*UPDATE – a full preview of the Spring 2015 collection is now available!* Today’s post brings more exciting news on the Pandora Spring and Mother’s Day 2015 collections, with some live images of the upcoming charms and jewellery! The pictures I’ve found give a great overview of the range and styles of the new pieces due out; the theme for this year’s collection is once again flowers and butterflies, with more soft pastel shades. For additional teasers, check through the Spring 2015 tag. :)

The photos include a number of family-themed charms, too, so I imagine that some of these pieces are part of the Pandora Mother’s Day 2015 collection, too. However, if you are one of the many Pandora fans wanting more classic silver and two-tone designs, then a lot of the jewellery that’s being shown here is unfortunately not going to appeal to you.

You can click on any of the pictures to enlarge them. All images are property of fanpage.it, so please do not reproduce them without credit.

Charms & Bracelets

First up, we have what looks to be a new kind of charm entirely, a small purple faceted bead at the centre of the bracelet design. It reminds me of a Pandora Essence or a Thomas Sabo karma bead – and it’s nice to see Pandora continue to develop the range of charms available for the Moments range. I can’t tell whether it’s glass or cubic zirconia, though.

pandora spring 2015 collection
Image by fanpage.it

There’s a corresponding pink faceted bead in the next shot. You can also see the new floral glass charm that featured in my last Spring 2015 teaser in action, plus a couple of new floral openworks.

pandora spring 2015 murano
Image by fanpage.it

One of the jewellery collections for the Spring releases seems to be a re-imagining of the Darling Daisy collection from last year, but with cubic zirconia detailing instead of white enamel, as evident in the floral clips on this bracelet. Here, you can also see a new pavé flower charm, plus a decorative charm featuring green cubic zirconia hearts. Plus, it looks to me like there might be a pavé apple, featuring red cubic zirconia detailing and a silver leaf on top…

pandora spring 2015 collection preview
Image by fanpage.it

There look to be a number of new enamel designs, with some baby pink butterfly charms and a pale purple floral charm. Additionally, there look to be some cubic zirconia slippers, with little bows attached to them.

pandora spring 2015
Image by fanpage.it

Additionally, we have a pretty enamel floral clip, featuring clusters of little white flowers, which I like a lot, and a large purple pavé flower charm, which I like less, haha. You can also see some pink enamel floral detailing on the charms nearest the safety chain.

pandora spring 2015
Image by fanpage.it

In this shot, there’s a selection of pavé charms being used as earrings. If you look to the bottom left, you’ll see a clear pavé charm with little butterfly silhouettes. This reminds me quite a lot of the 2014 Black Friday charm, with its Christmas tree pavé design. I really liked the pavé detailing in the Black Friday charm, and I like it again now. It might be a tad sparkly, but there’s also a pleasing delicateness to it, too.

pandora spring 2015
Image by fanpage.it

However, in amongst all the flowers and the butterflies and the pastels, there’s this intriguing piece. It looks to me like a crocodile? I’m a little amazed, as it doesn’t strike me as very Pandora – but I’m also really pleased to see something original. It’s possibly a Pandora Summer 2015 collection piece.

pandora spring 2015 collection
Image by fanpage.it

These new heart charms look to me to be from the Mother’s Day 2015 collection – the centrepiece has ‘Mom’ written on it (I hope there’s a corresponding ‘Mum’ version for other regions). It’s bracketed by two gold heart lockets, similar in style to the new Valentine’s Day 2015 silver lock and key charm. You can also see a new heart locket dangle, plus a two-tone heart with cubic zirconia detailing.

pandora mother's day 2015 collection
Image by fanpage.it

Excitingly, there’s also a shot of a new Pandora bangle with a pavé heart clasp. This continues a current trend of Pandora’s to revamp existing bracelets with variations on the clasp. I’d also peg this new pavé heart clasp bracelet as a Mother’s Day 2014 release.

Image by YouMedia.it
Image by fanpage.it


First up, we have a pretty floral ring that we’ve seen already in the previous teasers.

pandora spring 2015
Image by fanpage.it

There are also new versions of the very popular Darling Daisy rings, but again with cubic zirconia detailing instead.

