I’m beginning this week with another preview, this time of the Pandora Rose Autumn 2018 collection! This season’s Rose offering contains more regal themes, some intricate patterning, and delicate pastel shades. Many of the designs complement the main collection, and I’m sure there’ll be a few two-tone designs mixing silver and Rose pieces!Pandora Rose Autumn 2018

The collection will make its debut alongside the regular Pandora Autumn 2018 collection on 31 August. Read on for a full overview!

Pandora Rose Autumn 2018 collection

The Open Bangle is coming to the Rose collection, and it looks absolutely stunning! This would look lovely with a little Rose design on it, or to showcase a favourite Rose piece – I think a single silver bead (the Rose Crown perhaps) would also look stunning on this. It’s priced at $200 USD / $225 CAD.

Pandora Rose Autumn 2018The next offering is another padlock-style bracelet, priced at $225 USD / $250 CAD. The bracelet and its matching pieces look really nice in the Rose campaign images, but I think I’d need to see it in person to make a judgement on whether it was a bit gaudy/too bright for me.
Pandora Rose Aututmn 2018 collectionThere’s a matching Heraldic Radiance charm, too, priced at $115 USD / $130 CAD. The name ‘Heraldic’ suggests that Pandora were thinking of coats of arms with this design, an idea that’s pleasingly left-field but that still links to the overall themes of fairy-tales and the regal.

Pandora Rose Autumn 2018 collectionThe Regal Key, which we first saw back in my Pandora Autumn 2018 preview, is also making an appearance in Rose, and this is definitely my favourite iteration of it. The delicate filigree looks so pretty in Rose! It’s priced at $55 USD / $60 CAD.Pandora Rose Autumn 2018The Iridescent White Glass murano is also coming out in Rose, and the contrast between the shimmering white glass and the Rose core is just lovely. The existing pink Pandora Rose murano is nice, but it’s great to have something more neutral to design with. It’s priced at $65 USD / $75 CAD.Pandora Rose Autumn 2018 collectionThe remaining charm designs focus on heart motifs – the Sparkling Heart is a bit too sparkling for my tastes, but the pink stone and the Rose-tone metal is nice. It’s priced at $100 USD / $110 CAD.Pandora Rose Autumn 2018 collectionThe Love You Lock is a nice all-Rose design, with the words LOVE YOU written at the very top. It will be $55 USD / $60 CAD.Pandora Rose Autumn 2018 The United Regal Hearts is quite a contemporary, youthful design – it also looks like it’ll claim quite a bit of bracelet real estate. I’d imagine you’d want this as a focal point on a bracelet design. It’s $55 USD / $60 CAD.Pandora Rose Autumn 2018 collectionThis safety chain is one of my favourites from this collection, priced at $115 USD / $130 CAD. We already have a couple of Pandora Rose-themed safety chains, but they’re both quite contemporary in style and I like that this one is a bit daintier. It already exists as as screw-on silver design, but this Pandora Rose version will have silicone grips. Pandora Rose Autumn 2018 collectionThe Row of Hearts is also another design that works rather well in Rose, and instantly one of my favourite Rose clips. It’s always good to have some simpler options, without all the CZs, and this also serves to keep the price down – it’s $45 USD / $50 CAD.  Pandora Rose Autumn 2018 collectionFinally, the Family Roots charm also gets a refresh in Rose, and will retail for $90 USD / $100 CAD.Pandora Rose Autumn 2018

Next on the agenda is the non-charm jewellery, with some lovely rings, and a simply beautiful Rose key necklace.

