Merry Christmas Eve! ??❄️ There’s just one more sleep until Christmas and I’m celebrating today with my final Pandora Christmas 2017 review of the year. This time it’s the Holiday Wreath, a dangle decked out with beautiful enamel in holly green and berry red.

I will be baking away today (on the agenda is quiche, veggie toad in the hole, nut roast, and two kinds of cake ?) and will be wearing my most festive of festive Pandora bracelets while I do so!

I hope that you’re all having a lovely day today, and that you might find time to take a peek at this charm review, as the Wreath is an instant favourite for me. Read on for a last-minute dose of festive bead inspiration! :)

Pandora Holiday Wreath charm review

This is a little bit of an unexpected review, as I wasn’t planning on getting this bead initially, much as I liked it from the stock image. I’d been planning for the Jared exclusive ornament promo for weeks, but, as it happened, it ended up coinciding with a surprise Pandora US sale! This meant that my previously chosen charms for the Jared promo didn’t end up hitting the spend, and so my friend, having to make a decision in store, chose this for me to make it up. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and I’m so glad that she did!

As if often the case, the stock image doesn’t convey the subtleties of the colour in person. The red enamel in my charm is a little darker, while the green is shimmery and iridescent. It’s not at all a versatile bead in terms of styling – it’s pretty in-your-face Christmassy – but this does also mean that it’s a beautiful focal bead, more than capable of carrying a bangle or leather bracelet design on its own, or being worn as a festive necklace pendant.

The back is similarly pretty, mirroring the front of the design in silver. I actually really love the back of the design; it could have been plain, flat silver, but they’ve added some little twists of detailing, bringing out the back of the bow and the wreath itself. The charm feels solid and well-made, which is especially nice considering how reasonably priced this bead in compared to others in the collection.


My first styling pairs the Wreath with one of my favourite bracelets, the double red leather. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but the berry-red enamel brings out the colour of the enamel beautifully. I picked two very comforting plain-silver beads to go with it – the silver Present is one of my favourites, while the Home Sweet Home sums up the idea of family. I wanted something simple, homely and festive!

One of my favourite campaign images from the collection is this one, which simply throws  a bunch of the Christmas charms together, highlighting how the colours and themes complement each other. You can also see how cute this design looks in miniature – the Holiday Wreath petite looks super cute in this festive floating locket design.

So I thought I’d show my Wreath styled with my other Christmas picks from the latest collection – the Polar Bear and the Bright Ornament, both of which I’ve reviewed already. :D This bangle design strikes me as being more contemporary with the large amount of silver on show and the flicks of colour, but on balance I think I’d add a lovely bright red murano or something just to give this one a bit more kick.

Finally, this is pretty much how I’ll be styling my Wreath dangle. My OH is getting me the Heart of Winter bangle as part of my Christmas present, and I’ll be wearing it alone on that for the festive season next year. <3 I’ve styled it on the mesh bracelet in the meantime, which also looks great. The mesh bracelet is really light and shiny, and the colours of the wreath look beautiful against it.

For such a bright fun little charm it can actually look quite elegant styled alone! And it’s certainly a bit more restrained than my full-on Christmas bracelet:

pandora christmas bracelet 2017


I wasn’t planning on getting this charm originally, but am so glad I did – it’s fun, beautifully colourful, and surprisingly affordable when compared to the rest of the collection at £25. Enamel, while being even more colourful, can give such a warmer, calmer overall effect than coloured pavé crystals, and I think its use here is perfect for the Holiday Wreath charm.

I’ll finish as I started by wishing you again a very Merry Christmas – I hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow! I’ll be back either tomorrow or Boxing Day with a round-up of the post-Christmas sales and deals, depending on how much time I get. ?

Are you a fan of this design? Which Christmas charms have you gone for this year?

