*UPDATE 1 Feb* A full preview of the Pandora Spring 2018 collection can be found here. *UPDATED* Sadly, I’ve had to take down the images by instruction of Pandora. 

Hot on the heels of my initial Pandora Spring 2018 sneak peek, I now have more information and some further images to share with you! :) In addition to the usual pastels and flowers, this collection seems to be trying to offer something different, encompassing a new line of gold-plated jewellery and some bright aqua-inspired natural charms.

Many of these images are reproduced with the kind permission of Olya R., so please do not reproduce any of hers without credit.

Pandora Shine collection sneak peek

In my previous post, there were a number of plated yellow gold beads, which caused quite a stir. I can now confirm the title of this new line as being Pandora Shine, offering yellow-gold-plated jewellery as an alternative to the existing Pandora Rose collection. 


Its launch pieces centre around a stunning bumblebee motif. Honeybee jewellery is some of my favourite, and it’s very popular here in the UK at least. I love, for example, Olivia Burton bumble watches and jewellery. So, I have to admit that I’m thrilled to see so many bumblebee pieces that I will be able to afford (hopefully, haha!).


I’m only showing the pieces here that I didn’t preview in my previous sneak peek post. Once I have a complete set of information, I’ll do complete previews :)


The first set of charms I absolutely love! These are a set of honeybee-inspired beads. My favourite is the Honeycomb openwork, and I’d absolutely love the Sweet as Honey beehive design if it didn’t have pavé detailing at the top. I like that these manage to be both contemporary and rather cute, and I could pick out a couple of them to wear on my two-tone bangle.



Of these accompanying jewellery pieces, I absolutely love the Honeybee ring, which features a little bee perched on it, detailed in black enamel. The Heart & Bee earring studs are also really pretty, although I’m not sure how I feel about them not matching. ^^



The choker and bracelet will be limited edition pieces.

Additional Pandora SS18 sneak peeks

In addition to the Pandora Shine pieces, we also have a sneak peek at some of the other jewellery coming out with the SS18 collections. Instead of focusing on the usual flowers, Pandora have looked elsewhere in nature for inspiration too – there are a series of blue charms inspired by rivers and the sea. There’s also an absolutely gorgeous set of Enchanted Tassel pieces – as well as the charm in my previous post, there’s also a safety chain and another openwork bead.


I only have two new stock images for the Spring 2018 jewellery, a matching pair of Enchanted Tassel earrings and a pretty floral ring:


This Rose charm I missed off my previous preview. It’s a new version of the Valentine’s pendant, but with the word happy spelt instead:


This next bead is also reminiscent of the Valentine’s 2018 emoji-style beads, featuring a little princess cartoon figure:


Next, we have a selection of campaign images, again courtesy of Olya. ^^ I love the bright silver of the mesh bracelets with the blue pieces – you can also spy a 3D clip in the shape of a heart, which I guess will be silicone-lined.


In addition to the Enchanted Tassel pieces previewed above, there’ll be a statement necklace in the same style. As you can see, the ‘tassels’ are free moving and not fixed.


The Bella Bot charm caused quite a stir in my previous preview – as some people speculated, it can now be confirmed that it’ll be available in silver as well as Rose.


The Bella Bot charms thread on to your bracelet through their heads. Pandora’s blurb states that they have movable arms and legs! They’re definitely something very different from anything we’ve seen before.


Finally, we have a little sneak peek at another pair of earrings in this shot – rather glamorous!

More Pandora Spring/Summer 2018 Survey images

And now – the very last item on the agenda! – I have a last-minute, surprise and rather wonderful addition to this post! Jahndra at MyXpressions has managed to find yet more images from the survey Pandora US sent out and there are some very interesting pieces in here! She’s been kind enough to let me use her images, but please do not reproduce them without crediting her.

First up, there are what look to be a variety of additional Pandora Shine designs:


This white murano seems to feature swirled glass:


These two teddy bear designs are Mother’s Day 2018 designs, I imagine.
Moving on to the silver, we have a Spring Bird charm to match the earrings I previewed in my previous post. I’m a little disappointed that it has CZs in it, however.


However, I am head over heels for this next bead! Featuring detailing unprecedented in a Pandora murano, this delicate lavender bead features a bumblebee scene, decorated with deeper flecks of pink. Now, this I have to have! It would be beautiful with the Pandora Shine honeybee jewellery.

We all commented in my last post about how unusual the Bella Bot design was – this one rivals it for strangeness, IMO! This popcorn bead features pearls and pink enamel. I find this a little odd – charms with pearls tend to command a higher price point and are usually more elegant, but this is undoubtedly a novelty piece!

This is another pendant that I really like. Its compass design features pearlescent enamel and a cute blue stone at its centre.