Pandora Rose Autumn Winter 2018

The Pandora Rose Sparkling Strand tennis bracelet is $150 USD / $165 CAD.Pandora Rose Autumn 2018 One of the stand-outs of this year’s Autumn release is the Regal Key necklace, in which beautiful tendril twists make up a statement key design. This is really lovely, but pricey at $200 USD / $220 CAD.Pandora Rose Autumn 2018The Vintage Allure is more standard Pandora fare, priced at $125 USD / $140 CAD.Pandora Rose Autumn 2018The Regal Beauty ring matches the lovely Key necklace in its tendril detailing, but is a little more affordable at $55 USD / $60 CAD.Pandora Rose Autumn 2018The Enchanted Crown ring design first came out in Spring 2018 with pink crystals, but is getting a more dramatic look for Autumn with black CZs. It’s priced at $100 USD / $110 CAD.Pandora Rose Autumn 2018I like the United Regal Hearts motif best in ring form, I think, in which it has a bit more subtlety and elegance. This one will be $65 USD / $75 CAD.Pandora Rose Autumn 2018The Alluring Hearts will be $100 USD / $110 CAD.Pandora Rose Autumn 2018I’m not sure about the name of the Timeless Zigzag (it has less of a ring to do it than ‘timeless elegance’ somehow ?), but the ring itself is a nice, clean plain Rose design. It’s $55 USD / $60 CAD.Pandora Rose Autumn 2018Finishing off the rings, we have two more generic decorative designs. These are less interesting to me, but I appreciate that these probably have a wider appeal to more casual shoppers. The Vintage Allure ring is $100 USD / $110 CAD.

Pandora Rose Autumn 2018The Radiant Teardrop is $125 USD / $140 CAD.Pandora Rose Autumn 2018The Heraldic Radiance set gets a pair of matching earrings, too, priced at $100 USD / $110 CAD.Pandora Rose Autumn 2018The Alluring Hearts earrings will be $75 USD / $85 CAD.Pandora Rose Autumn 2018The Vintage Allure earrings will retail for $100 USD / $110 CAD.Pandora Rose Autumn 2018The Radiant Teardrops are a little more affordable at $65 USD / $75 CAD.Pandora Rose Autumn 2018

My Comment

While we don’t see new characters with this collection, there are some pleasing additions to the core staples of clips, safety chains and bracelet options. As a Pandora Rose fan, it’s been great to see how Pandora has continued to invest in Rose and broaden its scope. My personal favourites are the new murano, the clip and the Regal Key pieces. Once again, the RRPs are a little eye-watering – I love the Regal Key necklace, but it’s out of my range. I do really like the Embossed Hearts safety chain, but the silicone lining means that it probably won’t work on my traditional threaded Rose bracelet, which is where I would want it:

pandora autumn 2015 majestic swan

The Rose Open Bangle is another beauty that I’m sure will prove popular. The padlock bracelet too is another fun decorative option, but I do hope that Pandora introduce some more traditional barrel clasp designs in future collections, as they are ultimately my favourites to design with.

What do you think of this collection? Do any make it on to your wish list?

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  1. Hi Ellie this collection is nice but pricey so it’s hard to buy to much but I will buy some thanks for the post have a great week

    • Hi Gilit! I know, the prices give me pause as well. There are a few on the lower end of the range that I like though :) thanks for commenting and have a lovely week too!

  2. I like the Regal Beauty ring and the open cuff, but that’s about it. I wish they would make the Enchanted crown ring without the CZs. The price point would be better. I’m just not a big fan of all of these CZs that Pandora has been doing.

  3. Hi Ellie!

    I love most of this collection, but the prices not so much. My favorites are the open bangle and the Murano. I was on Pinterest again ? and saw a Murano inside a ring with the side exposed to the front, then a chain wrapped through to make a necklace. The plain Murano didn’t look as pretty from the side, but this one may look really pretty styled that way. The key is beautiful both as the charm and the necklace. My least favorite, from the pictures anyway, is the ring with the black CZs. It may look better in person. The alluring hearts earrings look like something I might like. I have yet to buy Rose earrings in any style but the studs.

    Thanks so much for the preview. I have a September birthday coming, so I will have to my priorities in order!

    • Hi Deborah! Yes, I agree with you on your favourites! I’d also add in the Embossed Hearts safety chain and the Regal Keys. A murano inside a ring? I can’t really picture what you mean! Not a Pandora ring?

