Today’s post brings the next in my series of festive reviews from the Pandora Christmas 2016 collection, following my previous articles on Mrs Claus and the Black Friday Poinsettia. :D Here we are looking at the sweet little Christmas Kitten, a shamelessly festive and cutesy bead, tricked out in some vibrant red enamel.
PAndora Winter 2016 Christmas Kitten

Read on for some more festive inspiration and some close-up shots!

Pandora Christmas Kitten Review

The Christmas Kitten instantly gets huge brownie points for me for being a full-bodied design, with fully defined whiskers, nose and sweet eyes/eyelashes! It clutches an adorable red present bead, which is a miniature version of the 2012 Black Friday A Precious Gift charm. :D (Which makes me quite jealous of this little kitten, as I have yet to find one! ;))

PAndora Winter 2016 Christmas Kitten

This was a somewhat predictable offering from Pandora this year, only in that it nicely matches the Christmas Puppy from last year’s Winter collection. :D

pandora christmas 2015 puppy

They could hardly make a festive charm for dog lovers and leave the cat lovers out! I have both a Cocker Spaniel and a little black and white cat, so both these charms were must-haves for me. The Christmas Kitten perhaps slightly one-ups the Puppy charm in that it holds a cute red enamel present as well as its Christmas hat.

The back of the charm doesn’t offer much detailing, unfortunately, but we do get the curve of its tail sneaking around the back.

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Christmas Kitten

I find the choice of detailing on its face very cute, and oddly enough quite reminiscent of a Chinese waving cat figurine. Its features remind me of the Waving Cat charm from Pandora itself, with a similarly stylised look to it. Its eyes in person also don’t look as vacant as the stock image suggests.

PAndora Winter 2016 Christmas Kitten

It also has a number of Pandora’s trademark animal details; its paws are minutely picked out (I always love this about Pandora’s animal charms) underneath the bead (which is where the hallmarks are located). It is a small charm, but not quite as tiny as the Mrs Claus bead. It’s threaded, and feels substantial despite its diminutive size.

PAndora Winter 2016 Christmas Kitten


My first styling is a traditional Christmas red design, which is pretty much in keeping with Pandora’s own preferred stylings for their holiday collections. Lots of red enamel and a little bit of sparkle lends a lot of seasonal cheer!

You’ve already seen my updated Christmas bracelet for this year, but I’ll post another shot of it again for good measure! I’ve put the Christmas Kitten opposite the Puppy for symmetry’s sake. The good thing about the smaller festive beads is that you can squeeze more on to your Christmas design – they bring out so many nice ones each year, it’s so hard to be able to choose just one or two ^^

PAndora Winter 2016 Christmas Kitten

Finally, this last styling is a bit more minimal and less ‘full-on’ festive. It’s based on the following campaign image from Pandora themselves, which really caught my eye.

pandora christmas kitten
Image by Pandora

I just love the simplicity of it, which allows you to indulge in a silly Christmassy bead and yet dress it up for something a bit more stylish. I didn’t have the clear pave lights charms, so I opted for some the BF 2013 Let it Snow and openwork Galaxy beads, which seem to be seasonally appropriate anyway!

PAndora Winter 2016 Christmas Kitten


It’s not my absolute favourite of this year’s holiday collection, but it is shamelessly adorable and, I’m sure, a shoe-in as a Christmas present for many cat lovers out there. It may not be as quirky as the Mrs Claus charm or as intricately detailed as the Santa’s House, but the detailing for the most part is up there with the best of Pandora’s cute animal beads, with the prerequisite pawprints, whiskers and the rest, and it makes a lovely companion to the Christmas Puppy bead from last year. I like the stylised approach they’ve taken to its features, which lend a little interest to the design, as well.

The Christmas Kitten is $45 USD or £35.

I’m sorry that I’ve not got around to the comments on my previous post yet – this is for the simple reason that we went out to see the new Star Wars last night after work and that tonight I will be baking up a storm for a work Christmas bake-off tomorrow (I’m being ambitious with a carrot cake, gingerbread, and Christmas pudding truffles!!)! I’ll get on to them ASAP. :D

Did this charm make it home with you, or is it on your wish list? ??

41 Comments on Review: Christmas Kitten from Pandora Winter 2016

  1. Being a cat lover, of course I couldn’t resist this charm! This is my fourth Pandora kitty charm (I also have the Purrfect Togeher, the Curious Cat, and the Cozy Cat). I did the same thing you did, Ellie, with putting this charm opposite the Christmas Puppy for symmetry. Your Christmas design is so adorable! I really need to add the Red-Nosed Reindeer charm as well; although, I’m out of room on my bracelet! I hope you can get your hands on the 2012 BF charm. I didn’t collect back in 2012, but I was able to purchase it from Rue La La a couple of years back.

    • Ooh, I’m not sure how many cat beads I have… I think this might be my fourth, too! I have the Curious Cat, Waving Cat and Cosy Cat already, so yes – my fourth! I’m not quite how that happened ?
      Thank you, I’m so pleased you like the Christmas bracelet :D it’s one of my favourites. I’m also out of room on my bracelet, but I’ve worked out that I can swap the plain silver present out on to another design if I did manage to find the 2012 BF charm. I did see it on Rue La La back in the day, but they never would accept my card back then so couldn’t get it :( it’s so hard to find these days, I really regret it!