The Shape of Love charm from the Valentine’s 2018 collection reappears in an orangey-red:


The next charm takes a nautical idea and gives it a more romantic twist:


This next charm seems like a summer release: it’s a brand-new New York themed dangle. This is cute, but I think the yellow taxi will make it less versatile than the existing Statue of Liberty charm.


The next batch of charms seem like they will be Mother’s Day 2018 designs. We saw this in my previous post in a yellow Pandora Shine finish – here we have a silver version.

Next is this candy-coloured murano, featuring pastel pinks and purples against deep flecks of glitter:

The next three designs feature pearlescent enamel and cutesy mouse detailing. Pandora are definitely getting creative with this collection, and this dangle sees three mice clamber over the charm in a very sweet design.

In the next, a teddy bear hangs from the charm with a little rabbit toy for company:

And, finally, the teddy bear and rabbit reappear in this disc dangle:

This bouquet of flowers reminds me of the pink enamel bouquet dangle from years ago – its more subtle purple tones might be easier to style than that original version, however.


We also see yet another safety chain design rear its head! This one features very thin bails, studded with different coloured stones.

This pendant strikes me as being similar to the Valentine’s 2018 collection in style, with pink lips and a black enamel moustache. I guess it’s meant to be an anniversary or wedding charm.

This little house charm opens to reveal the message, Home is where the heart is.


Finishing up the charms, there are two more Pandora Disney designs. The first is a silver character design, featuring Mickey and Minnie. This charm might not be for me, but it scores massive brownie points with me for its detailing, lack of CZs and adorable vintage aesthetic.


The next charm is more conventional, featuring a white enamel background and a smiley silver Mickey Mouse:


Finally, we have a bunch of new necklace designs, including a Pandora Rose Floating Locket necklace and a Pandora Rose Essence necklace. My favourite of these are the Spring Bird necklace design, which is beautiful in plain silver, and the Enchanted Tassel necklace.


My Comment

As I mentioned before, my Olivia Burton honeybee watch is a favourite of mine, and I’d love to have something to match it from Pandora:

pandora open bangle olivia burton watch

In terms of quality, if the Pandora Shine range is as durable as the Pandora Rose collection has proven to be, then I wouldn’t have any worries about purchasing a couple of pieces. My favourites are the Honeycomb openwork and the Heart & Bee. I appreciate people’s concerns about this new plated line devaluing their existing 14kt gold pieces, too, of course – and I’m sure the honeybee collection would have been similarly pretty in a Rose finish.

The blues are pretty, but it’s not my favourite colour, so I probably won’t dip into any of those. :)

What do you think of these latest sneak peeks?

*UPDATED* Sadly, I’ve had to take down the images by instruction of Pandora.

127 Comments on Pandora Spring / Summer 2018 further details

  1. I don’t mind Pandora bring in plated gold since their 14k gold with cz is already lower the value of gold. Pandora Rose is not real rose gold, Pandora is a fun fashionable jewelry brand name. If people seriously want real jewelry will go for Tiffany, Bulgari, Cartier…etc. As long as Pandora come out new design as affordable price, customer will still buy as collection, Pandora is LEGO for lady, we need something to play with.
    Don’t need to think Pandora is an investment.

      • You are right. This is the direction pandora has been heading for for a while. I think it will become a totally different product with all new followers. Many former followers won’t be along for the ride, though.

      • I agree with you. To me, it’s something to enjoy . I’m a Lego lady. My greatest fun is combining charms to match my outfit. I’ve never seen it as an investment.

        • I bought a lot 40% off this time, running around with friend to get the one I like, a lot of fun!

      • Gold and diamonds can be resold for a considerable amount of money (I’ve sold my old jewelry for 10s of thousands). It can be a hedge against hard times in some cultures.

        • When you buy a piece of jewellery you pay not only for the metals or the stones used to make it, but also for the craftmanship and the brand. If you want to sell it you only get paid for its weight. So, I’m afraid it’s not a good idea to invest in jewellery.

    • Yes, but Pandora is still to expensive. Brand really inflates the price of what he sells, it is not worth half of what they want for it.
      They want to be exclusive, but are shoddy…

      • Wow…. I have just started collecting Pandora and I have had nothing but positive experiences. I have several but all my charms have a meaning…priceless. As for as price well at this stage in my life I’m deserving. Also, when I leave this earth my daughters and grand’s will have something that tells a story of their “grandme”

  2. Ellie, what a lovely review! You never cease to amaze me with the reviews you give us on this blog and lately we have had so many, thank you! I have to say I really LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bumblebee Murano! I think it is a must have for me. The blue ripples charm is pretty too. I think I may have to see this one in person just to see what the depth of colour is like. And oh the Mickey and Minnie charm is so cute! I find the vintage vibe so funky so would like to go for that too. I am wondering what the price point will be for that as the Disney charms tend to be a little more expensive. I don’t have many Disney charms but Minnie cupcake is on the way to me as I have had my eye on that for a while. I don’t think the gold plated would be quite my cup of tea.. Wondering if there’s any two tone on the way for Spring/Summer. Thanks again for wonderful review :)

  3. Thank you Ellie for this post! I was 100% against the plated gold until I saw the honeybee ring and choker! I need those! I also think it’s odd that the earrings done match. The more I think about it, I like the uniqueness of that. Or maybe just but two pairs. Lol. Anyway! I told myself I had to budget way better this year and it may be harder than planned!

