It’s an exciting day for Pandora collectors the world over, as today sees the last drop of the Pandora SS17 season, with the launch of the Summer 2017 collection! This year’s release offers the usual tropical colours and themes, with vibrant aqua shades, pretty white orchids, and some lovely murano glass. It plays heavily on motifs and designs that we’ve seen in previous collections, but this does mean that these new beads will work work well with charms you purchased before!

Pandora Summer 2017 enamels
Image by @sarinak23 – please do not reproduce without credit

The collection should have launched in most, if not all, regions in store and online today, although what exactly has been released varies by country – not all regions get all the items. If you’re in the UK, then authorised retailer The Jewel Hut have the in stock online!

For a full overview of the charms & jewellery coming out today, have a gander at the Pandora Summer 2017 tag – otherwise, read on for lots of live shots and updates on what’s coming out where!

Pandora Summer 2017 Collection Release

To celebrate, I have a delightful selection of images from both readers and stores online, which really show off the new pieces. For me, the highlights are undoubtedly the Mint Glitter muranos, but I also have a real soft spot for those pretty white Orchids, and the new aqua Radiant Hearts also looks stunning. It’s interesting to see how different the muranos look in varying lights, so I’ll be keen to see those in store.

One of my favourite Summer 2017 stylings I’ve seen so far has been this one by @sarinak23, which pairs the new White Orchid beads with the lilac murano from the Spring 2017 collection. The overall effect is so delicate and lovely; the soft purple of the murano really highlights how pretty the stone is in the Orchid beads. It’s given me inspiration in terms of one of my current works-in-progress!

Image by @sarinak23 – please do not reproduce without credit

I also absolutely love this bracelet combining the two colours of Glitter murano by Jessica-Alice: it looks so lovely and summery, just like ice cream! ?

Image by Jessica-Alice Fox Gibson

The Japanese-inspired Koinobori muranos were launched earlier in the year exclusively in Asia, but they’ve now seen a wider release for Summer 2017. The UK hasn’t received these, unfortunately, but they’ve made it to North America!

Image by Sue Lloyd – please do not reproduce without credit

And, finally, the double-wrap white leather bracelet that was originally intended as a Mother’s Day release has been launched with the Summer 2017 collection as well!

Image by Jessica-Alice Fox Gibson – please do not reproduce without credit

Pandora Sunny Doll Asian Exclusive

Pandora are releasing Asian exclusive beads on a semi-regular basis these days – with this collection comes the Sunny Doll, a traditional Japanese good-weather charm called a ‘Teru Teru Bozu’. This has only been launched in Asian countries, and is retailing for $89 SGD / $499 HKD / ¥ 8,100. As many people have pointed out, it’s a little ‘ghosty’ in its detailing and perhaps could be subbed as a Halloween charm as well?

pandora summer 2017 weather doll japan

Retailers aren’t allowed to ship internationally and so, if you’d like to get your paws on this bead and you don’t live in Asia, you’ll have to find a friend who can help you out. :)

Image by Patty Ng – please do not reproduce without credit

I have one of these on its way to me and I can’t wait to add it to my Asian-inspired red bracelet! It’ll be replacing the bunny. ^^

Pandora Chinese New Year 2017 Lion Dance

*UPDATED* Pandora Disney Parks Dumbo, Alice, and Carousel for the US

While the full Pandora Disney Parks exclusive Spring 2017 collection seemed to have made it to the Disney Parks in Hong Kong, many collectors were disappointed to find that Alice, Dumbo and the Disney Carousel were missing from the US release.

The latest information from a few sources has suggested that these should be out in US Disney Parks with the Summer 2017 collection.  I haven’t had this confirmed for sure, but keep your eyes peeled on the Disney Store online – I’ll be looking out for any reports of them being available from today in the Parks themselves, too!


