Today’s post features a little Valentine’s Day 2014 inspiration, with a Pandora jewellery photoshoot from Paris. I don’t usually do posts like this, but COMPANY is my favourite magazine here in the UK, and they always do such beautiful features on Pandora jewellery.
pandora valentines company 1

COMPANY Magazine, for those who are unfamiliar with it, is a British fashion magazine aimed at younger people. It has a very contemporary feel, and often includes the latest from the high street. They have frequently run pages on Pandora jewellery, and offer some great inspiration as to styling it.

This month’s issue features a photoshoot in Paris, perfectly encapsulating the collection’s romantic theme. However, Paris is not just the city of love, but also the heart of the fashion world, and the photoshoot showcases some of 2014’s biggest jewellery trends. The stylists have embraced the fashion of layering  multiple pieces of jewellery, with beautiful stacks of bangles, rings and necklaces. The little hints of gold add that air of luxurious style – if only!

All images are by COMPANY Magazine – please do not reproduce without credit!

The stylists have also made great use of the pavé charms, to very glamorous effect. The Heart Pavé Ball charm, which I have never liked from the stock photo, takes on new elegance here, adding a subtle bloom of pink to the designs. The new silver locket also looks particularly beautiful – I’d love to own it!

Have you bought any of the Valentine’s Day 2014 collection? If so, how are you wearing it? Let me know!

NOTE: I am not sponsored by or affiliated with COMPANY in any way.

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