  4. The Shine collection confirms for me that pandora will cease making real gold jewelry. There’s no reason to stock both as the Shine would really attract the customers. I really think pandora is skewing much younger in their offerings. I do like the blues but they are probably not enough to keep me buying from pandora. I’m fascinated that this is such a clearly game changing season for them.

    • I have to agree with Lisa. I have a substantial old school Pandora collection in sterling and two-tone. Pandora lost me a few seasons ago when they started adding CZ to everything; I haven’t started a new bracelet since. I’m concerned Pandora’s next step will be to eliminate sterling altogether. They have detoured into costume jewelry for a younger market and I’m not interested in collecting that.

        • I was also thinking they would go to silver plate. Then the gold plate, rose plate and silver plate and use of cz will all be on the same level as far as value.

        • Pandora already has Rose Plated. Pandora rose is simply a blend of metals plated in 14k rose gold, which is why the employees will never call it “Rose Gold” but Pandora Rose. They only have a few charms in actual Rose Gold, and the only one I have seen is the $200 essence charm “Love”.

  5. I really don’t mind the gold plated jewelry. The honeycomb designs are really some of the prettiest lines that pandora has put out in a while! I also love the new muranos. My list keeps growing and growing, thanks for all of the great reviews.

  6. The ring is a copy of Van Cleef French expensive jewelry brand. Some design copy Thomas Sabo, some copy Trollbead, some copy Tiffany… Pandor want provide affordable similar look jewelry to customer, I think is a good direction. Not everyone can buy expensive jewelry all the time, I am happy with Pandora keep me busy hurting retired item in outlet store, line up for promotion, a lot of fun.

  7. Oh my goodness!!!!! I am so in love with all of these charms. I can’t wa T to see more of the Disney line. I actually wasn’t too impressed with the winter line and didn’t really buy anything but older beads during this last sale in the US. But I know I’m going to be broke for sure in the coming months. ;)
    I especially love the bumble line. I want to get some for my sister….she hates bees. Lol.

  8. Historically, there hasn’t been much for me in spring and summer Pandora releases, but this one seems to be an exception. I LOVE the gold bee pieces, and would really like to add something to my Pooh bracelet from this line. Perhaps the heart with dangling bee? I also like the smaller drop on the Enchanted Heart tassel bead. Though I can’t think of where they would fit in my collection, the three little mice and Mickey and Minnie are sweet and interesting. The one that completely jumps out at me, though, is the gold bear “survey” bead. I SO hope this one will make an appearance. MUST. HAVE. ?❤️? THANK YOU for the post, Ellie! This release looks to be getting back to the interesting non- glitz pieces that I love. A robot is DEFINITELY unique and interesting!

  9. Sorry, I don’t think there is anything I would buy. Haven’t bought much new stuff for a while now. Slowly losing interest in what Pandora has to offer.

    • Sheila I feel exactly the same! I have looked at this great review desperately trying to find a piece I like but I just can’t! It all looks tacky and cheap. So disappointed as I’ve got bracelets that need several more charms to complete them but just don’t think I’ll find them any time soon.

      • 100% agree. I didn’t think that Pandora could get any tackier but the Disney Collection is a new low IMO. Even my 13 year old wouldn’t wear it on her bracelet and we love the Disney films.

        It’s getting harder and harder to build or complete bracelets.

      • Many bead brands will fit pandora, even some trollbeads. Just call the store and ask. So you can complete your bracelets:)

      • Lisa is right, Trollbeads Universal Beads will fit Pandora. I wear the Trollbeads Love Dragon and Chinese Dragon on Pandora bangles. And small core Trollbeads glass, silver, amber, and real gemstones will fit Essence bracelets without overwhelming them, then the Essence beads hold them in place. For gemstones though, use Essence bangles.

      • Or you change the bracelets to Trollbeads ones, or even Thomas Sabotage I believe. They are compatible with the Pandora charms, and Ohm, Redbalifrog, and Spirit Beads as well.
        I’m only buying retired Pandora as I don’t like the CZ’s and new designs. From the latest Christmas collection I only liked the polar bear charm, but haven’t bought it. I bought the North Pole charm from Redbalifrog instead and really love it on my Christmas bracelet!

        • Do Pandora Essence charma fit Thomas Sabo Karma bracelets?. Because TS has size 15, while Pandora’s smallest is 16 and only the beaded one can be shortened …. ?

        • Marie, no, Essence beads do not fit Karma bracelets. Karma beads fit Essence bracelets tho. I have 2 Karma bracelets, very comfortable.