These missing charms have been launched in the US today, but as a charm gift set for $200 USD – you don’t seem to be able to buy them separately. The gift set, listed on the Disney Store online, is called ‘Fantasyland’ and comes with a special presentation box and a lithograph:

I am super disappointed by this, as really I just wanted Dumbo! :( I’ll have to think about how best to get him now.

Pandora Open Bangles Launched in the UK and Europe

The Pandora Open Bangles were originally scheduled to make their North American debut on the 11th of May, and started filtering into shops, only to be abruptly pulled from sale a few days later. They hadn’t reappeared anywhere since, but, happily, they appear to have been released in the UK and some European countries with the Pandora Summer 2017 collection today! They’re listed on UK, and I’ve heard from a couple of people who have seen them in store, also.

The plain silver version is retailing for £60, while the pave version is £100.

I’m rather keen on the plain silver version, which I think would be beautiful to showcase a single murano or dangle. Hopefully they prove hardy, as there were reports of them feeling a bit flimsy or potentially having production issues – we shall see! :) I’m going to Spain this summer, and am thinking of potentially trying to pick up the Protection murano that I can’t get here to wear with the silver open bangle.

My Comment

There might not be a lengthy wish list for me to work my way through for this collection, but I’m rather over-excited for the pieces that I do like! The Glitter and Koinobori muranos look stunning from all the live images I’ve seen and, judging by pictures I’ve seen online so far, seem to be the most popular pick of the collection. I was also rather bowled over by pictures of the White Orchid pieces – the delicate pinky-purple stone with the white enamel is lovely – and the colour of the Aqua Radiant Hearts could not be more Caribbean perfect. The Sunny Doll is so fun and cute, too – the Asian exclusive beads are often cultural and quirky in a way that a lot of Pandora’s other more modern beads aren’t these days.

I’m hoping to be able to make it to the shops later in the day to scope out the new things; otherwise, I’ll be popping into store on Saturday to see everything! I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the Mint Glitter muranos will look pretty on this bracelet with my Tinker Bell beads:

What are you getting from the new collection? Have you seen anything in person yet?

84 Comments on Pandora Summer 2017 Collection Debuts

  1. Since seeing all the Instagram pictures, over the last week, I am tempted by the white orchid. I think it looks lovely with the purple as well. I don’t have anywhere at the moment, but I may get it in the future.

    • I know, I’m head over heels for that design of Sarah’s (sarinak) that puts them together. I hadn’t seriously considered the Orchids before I saw that!

  2. Greetings Ms. Ellie, I’m looking forward to getting the mixed leather bracelets in either pink or blue or both. Thank you for the update and God bless you.

  3. I’m dissapointed that the tropical flamingo and koinobori murano charms are not available in Australia. Hopefully they will be available soon.

  4. Oh my goodness I’m so excited Australia got all the new encased in love charms. The blue will look amazing on my new blue themed bracelet and I’m thinking the opalescent might look lovely with my lilac marano from S17. I also am loving the white orchid with the lilac murano Ellie. I’m hoping Australia has another promotion soon like last yr and I will add to my collection then ?

    • Ah yes, I saw that! The opalescent sounds like a lovely match for the lilac :) the opalescent, lilac murano and orchid would be a really beautiful combination too!

    • Oh I’m envious! I saw it in store yesterday, and it looked beautiful. I’d have liked to try it on, but my SA was quite keen and I didn’t want to be cornered into a purchase haha! I need to keep some Pandora pennies back for the leather bracelet promo ^^

        • The lead SA at my local shop told me that in US, the leather promo will be July 6. My store doesn’t yet have the open bangles or the two tone leathers. The store’s Pandora rep informed that those items had quality issues and orders would be filled for US as new batches of better items are received by Pandora.

