charm! I love your designs posed on books. I don’t have this one but I imagine it would be nice on a Beauty and the Beast themed bracelet, I would love to do one like that if we ever get Disney Pandora in the UK!

  14. What a sweet charm! I’ve always loved books, and now I am the director of our local library. I need to get this one for myself. Thanks for the reminder!

    • What an amazing thing to be! Libraries are so precious, and many are vanishing here in the UK. Hope this charm finds its way to you! <3

  15. What a sweet little charm. Though I enjoy reading but will not consider myself a bookworm. This will go into my wish list queue of charms to buy. Thanks again. Love those pictures taken with books.

    • Thanks! :) those pictures are ancient and I don’t think I ever published the second one, but I thought this was a good post to dig them out for ^^ glad to hear that you’re considering this bead, it really is lovely!

  16. My niece loved this one so much! She does wear glasses and always has a book in hand . I thought it was very cute, but I don’t think I would have liked it so much without the glasses…bit plain. I got it for her for Christmas so I hope she loves it in person!

    • I agree, I think the spectacles are what keep it from being too boring! :) They’re such a cute touch. I’m sure your niece will love it, that’s a great present!

  17. This is such a cute charm. I like that it’s simple and doesn’t have any bling or enamel on it. The glasses are probably my favorite part!

    • Absolutely, the glasses are just the cutest! And the plain silver detailing is very welcome. We don’t see much of that from Pandora these days!

    • As far as I’m aware, there is not much you can do about it, unfortunately – the best you can do is to not open it yourself too often and wear out the hinge..

  18. Hi Ellie
    Great review as always.
    I love reading so this dangle is a must have for me :-) .
    I find it gorgeous and I love the quote inside. I also love the simplicity of this charm and the fact that it was plain silver. I bought it for a few weeks now. As you said, this charm easily open but it’s not a big problem for me.
    I absolutely love your styling with the leather bracelet….It’s appeal to me. I had pretty much the same idea to style mine :-)
    Have a nice weekend…

    • Hi Valerie, yay, so glad you enjoyed it and that you liked the leather bracelet styling! :) I also don’t mind the charm opening coming loose over time – I try and enjoy my Pandora as much as possible, and the little things like that or with charms flipping over don’t really bother me.
      Thanks for commenting, hope you had a lovely weekend too!

  19. I have this as Love Reading with Iconic set in Sept promotion, spend 250 get 400 product, I love reading a lot. Need a sewing & knitting charm please.

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