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  1. Hi Ellie,

    I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas! This review came as a surprise as I was not expecting any Pandora updates/reviews on Christmas Eve. Your review has certainly made my day extra special. Thanks! Having said that, I agree with you that this charm is very Christmassy and hence not so versatile year round. Since my Christmas bracelet is completely full, I don’t see myself picking up this charm, but you never know, situation may change as they often do. ? It is a beautiful charm after all. ?

    • A very Merry Christmas to you too, Jen! My Holiday Wreath charm arrived just a couple of days ago and I couldn’t resist doing a last-minute final Christmas post :D so glad to hear that it made your day a little more festive, thank you! ?

  2. Merry Christmas ?. It’s funny how you don’t even consider a charm, but when you see it in person you fall in love with it and wonder why you never had it on your list. This Christmas wintery delight, bright star and ice drops made it home. Still wanting snow flurry and glacial beauty. Wait to see what Santa ? brings me lol. Hope your Christmas wishes come true Miss Ellie. Merry Christmas and thank you.

    • I know – I think it’s especially true of newer collections, too. A lot of the colours and sparkle aren’t shown to their best advantage in stock images. :) And then you go into store, and actually a lot of it is pretty dazzling! You picked very beautiful charms, I just got myself the Ice Drops murano as well to go with some Pandora Rose pieces :D

      I hope Santa brings you some beautiful presents tomorrow, and that you have a lovely day :D Merry Christmas, and thank you for reading and commenting! ?

  3. Merry Christmas Ellie I hope you have a lovely day, haha you caved and got the charm lol. This is my favourite of the collection I love the colour of the enamel is so nice and the price is amazing.

    • Merry Christmas Nicola! <3 I did - although not on purpose! My friend in the US did pick it out for me - but I'm very glad she did, it's beautiful! :D

  4. Hi Ellie, I’ve been following your blog for a while but never commented before. I bought the wreath, the bright ornament and the candy cane and have had them on my ordinary bracelet for a few weeks as I don’t have a Christmas bracelet as such. I think they are llovely. Also when I bought them I got the gwp ceramic bell which I love. I have it sitting on my bed side table. Thanks for all your hard work, have a very merry Christmas.

    • Hi Kerry, it’s lovely to hear from you! You picked very similar Christmas beads to me (as I got the older Candy Cane dangle earlier this year too!) – lovely choices! You could always get a bangle or perhaps a little leather bracelet to put the beads on to wear next year? ^^

      You are very welcome, I’m so glad to hear that you enjoy the blog :) Merry Christmas to you too! ?

  5. Thanks for all your efforts through the year, even though I am a newby I love and allway get excited when I see same thing from you in my mail box. Looking forward to January, but I am going to try an excersise self control, but I have a few valantines charms I fancy,and want to see the heart bracelet up close. Just hope all those requests for gift vouchers come to fruition, Merry Christmas enjoy your cooking and have a great holiday time and trust you get some of the things you have on your list. A peaceful New Year To All

    • That’s so lovely to hear, thank you ? Self-control is not one of my best qualities, but I wish you luck with that, haha. Fingers crossed that you get some Pandora/vouchers tomorrow, and that you have a lovely day. :D Merry Christmas! ?

  6. Merry Christmas Ellie. This looks like a fun and colourful charm. It wasn’t on my list but i think i will take a 2nd look at it in store.

  7. I absolutely love the wreath. I really like the two colors of enamel. It’s the focal point of met Christmas bracelet, which is made up of older Pandora charms several of which have red enamel. The green of the wreath just adds such a nice contrast to all the reds. My other purchases of the winter season were two Wintry Delight charms for my Pandora snowflake bracelet (a work in progress) and a second Holly Murano. Last year, the Holly Murano was the focal point of my Chtristmas bracelet. Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you so much for doing your blog. I checked it out every day.

    • Excellent choices! The Wintry Delight and the Wreath are probably my two favourites of this collection! The Polar Bear is up there, too, though. :D Thank you very much for reading, that’s so lovely to hear ? Have an absolutely lovely day tomorrow – Merry Christmas!


