The previews continue this week, with a detailed look at the Pandora Autumn 2018 launches for the Shine collection! With warm colours and delicate detailing, the collection mixes some brand-new harvest motifs with Shine versions of some existing Pandora classics. 

This collection will launch with the other Pandora Autumn releases on 30 August. Read on for a full preview, with prices and HQ images!

Pandora Shine Autumn 2018 collection preview

Beginning with the bracelets, we firstly have two non-charm options. Priced at $175 USD / $195 CAD, this a Pandora Shine version of the Sparkling Strand bracelet:

The Floating Grains bangle is a rather pretty limited edition piece, with tiny gold leaves dangling from a link chain. It will be retailing for $225 USD / $250 CAD. 

The Mesh bracelet, however, is what really grabs my attention, offering another beautiful way to wear your Shine pieces. It’s $200 USD / $220 CAD.Two more existing charm designs get the Pandora Shine treatment – the Pandora Shine Radiant Hearts is priced at $125 USD / $140 CAD, and features a lovely golden stone at its centre. It’s expensive, but so delightfully sunshine-y. The Intertwining Radiance also pairs a golden stone with the Shine finish very nicely, and will be offered at $100 USD / $110 CAD.The most affordable way of achieving this effect, however, might be through the Golden Faceted Glass, priced at $65 USD / $75 CAD.The Shine core melts wonderfully into the iridescent yellow glass, which would look lovely with the existing white Shine murano and bumblebee pieces.

Pandora Shine Autumn 2018

The Dazzling Grain Swirls bead retails for $75 USD / $85 CAD. I suppose the CZs help to pick out the detail of each individual seed, but I still can’t help wishing that it was a plain Shine design.The Seeds of Elegance clip has a silicone grip inside, meaning that it’ll work best to keep charms in place on bangles, smooth bracelets and leathers. It’s priced at $55 USD / $60 CAD.The Sparkling Arcs of Love clip will be $65 USD / $75 CAD. This also has a silicone grip.

The Floating Grains pendant ($75 USD /$85 CAD) is another of the most interesting beads from this set. The CZs are more delicately tucked away, and I absolutely love the twists to the bail of this charm at the top. The only thing I wonder about it is its size – judging from the campaign image above, it’s quite a hefty bead.Next up is one of the most interesting and cute pieces of this collection – the two-tone Scarecrow Guardian, retailing for $90 USD / $100 CAD. Pandora have added a little tag that reads Guardian of love to it, presumably to give it a wider appeal and to make it clear that he is, indeed, a friendly little scarecrow – however, once again, on a personal level I wish that they hadn’t added that extra layer of sentiment to this fun and original little design.

The Seeds of the Future pendant also offers a little message, linking the harvest motif with the idea that Dreams are the seeds of the future. It will be $65 USD or $75 CAD.

Pandora Shine Autumn 2018

Returning to the more decorative pieces, the Floating Locket charm is being given a makeover in Shine – this will be priced at $100 USD / $110 CAD.There will also be a proper necklace version of the floating locket – this is the Medium Floating Locket, which will come on a 60cm chain (adjustable to 40 or 50cm) and retail for $275 USD / $305 CAD.
The Circle of Seeds necklace is another limited edition piece ($275 USD / $305 CAD) – it’s oh-so-pricey, but a very pretty statement piece nevertheless. It comes on a 60cm chain with a sliding clasp.Another of my favourites from this collection is the Gates of Love two-tone necklace, with its Pandora Shine core nestled away within silver filigree detail. There was a matching charm version in the original launch booklet I saw for this collection, but I’ve not been given a stock image for it now, so I’m not sure whether it’s still coming out or not. This necklace will be $125 USD / $140 CAD.

Next up are the rings! The Circle of Seeds ring is $150 USD / $165 CAD, and makes extremely elegant use of its motif of chained seeds. It will also be a limited edition.The Grains of Energy will be a little more affordable at $115 USD / $130 CAD.The Open Grains is refreshing in its simplicity, priced at $65 USD / $75 CAD.Finishing up, a very popular Pandora classic gets the Shine treatment – the My Princess Tiara ring will be $100 USD / $110 CAD.

