Today heralds the Chinese New Year and, to celebrate, I thought I’d take a look at Pandora’s styling of the new Chinese New Year charms for 2014. I’ve also included a little update from Pandora as to the wider availability of the charms – they are currently Asian exclusives. For stock images and more information on the charms themselves, see my original post reporting on them.

chinese new year mora pandora 1

Update On Availability

Pandora have given an update as to the charms’ wider availability on their Facebook page:

Hi ladies – The Chinese lantern and Ingot charms have been released in some Asian countries already to mark the Chinese New Year. They will be available in more countries from March.  Please ask your local store for availability. Best, Anita

Consequently, depending on whether your region’s head office decides to sell it, both of the charms could be available in other regions along with the Spring 2014 collection in March.


The Chinese Lantern is such a striking piece that it will inevitably act as something of a focal point on a bracelet. Therefore, it’s no surprise that stylists have opted for a complementary colour scheme of red and white. The pavé charms in this arrangement give a little glitzy sparkle, perfect for a celebration.

mora pandora chinese new year

I personally think this beautiful arrangement would look even more striking on the oxidised bracelet; the darker chain would really set off the silver and red.

This subsequent bracelet design offers a more minimalist look, suggesting both simplicity and opulence, with gold accents to the design. The floral clips add to the themes of rejuvenation and growth, which is a nice touch.

pandora chinese new year 2014

Both designs are used to gorgeous effect in the Pandora campaign images for Chinese New Year 2014: (Click to enlarge the images)pandora chinese new year 2014

pandora chinese lantern

My Take on Chinese New Year!

I don’t have any red Pandora beads, unfortunately, but I’ve created a little bracelet of my own to celebrate. I’ve opted for the grey triple wrap leather, and a purple colour scheme. I’ve included my own Hong Bao, the LE Sparkling Chinese Zodiac Snake (which I got for £12 in the ROJ sale!) and Lucky Cat. I’ve used my zodiac dog charm, too – I know that it’s year of the horse, but I don’t have any horsey beads haha.

pandora chinese new year 2

I love the Effervescence beads – the little hint of sparkling gemstones really add to the sense of glamour in a design.pandora chinese new year 2014

pandora chinese new year 3

My Comment

I am personally in love with the lantern, and I’m thrilled that it’s seeing a wider release in the spring, alongside the new Ingot! <3

Have you created any designs for the Chinese New Year? Do you celebrate it? Let me know!

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