          Marikaisa, Pandora beads do fit Troll bracelets, but they’re heavy and drag the flexible Troll chain down. I love RedBaliFrog and Spirit Beads, but don’t have any yet because I have no price-worthy sources in Canada. I can order from the US or Europe, but duties, brokerage, etc., make it a little too pricey.

  10. PS the dangling bear from the white bead is an interesting idea… Though a bear without a face seems strange to me. I’d like to see Pandora take this idea a step further and adapt it into a Pooh design. Remember Pooh holding on to his balloon? What a sweet dangle that would be, with the balloon attached to the bracelet, and Pooh hanging below. ( And if Pandora reads your blog, easy on the enamel, but some enamel detailing is nice – like on Eeyore and Tigger. PLEASE no stupid CZs, and little extra details like a bee on Pooh’s bottom would be great!)

  11. Lucky for me there is nothing in the Valentine’s day collection cause i really need my money for the spring/summer collection!

    The more images i see the more i want. Haha i try to save my giftcard that i got for christmas for the spring collection. Do you have any idea which it will be released?

  12. The detail on the bumble bee murano is wonderful ! I’m really excited for the Minnie and Mickey charms ! Minnie is my favourite so I’ll need to start saving! Hopefully they will be available in NZ. I love reading this blog thank you !

  13. Hi Ellie!

    I’m allergic to bee stings so I personally won’t be going for the bee designs. It would be odd for me to wear them without an Epi pen charm too! Lol!

    I do like the color blue, so I really love all the new blue charms. And the mice and bear are adorable!

    Haven’t made up my mind about the yellow gold plated charms. I have collected (on sale always) quite a few 14k charms. But I always stagger them with silver. My wedding set and both of my good watches are 18k gold, which is a completely different color than 14k. My rings and watch make the 14k gold charms appear dull. So I always wear the staggered bracelets on my right wrist, away from the rings and watch. It would be awesome if the plated gold was a brighter color. Only time will tell…

    I think it’s great that Pandora is branching out into different territory. I think we as collectors will be able to style really interesting bracelets by adding some of the more modern looks to existing designs. I see me taking several of mine apart this coming spring and rearranging to add some of the newer charms.

    Thanks so much! I am going to go back into the sale and get another blue pave clasp bracelet to have ready for the new blue charms.

  14. There’s so much in this preview that I love!
    I adore the blue and enchanted charms and safety chain, the compass, the dangles with the little mice and bear and the rose gold pendant necklace. The murano with the little bee in it is a must-have for me (and probably many of the others as well, once I’ve seen them in the store).
    I also love the honeybee line, especially the bee and honeycomb pendants and the honeybee ring, choker and bracelet. Unfortunately I can’t wear any of them because yellow gold clashes with my skin tone D=
    I’m so excited that Pandora is coming up with all these new designs! All the flowers and hearts were making me mostly ignore the new collections and I’ve already got everything I like from the old collections. I was rather afraid my collecting would come to an end lol (though admittedly that would have been so much better for my bank account!).

  15. I just adore beyond words the mother’s day bears and am trying not to lose my head over those! I hope to get get both versions if they are available, and I’ll be absolutely heartbroken if they come out with neither! Second to the bears I am loving the detailed bee murano and the candy coloured murano! Oh and of course the Disney releases all look spectacular and adorable as do the mice climbing on the balloon and the bear and bunny pairs! Just so much to look forward to, I’m loving this! These are all must haves for me :D

  16. Thank you for your posts. The last two were so exciting! I looove the Enchanted Tassel pieces, the Blue Swirls, Aqua Enchantment and Aqua Hearts, the Queen Bee and Golden Honey, the Honeybee choker and necklace, the silver Bella Dot, all the birdie pieces, the Home dangle charm, the ballon with mice dangle, the Women’s Day 2018 charm, the Climbing Mickey safety chain and some others that I have to see in person to decide. It don’t think I have seen so many good pieces in just two posts for a long time. Time for planning now!

  17. Michele is right, Thomas Sabo is all over this collection. The compass rips Sabo off without even a thank you. And if you’ve ever seen a line like Ivanka Trump’s fashion jewelry line, you see it here with the tassels, and the rings especially.

    There are a few pieces I can see as selling, not buying for me, but definitely selling to others.

    “Anchor yourself to someone special” made me think “You’re a bit desperate”, but I’m sure that’s just me. ;-)

    Overall, it’s all still a bit too juvenile for me, the majority of the charms a little too saccharine, and those earrings are far too costume looking. I don’t mind the plating, though I’d never buy it, I don’t think it cheapens a brand that’s never been a high-end brand anyway.

    • Hi Lola,

      I agree with you, but seeing all of these positive comments makes me realize that there is a new (very new!)pandora, and some people are really liking it, even if its5not for us!

