Today brings my next Pandora SS17 preview, with a full look (or so I believe) at what’s coming out this season with the Pandora Rose Spring 2017 collection! It’s a slightly larger set than we’ve been seeing in Rose launches recently, which is nice, and features what many of us have been waiting for – a Pandora Rose safety chain. Yay!

Pandora Rose Spring 2017 Sparkling Love Knot

I’ve previously posted sneak peeks at the Pandora Disney Spring 2017 collections and the regular Pandora Spring 2017 release; this is the only further preview I have to hand currently, but I am hoping to get more soon!

The Pandora Rose Spring collection usually gets released with the Mother’s Day launch in mid-April, so I expect that that is when we’ll see this collection launch. Read on for the preview!

Pandora Rose Spring 2017 Preview

First up, we have new charms and pendants! As usual, Pandora have gone for romantic or decorative pieces when it comes to the Rose line, which is often very focused on style rather than character beads. My favourites from this selection are undoubtedly the new safety chain, and the beautiful Rose version of the Filled with Romance  openwork, too.

Pandora Rose Spring 2017 Preview

The new safety chain would appear to be a clip design, and you can see it in action in this campaign shot. Pandora have opted to use it on a bangle, but bangle clasps very rarely fail and I’d consider this more useful for the threadless bracelet or regular snake chain bracelet. I’m not sure whether the safety chain is silicone lined or not, however!

The accompanying jewellery is also rather on the sparkling side and will be rather pricey, I’m sure:

Pandora Rose Spring 2017 Preview

Pandora Rose Spring 2017 Preview

My Comment

I am a big fan of the Pandora Rose line, and always look forward to seeing what they’re doing next for it – I’ve just started my second Pandora Rose bracelet, and I think the gorgeous Filled with Romance openwork and this new safety chain will definitely be making their way on to it.

It would be nice to see some more original Rose beads, rather than Rose copies from the regular collection, too. A threaded safety chain would also be wonderful to go alongside this new clip design, as there’s no room on my first Pandora Rose bracelet apart from on the threads by the clasp!

What do you think of this new selection? Will anything be coming home with you?

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  1. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for this preview. I haven’t added anything new to my rose collection in a year, however I am pretty confident that the filled with romance open works heart will find its way into my collection. The ‘handcuff ‘ safety chain clip looks very promising, I agree, the collection is aimed at the fine jewelry market. If tthe they are going to copy previous designs how about the Dallah coffee pot, wouldn’t that be lovely.

    Thanks again, I can better plan my spring spend.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! You’re welcome! The Dallah coffee pot would be beautiful, although I wonder how they could recreate the height of the silver version without the oxidised detail on the Rose version. I’d still love one nevertheless though!

      Thanks for commenting :)

    • Hi Lisa!
      Have you heard the good news? Pandora Rose is going to be launching in Shop-in-Shop stores across Canada – including Spicer Cole ;)
      Have a wonderful day!

  2. Hi Ellie, thanks for the great post. Unfortunately Australia doesn’t have full rose line yet, hopefully they will launch during mothers day

    • You’re welcome Shirleen! They are definitely releasing the daisy pieces in more regions this seasons, so Australia should get them. :)

  3. Hello, thankyou for all your wonderful updates. ?. Please can I ask for some advice , I would like to get the lion dance charm and i am wondering if it will be available in the UK and if not how it would be possible to get one ?

  4. Hi Ellie. I am excited that more previews are trickling in! Although I love the Rose line, I do wish Pandora would do some original designs with the Rose instead of reusing past designs. This collection is pretty, but the only thing that really interests me is the Filled with Romance charm, which I would have to find room for somewhere since my Rose bracelet is full. I do like the safety chain, but I already bought the Dainty Bow Safety Chain for my Rose bracelet since it has a girly theme and is a two-tone design with some silver charms. I do have a bracelet that currently needs a safety chain that I could in theory move the bow safety chain to, but I really think the Pave Safety Inspiration ST would work better on that one. Can’t wait to see more previews!

