It’s that exciting time of year again when Pandora start hosting their Spring/Summer media events for bloggers and the press; this post brings some sneak peeks from previews hosted in a variety of places including Romania and Poland. I already posted a preview of the Pandora Rose Spring 2017 collection earlier on, but these photos give us a good look at the other collections that will be launching for Pandora SS17. :D

Pandora Spring 2017 MEdia previews
Image by madeinprg

The Pandora Spring 2017 collection is due out on the 16th March, the Pandora Mother’s Day 2017 collection is usually out in early April (although the UK tends to get some pieces earlier, typically in February) while you can expect the Pandora Summer 2017 collection some time at the end of May/early June.

Just as a reminder – please do not reproduce any photos without crediting their proper owners! ^^

Pandora Spring 2017 Live Shots

As usual, I am in love with the beautiful floral displays Pandora have created to showcase the new jewellery. There’s always something particularly exciting about the SS17 media previews just because of all the delicate florals and pastels. :D I do wish I could wing an invitation to one of these some day, haha. I’ll have to move to Poland!

Pandora Spring 2017
Image by harpersbazaarpolska

And now for the jewellery! We start with these live shots of a new pink floral enamel collection, featuring charms, clips and a spacer. These are very much in keeping with the floral motifs from previous collections, but the colour is a bit more tropical, blending white and shimmery pink enamel.

pandora spring 2017
Image by jiri.celadnik

There’s a matching ring to go with the floral pieces, as showcased in this beautifully crisp photo:

Image by aleka_sarah

And a matching pendant:

Image by Andreea Ibacka
Image by Andreea Ibacka

The new colourful Radiant Droplets charms are showcased all together on a bangle. The rainbow effect is super pretty, but I’d be more tempted to pick out the colours that fitted my collection best:

Image by eightsign

However, our best look at the new collections come courtesy of this video posted to Facebook by Andreea Ibacka (a big hat tip to Laura for the heads-up on this!). Following on from this collection’s theme of Stones of Colours and from the new Valentine’s 2017 Birthstone earrings and pendants, we will also be getting Birthstone Petites for the Floating Locket!

Image by Andreea Ibacka

This next shot shows off a new Poetic Blooms clip design with pink enamel flowers set into clear pavé CZ, and a new silver decorative bead.

pandora spring 2017
Image by Andreea Ibacka

On the bottom bracelet, there’s a new CZ Dazzling Daisy spacer and a bigger daisy pendant charm. Are those new colours of the Petite Facets, too?

Image by Andreea Ibacka

I previously posted a sneak peek at some Floral Petites and we have a sweet live shot of them:

Image by Andreea Ibacka

The enamel bangle bracelets come in a variety of pretty colours. I love how sunshiney and bright they are, but I’d kind of want to wear a whole stack of them, which would be expensive!

pandora spring 2017
Image by Andreea Ibacka
pandora spring 2017
Image by Andreea Ibacka

*UPDATED* We now have some even clearer shots, courtesy of Urban! Thanks very much to them for letting me share these lovely pics – go back and read the article for the full set of pictures, too.

Pandora Mother’s Day 2017 Live Shots

The Pandora Mother’s Day collection for this year features soft white enamels and delicate grey pearl detailing.

Image by alicja_glamour

We get a great shot of a bunch of the Pandora Mother’s Day charms here, including some white enamel charms and spacers. The charm to the far right has beautiful grey pearls in it, too:

Pandora Mother's Day 2017
Image by Andreea Ibacka

There’s a matching pendant to go with it:

Pandora Mother's Day 2017
Image by Andreea Ibacka

And earrings & a ring!

pandora mother's day 2017
Image by Andreea Ibacka

And the keen-eyed among you will have spotted the limited edition Mother’s Day bangle for this year! It has a white enamel heart in the clasp  – and I’m told the inscription will be You are so loved. I would have preferred it without, but at least it doesn’t limit it specifically to family, like last year.

Pandora Mother's Day 2017
Image by Andreea Ibacka

This shot is hard to see, but there are new heart-shaped versions of the Floating Lockets. I love the look of these! I can’t make out what’s inside though – they don’t look like traditional Petites… 

Pandora Mother's Day 2017
Image by Andreea Ibacka

More charms are next, with two new openwork hearts and pink enamel mother dangle.

pandora mother's day 2017
Image by Andreea Ibacka

And some new clips, although the design is hard to make out. It looks like a gold heart:

Image by Andreea Ibacka
Image by evolution_pr

Two more necklaces crop up next, one featuring a new focal stone and silver heart of some kind and the other a new white enamel design:

Pandora Mother's Day 2017
Image by Andreea Ibacka
Pandora Mother's Day 2017
Image by Andreea Ibacka

Again thanks to Urban Diva, we have some great new Mother’s Day live shots, which reveal much more of the detail:

Here, we can see the focal charm much more clearly – it’s a white enamel tree design, I guess playing on Pandora’s favourite motif of family trees.