          I am really wanting an open bangle and both of the leathers! So, I hope we get them soon. I would order on the US restore, but am afraid I would just have to wait anyway. I’d rather support my local store…

  5. Yeeeees, today is the day:D!!!!!!! I can´t wait to hit the mall. I´m quite eager to see that Radiant Hearts in person, I hope it won´t dissapoint. I´m delighted to see it paired with the parrot from last year, which is a favorite of mine too, but hasn´t found its way to my jewellery box yet for the lack of “similar-colour-friends” to go out with ;). The starfish dropper could be a good mate to both of them, although I´m not so sure about this charm. I don´t like the bail, so I may decide against it in the end. The white orchids look very delicate and easy to combine. I love white enamel but with Pandora´s prices I´m not going to spend my money on anything that´s liable to turn yellowish with time. Anyway my wishlist was huge, so I still have items from older realeases to collect. I have been doing quite well so far but some of them are discontinued in Spain,therefore I´ll be looking for them abroad during my holidays too.
    All in all, only one piece for me in this collection. But looking forward to seeing it in person, anyway!
    Have a nice weekend and happy shopping!;)

    • Marie, I’m just back from the store and I can assure you that the Radiant Hearts charm is stunning. It fits perfectly with the teal beads from last summer (including the parrot). I had my teal bracelet with me just to make sure.

      • Thanks for the info, Brenda. It’s really good to know because I went to the mall after work, too. And the Radiant Hearts has not been released in Spain! ??? The SAS had no idea which colour I was talking about, can you believe that?. It’s not even in the new catalogue or online. Well, it seems that this summer I will be visiting castles, cathedrals, museums and Pandora boutiques. I’ve already checked and it is available in every country, so no problem.(Trying to breath in an out slowly, grrrrrh!)

        • Oh no, I can imagine just how disappointed you must be – I know the feeling and hate when that happens. At least you’ll be able to find the Radiant Hearts on your travels, but now you’ll have to wait a bit longer and it’s hard waiting when you are so excited about something.

    • Hi Marie!

      it’s such a shame to hear that you didn’t get to see your Radiant Hearts bead in person, especially as it was the only one you really wanted. I saw it yesterday at the shop, and it is truly a lovely colour. I hope it makes it way there at some point, or that you manage to get one from some other source – maybe while you’re on holiday! Were you tempted by anything else in person?

      Have a lovely weekend!

      • Yes, I liked the green murano quite a lot. It’s stunning but they are always too big for me. They simply don’t sit well on my tiny wrist. And the white orchids, but I already commented I don’t want to spend money on something I already know is going to go yellowish sooner or later. But really, the muranos are gorgeous. As far as the Radiant Hearts is concerned, holidays are approaching. And it is on the french official site, so maybe I take a one day trip to the BAB area (Bayonne-Anglet-Biarritz) before that, it can be a bit of a nuisance in winter when it’s cold and days are shorter but not now. There is a big mall with a Pandora boutique there. So, it’s not difficult to get.

    • I agree. I love the white orchid but I’m hesitant for fear of it discoloring over time. It’s expensive so I’m on the fence.

  6. I am also so disappointed this new Disney release will be sold as a set. I was hoping to pick Alice up at the park in January when I visit :( I’m 0 for 2 on the new Disney charms on my wish list because I was also so excited to pick Mrs. Potts up, however that is being sold as a set as well with Belle’s dress and the rose charm. And she is also sold out individually online.

    • You want Alice, Ellie wants Dumbo and I want the carousel, hum, I wonder if anything can be done about that :-/.

      • Hi Pat! I actually have managed to get a Dumbo, but I’ve been told by a friend who’s at the parks right now that the parks are expecting to get these charms individually next month. :)

    • Ah, well, I’ve heard from a friend who’s at the parks now that stores may well be selling the Fantasyland charms separately eventually – I’ll post more about it in my Disney round-up :) so you might be able to get an Alice bead on its own!

      • I hope they do del them indivually. I am not a fan of the carousel but the other two I would love to add to a Disney theme bracelet. I’m guess the carousel is also the priciest as well.

  7. I want to get the mint glitter murano for my summer beach bracelet, from the pictures it looks like it will fit beautifully, but I’m just going to check out the colours in store. Excited!