    What a lovely holiday surprise, I got up early this morning to brave the cold to put rock salt the driveway after our snow and ice storm. Truth be told it is quite pretty to see the sun rise over the crystallized snow on the trees. When I came back in the house and checked my email your review popped up. Thank you for this holiday treat! First of all, I love the full on Christmas bracelet! The vibrant green and red together is so festive. The Holiday Wreath dangle is very cute and you have done a marvellous job of styling this charm. My favourite is the red double leather bracelet design, second is the stand alone on the mesh bracelet. I caved and bought a mesh bracelet a while back.
    So you asked your readers if they have purchased any Christmas charms. Well, over the past few years I have added many Christmas charms to my collection, before they were retired. This year I bought the polar bear, and several technically none Christmas charms from the winter collection. The blue wintery delight found its way onto my Christmas bracelet. I was able to track down the Christmas pudding at the Ru sale- something that I meant to pickup last year but it got crowded out. Initially, I felt the Christmas pudding charm to be something I could only where for a very short time, but hey, the same could be said for my halloween charms, valentines charms, St. Patrick’s day etc;. The Christmas pudding is a reminder of my father who loved to make Christmas pudding with a rum hard sauce, something I will be making tomorrow. The wreath dangle is something I might consider for next year and add it to my green Christmas themed bracelet.

    Ellie, have a very Merry Christmas and thanks again for this wonderful treat.

    Lisa K

    • MERRY CHRISTMAS! :D ??? I’m so pleased you were excited to see the post! I’ve sat here going over these comments feeling very warm and cosy and Christmassy. Isn’t the mesh bracelet pretty? I originally didn’t buy it as I think I was just disappointed that it wasn’t the same as the original concept we saw in the Autumn 2016 campaign images, but this new version is lovely in its own right. Its shine goes so nicely with bright colours! And, of course, the red leather is an old favourite of mine. ^^

      You made some excellent purchases this year! And your resulting bracelets are beautiful. :) The Christmas Pudding charm made its way into my collection last year. It isn’t the most versatile of beads, it’s true, but I have got to the point with my collection that I don’t mind at all if some bracelets aren’t able to be worn all year round. I enjoy looking at the bracelet at any given point in the year! ^^

      Have a lovely Christmas, Lisa – thank you so much for reading and commenting! :)

  9. “toad in the hole”… I had to Google that, and now I must make it. Quiche is always awesome. Do you bake with your bracelets on? I’m not nervy enough for that, especially not during pastry making.

    Merry Christmas!

    • Aha, I completely forgot that people outside the UK probably wouldn’t know what that was. A favourite of mine, lol! It depends on what I bake as to whether the bracelets stay on or not. I took them off to ice the cake, as the icing sugar gets everywhere, and to do the washing up – otherwise I kept them on. No charm casualties so far ^^

      Merry Christmas Lola! Thanks for reading and commenting :)

  10. I just love Christmas so much, that my focus is to get all the christmas charms I love. This year I spoiled myself with the Pandora 35% off and purchased the wreath, 2017 stocking charm, the black friday charm etc. I also went back to purchase more Pandora when the 35% continued so I can get my annual Pandora ornament. I will use your ideas you have with the snowflake bangle from last year and the Heart of winter bangle. I was also able to get the mesh bracelet with the great deals this year. :)
    Then to continue spoiling myself…I also purchased the 12 days from Jareds and received my annual Pandora Jared exclusive ornament. This is the time of year to spoil yourself for all we have been through this year!! Merry Christmas to everyone!

    • Aw, I always get into Christmas in a big way too haha :) when I got all my Christmas bracelets and charms out for the Christmas Polar Bear review, I realised it had got a bit out of hand! Glad to know that I’m not the only one! ??

      Oh yay, you got the Jared set! That always looks so tempting every year :D I’m sure you deserve every bit of spoiling you get – a very Merry Christmas, and thank you for reading!

