It’s now just under two weeks until the official launch of the Pandora Summer 2017 collection, and so today I’m getting in the mood with gorgeous HQ pictures of all the new charms & jewellery, pricing, and some detailed commentary. I also have a few extra live shots to share! As I write this, it is tipping it down with rain here in England, but the summery jewellery should help me focus on the sunny weather that will hopefully be coming our way soon (touch wood)!

Pandora Summer 2017 yellow

Pandora’s Summer collection for this year features some tropical aqua blues and oceanic-themed beads, plus a couple of wild cards in the form of some rather brightly coloured enamel button charms (if you read on, you’ll see what I mean!). There are also a couple of Japanese-inspired beads, which are some of my favourite designs of the year, and beautiful beautiful glass beads!

The collection is officially due out on the 1st June. For live shots, please take a look at my post here. Otherwise, read on for a full preview!

Pandora Summer 2017 Charm Jewellery Preview

The Sunny Doll, I am told, is set to be an Asian exclusive for the Summer 2017 collection, retailing at $89 SGD. It’s inspired by Japanese teruterubozu, which are little good luck dolls, designed to bring good weather. Such a cute idea for a charm!

pandora summer 2017 weather doll japan

The other charm drawing on Japanese culture in this collection is the Koinobori murano, another favourite of mine. This got released early in Asian countries back in April, but its official global release is the 1st June. I hear that the UK won’t be receiving this one, however. :(

Pandora Summer 2017 koinobori

Thankfully, the next two murano glass offerings should be seeing a global release. The Mint Glitter murano is my favourite of these, featuring a deep mint base, studded with sandy gold dusts and little bubbles in the glass. For me, the whole effect is just stunning, and I’m so hoping that it’ll look good with my Tinker Bell charms from the most recent Disney collection.

Pandora Summer 2017 glitter muranos The Pink Glitter also looks lovely, although for me, going by the stock image, the gold dust doesn’t stand out as much against the pink background. It’ll be interesting to see how striking the effect is in person. <3 I’d like to put this one with some brown/cinnamon-y beads – not that there are many of those these days! The Glitter mutants will be $45 USD each.Pandora Summer 2017 glitter muranos

Next up, we have three new Orchid charms. They brought out the original fuchsia dangle back in Summer 2015, but this bead will now also be available in white, which might be a bit easier to style than the brighter pink of the original. It’s $45 USD.

Pandora Summer 2017 white orchid

They’ve also redesigned it as a regular charm as well as a dangle, which will be available in both the original fuchsia and in white for $50 USD:

Pandora Summer 2017 pink orchid

These are very pretty, and would add a touch of femininity to a bolder summer design, I think – however, my bracelet with the original Orchid on it is finished and I don’t have any room for these new ones!

Pandora Summer 2017 white orchid

The following two beads have proven slightly controversial. They’re bold, bright and beachy, and have divided collectors a little: some think they’re fun and a bit different, others find them garish. Admittedly, it’s hard to imagine how you’d fit these in with a classic bracelet design, and I can see them looking better styled with maybe just one or two other beads on a little leather bracelet design, or on a bangle. Something fun and casual that you’ll dig out for the summer months, if not for your all-year-round bracelet. The Tropical Sunset will be $70 USD.

pandora summer 2017

The Summer Fun is $65 USD, and has the inscription Live in the sunshine. I think my main problem is that the way the cocktail glass is positioned underneath the sunglasses makes it look a bit like lips to me! ?

pandora summer 2017 summer fun

The Tropical Flamingo, priced at $85 USD, is in a similar button style, but with a slightly softer pave effect. I actually quite like this one – it’s fun and bright, but I think it would be much easier to style with some of the other beads in the collection. Some teal muranos, the new Radiant Hearts, some really classic silvers (maybe the original Dolphin, the Mermaid, or the Ocean Breeze openwork), and it would be lovely. Or, pop it on its own on a blue/green leather bracelet!

Pandora Summer 2017 Tropical Flamingo

The Ocean Life openwork is retailing for $75 USD. I have to say that I really like the shade of aqua-blue they’ve gone for with many of the beads in this collection, even if I won’t be indulging.