Image by fanpage.it
Image by fanpage.it

While these are pretty, I think I prefer the delicate look of the original white enamel pieces.

pandora spring 2015 collection
Image by fanpage.it

Having said that, there is a new white enamel ring pictured, with a cubic zirconia at its centre.

pandora spring 2015 collection
Image by fanpage.it

The pictures also reveal a new cubic zirconia butterfly ring, although unfortunately the top of it is cut off.

pandora spring 2015 rings
Image by fanpage.it

To the left of this picture, you can see a new hexagonal cubic zirconia ring.

pandora spring 2015 collection
Image by fanpage.it

Pandora Essence Spring 2015

There isn’t much on Essence in this preview, but we do have this one shot. The openwork charm in the centre looks new to me, but no sign of what value it represents so far.

pandora essence spring 2015
Image by fanpage.it

My Comment

The collections to me seem to be quite similar to last year’s – playing on seasonal motifs, with flowers for spring, hearts for Mother’s Day, etc. There are certain pieces I love, including that pretty floral murano (although I would have loved to see some more muranos to complement it), the pavé butterfly silhouette charm and the additional Darling Daisy pieces.

Having said that, it’s a little disappointing to once again see rehashes of existing designs, which seems to be becoming something of a trend for Pandora. There is also a really heavy emphasis on pavé detailing and enamel, which would be fine if there were more traditional-style charms to complement them. I’d like more character charms, ones which actually represent something. Of course, I’m sure there is still more to be revealed. :) And there is the crocodile, too, haha.

What do you think of these live images? Can you spot anything new that I’ve missed?

56 Comments on Pandora Spring 2015 Live Shots

  1. Hi just wanted to say your blog is really amazing and soo informative and detailed. I also really love how everything is set up really clearly and direct. Thanks for these amazing sneak previews… I also agree about more traditional charms with little symbols or characters that can actually represent something. I really don’t like the new pave charms, and Pandora just seems I have changed so much, I miss the originality! I wish they had a feedback or ideas section on there website for charm designs. I really would like a sewing or fashion related charm, there are the shears dangle and like purses and shoes, but I wish there was more choice.

    Keep up with the great blog!! :) Jasmine xx

      • I couldn’t agree more! The only dangles I have on my bracelet so far are the destination landmark one and man are they big for my taste, maybe it’s just the ones I’ve got… I’ve got the Sydney Opera House, Colosseum and Eiffel Tower.

    • Hi Jasmine! Thank you, it’s so nice to hear that you enjoy the blog! :D
      I do agree; there are so many interesting and original designs that they could make (I’d love a typewriter, for example!), but they seem to keep going for what they know is safest and will sell well (i.e. hearts, flowers!). A sewing bead would be fab – a little ball of wool or a sewing machine would be wonderful. Pandora did use to promise to pass on ideas for charms on to their designers, but they’ve now stopped doing that in case someone sues them for using their idea. :S It seems silly but there you go. xx

  2. There are two new boy charms there too inthe bracelet with the hideous gold lockets
    Overall I dislike all of it there isn’t one I wohld buy. Just like every release 2014

    • Oh yes! Well-spotted. One is a little girl, too, isn’t it? At least they’re an all-silver design.
      Sorry that you’re not keen :( I was struggling to find something very positive to say about it, but I suspect the pictures might not do them justice too.

  3. When I saw the bangle I went wow it looks so pretty, this collection looks really different for pandora, I’m accited to see some more pics of the collection.

  4. I was rather hoping that Pandora’s current obsession with blingy pave CZ would die down after Christmas, but it seems not! The Essence-style charms are interesting though – I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they might, just might, be semi-precious stones (well you have to be optimistic…..)

    • I think many others were hoping the same. :( With Pandora and pavé, I think less is definitely more at the moment. There needs to be more of a mix of classic designs and pavé charms. Haha, it would be nice if they were semi-precious – I get the feeling that they are CZ like the Morning Butterflies :/

      • Apart from the new murano nothing else takes my fancy, in fact I don’t like it very much at all. I am very disappointed ?.
        Think I will see what comes up in the sale then expand on my trollbeads collection.

        • Ah well :( I like the new murano as well, but I don’t know how I’d use green like that in my collection. Still really curious to see it in person, though!
          I think a lot of people are experimenting with other brands at the moment. The problem with all the pavé and the flowers/hearts etc is that it makes Pandora less of a collectors’ brand I think.

  5. I, too, am not crazy about all of the pave designs. A few pieces mixed in with more traditional silver would be more appealing to me. I’m hoping that I’ll feel differently when I see some of them in person.