Pandora Summer 2017 Live Shots

The Pandora Summer 2017 collection seems to be a bright affair, as usual – these charms pictured below are quite cartoon-like with their bright use of red, orange and yellow enamel. We appear to have a sunset enamel bead on the left, and another with a pineapple, martini glass and sunglasses on the right. I prefer the look of the turquoise blue enamel bead, which I assume will be oceanic in theme, and the pretty Starfish charm.

pandora summer 2017 collection

We get another look at the bracelet on the left in the following shots. This appears to be a new colour of double leather, with perhaps blue and green strands woven together?

Pandora Summer 2017
Image by livianarotaru
Pandora Summer 2017
Image by Andreea Ibacka

The other bracelet is a brand new orange design, which looks like great fun:

Pandora Summer 2017
Image by Andreea Ibacka

To match the openwork charm, there are also some blue tropical Petites for the Floating Locket. These are pretty, but I can’t imagine wanting to wear a necklace as heavy as this during really summery weather!

Image by urban

In some more live shots from Andreea’s video, we can see a new charm version of the Summer 2015 Orchid pendant, sandwiched between two petite facets:

Image by Andreea Ibacka
Image by Urban Diva

Here on this bangle we can see a white enamel version of the 2015 Orchid pendant, in addition to some green CZ versions of the Cosmic Stars clip from all the way back in 2014!

Image by Andreea Ibacka

This gorgeous shot from Urban Diva reveals that there will be two new versions of the clips, in green and blue:

Image by Urban Diva

To match the pendant, there will also be a regular charm, and cute little earrings:

Pandora Summer 2017
Image by Andreea Ibacka
Image by Urban Diva

Next, we have a look at a clear CZ starfish pendant:

Pandora Summer 2017
Image by Andreea Ibacka

My Comment

As usual, it can be difficult to make out the pieces in a lot of these shots, but I think weve got a rather comprehensive grounding as to what sort of thing we can expect this season, especially in terms of the Pandora Summer 2017 collection! There are some pretty shades, and I really like the sheer of variety of colour and enamels on display here – there are lots of decorative beads that would lovely with some of my older Pandora beads. However, what concerns me is the lack of character beads on show – often Pandora will put out their prettiest pieces and not showcase the character beads so much in these previews, however, so perhaps there is more to see!

What do you think of these initial live shots? Do any pieces appeal to you?

125 Comments on Pandora Spring, Mother’s Day & Summer 2017 Media Previews (Updated)

      • They have a clip mechanism, not like your typical moments or essence charm bracelets where they have a clasp, with those its like a small button style lock. very easy to use and from my own personal experience very sturdy/reliable.

  1. Hi it’s hard too see the charms the pictures are dark hope next time it’s going to be more clear then I’ll be able to have a comment

  2. Hi Ellie
    Thanks so much for this exciting post. I find it so difficult to make out much from spring and mothers days however I’m not the biggest lover of flower or cz beads so I don’t really mind. I do however love how bold, bright and different the summer charms are, like being on a tropical vacation! Is that a orangey leather that will be released for the summer? If so it is soo pretty. Loving the starfish , I have a older starfish pendant that it will match this so nicely. Can’t wait for the full update ?

    • Glad to hear you like the summer beads! The bold enamel is not really my style at all, but it’s kind of fun to see them try something different. That definitely looks like an orange leather to me, too – really pretty! :D

  3. I enjoy your reviews a lot. Thank you for posting them!
    I was hoping so much to see some plain sterling silver pieces with the level of details Pandora was known for few years back and more two tone charms. I am not sure what is really going on with the aboundance of CZ stones/pave pieces. It seems like there is hardly a piece missing them! Yes, there are some open work sterling silver charms in the collection but they look like copies of old designs. The enamel work on their charms is hit or miss for me: there are few pieces I love and there are some that are not up my alley at all! I am sad that there are fewer and fewer pieces that are a must have for me in their new collections. I like some color and bling on my bracelets but not on every bead. Sometimes less is more and this is definitely true with pave pieces on a bracelet!

    • Thanks, Monica, they are really fun to do! I think you’ve hit the nail on the head in your comments for me as well. Pretty enamelwork and some colourful stones are lovely when used well, but for me there needs to be some exciting silver character beads to balance them. Otherwise, I end up hunting down older pieces and only picking a couple of newer accent charms to go with them.

  4. Oh God, I need to start saving money right after the sales are over! :o
    The limited edition Mother’s Day bangle is always a must have. Those two-tone heart clips look very interesting too.
    The Floral Petites are the first petites I am tempted to buy (this set will look so good with my Poetic Blooms charm and with the new pink floral enamel collection!).
    I spotted a petite fish in the summer collection. That would look perfect as an independent dangle charm on my summer bracelet. The new charm version of the Summer 2015 Orchid dangle will be added as a pair on my orchid bracelet. I also want the entire white enamel orchid set!

