Today brings one of my final Pandora Autumn 2018 collection previews, with an overview of the all the rings, necklaces and earrings coming out later this month! Due out on 30 August, this season’s jewellery features minimal colour, focusing instead on plain silver detailing or clear CZ accents. They’ll make nice complements to the vibrant gold and rose finishes offered by the Rose and Shine pieces.

This post only covers the regular Moments collection jewellery – I have already previewed the charms coming out. Read on to see all the jewellery! ?

Pandora Autumn 2018 bracelets

The only non-charm bracelet comes in the form of this large Lace of Love bangle – it must be pretty sizeable, as it’s retailing for $275 USD / $305 CAD!
Pandora Autumn 2018 collection

Pandora Autumn 2018 rings

To match the bracelet, we have the Lace of Love ring. A typical statement piece from Pandora, it features honeycomb detailing and retails for $115 USD / $130 CAD.Pandora Autumn 2018 collectionThe Lively Wish ring is one of my favourites of the rings, priced at $45 USD / $50 CAD.Pandora Autumn 2018 collection The Open Grains is the other, priced at $45 USD / $50 CAD.Pandora Autumn 2018 collection The Regal Beauty will be $45 USD / $50 CAD. It’s hard to tell just how oxidised it is from the stock image – it looks like it might be quite shiny in person. Pandora Autumn 2018 collectionThe Timeless Zigzag will be $45 USD / $50 CAD.Pandora Autumn 2018 collection The Shimmering Zigzag will be $75 USD / $85 CAD.Pandora Autumn 2018 collection The Princess Wish is a rather nice design, offering a more elegant version of some of the previous ‘princess’ Pandora rings. It’s $75 USD / $85 CAD.Pandora Autumn 2018 collectionThe Enchanted Crown ring design from earlier in the year features here once again, this time with a mixture of clear and black CZs. It’s priced at $75 USD / $85 CAD.Pandora Autumn 2018 collection This signature style ring is another item that doesn’t crop in the North American catalogue, so I am sans name or price for this one!Pandora Autumn 2018 collection

The Alluring Hearts ring will be priced at $75 USD / $85 CAD.

Pandora Autumn 2018

Now, the final tidbit for rings is a later addition to this post! An Australian source of mine has just let me know that the Floating Locket rings, which were meant to be out earlier this year, look to have been added to AU/NZ order forms for AW18. Hopefully this will translate to a global release for AW18 :)


Also for Australian collectors – there’s a 3-for-2 rings offer starting on Thursday! ???

*UPDATED* This ring appears in some pre-release material but not others, so I’m not sure whether it’s definitely still coming.

Pandora Autumn 2018 necklaces

First for necklaces, we have a new ‘seasonal’ version of the Floating Locket. This will only be available for a limited time, retailing for $115 USD / $130 CAD. The stone is synthetic faceted amethyst! Rather an interesting one.
Pandora Autumn 2018 collectionNext, we have another locket necklace – however, this is not a ‘floating’ locket and you can’t put charms in it. It comes filled with a mix of pink and purple CZs, which will catch and gather on the different silver branches within the necklace. I rather like this, so long as the CZs wouldn’t end up bunched at the bottom – the little bow detailing and the filigree along the side of the locket are so pretty. It’s priced at $125 USD / $140 CAD. Pandora Autumn 2018 collectionThere’s a new plain chain coming out, priced at $65 USD / $75 CAD. This is 70cm in length.Pandora Autumn 2018 collectionThe Regal Key design attracted a lot of attention in my Rose preview, and it’s just as nice here in silver! It’s also half the price at $100 USD / $110 CAD. Pandora Autumn 2018 collection

The United Regal Hearts is a more contemporary take on the whole regal theme, priced at $90 USD / $100 CAD.Pandora Autumn 2018 collection In a nod to the harvest theme running through the Autumn collection, we have the Floating Grain necklace, priced at $100 USD / $110 CAD. I love the little knotted motif at the top of it. Pandora Autumn 2018 collectionThe next two necklaces again didn’t feature in the North American catalogue, so I don’t have further details on them.Pandora Autumn 2018 collection Pandora Autumn 2018 collection

