It only seems like two minutes since the Spring launch last month, but today sees the day of the Pandora Mother’s Day 2018 collections worldwide! There’s a surprising amount launching today, with new pieces for the Rose, Essence, Shine, and Disney lines. The collection celebrates life milestones and new arrivals, with some new sparkling bow pieces for a decorative hook.

In the UK, we already had our Mother’s Day, so this launch is being marked as Spring Drop 2. Read on for live shots and further updates! :)

Pandora Mother’s Day 2018 collection release

The Mother’s Day collection offers sugar and spice and all things nice, with pastel colours, homey motherly beads, and cake slices. To see all full overview of the collection, please do have a gander through the Mother’s Day tag. You can see the US gift sets at this link, also.

As usual, stores have been uploading live shots to social media and I’ve collated some of the best here. My favourites are the pretty balloon animal enamel beads, and the Plentiful Hearts murano has also snuck up on me – I actually love its softer colour from the live shots and am now tempted by it!

The Brilliant Bow is a huge statement piece, and I haven’t really seen any stores attempt to style it any other way than on its own on a bangle (as per Pandora’s own campaign styling).

The US exclusive Mama Bear dangle is also out:

Image by Pandora Great Lakes

The Lotus dangle has attracted attention from collectors with its pretty design and regional exclusivity – it has a double lotus design, with a silver outline laid over a soft pink enamel plate. The North American store launch booklet had this down as being a Canadian exclusive, but I think that it simply meant that it would not be coming out in the US. So far, it is confirmed as being available in Canada, Australia/New Zealand, and Asia.

I have mine on order and can’t wait for it to arrive! :)

Finally, the limited edition Pattern of Love bangle. This appears to have been released out right in Asia (you can see it online in Singapore and China, for example) but will be offered as a GWP in other countries. I’ve confirmed that it will be available in Canada, the UK, and at least some European countries. I imagine it will come to most, if not all, regions.


Pandora Shine Mother’s Day 2018 release

Pandora have been strict about previewing both Pandora Shine and Disney in advance, and so I’m listing these new Shine Mother’s Day pieces today.

There aren’t many additional beads, and they’ve been in the catalogue for a month or so, so no real surprises here.

My favourites of this selection are the very cute Theodore Bear designs, available in both charm form and as a pendant:

In Asia, this little charm comes with a special Hug Me charm box, much like the Bella Bot from Spring:

Pandora Shine Mother's Day packaging
Image by pattywkr

Pandora Disney Spring 2018 release

The Pandora Disney Spring release is now out, offering new Mickey/Minnie designs in a variety of charms, clips and safety chains. Their aesthetic is quite different from previous abstract Mickey Mouse designs, instead offering full-bodied characters with kitschy vintage detail.

I have dedicated a post proper to this, however, seeing as I wasn’t able to preview the collection properly!

Pandora Rose and Pandora Essence Mother’s Day 2018 releases

Additionally there are new releases for the Pandora Rose and Essence ranges today. You can see the full collections for Rose and Essence at the following links:-

I love the look of the Hearts Filigree openwork charm – so pretty! The Harmonious Hearts necklace, as I suspected from the high RRP, is very large.

I’ve not spotted any live shots of the new Essence range yet, but you can see the charms coming out today in my original post. It really doesn’t receive much attention as a collection these days.

Pandora Signature Styles promo begins for the US

Finally, a reminder that the Signature Styles promotion for the US begins today – more details in my previous post!

Image by Pandora Stonestown

It looks like the new Signature pieces will be becoming part of the regular collection once the promotion is over. The US has also received the Pandora Shine versions of these pieces, although they are not part of the promo.

Pandora Signature Styles promo
Image by Pandora Montgomery

My Comment

My must-haves, as I’ve said before, are the Serene Lotus dangle and the Bright Hearts safety chain, but there’s plenty more I’d like. I try to be a tad more conservative about hoovering up pieces I like without having a place for them to go these days – and I already bought so much of the Spring collection! Having said that, I’m also tempted by the Plentiful Hearts murano. I just adore that soft pink murano in person.

I have the day off today and so I am planning on having a little meander into town later on to see the collection, and perhaps to buy the safety chain.

Are you buying anything from this release?