    • I’m so pleased to hear that you’re enthused! ^^ That is definitely a little fish that you’ve spotted for the Floating Lockets necklaces. I like the Orchids as well, but I already have a home for my pretty Orchid pendant from summer 2015 on a bracelet that’s full, so I will probably skip these new ones. They’re pretty though!

    • Kleio, I don’t know if there is a dangle version of that adorable fish, but I can make out in one of Urban Diva’s photos that the one button-style charm (I know these are not popular with everyone) with the turquoise enamel does indeed contain that same fish (with some additional pave details on the charm).

      I’m trying to figure out what is on the the button-style charm that appears to have some turquoise and pink pave. I’m thinking it could be two palm trees and a flamingo?

      • Joanne, yes, I haven’t seen a dangle version of that fish…yet! But, since it will match that petite and all existing teal muranos, who knows, it may come out in the future. I wish so, because I won’t add any button-like charms on my summer bracelet. I already have added some spherical ones symmetrically and I would rather stick to that shape.

        I did not like button-style beads as well, but then I saw the Shimmering Medallion and the Fairytale Treasures beads. They are on my wishlist, but I am waiting a free bracelet or charm kind of sale to lay my hands on them. The upcoming pink and white enamel flower bead seems really interesting as well, but I have to see it in person to tell for sure.

        And yes, that seems to be a palm trees and flamingo charm…that will match the older flamingo and palm tree dangle charms (this is why I expect the fish dangle). ;)

        Mora Pandora, thanks again for the previews. You are my favourite Pandora news page and I am looking forward to see posts with more pictures of the new collections!

  5. Hi Ellie, I was in Pandora in Australia yesterday and they have just received the small floating locket again after it was recalled after opening up. It’s the same design as the other sizes now. I’m very pleased as I didn’t think I wanted one until it was gone. So hopefully either for Valentine’s or mother’s day it will be mine. Maybe in the heart floating locket is cz letters? It would go well with the birth stone petites. Which i hope are sold separately. Thanks again for your updates. Lots to see.

    • Yes, I saw that they’d re-released the Floating Locket charm! It’s good that they got it out again so quickly. Hopefully this will have sorted the issues – and fingers crossed that one makes its way to you for Valentine’s Day or further down the line. ^^

  6. Hi,Ellie! Thank you for the sneak peek. I love the enamel, and especially the orchids. I can hardly wait for a clearer look!

    • You’re very welcome! The orchids are pretty, and I’m glad they’ve decided to do more pieces in that collection – I think I prefer the charm to the original pendant!

  7. I will be anxious to see the multi colored summer charms. I think I love them already! And living in tropical Florida I definitely want the starfish! I do not have any of the leather bracelets so the nice new colors will probably get me to finally indulge. I also have started collecting charms for a pink bracelet so I will probably get the new pink floral enamel charm. Just beautiful! Can’t wait to see all of these in person. Thanks so much for the preview of many things to come!

    • It’s interesting to hear that you really like the enamel charms, as they are really rather different to previous Pandora charms and not at all in their usual style! I think the orange leather looks like a gorgeous shade – it would be lovely with some warm pinks or maybe even some Pandora Rose, perhaps. :D Definitely a great choice to start off your leather collection with!

  8. Hi Ellie. Thanks for the preview…it’s nice to see a fuller preview even though some of the pieces are hard to make out! I think what I may be most looking forward to is the new floating locket items. Although I initially wasn’t too crazy about the it, I now love my Floating Locket Necklace and Charm. I especially like the Birthstone and Tropical Petites, and I adore the new heart-shaped version. You mentioned that people wouldn’t want to wear the Floating Locket Necklace in the summer, but it’s really not as heavy as it may appear–at least the medium version isn’t!

    I really like the look of the new pink floral enamel collection for spring. They sort of remind me of the Blooming Dahlia pieces but with more color (one of the reasons I passed on the Blooming Dahlia charm was because I thought the color looked too dull). The Radiant Droplet charms are interesting because they seem like more affordable alternatives for the Radiant Heart charms. You’re right that the Petite Facets seem to be a new color–perhaps more of a peachy pink? The new enamel bangles are pretty, but I don’t know how well they would stack with silver bracelets and/or leathers and, yes, it would be expensive to buy a bunch of these colored bangles to stack. Are these bangles half-enamel and half-pave to match the Radiant Hearts of Pandora Rings like I thought I saw in a different campaign image?

    I am a sucker for LE bangles and leather bracelets, but my early thoughts are I won’t be getting any of these. I prefer the Beauty and the Beast bangle to this Mother’s Day bangle. The colors of the leathers look fun, but I feel like they may lack versatility, and I already have more leathers than I know what to do with haha! Of course I didn’t think I was going to get either one of the leathers last summer, but I ended up with both of them haha! I actually like the charms with the colorful enamel for summer. I am having a hard time making out what the turquoise enamel bead is. I’ve wanted the purple Cosmic Stars Clip for a while, but this green version may actually work for my green leather bracelet. Lastly, the Orchid Pendant is one of my favorites of all time, but I’m not sure if I’ll indulge in either the charm version or any of the white orchid pieces.