Pandora Autumn 2018 earrings

The Curved Grains are lovely in their simplicity, retailing for $50 USD / $55 CAD.Pandora Autumn 2018 collection The Forever Pandora Hearts studs will be $55 USD / $60 CAD. Pandora’s blurb for these earrings suggests that the studs are detachable from the sparkling CZ ‘jackets’ around them.Pandora Autumn 2018 collectionThe Princess Wish earrings will be $100 USD / $110 CAD.Pandora Autumn 2018 collection Again, I don’t have details yet for this pair – not in the NA catalogue I saw. :)Pandora Autumn 2018 collection Next, we have two ‘regal’ designs. The more dramatic of the two are the Regal Droplets, with lovely silver filigree detailing. The drops on the end are large CZs, not glass. These will retail for $100 USD / $110 CAD.Pandora Autumn 2018 collection The Regal Hearts offer a stripped-back stud version of the same design, priced at $45 USD / $50 CAD.Pandora Autumn 2018 collectionThe Oval Sparkle earrings will retail for $75 USD / $85 CAD.Pandora Autumn 2018 collectionThe Hoops of Versatility come in two different sizes. The first is priced at $60 USD / $70 CAD.
Pandora Autumn 2018 collection While the smaller hoops are $50 USD / $55 CAD:
Pandora Autumn 2018 collection

Now, I do believe that the idea with these hoops is that the end of them will pop off like an open bangle, allowing you to add a charm:

Pandora Essence earrings

Now, speaking of Essence – I was going to do a separate Pandora Essence preview. However, there were only three charms in this set, and I just realised that one of them is not in the most recent material I have from Pandora, so it’s probably just down to two charms. Not really worth its own post :( Here they are:

There are, however, Pandora Disney Essence charms coming out, so there are some more interesting options on the way! :)

My Comment

For me, I think the stars of this collection are to be found in the necklaces. The Regal Key necklace is very pretty, with its solid, and yet delicate silver detailing, and the pretty pastel crystals in the Locket necklace are also rather sweet! As usual, however, the collector in me yearns more for charms and bracelets, so I don’t imagine these pieces will be my first port of call on launch day.

Are any of these going on your wish list?

89 Comments on Pandora Autumn 2018 Jewellery Preview

  1. Ahh, I’m sooo excited for August 30th! And Disney Essence? Omigoodness! Love the, Locket of Dazzle and the, Regal Droplet earrings. Those are a must for me!

    Thank you for sharing!! xx

    • I know, Disney Essence is quite a curveball! Good way to get the Essence range a bit of love though :) I really like both the locket and the regal droplets, too, I could really see them fitting in with the things you already have as well. Thanks for commenting :D xx

  2. I’d really like some feedback about the padlock bracelet. Are the paddock portion staying dangling at the bottom? Yes I?

    • Sorry, I’m not quite sure what you mean! :) I do find that the padlock is heavier, so it does tend to hang on the underside of my wrist, and the charms slide and bunch around it, if that’s what you mean?

    • Aw! :( I really like that one, too. I think Chamilia did a floating locket where you could fill them with little crystals, but I’m not sure if they still do.

  3. Hi Ellie, oooh no i keep telling my husband there’s not much else i need. And then this happens to me. I love the essence hoops!!! Shame the dangles won’t be able to be used. But still so g8!!! And i love they are doing the crown rings with black stones. Hopefully the shine will follow soon. And the regal droplets are amazing. Would be incredible for wedding jewellery!! Mmm i wonder if we know any brides to be? Also love the wheat jewellery. Very meaningful after using a wheat pack to manage my frozen shoulder pain for 8 years. Thanks for another great preview. Can’t wait to see Disney essence. P.s. do you know anything about the essence choker? I’m really keen but I’m not sure if it’s out yet? Or coming to Australia? Thanks again.

    • Hi Leanne! Hahaha, I’m sure he is used to that kind of turnaround! ;) I know my OH is. Aha, hm yes I wonder! ? I was looking at the regal droplets myself and thinking how pretty and bridal they were! I’m sorry to hear about your shoulder, I hope it is better these days. :) The Essence choker came out earlier this year… I wasn’t aware that it hadn’t come to Australia yet! I’ve not heard anything about why that’s been delayed there. Glad you enjoyed the preview! <3

      • Oh that’s crazy. I asked the manager at my local store and she didn’t have any information about the essence choker coming out. Sometimes things like the limited bee stuff just comes out in the city store and a couple of others and the estore. But ive been keeping an eye on the estore and still nothing. Anything you can update me on would be appreciated. I just find the 45cm essence necklace too long. I have the moments in a 42cm and it’s perfect. I wish they made a shorter one. Hopefully i can try the choker one day. I have 2 frozen shoulders, and while the pain is more manageable now i have little movement. I’m finally going to have an op on one side soon. Guess it will get worse before it gets better. Thanks for your well wishes. You have helped me focus on prettier things lol. Pandora is one of my escapes.