95 Comments on Pandora Mother’s Day 2018 collections debut

  1. Hi Ellie,
    Thanks for the review as always. I quite like the flourishing hearts mothers day bangle… do you know if this is available outright or only as a promotion? I bought up recently in sale so trying to be good! Althou disappointed to see they haven’t brought out any two tone in these last few collections…

    • Hi Emma! I’m not sure where you’re based, but it is available to buy outright in every country, I think.I don’t think anyone is offering it is a GWP! :)

  2. Hi Ellie!

    Thanks so much for the post! I’m stuck in school for 2 weeks so i wont be able to see them live but I can look at your pictures! It’s a shame that Australia wont be having the Pattern of Love bangle as part of the GWP like in the past years but I’m definitely gonna purchase it when I get the chance or get it as GWP from elsewhere! I’ve been good so far and only indulged in the CNY charms from Valentines can’t wait for promo to get the enchanted heart charms collection and Harmonious Hearts charms! The promotions are not so good in Singapore but the only good thing is we tend to have more orential themed charms like the Lotus and God of Fortune which I adore!


    • Hi Cindy! Ah, well I hope you do enjoy seeing them when you get the chance! :) You have been very restrained so far! There have been some beautiful charms releases far this year. The Patterns of Love is a great one to break your ban for, though :D I understand that it will be a GWP in the UK later this month and am planning out what I might get for that! Thanks for commenting <3

  3. Hi. Do you know if there are Any upcoming UK promotions? It’s my birthday soon and I planning on a safety chain and 2-3 charms it will hold off if there’s a chance of a freebie with it. It’s the new Disney releases I’m interested in this time round. Sam

    • I’m really hoping that we get that bangle GWP as I NEED another bangle with a fancy clasp :-D. I also hope that they don’t make us wait too long but I would rather it was after the 7th of May as my credit card has taken a hammering lately with the sales ;-).

    • Hi Sam

      Seems like there will be 1 at the end of the month or early next month :)

      Hope it helps!

    • Hi Sam! The rumour currently is that we will get the Patterns of Love bangle as a GWP from 26 April. :) I’d hang on and see if that materialises first!

      • Hi Ellie,

        I will be a happy woman if there is a GWP coming soon.? I plan to get those new heart clips and matching safety chain. After seeing them in so many pictures, they look awesome. With this new bangle, it will be a good match I think.?

        Have a lovely week ahead. I will try to find places in Florida that has Wifi so I can read your blog.?

  4. I have the mother and baby bird pendant, and I love it, is so nice in real life! The colours in the stones are very subtle and seem to change and sparkle in different lights, and the little birds are just adorable. I am wearing it as a centrepiece with the new Enchanted Garden murano and Mrs Potts and a few little silver animals and floral beads on the Wildflower Meadow bracelet, and it is cheering me up on a rainy day at work! Happy shopping everyone!

    • DebbieJ, your bracelet sounds very cheery and happy especially on dreeary, rainy or in my case snowy days.

      • Debbie, your bracelet sounds beautiful. I’m really glad to hear the colors on the birds are subtle. I will now need to add this one to my wish list!

  5. Hi Ellie! Would you know if the Patterns of Love bangle will be available in Australia? I have just checked Pandora Australia’s online store and it’s not yet there. It’s sad that they’re not having it as a GWP as in previous years, but I hope it will be available for purchase in-stores and online.


  6. I am so worry :( I cant find anywhere the ring floating locket :( may be somebody knows something abou the new floating ring ? When it will be avalable ?

  7. Hi Ellie,

    Spring seems to be speeding by, Mother’s Day launch already! Well, the bow is lovely, a real statement piece similar to the house charm the later I think looks better on a necklace than a bracelet. My favorite thus far us the balloon with the mice. The lotus dangle available in my region is pretty and tempting this charm would compliment the lotus clip I purchased a few years ago.

    The patterns of love bangle is my favorite of all the recent bracelet releases, perhaps something for my birthday wish list. The shine bear is wonderful, I hope Shine proves to be a sturdy finish, time will tell. I would certainly consider buying the bear charm. I think shine charms paired with teal or turquoise would look amazing.

    Thanks Ellie, really appreciate the work you out into your posts.

    Lisa K

    • Planning on getting lotus dangle to go with my lotus clip too. So looking forward to adding it tto my Asian themed bracelet.

      • Kelly,

        Yes, indeed a wonderful addition to your Asian themed bracelet! I like it when Pandora releases new charms to compliment ones releases a few seasons ago.

