It’s International Women’s Day today, and Pandora have got in on the action, releasing a limited edition pink CZ charm in honour of the occasion.

I originally previewed this bead back in January, but it has now been released in North America and Australia/New Zealand! Read on for more details and live shots :)

Pandora limited edition Women’s Day 2018 charm

The Women’s Day 2018 charm offers repeating heart-infinity signs, detailed in pink pavé. It’s retailing for $65 USD / $75 CAD / $79 AUD.

It’s not listed as limited edition on the US or Canadian sites, but the Australian eStore quite clearly states that it will only be available for a limited time. I don’t know why it hasn’t been released the world over, however.

Pandora limited edition charm

Stores have been posting some nice live shots of the bead:

Image by Pandora Cambridge Centre
Image by nangargems
Image by pandorawem

My Comment

As nice as it is to celebrate Women’s Day, I don’t find the design of this charm particularly interesting, not in comparison with all the lovely Spring beads that we’ve got to look forward to in a week’s time, so I think I’ll pass on it for now. :) Even though it’s limited edition!

Are you interested in this design?

38 Comments on Pandora for International Women’s Day 2018

  1. Hello Ellie,. thanks for the review. That’s interesting that there’s a new bead for Women’s day. I don’t think I would be adding this to my collection. Think I may have preferred a light pink murano, or even a petite glass charm similar to the one in the photos or enamel. It could be because I am not into Czs that much. I agree with your comment that the Spring collection is lovely in comparison! Thank you for the review and I was really surprised to see a special women’s day bead. Have a lovely day!

    • Hi Pauline, I am not a big pavé fan either, not in this sort of style in any case! I find it a bit similar to their other pavé designs, and so it doesn’t particularly strike me as being a particularly special offering for Women’s Day. So yes, we can both look forward to Spring instead! ? Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

  2. I find this design very disappointing. Pink bling doesn’t really personify the strong independent and inspirational women who fought for equality,
    Loving the new spring collection though!

    • Agreed. Charm in pink reinforces gendered roles which is completely contray to feminist movement. Disappointed as well.

    • No, it strikes me as being a bit too generic as well. I like the idea of Pandora releasing a special bead for Women’s Day, but I think a more thoughtful design would have been better. Also looking forward to Spring! :D

  3. Hi Ellie!

    It is awesome that Pandora is supporting International Women’s Day. I am a sucker for infinity symbols, so I will probably add this charm to an existing design eventually. But, like you, I am prioritizing the Spring collection as my number one “need” for the moment

    Btw, to follow up on our “many hearts” discussion, I have a total of 3 bracelets without some sort of heart on it. I won’t say 3 out of how many though?. Let’s just say a whole lot more have hearts than don’t! Lol!

    Thanks for the heads up on the Women’s Day charm.

    • Hi Deborah! Glad to hear that you like it! It may well end up going on sale like other special editions as well, I’d have thought, so it might be worth hanging on?

      Haha! I went through my proper charm bracelets (not leathers or bangles) and counted four without any kind of heart. Out of a lot more than four. ? I also won’t say what the total is ? I thought I wasn’t going to find any at one point haha! A lot of the time you’ll think a charm is heart free, and then you’ll notice, say, the little hearts at the feet of the Eiffel Tower etc.

  4. Hi Ellie! Nah, this one doesn’t thrill me. I agree with Jill about the color pink for this charm…maybe another color would have worked better? At any rate, only 7 days to go until Spring 2018 launch, and that is what I’m excited for!

    • Hi Denedriane, I’d have preferred a plain silver, more thoughtful design – something a bit more collectable. And yes, Spring is almost here! I am so excited! ?

  5. Hi Ellie,

    I just checked out this charm on the Pandora Canada website and it is listed under the Limited Edition Category. I’m not a huge fan of the pink pave for this particular charm, as I associate this style similar to the pink ribbon with breast cancer and hate to see the BC charm diminished by another event. InternationalWomen’s Day is becoming more and more celebrated and political. I think they should have given women around the globe a chance to design this one. After all look at this years club charm and how well that turned out. How about intertwined W’s in plane silver with a small ribbon of clear or multicoloured pave stones linking them together or winding between the W’s. Just an idea.

    Lisa K

    • I also thought it is too similar to BC pink ribbon design. I like your idea of having Pandora consumers design the charm considering it is for international women’s day.

    • Hi Lisa! Ah okay, thanks for that info. :) I also thought it looked very similar to the BCA charms. It’s not that distinguishable from previous designs they’ve done, and so it’s a bit generic for my tastes. The idea of unity for another Women’s Day charm is a nice one, Lisa – one that celebrates all women, without falling into the trap of stereotyping. This year’s Club charm did that well, as you say!

