Following on from yesterday’s Pandora Disney preview, we have another sneak peek, with a look at the upcoming Pandora Mother’s Day 2017 collection! <3 The collection features a lot of decorative pieces, and the usual maternal designs – there are a fair few hearts included, but also a few hobby- and occasion-themed beads, too.

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 collection

This preview, as usual, encompasses all the charm jewellery; the other jewellery will be previewed separately. :) This collection launch should be due out in most countries on the 13th of April but the UK will receive a small portion of the collection early on the 23rd of February, seeing as we celebrate an earlier Mother’s Day than most.

Read on for a look at all the charms and bracelets coming out with this release!

Pandora Mother’s Day 2017 Collection Preview

Let’s start with all the new Mother’s Day charms that are coming out – I’ve divided them into two categories: those that are fundamentally heart designs, and ones that are not, haha. The heart charms are quite often family-related or maternal in theme, but the limited edition charm is a pretty pearlescent enamel piece with more universal appeal.

In North America, the Family & Love clip will initially be part of a bracelet gift set and will not be sold on its own.

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 collection

The Luminous Love Knot charms feature very striking ‘white crystal pearls’, and would make lovely focal pieces. There also some cute baby charms, a new safety chain (yay!) that reads Love Always, and a few hobby/occasion beads. The Tree of Hearts is a beautiful white enamel design, with a little gold heart tucked at the centre – it may be a little similar to previous charms we’ve seen, but nevertheless I love the intricate design of the tree itself.
Pandora Mother's Day 2017 collectionNext up, we have our usual limited edition bangle design for Mother’s Day! I am so happy to see that this year’s offering is less explicitly maternal in theme, offering a more neutral inscription of ‘You are so loved’. I love the clasp, which features Pandora branding and a white enamel heart at its centre.
Pandora Mother's Day 2017 collection

However, this isn’t it for bracelets – in addition to the bangle, we have a very interesting set of new single and double leathers! These are mostly re-visitations of existing leather bracelets, but with the substitution of the spherical clasp for the traditional barrel clasp that the leathers currently come with. There’s also a brand new colour coming out with the Pandora Mother’s Day 2017 collection – a white double leather, which will go nicely with all those soft shimmery pearl enamel charms. The other colours we’ve all seen before. The black leather appears to be the only new single leather coming out with the new clasp.

It’s worth noting that, in the North American catalogue, I’ve only seen the new white leather advertised, and none of the other colours – so they might not be making their debut in all regions. I will keep my eyes peeled for more details!

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 collection

Finally, we have all the new Floating Locket designs, of which there are many for Mother’s Day! We have new petite charms in the same pearlescent enamel as the regular charms, and brand-new disc-type charms that are also designed to go in the locket. They’re a bit larger than the Petites and offer something a bit different.

There’s going to be a new heart-shaped Floating Locket necklace, too; I also found a picture of a matching heart-shaped locket charm (which I’ve included here), but I didn’t see this in the North American catalogue and, given the issues with the previous Floating Locket charm design, I wonder whether this is still going ahead. We’ll have to see!

My Comment

There are lots of pretty charms and bracelets pictured here – the Luminous Love Knot pearls are gorgeous, and I much prefer this year’s LE bangle to last year’s – but I have so many pieces that I want to get from the Pandora Spring 2017 collections that I hardly have any space left in my budget for any of these. Nevertheless, it is so great to see Pandora continuing to expand their line of safety chains, and I am quite tempted by the new script design pictured here. It’s plain silver, and so it shouldn’t be too expensive!

It’s interesting that they seem to be planning on phasing out the older style leather bracelets and replacing them with spherical clasp versions of them – it does make you wonder if the regular silver and gold charm bracelets could be up for the same treatment at some point!

What do you think of this latest preview? Is anything being added to your list to get come April?

60 Comments on Pandora Mother’s Day 2017 Collection Preview

  1. Hi don’t think I will be getting any of these beads
    The pram and graduation bead have been done before
    Mother’s Day beads are similar as always they
    Really need to make some different beads that
    We have not seen before the beads are very
    Repetitive very disappointed with this release.

    • Hi Kylie! Yes, last year’s Mother’s Day release had a few more bits in it that appealed to me as well. I think what’s here is pretty, but no contender compared with the Spring 2017 release, which is where my money will go!