My Comment

One of the things I loved most about the initial Pandora Shine launch was that Pandora chose motifs that really benefited from and suited the 18 kt finish. The sweet little honeybees were perfect. On the same note, the grains/harvest theme of this Autumn launch is another that truly complements the Shine range. The vibrant yellow brings to life the golden grains and seeds, and the straw of the scarecrow. The only issue for me is the price point, which is somewhat prohibitive for the majority of these pieces.

My personal favourites are the Scarecrow Guardian and the Mesh bracelet decked out in a Shine finish, but I have such a list from the regular Autumn collection already that I don’t think they’ll be day-one purchases!

What do you think of this latest collection for Shine? Do any pieces catch your eye?

97 Comments on Pandora Shine Autumn 2018 preview

  1. Hi Ellie thanks for the post I like the bracelet with the dangle hope they have it in Silver but I like it for sure hope to see the new posts soon all the best to u.

    • Hi Gilit! Do you mean the Floating Grains bangle? That’s a Shine exclusive design I’m afraid. Thanks Gilit, new posts on the way! :)

  2. I also like the scarecrow charm – I’d like to add it to my Halloween bracelet (wish it didn’t have the ‘guardian of love’ tag on it though.)

    The Circle of Seeds and Open Grains rings have caught my eye. Something to consider….

    Thank you for your posts – I love seeing the new items!

  3. Hi Ellie!

    One of each please! ? I need to win the lottery.

    I love pretty much all of it. I think the grain and seeds suit the Shine finish beautifully. I can see lovely Thanksgiving bracelets. Would love to see a cornucopia/horn of plenty bead to go with the harvest pieces. Maybe next year…

    The first thing I will probably get will be the mesh bracelet. Then we will see. But a lot will be added to my wish list.

    Thanks for the preview. I am looking forward to seeing this release in person.

    • Hi Deborah! Haha, you and me both! ^^ Ah, a cornucopia is such a lovely idea. A very nice Shine idea in particular, I think. I really don’t know if I’ll be purchasing any of these any time soon (much as I would love the Scarecrow, to be worn alone on the Shine bracelet) as I have so much on my wishlist in the interim, but overall it’s really a very pretty little collection! Thanks for commenting :)

  4. Thanks for the preview!
    I really like the gates of love necklace! That’s about as much gold as I can handle though lol ;)

    • Haha, fair enough! I really love the Shine finish, it’s just a leetle too pricey for me a lot of the time ? The Gates of Love is a very pretty piece, though!

      • Yeah, I’m really looking forward to seeing the necklace in stores!
        I do actually like a lot of the shine designs, but yellow gold doesn’t look good on me, and this particular shade is especially bad. Maybe not such a bad thing since, as you said, these pieces are pretty pricey.

  5. I adore the Scarecrow! I wonder if that tag could be removed by a jeweller? If so…it’s on my list!

    • What a good idea! Or you could get your own spookier message engraved on the other side to undermine the Pandora one haha.

    • I don’t see why you couldn’t remove that extra little dangle. Looks like it’s attached to the same link behind where the scarecrow is attached to the bail.

  6. Hi Ellie,

    There are some lovely pieces. I try to stay away of the shine range for the health of my bankaccount. I have seen so many nice pieces by the silver charms.

    I’m very curious to see the silver jewellery and the essence line. In the past few releases i didn’t like the way they where heading with the essenceline.

    Enjoy the hot weather!

    • Hi Manon! Haha, that’s very wise of you. So far, I just have a little Shine Queen Bee pendant – I’ve managed to avoid further indulgences so far! ^^ Previews of the Autumn jewellery, Rose and Essence lines are on their way. :)

      Thanks, it has been glorious!! ☀️

      • Thanks i’m looking foreward to them. I only have the shine bee petite for in my locket and thats enough!