  2. I have been thinking of doing a Christmas bracelet that is mostly the wrapped Christmas boxes like the 2012 BFcharm. I only have the retired red enamel box with the crystal covered ribbon. I am on the look out for the 2012 BF charm too. I also like the silver wrapped box that is see through. And I also love the pink box with the attached heart charm. But that one will go on a pink bracelet I am working on also. I got several pink charms from Rue La La for that bracelet last week. Gonna be an exspensive Christmas! I am a dog person but the kitty charm with the same box might neeed to go on the Christmas bracelet too!

    • Hi Susan,

      A few weeks ago I did up a Christmas present theme bracelet with the red enamel present in the centre this years gleaming gift (a nice charm at a decent price) on one side & last years pave ribboned gift. The pave spacers I chose helped to offset the different sizes of the presents. I really liked how the red enamel popped and the cubism. I hope you find the 2012 BF charm.
      Merry Christmas.
      Lisa K

      • Thank you for the idea about the spacers Lisa! I know I have a tendency to focus on the charms and still have to spend more to add spacers. But I really love to add bling (sparkle) and color to my bracelets. I have learned not to really load up a bracelet also. Sometimes they get even too heavy. But I do love the idea of a bracelet of a number of the gift boxes. Can’t wait to see how it turns out! Enjoy the holidays.

    • Susan, that’s such an adorable idea! They do so many present beads these days, as well – I’m very fond of the new plain silver present they released with the Autumn 2016 collection, which has a very cute little star on it. The Kitty is carrying a box, so should definitely have a place on that bracelet of yours ^^ I hope you find the Black Friday bead, too, it’s pretty difficult to track down isn’t it? There don’t seem to be as many rare beads offered for sale on the pages these days :'(

      • Ellie, the only place I have found the 2012 BF charm is on EBay. I hesitate to buy it that way but may not have a choice since it is getting so hard to find. And I was also thinking of getting that charm you mentioned from the Autumn 2016 collection. So that will be at least four gift boxes so far I want for my Christmas bracelet! I will add sparkle with the spacers and see how it looks. I am getting very excited about this bracelet!

  3. The kitty was on my Christmas wish list, so I’m hoping either my husband or my son will place it under our tree. As a matter of fact, I hope hubby went to Jared for the 12 days of Christmas! I hinted pretty strongly…

  4. I bought the kitty as a gift to myself! We adopted a kitty from our shelter in October as we had lost our other kitty in August. Being seniors, still in our home, we had said no more cats but after 2 months I really missed having a fur baby around. Hopefully we can stay here a long time as he is only 2 to 3 years old, but a real sweetheart! Hubby bought me the Black Friday charm and something else so I could get the beautiful Christmas tree ornament. I have them all except 2011, which I would like to find, and they are lovely on our tree which is otherwise all done in gold. We can’t get Mrs Claus here but I would love to have her to go with my Santa which is on the 12 days of Christmas bracelet which I got a few years ago. Too many pretties!!!

    • That’s lovely! I’m sure your new fur baby feels like he has landed on his feet. :) We always rescue our animals as well, but our kitty cat was a surprise arrival after my OH’s parents’ cat had surprise kittens ;) It’s a shame you can’t get Mrs Claus there – I hope you can find her somehow! She’s a really cute bead, and one of my favourites from the collection. <3

  5. Hi Ellie,
    Another great post. We saw the Star Wars Movie last night too. Thoroughly enjoyed it and a nice diversion from all the Christmas craziness.
    Your designs are all wonderful. I have a cozy cat & the I love pets charms. The new Kitten charm isn’t on my list but I can certainly see the appeal. The details are lovely. I especially love the paws upon the bottom of the charm. The Christmas present is great. For the puppy they could have had him holding on to some tinsel or an ornament.
    Overall, i think Pandora has done a really good job with both the puppy & kitten Christmas themed charms. It is nice that they have kept to the same shade of red enamel.

    I like the leather design but your red & green bracelet is my favourite of the three.

    Enjoy your baking and Holidays!
    Merry Christmas
    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa! Yes, the Star Wars film was really good fun – and the perfect cinema film! It was a lovely treat in the run up to Christmas. This week has really dragged again and the little cinema trip and the baking helped to break it up a bit. <3

      Thanks so much Lisa! Really glad you like them, especially the red & green bracelet, which is of course how I actually wear the kitten. The kitten holding the present does make the puppy look a bit empty-pawed, but his cute little expression kind of makes up for it!

      Happy holidays to you, too, Lisa, and thanks for commenting! Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow.

    • Aha, noo, it doesn’t look like that in person I promise! It’s just a quirk that’s exacerbated by pics unfortunately!