    Sorry this post is so long. I am always so excited when previews of new collections come out!

    • Hi Joanne, you don’t need to apologise for length! Getting into the nitty gritty of it all is what my posts are always about aha. I really like the new heart-shaped version of the Lockets too, and the thing I like about it in particular is the absence of the full-on Pandora branding. This version tempts me a lot more :) I’d like it in particular with the spring petites or with the festive charms for Christmas! Good to know that it’s not that heavy – it always look rather hefty to me from the stock images, which of course make everything look bigger than it is. ^^

      The bangles are half enamel and half pave, yes, they’re just like those rings that came out last autumn! I was kind of tempted by the Mother’s Day bangle (even though I really cannot emphasise enough how much I don’t need anymore bangles, aha), but am probably save due to the inscription. I really don’t get on with the overly sentimental scripts! The beauty and the beast script is much less romantic, which is good, although I’d have preferred ‘tale as old as time’ or something a bit more classic perhaps.

      • I’m not a big fan of the inscriptions on the bangles either, but they usually don’t deter me from buying bangles I like because I usually wear them with the clasp up anyway. I agree with you completely about the Beauty and the Beast bangle. I plan on getting it, but I would have loved if it said ‘tale as old as time’ instead!

  9. Everything that would definitely interest me is hard to see but what strikes me the most is the heart shaped floating locket, i have the big round one but aww man I want that one now!

    I personally think I will go for the petites, I love those little things.

    The new leathers are intriguing with their double colors, can’t wait to see those in person.

    I am trying to limit my spending this year as I am a little too obsessed with Pandora, they make such beautiful things with amazing detail and quality it is so hard to choose! I can’t wait for clearer pictures to come out of all of these pieces but this did work to excite me.

    • Clearer pics should be coming soon :) glad to hear that there are a few things that you would like, the new leathers caught my eye as well! I am also trying to cut back my purchases, as I am way too much of a magpie every time a new collection comes out- hopefully we’ll both manage to be sensible! ^^

  10. The pictures are a bit dark and hard for me to make out but i like the look of the mother’s day LE bangle. The summer leather looks fun with the double coloured woven leather. The summer charms are too bright and colourful for me. Im more of a pastel colour person. Those spring charms with white enamel looks interesting but need to have clearer picture before i decide if i like them. Thanks for the preview. Had been looking forward to it and checking for it daily.:)

    • I’m with you, definitely more of a pretty pastels kind of person when it comes to my charms. The summer enamel beads are not my cup of tea at all! The only problem is that I have so many pretty pastels from Pandora at this point that we will to have see whether I have room for anymore. ^^ Aw, that’s nice to hear – I’d advise that you keep checking as there should be more previews coming soon, too! :)

  11. This year I wish a new travel collection with flags hearts specially for Central America. I’m going to Panama next month and I don’t know which charm I should buy that represent that country :( any advice?

    • Dove orchid or Holy Ghost Orchid is their national flower. Maybe the pandora orchid charm would be a good one to get….

    • Ooh I’m not actually familiar with Panama at all so I’m not sure what I’d recommend. Monica seems to have made a couple of good suggestions though :) a lot of the stores in the US do have their own specially engraved charms that aren’t advertised online, so it’s probably worth going into a store in Panama and asking whether they have any exclusives! Or perhaps tracking them down on social media and asking ahead of time?

      • That’s definitely true! I have bought exclusive charms from stores in several cities in the U.S. that I never saw advertised online.

    • I rather like the look of those too! :D :D Probably not enough to justify the cost of stacking them, but I think they’re so fun!

  12. Hi Ellie! The heart shaped locket looks interesting, but nothing else grabs me. Once we get clear images of the full collections, I’m sure I’ll see a few beads I like, but for now I don’t see much I like (thank goodness!). I like some of the Disney beads and some prior collection beads, and I’d like to get the Sparkling heart clasp bracelet so it’s good news if I’m not interested in any or many spring or Mother’s Day beads! Thanks for all the pics! I’ve been really curious about the spring release.

    • Hi Judy! I’m kind of in the same boat in that I love so much from the upcoming Disney release that it would be something of a relief I could dial it back on the other collections! There are a couple of muranos coming for Spring that I love, and a cute floral bracelet that’s a maybe, but other than that… I’m pretty much safe as it stands.

  13. Any word if Pandora will be doing their usual bracelet promo in March?

    As far as the new charms I will have to see better pictures but I am sure some will be must haves for me.

    • I had no idea that orchids were a big thing for Cartier! I am not that jewellery literate when it comes to non-charm brands, haha.