        Lisa K

  8. Thank you for all you do. I truly enjoy reading all of your reviews. Quick question for you. I am obsessed with the Pandora Floating Locket Bangle and do not seeaee it being released today? Any updates on what is going on with that?

    • Hey Kim,

      Saw a post from another lady (Jessica) in uk saying that for locket bangle/ring been pushed back to autumn/winter but it might change too. I’m not really sure because its availiable for sale on our Singapore website so I’m wondering whats the issue

      Hope it helped!

  9. I definitely want the patterns bangle. Wondering if it will be part of a Mother’s day promo or gift set in Canada.

  10. Hi Ellie!

    Whew! You have been super busy keeping up with Pandora all over the world!

    I’m really looking forward to seeing this collection in person. My BFF and I are headed to the store this morning. I think I’m going to purchase the flourishing hearts bangle and the new Essence open bangle today, so I can get my Signature Rose pendant in the promo. But I also like that bow bracelet with the bangle on one side and the adjustable chain on the other. If I’m able to “show some restraint” that’s all I am buying today. I will wait to get the rest in the next sale.

    Wish me luck!?

    • PS – I noticed that all the Mothers Day gift sets except the flourishing heart le bangle are specially priced on the US site Be Charming.

  11. Hi Ellie,

    Thank you for the updates. I’m excited to see this in person. Where can we find the bird dangle? The one I remember seeing with just a single bird?

    • Hi Ashley,

      I saw a comment on the other post (the post previewing the Mother’s Day collection) that its supposed to be a China exclusive according to Pandora’s launch guide. But I cant find it on the China store yet! Maybe its meant to be a limited edition I’m not really sure XD

      Hope it helps :)

      • Hi Cindy,

        Thank you for the reply. It was one of my favorite. Hopefully it will become available to other regions if that is the case. I have never traveled outside of the USA, I would love to though. :)

  12. Hello thank you as always for all the posts you do I appreciate them all. There are a couple things I want to get but do you know when the next promotion for Canada is? since I don’t want to make a purchase this weekend if there will be a promotion soon. Thanks.

    • I am on the Canadian Pandora estore and I put some charms in my cart and they are coming up as 25% off!!!! Seems like you need to spend somewhere between $100 -125. Not sure if this is a mistake or not

        • My first order did go through and seemed to work for awhile after but just tried this morning and the discount disappeared on check out. So I am not sure what that was..maybe an individual offer? I will save my second order for the next promo which I am only hearing a few rumors about. I hope it worked for you?

        • I went online looking for the Patterns of love bangle but it wasn’t listed even searched in variety of different ways too. I didn’t order anything as really wanted this bangle. Not sure why it isn’t on Pandora site.

  13. Oh Theodore is a must have! Maybe both. The open Essence probably. Mama bear dangle for my daughters family bracelet would be a cute addition. She is just that! Will have to see everything. Wish it was a bracelet free event. Just do not need the signature pieces, so the enticement to spend spend is not present today. Love all your ideas girls!
    Thanks Ellie! Have a “pandorful” wonder day!

  14. I went to my local store this morning, it’s a little bit at from my house… and…. they do not have almost if them. They only have balloon and mouse, the 35 dollars heart ball dangle, the bow heart…. they don’t have any of these bangle… disappointed. I bought the heart ball dangle and anther old clip… I will get others online….

  15. Here in Brazil they are doing a promotion with a jewerly box. If you spend more than R$ 899,00 (about 464.49 US dollars) you receive a pretty jewerly box as a gift!

    Too bad I bought the queen bee charm and bella bot last week =( I am supposed to get the bee ring a a gift from my husband, it we bought everything together I could get there =(

    I’m in love with the floating heart locket bangle and with the lotus charm, though, hope I can buy it eventually!

  16. Hi Ellie,

    Wow, lots of great pictures! The Live images are always helpful in getting some idea how the new charms will look on a bracelet. Thank goodness my M’Day ‘must haves’ list isn’t as long as my Spring. My absolute is the Celebration Cake Slice. It’s too cute and well done to pass up, despite ‘Congrats’ inscription. I’m hoping the Rose Luminous Lilac Radiant Hearts are a nice saturated color. If so, I’ll be getting those. There are lots of others I like, but I’m in no rush. I think the Brilliant Bow is lovely as a stand alone piece with the Shiny Bow clips. I would have preferred a silicone lining for the large bow to keep it from sliding around. I’m not sure when I’ll get to see this new release, since my store hasn’t received it yet! With promos going on for a limited time, you’d think Pandora would make sure shipments arrive on time. I’m hopeful the US will see the Patterns of Love bangle and the beautiful Lotus charm at some point. They’re favorites of mine. Happy shopping and thanks for the post!