  4. Oh my gosh those hoops are going to be fantastic! I was always annoyed that the create & combine posts didn’t let you put standard charms on them, only open work. Essence charms on hoops would be so nice! Especially with Disney Essence charms coming!

    • Yes I really like that idea as well! I can just imagine people putting the Disney Essence beads on their earrings for a little novelty look at Christmas, too. ^^

  5. Besonders freue ich mich auf das gefüllte Medaillon! Ich bin ein Kettenträge. Und Pandora bietet leider nicht wirklich schöne und vor allem kurze Ketten an. Den einen oder anderen Ring werde ich mir in real auch ansehen. Bald ist Weihnachten, da kann man sich schon mal Geschenke überlegen und im September ist Glamour Shopping Card und ich hoffe Pandora ist wieder mit dabei. Ich freu mich, danke für die Einblicke

  6. Hi Ellie!

    I really like the new silver chain. It’s so flexible with the way the length adjusts. I like the lively wish ring and the and open grains rings and earrings.

    The key necklace is beautiful in both finishes. The Essence hoop earrings are a nice concept.

    The wide silver bangle is stunning. So are the regal Droplet earrings. I just don’t know how much I would actually wear them.

    A lot to love. I will have to sit down and make some plans for August 30. And try to be reasonably good.

    Just as I was wondering how many more variations on a theme there could be, Pandora threw me a curve. The Spring, Summer, and Autumn collections have given us woodland fairytale, summer boho, and now autumn harvest. I am so excited for the future of our collections!

    Thanks for the preview.

    • Hi Deborah, I am so excited that Pandora offerings have been incredibly diverse in themes, colour, finishes. My pocket book is taking a major hit though. Still planning to purchase some of the wheat inspired charms and might consider some shine pieces from that collection along with silver for contrast.

      Ellie,thanks so much all the previews and work you put into Mora postings. I would like to see some more bracelets and bangles from Pandora. So want the RG mesh bangle as saw in store a couple days ago. Maybe will upgrade to it during next spend and aadd free item promo coming up in Canada.

      I also like the contasting metal clasp finishes in bangle but find I don’t wear my non mesh bangles much as very slippery to grip and put on by myself. I have yet to figure out effective technique to get them on without taking up extended amount of time in the AM while attempting to get out of house for work.

      I have yet to venture outside of braclets, bangles and charms but might consider adding necklace or two. I rarely wear necklaces unless very sturdy chain as gets caught up in my hair and concerned about damaging chain. Pandora’s chains look fairly delicate so not sure.

      I check each morning for new posts to read with my morning coffee.Belated cograts on your engagement and new job!

      • The Rose mesh bracelet is a beauty! I’ve seen some really lovely pics on social media. The other advantage the mesh bracelets have over the traditional bangles is that charms don’t scratch them up in quite the same way! I have quite long hair and my Pandora necklaces have coped pretty well with that. The chains I have are all older and quite sturdy, though, I’ve not tried any of the newer ones.

        Thanks so much Kelly! That’s so lovely to hear, and a privilege to be read along with your coffee. ^^ Thank you for reading and commenting ?

      • Hi Kelly!

        I have quite a few of the chains. They are delicate looking but very sturdy. I have really long hair too, and have had no problems. Hope this helps (enables?). ?

        • Enabling me. Ha ha ha, but good to know they are studier than expected as been a few necklaces that I am interested in purchasing so I will have to take closer look at them next time at concept store.

    • Hi Deborah! Excellent, I’m glad (and sorry? ?) that you like so many! The key and the Regal Droplets are two of the pieces that really stand out to me, as well. I think the Open Grains ring is rather lovely, too.

      I’m also rather excited for what they’ll do next going forward. There are some really out there themes for Christmas – or rather, one really out there theme – and it’s nice to see them having a bit of fun with it and doing some new things. Thanks for commenting <3

      • Rumor has I there will be some astronomy related things. Coach has done a bunch of NASA related things, so why not space themed jewelry?

        • Ohhhhh!!!! Star themed or planet themed jewelry. I love looking at stars and planets. Thanks for heads up so I can budget.

  7. Wow what a gorgeous bracelet!? I love massive bracelets, totally my style. I do hope it comes in my size.. I have a tiny wrists .. I’m not so loving the price ?

