Today continues my series of catch-ups, with a look at the Pandora Disney Summer 2018 collection! While we haven’t seen a major Pandora Disney launch since the Spring, there have been a number of new Pandora Disney Parks charms released over the past few weeks. These are found in Disney theme parks locations, but not in regular Pandora stores.

Pandora Disney parks 2018

I’m quite a fan of this little mini release, which offers a fun mixture of new character beads and more decorative designs based around popular Parks attractions to tide you over until the next major Pandora Disney launch in Autumn. Read on for a full overview and live shots! :)

Pandora Disney Summer 2018 collection

This first Pandora Disney Summer bead is the adorable Stella Lou dangle, which is exclusive to the Disney parks in HongKong. There are little Mickey silhouettes hidden away in her ears and her feet, as well, as a cute extra detail! She’s priced at $799 HKD.

Pandora Disney Spring 2018 Stella Lou

She comes with the most adorable gift box, available while stocks last:

Image by Look-in Taiwan

Another exclusive is this Shanghai Memories charm.The other beads are more widely available at Parks locations across the world. The first is the cheerful Happy Birthday button bead, priced at $75 USD. I prefer the cute cut-out star detailing around this next charm, which celebrates anyone making their first visit to the Disney Parks. It’s really the perfect souvenir charm. The My 1st Visit charm retails for $70 USD.Another of my favourites from this set is the Small World charm, which has three pastel enamel faces to it. So cute!

You can get a feel for how the various enamel shades look like in these shots from @disneypandoralover:

Image by disneypandoralover

This next bead is another exciting one, introducing a brand new movie to the Pandora Disney family. Here we have Peter Pan, decked out in green enamel and accompanied by a pirate ship! 

I love the detailing that went into this bead, but it does look quite sizeable in live photos. I’d have to think how best to style it. This great shot is also courtesy of @disneypandoralover:

Pandora Disney Peter Pan
Image by disneypandoralover

In the US, the Peter Pan and Small World charms come in a set with this engraved Fantasyland dangle for $225 USD.

Pandora Disney Fantasyland dangle

You can see the set in this pretty styling from @pandorabyliz:

Pandora Disney Spring 2018

The Eiffel Tower & Minnie charm was previously only available in DLP (Disneyland Paris), but has now been released in the US Disney Parks, where it retails for $60 USD.

The World of Disney charm had already launched in HongKong Disneyland, but is released in the US today! It’s priced at $75 USD.

The Disney Parks blog posted this live image of it:

Pandora Disney Parks Globe charm
Image by Disney Parks blog

Accompanying it are some US exclusive dangles, also out today! The Orange Bird and Enchanted Tiki Room charms are more engraved versions of the Unforgettable Moments pendants, priced at $65 USD each.

Pandora Disney Parks exclusives
Image by Disney Parks blog

The charms will be available at various retail locations at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort:

Pandora Disney Orange Bird
Image by Disney Parks blog

My Comment

I personally love the little Stella Lou dangle and its adorable purple box (as I’ve mentioned before, I am such a sucker for pretty packaging!) – even though I know nothing about the character herself. ^^ I get closer to starting a dedicated Disney bracelet by the day! I also think it’s fab to finally have a Peter Pan dangle, and would love them to go further and do a whole set of Peter Pan charms.

There are more Disney characters coming out in Pandora stores the world over for Autumn and Winter. You can expect new charms for Snow White and Pinocchio for Pandora Disney Autumn 2018 collection, and beads celebrating Mary Poppins and festive Mickey/Minnie designs for the Pandora Winter 2018 collection. I’ve not heard anything further from Pandora about whether I can preview any of these in advance, but I am continuing to try to make it happen. :)

Have you purchased any of these beads? Are you excited for any of the new Disney charms coming up?

86 Comments on Pandora Disney Summer 2018 collection overview

  1. I purchased the Fantasyland gift set earlier and it is so adorable. Especially the Small World clock face. I have a few Disney bracelets so I love to keep adding to them. I also purchased the MInnie Eiffel Tower charm and it ended up breaking when I took it with me to Paris. Luckily I was able to exchange it. From now on, though, I will only wear it as a necklace as the MInnie is only held on to the Tower by her arm. I saw some sneak peaks of the upcoming collection and I am so excited for it. I can’t wait to add them to my collection. Though I need a few weeks to recover for the recent beating my poor bank account took from the free bracelet event. Lol.