  7. Wish it was cheaper! Why are these so much more than the Pandora Rose, both are plated. Haven’t got any shine yet, will have to wait for mixed bracelet too as these are just to much for me. Sad because I love yellow gold the most. Definitely want that Murano!

    • I know, they are quite a lot more than the Rose pieces! :( I guess because the gold plating is 18kt, rather than 14kt? It’s hard to say.

  8. Oh, thank you for sharing. I am not a fan of the Shine but some of those items would look amazing if made in the 14K Sold Gold…I would buy, especially that Dazzling Grain Swirls charm…oh my..!

    • I know, whenever I post about Shine, I do have a little thought for all those 14kt collectors who would probably love to buy these designs in solid gold! If it were diamonds in the Dazzling Grain Swirls, all the better!

  9. As much as I hated Shine when it was first launched, I must acknowledge they´ve done a good job with this new release. I almost find it hard to say what I don´t like. The prices for sure. My favourite, no doubt is the floating grains bangle. Luckily it will be huge for me, so my bank account will be quite happy when time comes to go Pandora-binging. The grain rings are sooo beatiful. Do you know if we will be seeing their silver counterparts or are they exclusive to Shine? And the necklaces. It seems that Pandora is really pampering this line. However, I find it shamelessly overpriced. It.Is.Just.Plated. The motifs are both beautiful and beautifully crafted but that´s it. I don´t think a layer of gold justifies the extra huge expense (IMO).
    Apart from that, there is something else that puts me off Shine: the finish. It´s too yellow-ish and so shine-y that it almost blends. It looks cheap and fake. So we can say I´m in two minds as far as this line is concerned. Gorgeous but not for me ( I think). Thanks for this post and looking forward to the next ;)!

    • I agree totally. While the individual unique pieces are very good designing on Pandoras part, just can’t get past the shiney yellow. I might pay these prices for real gold and have in the past, but definitely not for coated gold.

    • Glad to hear these have won you round more Marie! :) There are some silver counterparts to the grain rings, I think – the more simple designs. I do also find this collection very expensive, and wouldn’t invest heavily in it on that basis. But I’ll enjoy seeing all the lovely designs they get up in store when it launches! ^^ I like the yellow finish personally, I love the contrast of a couple of the pieces against silver. :) Thanks for commenting Marie, glad you enjoyed it!

  10. Thank you for the pictures of the new shine collection. I like the scarecrow charm the best for he looks like an interesting character charm to have.

  11. I am not a fan of Shine. However, I do like the Gates of Love necklace and would buy if there was a promo on.

  12. Hi Ellie I love this collections so many new unique designs, I love the scarecrow and would be perfect for an Autumn design I’m wanting tk do. The rings are stunning too.

    • Hi Nicola! Yay, you should definitely do your Autumn design :D I think it would look very nice with some of the Autumn 2014 pieces, all those pretty ochre shades.

  13. I won’t buy any SHINE piece since it is only 18K piece one thing, the colour just look like fake jewelry. Sorry to say that. I rather spend for discount retired 14k pieces.

  14. Hi Ellie
    So lovely to see you back and us having your wonderful previews again. I have bought a few charms from the Shine collection – the bee, 2 clips and the newly released Crown O charm which I wear on a black leather and looks quite effective.
    I was looking to add to my collection and like the fact that they are releasing a mesh bracelet, I also like the look of the grains of energy ring, so will be interested in seeing that in person.
    I really like knowing what is coming out so that I can budget for it.
    Thanks again and have a good day.

    • Thanks Karen, it is lovely to be back! :) Love your Shine picks, the Crown is such a nice piece. The Shine mesh bracelet does look gorgeous – the Rose one that just came out is also lovely. Have a lovely day too and thanks for commenting!

    • Hi Claudia! No, there are still a couple of gold beads coming out this season. Beyond that, I don’t know :) have a lovely week too!