Pandora Summer 2017 ocean life

This new colour of the Radiant Hearts is another of my favourites from this launch. What a beautiful colour – like Caribbean ocean preserved in a charm. Unfortunately I don’t have anywhere for this charm to go, and it’s a bit pricey ($80 USD) just to get on a whim. But it is lovely!

Pandora Summer 2017 aqua radiant hearts

The creatively named Tropical Starfish & Seashell is another pretty aqua bead, although it would be nice to have just kept the pave to the starfish rather than the charm’s bail as well. It will be $55 USD.

Pandora Summer 2017 Tropical Starfish

For that reason, I think I prefer the Tropical Starfish pendant, which features a traditional silver bail. <3 It’s $50 USD.

Pandora Summer 2017 tropical starfish

Next up, we have new Mosaic versions of the Shining Elegance silicone clips, retailing at $45 USD. Of these, I think I like the pink version best – it would have been nice to have one in the same aqua shade as the other beads!

Pandora Summer 2017 Shining Elegance clip

Pandora Summer 2017 Shining Elegance clip

Pandora Summer 2017 Shining Elegance clip

And, finally for charms, two new colours of the original Cosmic Stars clips, which have been given a summery tropical makeover. ^^

pandora summer 2017 cosmic stars clip

They’re retailing for $70 USD each.

pandora summer 2017 cosmic stars clip

To go alongside the charms, we have two limited edition summer leather bracelets, as has become traditional! These are mixed colour, with spherical clasps and, thankfully, threads. I didn’t much get on with last year’s summer leathers, which had smooth ends, as you had to put a clip on the end of the bracelet to stop the charms flying off when you took the bracelet off! They’ll be retailing for $50 USD.

Pandora Summer 2017 Leather bracelets

The Floating Locket series will be getting a new set of Petites, with a tropical shell, fish and palm tree.

Pandora Summer 2017 Tropical petites

Other jewellery

Funnily enough, there’s a really limited selection of accompanying jewellery for the Summer 2017 collection. Usually we have a few rings at least, but I’ve not been given any other pictures since my initial preview.

The Tropical Starfish earrings will be $55 USD.

Pandora Summer 2017 tropical starfish

The White Orchid earrings will be $45 USD.

Pandora Summer 2017 white orchid

Pandora Summer 2017 Live Shots

As I mentioned in a previous post, Pandora stores in the US & Canada often receive the new collections a little ahead of their official release date – sure enough, the jewellery has started to filtering into North American stores. Thanks to the kind permission of Lady G Forty, we have these lovely live shots to peruse:

Pandora Summer 2017 Live Shot
Image by Lady G Forty – please do not reproduce without permission :)

You’ll notice that the white leather bracelet that was originally coming out for Mother’s Day is included with the Summer pieces:

Pandora Summer 2017 charms
Image by Lady G Forty – please do not reproduce without permission :)


We also now have this great close-up of the Tropical Starfish & Seashell, courtesy of Jessica-Alice Fox Gibson:

Image by Jessica-Alice Fox Gibson – please do not reproduce without permission :)

My Comment

This is a very pretty Summer release, I think, with a beautiful use of colour; I absolutely cannot wait to see the Glitter muranos in person.  I like that the two Asian beads don’t have any superfluous sparkle. The Sunny Doll will definitely be on my wishlist, and the red Koinobori murano is another temptation, if I can work out where it’s going in my collection! Pandora’s glasswork improves year by year! However, as ever, what’s missing for me are the plain silver character beads to make it perfect. I know I’m like a broken record, but it’s what strikes me about each new collection at the moment. My style, and that of many others I suspect, is to mix decorative vibrant colour beads with plain-silver interesting character beads. I’m relying on sales to pick up older silver beads, and that’s keeping me going, but it’s a little sad not to see so many new ones. The sparkly charms are also so expensive!