    Welcome back!!!! I missed getting my updates from your blog. ;)

    • Aw, that’s such a shame about your Minnie bead! I’ve seen that happen to a few of those charms, sounds like a design flaw. :( Glad you’re excited for the new ones, though, there are a couple I have my eye on too!

      Thanks so much for commenting, it’s lovely to be back! :D

      • Yes, I noticed in the Comments section on the Disney Store website, that the Minnie had broken off on several people’s charms !

    • I’d love to see some more Little Mermaid charms come out!sebastian flounder the dinglehopper ?? Also Lion King charms! My top 2 favorites!

  2. I have had such a rough day but it is ending on a fantastic note.thank you so much Ellie for alerting me that Mary Poppins charms will be here soon. My absolute favorite movie. Now I must start planning my next Pandora bracelet. :)

    • Hope remainder of your week gets better, Anne. Rough day for me as well.

      Ellie,even though I don’t collect any Disney charms or ever been to a Disnet Park, it was nice to read up on Pandora. Thanks for posting your retroactive posts. Lifts my mood and a pleasant reprieve to read your well thought out postings and beautiful pics.

      • That’s so lovely of you to say, Kelly, I’m gladdened to hear that it helped you feel a little better. I hope your week gets better, too <3

    • I’m very sorry to hear about your bad day, but glad to hear that this brightened it a little bit! The Mary Poppins charms are very sweet. <3 Hope your week gets better!

  3. I so badly wish that Pandora would make a pavé or enamel Cheshire Cat! I have all of the Alice in wonderland beads, and some the Chamilia ones, and Chamilia made a nice Cheshire cat head, but I feel like a coloured Pandora one would be amaaaaaazing! Keeping fingers crossed that one day they sneak in another Alice themed bead ?
    I like that they’re continuing with rides, too. Maybe one day we’ll see a hitchhiking ghosts bead!!
    Oooohhhh or Star Wars beads!! (Hahahahaha I guess my list of Disney beads that I’d like to one day see is quite long!)
    Thanks again for the previews and updates! I’m also anxiously waiting for Christmas beads ? ????

      • I have been thinkingvthe exact same thing!! I have the white rabbit charm (my first pandora charm ever and the reason I fell in love with Pandora), but have been wondering how and why they don’t have the Cheshire Cat head! And not a dangle! A cute little cat head charm would be perfect and sell millions!

        • Stephanie I also love Alice in Wonderland I have the charms they released on my main Disney bracelet but like you would love to have some more and have a dedicated Alice bracelet.

    • Yes, this is one that has cropped up as a request a few times and I’m surprised that they haven’t gone for it yet! It would be amazing. I think Chamilia did all the right Alice beads – the drink me bottle, the pocket watch… so many cute Alice beads that Pandora could do too!

      Haha, you’re welcome! As soon as I can show more I will :)

  4. Hi Ellie!

    I. Want. Star. Wars. Charms!

    This latest release is a winner. I personally am not tempted by these, but I suspect I have family members who would love to see these under the tree at Christmas.

    Thanks for the retro preview!

    • Star Wars Pandora charms are at the top of my wishlist too! A lot of people have said they’re unlikely, but we can still hope…

    • Haha, I hope you get them some day Deborah! I always say that I can’t imagine Pandora ever being able to market them… I try and picture a Star Wars Pandora campaign image and fail to. I would so love to be proven wrong though!

      Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for commenting! :)

  5. Thanks love Peter but not the price. Grew up with dreams of flying! LOL. Really fun for the Disney lovers. Can’t wait to see all the others and then think more and probably give in. Oh hum!

  6. I only have 2 Disney charms so far but I do like the look of the upcoming Figaro charm and Snow white bird charm that I have seen from the sneak peek and maybe Mary Poppins bag.

    Looking forward to when you are permitted to post about the new Snow White charms.

      • On insta aussieebeadfreak scroll through her posts about 12 posts back.

        Would rather see Ellie properly preview them here though but just glad you are back Ellie despite the embargos.

        Should have added to my original post that Stella Lou and her gift box are gorgeous.

    • Thanks Lozzie! It’s a slow process trying to talk to Pandora about things like this but if I can post anything in advance I will :)

  7. Tha autumn/ winter release will have a 90th anniversary Mickey charm with 14K gold. An essence collection with rose gold mickey and Minnie and other charms, and so much more

  8. thank you for the lovely disney photos I wish they would be available in uk stores. Is the new disney releases range in the uk stores for autumn collection being released on the 30th August with the other new releases, or are they later on. I look forward to your reply. Thank you.