      • I’ve been noticing that. :-) And then too I think there are loyalists for whom Pandora can do no wrong, and people who don’t buy anything and so don’t know what we’re sad about. Some pieces here are indistinguishable from Thomas Sabo’s Club Charms. I don’t see “Pandora” anymore — I see Sabo and Troll and Trump and so many others, and even Alex and Ani, low as they are. Pandora’s willful loss of distinction is the saddest part of it all for long-time collectors.

        • I don’t mind Pandora copying other brands, as everyone copies from every one. But Ivanka Trump?????!!!! ???
          I’ll have to think twice before getting one of those tassels ???
          Not exactly a fan of the family.

        • Lol, Marie, I work in finance. The other day I gave a report to my colleague to proof-read. When he gave it back, he said, “Fix the dead parts.” Through the whole thing I’d typed “deceased” instead of “decreased.” Nobody wants to see “deceased” on their financial report. :-) “Decreased” is bad enough.

        • Omg! Lola, I’m literally loling!??????. Keyboads are evil.
          On a more serious note, I agree with you about Pandora’s lost of identity. I can understand you, long term collectors. I may be still a bit under the spell of it, but I’d like to see the timeless good quality pieces again too.

  18. There are lots to love in this post. Plated gold is not really my thing but i like the design. Rainbow theme is a bit too colourful and youngish for me but again like the idea. What i really likely to buy are the gorgeous bumble bee murano( must have), 3 mice charm & vintage car mickey and minnie. A maybe buying will be the sparkly purple murano with pink hearts and the flower bouquet. I think i will like to start a pastel purple bracelet. Currently i have 5 charms of purple flower theme on a bangle. I can see it upgraded to a full bracelet if pandora keep rolling out beautiful pastel purple charms. Thank you Ellie for brightening my day with this post. I have to start budgeting. Not forgetting the climbing mickey spring bird earrings that i want from previous post. My wallet will protest come this Spring collection.

  19. Hi I like most of the pieces is there
    Any confirmation that the 14 k
    Gold will be no more? I can’t
    See how the plated gold will
    Last as the rose gold does not
    So if gold plating is the new
    Thing the prices should not
    Be so high but I bet they will
    Be pricey pandora has lost
    Their unique style and have
    Become run of the mill
    Like all the other brands
    Out there but much
    More in price wrong move
    For pandora it’s all
    About money making
    These days not quality
    Such a shame ☹️

  20. Thank you for your preview. Sadly there is very little here I would buy. Love Pandora and have many bracelets full of charms. Do not like plated jewellery from any jewellery range. Most of these charms are not high class looking but tacky. Pandora in my view has always been high class and hard to beat compared to other ranges. But these are not classy. One or two I might consider but overall disappointed.

  21. OMG. I love the Mickey and Minnie in the car. I absolutely have to get that. That one is the best Mickey/Minnie charm I’ve seen so far.
    Have you noticed that the 2018 Disney Parks charm is up on their website? Not sure if I missed you talking about it earlier. I really like it because it has the castle on one side. I like that one the best of all the year charms.
    I really like the little robot. I like that it has movable parts. The sea inspired beads are really cool. I know some of these designs aren’t for everyone, but hey, no one buys every charm (I assume) so I think it’s really great that they are trying out a bunch of different designs. I was shocked that some of the 9 year olds in my daughter’s class have Pandora bracelets. So there is a market for younger looking charms.

  22. Hi All, Happy New Year.
    Well I woulh have said I was going to have a great new year waiting for the red to arrive, then OMG, I am not a fan of Micky, but that car is so sweet am going to have it. the new blues I love, I dont like honey and am allergic to bees but again OMG love some of these as mus haves. Only problem is I dont have enough birthdays ect to make a wish list to cover all the ones I like, some I wonder where the idea came from, am I missing some thing with this rainbow look never have liked it reminds of the my little pone toys. I suppose they cater for all ages and styles. As for the gold plating ? whats the problem if you like you like it. There is no mistaking that pandora are at the top of the price range, but not the type of item you buy for investment (ie the gold charms)take that from the shop to sell it you would cry, gold is sold by weight these will never regain their paid for value,you buy because you like it, or its a gift given with love, and it is a good quality cotume jewellery, and if you like do it. And this is more for me than anyone else, show restraint to have them all, and you can not ware them all, so think befor to buy. when will you ware it, can you afford it, and do you relly need it, sorry fot the end of year downer. But be your own person ware what you like. XXXXX have fun enjoy the rest of the year and thanks again for light my eyes up, keep it up, we appreciate all your efforts. XXXXX

    • Thank you for bringing us the latest-helps to budget my Pandora$$. I really like that Pandora is changing it up, but the new charms are a bit juvenile for my taste. I don’t buy plated anything, so I wont be buying these. But–must have that Murano honeybee bead:)

    • Thanks for this positive reinforcement and I shall remember it when I get in a frenetic shopping mood with Pandora jewelry…. it is true, we only have two arms to wear these beauties???