      You are welcome, glad you enjoyed it! I hope you get lots for your birthday. My birthday is right at the end of the month so I’m sure some Autumn pieces will be on my wish list :)

  4. Hi Ellie, I love the open bangle but I’m a little disappointed by Pandora’s pricing! I don’t think I can justify the price of it to be honest, the prices seem to be going up and up!!! Also, can you help me, I am currently designing a rose bracelet on a silver snake chain bracelet with rose heart clasp. Which type of safety chain do i need? Will the silicone ones work? Or do i need an old style threaded silver safety chain? Many thanks for your help, Amanda

    • I work for Pandora and I would recommend the silicon safety chain. They are overall much better. They can be used on any of the snake chain bracelets. Clip on the chain, just below the end threads. What I like best about the silicon safety chains is that they don’t move, stay in place and the chain doesn’t wrap around the bracelet, if the bracelet isn’t full. Personally, I would do a rose safety chain, it would really play up your rose clasp.

      • I’m so confused when it comes to safety chains, but need one after loosing one charm too many :/ The Estore has no info on the safety chains and I don’t know if I can get to a store before the 3 for 2 offer ends. Can I be cheeky and ask for some info on what to buy? My bracelet is a 16cm heart clasp moments bracelet, not full, yet. Which would be the better option and how on earth do I figure out which is which? Also they are listed in mm sizing & I have no idea what this means or what to choose?

        • Sofie, you can pick either for that style of bracelet! It depends on what you’re looking for. The silicone clip ones will need to go either side of the threads on the actual bracelet chain itself and will take up some charm real estate. The silver threaded ones will sit on the threads and not take up any charm space.

          The mm/cm sizing refers to safety chain length – the length of the chain itself. If you’re unsure, I’d go for 5cm, which is the only size available in the US, incidentally. It tends to work for most bracelet sizes. :)

        • Oh, Thanks for riddling that out for me! :) You’d think Pandora themselves would have helpful info such as this on their website.

    • Hi Amanda, Pat is right that the clip safety chains can be good if your bracelet is not full. But I personally like the screw on ones for bracelets with threads. I had a silicone lined silver one on my two tone rose for a while but when my bracelet was getting full and they brought out the new enchanted silver one i swapped it out. Having the clip ones does take up space as well. Another thing to consider. Ive repurposed my clip one on 2 threadless bracelets i don’t wear as much. So perfect for sharing a safety chain. I definitely think both types are useful for different reasons. If u have the room like on a new bracelet it makes sense to invest in one as they are more pricey. I like to cover the threads but on the threadless it doesn’t bother me. I would love the same style as the essence for the threadless. Not sure if the new rose heart one is clips or like essence.

    • Hi Amanda! So, you can use either the silicone clip safety chains or the threaded ones. :) If you use a silicone clip safety chain, you will have to place it either side of the threads on the bracelet chain itself – so it would take up some charm space. The silver threaded ones will sit on the threads and not take up any space. The silicone clip ones are quite good as they are easy to take on and off – you just unclip them! With a traditional screw-on one, you have to take all the charms off first.

  5. Gosh! There’s so much out of my price range ?
    Pandora is losing it again as far as prices are concerned ?
    I think I’ll be getting the regal beauty ring and maybe the regal key pendant, wich I love both in rose and silver. I might consider the new murano, too but I don’t know in which colour.
    On the other hand, I have so many silver grain items on my wish list that my poor Pandora budget for the months to come, is already on the brink of bursting, lol!! ?
    Thank you for this preview, Ellie. Have a nice week ahead!
    PS. The crown ring is not my style at all, but those black czs gives me hope that Pandora might bring black tones again in a near future (?). Fingers crossed!

    • The prices are spiralling up again for the Shine and Rose ranges in particular :( I think the silver ranges are a little better than they were (thanks to a bit less pavé!). I really love white murano glass (it’s perfect for complementing lots of other colours), so I imagine I will end up with this new one in both Rose and silver. :D

      I agree that it’s nice to see some black CZs! I’d love to see them go down a more dramatic route for a Winter collection some time. Thanks for commenting Marie! Have a lovely week ahead too :)

