Today brings my next review from the Pandora Pre-Autumn 2018 collection, with a closer look at the new Crown Logo charm! For me, the Crown ‘O’ beads were the key pieces and highlight of the Pre-Autumn 2018 launch. A go-to bead for anyone who’s looking to represent their love of Pandora, the Crowns are also free of the CZ detailing present on most of the other pieces from this collection. My favourite of all three finishes was the Rose version of this charm – read on for some inspiration and close-up shots!

Pandora Rose Crown ‘O’ charm review

The whole point of this charm is branding and celebrating Pandora itself, so if you tend to avoid this heavily branded beads, then this bead probably isn’t for you. ^^ It’s also quite an emblem of ‘new’ Pandora, in my eyes. It’s an openwork, it’s bold and quite contemporary in style, and it’s available in all three of Pandora’s key finishes.

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2018 review

The design is an openwork one, meaning that it has no threads and simply slips on to your bracelet. The bracelet chain is visible through the ‘O’.  You can see it in silver and Shine finishes in my Pandora Pre-Autumn 2018 overview here

Again, one of the things I loved most about the new Rose padlock bracelet is how beautifully shiny it was, and the same applies to this charm. The Rose pieces in particular just seem to glow when new.

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2018 review

The itself is decorated throughout with cut-out hearts. This kind of detailing at one point became something of a turn-off for me, as it used to appear on all Pandora’s generic ‘button’ beads, which we saw a lot of between 2015 and 2017. This year, they’ve really dialled back on all that, and the cut-out hearts here complement a design that for me packs a little more oomph than many of the buttons.

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2018 review

I will note that this bead is quite big – if you’re hoping to slot it in as part of a fuller bracelet design, I would advise trying it in store first, as it might dwarf some of your other charms. The hallmark appears on one side of the bead, and again features the new ‘MET’ hallmarking for Rose. My bead also has a factory mark to the left of the hallmark.

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2018 review

An alternative for a logo bead is the more traditional Pandora King Crown two-tone charm, long retired now of course. This actually predates the Pandora crown logo, and perhaps even inspired it! This is much smaller and daintier than the new Crown.


I wear mine on my all two-tone bracelet design (one of my faves!) – this is an older shot of it:


I mentioned that I’ve been quite into my mini stylings recently, and I have been quite enjoying putting together smaller bracelet designs that aren’t quite so heavy on the character beads – these are the bracelets that I like to stack with my fuller charm bracelets. These new Crown charms are perfect for a standalone bead that will really set off a bangle or leather, as on the open bangle below. And, now that there’s a Pandora Rose open bangle coming out for Autumn, you could always invert this look and put the silver Crown on that bangle!

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2018 review

I’ve made no secret about the fact that I absolutely love the Mint Glitter muranos, which came out last year in the summer, and they look particularly stunning with a bit of Pandora Rose. I’ve never had the chance to tell them on an all-Rose chain before – it looks really lovely. The smaller silver core isn’t very noticeable, and doesn’t detract at all from the Rose finish.

Pandora Rose Crown 'O' review

The murano’s height also works to complement the larger size of the Crown itself.

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2018 review

Lastly, this is the basis of how I’ll actually be wearing my signature Crown bead. Since taking this photo, though, I’ve updated this design by swapping in the Libra charm for the Mora Pandora heart and adding Rose Shining Elegance clips. I’ll be reviewing the Pre-Autumn letters soon, and I’ll show you what that looks like then. :)


As I said previously, this is my favourite new bead from the Pandora Pre-Autumn 2018 launch. It’s very decorative and not a quite a traditional character charm, but it’s undeniably a great choice anyone who loves their Pandora and still runs to the store to shop each new collection. It more than carries its own, so you could wear it as a focal point on a bracelet or simply on its own on a leather or bangle. The King Crown is probably still is my favourite of the two charms, but this is a very nice option for those who want something a bit more ‘new’ Pandora.

On a side note, it has been rather Rose-y on the blog this week, but my next review will focus on the silver Pre-Autumn 2018 letter beads for those of you who don’t collect the Rose line. ^^

The Pandora Crown ‘O’ in Rose is priced at £45. If you’re in the UK, you can purchase this charm along with the rest of the Pre-Autumn 2018 collection from authorised Pandora UK stockist John Greed.