    • I do think that the pictures probably don’t do the pieces full justice, as the light was clearly not great for taking photos. Perhaps they’ll look better in person. Having said that, I’m disappointed not to see more silver charms. :/

  6. I’ld be interested to see the pave apple. The rest looks OK but not the type of beads I would buy. Hopefully, they will look nicer in person. I am not too bothered that this collection does not appeal to me as this means next year I can spend the money for harder to find beads ;) ahh it doesn’t end . ..

    • Haha, there is always something else to get, isn’t there? ;) I like the look of the additional Darling Daisy pieces, but I’m not overly excited about them as they are just re-designs of the existing jewellery. Hopefully there’s more to come that will appeal to me more! If not, it’ll be retired pieces for me, too ;)

  7. With the new hexagonal ring there are also some round bubble rings. I LOVE those!!! I really love both the little bubbles and the big ones.

  8. Just to much bling and more of the same for me. Would of liked some more edgy, modern pieces. Since I won’t be splurging on the spring collection, might as well go ahead and catch up with all the past collection pieces I’ve wanted!

    • Unfortunately I completely agree. I would have liked to see something more original, although I have to keep reminding myself that it’s early days and we haven’t seen everything!
      I also have some older pieces on my wish list (including the Christ charm) so perhaps it would be a good opportunity to go and hunt them down! ;)

  9. I agree about the safety chains. The faceted ones look interesting, though they’re colors I wouldn’t buy. Maybe they’ll introduce a blue one to go with the star theme? The green flowered murano is pretty. Enough with the rehashed, pave and pink already, though. Tinker Bell overdosing on Pepto Bismol is all that comes to mind, lol!

    • Yes, they’re pretty aren’t they? I imagine that they might introduce new colours throughout the year – maybe pink/purple for spring, teal for summer, etc? They seemed to do that last year with the pavé lights, for example.
      Aha, that’s a great description! I think the Pandora market research team needs to hear it. ;) I also like the murano, although I’m not sure where it would fit into my collection as it stands!

  10. Thanks for the pics! I see 2 or 3 rings that I definitely want to see, and I also like the murano. It looks very interesting even though its not in a color I would usually get. Maybe they have it in another color, I’m hoping anyways.

    • You’re welcome! I like the murano, too, although I’m not sure how I’d wear it either. The green doesn’t really fit with anything I have right now. I was hoping to see some other muranos, too – there are usually two or three designs with each collection, so hopefully there will be more. :)

    • I’m not overly enthused either, but then again, these pictures might not do the pieces justice. It doesn’t look like great lighting. And there will be jewellery we haven’t seen, too :) My fingers are still crossed for some more pretty muranos and some more all silver designs!

  11. I do like pave, but these are a bit pave overkill haha! I’m loving the enamel daisy spacers, and the heart locket dangle. I think they will be a lot more than this though, so fingers crossed there will be more silvers and more classic designs. Oh and the bangle is gorgeous though, pave done right in that case ;) haha. I’m not picky at all… On the plus side, less wants leaves more money for my wish list…! What ones will you buy Ellie? X

    • Haha, definitely! I really don’t like the big pavé charms, like that clear CZ flower. :/ They just look a bit gaudy to me. I think you’re right – hopefully there’ll be some pretty silver and two-tone designs to complement these pieces. The Autumn collection was fab for that (the King of the Jungle springs to mind), so here’s hoping!
      From what we’ve seen, I’m also eyeing up the new daisy spacers and maybe one of the new daisy clips :) I also like the murano and the pavé butterfly charm, although I’m not sure how I’d use them in my collection. Am keen to see more, anyway, haha! x

  12. Love the blog! On the essence bracelet the two either side of the open one look like purple cz ? :) love the new gold locket with cz, and I wonder if on the mom / mum heart drop charm if it is a heart in between the M’s? That way it can be the same charm for all countries! Hope to see more rings too. Thank you as always!! X

    • Ooh yes, good catch – it’s quite fun pouring over live shots instead of just looking at the stock images, haha! Hopefully there’ll be some more colours as well. I think you’re also right about the ‘Mum’ charm having a heart in the middle – that’s much more diplomatic and makes more sense! :D
      Thanks for commenting – and for sharing what you spotted! ;) x