    • Hi Joanne, me too! And there should be lots coming up, too. :D I also miss the original Rose charms. There were some really pretty designs, such as the Love & Appreciation (which did come out in gold too in the end I think), but they’ve dialled back on that of late. :( I’d like them to do proper two-tone rose gold charms, too, those would be lovely!

  5. Pandora can have a fine jewelry line, use diamond instead of cz. I think there is a market but has to come up with exclusive design.

  6. The filled with romance is a maybe for me although i think its lovely. This is because i’ve already gotten the silver one and not sure if i want a same design with different colour. Would have like them to come out with more original ideas with rose gold line. But seems like pandora like to play safe on this line of product choosing only the popular silver ones to plate in rose gold.

    • I have the silver one as well and love it so much that I’m really happy to see it in Rose – although I wonder if it will suffer for not having the oxidation of the original. Will be fun to see it in person! Pandora definitely play it safe, and not just with line… the CNY Lion Dance bead was nice to see, as a rare deviation from their usual output these days!

    • Yeah, they’ve not done anything specifically for the Rose line for well over a year now – maybe even two?

  7. ok, nice, but they aren’t silver, which are plated rose gold, but some metals plated rose gold?

    I saw description some rose gold charms and I was surprised and disgusted.
    Prices are big, quality are poor.

    • Pandora Rose colour is a bit orange hue which is different to plated rose gold and solid rose gold. I have Pandora retired 14k rose gold Heart, Key, Cross, Horseshoe pendant, colour is without orange. I only have 2 Pandora Rose Light as Feather & 2 Barrel bracelet. I won’t buy any more Pandora Rose, don’t like orange hue, copy design, higher price.

      • You see, I can’t really tell much of a difference in shade between my solid rose gold pendants and the Rose line! I will have to look harder.

  8. Thanks for the update.
    I don’t have any rose at this time bit I really like the filled with romance.
    I will probably get that one and those silver clips are a must have for me.

  9. The rose collection are beautiful, and out of curiosity I was wondering if the rose bracelet bangle is for sale. Thank you Ms. Mora and God bless you.

  10. I think that the rose collection is very pretty and I do have several pieces from it I love wearing. However, I do think it isn’t as exciting seeing new pieces that were just done in sterling silver last year. I have a lot of the new rose pieces in sterling and I just don’t think it’s necessary to have the exact same thing in rose. I might pick up the radiant elegance ring, however, because I own the sterling silver version of the earrings and I never picked up the sterling silver ring. I like to mix and match my rose gold and sterling also so I’m sure I would wear them together. I do think the collection looks better in person so I will make my final decisions in the store, lol!! Can’t wait for the full Spring preview!!

    • I know just what you mean – I did start a new Rose bracelet this Christmas, but am in no hurry to fill it up as the beads just aren’t complete must-haves for the most part. The Filled with Romance is lovely, and I will get that and the safety chain, but there’s nothing here that’s strikingly new or original. But I’m sure these will do well for the mass market, and I get their tactic of picking out the pieces that have done well in silver to transform into Rose… it does make sense from a business perspective, I guess!

  11. I had been thinking about getting the love knot earrings and pendant in silver but now I see them in rose I love them and will probably get these.

    • Sounds like a plan! I think a lot of the pave pieces look gorgeous in Rose because of the added contrast between the pink metal and the clear stones :)

  12. Dear Ellie, I found the Pandora Disney Spring collection beautiful, when will you post new posts from the Pandora Spring 2017, Pandora Spring Essence 2017 and Pandora Mother Day 2017 collection? I am looking forward to seeing these posts.Thank you.

  13. Only 3 real charms and the silicone clip! I love the filled with romance but would pass on the rest. It seems like Pandora focuses on one thing at a time; they are going with a larger Disney collection this time around.