The oceanic aqua beads are always so pretty, but they’re very similar to what has gone before and so they’re not must-haves for me, really. The bright enamel buttons are not at all my cup of tea, but I’m surprisingly drawn to the pave Tropical Flamingo. Every now and then, one of those sparkly buttons just grabs me! I think it would look lovely with the new Radiant Hearts charm. But they’re a bit pricey for me, so I’ll just stick with my muranos and Sunny Doll I think!

What do you think of this collection? Will you be purchasing something?

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  1. Leather bracelets are disgusting. How can you wear dead animals … Summer is associated with the sun, joy, love and here such a thing … I do not like it very much. It’s cheap and awful :(

    • Exactly my thoughts :( I’m glad they have new cord bracelets coming out later in the year though

    • what do you think God covered Adam and Eve with in the garden ? “animal skin and fur” if God thinks it’s ok then it is good. besides they don’t kill animals just for bracelets, the put the skin to good use after taking the meat. people have been doing this since the beginning.

  2. I defenitively want to get both leather bracelets this time! As this is my goal do you know about any promo coming up during summer that can make this purchase easier or at least with a treat? :D

    • I’m told that there will be a leather bracelet promo for Canada at least in June as well as the US’s Memorial Day promo, but I’ve yet to hear more details on that yet :)

      • Oh the leather bracelet promo would be perfect if I manage to contact someone in Canada! thanks!!

  3. Hi Elli, what a nice surprise!!!!! I´ve just sit at my computer to go through the mail and the first thing I´ve seen is your post, so you´ve made my evening!
    My favs from this collection are the Radiant Heart, the white orchid both the charm and pendant and the two starfish dangles. However none of them are must-haves. I may indulge in the Radiant Hearts though, because I love that colour. Anyway, I´ll have to see it in person first! Summer is holiday time, so there will be other things to spend money on.
    Apart from that, I´d like to say that I agree one hundred percent with you about silver plain beads. These days Pandora seems to be producing central pieces only but nothing to go in between, so no you don´t sound like a broken disc to me, hahaaa!
    And in my very personal opinion, a greater range of colours would be VERY much appreciated.
    have a nice weekend and thanks for posting!

    • Hi Marie! Oh I’m so pleased to hear that! Thanks :) Lovely picks, although a shame that none of them are must-haves! I’m very much hoping the mint glitter muranos will fit in with the design I have in mind. :)
      You put it very nicely when you say about having lots of ‘central’ pieces and few character beads to bulk it out. There are lots of great focal ‘design’ charms, and not so many of the silver animals or other characters that I would traditionally slot in between muranos or enamel charms. Hope you had a lovely weekend also, and thanks for commenting! <3

  4. Hi Ellie,

    I think I will get one of the koi murano and one of the pink murano if they look nice. While I like the rest, I can’t justify spending so much money on beads when I have ones that are nearly identical already. I can’t believe how much they cost!!

    No more big pandora hauls until they change it up. They are losing loyal customers!!!

    And I am in the camp for *garish* to describe those really bright enamel and pave charms!

    • Hi Lisa! Fair enough! I don’t really have anything that looks like the mint glitter muranos already, so those are rather exciting for me. The other charms are similar to those from other collections, and seem obviously designed to be worn with them I guess. I hope you like more from the later release this year!

  5. Hi, Ellie!

    I will be getting the white leather bracelet, white orchids and the Koinobori muranos. Everything else I’ll have to see in person, but I am open to the bright enamels, if they will work on my half-completed orange bracelet. I suspect they won’t, but I will see.

    I’d get the Sunny Doll if it were available here. The two glitter muranos are pretty, but similar to Trollbeads charms I already own, so I will pass on those.

    If I am tempted, I could tweak my teal bracelet, or I could just be good and wait for Autumn…

    Thanks for the preview!

    • Hi Angie! Aha, I never advocate being good! ;) Sounds like a solid wish list. I’m still deciding on the koinobori murano, as I quite like the balance of muranos I have on my Asian bracelet as they stand. But it’s so pretty, so I have a dilemma! ^^ I’ll definitely be getting the Sunny Doll, though.

      You’re welcome – thanks for commenting! <3

  6. I love the sunny doll & Koinobori murano, I don’t think it’s fair that the UK always misses out. These are my 2 favourite charms from this collection. Oh and the new leather bracelets.