      • I love the Jared 12 Days Set just for the box alone. It is perfect to store all the Christmas Pandora away until next year. I got it last year, but passed this year. But if my Christmas charm collection grows much more I’m going to need 2 of those boxes! Merry merry!

        • I know! I get so into my Pandora packaging as well, haha. :D I have a little assortment of bags and boxes to go with all my jewellery!

  11. Hi,
    Happy Holidays and wish you the best in the coming New Year of 2018.

    Your updates and alerts leave my local Pandora retailer aghast about information they are not even privy. I have turned them to tune into your blogger increasing your number of followers.

    Enjoy and have a safe Merry Christmas,

    • And the same to you, I hope you have some lovely and restful days over the coming week :)

      That’s wonderful – thank you for spreading the word, haha! ^^ Merry Christmas!

  12. I wasn’t really fussed when I saw this online but when I saw it in store during the Bell ornament promo I loved it (along with the candy cane) but didn’t buy it as I’d already gone way over by getting bambi and thumper. I had planned to get it along with the mesh bracelet during the bangle promo but that didn’t happen. I couldn’t let it go though so I went to purchase it week and my mother rang and had to tell me not to buy it as she’d saw me eyeing it up and bought it as a gift for me.

  13. I love the red leather design. It really warms up the colors of the wreath. It’s very cute charm but since I’m fairly new to the world of pandora I’m always playing catch up to the older designs. Throughout this year I have gotten the TT christmas tree, pinecone, present, TT sleigh, dangle reindeer, and silver stocking. Right now I’m just wearing the stocking and those other ones are tucked away for a future gift/bracelet. I will incorporate red/green with pave or muranos.

    Merry Christmas! Enjoy your next few days with loved ones. I love your blog and it has really helped me learn a lot this year! So thank you!

    • Oh yay, I’m so glad you like it! The red leather is a favourite of mine, but mine doesn’t actually have any beads on it currently. I try and use it in reviews though as the colour is so pretty! I like that you went for some real Pandora classics in your choices of Christmas charms this year, those are some of my real favourites :)

      Thank you so much, I can’t tell you how nice that it is to hear :D Merry Christmas to you too, I hope your day is a great one tomorrow!

  14. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to the Pandora goddess! Thank you so much for all the reviews and info this year.It so adds to my Pandora experience. I hope Pandora knows what an absolute Treasure You Are.?

    • Anne, what an absolutely lovely comment! I very much like that title ? thank you very much, and a very Merry Christmas to you too!

  15. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :-). I love that charm, I want it but I have no room on my Christmas bracelet, unless I remove the gingerbread man :-/. It’s funny as I’ve never really considered gingerbread men as a purely Christmassy thing anyway, I had them all year round as a child, so that might work for me; what to do with the gingerbread man :-/. Oh, hang on, I’m going to have those 2 gold Murano beads when the green ones arrive next week, maybe I could do something with that :-D. Sounds like I might be about to talk myself into this :-/.

    • And to you too, Pat! :D I didn’t have any room for it on my Christmas bracelet either – but, as ever, my solution is to go bigger and get another bracelet haha. I completely agree with you re the Gingerbread Man! He’s also a good fairytale charm, I think (have you seen Shrek? ^^). He would look gorgeous with golden muranos – you should maybe keeping talking to yourself and see where it takes you…. :P

      Merry Christmas, Pat – thank you for reading and commenting!

  16. Hi Ellie!

    I too am baking today. I did my special oatmeal cookies earlier in the week, but they are almost gone. So maybe another batch…

    Then there is the Mince Apple Pie. It wouldn’t be Christmas without it. My husband might divorce me if it wasn’t served on Christmas.

    The tradition on my side of the family is a Jam Cake, which is essentially a spice cake with blackberry jam added. It is an old recipe (my great grandmother’s on my father’s side). We still have the original recipe she wrote out for my mother when she and Dad were married. Mom and I were talking by phone yesterday (she’s in Virginia and I’m in Arizona). She has made 70 of these cakes for 70 consecutive Christmases. I have eaten it for 62, and made it myself for 46 or so. The recent version is cupcakes, which I can share with friends and neighbors when my extended family doesn’t make the trip from the East Coast.