What do you think of this charm? Have you bought it in any of the three finishes?

42 Comments on Review: Pandora Crown O in Rose

  1. I really like any and all Rose and will add this to my collection to wear solo on a bangle to stack with my Rose moments bracelet which I can say is now complete. I think my next Rose purchase after the crown will be a ring to set it off on that arm. The US promotion for a free bracelet seems like perfect opportunity to get the crown, and ring and a free bracelet to wear the crown on.

    Thank you Ellie for your continued dedication and hard work to keep us educated and informed of the Pandora world.

    • Sounds perfect! That’s just what I create my mini designs for, primarily as complements to my fuller bracelets. Have fun shopping the promo :) I’m thinking of getting a Rose lovepod as well.

      My pleasure, I’m so pleased that it is useful – thank you for commenting! ?

  2. I absolutely love the O crown. I picked up the two tone (pandora rose clasp bangle) and may put my rose O crown there. So many options! Happy to hear you like the O crown too!

    ❤️ Nichol

    • That is a great idea! All the Crowns look so stunning on bangles. :) I loved watching your latest couple of haul videos, you picked up some fab things! Can’t wait until I can do the US promo myself later in the month. :D

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Hi Ellie, the Rose O crown looks stunning with the shimmering mint green murano, what a combination! I love the way the heart clip sets it off too. Thanks for a lovely review. I hope you get the sliding bracelet as you mentioned, in the US bracelet promo :)

    • Hi Pauline! Thanks, the Mint Glitter is one of my favourite Pandora muranos they’ve ever done! The Pink Glitter is another one that looks great with Rose, but it’s softer and blends in more with the Rose, whereas the Mint Glitter looks so striking against it. I am pretty much decided that I would like the Sliding Bracelet – I think it would look great with a couple of the LovePods, or perhaps just the Spiritual Feather from summer.

      Thanks for commenting Pauline! :D

  4. Hi Ellie!

    You will remember my no bows and crowns rule!?? Of course that went out the window long ago. And my dislike of overt branding. But this one is in-your-face branding and a crown to boot. That being said, it’s a lovely charm, and I will probably have to get it! I don’t find the branding so obvious in either the Rose or the Shine. So far I have “DEB” in the new letters. I could do “RAH” in the letters, and use the crown for the “O”. Talk about in your face branding! The DEBORAH brand… Lol!

    You have styled yours beautifully. I also agree that the Rose is super shiny and wonderful when it’s new. But I actually think the patina it takes on as it ages is even more beautiful. Yet the newer pieces blend brilliantly with the ones I have had for years, so they are timeless.

    Thanks for the review. You probably boosted me off the fence in the direction of a purchase!

    • Hi Deborah! Haha, yes, I remember – much like my ‘no Christmas bracelet’, no Halloween bracelet, no this, no that… all broken ? I do agree that the branded items are more subtle in Shine or Rose. There’s no oxidation to pick out the branded detail, and the beautiful colour is the thing that first catches your eye. Love the idea of a DEBORAH brand – co-opt Pandora’s marketing for yourself haha!

      I quite agree, my Rose pieces all look lovely, new and old together. There’s just something so fun about first opening a package or a charm box and seeing that pretty glow against the black of the box. <3 Thank you for the lovely comment, I hope you decide to break your rule for another time and get this one ^^

  5. Hi Ellie, I really like this charm. I think I might have to buy both the silver and the rose! With a free bracelet promotion coming to Canada I have a good excuse to buy more charms? Too bad the new pumpkin charm isn’t available yet as I really want that one too. You are correct,the Mint Glitter looks so nice mixed with the Rose gold. Great review!

    • Hi Tracey! Yay, I’m glad you like this bead too! I’d be surprised if there weren’t more promos for you guys after the Autumn launch – Pandora are pretty liberal with them these days – but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for one so that you can get the Pumpkin. ^^ That one is on my wish list too!

      So glad you enjoyed the review – thank you very much for commenting! :)

  6. I can see how some would love to collect Pandora crowns. I really do not love for me. Pandora and crown goes together and a great marketing tool. I gree those mint green murano are stunning and I own at least 4. They look fab with rose gold. I wear mine on the open bangle. Of course with other bracelet arrangements for my summers.