    • Those two are lovely! :) It’s a shame that the UK seems to opt out of quite a few of the more interesting beads.

  7. I must say Asian exclusive charms or any exclusive country charms are a design hit most of the time…

  8. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the Summer HQ Images and Prices! The beautiful Mint Glitter muranos and the aquamarine colored Radiant Hearts had me from the beginning. Can’t wait to get my hands on these charms. I would have loved it even more if Pandora had made matching clips. The Tropical Flamingo caught my eye, too. I have a couple of teal Pave’ Lights and the Tropical Parrot that might go with. Thought about adding a little pink to bring out the flamingo. Think that would make a cute summer bracelet. The bold, bright colors in the other button style charms are cute, but not my thing. I do like the colors of the Ocean Life though, and the Tropical Starfish and Sea Shell dangle.

    I love the little Sunny Doll and wish it had been offered to the US, but as exclusives go, it’s certainly fitting for an Asian exclusive. Glad you have a friend in the US who can get the Asian Koinobori murano for you. I think it’s perfect for your Asian themed bracelet.

    Last, but not least, there’s the beautiful orchids. I’m always hesitant to buy the white enamel charms because so many ladies talk about them yellowing over time. I haven’t had a problem with my white Primrose clips, so I may give the orchids a try. The little orchid stones in the center sets them off nicely.

    My purchases from the Summer release will depend a lot on whether or not they are available for the Memorial Day Event. With all said, the Mint Glitter muranos and the aqua colored Radiants Hearts are must haves for me!

    Looking forward to your next post!

    Hope your weekend is great.

    • Hi Emily! I know, as I was putting together this post I was thinking that Pandora had missed a trick by not doing the Cosmic Stars clips in that pretty aquamarine, too. Maybe for a future collection!

      I’m actually still undecided on the Koinobori murano. You’re right in that it would go perfectly with the charms I already have on my Asian bracelet, but I really like the balance of muranos/colour I have as it is, and wasn’t planning on adding more, so this new murano has thrown me all out, haha. I am definitely considering it!

      The white enamel on my Darling Daisies and Primroses has faded over the three years or so I’ve had them. Not terrible yellowing as has happened in the past, but they’ve discoloured a little. I hadn’t noticed quite how much until a brand-new Darling Daisy clip caught my eye in store one day, and I realised how different it looked to my older one. So I’d keep an eye on the orchids for discolourment, I guess, and be super careful about not letting them come into contact with perfumes or creams etc!

      I’ve seen a few NA stores on Instagram posting shots of the Summer collection, so the collection should be there – touch wood – in time for this weekend. I hope yours gets it in time, in any case!

      Hope you had a lovely weekend, and thanks for commenting! <3

  9. Hi Ellie, I’m in the UK and my local shop in shop let me have a sneak peek at the summer collection. The glass murano beads are absolutely stunning. Will definitely be purchasing both! The green murano has a yellow gold glitter and the pink murano had a rose gold colour glitter in. Will look absolutely stunning with rose bracelets :)

    • Hi Amanda,

      Lucky you…getting to see the Summer collection early. I was already sold on the Mint Glitter murano from previews. After reading your comment, I’m definitely anxious to see the pink. Rose gold glitter inside the pink sounds awesome. Might have to consider using the pink on my rose bangle. Sounds beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Amanda! Ooh I’m envious. Lucky you! I’d love to see those mint beads in person. So happy to hear that you liked them, though! I can’t get a handle on how deep the colour is of the pink ones from photos I’ve seen, but your description of rose gold glitter sounds lovely. Thanks for sharing!

      • Hi Ellie, it’s difficult to describe them but they reminded me slightly of the pink effervescent/fizzle muranos that were released a couple of years ago. I will definitely be picking up a couple next week :)

  10. Thank you Ms. Mora for the update, I say the Mint glitter and the Starfish charm looks terrific and I’m still looking for the Pink and Blue summer bracelets they both look right for the summer along with the Pink summer bracelet that I have gotten last summer. May God bless you.