    I love the wreath charm. I haven’t purchased it yet but I will. I love the way you styled it, especially on the mesh bracelet. That is such a versatile bracelet; I love keeping it simple. It is such a delicate bracelet that I like just 1-3 charms so that the bracelet itself isn’t overwhelmed.

    Baking or cooking in Pandora!! I’m with Lola. I would be afraid I would get it wet. Then I would have to clean it! I will be wearing my Christmas necklace. Safer…

    Wishing you and yours, and everyone in our not so little group, a Merry Magical Holiday.

    • Hi Deborah! Ooh special oatmeal cookies! They sound delicious :D I did my trademark (haha!) vanilla cake recipe, with a suitably Christmassy twist, and then some gingerbread cake as well, which I think we’ll have warm with some ice cream. Roll on tomorrow! ?

      Ahaha, there was a lot riding on those mince pies! Sounds like you had it covered though. :D I love the sound of your spice cake. I love any kind of spiced cake, and make them throughout the year just because. How wonderful that you have such a tradition to maintain as well. We don’t really have any proper family recipes, although my aunty makes an absolutely wonderful cake with a creme patissiere filling and pink icing on top that I always loved when I was little. I went vegetarian in October last year, and that completely up-ended all my old Christmas dinner traditions, so I’ve just gone with that and changed up my puddings as well. I usually do a chocolate yule log, and then maybe a carrot cake or a Christmas pudding. But not this year :D I’m quite excited to have something different!

      Haha, I am slightly happy-go-lucky when it comes to that sort of thing. I love baking, and I love wearing my Pandora, so I wear them whenever I deem it safe :P the bracelets were removed for the washing up and for making the icing for the cake, but otherwise they stayed on and came to no harm, thankfully!

      To come back to Pandora, haha, I’m glad you like this charm too. It’s just so cheerful! It’s the best word to describe it.

      Merry Christmas Deborah! Thank you for all your lovely and thoughtful comments this year (and for a little bit of baking chat today too!) – hope it’s a wonderful day for you and your family tomorrow.

  17. Happy Holidays Ellie! Alas my Pandora collection is nearing completion . Ive decided to collect all of the retired 24kt pieces which I absolutely love! Enjoy your holiday and happy Baking!!

    • And to you too, Marsha! ? I’m sorry to hear that but I completely understand! Pandora is a very different brand today from what it was even a couple of years ago :)

  18. Merry Christmas all of you. Tonight I’ll see what Santa bring to me …lol..maybe cook
    God bless all of you, in thos holy Night a thought to people who have sofference.
    Sinceraly fron Italia, Angela

    • Dear Deborah what fish are you talking about? We do not have fish on the Christmas menu, even in southern Italy where there is the sea. We cook capon and turkey or boneless and stuffed chicken, cotechino and zampone (pig’s paw) with lentils. For dessert we have Panettone and Pandoro, Torrone. I regret not being able to list all the courses that are varied depending on whether you live in the north or south of Italy. The only fish we eat is eel but on New Year’s Eve with other small 11 courses between meat and fruit. Grapes, pomegranate, walnuts, hazelnuts, lentils, zampone (the pig’s leg because it is fat and fat is a symbol of abundance) … for every type of food we express a desire, there are 12 foods, one for each month of the year . Merry Christmas

      • Oh no! I had always heard you made a dish of the seven fishes on Christmas Eve! I guess that my Italian American friend makes it because it was specific to her family. Your dishes sound amazing though. Made my mouth water to read about all that wonderful food! Merry Christmas to you too!