    • The luminous Rose lilac heart is stunning in person. My BFF bought that one today. She looked at the different ones they had in the store. Some of the lilac stones were a little darker than others. But really beautiful.

      • Thank you, Deborah, for letting me know the lilac RH are stunning. I was hoping they would be. Did you find everything in stock this morning? We still don’t have the M’Day release!

        • Hi Emily!

          They had all of the new Rose and Shine, but almost none of the silver. I did get the flourishing hearts bangle -? – but they didn’t have the new Essence open bangle or the bow adjustable bangle that I wanted. They are expecting a shipment tomorrow, and they are going to call me if the new stuff is in it. Fingers crossed…

    • Hi Emily,
      If you haven’t found yet…
      The Patterns of Love bangle and the Lotus dangle are available and in stock on the Precious Accents page. They are an authorized Pandora online retailer.

      • I did go to their website and it shows those two bangles as being available however, when you try to choice a size it says on Backorder.

  17. I went to see the Mother’s Day release today since I wanted to do the bead promo. I unexpectedly got the new pink murano. I got it because it goes really well with the pink enchantment bead on my “teapot” bracelet.

    I also got the heart shaped bracelet floating locket (to use as s necklace pendant) and the Letter J petite charm. The promo bead in rose is really nice. I don’t mind the branding. I needed another bead to complete my second rose “mini bracelet” (beads just in the middle section) and the promo bead was a great bead to fill the empty space.

    I think the only other MD I’d like to get is the flourishing heart pendant which I can get later this year. I do think the trophy charm is cute though, strangely enough!

  18. Hi Judy!

    I don’t think the branding on the Rose, or the Shine, is as obvious as it is on the silver. I got the Rose too.

  19. Hi Ellie,
    Thank you for showing us this collection again. As I already commented in another post I won´t be getting much from it, just a couple of pieces. I want to see their size in person nonetheless, as many of them seem to be quite chunky these days and that can be a bit despairing when I try them on my wrist. Anyway I´m still busy with the Spring collection. I definetly want, at least, the blue ripples and blue swirls. Moreover, we don´t celebrate Mother´s Day till the first Sunday in May, which means that, although the collection has been released, we don´t have any GPW attached to it yet, so it´s worth waiting a bit,lol.
    All in all, I hope to have a look at it tomorrow and then I will know what to add to my wishlist.
    Have a nice weekend!

  20. Awsome deal yesterday here in the U.S., free charm, pendant, earings or ring with purchase of 125.00 as you said. I would not have known a couple of days early without your blog! Thank you. I had to get Mickey and Mini in the car, mice with balloon, lock your promise clip and bracelet, and the mother daughter dangles in rose. I like the “new free charm” event, this is a first. Retail price for them is $65.00.

  21. I see several things in the MD collection I’d like to have including the Rose Harmonious Hearts necklace. Then I looked at the price and it went on the back burner. After much contemplation I ended up just ordering some MD gifts for family to reach the $125 and got the free heart. That took care of 4 gifts.

    I’ll now go back to wanting for me and see how things play out.

  22. I’m really disapointed by the wat Pandora supplies there stores. with the spring collection and the motherday collection my store got so little. I heard the Essece open bangle was delayed. but on the Bright side i got the cake slice dangle for with my teapot and cup and the letter S,M and the & for in my floating locket.

    thanks for al your hard work and i can’t whait to see whats up for the spring release.

  23. Oh my goodness the flourishing heart bangle is my new favorite Pandora thing! I love how the padlock has the pretty design front and back! I also purchased my very first safety chain ~ the cute bright hearts one to add to my pink and purple radiant droplets bracelet.

    I just have one item that I REALLY wanted but it’s simply not available yet – the floating heart bangle. I was so very excited about that unique combination :-( I’m not one to complain but I feel this is unacceptable that Pandora has items that are unavailable on release day. Kind of like I can’t afford to miss a cut off for a work project. But hey I have my flourishing heart bangle so I’m ok for right now.

    Thanks Ellie for all the hard work you put into giving us all the details and keeping us obsessed with Pandora! Have a wonderful weekend!