    • Yes, the Autumn Disney pieces will be out on 30 August :) The mary Poppins charms and a few Mickey/Minnie pieces that will be out later in the year for Winter. :)

  9. I recently bought the Small World charm and it was explained to me that the numbers on the lilac side make up the date of Walt Disney’s birth, 12/05/1901. I thought that was such a neat detail! :)

  10. Thanks for the update! Hopefully pandora relents and lets you post some actual previews of the Disney stuff. I don’t think I’d seen the small world charm and now I want it! I also want the world of Disney charm now after seeing a better shot of it!

  11. Thank you Ellie! I love Disney charms.

    I plan to get Pinocchio’s collection for my birthday in November and Marry Poppins for Xmas.

    I am so thrilled to add these new charms to my collection.
    I might also add Snow White new charms to my existing bracelet. My wish list is getting longer. LOL???

    • Forgot to mention Stella Lou is sooooooo cute!? I love bunnies. I wish I could get her somehow.

      Minnie with Eiffel tower is adorable! If I had the chance, I would buy one for my sister who visited Paris years ago.

      • Yes Stella is adorable! There are a couple of ladies helping on FB/Instagram, I keep being tempted to get her. ^^

    • A lovely plan indeed! ^^ I think I will have to have a Jiminy Cricket and a Mary Poppins bag, myself. Where they will go I don’t know yet! I am also quite tempted to start a Disney Parks bracelet sometime. <3

      • You really should. ;) There’s so many Disney charms now. ;) I currently have a dedicated Mickey and Minnie bracelet and a pink theme Disney bracelet. I’m waiting to get my hands on those new beads so I can possibly make a Snow White theme bracelet. And I just got most of the princess dresses in the free bracelet promo so they’re going to need to be styled and I can’t figure out how since I don’t want them all in the same bracelet. ;) LOL.

  12. Hi Ellie,

    i think the Peter Pan charm is indeed a bit chuky. It would have been nicer if Peter and the Ship where seperate charms altough i would like to add it to my Tinkerbell bracelet. Tt would be nice if the do a charm of Captian hook to, and maybe a spacer of the lost boys like the seven onewich is coming in the autumn release.

    now the only thing i need to do is convincing my boyfriend to go to Disney.

    • Hi Manon! Yes, I quite agree with you – the ship would have made a lovely bead in its own right. This is why I would love it if they would do Peter Pan properly, and branch out from Tinkerbell.

  13. I am looking forward to more Snow White charms, she is my favourite. I do hope they let you preview the upcoming charms as I enjoy your posts & views-along with other collectors who comment. I’m sure I’ve seen some Mary Poppins ad festive Micky pieces posted to instagram recently.

      • Sarah? Hehe I’m convinced I should just changed my name to Sarah, as I get called that a lot! When I was in School, for the entire five years I was there my Geography teacher called me Sarah, I gave up correcting him but told him on the last day what he’d been doing…it was amusing.
        Also, I found where I saw them on instagram-aussiebeadfreak. They have since also uploaded what looks like potential winter collection pieces, if so there at least three pieces I want & I’m thinking The Night Before Christmas as a Christmas bracelet theme-my sale buy of the Night Sky murano would be perfect for this!

        • So sorry Sofie! ? I was very tired last night and had just been talking to another friend called Sarah! I promise I won’t be as bad as your geography teacher, haha.

          Yes, those are winter pieces! I have seen the collection and would love to share but I’m still waiting for the Pandora green light :)

        • Hi! I love your blog and updates! Out of the new ones that people are talking about… Mary Poppins, Snow White, Pinocchio, 90th anniversary Mickey… are any of them going to be park exclusives?

  14. I was recently at Shanghai and was disappointed that they didn’t have the exclusive white one but I picked up Minnie and Mickey cuties instead! I also have peter and Stella but both are homeless still as I don’t have bracelet designs in mind for them yet… I may combine some of the autumn winter releases with them! I don’t know why but peter and Pinocchio seem a good combo to me haha

    • Aw, well, I’m glad you got the Cuties as well! They’re pretty hard to get hold of. I think the Autumn designs would go amazingly with Stella! Bruno the Unicorn would be fab, and there are other pretty pinks and purples that would go nicely.

  15. I keep waiting and waiting for it’s a small world charm – everyday I check shopdisney and it has yet to appear! It is frustrating because I know it is out there and I have no patience whatsoever!

    I did get the Happy Birthday charm – it is nice. Some reviewers say Mickey Mouse is so small, I think he is the same size as Tinker Bell on her star charm. To bad there is no place to engrave, that is why I did not get the 1st visit charm because my first visit was in the early 80’s and would love to have the date on the charm.