    • You are very welcome! The mint glitter is a favourite of mine, too. <3 Thanks for commenting!

  11. Hi Ellie, thanks for your post. The bright enamels and overly blingy pieces don’t attract me at all, but the two muranos with the gold glitter are very pretty. The blue/mint one in particular reminds me so much of clear ocean waters with sand underneath…it would be a great souvenir from a tropical trip and the like.

    Yes, I agree more plain metal charms would be much appreciated. Every time I go on Rue, I’m sad to see the charming silver character and hobby pieces go.

    By the way, I saw your last response to me in a previous post. Wow, so glad you’re going to Spain! :) Which cities, may I ask? Hope you will have a wonderful time!

    • Hi Kris! The muranos are my favourite, too. The Mint Glitter also reminds me of the time I went away to the Caribbean – that gorgeous ocean and the lovely beaches! You describe it beautifully.

      Thank you! I am so overexcited to have it booked, and I genuinely believe it’s helped a lot with my mood and feeling better! ☺️ We’ll be going to Barcelona for a week. I cannot wait! Hope you enjoyed your time in Spain as well! <3 It's an amazing place.

  12. Thanks for the preview! I really like the sunny doll. I wonder if it will be in Australia. I really love the orchid that is not a dangle. I like the ocean life button charm. The other button charms are not quite to my taste. They seem a little late 80s to early 90s style to me.

    • You are welcome! I was told that the doll was an Asian exclusive, so I’d be surprised if it came out in Australia. But you never know with Pandora these days, haha. Thanks for commenting! :)

  13. Hi again! I am liking the mint Murano, the button flamingo, the button sea life, and the shell dangles. And the new radiant heart. I am hoping they will work with my oceanic starfish, seahorse, and parrot, flamingo, and sailboat. If not, my latest Rue haul included those pearl shells and the sea star, which work beautifully. I think I want the white leather bracelet, but I find the double leathers difficult to style. The charms end up pulling one side way down and the other loop gets so tight that it leaves a mark on my arm. I liked the single leathers better, and wear the same color double woven though th charms on the single. Cool braided effect. I am now anxious to see the pink Murano since I read there is rose gold in there. Thanks for the early 411. Helps me budget and design. If I hit the store without planning, my credit card suffers! Lol. Thanks much!

    • Hi Deborah! That’s a healthy wish list – sounds like that would be a really colourful bracelet if you do put it all together. I’d love to be able to see that in a photo! I know what you mean about the double leathers. If you spread the charms out around the two strands, they look a bit spacey, but they do pull if you clump them together. I tend to just clump them together anyway, though, haha. I’ve not had any problems with the leathers so far, although I was worried that that would weaken them!

      You are welcome, glad it’s useful! <3 I know what you mean about going into a Pandora store unprepared. I always used to do that on new collection day, haha. Thanks for commenting!

  14. Hi Ellie I really like the ocean life button charm which will go on my sea/ beach theme bracelet I think the star fish pieces will look nice on there to.The flamingo button charm look quit nice too I don’t know were I would put it though. Looking forward to the murano I’m allways a big fan of the murano, I don’t think there a bad murano they have made I like them all. Intrested to see the leather bracelets because at the minute they remind me of past leather bracelet which I already own.

    • Hi Nicola! That sounds lovely! I like the flamingo charm as well, but as you say, it’s tricky just to slot into your collection – and it’ll be so pricey here in the UK as well! I know, murano glass is very reliable – I always look forward to the muranos these days. My favourite in recent years is the Flower Garden from last year I think. ^^

  15. I will definitely get the mint glitter and koinobori muranos. Tropical flamingo and ocean life looks good and will match last years oceanic starfish that i intend to get at some point in time this year. I will make a choice between the two when i see them on which one matches better. My guts tell me its ocean life, it has the same bubble pave at the side as oceanic starfish.

    • Ocean Life does have the same blue pave bubble effect on the side – you can see it in the little side shots on the stock image! :) The mint glitter muranos are top of my wish list too!