      • I cannot afford fine jewellery, but I am a lover :D
        I would never ever wear a copy of famous brand and it makes me sad thad pandora went that way. They really need to consider employing new designers. There are way to many recycling of old collections in these new spring/summer styles.
        Thank you for your posts here, they mean a lot!

  14. kind of bored by these designs but as you said usually the characters beads never appear in this previews. However I’m curious about the double colours leather bracelets (they look both double colour to me…blue/green and red/orange) and maybe the mother’s day bangle…are you sure is an enamel detail on the claps or maybe a pearl? that would be attractive to me!!!
    Thanks for the preview Eliie!!!!

    • It’s definitely white enamel, yes – it’s like the white enamel that they used in the Abundance of Love spacer :) I’m also keeping my fingers crossed for more characters! You are welcome, glad you enjoyed! ☺️

      • Wow…i like that glittery white enamel. I must have the bangle and match it with some abundance of love spacer or beads.

  15. Hi Ellie,

    What else can I say but “Oh, no, here we go again”… I love the tropical colours of the Summer collection, they remind me so much of the Caribbean. I wish it was already the month of June!

    • Ahaha! That’s the best feeling to get after seeing new previews. I definitely had the same reaction after seeing all that amazing new Disney stuff!

  16. Hi Ellie,

    I have to say, I don’t see myself spending any money on any of the charms seen above :( Some of the summer enamel pieces are pretty, but not my style. I do like the white orchid pieces though. I’m not sure how I feel about the non-dangle orchid yet. I don’t buy dangles, which is why I never owned the orchid, but I feel like something is lost in the charm version.

    I hope you’re right, in that maybe they just didn’t display everything yet. I’d love to see some, as your put it, character charms. They are always so well done! I know you had mentioned a couple of upcoming muranos in a reply to one of my comments on another post; hopefully we’ll still see them pop up somewhere! Thanks, as always, and I’ll be waiting patiently for more pictures (with muranos hopefully included!) :)

    • Hi Kristen! These beads are, for the most part, not for me either – however there are a couple of other spring pieces not pictured here that I will be wanting, including the two floral muranos I mentioned. :) I quite like the non-dangle orchid and I think it’s a nice alternative for those who don’t like dangles (provided that you like the design, haha). I have the original orchid pendant myself though, and probably don’t need another!
      From what I’m told there are really not a lot of character beads coming up :( we do have all the Disney beads to fill that gap slightly, it’s just a shame that it’s so difficult for many of us in the UK to get hold of them!

  17. I was so excited to get the email for this post!! So many things I want, lol!! I love the pink floral enamel collection coming out for Spring. I love how tropical it is with the pink and whites together. I have the blooming dahlia clip and ring from last year and I think they would be pretty worn together. Those radiant droplets are just wow!! I love how they are four sided and I plan on picking up a few of those. Of course I love all the petites too for my locket. Especially the Summer and birthstone ones. I agree with you in that those enamel bracelets would be so pretty stacked together. I’m sure they aren’t cheap though and that would add up fast getting more than one!! I love the Summer enamel scenes and the two tone leathers!! I think the orange one looks like orange and pink combined. I plan on picking up both of those. Hopefully they have the leather promo in June like they usually do. I have the beautiful purple orchid from a few years ago and I think the white one is just as pretty. I plan on picking that up with the earrings probably. Ugh, so many things I love!! Better start working extra now, lol!! Thanks for such a lovely preview. Can’t wait for the detailed, extended version!!

    • Yay! :D The pink blooms are actually magnolias, as it turns out. They do look lovely, and I think they are much more ‘wow’ than the floral beads from last year just in terms of their brighter pink – ‘tropical’ is a great word to describe it. :D I really hope that you’re right about the orange leather as well, as orange and pink would be absolutely perfect to match the new Pandora Rose heart clasp bracelet design I’ve just started – that’s pink, orange and rose gold, of course! ^^
      You are very welcome Jackie, it was so nice to read how excited you are!

  18. Hi Ellie! Thanks for the sneak peek! It always helps to know what’s coming so I can budget accordingly. I am intrigued by a lot of the new charms and can’t wait to see them in person. I love the colored cosmic clips, and new colors in the petite facets would be awesome. The rest I will have to see in person to choose. I was hoping not to like so much so I could catch up from from previous collections. Seems to never work out that way…

    • Hi Deborah! No problem, glad that it’s helpful! I thought the new summer cosmic clips were rather pretty, too, although of course they’re more recolours of previous beads – not that there’s a problem with that when the originals were nice! It’s always good to have more options. There should be more previews on the way shortly!