    • I hope one came home with you Debbie! :) The colour wasn’t quite what I wanted for my Tinker Bell bracelet but I went ahead and got two anyway – they’re just lovely!

  8. Hi Ellie,

    The white orchids mixed in with the lavender is elegant. It is nice to see how people are integrating the new collection pieces with retired charms and pieces from other collections. Since ai’m not a beach person my summer spends tend to smaller but I have to say this release did offer a few nice surprises. I was quite excited to see this collection in person as my shop in shop got their stock out a few days ago.

    Although I am not a collector of Disney charms I will say I found the dumbo dangle quite endearing, so sorry it can only be purchased in a gift set. I have the retired carosel, I now understand why it was retired.

    The weather doll is wonderful, I love the look & the cultural meaning behind it. With “Talk about the weather” being a national past time in Canada I feel like we should have some kind of weather luck charm too. I look forward to your review.

    Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to work I go to make money for my next

    Take care Ellie, & thanks again for another wonderful post! Happy Thursday!

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa!

      Isn’t it just? I had kind of classed them as a very tropical, but they’re actually so versatile if you pair them with more muted colours like Sarah did. So pretty! It’s made me decide that I want to do white and black on the outer sections of my Victorian pink and purple floral bracelet with the new Field of Flower muranos.

      Yes, I wondered whether they specifically retired the original Carousel to make the Disney one seem more special. It has always seemed like a popular bead, so it was surprising. But then, they are retiring a lot of two-tone beads anyway, so perhaps it would have been up for the chop anyway.

      My Sunny Doll should arrive with me on the weekend, so I’ll be sure to prioritise it for a review :D It’s super cute, and I’m sure it’ll fit in well with my other charms.

      Take care, too, and thanks for commenting! <3 Enjoy the weekend - spend some of those Pandora pennies you earned during the week, haha.

  9. It’s nice to see the open bangle available is smaller sizes, 16 and 17.5, for smaller women, and also to wear alone. They should be oval though, wrist shaped, for better comfort and so they won’t swivel. An open bangle should classically be snug to the wrist, with the open end always on the under side.

    Your red bracelet is fab, Ellie. Your styling-eye hit that one bang-on.

    • Hi Lola, Good news…the Open End bangles are oval shaped per Jahndra from My Expressions. She was able to see one in her store before they had to be returned for the recall. Pauline has one and she describes it as being oval. See her comment below. I’m excited that they are oval shaped and come in a smaller size because I, too, have a very small wrist. Hope the issues are corrected soon.

    • Lola, excited to hear that they’re making smaller sizes, I might not be too small but my wrist is! The 17″ single leather bracelets are way too big on me, I’ll definitely be trying out these in store to see how they fit and to make sure it doesn’t swivel, would drive me nuts.

    • Thanks so much Lola! Really glad you like it ☺️ I’m excited to add the Sunny Doll to it, too!

  10. I was able to buy the protection murano in Cyprus last fall and it is lovely. It’s on my travel bracelet and it set off beautifully by bright orange muranos.

  11. Hi ellie got the tropical charms they are so nice thanks for the updates I hope the open bangles come look for the Jck show they will have lots of update looking forward for your next post Xoxo

    • Hi Gilit, glad to hear that you got some of the new beads! <3 I do watch for the JCK show every year, last couple of years not many live shots have come out unfortunately :( xx

  12. Hi Ellie

    Today I took an extended lunch break and went to my local pandora store ;-)
    I did not bought anything yet because it’s my birthday next week and I have to wait and see what family and friends picked up on my wishlist. Really hard to wait until next week because I made my mind about the new summer collection ;-) : the mint glitter murano and the tropical starfish and shell pendant. There are must have for me :-)