  16. I am really looking forward to seeing the mint murano in person as i think it would look nice on the teal bracelet I am putting together for the summer. I also like the flamingo button one, but probably don’t have a place to put it right now. I like the look of the gold in the muranos in the pictures, as it looks like sand on the beach! Thank you for a great preview Ellie!

    • That’s my favourite, too – the gold flecks definitely do have a sandy beach feel to them. They’re very pretty! I’m hoping they’ll look nice with some green charms I have, and that they won’t be too blue. :) Thanks for commenting! <3

  17. My favorites are the weather doll, koinobori murano, and ocean life button charm. i don’t think I want either of the glitter muranos, but I’m interested in seeing what they look like in person. I like only a few designs from this release, but that’s okay considering my recent Rue La La purchases! Thanks for the update.

    • Aha, I was planning on ring fencing some Pandora spending money for the mint glitter muranos but then I went overboard on the Rue sale again this month, and I just bought the retired Beehive from the Pandora pages. So now I’ll have to reevaluate whether I can actually justify getting the muranos on the day! It will be just after pay day though ;) ?

  18. I got the purple orchid on a visit to Malaysia last summer. We’re going back this year and planning to visit an orchid garden, so I might get the white one as a souvenir of this trip. I’m eyeing the dangle so the 2 will match.

    • Oh, an orchid garden sounds lovely! I just spent some time looking at pictures of them on Google – so pretty. You should definitely get another orchid to match!

  19. Hi Ellie,

    What a lovely addition to my Sunday morning read. The Sunny Doll & Koinobori Murano are my two favorite picks and I can’t wait to see how you style both! No,pressure! Iol All kidding aside, you do have a talent & I not only copy some of your designs but I am inspired by them to play around with colour.

    I had forgotten about the new white bracelet. If it is available in my area around the time of the promo I might go for that. I would love to where it with the red one I have for a Canada Day theme.

    You are right about the glass work. Pandora has really kicked it up a few notches with the colours, depth and designs. I have some of the fascetted muranos but many have small chips in them. I find the smooth glass far more durable. I like the esthetic of the smooth glass. The new mint murano with flecks is lovely, I look forward to seeing it in person.

    Yes, I feel the division between the new and old collections. I understand the company is trying to appeal to other cohorts & tastes I just wish they would strike more of a balance. The new cosmic clips are nice and I like it when Pandora tries to connect to previous collections, perhaps this will happen in the future with some new two tone charms.

    I will continue to look for retired charms, the price points are a little more pocket book friendly. One of the sales associates at my local shop in shop said that more charms are being dicontinued and she will be putting together yet another last call tray. So I will have to adjust my budget accordingly.

    Again, Ellie, a lovely summer review. Oh the new white orchid is also of interest to me, I have the pink/fushia dangle. I would like to do a white & silver theme with one splash of colour.

    Take Care.
    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! I’m not actually sure if I’ll be getting the Koinobori murano yet – it’s so pretty and would match the charms I have on my Asian bracelet perfectly, but I’m not sure if I want to change the balance of murano glass I have on that bracelet yet. So I’m still musing ^^ the Sunny Doll will definitely be going on there, however, and you can be sure I’ll review that one!

      Love the idea of using the white leather for a Canada Day theme! That would be a bit different. It’s always fun when you can take a charm or bracelet that was clearly intended for something soft and delicate, and give it a bit of a boost with some bright colour or some other theme.

      I’m not surprised to hear about more retirements. Charms are vanishing at a rate of knots! Even the newer ones. This is clearly all part of the new model. I love the opportunities to buy at a discount, but it seems a shame for people who might come into Pandora in later years. It’s getting tougher to find some of those classics. I keep kicking myself for passing on charms that went in the sale a couple of years ago or more – they are now super hard to find, and definitely not at the prices they were at in the sales.

      Thanks for commenting, Lisa! It’s so lovely to hear that you find some inspiration in my designs, too. :D Thank you!