      Thanks for commenting!

  6. It´s just more pave and the design is not very original either. I agree with you, there are too many beautiful things in the spring collection waiting for us to take them home ;). However I like that Pandora has released a charm to conmemorate Women´s Day. Thanks for reviewing.

  7. Well I have to be the lone voice of disagreement here. Many months ago my husband started me a bracelet in pink and this will go with it nicely. I have several muranos and some czs on that bracelet. While another choice to represent the women’s movement might have been more appropriate this charm will go nicely with the pink bracelet my husband started for me and I think I’ll drag him to the mall with me this weekend so he can add it to my pink bracelet. He is a big fan of the Czs and I never discourage him when he comes home with a pretty he likes. Often times all on his own when he is walking by a store and I am not with him. His support in my love of Pandora is very nice for me.

    • It’s great that you like it Beth, and I’m sure it’ll look great with your other pinks! :) How fun that your husband is so on board with your hobby as well. My OH is great and he’s super patient when I’m blogging or Pandora-ing in general. He doesn’t tend to buy me surprise charms any more, just because I have so many now that he’s always so afraid to get one I have already haha.

  8. Hmm I think it’s an odd choice for International Women’s Day considering IWD’s colour is purple… And are they giving a part of the profits to the women’s movement? I think it’s a cute gesture but it doesn’t feel so ‘in touch’ with the movement, in my opinion.

    However, I would love to see that infinity heart style in a rainbow design instead! That infinity heart was everywhere during Mardi Gras here in Sydney last week, and so to me a charm with that design would be a great representation of marriage equality :)

    • I was thinking that would been great if Pandora donated a portion of their sales of tbis charm towards as girls’ or women’s human rights cause as well. I would have been inclined to purchase the n as I have been contemplating starting a new bracelet design representing my strong belief in equity, peace, love etc.

    • Yes, a charitable aspect would have been good to see I think! Your rainbow idea is super fun. It would go well with all the rainbow pieces they’re bringing out for Spring as well!

  9. International Women’s Day is being celebrated more and more each year so is nice that Pandora have released a specific charm. However, it looks alot like a breast cancer charm to me so I will be giving it a miss.

    • Yes, it’s very similar to previous designs they’ve done- both in terms of the pavé and the BCA line, so I won’t be indulging either!

  10. Hi Ellie,

    I think it’s wonderful Pandora decided to support Women’s Day with a dedicated charm, but I don’t think I’ll be getting this one. I’m not opposed to pink or pave’, but I would have preferred originality for a charm of such importance. It’s easy to give this one a pass with all the pretty Spring charms on my list.

    • Hi Emily, I completely agree! This design is too forgettable to be truly collectable or to inspire much interest in me – the timing is unfortunate right before the release of the Spring collection, which contains so much to interest and inspire! ?

  11. Something free for the day would have been nice. This is no celebration for us; it’s straight profit for Pandora off the women they’re celebrating. Awful way to celebrate.

  12. Hi folks, I like this charm but not for the occasion it is supposed to celebrate. as for international it is but selective, what about europe. In the uk it is a 100 years since some of this nation got the vote, and there was specil semi precious stone use to represent the suffragets, could have used those colours. dont know what was used in other countries. shame a great opportunity missed,

    • Hi Karen,

      You make some excellent points. Pandora Corporate & their designers should have done some research. I love the idea of using specific colours representing the suffragette movement to honour the women who paved the way and a reminder that we are still working towards women an equal footing in wages or status. An opportunity missed by Pandora. If it is meant to be an International Charm it should have been released internationally, with some proceeds going to promote education for girls, as an example. I hope Pandora Corporate is paying attention to feedback, some great suggestions have been made.

      Lisa K

    • Hi Karen, how interesting! I had a quick Google but couldn’t see which stone it was that was used. That would have been a great source of inspiration to draw on.

  13. Materialistic jewelry is not important. Action speaks louder than words. More women being promoted to Senior Manager roles irrespective of race, sexual orientation and lifestyle should be encourage. We should support our young kids not just girls but boys making them mindful and cognizant of their female counterpart. It is insulting to believe that a little `blink`is the answer. Enough said…no I will not endorse until more change comes to all parts of the world.

    • Very good point. While I am pandora fan, this was a marketing opportunity for them to make money so I understand from the business prospective. Would be nice if the money went to a Education charity or something.

    • Of course, you’re right that a charm is not going to right social wrongs, but I don’t think Pandora intended that to be the message. I do feel that the design could have been more thoughtful or in support of some kind of related organisation. As it is, this feels a little bit token.

      • At least they made the attempt. Most businesses didn’t even acknowledge it. As a retired businesswoman, I’m so glad women are finally speaking up about both harassment and inequality. It is long overdue.

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