    • Same here, same here! Although with that price, I wtould have to sleep over it fot a while. Maybe for a hundred years ,lol ???

      • Haha..maybe we can co-own the bracelet.. Do you also have a small wrist..?!?! ? Last year around December we had a great promotion the more you spend the more discount you get.. I think it was at it’s most 30% discount on current items so fingers crossed ??But at 30% still a lot of money.. ?

      • Aha, Marie! I’m imagining an alternative Sleeping Beauty in which she wakes up and immediately tells Prince Charming to go get her that bangle ?

    • I have small wrists too & even Pandora’s smallest option is big on me. I wish they offered smaller than 16cm. I wish that prie tag was smaller too! :/

      • Oh that is really a pity.!! :( 17 new is ok for me, but as I put more charms on it, it gets bigger and bigger even too big at a certain point.

        • @ Chloe & Sofie e could co-owned it, the three of us. I already can imaging the bracelet flying to and fro ????
          @ Ellie, Certainly a more up to date and pragmatic version, I’d say! Great minds think alike ???

      • Hi Sofie, I’ve had pandora make a snakechain bracelet smaller for me. At the time it cost $15. It was worth it. That’s in Australia. It would be worth asking in store. It was price per cut so maybe a threadless might be the better option as the thread could end up in the wrong place. It was my first bracelet and had stretched alot. Ive never had a problem with what they did. Otherwise try wrapping the different length essence necklaces around your wrist and see if any of them come close to fitting. And adding charms takes up the slack.

      • Hi Sofie, I’ve actually seen that they also offer size 15 for the barrel charm bracelet.., but in asia..or is that still to big you think..?!

    • It is pretty isn’t it! I haven’t seen any detailing on sizing yet, hopefully they’ll do a version that fits you :D

  8. Hi Ellie, are there no mini petite charms coming out that go with the floating locket necklaces? I really want the floating locket in shine that you showed in one of your earlier previews and would love some petite shine charms to fill it with, great preview as always. Amanda :)

    • Hi Amanda! No, no more petites in any of the material I’ve seen so far I’m afraid. They’re still putting out new lockets though so I imagine we’ll see some again next year. Glad you enjoyed the preview :)

  9. Hi Ellie. I loved the collection Pandora Autumn 2018. Your post is very pretty. My must haves is the Regal Key Pendant, Regal Beauty Ring and Regal Heart Earring everything in sterling silver. Thanks so much for Your preview post of Pandora Autumn 2018. Good week for you.

    • Hi Aline! Yay, I’m so glad that it didn’t disappoint and that you like so many of these. I think it’s rather a nice selection from Pandora this season. Have a lovely week ahead too!

  10. Thanks Ellie for another lovely preview. Since my wish list is already so long and with your recent preview of Rose it grew much longer I am only adding the Regal Key pendant to my list from this preview and it will have to sneak in a few items from the top of the list. Ah, well, I say that then I think but you know that Regal Beauty ring sure is pretty too and I might just need to stack it. It is a never ending cycle I suppose.

    Thanks again!

    • Aha, never ending cycle is right :) I make resolutions about sticking to just this or that when it comes to Pandora and then break them cheerfully! I think I am safe from these, but they are lovely!

  11. There are rings and necklaces I like. The Regal Key is stunning with all that intricate detailing, as well as the locket of dazzle and the floating grain. Grains caught my eye since the beggining, they are simple and yet a novelty. I had not seen Pandora to do something to celebrate harvest before. I like the motif. Nevertheless I´ll try to keep my fingers off necklaces, as it´s difficult enough to keep up with charms, bracelets and rings. Not to mention that now you can choose among three different finishes, lol. As for the earrings, I don´t think much of them ( luckily!).
    The new bangle is a wow :). Unfortunately, the price is a wow :( too. I like that Pandora is making no-charms bangles/ bracelets, so that we have different styles to choose from. I have a question though, what do you mean by sizeable? Maybe that it´s made so as to be adapted to diferent sizes?
    A big hug and thank you for this preview.

      • Oh no!!! I still live in hope that Pandora makes smaller bracelet sizes. I´m in love with the mess bracelet but 17 cm is just huge for me! And now they go and released it in rose as well! Come on Pandora! Some of us are under/ over average :( :(

        • Marie, I don’t know if you collect the Rose, but the small mesh Rose bangle fit my friends wrist but the silver one didn’t. The Rose seems to fit a little tighter for some reason.