  20. Hello Ellie

    Thanks for the lovely review and the amazing pictures. The mint glitter muranos seems stunning and I am still quite interested in the ocean life button and the flamingo one. As I am working on a sea and sun theme bracelet I think the ocean life will be a great bead to add to my bracelet. I also like the new radiant heart. But I think I’ll decide which charms add to my collection when I could see them in person.
    Have a nice sunday and take care…

    • Hi Valerie! Sea and sun, that sounds perfect to me right now. I had a super stressful day at work and I kept thinking about my booked holiday away as a little time out haha :) looking forward to hearing your thoughts once you’ve seen it all! Not long to go now!

      Take care, too, and thanks for commenting!

  21. Good morning Ellie,

    It is always a pleasure to read you, especially on a Sunday morning (when thinking I should be doing my boring laundry).

    I think the weather doll is so cute and should be offered in all countries. Like you mentioned in previous post, it could work for a Halloween theme bracelet.

    I will skip my turn for these muranos since they are not the colors I need for my bracelets.

    For me the greatest of all is the white dangle orchid. It’s a must for my wedding anniversary bracelet. I have too many dangles already but still can’t leave this one out. I agree with you, Pandora should come up with new plain charms to add between muranos and danglings one.

    The Summer tropical sunset and Summer fun charms looks nice but too expensive for my own taste.

    If I had to choose between the Tropical flamingo and the Ocean Life charm, I would go with the fish; looks so cute. These are expensive too.

    The radiant hearts are just not my thing.

    The Tropical Starfish and Seashell would go nicely on my sea theme bracelet but my wish list is already too long. hahaha

    Both Cosmic Stars clips are very nice… I might get the blue one if it comes available at Costco warehouse for lesser $$$.
    I only wish Pandora would have used a lighter blue instead of clear zirconia, like they did with the green one. I already have the clear Cosmic Start clip.

    Thanks again for the news; I will wait for our free bracelet promo this June and get both pink and blue leather bracelets; I think dual colors are neat! By the way, my black leather bracelet is nowhere to be found and I’m thinking how could I have lost it?????

    Now it’s time for my next load of laundry. LOL

    Have a lovely day Ellie. Will be looking for your next review.

    • Hi Rachelle! Aha, glad to have separated you from your laundry for a few minutes. I often use blogging as an excuse to put off the things I should be doing. :P

      Mm, the sunny doll is quite ghost-like! I’m really looking forward to that one. Luckily it’s quite easy to find help with the Asian exclusive beads. The Russian Fairytale fish was the one that caused many people problems last year! That was tough to track down.

      Sounds like a perfect use of the white orchid! I like that the white version is a bit more versatile than the brighter pink – it can be tropical if you put it with other summery beads, but also more neutral if you want to add it to a bracelet to wear all the year round. <3

      Oh noo! I'd be gutted if I lost a bracelet. I do hope it turns up! I keep all my Pandora bracelets very conscientiously in my Stackers jewellery boxes - but I did almost lose a charm the other day. Luckily it did, miraculously, turn up in the end though :)

      Have a lovely evening Rachelle! Next review should be going up this evening :)

  22. Oh the mixed blue leather bracelet is a must for me. I have both moments and essence silver bracelets and charms after a mad plurge since November last year. I also have a double bright pink leather bracelet which I wear daily with one charm – a teal murano.
    So I would definitely buy the blue one and hopefully the tropical flamingo. But most of all I love the little doll.
    Whilst leather is not to everyones taste I find they offer good value as I wear mine everyday stacked next to my essence bracelet. I save my moments bracelets for going out or when I need really cheering up.:)

    • A mad purge? Splurge? Do you mean you got rid of some? :) Even if I fell out of love with Pandora in a big way, I’m not sure I could part with any of my jewellery! I might want it again some day and regret it – I’m so changeable, haha. :) The Tropical Flamingo would look nice with either of these summer leathers I think!

      Ah, interesting that you don’t wear the silver one every day :) my regular Moments bracelets are always the ones I turn to on a regular basis – the leathers are for stacking with other bracelets, as a rule, or for wearing when it’s hot over the summer an dI want something lighter!