  19. Hi Ellie!

    It’s fair to say I should reserve judgement until we get better pictures, but at the moment, I’m not seeing any standout pieces for me. I was looking forward to some fresh new floral designs this spring as they are usually my favorites. Lots of repetition as you commented in earlier posts. This is actually a good thing for me, since I still have some catching up to do with some of the spring pieces from last year. The pearls look promising tho’. The tropical charms are really thinking outside the box for Pandora, but I can’t truthfully say they are my style. My saving grace will be a couple of pretty muranos, fingers crossed! I’m sure a lot of these new charms will be lovely in person such as the white orchid dangle, although the charm seems to be missing something. I’m still anxious to see the Radiant Droplets in person, especially the lilac color. Unless we haven’t seen some knockouts to date, I’ll be happy playing catch up for the most part.

    Thanks for the previews, Ellie. Looking forward to more!

    Hope you’re having a good day!!!

    • Hi Emily! Your thoughts tally pretty perfectly with mine based on this preview, I think. The lilac Radiant droplets really stands out to me, as well, and I think it would look gorgeous in conjunction with the pink one and some of the floral beads. :D So I’ll take a look at that one in person when it comes out! The Disney collection will definitely keep me busy in any case, even if there isn’t much I want from the regular spring collection. ^^
      Thanks for commenting, hope you’re having a great week!

  20. Thanks so much for these photos Ellie! I like a lot of the new charms but not sure how much I’d actually buy for myself yet. I really like the kind of swirly flower with the pearl centre, all pieces are possibilities for me there, really looking forward to seeing them in the stores. I also like the dazzling daisy and infinity spacers and what looks like new half width oval shaped Essence charms. They are definite possibilities for me too. Really looking forward to your full previews later and I too am hoping to see some muranos and character charms yet to surface! :) Thanks again!

    • You’re welcome! I think the pearl flowers are super pretty, and would be even more so if they were plain silver with oxidised detailing. The grey sheen to the pearls is really lovely. There are definitely some new muranos but the upcoming collections are rather light on the character beads I’m afraid. :(

  21. Hi Ellie!

    I have been following your blog for about a year now and I really enjoy your posts :) You do a wonderful job bringing us news that help us plan our Pandora shopping! More than once your reviews have made me appreciate charms I wasn’t so sure I wanted to get, starting with the little sparkling ladybug ;) This is the first time I am writing as I was surprised by the different style of the 2017 collections. It seems the majority of the new pieces lack a certain degree of sophistication and elegance that previous collections had. Maybe Pandora have changed their designers, maybe it is a new policy, but I miss the elegant, unique and reasonably priced charms of 2012-2015. I think those were by far their best collections overall! I don’t like the zirconia-packed button-style concept they seem to be pushing on the charms that only makes them expensive without adding much to the character of the charms. I was surprised they didn’t show any murano glass whatsoever! Those beads were what originally made me buy Pandora in the first place and were always the most sought after by me. I hope they go back to making more of those! So from these collections I will probably only get the starfish dangle and maybe one of the purple-pink flowery pieces. I like the orchid design too, but white looks very blunt and unimaginative compared with the original rich purple-pink and we have had a lot of amazing white flowery designs already. I feel that pretty much any other shade would have worked better. I am a huge fan of the leather bracelets and was really hoping for a lavender colour this year! I like the idea of the two-coloured leathers and will definitely be checking them out in the summer. I hope they have threads at the end this time to hold the charms in place! I also have a question: during the free bracelet events, does Pandora usually allow you to upgrade to Disney bracelets? I really like the new bangle that is coming out in the spring and would prefer to get it for free :P Thank you for the wonderful posts! I am always looking forward to reading them! :)

    Take care! (And nice to meet you!)

    • I totally agree what you said, I started collect Pandora March 2015, there were many two toned & silver charm which I liked it a lot. I am lucky to have Pandora Outlet store nearby, I purchased many many retired charm 40% to 50% off, two 14k murano, 14k spacer, two toned clips, two toned safety chain…etc. I really treasure those classic pieces as my collection, I am kind of lose interest to those new button style cz charm, I won’t pay for it. I still participate in regular concept store during promotion for fun, only pick enough to get free bracelet or charm.

      • Yeah, the prices for the pave buttons mean that I’m less keen to pay the premium for charms that are all rather similar to each other. But I pick favourites from each collection nevertheless for the most part :)

    • Hi Victoria, it’s so nice to hear from you – I’m really glad that you’ve been enjoying the blog and that you have decided to leave such an interesting comment, too. The little ladybird is a favourite of mine, and I feel sorry for him that he’s been retired so soon, haha. I think he deserves more! At least I’ve convinced you of that fact. ;)
      I feel similarly to you about the regular collections in the light of this preview – with the proviso that there may be more to see. The Disney collection does offer more character beads, but they are pricier due to licensing and hard for me to get hold of here in the uk!
      However you can definitely expect a pair of very pretty Murano glass beads for spring and I’m told that there will be more for summer, also. At the very least, the quality of Pandora’s Murano glass at the moment is very much on the up, even if we don’t particularly like all the button-style beads and emphasis on pave detailing. The only other thing I worry about with the white enamel flowers is the possibility of the enamel yellowing in time, which would not look good with a statement piece like the dangle. I’ve found my Darling Daisies do not look as crisp as they did when I bought them!
      Regarding the free bracelet promo – yes, historically we’ve been able to get Disney bracelets as our freebies, but I’m wondering whether that will still be the case (I hope it will!) this time around as Disney items were explicitly disallowed in the recent free jewellery promo. We will have to wait and see!
      Thanks again for commenting Victoria – lovely to meet you too!