        • Dear Deborah maybe your Italian-American friend fuses the culinary tradition of Italy and America or maybe it’s a typical dish of their family. 7 fish, bleah what taste can go out? I rather read about your apple pie, I love apple pies, can you send me the recipe? The one with the blackberry jam. I leave you the email address

      • Dear Deborah I searched Google for this information of the seven fish dish and I found a blog that explains well what we know about Italians abroad but we Italians do not know. Read “Feast of the Seven Fishes”
        Also known in the United States as “The Vigil”, this celebration, celebrated on Christmas Eve evening, foresees that you have dinner with 7 courses of fish.
        Curiously, the “feast of the seven fish”, which in America is considered by many to be the most important Italian festival, is actually unknown in Italy. Here is revealed the mystery, there are things of our kitchen that foreigners use to eat and we horrified as for example drink cappuccino in the afternoon, the cappuccino is just for breakfast along with croissants or eat pasta as a side dish, pasta is a first dish. Having said this, your apple recipe and I apologize to Mora for going o.t.

  19. Merry Christmas Ellie. I hope you and your family, have a lovely relaxing time! And best wishes for the New Year 2018.

    I enjoy reading your reviews and appreciate you, keeping me up to date on the latest Pandora offers worldwide.

    Thank you! xx

    Rebecca (also from Ireland)

    • Merry Christmas Rebecca! ? And the same to you. :) It really makes me smile when people say that the blog helps them or is useful, so thank you for taking the time to let me know! <3 I hope you have a really lovely day tomorrow! xx

  20. Wow! You must be a very good baker if you do can do it with you Pandoras on !!!!
    Now seriously, thank you very much for taking the time to do a review on such a busy day. As a matter of fact, the wraith is on my list. I’ve started my first Christmas bracelet this year with the candy cane which is hanging from my bangle at the moment and which I’m planning to wear for dinner tonight and for tommorrow’s lunch. I’m spending Christmas with extended family so I had to do a rush Cristmas shopping and chose the cane over polar bear, stocking and wraith to be my first Pandora Christmas bead. We unwrapped oru presents that same night while we were packing our luggage because at our relatives home presents are brought exclusively by the Three Kings on 6th January. On the contrary in my land we get and make presents both on Christmas Day from Olentzero (our mitological characters for this affair, haha) and then, of course on Three Kings Day, which is the end of the holiday season in Spain. I normally have to skip our tradition for being away but this year I was determined to buy and recive Christmas presents and although it was made on a hurry and before the right time I got the first charm to start my future Christmas design. Polar bear plus stocking and wraith will follow asap. Besides there are a couple of pieces I need from last year: adorable kitten ? and gingerbread man. And I have sitll some blues waiting for the Three kings to go to store and fetch them for me, so I will be very Pandora-busy in the next days ?
    Well, have a very Merry Christmas Eve and Day and as other ladies said thank you for this unexpected treat. And as other ladies have already pointed your hard work is greatly appreciated here. Happy baking and love and peace to everybody the world! ??

    • Again sorry for my mistakes but I’m hiding from everyone else to comment as I should be helping out and I couldn’t take the time to read my words.

    • Aha! I just like to live dangerously! :P

      Aw, your first Christmas bracelet! The Candy Cane is a great first choice, whether you went for the older silver one or the newer one with CZs. I have the older one on my Christmas bangle. It sounds like you have some lovely beads lined up to join your Candy Cane on the bracelet, too. I hope you have fun tracking down all the beads you need for it! :) Pandora-busy-ness sounds like just the right kind of busy-ness! ^^

      Have a truly wonderful day tomorrow, too, Marie! Merry Christmas, and enjoy your new Pandora Christmas design. I’m sure it looks beautiful on you!

      • Those are only meant as the ones I can catch this year! Then I will need a Santa, a Crhistmas tree and I would like to get that mystery bead from years ago, as Pandora doesn’t seem to be in the mood to produce such items nowadays. However, Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus child and that fact shouldn’t be forgotten. I love festive beads, they are gorgeous but although I’m not a very religious person myself, at this time of the year I think it’s only fair to remember and cheer what I was taught. So, Pandora: maybe we need a bead representing Jesus Child and the three kings.
        Love and peace to everyone in the world!??