    • I think the grains are particularly love in ring form! I love the open grains one, that’s rather elegant. Harvest was a nice and unusual theme to pick – it’s decorative and a bit different, without being too out there!

      I always love the charm bangles and bracelets the most, but it’s fun to have other options to stack with them or for something a bit less busy! As Chloe says, I meant that it must be pretty big, chunky, to be priced like that. :)

      Hugs to you too Marie, and thanks for commenting! <3

  12. Beautiful pieces, thank you for the preview. I like the look of the lively wish and princess wish rings. Will be checking those out when they release. There are some lovely necklace designs, but I don’t wear them often.
    Looking forward to seeing the Disney previews.

    • I have a few Pandora necklaces, but tend to only wear one or two shorter chains, so like you I don’t think I can justify buying more! Glad you enjoyed the preview :)

  13. Hi ellie I really like the floating locket necklaces they look so pretty. I did wonder what had happened to the floating locket ring and the bracelet. Some of the earing are really nice too. Now disney essence that’s exciting is that coming out for autumn. The two autumn charms are a bit pointless lol.

    • Hi Nicola! I think there were either stock issues or quantity control problems with those floating locket pieces – hopefully the bangle will follow suit soon! I would love the bangle personally. I have a spare petite that I would like to wear in it!

  14. Hello, Ellie. I’m looking again at your beautiful post about the Pandora Autumn 2018 preview, and I was delighted with the ring Lively Wish, I found it beautiful and full of details, I’ll also include it in my list. My favorite jewelry from this collection are: Regal Key Pendant, Lively Wish Ring, Regal Beauty Ring (all in sterling silver) and maybe Regal Hearts Stud Earring, but the latter is very small :( I have the Heart Swirls earrings , Chandelier Droplets and Spring Bird, all from the Pandora Spring 2018 collection, I think maybe the Regal Key pendant matches with this Heart Swirl and Chandelier earring.Very grateful for the beautiful post. Have a great week.

    • Hi Aline! The Regal pieces are lovely, I quite agree! :) They will go so nicely with the Spring pieces you already have. I would still like to get the Spring Bird ring myself! Have a great week too.

  15. Hi Ellie,

    there is nothing nicer than after a hard day of work to sit on the cauch with my feet up and reading your preview.

    I really like the lively wish and open grains ring, the floating grain neclace and the curved grains earrings. The Zigzag rings are really fun looking and probaly nice to combine. I want them evenatually but there are not coming home with me on release day. i’m not shure about the locket with the CZs in it. the design is nice but i don’t like the colours of the CZs.

    And then the Essence line. i think the earrings are a nice concept but only where studs(excaption made for the Feather earrings of the summer collection) the beads are a bit dissapointing but Disney Essence is really nice. I heard that it will be a Mickey and a Minney head in Rose. can you tell me if there will be other ones?

    my boyfriend and booked a trip to the USA for next year and in my mind i’m already planning a travel bracelet for that trip.

    thanks for the lovely preview!

    • Hi Manon! That is so lovely, I hope it was relaxing :D ☕️ Ah, fair enough about the locket. I do really like those pretty pinks and purples, and think they complement the regal silver filigree quite nicely. White crystals might have been nice, too, though! For Essence, there are Mickey & Minnie heads in a silver and Rose finish and then an all-silver Open Bangle with Mickey and Minnie heads, too. Nothing else for Disney Essence, as far as I’m aware this year.

      Ooh how fun that you’re going to the US! Definitely worth a little travel-themed bracelet. :D I would love to go some day, too. My parents are thinking of going over there next year and asked whether my OH and I would like to go with them, but I am still so frightened of flying!

      • I don’t like flying eather. I always get a medcine of the docter that keep my belly calm. But i know if i wanne see something of the world i need to get in that plane. And there is so much to see on the world.

        • So true! I am considering trying to get something from the doctor if I were to try it again. I had such a horrible panic last time though that I think I should probably try a smaller flight first. :) Props to you for being brave and doing it anyway! <3

  16. Hi Ellie,
    What a wonderful preview to start the week. Many thanks!

    Pandora has really surprised me this year with all the new styles. Last Spring release, I bought my first rings, 2 Spring birds, and the matching earrings and now I have more to add to my never-ending wish list LOL.???

    The Lace of Love ring is so beautiful! Wow, and more affordable than the bracelet which also look stunning.??