  15. Just purchased the rose gold mesh bracelet (the small actually works on my wrist) and was so proud to have grown to love the rose gold and along comes SHINING! Over the years purchased a lot of 14k and was a snob with plated anything! Yes They have done a marvelous job designing shining and I am a fan. Trying to tame down my collecting energy with Pandora. I just do not have the time to clean all my silver! So loving rose and shining.
    Ellie thank you for this wonderful preview. Yes, love the scarecrow along with you and sells me on the seeds-rings at least 2. The radiant heart in gold is lovely. The seeds necklace, oh lala! Open grains, grains of energy and circle of seeds! Golden faceted (so fun) elegance clip, floating grains. And you have to buy 2 clips! Oh my golly! I hope and pray I don’t like any of the other collections coming up! Just give me the open bangle in shining and I will forgive “Pandora”. LOL to everyone.
    Ellie so happy to have you back!

    • Ooh yay, the Rose mesh bracelet is so beautiful! I can see why so many people have gone for it. The mesh texture really suits the Rose finish. Haha, I have too many bracelets these days to clean them all up regularly! I tend to give them a clean if I want to wear one and notice it’s looking a bit dull.

      My pleasure! I’m glad that there are things that you like (even if there are rather too many things haha!). Thanks for commenting! ?

  16. They are very beautiful. However I am hesitant to purchase any plated jewelry as eventually the plate will wear off.

    • Keeping our fingers crossed! I was with you for so long but I must say it is holding up. I am very careful with mine. Only time will tell. It certainly never worked in any 14k gold and stopped after 2 pieces in another line years ago. Perhaps time has perfected?

    • I personally have the limited edition bee ring, and wear it on an everyday basis. I even accidentally left it in a pocket and it went through a full rinse cycle! Despite all that, it has remained shiny and the coating intact. So I can vouch from personal experience that the coating does lase!

    • I can’t comment on the Shine as it’s not really been out long enough, but my Rose pieces have held up very well… Four years and counting on some of them! :)

  17. I’m really excited over this collection. I️ like most all but particularly the scarecrow and the yellow Murano. What would be great is if they would come out with a black Murano in the shine. That would go look so good.
    Will the limited edition pieces be offered in the concept stores? The store in my home town did not receive the limited honey bee pieces so I missed out on them.
    Thanks again, can’t wait. ?

    • Ooh yes, a black and gold murano would be a really interesting idea! Really dramatic. :D I wasn’t aware that any concept stores missed out on the Shine pieces last time – I think every concept store was meant to have them, so hopefully yours will have them this time around. :) Thanks for commenting!

  18. About Shine and Rose pricing, Pandora Rose is 14kt rose gold plated on a base of copper and silver. It is not plated on sterling silver. Shine is 18kt gold which is plated on sterling silver with a layer of platinum plated between the gold and silver. I suspect the platinum layer is added to keep the underlying silver from tarnishing and giving the gold a dirty look. I’ be had some European plated pieces were this has happened and there is no way to clean the underlying silver. That said, these pieces were done for the tourist trade and the plating wasn’t real heavy.
    Regarding the color of Shine being too yellow, if you are familiar with Trollbeads, their gold beads are 18kt and in their catalogue, they explain that 18kt is yellower because of the higher gold content. Hope this helpful.

    • I agree with the 18k gold being brighter. I have the Shine smooth Clasp Bracelet, and it perfectly matches the color of my 18k watch and wedding rings. The 14k is stunning also, but it looked “fake” against my other daily 18k pieces. In a perfect world, Pandora would introduce a few solid 18k gold pieces, but my bank account would take a serious hit!

      • In a perfect world Pandora would introduce the above shown pieces in 14k real gold and I´d be in big trouble, lol!

    • Thanks, Pat! :) I’ve never seen the Trollbeads 18kt pieces in person, it would be interesting to be able to compare the look of them with Shine.