    • For sure, it’s like all those ‘Return to Tiffany’ bracelets… the jewellery markets itself in the end! I get why it wouldn’t appeal to you though. I don’t mind branding on the bracelet clasps, and the odd signature bead here and there. ^^ Love the sound of your summery mint glitter murano designs! I actually wear mine on quite a cool-toned forest bracelet most of the time, so it’s fun to be able to dig them out in reviews to do other stylings. ^^

  7. I love it on the open bangle so much that I have just ordered the open bangle in the 3 for 2 promo :-O. I haven’t ordered the crown yet as there are no other items at £45 that I can see that I want yet, but there are over 24 hours to go yet, so who knows :-/. For now, it’s something that I didn’t know I wanted this morning so it’s a work in progress ;-).

    • Aha, that’s so great! I love that it inspired you. :D The open bangle is a really lovely piece – I don’t know why I haven’t ever reviewed it. Hopefully you’ll see something else you like for the Crown. If not, a sales assistant said to me yesterday that she thought there would be another promo after the Autumn launch, so perhaps you could get it then. :)

      • I ended up going for Tigger and Eeyore to get the crown :-O, so I’m well and truly broke now :'(. That was my 5th order in the 3 for 2 and I’ve got to find £100 for the £20 off at the end of the month, I have my list ready for that :-/. I wonder if we’ll have our usual free bracelet offer back later in the year, we didn’t get it last year, I’m half hoping the next promo is something I don’t like, lol ;-).

        • I wanted Tigger as I would have called my cat, Kitna, Tigger if I’d known how bouncy she was before we named her ;-), that cat does love to bounce, lol ;-).

  8. I love all the ways you styled it! I love it the most in Pandora Rose too. Beautiful styling options, Ellie.

  9. It’s a pretty bead both in silver and rose. However, I think I’ll give it miss. I’d rather save all my pennies for A/W. I might try to get some other piece from the sales, too. So,at least for now, I’ll stick to the “no-branding in your face” rule ( at least, for now) ??
    Love the way you’ve styled it ?
    Have a nice weekend!

    • Good and admirable thinking Marie! ^^ And this bead will still be here a little further down the line – the sales pieces won’t be. I just want to get a couple of US promo things and then I promise I’ll be good until Autumn ?

      Hope you’re having a lovely weekend too and thanks for commenting!

  10. I reallz like this charm. I plan to buz it in all 3 colors. I likked the waz zou stilled it on rose gold bracelet, but unfortunatelz this bracelet is too mucj expensive for me.
    Plan to put all 3 charms on regular bracelet.
    Unfortunately, no promotions n ugust in mz countrz *Serbia(.

    Looking forward to bzing this charm.

    • Excellent, I love that you’re planning to get all three! They’ll look lovely on whichever bracelet you decide to put them on.. :) I hope you get some promos in Serbia soon!

  11. I love how you’ve styled this charm! Especially on the open bangle. I think it might have made it’s way onto my wishlist now…but I’ve already picked up some bits in the 3 for 2 so my bank account needs a bit of a break lol.

    Do you know if we’ll have any more UK promos coming up?

    • Haha, thank you! I know the feeling, I spent a fair bit in the 3 for 2 as well. ^^ I haven’t heard anything official but a store manager here in the UK told me recently that she was expecting another promo after the Autumn launch, so fingers crossed there is something on the horizon. I’ll update if I hear anything concrete.

  12. Hello Ellie
    I have to be honest. I do not like any of these charms. The O with the crown would be nice if my name was Olivia or Ophelia.
    But that is me…but others love it, which is great! I am excited for the new Disney Essence coming out and the Disney original Pandora also. I will not mention what I know about it. Christmas time will also be exciting. The other Pandora collection is much prettier that will be coming out soon. Can’t wait for those.

    • Hi Maria! Yes I like the idea of using it as an ‘O’ bead, although you do have quite a bit of branding on it which might take away from it. ^^ There are some great Disney pieces coming out, yes. It’s a shame I can’t show them for now. Glad you’re excited for them though!

  13. Hi Ellie, I do love this crown o in all the colours. I would love to see, especially the rose on an oxidized bracelet or even the oxidized moments necklace. The shine would pop too! I really wish they still had the oxidized bracelets. I found out that the colour doesn’t wear off for me. I have two but would love more. Especially for rose and shine. Can you imagine a rose or shine clasp with an oxidized bracelet? I’d even be happy if it was a limited edition in Australia, please and thanks Pandora!!! Love your review as always. Thanks.