  2. Thanks for yet another preview Ellie! I have liked a lot of the decorative pieces from the last two Mother’s Day collections, but I think I’m pretty safe with this one. I do like white enamel, but I’m not sure any of these are “must haves” for my collection. I have an obsession with leather bracelets, so I definitely want to see the white leather bracelet IRL. I like that they are updating the clasps because I find the spherical clasps much more modern; although, I don’t see myself buying new bracelets in colors I already have just because the clasp is redesigned. I definitely want the Heart-Shaped Floating Locket at some point, but I can probably hold out on that one until next Valentine’s Day (2018) haha. I really like the new petites and will probably get these instead of the Birthstone Petites I originally planned to get. I’m not sure I like the disc-style charms for the locket. The heart-shaped locket charm is really cute and I hope that it does become available in North America, but I wish it had a different petite charm in it since the original charm comes with that same pave heart petite.

    This is off topic, but I saw somewhere else that there is going to be a Beauty and the Beast bracelet gift set available in March. Do you have any info on this gift set?

      • The dress is fun! I like the original silver party dress, though. I think that came out not long after I started collecting.

      • Hi Ashley. All that I saw was that the gift set includes a Beauty and the Beast lithograph and CD. I am assuming it consists of the new B&B bangle, but I’m not sure if this includes any of the B&B charms (new or old).

        • My store told me that the set was coming in conjunction with the movie release and they were doing a party, probably the 18th of March, for it. The set will be available as a gift with purchase but they did not have all the details yet. They were thinking $125 purchase.

    • Hi Joanne! You’re welcome. We’re getting through them now, haha. I am also pretty safe, although I think the white leather looks lovely and the bangle for this year appeals to me much more than last year’s. But I certainly don’t need any more bracelets, as I’m already planning on getting the spring 2017 floral one! The heart-shaped locket is really cute, I agree, and that might tempt me at some point, if they bring out enough Petites that I like. I quite like the disc-style beads as well.

      I don’t have a picture of the gift set yet unfortunately but I am keeping an eye out! :)

    • I like the look of that one as well! It looks like a matte finish, though, which is unusual for the lighter colours.

  3. Hi Elli. Nice to see another preview just when I was about to log off and go to bed! ??
    Thrre are some interesting pieces in this collection, too. It’s funny that tomorrow is Saint Valentine and we are watching and commenting mother’s day release. Good for you!!!
    From my point of view the family and love and hearts of romance may be tempting, as they are two tone but on the other hand I find it difficult to say for sure as they seem to have very little gold. Let’s wait and see. The dangle with the enamel heart is nice too, though I wouldn’consider it a must have. At least at first sight, lol.
    What has really caught my eye is the luminous love knot. I’m so glad that they’re white pearls! ?
    The graduatin dangle is another one that could find its way to my list if I didn’t have quite a number of dangles, so I’m afraid the most sensible thing will be to give a pass to them at least for a while ?
    On a side note, I must say that I’m a bit worried about the amount of white enamel pieces due out both in spring and mother’s day collections. Not that I don’t like it, quite the contrary but I remember you commenting not long ago that white enamel tends to turn yellowish and that there’s nothing you can do to prevent it.
    Many thanks for this preview. Looking forward to your next post, (as always)

    • Oh and I really like the white leather bracelet. Beautiful colour. However, I’m quite disapointed with the new bangle. It seems totally unimaginative to me!.

    • Hi Marie! Haha, it was an unusual time for me to post, but I just wanted to get it out there as soon as I had finished the article ^^ I would normally do a valentine’s review or something for Valentine’s Day, but I’ve been all over the place what with moving and getting ready for my new job and just hadn’t got anything ready! So I did Mother’s Day for Valentine’s Day this year on the blog aha.

      The white enamel in the daisy pieces has yellowed for me, yes, but my Abundance of Love spacer in this pearlescent enamel still looks great a year on. So my experience has been that all enamels other than the white have lasted very well, although I will note that I am careful not to let any perfume or chemicals get near them, as Pandora recommend! I wouldn’t be too worried about purchasing one of these pieces, going on my experience with the Abundance of Love charms, but it’ll be interesting to hear if people purchasing beads fro this collection do have issues. I hope not!

      You’re welcome Marie, thank you as always for commenting! <3

  4. Safe with this collection as well, lots of do overs with enamel, pearls, and CZ’s and again very repetitive. Are they real pearls btw? The white leather will be bought someday, though. I liked the Disney release much better, but that is not availeble so hey ho…. Trollbeads it is, they have an amazing strong release with fearies and trolls! It is very quirky and unique I think.
    Nevertheless, Thank you for this nice preview!!!