  23. Hi Ellie. The biggest “must have” for me is undoubtedly the Mint Glitter Murano. In the live images, it looks even more beautiful than it does in the stock image. I also plan to pick up the Tropical Petites, the Green Cosmic Stars Clip (for my green leather bracelet), and the White Orchid. If there is a leather bracelet promo in the US, I am going to get the white leather. Also, looking at pictures, the Woven Mixed Blue Leather Bracelet is really growing on me. I’m going to have to force myself not to get this one as well, as I have enough summery leathers (the green, baby blue, and honeysuckle pink) and enough leathers in general haha! Finally, I quite like the Summer Fun and Tropical Flamingo charms–though I wouldn’t consider them “must haves” (especially the latter, as it’s very pricey).

    • Hi Joanne! I know, I’ve been pleased with the live images I’ve seen of it so far! <3 Can't wait to try it with my Folklore muranos and Tinker Bell charms on my green forest-themed bracelet I've been building this year. Hopefully it won't be too blue and it'll go nicely with them!

      I feel a little bit the same about the leathers, haha! I've got lots of the LE summer colours, so I'm not really needing any more. The Tropical Flamingo also tickles my fancy a little bit, but really I don't have anywhere for it to go and it'll be super pricey! It would be nice on the new pink leather I think - on its own as a focal bead...

  24. LOL I obviously dropped a clanger with a “plurge” Oh dear but at least it gave you a laugh. What I meant to describe was a large overspend to fill a moments bracelet with old charms to represent my 21 years of marriage. Another on old retired christmas charms and an essence bracelet & have recently been treated to a disney bracelet – I have begun a Pandora journey but do love the older character charms. …….the journey would not be the same without your blog thank you so much

    • Aha, I’m glad it was a splurge and not a purge! Sounds lovely. I love my older Christmas beads, and am always very excited to get out my red and green festive bracelet come November/December time! So pleased to hear that you enjoy the blog so much, I can’t tell you! Thank you for reading :D

  25. thank you for you post….I look forward to them so much. NOTHING has caught my interest in the last couple of releases and this one doesn’t show much promise either. I think ALL Pandora beads/charms are beautiful on their own but when it is redundant they seem to lose their luster. We definitely need more plain silver ones to fill in or should I say tone down all the pave and color.
    One thing that I think Pandora has missed out on is the Great American Eclipse. This will be an event of a lifetime (August 21, 2017). Have you heard of anything related to this?

    There should be a charm to commemorate the event. If Pandora is nothing it is way to memorialize those once in a lifetime events we want to remember. I can only hope it is in the making and they are just waiting to release the information closer to the date. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  26. :-) Oh, goodness, I’d love to have both leather bracelets and the star fish charms.
    I LOVE star fish!

    By the way, do you know if Euro Disney in Paris has a Pandora store?

    Thanks, Ellie!
    xo :-)

  27. I really like the tropical sunset charm. I started a tropical bracelet with the tropical flowers muranos and I think it would look good with them. that picture pairing the leather bracelet with the tropical sunset and white orchid charms looks pretty too. I will also have to get the starfish dangle as well.

  28. Hi Ellie!

    Thanks for the lovely images, they helped me sort through what I want from the summer collection! The free leather bracelet promotion is by far my favourite every year. I always use this opportunity to catch up with what I want to get from the past collections. This time it will probably be the white and the new pink bracelets, the double woven leather idea has great appeal for me! From the charms, I like the ocean life and the flamingo, I find the picture idea very charming for button style charms and I haven’t really liked any of those so far. They will make good focal points on my leather bracelets which I like to wear stacked together with mini designs on silver bracelets lately :) I will definitely get the starfish and seashell dangle because tropical designs and nautical themes are my favourite and not limited to the summer! The mint glitter and koinobori Muranos must also be very pretty, but I may have to wait until the next promotion for those. So many charms are getting discontinued lately, I was very surprised to see the luminous florals and daisy lace from last spring as well as all the fruit charms on last call trays. I hope some find their way to Ruelala since Pandora is not currently bringing out “supporting characters” for those nice focal pieces they produce. Thanks again for the post, Ellie!

    Take care!

  29. HiThere, do you know if there is going to be a Ring Promotion in July in Canada? Or any type of Promotion in that month ?

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