    • Hi Leanne! Ah, that’s a great idea! The oxidised bracelet does not get enough love these days. :) I’ll try and get that in a future review! I have found that my oxidised chains have got lighter, but never so light as to fade entirely – they’re still distinctive and much darker than a regular silver bracelet. I love mine! It is possible to oxidise the bracelets yourself at home, so you could always have a go at oxidising one yourself at home! :o

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  14. Hi Ellie I really like this charm the Rose is definitly my favourite finish, it looks stunning with the murano I saw somebody else put that murano with Rose gold and thought it looked so nice. I think it would look really nice on the Rose gold clasp bracelet with some blue and turquise beads.

    • Hi Nicola! Definitely, the Mint and the Rose is a match made in heaven ? love the sound of a fuller bracelet featuring it, you should make one ^^

  15. I like the look of the O charms but they are so big! I think I’d rather hunt down the king crown (for my fairytale bracelet) before buying this one but that’s just me. Nice review!

    • They are really big! That’s why I think it would probably be best to try them before you buy them to make sure they work in any intended design. The King Crown is one of my favourite beads – I hope you find one :D Thanks for commenting!

  16. Hi Ellie,

    Your post has great timing. I recently purchased the shine version of this the the O crown and love it! This is the charm I have been waiting for and hoped one of the club charms might use the crown design. My shop in shop haven’t gotten them and it appears the concept stores get a limited supply – I snagged mine at my favourite out of town store on the weekend they were out of the silver and rose – just as well with the bracelet promo coming up.
    I agree the size of this charm makes it focal point of a bracelet or necklace. Currently, I am wearing it on my necklace and have also had it on my bangle. What is fantastic about this charm is it stays in place,it isn’t top heavy. I am hoping the letters prove the same. The store manager pointed out to me the finish on this batch of shine appears to be a little more subdued making it a nicer fit when paired with 14Kt and two tone charms.
    I am excited for the bracelet promo that starts later this week. I have a few things on my wish list and have been restricting my purchases to retired items and recently the one shine piece – O crown. The kings crown is lovely and I have one but find it a bit small and top heavy, still a classic. Would love to see more of the two toned – fingers crossed.
    You’ve done a great job of displaying the rose version with the mint murano and bracelet – I am liking the paired down designs. I tend to wear my bracelets full on one arm, and have started wearing a bangle with fewer charms on the other. Your design ideas are helpful. Enjoying the Rose reviews – I tend to stick to silver, the occasional gold and now more shine but seeing the rose does remind me to use the pieces I have collected. I am toying with a shine bracelet – well see.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Oh, yes, now that you say it, it is funny that the Club charms haven’t featured something like this before! A little diamond at the centre of the crown would have been fun. :D

      The letters are indeed the same when it comes to top-heaviness – if you look, they are cored a bit further up the charm, so it redistributes the weight a bit. However, this does make the letters in particular quite hard to style with traditional charms as they sit quite differently on the bracelet to the usual cored charms.

      Thanks Lisa! I have done a lot of mini styles lately, but that’s just what I have been working on and designing around outside of reviews, too. I expect I’ll start another fuller design later in the year. I’ve been enjoying wearing the lighter bangles with this hot weather, too! I like the sound of your bracelet-arm arrangements, haha. I used to do that, but now wear my watch on one wrist and then usually a full bracelet and one lighter bracelet on the other. :)

      Thanks for commenting!

  17. Hi Ellie, Treated myself in the 3for 2 promotion today, I bought the silver logo clasp bracelet with the Bella dot in silver with the rose gold O crown which I put with two clips, love it. Great to have you back, and congratulations on your wedding news? xx

    • Hi Joy! Ooh such lovely choices! I’ve not indulged in a Bella charm, but have loved seeing how other people styled her. Thank you, that is so kind of you to say – it is so lovely to be back! Enjoy your pretty new pieces :) xx

  18. It’s interesting how many of this year’s jewelry trends are also timeless! These classic styles are great for all ages, too. The important thing is to only implement the trends that you really love.

  19. Love the new O charm! I bought in in the Rose. I like seeing the chain running through the center, especially if its on a silver bracelet and an oxodized bracelet. I am wearing it on a silver chain necklace right now though.

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