  23. Bees! I am so happy to see this collection! Although it will mean I will need a new bracelet- So I’d have to put my purchase of the mesh bracelet on hold again. There was hardly anything I wanted this year. I want the Honeycomb bead, the honeybee bracelet, the blue ripples & the blue swirls bead (for my current bracelet) The Bella bot charm great to know it will be available in silver) the murano bee bead (possibly my favourite so far!) and for some reason I rather like the dangling bear charm but I don’t think I will buy it. Disappointed by the spring bird necklace, not what I had envisioned. I usually only wear sterling silver but I do make exceptions for things I like.

  24. Greetings Ms. Ellie, I see some of the beautiful charms including the bee and honeycomb charms but I will find out how much are the charm when spring comes around. Thank you and Have a Happy and Blessed New Year.

  25. I am not too keen on any of these new pieces, except for the minnie and mickey car charm which I think is adorable. What strikes me as a bit odd, is that there is no update yet for the Essence collection yet? I personally love the Essence collection a lot and hope it won’t become retired/discontinued!

    • They seem to be retiring the essence gold. It’s all on sale. Don’t know if the whole essence line will go next. It’s turned into moments made smaller, but I do appreciate it’s more delicate look. Unfortunately, I think it’s just mostly a duplication of the larger sized line. Do they really need it? And what about the Disney? They’ve retired so many Disney pieces. When it first came out I loved it. Now it’s grown smaller. It seems to me that the concept was fresh, but how do you keep it fresh? Over past years, pandora has tried things and retired the ones (wood beads?; XL muranos?)that don’t work for them. That’s not really anything new. They tried the pave *everything* route. I think it’s all leading to a younger customer base (they hope) and use of cheaper pave, enamel and less real metal. However, the younger customer base doesn’t have the money because they can’t get jobs. Pandora will never go under, because they are such a juggernaut in the business. But their bottom line is to make money. They are a mass market business and are not concerned about keeping individual customers. They are also trying to buy up more stores and decrease use of franchises, so they have more control over the business at all steps. It’s just a moneymaking venture to them. Sorry for the rant!!

  26. Minnie and Mickey in the car is A WINNER…HATE THE REST….I don’t do plated Pandora…Rose or Shine!!!!! NOPEEE!!!

  27. Thank you for the lovely previews of upcoming charms there is a few that I would like to have especially the bears and mice, the disney mickey and minnie in the car, the rainbow and bumble bee moranos. I wish all pandora collectors a happy new year and hope that 2018 will be a good year for everyone.

  28. So, is the gold plating on sterling silver or base metal? If it’s on silver then I might think about it, if not then I won’t touch it!

    I love the pink and lilac Murano, I will have to find a place for that :-D.

  29. Hi Ellie,
    In my last comment I said that I found this collection a disaster as a whole, thought some pieces could be safe. Well I happily inform you that after seeing this new pics I no longer think that ???
    The tassel “family” is gorgeous, I prefer the openwork without czs, it is more elegant for my taste, although I’m afraid it will be too long for me ??. I’m medium-high and very thin, so I’ m not sure if it will suit me at all. Well, let’s see.
    Now the ones that have solen my heart: the acqua blues. I’m afraid I’m lost. My wishlist is grewing again ???. Wich is good and bad at the same time, lol! ????
    Then there are some other cute beads like that one with the three mice climbing up the balloon ( btw, are they blind?) , though I’m more fond of teddy bears and rabbits, haha.
    There are a couple of necklaces I have liked a lot, too. And I suposse the will be rings and maybe more charms. Sooo, I think I’ll have to save more than I had anticipated! ?
    Lots of thanks for the new info. I can’t believe what a wonderful holiday time we are having, with almost a daily post from you in our inbox. You have benn like a Christmas calendar: each day a surprise! I’m becomming addicted,lol! ??

  30. I know a lot of people feel that the rainbow pieces are childish. However, I would like to put an alternative spin on the rainbow pieces. Rainbows are a symbol of hope and can be very meaningful for people going through a rough time, such as, cancer, loss of a loved one or other serious problem. At those times, hope is so important and can truly make a difference. Pandora has gotten rid of several charms that could fill this role. These rainbow charms can help fill the role. When I reflect on this, my feelings change about these charms. I especially like the dangle and the glass. The mosaic is beautiful, maybe a little harder to make a connection with, if focusing on the hope aspect.

  31. I’ve been a little disappointed in previous collections.. I like the older pandora charms (more detail… less sparkle) but i actually really enjoy this collection! the bella robot, honeybee murano, the three nice dangle, home is wear the heart is bangle, and the micky gestures safety chain are my favorite so far (aside from the gold charms, of course, but I think that’s a little out of my price range, lol)

  32. I loved this Spring 18 collection, I loved the Enchanted Heart Tassel charm, Spring Bird, rainbow, the larger silver earrings and the silver necklaces. My most have are the two charms ENCHANTED HEART TASSEL AND SPRING BIRD TO USE THEM IN THE NECKLACE. Thank you Ellie for the beautiful news.