  6. Hi Ellie!

    I absolutely adore this Christmas Kitten Charm. I am holding out hope that I get this for Christmas or even my birthday, which are 12 days apart. But if not, I’m purchasing it for myself! :) I have been waiting months for this one; it’ll be just a matter of time before I acquire it. I have yet to view this in the flesh, but I am so happy to read that this charm has some weight; one of the characteristics I admire most in my charms. I love how detailed oriented it is, down to its cute little tail in the back.

    Thank you for this lovely and thorough post! This charm is one of my favorites of the autumn/winter/valentines releases this season.

    I hope you have a wonderful Holiday and a very Happy New Year! And as always, I really appreciate your amazing posts! :)


    • Hi Margaret! Aw, I hope one of these makes its way to you! It’s still pretty little, but it is more substantial than Mrs Claus, at least. And the detailing is very cute! <3 I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

      I hope you have a lovely Christmas, too! So pleased to hear that you enjoy the posts. They are hard work but a lot of fun to do, too! And I have another one scheduled for a few minutes' time. :D

  7. P.s.- How did you enjouy the new Star Wars? I have seen it twice and loved it! Fingers crossed on the bake off! With those treats, you are bound to win! :) Yum! ? What time should I come over to eat? Hehe! ? I hope you have a splendid time baking all of those goodies! ?? Kindly, Margaret :)

    • It was really good fun! I am not a big Star Wars fan, but my OH is, and I’ve been to see the last couple with him and have very much enjoyed them both. :D I’d say more but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t spoiled it, haha – I just typed a couple of things to say about it and then had to delete them ;)
      Aha, thank you! The Christmas pudding truffles came up trumps for me and I did win it :P there was lots left over though, so you would have been more than welcome to come over and try some hehe!

      Have a lovely Christmas Margaret! ?

  8. Wonderful review, Ellie! I really love my Christmas Kitten! But previously, I have only purchased the silver, two tone, and pave Christmas charms! However, my icy blue Christmas bracelet is full, so it makes sense that I start one with red enamel! Today, I went to purchase another red enamel Christmas charm to match. I decided on Rudolf from last year! Perhaps by next Christmas, I wil have my new red Christmas bracelet completed! I just love that Holly murano as well!❤️??

    • Thanks so much, Carol! <3 That's a very sensible policy - red enamel is super hard to style, unless you're going for a full-on red design. I didn't get any red enamel until I decided to go for a Christmas bracelet proper. Rudolph was a great choice, I look forward to seeing what else you choose :D

  9. As the very proud mother of a very spoilt and shamelessly cheeky cat this charm has definetely won me over ??. It is on my wish list and I might indulge on it after Christmas so as to have my first Christmassy piece to start with next year. After all, it’s not awfully pricey, 39 €. It has me totally smitten!
    Happy baking!

    • Aha, my cat is similarly spoilt – he is a very entitled chap ;) I hope you indulge in this one, too, it’s very cute – and as you say not tooo expensive.

      Thanks! The baking went well, for once! ;)

  10. Thanks so much for the review is there any news yet on the after Christmas promotion in the US usually we know before now LOL

  11. As a newbie to Pandora this summer, what should I be expecting on the boxing day sale and should I be online or in store?

    • Depends on where you’re based, Heather – NA tend to do a promo, but in most other regions there’ll be a Boxing Day sale both online and in store.

  12. This charm look so cute, and detailed I love his whiskers. Hope the baking went well. Was the film good I’m not really a stars wars fan myself.

    • Thanks, Nicola, the baking actually went really well! I won the bake off with the Christmas pudding truffles ;) the Star Wars film was actually quite good, definitely a fun cinema film. I’m not a big Star Wars fan either, but my OH is and really enjoyed it. I don’t really know a lot of the back story though as I only ever saw the original films when I was very little, and I offended him a lot at one point by calling the stormtroopers the ‘men in white suits’ lol!

  13. Love your blog, Ellie, and I love this charm! Your bracelets are gorgeous btw. I can’t wait to read your next post. Merry Christmas!

  14. Love this charm definitely my favourite of the xmas collection. I am curently finishing my cat theme bracelet so it was to be home with me. Not as detailed as the loving cats but still so cute!wishing you luck for all your christmzs preparations ?

    • It’s definitely one of my favourite cat charms they’ve done so far – it’s probably tied with the Waving Cat as joint favourite ^^
      Thanks, best of luck with your Christmas preparations, too, and have a lovely day tomorrow! <3

  15. It’s a cute charm but the cat has scary eyes. It looks possessed. I love your xmas bracelet though. I’ve sold off alot of my charm but have kept all the ones with red enamel. My everyday Pandora bracelet will now to be red and silver.

    • Noo it really doesn’t in person! Haha. I think it’s just the close up shots that make it look worse :)
      Your everyday bracelet sounds lovely – I’m planning a red theme myself on the new valentines bracelet! ❤️

  16. Hello Ellie,

    Your review is once again great. You did a wonderful job and your pictures are amazing. This charm is gorgeous and your review and pictures make me want this one even I don’t like Christmas at all…. But I get this one, the question is what I am going to do with it :-)
    Anyway I have to say that your Christmas bracelet is really beautiful
    Have a nice day

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