    What is everyone’s opinion on dangles? Like them or no? I am tempted by the Tiki Room dangle charm but only have the regular round charms and am afraid the dangles will be too heavy and whack my wrist every time I move. Thougths?

    EAGERLY awaiting your post on upcoming Disney charms. Ready for The Evil Queen, Seven Dwarfs and 2 of the Xmas charms!!!!!!!!!!

      • I wish there weren’t so many dangles?I also want to add the tiki room dangle to my Disneyland bracelet but there are just too many of these special things that are dangles! I’m so happy to see the small world charm is not a dangle! My Disneyland bracelet will have like 9 dangles when it’s complete ?Can I even wear that?? Lol I feel like I have to have them because they are iconic but the wearability isn’t that great ?

        • Thanks for replying to my dangle question, I will keep your thoughts in mind. I’ve been avoiding them because I like the “round” charms. But Jiminey Cricket is coming out and I do enjoy sitting in the Tiki room after riding all the rides, it is a nice break. Hmmm….

    • I never wanted dangles when I first started with Pandora for the same reason but love them now! I like them for adding symmetry to a bracelet design. If you only have two or three, they don’t add much in terms of weight. The issue more is the kind of dangle – if you get a bead with lots of angles and corners, they can pull threads on clothing which is annoying! You should be fine with the round dangle beads :)

  16. Ellie, this is totally of topic but I’m at San Pancras Station at this very moment and guess what I’ve seen?. A new Pandora store is going to be opened! Yay!?
    I’m aware that this is not an important news for collectors in general BUT, for those of us, who wouldn’t fly unless their life depended on it …. It’s fantastic!!! Oooh, I wish I could send a photo!. I’m ecstatic ?
    These past days I missed it, which is very strange, as I have a sixth sense for Pandora, lol! Greetings to you and all non-flyer ladies in the world from a
    Verrry exhausted Marie, xoxo.

  17. To all you wonderful and creative Ladies.I need some help on a Mary Poppins bracelet the pictures look like the charms are silver and black with white on the round one.I’m quite fond of light blue and pink to increase the wearability. what current Pandora
    charms do you think would look good with this and further the Mary Poppins theme?thanks so much in advance :)

    • That’s quite a tough one, Anne! ^^ I really don’t know a lot about Mary Poppins, as I have not seen it since I was very little, but perhaps the teapot or teacup could be a little light pink for it? They strike me as being quite quintessentially English and in keeping with the whole tone of it. Perhaps some London charms, for the setting? You could put the openwork crown on there, and Big Ben?

      • Oh my Ellie what a great idea I had forgotten that they had tea with Mary Poppins Uncle Albert! And I do have a dedicated London bracelet with Big Ben the crown ,telephone box Etc what a fabulous idea to to weave the Poppins charms into London. As a yank my poor British Aunt has had to slept to Pandora for me LOL thanks so much for the ideas.

  18. I am thrilled to hear Mary Poppins and Pinocchio charms are coming. Will they be in australia too? Thank for the sneak peek

  19. I have seen pictures of the new disney releases on you tube and they look very lovely and nice ones to have, there are 3 pinocchio ones, 7 snow white ones, and in November there looks like there will 3 Mary Poppins ones, a couple of special 90th anniversary Mickey Mouse ones, 3 Christmas ones and disney esence charms and portrait heads of Mickey and Minnie. Many thanks goes to mouse obsessed mom for sharing this information. So that is quite a list of charms for me to save up for.

  20. I have seen pictures of the new disney releases on you tube and they look very lovely and nice ones to have, there are 3 pinocchio ones, 7 snow white ones, and in November there looks like there will 3 Mary Poppins ones, a couple of special 90th anniversary Mickey Mouse ones, 3 Christmas ones and disney essence charms and portrait heads of Mickey and Minnie. Many thanks goes to mouse obsessed mom for sharing this information. So that is quite a list of charms for me to save up for.

  21. Oops Ellie, maybe it’s Kings Cross Station instead of Saint Pancras. I’m with two friends and some nights we buy our dinner at the shops there when we come back to the hotel in the evenings. On one of these occasions we have been in King’s Cross, soooo …. I think I might have made a mistake. At those hours I’m like a zombie ? I’ll try and check it for you. Good night ?

  22. Hi Ellie on one of your post with a member I saw a conversation about someone you know who sells beads on eBay can yo tell me her name as I can’t seem to find the post on here and I am looking for some used beads
    Thank you

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