  6. Hi Ellie,

    This is a lovely collection and anyone looking to invest in rose has hit the jack pot this season. As beautiful as I find the rose items to be I am reluctant to invest much $$$$ in this line. If there is a promo that will take the edge off the prices I might add one piece to my small rose collection, perhaps the rose heart clips. I’m still concerned about the wear and tear on the rose finish that I know will change the colour or wear off over time. I guess I am too fussy. On occassion I pull out a few of my rose pieces from the first two seasons they were released to mix in with my silver designs and that works for me.
    My hope is to see a few of the above rose pieces offered in silver, such as the key. Wouldn’t it look amazing with some oxidizing.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Good idea, a promo would definitely be a better time to invest in this line, I think. Pandora are doing a 3-for-2 in the UK right now, which is lovely, but I wish the Autumn line was here as I’d buy so much haha. I find my Pandora Rose pieces have lasted really well, and I’ve had some for over four years now of fairly regular wear. Where the charms have rubbed against each other, the finish is a little duller, but this is nothing that you would notice when it’s actually on your wrist. The key necklace will be a silver piece, and it is beautiful! :D

      Thanks for commenting!

  7. Lots of lovely pieces in this collection. Love the lock bracelet. Can’t believe how many bracelets Pandora are releasing.

  8. Some lovely pieces, prices…not so lovely. Even their silver pieces are getting expensive. The Regal Key necklace is lovely, I would have totally bough a silver version of this if they brought it out. I really love The Iridescent White Glass murano. The padlock-style bracelet is lovely, but way out of my price range- it would be great if the sold the locks individually, it would be something else to collect.

    • You are in luck, as there is going to be a silver version of the Regal Key necklace as well! It’s also lovely, and it’s half the price. :) I agree with you re the locks, and am surprised not to have seen Pandora release them separately. I wonder if we’ll see this next year, perhaps.

  9. Hi Mora Hope you are doing well..
    I love looking forward to seeing your updates on pandora :)
    Umm I would love to purchase the rose collection but was told that they turn or tarnish after a time by my Pandora sales rep..Do you have any idea about this collection? Next thing if its not real like the silver then they are too expensive dear.

    • Hi Isha!

      I have quite a bit of the Rose collection, and have had a lot of it for several years. Although it is a plated finish, I personally have not had any issues with damage. I have had my Rose bracelet since it was released. I do clip the charms in place so they don’t slide around on the bracelet though. Hope this info helps!

      • Hi Debie Thanks So Much For the Advise dear.. I still need to know if the rosegold remove is it Stirling silver underneath? I’m glad to know they are not as bad as I thought:):) anyway we have a promo going on in my island where you spend $ 100 US and get $65 US worth bracelet so I got myself and my daughter the silver bangle with the Rose Clasp as I had gotten her 2 glitter balls in rose before and the marano that has in rose will see what mire I can add on to those dear Thanks again please let me know of the ?

    • Hi Isha! These are plated pieces, yes. So they don’t have the same durability as 14kt pure rose gold pieces. However, I have had mine for over four years or so and they are still looking rather lovely. I do take quite good care of them, but they’ve seen regular wear in that time. I did post a review of the Rose collection overall here:


      I should probably do an updated one!

      • Hi dear Thank You so much for the reply..
        Umm I still need to know what is under the rosegold in Pandora rose dear.. also can you clean them sad they would get sweaty in hot countries.. I have doo much of the Pandora silver’s but I clean them with the cloth and they shine so pretty just my fingers gets so much water sores:(:) I looked up at your reviews dear it’s nice Thanks again will look forward in hearing from you..

  10. Very pretty designs but the prices are more than I am willing to spend for rose gold plated jewellery. Pandora needs to be more realistic about how they price their jewelry as they seem to be placing lot of their pricing on branding. I will wait until there are promos before adding to my RG collection.

    I am hoping that they start putting out even more silver oxidized siver character charms with enamel accents as those are my favs.

    • There are quite a few characters for Winters (some quite wacky) – hopefully we’ll continue to see more next year! I’d love them to do more characters for a Valentine’s collection. Those are always so decorative at the moment.