    • No, I don’t think that they are – the word ‘crystal’ makes me think not! Ah, I’ve not seen the latest Trollbeads release, I will have to check it out. :D Even if I don’t often buy from other brands, I do love to go window shopping anyway. ^^

      You’re welcome, and thanks for commenting! <3

  5. Thank goodness for my cash flow that I don’t want as many charms from this collection as I did from the Spring one! That said, I think if you could afford to buy all these beautiful white enamel and gold pieces together it would make a stunning design. But I usually just pick out one or two things I love to fit in with what I already have. I love the mother and family themes, so I already have charms to represent my children, and a pram and one that says Mom, which I love but wouldn’t really get more of the same. The charm that I would really like is the tree of hearts, which would be lovely to give a flavour of gold and white enamel to my existing charms, and also being family themed – the little gold heart is the mother at the centre of the family tree ?! But I also like the new heart shaped floating locket, and the new pink and white leather bracelets would be nice with Spring and Summer coming! Just lately I seem to be buying more bracelets as they are bringing out so many new designs. I won’t be tempted by the limited edition bangle though, because I have my fingers crossed that I will be able to get the new Beauty and the Beast one from a friend of a friend overseas, so I am saving my budget for that. Thank you for a great preview Ellie!

    • I know, I was relieved as well! With all those Disney beads I want, plus the spring muranos and bracelet, I am all set for my Spring wish list ? The tree of hearts stood out to me as well, I absolutely love the design of the tree itself. It’s just that it’s another button charm, so I’m a little reluctant to invest! and I think, while you definitely can interpret it as being about family, you can also just get it as a pretty charm, too.

      There are a lot of bracelets to choose from this season – I think Pandora have twigged that the special clasp editions do very well! My pick for the season is the floral charm bracelet, but the B&B and this bangle are nice as well. I like most of the special clasps tbh! ?

      You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed it!

  6. Thanks for the preview but nothing for me. However the LE bangle looks good. Will like to have it as GWP. I like the look of this new pram, though it looks similar to the old one. I find that it looks more refine. But I’m not sure where can it go into my collection. I’ve got two boys and a girl charm from two yrs ago to represent my children already. I don’t think I would like to have another baby. Haha….

    • You are welcome! The bangle will almost certainly be offered as a GWP in Australia, so you should be in luck there :) I like the look of the new pram, but baby charms don’t really appeal to me seeing as I don’t have children yet haha! Lol, it does sound like you have lots of charms to represent your kids – although I have about a ridiculous number of pet charms to represent my babies aha.

  7. I’m in Pandora heaven with the Mother’s Day and SS17 collection. I have never been an enamel lover, but I have been pleasantly converted with these two collections. I’m really loving the mix of enamel and gold. I’m hoping the Mothers Day bangle is our free gift with purchase for Mother’s Day promo, as I will use that bangle to start a new bangle with enamels. Loving the petites in both collections. Would be lovely to see some two tone petites in the near future.
    Always look forward to your posts?

    • That’s so nice to hear! Enamel and gold is a combo they’ve gone for pretty regularly with the Mother’s Day collections over the past few years, I think it must do well. If you’re in Australia, then I think that the bangle should be a GWP for Mother’s Day :) it isn’t usually offered for free in other regions!

      Thanks Janelle, I’m really pleased that you enjoy the posts! <3 Thanks for commenting!

  8. My pale pink heart from prevolious V day (2016) collection turn yellow. I need to go to the store recently and return it. Luckily I have a bill. My only option was replacement so I took home with me classic silver essence bracelet. Very lady like bracelet. I won’t buy something with enamel ever again. I have few pieces with enamel but they are good for now and they are very old. From this collectin only graduation charm. Plain silver only from now. :) I learn my lesson.
    Sorry for my bad English.

    • Oh no, I hadn’t heard of that happening with any of the enamel charms other than the white ones :( that’s such a shame! If it helps, I have not had a problem with any of my brighter enamel beads at all. I’ve only had a problem with the white enamel charms yellowing, so if you go for some of the regular colours, you should be fine. It also helps if you make sure that they don’t come into contact with any chemicals such as perfumes etc :)

  9. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks again for the review. Ironically the item I like the most is the family and love clip that will not be available in NA to buy on its own. The limited edition bangle is lovely, and tempting. I have taken to wearing my Pandora bangles in a cluster each with one dangle, (kind of like the Alex and Anni bangles) in doing this I soon realized that I had enough bangles, or not. I will however, give this limited edition the once over in the store before I say for sure that I have enough bangles. I am still keeping to my spending limit and so far so good, picked up one retired charm but that was in my budget.