        • Pandora made a Holy Family charm that sometimes appears on Rue. I don’t know if it’s in the current Rue sale. They also made a Three Kings charm and dangle, but I think they were US exclusives, years ago.

        • There is a Gift oh the Magi charm, a nativity, and a Jared exclusive with three scenes of the story of Christmas. I wear it with my star and bible charm with whichever color Murano beads I feel like using. This year it’s the dark blue adventurine.

        • Lola and Deborah, many thanks for the info. I know there were one or two mistery beads but I didn’t know they could still be found at Rue. I will keep an eye out.

  21. Hi Ellie! I love the wreath dangle. It’s a wonderful charm, and so reasonably priced.

    I hope all your recipes turned out. Tonight my kids and I will be making and decorating sugar cookies (yum!).

    Thanks for the review and for all your blog updates this year! We readers appreciate it so much and look forward to next year! Merry Christmas and enjoy your Pandora Christmas items! I’m sure we’ll see a blog update in January that shows some of your Christmas Pandora gifts.

    • Hi Judy! It was touch and go with one of the cakes at one point ? but a quick fix was applied and I’m pretty sure no one will ever know haha. Otherwise, all went according to plan! I hope your sugar cookies turn out well. I’m pretty hopeless at icing things at all delicately, although things do – on the whole – tend to taste good! ^^

      Thank you so much, Judy! I hope you all know how much I appreciate the comments throughout the year, and just how fun this little community is. I will definitely be showing off some of my new Pandora as soon as I have time to review them. ^^ Merry Christmas to you too! I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow, and that you enjoy your new Pandora goodies as well!

  22. Merry Christmas Ellie??. I keep a small jewellery dish on my kitchen bench for putting my Pandora bracelet on before I start cooking. This charm looks nice solo on that new bracelet. Thanks for taking the time to do a quick review. Wishing you, your family and the morapandora regulars a lovely Christmas.

    • What a good idea! I only take mine off when I’m going to do something very messy in the kitchen (the bracelets came off when the icing sugar came out haha), but that would be handy. Plus I always welcome the opportunity to buy more trinkets, and I’ve been eyeing up a few jewellery trinket dishes. Merry Christmas Lozzie – I hope you have a lovely day today (which I think has already started for you in Australia!).

      • Rue La La has a Nambe Glass Heart jewelry holder from time to time. Sits on the window ledge above the sink in my kitchen.

  23. Merry Christmas Ellie and everybody! Thanks Ellie for the great review and your Christmas menu sounds delicious! I like the wreath charm very much and I’m hoping that the retired candy came shows up on Rue La La soon as it seems to have hit outlets here in North America. Will wait and see :)

  24. Happy Holidays Ms. Ellie, I would like to tell you that the wreath charm looks splendid and if you ever had the Wintry Delight charm it would look fabulous. So hopefully on the 26th of December I will be on the lookout for the Wreath Charm. Thank you and may God bless you.

  25. The Boxing Week sale has begun on Pandora North America, ladies, 40% off over 1000 items, almost off the Essence line is on sale. I grabbed three bangles and too many beads to list.

  26. hippy tomorrow is still party in Italy. Let’s celebrate St. Stephen the first Christian martyr. Lucky you that you have all those promotions, here in Italy nothing, I do not have a Facebook account but I believe that with the new year I will do it to be able to protest on their website. I saw another Italian here, Angela. Hi Angela, where do you write from? I am north of Milan.

  27. I forgot. Santa, we say Babbo Natale, brought me the Bright Star, it’s beautiful and adds to my Icy Night bracelet. Girls this charm is a “must have” do not miss it

  28. Ciaoooo ! I’m from Lardirago south Milano. I’ll write you.Sono contenta di avere incontrato una connazionale che vive nella mia stessa regione, la Lombardia

    I’m happy to have met a compatriot who lives in Lombardy. Happy Holidays.

    My husbandt gifted me a new bracialet heart of winter it’s very nice

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