    • Hi Joanne! No, it doesn’t have a note to say so in the catalogue. All the silicone lined clips are noted as such, but not that one. :)

  11. Hello, Ellie. I found the Pandora Autumn Rose TM collection, Regal Key necklace, padlock bracelet, Regal Key charm and Regal Beauty ring beautiful. I’m so curious to know the rest of the Pandora Autumn 2018 collection (necklace, ring and earrings in sterling silver), do we have a version of the Regal Beauty Ring in sterling silver? Thank you one more time.

    • Hi Aline! Lovely choices, I like those too! The Autumn 2018 jewellery pieces are my next preview – there will be a silver Regal Beauty ring, yes. :)

  12. Hi Ellie, thanks for this and it’s interesting to see the new rose range. Since I never quite got into the rose line much due to the fact that it is plated I am not sure if I’d go for any of these. It would be lovely if some of these were in silver, love the keys and the heart lock and they would look fab in silver. I look forward to seeing what you get and how you style it! :)

    • Hi Pauline! I completely understand that. I have always rather liked the Rose range, and found it very durable, but I can appreciate why you’d rather invest in gold or silver. I will definitely review whatever I get, I am tempted by a few things! ^^

  13. Have recently purchased some gold plated clips, and a rose gold clip for my daughter. Gold plating on one of the 2 clips was wearing off after just 2 months of ownership. Rose gold clip had diamantes fall out after just one day of ownership. Not happy, at having to return back to the shop time and again for replacements. The quality is deteriorating and the prices are increasing.

  14. Kind of love the zigzag ring Ellie. Probably need 2. Not into crowns and for this collection not changing my mind. Bracelet at $200 is pricy but ?but love the flexibility. So will buy. Love this murano. I wish the clip were not hearts but it is pretty. This pretty much sums it up. The purple with rose is alluring but a little too busy for me. Love you lock is fun but not for me, but real cute.

    • I do like the zigzag ring too, I just find the name funny! I think someone at Pandora HQ was having a bit of fun with that one, haha. The purple with the Rose works for me, but I do think that a more subtle design might have worked better. It looks so nice in the campaign images though!

  15. Finally Pandora is expanding on the open bangle. I really hope they sell the Rose spacers separately as well. Maybe they’ve been waiting to see if customers buy the concept but I for one hope they finally start making decorative spacers for the open bangle. I’d like 14k gold spacers as well. However the Rose open bangle fits into a promotion, I’ll be getting one.

    • Oooh what a nice idea about the decorative open bangle spacers! I like that idea. :) I’d also love if they did some similar plain silver / Rose stoppers for the regular bangles. Sometimes I want to keep a bangle design in place but I don’t really want to put proper clips in to keep them in place.

  16. Hi Ellie!

    I’m loving the Iridescent White murano in Rose and the Regal Keys are very pretty. The open bangle is nice, but Pricey! I’ve been hoping for Rose end caps for my original open bangle. Doubt that ever happening now with the all Rose being released. Maybe the stoppers will be sold separately. In the end, my only must have from this collection will be the beautiful murano.

  17. Hi Ellie, lovely to have you back! Does anyone know if the new padlock-style bracelet will come out on silver too? I agree with you guys, is a bit pricey:/ specially for someone like me who loves everything…

  18. I do like the Rose Gold. I’ve been wearing it for a couple of years now and haven’t had any problems with tarnishing or flaking. I wear it a day or two a week.

    My moments Rose bracelet is complete so I don’t need more charms but I do need other jewelry to supplement it. I am going on a cruise soon and think I need the Vintage Allure ring and earrings to wear on formal night. I don’t know that I’d wear either for everyday wear but they will be pretty for that. I will need a necklace of some sort too and can’t decide what I want to get. I have a few weeks to decide though.

  19. That new Murano with the daisies on it is absolutely stunning! I think my Murano purchase will switch from the Enchanted Garden muranos to this beautiful daisy one featured on the two-tone bracelet! I’m so curious as to what Pixar themed charms will be released this year, and just heard about a Mary Poppins charm in the near future?!?! Do you have any details on that one? I would love to see more than one charm, but fear there will just be a single dangle (but I’m not complaining!). I’m pretty new to Pandora and already obsessed. Your blog is wonderful and I’ll look forward to hearing all the future Pandora news here!

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