    Hope you are having a terrific Valentines Day.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Ah, well that clip should be available to buy on its own eventually – it’ll be available as a gift set for a limited amount of time to start with. Love the sound of your bangle stacks! I like to wear mine stacked with a couple of Essence bracelets. They really add a bit of something to a casual outfit.

      Well done on sticking to your budget! I have not cracked yet either, but moving costs have slightly forced me to be good aha. Here’s hoping that we manage to stick to it until spring! ^^ Hope you had a nice Valentine’s Day, too.

  10. I’d be all over that white leather to go with my black, but for the screw ends. I was so hoping after the Honeysuckle and Mint came out with smooth ends that all new leather would have smooth ends. I like how they’ve gone with the spherical clip over the barrel clip, but the screw ends have to go, on all the bracelets, but especially on the leather. There has to be uniformity in stackable bracelets or it just looks untidy, like I chose my jewelry combo while drunk. Lol. Don’t do that.

    • Ah, that’s interesting, I am really happy to see the screw ends! I find it really annoying having to get a clip for those bracelets, otherwise the charms just fly off the ends. The smooth ends are pretty, but just not practical for charms for me.

  11. It’s Valentine’s Day 2.0. More pink, hearts and bling. Nothing for me there. I like the white tree charm, though it doesn’t fit with any of my bracelet designs, and my youngest daughter will be happy to see the running shoe. I guess this will help me save money for some of the Disney pieces I have my eye on!

    • I would have quite liked the running shoe, had it not been for the pave! My OH is a very keen runner, and I do it to keep fit when the weather is warmer, too. But the sparkle puts me off unfortunately!

  12. Not really into any of these charms, and I already have a heart shaped floating locket from another brand. I was hoping for that textured bracelet that was shown for fall or winter and then they had production problems and pulled it, any more news on that one?

    I am intrigued what they are doing with the leathers, I really liked last year’s light blue and bright pink and got both. Loved both colors and I like that they don’t have the threads but I see these new ones do have threads even though they have a spherical clasp. I prefer the non-threaded because more of my other non-Pandora charms will fit and I also don’t like twisting the leather bracelets so much as I worry the metal will separate from the leather. I’m really not sure why Pandora still bother making threaded bracelets when most of their new charms don’t have threads.

    • That seems to have gone away for now unfortunately :( one reliable source told me a little while ago that they were considering releasing it for spring but now that seems to have been shelved. Whatever issues they’ve had with it obviously haven’t been satisfactorily resolved. I’m still hoping to see it later in the year… :(

      You’re not the only person to say that you’d have preferred smooth ends to the leathers – I am actually really happy to see the threads return! I get that they’re better for compatibility with other brands, but I get so fed up with charms just sliding off when I’m trying to put them on or take them off. I guess it’s a tough call for them to make, as there are arguments for either way!

  13. Hi Ellie!

    I’m enjoying the Mother’s Day Preview. This collection offers a fair amount of lovely charms that are not ‘mother specific’. I do admit I’m quite partial to pearls, mother-of-pearl and anything pearlescent. The LE Precious Heart, Luminous Love Knot charm and pendant have made it to my list of must haves. I’ve added the Tree of Hearts to my list as well, although I’ve been reluctant in the past to buy a lot of white enamel pieces since they tend to yellow a bit with wear, but I’ll take my chances with this beauty!

    I notice you refer to the Luminous Love Knot charms as having ‘white crystal pearls’. Is this anything like the Swarovski crystal pearls? They begin with a crystal core and use a unique coating technology resulting in a mysterious glow radiating from within the pearl itself.

    I’m not one to wear a lot of leather bracelets, but I’m definitely planning to check out the white one! I think it will be awesome with the pretty pink and white floral pieces. I’m glad to see Pandora using the spherical clasp for the leathers.

    Thank you, Ellie, for this lovely preview. I’m looking forward to seeing the whole collection in person.

    Hope you’ve had a lovely Valentine’s Day!