  24. Just got home from my concept store and they have almost none of the MD releases. SA suggested I just order online because they don’t have a delivery date for the new things. She said they have a shipment coming in today but according to the invoice it doesn’t have MD things in it. They normally get shipments on Friday afternoons. She was very apologetic and said all of the stores seem to be having the same problem. I can’t imagine why Pandora would do that.

    • Hi Beth, I feel your pain…my store hasn’t received the M’Day either! I feel like Pandora should extend their current promos until shipments arrive in stores!

  25. For those in the US interested in Stackers boxes the Container Store is having a sale on them! It seems like they have limited colors and styles compared to Stackers website. But they are cheaper at this store then Amazon originally and with the 25% off it comes out to a great deal.

    I went in thinking I might get the classic blush with lid, if I liked the look of them. I ended up buying the classic size with lid in mink for $22.50, the deep 3 section layer for $15, and a matching watch/bracelet roll ($3.75). The blush was a little more pink than I was expecting with some texture on the outside. I really liked the smooth texture of the mink and the color matches my bedroom perfectly. Anyway, I was super happy with the price and they seem to fit my pandora collection perfectly for now – well I guess forever since I can add more layers lol.

      • I was also really tempted by the wooden lids because then you have more freedom to make different configurations. Like build up a supersize base. I might need those in the future!

  26. Anyone else also love the Harmonious Hearts dangle? I got one yesterday and it’s now my favorite dangle charm! It’s really pretty on bracelet and it’s only 35 USD!

    • Yes, I ordered one in rose gold and can’t wait to receive it! Now I am wishing I bought two. Will decide when it arrives.

      • Good choice! I got mine in silver from a store, and as they do not have most of the new release, I ordered mine flourishing heart bangle online. And after that I found that there is a rose gold one, the one you’ve ordered. I really love the silver one and now I am thinking to get one more, maybe a rose gold. It looks great especially alone on a bangle, I even want to get a bangle just for this charm!

    • Not yet but I saw them in store. Lovely design. Want both. Will be my first Pandora Rose charm if I do buy both. I like the Mother/Daughter charms in Pandora rose too.

  27. I have been to 4 different stores so far to try and get the floating locket bangle but none of them have it. They all had very little stock of items in this release. Its really annoying and I think its unacceptable that stores dont have the new stock on the release date. I phoned customer services but they knew nothing about the bangle – didn’t even know which one it was. It’s advertised in the current brochure but it’s in none of the stores nor online. I was so excited for the new bangle but now I’m really disappointed and becoming quite disillusioned with Pandora now.

        • I have been told by 4 different pandora stores that the following items are now being released this autumn:
          – Floating locket bangle
          – Floating locket rings
          – Essence open bangle

          All theee of these items are advertised in the UK Spring 2018 catalogue. Not happy with Pandora as these were the only items I was desperate to buy

  28. I have a question for those of you who have the Rose Gold. For my birthday I asked my husband for a silver bracelet with the Rose Gold clasp. I’m wondering about the safety chain. I know the Rose Gold safety chain with the RG chain is clip on but is the chain with the silver chain clip on or screw on?


        • Thanks…..based on your first response I sent him an email (He is out of the country, US and is in Amsterdam on a business trip). After the second response I sent him a follow up email saying never mind. I don’t want to give up charm space for a clip on. He just laughed and said he’s known for a long time I can’t make up my mind. That’s why he likes to just take me to the store for gifts. Since he’s out of the country though he can’t do that this time. No telling what he’ll end up getting but I know I’ll cherish it no matter what.

  29. Hi Dee Dee
    How do you find locking and unlocking the flourishing heart bangle? I tried it on in store and the design is beautiful especially as it’s on both sides as you said. Just uncertain re the lock mechanism…would love your feedback.

    • Sorry my comment didn’t post directly under DeeDees so if anyone has the flourishing hearts bangle please let me know what you think of the lock mechanism. Thank you.

      • Hi Lozzi…it’s definitely going to take some getting used to! But I love it so much I don’t mind and now that I’ve worn it 3 days I’m finding it’s no longer as awkward. To be honest with you I’m having more trouble with my regular bracelet now that it has a safety chain on it! ?

        • Thanks for the quick feedback. Ok I will buy and be patient. Good luck with your bracelet/safety chain combo!

  30. Anyone know will US has the pattern of love bangle? I love the design and would like to put my favorite dangle in it….. but it seems I can only get it from other countries? Thanks!

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