  33. Hello, Ellie! Thanks so much for such a lovely preview! I’m even more excited now! I’m happy to see we’ll be getting Bella Bot in sterling silver, and I couldn’t bee more in love with the bumblebee collection. ?

    The message inside the house dangle is actually “Home is where M❤️M is”, so I think that charm is part of the Mother’s Day collection. I loved the design, but I won’t be buying it, because of the inscription. ?

    Thanks again and I wish you all the best for the new year!

    • Ellie when is Valentine collection available? I am interested in the spring murano charm., Do you need clips on the bangle bracelet ..ig you want charms on bracelet.

    • Ellie when is Valentine collection available? I am interested in the spring murano charm., Do you need clips on the bangle bracelet ..if you want charms on bracelet.

  34. Hi Ellie!

    Guess there is good news and bad news. The bad news is you had to take the pics down. The good news is that someone at Pandora is reading your blog and hopefully that someone is gaining some terrific insight.

    Happy New Year!

    • Deborah I agree with you 100 percent. Sorry to see the pics gone also. However someone at Pandora is taking notice. Hope they get the message and listen to their devoted collectors. I have been collecting since 2008 and slowly loosing interest in cz and not using real stones especially in gold pieces. Ellie thanks for your hard work on the blog. Happy New Year to all ?

      • I agree with Susan, cz is not for solid gold pieces.

        And how are they expecting gold plating to stay on beads that get a lot of wear on bracelets? Hopefully at least a “golden colored” metal underneath for when it wears off, like the Rose

  35. Oh no, Ellie! I’m so glad I got a sneak peak of those pictures before you had to remove them!
    I’m still looking forward to seeing what they release and hope that some of my favourites make the final line up !

    • Oh nvm just googled them haha. I love the color of the aqua enchanchantment but hopefully I’ll like the design better in person. The blue ripples looks lovely too. I’m personally not a fan of the bee designs and I’m okay with that.

      • Correction: I couldn’t see all of the pictures. But I’m getting excited by the blue, compass and nautical themed ones. I hope they fit well into my ocean themed bracelet or my Little Mermaid theme or heck even my light/icy blue themed bracelets I will be doing in the future.

  36. Hi Ellie,

    Well, this collection is looking more promising. As much as I like the honey comb charms I have to pass on the gold plating, something in my skin causes it to wear away. I can wear silver, 14k gold but not gold plated. In fact, I rarely wear my rose gold except on special occassions because of my body chemistry. So I want to avoid that situation again. I am glad the Bella Bot will be in silver, it is an odd choice for me but I love sci-fi and it reminds me of building play & Halloween costumes from boxes as a kid. Deborah’s idea to use it on a Christmas bracelet is inspired.
    The charms that stand out for me are the water themed collection. Imagine how fantastic my fairy tale fish will look floating amoungst the aqua enchantment, and blue ripples. I grew up near the ocean so these charms will remind me of my time at the beach, sailing on ferry’s & ships.
    The enchanted heart tassel is lovely too. While I don’t often indulge in Disney charms the Mickey & Minny in the car is well done.
    Lastly the anchor yourself to someone special would be a nice valentines charm, but I don’t think it will be out until after Valentine’s Day.

    Thanks for this sneak peek, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
    I have been working on a black & white themed New Years bracelet, almost done!

    Lisa K

    • Ellie,

      This is more of a post script,
      Sorry you had to remove the pictures. It was nice to have a sneak peak but more importantly, as some others have already pointed out, Pandora Co., is checking out your blog. One can only hope they read the feedback, perhaps it will coincide with their survey results. Many of us who read and comment on your blog have invested a lot of money in collecting Pandora, also, you get comments from around the globe, what a resource for Pandora to tap into.
      From my understanding the survey did not make it to Canada, we are a much smaller market after all, but being able to see the what may be the Spring collection and comment is a nice opportunity.

  37. Ellie, do you know when the spring collection is coming out in Pandora retail stores? I love the murano with the bee and the Mickey & Minnie in the car. I also like the turquoise/blue murano heart charm.

  38. Oh no! You had to take the picas down!! Well, then I can send a message to Pandora and expect it will be read. Pandora: we want more plain silver pieces and please less cz. Or no cz at all. And smaller sizes for limited and opened banglesand mesh bracelet. And don’t rise your prices with every collection as you have been doing, while lowering quality at the same time. We are NOT fool. And one more thing. Don’t copy Ivanka Trump’s line of jewellery. And to end up, if you want to reinvent youselves (wich was not necessary), why don’t you come back to your European roots?. Surely you could get a lot for inspiration here.