      • Thanks for the news on more Murano beads! I read some other comments about the possibility of a light purple flowery one and was thrilled! I completely agree that Pandora has greatly improved their Murano work and I am certainly glad about that :) My white enamel pieces have yellowed a bit too. I don’t mind it on the charms, but it makes me worry about the clasp of the LE Mother’s Day bangle if I do decide to get it. If it looks like the abundance of love enamel colour, we might be safe though! That charm has remained fabulous :)

  22. Thanks for the sneak peek Ellie!
    I was in my Pandora store and they showed me the booklet with all the spring/mothers day and disney collection in it. There is a beautiful rose/cerise charm sort of like a radiant heart but it has a small clear crystal daisy/daises over part of the stone(very beautiful and could be a campanion piece with the disney enchanted rose as they seemed similar colors) another stand out piece is a silver bracelet but the clasp has what i think were diasies or flowers inset into it and it appears to match the whole magnolia collection. Speaking of which, The whole magnolia collection, most of which you showcased here (the white and pink flower pieces) were beautiful. The flower muranos were lovely, a pink one and a lilac pirple one with either magnolias or daises on them. Of course the radiant drops were cool. For motthers day there was a fancy pink shimmering droplet but it was heart shaped. As for Disney the ones shown were all the ones previewed except there was a special all silver one that had i think snow white lying down with the prince bending over to kiss her. I think it was snow white, there are so many Disney princesses who get kissed by their princes it may be another one. As for essence, they are coming out with new essence spacers and there were a few new pretty charms but dont remember them off hand. Sorry i cant remember more, it was sensory overload looking through the whole book but the overall impression was the my credit card is going to be burning up!

    • Hi Katie,

      Thank you for posting this information! I’ve been hoping for a nice pink murano, as well as, a lilac one. Can’t wait to see them!!! The all silver charm with snow white and the prince bending down to kiss her would be so neat. Everything you mentioned sounds interesting. Thanks again for posting!

    • Hi Katie, thanks so much for sharing! It’s so cool that some stores feel comfortable sharing info with customers; it really does help to build excitement I think and it rewards good customers too… our stores here in the UK are mostly very close-lipped! I’ve seen the muranos and bracelet you mention and I think they’re gorgeous too! The muranos are my only must-haves from this spring selection I think but I agree that the magnolias are rather lovely too.
      Thanks again for sharing, and hopefully I’ll have pics to illustrate all the things you mention soon as well! <3

  23. Wow there is so much my favourite is the flower charm at the start it’s so pretty and I love the colour. The summer leather look nice too and I love how bright everything is. I’m really happy with everything more to add to the wish list.

    • Yay I’m glad you’re happy with what you’ve seen! The orange summer leather is really gorgeous, from the look of these photos, and I like that it will match so well with my new Rose bracelet design. :D

  24. The orange leather is incredible if it’s really that bright. I was disappointed in the Honeysuckle leather. I didn’t see it in store before I bought it through the e-store. I was expecting (hoping for) something brighter, something like in your review pictures. What I received was exactly what the website picture shows. The pink is metallic, but not bright. I still love it. I wanted it to go between my two double purple, and it suits that purpose well. But if that orange leather is really as bright as the picture, I’ll need at least three. :-)

    • The leathers do vary in colour a little bit I think, so perhaps you just got a duller one? Mine is really tropical and bright. Of course, the light box I use to take my photos may bring out some colours more but my leather is very vibrant in person, too.

      • That’s true about the photography. I love your photos though. You have a knack for making the most hideous pieces look lovely. :-)

  25. I was so excited when I saw you posted this preview. I always love to see previews, especially the Spring collection, which doesn’t disappoint. I can’t see anything from the Mother’s Day or Summer collection, but I have quite a few items from the Spring collection on my list as usual. I can’t wait to see the whole collection and the essence charms.
    I like the pink floral enamel collection, I think there lovely colours. I like the ring, spacers and clips the most. Also I like the dazzling daisy spacer and the poetic blooms clip. i’m already thinking of where they would go in my collection. I hope they’ve done the poetic bloom in a ring.
    Tigger and Mrs Potts with chip are on my list as well.
    I’m intrigued about the bracelet Katie mentioned as well.
    What’s on your list so far Ellie?
    It would be great if you got the chance to go to one of these events.
    Thanks Ellie for the lovely preview. Hope we get to see some more soon.