    It’s strange and disappointing when the collection you like has a very limited and repetitive new release!

    • They often just recycle designs for Rose these days – last year’s spring collection was similarly tiny! This is actually a little bigger I guess. It would be nice to see some more original designs – even just some like the Love & Appreciation Heart or that lovely Darling Daisy Meadow openwork.

    • I agree. Had I know this last September, when I got my very first Pandora bracelet and charm, both rose gold, I probably would have stayed away from the rose gold. There isn’t much variety, mostly hearts, and all with too much glitz for my taste. Spent another hour in my local store today, trying to find other charms and clips, but nothing “felt right” to add to the rose gold that I already have. I so wish they would sell a better variety of the rose gold.

  14. Hi Ellie there are a few pieces I like definite the safety chain the two heart beads are nice too. I like the heart ring too everything else is rather sparkly.

    • Hi Nicola! Yes, the jewellery is a little too much on the pave side for me as well – if only for the fact that it is sure to be pricey!

  15. Although the Filled with Romance bead is quite pretty, I’m wanting smooth, bold lines like on the Pandora Rose Infinite Shine bead. So I probably won’t get any of these pieces. I will definitely look at the Filled with Romance bead though. It may win me over in person.

  16. Hi Ellie!

    As much as I love my Pandora Rose spherical clasp bangle, I seem to be slow in adding charms. My next addition will be the lovely Darling Daisy Meadow charm. The white enamel against the rose is so beautiful. The Filled With Romance would be my pick from this collection. Like others have said before me, it would be nice to see some original designs for the rose collection. I do like the originality of the handcuff safety chain despite the branding.

    • Hi Emily! The Darling Daisy Meadow is an absolute favourite of mine, that’s a lovely choice. :D I’d love to see them do some more enamelwork with the Rose collection and, as we’ve all said, some more original designs!

  17. Ooooh yay!!!! I atill need to see more clear photos but I’m quite sure there will be some pieces coming home with me. Not many though as I’ll stick to the ones I really like and are a match for the ones On my jewellery box ;)

    • Glad to hear it! I’m definitely getting the safety chain and will consider the Filled with Romance as well :)

  18. I can verify that the rose safety chain, as well as the silver, are indeed silicon clip style. I feel that they work better with the sphere clasp smooth bracelet, which does not have threads on either side of the clasp.

    • That is excellent news, thank you :D that will be perfect for the smooth clasp bracelet, as you say. I’d love to see a Pandora Rose version of that one, too!

  19. Hi,
    firstly love the blog – its first place I come to for new releases as my partner loves Pandora ( yes I am a man buying jewellery for my partner!! ) so thanks for all the hard work that goes into making this the fantastic site it is!!

    she has quite a few bracelets but does love all the rose gold especially so thank god for the safety chain at last – can see several of those in the very near future as well as a gazillion others from the spring collections.

    having read the threads I wanted to see if anyone out there would help me get her a CNY 2017 dancing lion? really would be grateful for anyone who could help!!

    many thanks

  20. The Rose collection is to die for! I’m still very heart broken about the discontinuation of the Rose-gold Butterfly. I had my heart set on getting it but I was too late. I hope they come out with another version of it because it is a vital necessity to my bracelet!!

    • I was able to locate the rose gold butterfly this past December from a company called Love My Swag. They have an online store – the butterfly is not there, but over the phone they were able to send me one from their store in Texas. I LOVE it, but I must tell you that it does hang upside down and that does bother me a bit!

    • Hi, Some OF THE Pandora franchises in the UK do like my local store have some of the discontinued charms so if anyone wants a butterfly or any of other discontinued charms I’d be happy to help purchase and forward it on if it helps.


        • no problem – know how frustrating it is trying to find some of the retired pieces so if can help anyone then not a problem – same goes id be happy to let anyone use my Uk address for shipping and forward on as gifts to avoid any taxes


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