    • Hi Emily! Oh good, glad to hear it – this does sound like a collection that has a lot for you then! I love pearls as well, but having been collecting for a long time, I have quite a lot of the older pearl beads and these aren’t so tempting. What I’d really love is a pearl bead in the style of the Essence Dignity bead, like the Petite Facets. I would buy multiples of that to use on a bracelet instead of muranos! If it helps, I’ve not found that my Abundance of Love spacer in this pearlescent enamel has yellowed in the same way that my pure white enamel daisies have :)

      I’m actually not familiar with the white crystal pearls, having not come across them from Pandora before, but that’s entirely possible! They definitely seem to be synthetic, from the sound of things.

      Ooh yes, now I’m imagining the white leather with some pretty pink enamel florals! The Cherry Blossom beads would be lovely with it.

      Thanks for commenting Emily, hope you had a nice Valentine’s Day as well!

  14. I like the heart shaped floating locket necklace and charm. If the bracelet charm is released, it will probably have the redesigned bail. I prefer the original, but I would still get the heart shaped locket charm with the redesigned bail.

    I’m glad to see that the leather bracelets will be released with the spherical clasp. I really prefer the spherical clasp over the barrel clasp on the leather bracelets.

    Although I like the heart shaped floating lockets and the spherical clasp bracelets, I will wait a while before I get any of them because there are other new release items I would like to get.

    Thanks for yet another update!

    • I imagine you’re right and that they will probably end up re-releasing the heart-shaped Floating Locket charm with another bail. It would be a risk not to!

      None of these pieces are must-haves for me either, and I have more than enough on my list to get from Spring, so I’m probably safe from all these for the foreseeable future! Glad you enjoyed the update and thanks for commenting :)

  15. Hi Ellie I like the while leather bracelet, I’m not sure about the old leather colours having a different clasp. I wonder if they will change the silver clasp I hope not because it’s the original well known clasp.

    • Hi Nicola! I would be surprised if they got rid of the barrel clasp silver bracelet but then it’s kind of a surprise to see all these leathers switching over, so who knows…! It would certainly be the end of an era.

      • Aww you made it sound so sad lol. When are these new clasp coming out. Because I think I would like to get the navy leather before its gets the new clasp.

  16. Hi Ellie!

    This is a nice collection, but I don’t see any charms I would actually buy so far. I love enamel, but white does yellow over time with the effect looking stronger when you put an older white charm next to a brand new one, so I hesitate to invest in more whites. The white leather bracelet interests me, however, and I will definitely consider it during the next leather promotion! The repetition of the existing leathers confused me a little. I assume Pandora will gradually phase out the barrel clasp in the leathers, so that’s the point of those? I would have preferred more new colours since they bothered to remake them, or at least the introduction of the previous limited edition ones in the standard line, then I would be willing to get some for sure! I still have my eye set on the orange one from the summer collection :) I am also happy they kept the threaded ends, I don’t like being forced to add a clip at the end of my design just to keep the charms from falling off! Thank you for the preview, Ellie!

    Have a great day! :)

    • Hi Victoria! I have found the same thing with my white enamel daisies, but my Abundance of Love spacer in this pearlescent shade has actually faired all right so far. I’ll keep an eye on it and see whether I do notice any colour change over time, though. The only charm from this selection that tempts me is the tree of hearts one, but it’s not a must-have that I’d need to get immediately anyway!

      I’m really looking forward to getting a look at the stock images for the summer leathers, as they’ve really intrigued me with what look to be different coloured strands in each leather bracelet. It’ll be interesting to see what the effect actually is! I’m with you on the threaded ends, too; it’s such a pain to have to buy that extra clip or borrow one from another bracelet, I agree!

      Have a lovely day too and thanks for commenting! <3

    • Yes, it’s just a shame that the shoe has sparkle on it, or I’d have been quite tempted to get it to represent my OH, who did the London marathon last year :)

      • Mine too (Athens marathon, several years)! Got me into running too (not marathons though, I’m a bit lazy). I don’t mind the CZ as much as the fact that the shoe will be showing its upper part and not its side. Imagine how lovely a dangling shoe would look that way. It would go back and forth like running…

  17. Hi Ellie, I’m kinda itching to get myself a black leather bracelet as I’ve too many silver bracelets now. I’m contemplating between the double and triple bracelets but I was told by the staff here in SG that they don’t carry triple bracelets anymore. What about the other regions? Also, for leather bracelets, would the barrel clasp be better or the upcoming round clasp from mother’s day collection? Safety chain isn’t required for leather bracelets too so that leaves me with charms and clips right?

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