    I definitely get the mint glitter murano. This murano is absolutely stunning. By the way in Belgium only the mint glitter is available and not the pink one. Too bad…. I would love to take a look at it but the mint glitter is amazing.
    It reminds me the color of the Indian Ocean. The mix between the mint color (which is so clear) and the glitter really seems like the water on the lagoon from the Reunion Island. I had the chance to get there several times when my sister lived there so I can tell ;-)…. It’s really perfect…. I bought the Teal Shimmer murano last year and this one is more like the color of the Caribbean sea. I also have the chance to get to the Dominican Republic on holidays… Definitely not the same than the Indian Ocean, at least where I was…. And it matches really well with the colour of the starfish and seashell pendant…
    I was amazed by the difference you could find between two of these muranos. I spent more than 10 minutes to choose 2 of them…
    And the store manager told me that they only received a few of them so I asked her to put these 2 aside until next week.

    Besides these, I also love the white orchid pendant but it will not fit any of my styling tough…. It’s really soft, delicate and classy… It so gorgeous that I’m almost thinking about creatinf a new theme just to get this one ;-)…. Just kidding…..
    The Glacier blue radiant heart is also amazing… Almost a must have….
    The ocean life bead is quite nice but not as much as I think/hope…

    The mix blue and the mix pink leather bracelets are really lovely too. I have not yet a leather bracelet. Maybe one of them will be my first. I am just thinking that maybe it will get along with the white orchid pendant…

    The rest of the collection are lovely. The beads are beautiful with vibrant colours but too colourful and bright for me. Just not my taste….

    Take care Ellie and thanks for the lovely post
    Have a nice end of week….

    • Hi Valerie!

      Ah, very good plan! ^^ I had the day off anyway yesterday so slotted in a little Pandora store visit in the afternoon. Normally I have to wait until the weekend, so it was nice to be able to go to the store on the day.

      Yes, those are all lovely picks! I got two Mint Glitter muranos as well – I picked out two of a nice size with a decent amount of gold. I am in love! Murano glass beads have always been my favourite, so it’s lovely to see Pandora coming out with such interesting glass designs over the past couple of years. I love your description of the Mint Glitter muranos reminding you of a lagoon… that’s such a magical word!

      Aha, you say that you’re just kidding but I have totally done that before – designed a new theme because I so, so wanted a bead that just didn’t fit. Often just a little leather or a bangle design, but still a whole new bracelet. There’s always something I can justify to myself, haha.

      I also liked the mixed pink leather bracelet – it looked nice with the orchids, too, particularly the darker pinks for me, actually. But I have so many leathers already that I have decided against them. I think I’ll go for an open bangle instead! :D

      I hope that your friends and family get you some lovely things for your birthday – and you’ll have to fill in any gaps that they miss too, of course. ;) Have fun next week, and I hope you have a lovely birthday!

  13. Hi,
    It is possible that there is something for me in the Summer 2017 collection. Not is toss up between the mixed leather blue woven or simply white. Reluctant about the latter since not sure how to maintain the colour over time. Any suggestion?
    Also, my purchases don’t usually involve too much tropic theme (already from there), prefer classic pieces that goes with everything.
    Keep up the good job.

    • Hi! I have never had a problem with my leathers discolouring, but theN I don’t wear mine anywhere near as often as I do the silver bracelets. A tip would be to avoid wearing it when you’re likely to sweat and to keep it away from chemicals such as perfumes. I would also, if you’re wearing charms on it, invest in silicone-lined clips or silicone stoppers so that your charms stay in place and don’t roll over and rub against the bracelet. That might help :)

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  14. Love the Koinobori muranos , as I have a pond with koi fish! I also really like the new blue and pink muranos. Can you please tell us what colors the glitter is? Thanks!

    • Hi there Lynne! I went to the store just now and the glitter on the mint murano is yellowish/brown makin it look like gold dust and it’s like sand on the beaches! Very pretty ?

      Cindy <3

      • Thanks for that! I actually was hoping it was a bit more coppery, as I’d like to put it on my Pandora rose bracelet. I will have to see them in person next to each other. :-)

    • I don’t have the pink glitter murano, but the glitter in my Mint muranos is a lovely gold colour. :) From the photos of the pink murano, it looks like the same gold dust, but it looks more coppery against the pink.