  13. Hello!!!
    Moscow reads you!!!))))
    I’m in love with your blog! Thanks a lot for your reviews!!!
    So my favorite Pandora collections are from 2013, remember wonderful first enamel pieces, splish-splash with topaz eyes, fairy tale pieces… there is an interest to collect all of them!!! And now? Collections are light but “about nothing”, they are beautiful but where are those two-tone animals, wonderful muranos… so I don’t know how to explain even in Russian hahah)))) but I think new collections are more decorative and they don’t mean Unforgettable moments anymore, just a range of alike flowers each time…

    • Hi Maria! Haha, you’ve put it perfectly and I completely agree – I’ve never been more excited for a collection than Spring 2013. We had those gorgeous cherry blossoms, the fairy tale pieces, that adorable Scottie dog. It was pretty, but also full of meaning and character. I’ve enjoyed collections since but that was pandora perfection for me. ;) the winter 2013 collection was also wonderful. I’d love some more charms like those- pretty , elegant, characterful. The autumn 2014 collection had some really great pieces but, overall, as I said to Sarah,many of the current charms are less collectable.
      It’s great to hear that you enjoy the blog – thanks so much for reading!

      • I agree, Ellie!!! Everything is right! Winter’2013 is amazing,too! 2013 was the luckiest year of Pandora design, I think!))

  14. Not really fond of enamel peaces, and I don’t think I will ever get one, EVER. To me it looks childish. Loads of classic silver charms and a few sparkly CZ are more to my liking. Last year’s daisy clip was lovely, but as I said, I didn’t like the enamel. The CZ daisy clip will suit my one and only bracelet so well, as it is daisy-purple themed!! I wish there were more designs that had meaning though. Most of the meaningful charms are outdated or too ridiculous for me. PANDORA has gone from representation-of-you style to pick-a-CZ-shade-out-of-3-sparkly-designs-we-have type. Wishing for more interesting yet subtle silver-only pieces!

    • Yes I agree, what’s happened to the charms with meaning?

      My friend got her daughter a charm bracelet advent calendar for £10, some of these charms are very similar ?

    • I don’t mind enamel in principle – when used right, it can be beautiful. The cherry blossom pieces are some of my favourites! I also don’t mind cubic zirconia when they are used tastefully. However what I don’t like is enamel and cubic zirconia on almost every design! I’d love more of what youve described – some classic silver charms with character. Glad that you’ve spotted something you’d like, however – the daisy design is lovely.

  15. Yes, the right word is MEANINGFUL!!! I agree with both of you! They really look like for children and without any right meaning…((( hope Pandora will change its way of inspiring some day…

  16. I think Pandora is starting to overdose on “pave”. They are starting to look gaudy. I was truly hoping for something different in safety chains.

    • Absolutely! I’m hoping that there are some more classic designs mixed in that we haven’t seen. Top of my wish list is a new safety chain design – we really do need more options!!

    • Ah yes, well-spotted! I wonder if there will be more colours as well – it would be fun to have a pave lights range for the Essence collection, too. :) Glad to hear you enjoy the blog, thanks for reading!

  17. Could somebody Tell me how to buy some of these Charms. I ve been living in Belgium and We don’t have, like you know the same collection, some of these pink muranos are really so beautiful…
    And I would like to buy some peace like open hearts Charm on pink good, could somebody Tell me how to do, before so much thanks…?

    • Hi Colette! All the pieces featured here are from the Spring and Mother’s Day 2015 collections – they’re not available for sale anywhere yet. :) They should be on sale in March. I’m not sure which charm you mean specifically, though, sorry – are you after one in particular?

  18. I am not impressed with the spring collection. Pave goes along way as far as I am concerned. I was hoping to see something in the shade of blue. I’ll save some money as along as there isn’t anything to my liking to purchase..

    • No, I’m not really a fan of the sparkling look, no matter how much I try and convince myself. I like pavé when it’s tastefully (and sparingly!) done, but not on everything. However we haven’t seen everything and there may well be some more classic designs that we’re not aware of yet! :)

  19. Hi, Thank you for the sneak peak. I only wear gold. I am not a fan of those pave look. One is enough in my collection. I hope they will release charms with more colour stone in gold.

      • Looks like it is the year of saving the bucks then. Oh, btw, do you know if Pandora ever going to release their earring/charms barrel in gold? I’m getting desperate and is contemplating of getting the silver ones plated in gold.

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