    I wanted two stackable rings to wear with my Daisy Signet ring; the Regal Beauty might be the one. To be confirmed.?

    The Enchanted silver ring with black zirconia really catched my eye. I have seen the plain zirconia crown ring worn double, on opposite sides and it looks great.

    I really like the new Signature style ring and hope it will be sold worldwide. Why would Pandora limit this beautiful artistic branded style ring, right?

    I have been waiting for the floating locket ring ever since the sneak peak. I did not buy any petites just yet so I am being very patient.? Hope it comes out before Xmas.?

    As for the necklace, the Locket of Dazzle is my favorite, but I doubt I would wear it that often to justify the spent. Although, seeing it in person, I could end up being dazzled. LOL

    Have a great week!

    • Hi Rachelle! Aha, it’s fun that you’ve started your first forays into Pandora rings and other jewellery! I did dip my toes in, and mainly bought a few rings when they have come on sale, but have managed to restrain myself much more in later years. I would like the lovely Spring Bird ring that you got, however, and I looked again at that dragonfly ring from Spring in store over the weekend – it is so so pretty! I’d happily have both. ^^

      I don’t know why the Signature style pieces weren’t in the US catalogue I saw. It’s a puzzle! That entire collection, including the matching charms and safety chain, didn’t appear there. Perhaps they’re keeping them back in NA for something else.

      Thanks for commenting Rachelle, glad you like some of these ?

  17. Like the large Lace of Love bangle, don’t particularly like the price tag! If there was an offer or if it ever ended up in a sale I would buy- I bought the Sparkling bow bangle in the summer sale after wanting it since it came out but though it a little pricey for something that would only get used a few times a year. Also I don’t know if would fit, Pandora’s smallest offering is big on me so & that looks like something that should sit still. The locket necklace looks interesting! The Regal Key is of course on my list, you were right, just as pretty! Thanks for the update! :) Also I was in store at the weekend for the 3 for 2 offer and saw the Pandora signature open bangle in rose and fell in love! I only wear silver (apart from my Bee) but I keep wishing I’d bought it now!

    • Yes, it is pricey! I think waiting for it to go on sale is probably a good call – so much does these days, especially the non-charm bracelets, and it can’t hurt to wait it out and see a little. ^^ A few things I’ve bought from new collections have ended up straight in the outlet six months later!

      Ah, I have 3-for-2 remorse as well, haha. I was so good and then as soon as it was over, my brain kept thinking of all the things I could have gone back and got! Hopefully there’ll be another promo for you to get the open bangle, that is a really piece :)

  18. Well darn I might end up buying my first ever earring, ring and necklace. Regal stuff is out of this world. I have plenty of charms and bracelets but it’s so gorgeous that I really want it too now
    I think pandora came a long way and started doing some incredible work here

    • Yay, I love the regal pieces too! :) I agree, and it’s so nice to read all the happy comments from readers on the previews this year!

  19. Thank you Ellie for sharing all the lovelies that are coming out. I just love the Cuff Lace Bangle…in AUS it’s going to cost $449 AUD…so quite pricey. I was hoping it was going to be on the heavier side at such a cost but was told it’s actually quite light weight for its size. There is a matching charm also which is pretty also. Love the Regal Drop Earrings, they are stunning and would have been nice perhaps if the drop was made from Crystal rather than CZ…well I better start saving my pennies now, umm, dollars, lol. Thank you again.

    • Hi Sheila! Wow, that’s even pricier still! And Australia usually has some of the best prices :( I did just see it on a campaign image and like you say it doesn’t look as bulky as I imagined it being, for better or worse. The charm I did preview in a previous post, it’s quite nice, although my attention is always most captured by the character beads! You are most welcome, thanks for commenting!

      • Oh, that is quite expensive.. I wonder how much it will be in euro?! Can you show the campaign image Ellie?! I’m oh so curious..? My birthday is coming up soon (a day before the autumn release ?) and I would like to know whether to put it on my wishlist or not.. I think I’ve never been so excited over a Pandora jewellery.. Hope I don’t get disappointed..

  20. With the amethyst floating locket, would you be able to see the petites through it?? It looks pretty dark…

    • I mentioned them in the article here :) not yet, but it looks like they might see the light of day this season.

  21. I am over the moon to see that the Floating Locket Ring is coming back on offer. I love that ring and when I went to purchase it in June my local store informed that they have not received it yet. So I am counting down the days will be at the store next week to get MY RING!!!!!?

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