  15. i bought the new Glacier-Blue Radiant heart(it is a gorgeous color, like the ocean) and i paired it with 2 frosty mint shimmer muranos as my favorite associate and I absolutely both loved that pairing, the two new mint glitter muranos were paired with my gold ocean treasure charm , my two new pink glitter muranos were paired with my gold opulent floral charm. I also picked up two non dangle white orchids and they look fabulous with my existing lavender bracelet. I might add the Koinobori to my Asian theme bracelet,(my two Lion Dance dragons being cherry red and my sweet cherries being that same color and the red shimmer muranos also that prefect color tying in the red and the silver ) but the ones i have seen in store so too orangy for me. So i will look at them each time i go in to see if i can find deeper red ones since they are very pretty and since a lot of muranos vary in color quite, there may be hope. The glitter muranos also vary a lot too, i made sure to pick over the ones in the tray and selected the 2 mints and the 2 pinks with the heaviest concentration of gold glitter.

    • Sounds like some perfect combinations! :) The SA showed me the new Radiant Hearts charm yesterday – it is just stunning. The hearts really look like shadows under the sea. Extra brownie points for putting the orchids with a lavender theme, that’s my new favourite summer styling after seeing the pictures above!

      Interesting that you find the Koinobori murano quite orangey. You’d think that they would make it a really nice cherry red to go with the other CNY red enamel beads. :) I picked two mint glitter muranos with lots of gold as well, they look lovely!

    • Hi Katie,,

      I picked out a Koinoborii murano in my local store a few days ago and while the majority of these muranos leaned slightly more toward the orangey or choral shade there were a few that struck me as being more red. The SA noticed that too so I think you may be able to get one that has less orange/choral. The variations in the muranos are such that you really need to go into a store with your bracelet and go through each bead to see if you can get a close enough match. Some Koinobori muranos had more defind scale patterns than others. I hope you find one with more of a red shade to match your CNY Lion. I intend to wear my murano on my Pandora necklace at that way it can compliment my CYN bracelet theme.

      Lisa K.

      Lisa K.

  16. Hi Ellie, went to my Pandorashop (netherlands) for the open bangle but they didn’t have them. And they have no clue when they will come. They cant order it of the head office in germany.

    I did bought the petites for in the necklace but the rest isn’t really my style.

    I was intrested in the white leather braclet but that was really looking cheap. I look liked it was painted.

    I’m really looking forward to the fabric braclets on the pre-autumn collection.

    Thanks for your posts

    • Hi Manon, we were supposed to get the open bangle here in Belgium, but it didn’t show up. If you’re interested, the bangle figures on Pandora’s Dutch e-store – you’ll find it under the section “nieuw”. It costs 69€ for the plain silver version. I didn’t try to order one as the won’t ship to Belgium anyway.

      • Hi Brenda,

        When i looked this morning they wheren’t available. but now they are. Thanks for the tip i just ordererd it.

    • Hi Manon! I see that Brenda gave you a good tip re the bangles, I’m really glad to read that you have ordered one now.

      Sorry to hear that you didn’t like the white leather! I thought it looked nice in person, but I have so many leathers already. The fabric bracelets will be something a bit different!

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  17. Hi! I am so disappointed Dumbo cannot be purchased separately :( do you think that might happen eventually, or do you think the charms will only ever be available in the set?

    • Hi Rose! A friend has been told by a store at the parks that these charms will be sold separately, yes, and possibly as soon as next month. :) I will post more soon about it!