    • I’m m half Italian, half Swedish. I too wish Pandora would dip into their Scandinavian roots. I love Trollbeads for this reason, their Viking beads and the fact so many of their artists are Scandinavian.

      • Hi Lola,

        I’m getting back into troll too. Real silver, no cz or enamel, and they don’t have to repeat themselves to maintain a cohesive collection. And the glass! I even did the gold offer on black Friday(buy one get one free). I may actually do the pandora sale today… Blue and white snowflakes and snowflake heart for $125.00. But pandora purchased will only come with very good deals and will be few and far between.

        • I like Trollbead too, their bracelet is comfortable on wrist. I have much more Pandora than Trollbead, Trollbead has only one gift shop carry their product in Toronto area, Pandora has many concept store in each shopping mall so it is easy for me to go in and buy after coffee or mall walk with friends. They are totally different brand, I can’t say which is better, I like them both.

        • My sister has been collecting Trollbeads since the late 90’s, but I was never really interested until a couple of years ago. Now, it’s me, my sister, my youngest daughter, and my niece all buying. Christmas was Troll-tastic! I bought everybody Wishful Sky bracelets. Incredible glass. I can’t even stand how beautiful some Troll glass is. I want it all!

          For Pandora I try only to buy now during sales, and then mostly bracelets (not snake chain). But I did buy Thumper full price, and two Starry Night Sky murano to go with my Wishful Sky. Now those are on sale. :-( And I am looking forward to the CNY little man dangle for my dangle doll collection. He’ll fit right in. :-)

  39. I was happy to see some more in the Rose lineup, but I do not like the cz-bling or gold plate :(

    I guess they are going for a youthful and more affordable lineup. But I definitely will not get gold plated stuff for my gold or two-tone bracelets. And I dislike cz

    • Me too, don’t like cz all over, especially cz on 14k, diamond should be on 14k. Pandora. I bought 1 Pandora Rose barrel bracelet and 2 Pandora Rose charms to try but don’t like the colour, it is kind of orange not rose. Plated gold pieces will be very shiny as their name Pandora Shine, I bought one pair plated gold earrings when I was in Bangkok, the colour is very shiny, never wear.

      • Yes, the color of gold plate is hard to describe, but doesn’t look like 14 or 18k. It’s very shiny, and looks kind of like foil almost.

        • I agree with you Lisa, it looks like gold foil, the kind you could put on a picture or mirror frame like they show on Homeshow. You get what you pay for. I rather cherish the ones I have and hoping to get twotone 14K from Rue LaLa and stay with that.

          I have a plated gold angel on my Winter theme Chamilia bracelet and I would never mix it with my Pandora two tone. You can definitely tell the difference.

          I am really disappointed with Pandora designers/investors. What a shame???

  40. So sorry you had to take the photos down! you always do such great reviews. I am sure Pandora secretly loves all the free advertising you do.

  41. My thought about the pictures is that pandora hasn’t fully set the line up yet and doesn’t want people to see items they may not deliver. So they asked Ellie to take it down. It was the right thing to do.

  42. They probably don’t want people getting their hopes up (or dashed) when a charm may never come to fruition. I get it!

  43. I think it is great that someone from Pandora has been perusing your site. Maybe you should develop a thread specifically so we can give Pandora ideas which they may consider to use in the future. In this manner, all the ideas will be kept together!

  44. Sorry you had to take your photos down. Glad I got to see them before you did. For Pandora management, please release all charms in all countries. Having charms only released In some countries is very frustrating.

  45. I like your Olivia Burton watch! The store I buy Pandora from also stock Olivia Burton watches I’m hoping for a rose gold one for my birthday.

  46. Hi Ellie,

    I only got a glimpse of the additional pieces for SS18 as Friday was quite a busy day for me. I was excited to see alot of pieces I really liked such as the honeybees, the aqua blues, muranos and Mickey/Minnie vintage car. I was looking forward to taking a closer look at the end of the day, so you can imagine how disappointed I was to find out the pictures had been taken down. I was so glad to have seen them earlier in the day, even though it was a quick look. The good news is we now know Pandora is paying attention to your wonderful blog. They can certainly get honest opinions here. I’m sorry the pictures had to be taken down. My thoughts were Pandora wouldn’t want to disappoint customers if certain charms never come to fruition as others have said. I’m in the US, but didn’t receive the survey. Wish I had!

    Thanks for another great preview, Ellie! Happy New Year to everyone!!!

  47. Thank you so much Ellie for your wonderful blog. I wish I could get your emails.. It seems other people do. I am always behind my reading.

    Happy New Year! Hope of Peace, Love, and Health in this coming year to everyone. ?

  48. Just saw the spring summer collection – not a fan! The Mother’s Day collection is nice but the summer collection is terrible! I will be saving money this year.

  49. Hello! Do we know when we will start to see pictures of Summer 2018 pieces? And is there a sale that starts shortly after summer release? Thanks in advance!

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