It’s on to the next preview again today, with an overview of the upcoming Pandora Essence Spring 2017 collection! :D  This release brings some new styles for the Essence line, introducing its first dangles and spacers.

Pandora Essence Spring 2017

A few of you wondered why there was no Essence in my Pandora SS17 media previews round-up yesterday – the answer is because I was putting together this post with a fuller preview, haha! The Pandora Essence Spring 2017 collection should be out with the regular Spring launch on the 16th March – read on for the preview! ?

Pandora Essence Spring 2017 Preview

The values might be the same as those of previous collections, but there are a few new innovative styles of beads for this season’s Essence collection – included in this set of charms are two dangles, a first for the Pandora Essence line, and a pavé Essence spacer!

There’s also a heart-shaped bead, which is another change for Essence.

Pandora Essence Spring 2017

My favourites from this selection are the two new enamel beads, which feature soft pastel tones and floral detailing. I love how much enamel patterning Pandora are doing at the moment; its such a beautiful finish!

Pandora Essence Spring 2017

You can see some of the new beads in action in this lovely live shot from Urban Diva. The overall look is so much more contemporary these days than the original Essence concept!

Image by Urban Diva

My Comment

Again, it’s nice to see Pandora trying new things so regularly with the Essence line – it’s one of the collections that has seen some of the most changes from its original concept. Spacers and dangles are welcome new options when it comes to designing an Essence bracelet. However, I wish that didn’t seem to come hand in hand with the pave-ification that’s taking over the vast majority of Pandora’s various lines and collections.

I think the silver heart pendant and the enamel beads are really sweet, but I have finished both my Essence bracelets and am really happy with them (I recently showcased them in this review!), so I am probably safe from these for now! ^^

What do you think of this selection? Are any going on your wish list?

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  1. Thank you for this review Ellie. I really like the two enamel beads – they look really pretty. Love reading your reviews, gives me time to save before the launch! Have a good weekend.

    • I like the enamels as well – I love all the patterning they’ve been doing with their enamel charms lately. Have a lovely weekend too and thanks for commenting!

  2. Very disappointing, I don’t like any of them. Again, no new values, no natural stones and loads of pave. Hate it.

    • I agree entirely with you Lisa. Some of the beads are mini copies from the Moments collection… The little spacers are cute, but I fail to understand why they are necessary – after all you can’t put many beads on the Essence bracelet so you will always have “large” gaps between the beads. Even the little dangle is a copy/paste of the Dazzling Droplets. Most disappointing.

      • I also feel the spacer idea makes no sense in the context of a fixed bead bracelet. I think Pandora offered it perhaps as a way to get people who like moments to get familiar with and maybe buy essence.

      • Well, spacers do also serve an aesthetic purpose, so I guess it’s so that people can have more choice when it comes to the size of their beads? There certainly doesn’t seem a need for them to fill a gap like there is with the Moments bracelets, it’s true..

  3. Those charms looks very spring like to me Ms. Mora, can’t wait to see them in person. Thank you and God bless you.

  4. Hi Elli, my favs are the two enamel ones and the hope dangle. However I liked the idea of Essence being a totally different line. Natural stones gave it that touch. Now, I find it’s commimg closer and closer to Moments, so I’m not sure what to think about it as a whole.

    • I agree. It’s more of a smaller more dainty version of moments. It’s nice, but I don’t know if I can spend the money for 2 versions of the same thing. I also liked the natural stones.

    • HI Marie, I do get what you mean – I think these new additions are fine, or would be if so many of the original natural stone charms weren’t gradually making their exit. It’s good to have more options for Essence I think, just not at the expense of the original concept :)

  5. Hi Ellie, thanks for your review, i always enjoy reading! I’m not keen on these at all, thankfully I have collected a lot of the essence beads in the natural stones and some in the silver (none in cz!) and I think I will just stick to what I have got now. It’s a disappointing release for me, but thank you for your info, i always look forward to it!

    • Hi Jean, thank you – glad you enjoy them! I like the enamel beads very much, and would love to see more for Essence, but it is a shame not to see more natural stones, I agree.

  6. I find this release very interesting! It seems like such a foreign concept to see dangles, a spacer, and a heart shaped bead in the Essence line. (I still think the button style beads are odd for Essence). I’m not saying I dislike It. I just think it’s much different from the current offerings.

    I really like round beads, I like enamel, and I like simple floral designs so I really like the two enamel beads. An Essence dangle seems strange, but maybe I’d get the heart dangle at some point (maybe, but probably not).

    I’m not a pave fan, nor do I like button style beads so I have no interest in those type beads. A little touch of pave every now and then is okay, but not as a dominant feature. Pave has overtaken the Moments silver beads and Pandora Rose and now it’s working its way into the Essence line. Five of the eight pieces have pave! I do really like the enamel beads though. The prevalence of pave in Pandora pieces is disappointing, but it helps keep down the number of beads I want to get (so that’s good!).

    • It is very different from what’s gone before. It’s funny watching them dip their toes into new things with Essence all the time – I think they find it hard to know what Essence should be a lot of the time. But it does mean that they’re constantly innovating with it, which I think is a good thing! The enamel beads are my two favourites as well, and I’m also not so keen on the heavy sparkle that’s hit the rest of the collection. Perhaps next season we’ll see some enamel spacers, like the Moments floral enamel vintage charms – that would be really nice!