  18. Got the open bangle and palm tree button works well as oval shape keeps charms where you want them

  19. Hi Ellie,

    I agree with Valerie’s comments on the mint murano. I also spent about 10 minutes in an attempt to find 2 beads that were the same size, but it was time worth spent, as these beads are gorgeous. And, despite having waited so long for the new white leather bracelet to arrive, I ended up with the two-tone blue, it was much nicer. I also purchased 2 Ocean Life beads and the new petites. Oh yes, I almost forgot… 2 blue Encased in Love beads – also found their way home with me;-)

    This is “part 1” of my haul… I was in the shop for almost 2 hours(!) and couldn’t stay any longer, so I’ll need to go back for the stunning new Radiant Hearts and the Tropical Flamingo. I’m so excited about my latest purchases!!!

    • Lovely choices Brenda ? and yes the mint glitter Murano is gorgeous ??? Can’t wait to take 2 of these back home with me

    • Hi Brenda,

      I was quite lucky with my Mint Glitter muranos, I think – the SA got them out for me and picked out two nice chunky ones with a decent amount of gold. She mentioned that all the ones that store had received had been quite nice and fat, and they did all look like a nice size. I’m so pleased with mine, they are jus stunning! <3

      Sounds like an amazing haul Brenda! I'm jealous that you got to see the Flamingo, we don't seem to have got that one in the UK. Enjoy!

  20. Hi Ellie! I will picking up a few things from this collection: the Mint Glitter Murano (my “must have” from this collection), the petites, and the Green Cosmic Stars Clip (for my green leather bracelet). I also hope to get the white leather bracelet and the white orchid if there is a leather bracelet promo (*fingers crossed*). The Summer Fun charm is cute as well and–although not initially on my list–the Radiant Hearts looks beautiful in all the live images. The plain open bangle has caught my interest as well. Your green Tinker Bell bracelet is lovely Ellie! I hope the Mint Glitter Muranos work out on there.

    • Hi Joanne! Excellent choices, the Mint Glitter murano was my must-have too. I got two yesterday and picked two out that had a decent amount of gold in them. They’re so lovely! The SA showed me the aqua radiant hearts, too, and that is stunning. I don’t have any place for it in my collection, though. It might look nice as a focal point on one of the new bangles… Oh, and I’m told that the leather bracelet promo is running in the uS as well. :)

      Thanks, Joanne! The Mint Glitter muranos weren’t quite the shade I wanted, but I love the combination together anyway! I posted a little peek at the bracelet on Instagram :)

      • I checked your Instagram post. The Muranos look lovely on your bracelet! It’s good to hear that the leather bracelet will be running here in the US…thanks for confirming. I am wondering (and hoping) if stores will allow upgrades to the new Open Bangles during this promo. My store once told me the bracelets eligible in promos are the ones you can put charms on, and technically you can put charms on the open bangle haha. I was originally going to go for the white leather, but after seeing pictures of it and it looking more of an ivory color, I’m not as much of a fan now. My new plan may to be to upgrade to the open bangle (if allowed) or–if not–to get either the new pink or blue leather.

  21. Hello,
    I love your blog and your asian inspired bracelet is gorgeous. I basically want everything from this collection and will pick up a few things next week during the free leather bracelet promotion. For the new open bangles does anyone know what the recommended max amount of charms you can have on it is? I really like the look of them but only want one if it can hold at least 5 charms.

    • Hi Harley! Thank you very much on both counts :D hope you have fun shopping next week! I haven’t seen number of charms mentioned anywhere for the bangle, but a lot of Pandora’s copy mentions dividing charms up and filling them up, so I imagine you can have at least five on there. :)

  22. I purchased the Disney gift set. If you would like the dumbo please message me. All I want is the caraousel.

  23. Hi Ellie,

    The Mint and Pink Glitter muranos remain at the top of my list along with the beautiful Glacier-Blue Radiant Hearts. After seeing pictures from this post today, I definitely have the White Orchids weighing heavily on my mind. They look so lovely with the Purple Field of Flowers murano from the Spring.

    Glad to see the Open End bangles were released in the UK, but very disappointed my store never got them. Hopefully, we’ll get them sooner rather than later.