    • Glad to hear it! And I posted the Essence collection today, although you probably already saw that ^^ the pink floral collection are magnolias, and I agree that they look really lovely. I have enough pink flowers though, and in the spirit of being more sensible when it comes to Pandora purchases with which I have begun this year, I probably won’t be indulging in them. My list as it stands is mostly Disney based: Tigger, Piglet, Tinkerbell shoe & dress and the Disney parks Dumbo (I can’t imagine I won’t love that one!). And then from the spring pieces, my must-haves will probably be the spring floral muranos, which I will hopefully preview soon, and maybe the bracelet Katie mentioned.
      The thing is, if I ever went to one of these previews, you know that I’d take pictures of absolutely everything aha. No just taking pictures of macarons or the floral displays! ;)

      • I’ve got quite a lot of pink florals, but I can’t resist these.
        You’ve got a good list there of some lovely charms.
        Yeah we’d get some great pictures if you went. Hopefully one day you can.
        I’ll look forward to more previews.

    • I saw the whole collection catalog in my store and there were some gold charms, but i dont remember offhand. I am going back next week to get the disney apple charm and i will look at the catalog again for everyone and try to remember more items if Ellie doesnt post more by then.

  26. Hi Ellie,

    I love all of the charms. I wouldn’t even know where to start to list my favorites! Makes up for the Pandora rose collection I didn’t love…will go to store tomorrow to see catalog!

  27. Thanks for the sneak peek Ellie. Pink enamels are very pretty. Love the sunset and cocktail charms – would love to do a cruise themed bracelet using those.

    Love the shell& starfish dangle. Also have been holding off on buying the orchid dangle because it’s a dangle – so the orchid charm is appealing as an alternative.

    • You are very welcome Lozzie! I also think the new orchid charms are great for that very reason. The design works well as a proper charm as well as a dangle, and it’s nice that they’re making it into a whole collection. I guess the original Orchid dangle must have sold well!

  28. Hello Ellie, thanks for posting these photos!!! The summer collection looks so amazing!! I can’t wait for better pictures to come out. The hot pinks are great. I’m plan to do a Barbie inspired bracelet, something super girly and fun! I much perfer the bright enamels over all the pave Pandora has been putting out! Thanks for keeping us informed!

    • You’re welcome :D a Barbie-inspired bracelet sounds amazing, I’d love to know what you’re planning to put on it. The magnolias are actually pretty perfect for a Barbie theme, come to think of it – they’re delicate but very bright and fun, much like the Barbie logo. I’m also a big enamel fan and much prefer it to pave!

      • This Barbie idea is brand new, I have a few bracelets going now and of course I need another! This new summer collection has me soo excited!!! If that up coming summer leather bracelet is hot pink that will be a must have!! As of now, I have the the gold high heal, a two tone purse charm, a puffy heart, and the mirror charm with clear enamel that will work. There are plenty of cute charms that will work, these new pinks are perfect! Off to make a list, and to convince the Hubby I need all of this!

  29. As an employee for Pandora Im extremely excited for the Spring Collection it looks gorgeous. I am disappointed though about all the button charms and lack of charms without cz. Cannot wait for the drop though! Its going to be a good spring!

    • I’m so glad to hear that! It is a bit of a shame that there aren’t more traditional beads, but it’s good to know that you’re optimistic anyhow :)

  30. Oooohhhh!!!! ?????
    There are some gorgeous beads in these collections. Some of them will come home with me but I still don’know wich ones! I need to see them more clearly and take my time to choose. I’ll stick to the ones that better fit into my unfinished designs, I hope ?
    I must say that I’m delighted that Pandora has decided to bring out a set of pieces, I mean the clips matching a charm and spacers all at the same time and not in different collections. I may be tempted by one of those.
    On a side note, I’ve tried to coment twice before but my server has failed to deliver them. I hope, this one gets to the blog!

  31. Thank you for sharing! Can’t wait for summer to come i love those colours and there is bleu/green for once! I absolutely want that blue enamel bangle. Definitely a must have for me. As for sping collection no big crush but who knows maybe i’ll find some preety irl…

  32. Hi Ellie, any pictures yet of the floral muranos you mention in the spring collection? I’m looking forward to seeing more of the collection. Thanks for the great posts. They always make my day.

  33. I’m living the rose gold collection. I have seen on the American site that there is a white enamel flower charm in rose gold which I would very much like. Do you know if Australia will be getting this charm?

    • If you don’t get it in Australia and need help with it you can let me know. I am in NA and will be glad to help you out Janelle.

      • Hello Susan

        That is very kind of you thank you. I will wait to see if it comes out in the SS17 collection here, if not I will gladly take you up on your offer.
        Thank you

  34. Wow! Love the white orchids for summer! The 2015 orchids are a motif between myself, my mum, and my grandmother already – so these will be a great addition for us all!

    Love that the Mother’s Day bangle is a little more inclusive with the inscription this year!

    Great post!

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