  7. Hi Ellie,

    I have two essence bangles that I bought on a bracelet promo & each one has three beads. I think I will stop there, I find the price points rather high, however, the friendship and joy stand out as two I like. Not sure why they are calling the love knot friendship as it is a miniature of the regular pave love knot my husband bought for me in Glasgow. I agree that the pave-ification is a shame, what I like about the essence beads Is have is the creativity with mosaics, silver & mother of pearl materials. The joy bead is the most elegant. While I won’t be indulging in the new essence collection I think Pandora should create a new bangle with a charm like clasp similar to the dainty bow or snowflake versions of the regular bangle.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Yes, the Autumn release from last year had a lot more natural stones to love with the mother of pearl and the enamel – but I like that they’re introducing dangles and spacers for those who want them. So long as they don’t neglect the more traditional bead styles going forward, I don’t have a problem with it. <3 more Essence bracelets would be really fun, although I still kind of hope that they don't if only because I find it hard to resist the urge to collect special clasp bracelets aha.

  8. Hi Elli, I was one of those questioning the lack of essence :) so happy to see this review and I agree with most of your thoughts. I like the enamel, but disappointed to see the hearts making their way to this line and too much pave, so a little disappointing for me, which is sad since I love essence. I have been buying the retired beads on Rue La La which is great for me. Thanks for your awesome review!

    • Hi Melissa! You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed the review, even if the charms themselves weren’t quite what you were hoping for. :) Rue La La has had some absolute gems recently and I’ve been doing much the same as you with Moments charms!

  9. Thank you for the heads up on the new Essence beads! I was hoping for more natural stone beads, but I will definitely get the pink enamel bead to put on my second Essence bracelet. I hope this collection will not turn into a mini version of their Moments collection, though.

    • You are welcome! It would be nice to see more natural stones – I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the Autumn collection I guess. We did get those beautiful mother of pearl beads last autumn, so I’m optimistic! :)

  10. Thank-you for your review! I absolutely love the friendship, joy and happiness… but sad to see the hearts and different shapes as I love that each beads was the same overall footprint.

    I just discovered the essence line and started collecting so I was wondering if you get a heads up on when they are planning on retiring certain beads. Thanks!

    • I liked that the Essence beads all looked alike too, but then – you don’t have to buy any of these new types, I guess, so long as they keep putting out the traditional spherical types too. I guess we will have to wait and see!

      I do sometimes, but retirement info is a lot harder to get hold of and write about seeing as it’s often so different from region to region!

  11. Why have they ruined essence like this, I’m heartbroken. I fear this is the beginning of the end for the collection… :( x

  12. Thanks for the preview Ellie. I can’t see any charms here I need. probably a good job, as my list is long enough for the spring collections.

  13. Hi Ellie I love that they are having ideas for essence I thought we would never see a dangle essence then two come along lol. I really like the pastel charms they are very pretty looking forward to seeing it in person.

    • Hi Nicola! Aha, I like that too – they’re always trying something slightly new with Essence. Essence has never quite found its personality since its launch, I think, and this seems to lead to them changing it up on a fairly regular basis!

  14. Nothing for me, I only have one Essence bracelet with one Love as a special price set, I put one pearl on, I will keep it simple like that. No interest button style, cz charm at all. I rather buy Thomas Sabo Karma with lot of real semi precious stone, silver & plated rose gold openwork round charm to choose, I have one long necklace & 4 bracelet, love Karma more than Essence.

    • Thanks Ester! There isn’t one for summer, as far as I’m aware, but sometimes they do that kind of thing for Pre-Autumn – so we’d have to wait and see! :)

      • heart flags are actually already on their way out! Theyve been on our last call trays for months except for the US and Canada!

  15. Phew… I’m safe for this collection. Prefer semi precious stone rather than pave and enamel on this line. That is what differenciate itself from moment line.

  16. I’m a huge essence fan and I just love how they come up with new ones every year. Got myself the bangle and have to say, it’s by far my favorite part of the essence collection. This new collection is truly beautiful. Love the enamel, the dangling heart and the heart shaped bead. Truly different. Will definitely be adding those to my bangle. Thank You Ellie for yet another great post.

  17. Any idea if Pandora U.S. will offer a free Essence bracelet with purchase this year with the lovely spring/ summer release that’s coming out in 16 days?
    It’s so disappointing when they don’t include the Essence line in their bracelet promotions as has been the case recently.

  18. Ah I was just going to comment as well until I checked “essence” section !!! I just bought the heart dangle and hope to have it engraved one day. I wanted the other dangle but it was too sparkly, so I got happiness and love them both.

  19. Im new to the essence range and i have to say i love it, I have dignity and joy and recently got the heart dangle for mothers day, mine says appreciation though not affection like stated on the pics you have, are there two or did Pandora change it x

    • With the free bracelet with purchase promotion –I just completed my 2nd Essence bracelet & started a 3rd bracelet. . I just got for my birthday the new friendship charm, the new love heart charm & the balance & generosity mother of pearl mosaic charms. Beautiful! The love heart is sparkly & exquisite!!! For now I think I am done with my bracelets but have my eye on the appreciation heart dangle for my Essence necklace for when I want to change up the look .– maybe for Mother’s Day! I couldn’t be happier with my new additions!

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