    Dumbo has been on my list since we first saw pictures. Needless to say, seeing the charm only released as part of a gift set was a disappointment. I wouldn’t mind having Alice, but I already have the original Carousel. Do you know if these charms will be sold separately at a later date?

    So happy you have a Sunny Doll on the way. Wish it had been offered to the US. Can’t wait to see it on your awesome Asian bracelet.

    My store finally got the Summer shipment this afternoon, so I’ve not seen the collection in person. I hope to see everything tomorrow. I have enjoyed reading comments today and getting everyone’s opinions on the new release. Can’t wait to see it for myself!

    • Hi Emily!

      Yes, the Glitter muranos were by far the stand-outs for me when I went into store yesterday. But, I did also really like the mixed pink leather, the aqua Radiant Hearts charm, and the white Orchids. Sarah’s combination really won me over, too!

      They should be sold separately, according to what the stores at the parks are telling customers. My friend has been there today to buy the gift set, and was told that in July they’d be sold separately. I’d be surprised if they were never sold outside the gift set, certainly.

      Hope you enjoyed/will enjoy seeing all the new pieces today! It’s a very pretty, very colourful Summer release. Really nice to see after a disappointing Mother’s Day launch for me. The Sunny Doll should pitch up with me this weekend, so I’m very excited!

  24. Does anybody have a picture of the special presentation box the Disney charms com in? and Do you know if these three Disney charms will always just be exclusively in Disney Parks?

    • My friend got the set today and she said it just came in the regular Disney Parks Pandora box. I also saw a shot of it on Instagram from a a Disney Parks account and it just looked like the regular box. And yes, these are Disney Parks charms and won’t be sold in Pandora concept stores :)

  25. I tried on the open ended bangle today and ended up leaving with one :-) Its my new favourite and i much prefer the oval shape as it sits nicely on my wrist.
    Bit concerned about the recals though – what went wrong?

    • Ah, I’m very glad to hear it! :) I don’t actually know what the problems were in the US. The info on the recall came from Jahndra at MyXpressions – she wanted to buy one from her store, who had received them but wouldn’t sell her one as Pandora had told them that they all had to be recalled. Perhaps a faulty batch? They didn’t explain further.

  26. Hi Ellie so happy that the open bangles made it to the uk can’t wait to seen them and all the new pieces. Hope you have a lovely time in Spain when you go I managed to pick that murano up when it went it’s so lovely and bright.

    • Hi Nicola! I know, me too! I really love the silver one. :D Ah, thank you, I’m sure it’ll be a lovely holiday. It was a photo of your Protection murano that made me realise that I *needed* one for myself ☺️

      • The protection murano is one that i have difficulty getting. Despite my aunty who went to Czech for holiday trying to find one in every pandora store there and annoys the guide. Haha… Her friend bought it in a set with 2 protection charms and other charms in a bracelet. They wouldn’t sell it to her on its own. I really hope it will make its way down under.I’m so jealous of you girls.

        • Aw, I hope I find one a little more easily! And that one makes it way to you down under. I’ve kind of got my heart set on finding one in Spain, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  27. Finally got to a store in Sydney today & was so excited to see the open bangles in the new release catalogue. Not in stock yet nor on Australian Pandora estore, but means they will be released in Australia. S.A. said maybe next week in store (but they always say that). Prices listed as au$99 for the plain silver open bangle, & au$159 for pave ends. Definitely one of my next purchases.

    • Yes, they’ve had such a weird release but they do seem to be out in most regions now! Hope you’ve managed to track them down now. I saw them in the UK last weekend and the plain silver one is particularly lovely!

  28. Hi MoraPandora,
    I was reading this post and I noticed something that I would like corrected. There is a picture above (blue background with the new blue double leather bracelet as well as some other jewellery from the Summer ’17 collection) that you have credited to PANDORA Oakville. That photo was actually taken and posted by PANDORA Cambridge Centre. It would be greatly appreciated if you could change this. Thank you!

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