    • it’s palladium though, not platinum… and it is used as mainly an adhesion layer between gold and silver, coz gold wouldn’t stick to silver well otherwise + yes, for anti tarnish effect

  19. And, final statement. Like so many I do worry about plating. And it isn’t cheap! Yes, I would rather have a piece of 14k now and then but it is outrageous for so little gold! What to do!?! So, relent and say “just have fun”. Like antiques only an investment if you have a buyer”. I will have to be wise and just decide on a few pieces and only buy promotions and sales. Like any collection, it has it’s time. Enjoying a hobby is such a pleasure. To leave it to someone else really isn’t all that meaningfull for them. The fun is in choosing yourself and putting together what you love! So I have to remember this. My daughter is saying, enough! MOM! I only say this because some of the comments lead me into thinking we can fool ourselves into why we choose Pandora. I happen to love it. Love the girls in our location who sell it, and enjoy it with a very good friend who also collects.

  20. Hi Ellie!

    The Autumn Shine collection is stunning. My choices would be the Mesh bracelet, Golden Glass, Circle of Seeds necklace, Scarecrow ( I’d have a jeweler remove the Guardian of Love tag), and the Grains of Energy ring. Pandora did another great job benefiting the 18kt gold finish. I’m a bit put off by the strong golden hue of the Shine. That’s probably a good thing considering the prices! I’m so excited to see what the Rose and Essence collections have to offer. Thanks for the preview and HQ images!

    • Hi Emily! Lovely picks! I think the Golden Glass is rather lovely, too – if I had all the money in the world, I’d go for the mesh bracelet with the scarecrow, the golden glass as a centrepiece and then some honeybees from Spring. I personally really like the Shine finish – it looks especially lovely and vibrant against silver – but can maybe appreciate how a full Shine design might not be to your taste. Thanks for commenting! :)

  21. Hi Ellie! Wow! I liked the first Pandora Shine collection that came out and bought a bracelet and charm from it, but this one just blows me away! I can honestly say I like every single piece in this collection. As mentioned, the only downside is the price. The other issue is, so far, Pandora Shine has been excluded from all the promotions. This has stopped me from buying more of the pieces I wanted (though I’m glad because I like a lot more from this collection). I’m sure Shine will be included in promos in the future (Rose was excluded for a while, too, I think), but I am guessing there may be a spend and save promo in September, and I am so hoping Shine will be included. Otherwise, I will have to really slowly build up my collection haha!

    • I forgot to mention I am a little disappointed that there are not more Shine petites coming out since the Floating Locket Necklace and Charm are both coming out in that finish.

    • Hi Joanne! Amazing, so glad you like this launch too! I love both the key motifs they’ve done with Shine so far, they work very well. I agree with you that the pricing holds me back too, however. I imagine that they might keep Shine away from promotions for the whole of its launch year – or perhaps until the next new bracelet concept launches in October and their marketing focuses on that, instead. Fingers crossed we can begin to afford it soon though haha!

  22. Love the Scarecrow but not the extra Guardian of Love dangle tag they put with it. I wish they would just keep things simple. Don’t know if I should bite the bullet & just get the scarecrow anyway or hope it will show up discounted at a later date. I know a jeweler could just remove the dangle piece but I don’t like having to pay for an attachment I don’t want let alone having to pay someone to remove it.

    • Mm, to me it seems like them being very cautious about venturing too far out of their usual parameters of hearts and flowers, and so wanting to keep the scarecrow vaguely within that sphere by sentimentalising it. I do love its little design nonetheless, though, and could live with the tag personally – but I still have other priorities from the Autumn collection to focus on for now! ^^

  23. Hi Ellie,
    Its lovely to see you back! I love the look of all this but my must haves are the murano, mesh bangle and the floating locket in shine as I have the Rose and silver versions! I do hope they release some matching petites for it too! Im looking forward to more previews. Any news on a friend for bella bot? I heard whispers they were going to release more robot charms.
    Amanda :)

    • Hi Amanda! Thank you :D Those are very nice choices! Yes, there will be more robots coming out in Winter. A Shine Bella and a couple of other new pals as well ^^

      • Thanks Ellie, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s coming next. Feel like I have my Pandora mojo back! :)

    • I’m still not sold on shine pieces but they look so lovely. I was wondering if you got pics of the Disney collection to come ? I seen a Pinocchio charm and fell in love.

    • Hi Siobhan – I’ve asked a UK contact and apparently the love pods aren’t scheduled to come out here at any point this year at least :(

  24. Hi Ellie,

    I am loving the shine more & more. I only have a few pieces, so far so good no discolouring or chipping. As for the new items coming out my first pick is the scarecrow, I like Lisa’s suggestion to have the tag removed. Pandora Designers if you are reading this blog please cease & desist with the message tags!! The golden shine murano looks amazing. I have been using the fascetted ochre muranos & it gives a nice effect. I love the irredescent glow of the new golden shine murano. I haven’t invested in any of the shine clips to date and am glad I’ve waited the seeds of elegance clips are perfect!
    Ellie thanks do much for the work you do on this blog.
    My local shop in shop is still waiting for almost all of the new items from last Thursday’s release to come in so I have had to wait for my ABBA letters. I’ll send you a photo,when it’s done.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Yay, glad to hear it! I have heard varying opinions on how well Shine holds up, but my Queen Bee pendant is still looking radiant as ever. Yes, Lisa’s suggestions was a good one! I think I could live with the tag, but I do wonder about just how big it is in person overall.

      Ooh yes please do send a photo! Always love looking at them when you send them through. The ABBA one sounds extra fun, haha. Thanks for commenting as always Lisa! :)

  25. I’m waiting for Pandora to release a silver snake chain bracelet with a Pandora Shine clasp. The silver will soften the boldness of the gold. I bought the Rays of Sunshine bead from the spring release, so I know I’ll be getting putting together a Pandora Shine bracelet at some point.

    From this release, I like the Gates of Love necklace. If a heart shaped bracelet locket with no CVs is released some day, I would get that, as I really like my silver one which I use as s necklace pendant.

    • I did come across some pre-release material ahead of the first Shine collection that mentioned exactly that, but it seems to have been shelved for now unfortunately. :/ The Rays of Sunshine bead is a very nice little bead, and a seasonal (limited) piece, too, so that was a good choice!

  26. Not a shine collector here as I’m not a fan of yellow gold but very nice collection. On a different note, lately I’ve seen people wearing really dull pandora (silver). It always drives me nuts when I see someone not taking care of their pieces. And now I’m thinking, uh I hope they don’t get the plated ones and treat it as badly. Those are the people that would complain that the plating doesn’t hold up.

    • Haha, yeah, I wince too sometimes. I saw someone not that long ago with a rather rough looking bracelet with an enamel daisy clip with half the petals missing and felt sorry for those beads lol!

  27. What a beautiful preview. Do you know if this autumn-shinecollection will launch in Europe/Scandinavia?
    I always enjoy your blog, makes me able to plan ahead. :)

  28. I’m getting very anxious to see the Autumn and Winter Disney charms. I know that you cannot show them but do you know anyone that can? I’ve heard Pinocchio and Snow White for Autumn and Mary Poppins for Winter. Can you describe with words instead of pictures?

  29. I’m so loving the scarecrow but he is pricey! Do you know if these Shine charms are limited edition or will Pandora make more to meet demand? A local shop has the scarecrow on hold for me and I am not sure if I should run and scoop him up- or if he’s going to be available for a while! I know that the initial “bee themed” charms were limited!

  30. I am keen to try out the shine collection but not sure how to match it with silver pieces. All the promo pics seem to be predominantly gold. Can you show some pics of shine mix with different coloured muranos?

    The Scarecrow looks lovely. Perhaps you can do a Wizard of Oz bracelet with it, together with a lion, a tin man, Dorothy and Toto!

  31. I love the shine collection! I think it looks a lot more sophisticated than the silver collection. Can you please confirm that its 18kt gold plated? If so, how long does the gold plating last for? Thanks

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